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by W. Fischer. 8vo, half morocco. Berlin, 1861

714 Von Vega (G. F.) Logarithmisch-Trigonometrische

Handbuch. Edited by Dr. J. A. Hiilse. 8vo, half mor-
occo. Leipzig, 185 1

715 Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation. 8vo, cloth

N. Y., 1845

716 Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation; a Sequel to.

8vo, cloth. N. Y., 1846

717 Violette et Archambault. Dictionaire des Analyses

Chimiques. 2 vols. 8vo, sewed. Paris, i860

718 Wallace (Alfred Russel). Contributions to the Theory

of Natural Selection. Second edition. Cloth.

N. Y., 1871


719 Walton (W.) A Collection of Problems in Illustration of

the Principles of Elementary Mechanics. 8vo, cloth.

London, 1858

720 Watson (J. C.) Theoretical Astronomy. 8vo, cloth.

Phila., 1868

721 Watt (James); The Origin and Progress of the Me-

chanical Inventions of. By J. P. Muirhead. 3 vols. 8vo,
cloth. London, 1854

722 Watts (W. M.) Organic Chemistry, adapted for Students.

i2mo, cloth. N. Y., 1873

723 Webb (T. W.) Celestial Objects for Common Telescopes.

121110, cloth. London, 1868

724 Weisbach (Julius). Principles of the Mechanics of

Machinery and Engineering. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth.

London, 1847

725 Weisbach. Der Ingenieur. Sammlung von Tafeln, Formeln

and Regln. 121110, cloth. Braunschweig, 1866

726 Wells. An Essay on Dew. 8vo, cloth. London, 1866

727 Wetherill (C. M.) The Manufacture of Vinegar. 8vo,

cloth. Phila., i860

728 Wharton (J.) Complete Solutions of every class of

Examples in Algebra, forming a complete course on the
subject, and calculated to facilitate and extend the study
of Mathematics as a Logical Course. 8vo, cloth.

London, 1863

729 Whewell (W.) History of the Inductive Sciences. 3 vols.

8vo, cloth. London, 1857

730 White (Gilbert). The Natural History of Selbourne.

Illustrated. i2mo, cloth. London, 185 1

731 Wilder (B. G.) What Young People Should Know. The

Reproductive Function in Man and the Lower Animals.
8vo, cloth. Boston, n. d.

732 Will (H.) Outlines of Chemical Analysis. 8vo, cloth.

Boston, 1855

733 Willis (R.) Principles of Mechanism. Second edition.

8vo, cloth. London, 1870

734 Williams (C. G.) A Hand Book of Chemical Manipula-

tion. 8vo, cloth. London, 1857

735 Wing ate (Gen. G. W.) Manual for Rifle Practice. i2mo,

cloth. N. Y., 1878


736 Winslow (Forbes). On Obscure Diseases of the Brain

and Disorders of the Mind. Second edition. 8vo, cloth.

London, 1861

737 Woehler (F.) The Analytical Chemists' Assistant. 8vo,

cloth. Phila., 1852

738 Worcester (Marquis of); The Life, Times and Scientific

Labours of. To which is added, a Reprint of his Cen-
tury of Inventions, 1663, with a Commentary thereon, by
H. Dircks. 8vo, cloth. London, 1865

739 Wullner (A.) Lehrbuch der Physik. 4 vols. 8vo, sewed.

Leipzig, 1870

740 Wurtz (A.) A History of Chemical Theory from the Age

of Lavoisier to the Present Time. 8vo, cloth.

London, 1869

741 Youmans (Ed. L.) The Hand Book of Household Science.

Small 8vo, cloth. N. Y., 1857

742 Young (Dr. Thos.) Miscellaneous Works. Including

his Life and Scientific Memoirs, edited by Dean Peacock.
Hieroglyphical Essays and Correspondence, edited by
John Leitch. 4 vols. 8vo, cloth. London, 1855

743 Sabatier (M.) Histoire de la Legislation pour les Femmes

Publiques et les Lieux de Debauche. 8vo, sewed.

Paris, 1828

744 Saintine (X. B.) Picciola. i2mo, half morocco.

Paris, 1845

745 Saintine. Woman's Whims. Translated by Fayette Rob-

inson. i2mo, cloth. N. Y., 1850

746 Saint-Simon ; Memoires de. 20 vols. 8vo, sewed.

Paris, Barba, 1856

747 Saint-Pierre (Bernardin); the Works of. Comprising

his Studies of Nature, Paul and Virginia, and Indian
Cottage. With Memoir and Portrait. By Rev. E. Clarke.
2 vols. i2mo, cloth. London, 1846

748 Salad for the Solitary and the Social. Illustrated. Large

8vo, cloth. N. Y., 1872

749 Schiller. Sammtliche Werke. With portrait and litho-

graphed autographic letter. Large 8vo, calf. Munich, 1838

4 8

75° Scott (Wm. B.) History and Practice of the Fine and
Ornamental Arts. Illustrated. Second edition. i2ino,
cloth. London, 1867

751 Schlegel (F.) A Course of Lectures on Modern History.

8vo, cloth. London, 1849

752 Schlegel (F.) Lectures on the History of Literature, An-

cient and Modern. 2 vols. 8vo, calf. Phila., 1818

753 Scott (Sir Walter). The Waverley Novels. Centenary

Edition. 25 vols. 8vo, cloth. Edinburgh, 1870-71

754 Selborne ; The Natural History of. By Rev. Gilbert

White. Illustrated. i2mo, cloth. London, Bohn, 1851

755 Selections from the Homilies of the Protestant Episcopal

Church. 8vo, cloth. N. Y., n. d.

756 Semmes (Admiral Raphael). Memoirs of Service Afloat,

during the War Between the States. With steel por-
traits and six chromos. 8 vo, cloth. Baltimore, 1859

757 Seven Great Hymns (The). Of the Mediaeval Church.

Third edition. i2mo, cloth, gilt edges. N. Y., 1866

758 Seyffarth (Dr. G.) Recent Discoveries in Biblical

Chronology, Universal History and Egyptian Archaeol-
ogy, with Special Reference to Dr. Abbott's Egyptian
Museum in New York. 8vo, cloth. N. Y., 1857

759 Shakespeare. Edition of Charles Knight. 8 vols. 4to,

half morocco. London, Routledge 6° Sons

760 Shelley (Percy Bysshe). Essays, Letters from Abroad,

Translations and Fragments, edited by Mrs. Shelley.
2 vols, small 8vo, cloth. London, 1840

761 Sidney (Sir Philip); the Miscellaneous Works of. With a

Life of the Author and Illustrative Notes, by William
Gray. 8vo, cloth. Boston, i860

762 Simeon (Sir John). Books and Libraries ; a Lecture.

Large i2mo, muslin. London, i860

763 Slack (Henry James). The Philosophy of Progress in

Human Affairs. i2mo, cloth. London, 1864

764 Smith (W.) A New Classical Dictionary of Greek and

Roman Biography, Mythology and Geography. Edited
by Chs. Anthon. 8vo, calf. ' N. Y., 1859

765 Smith (W.) Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and

Mythology, 3 vols.; Greek and Roman Geography, 2
vols.; Greek and Roman Antiquitiesi, vol. 6 vols. 8vo,
half calf. - Boston, 1849


766 Smith (W.) Dictionary of the Bible. Vol. 1, 8vo, cloth.

Boston, i860

767 Smith (Adam). Wealth of Nations. 4 vols. 8vo, calf.

Basil, 1791

768 Spectator (The). With a Biograpical and Critical Pre-

face and Explanatory Notes. 4 vols. 8vo, cloth.

London, t86o

770 Spirit of Sevnty-Six (The), or the Coming Woman. 121110,

cloth. Boston, 1868

771 Stanley (Arthur Penrhyn). Lectures on the History

of the Eastern Church. 8vo, cloth. London, 1861

772 Stirling (William)- Velazquez and his Works. Portrait.

i2mo, cloth. London, 1855

773 Stolberg (Count F. L.) Travels through Germany,

Switzerland, Italy and Sicily. Translated by Thomas
Holcroft. 2 vols. 4to, calf. London, 1796

774 Stowe (H. B.) Sunny Memories of Foreign Lands. 2 vols.

8vo, cloth. Boston, 1854

775 Taine (H. A.) History of English Literature. Translated

by H. Van Laun. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. London, 1871

776 Taine (H. A.) Notes on England. Portrait. 8vo, cloth.

London, 1872

777 Taine (H. A.) Italy : Rome and Naples, Florence and

Venice. Translated by J. Durand. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth.

N. Y., 1869

778 Taine (H. A.) On Intelligence. Translated from the French

by T. D. Haye. Post 8vo, cloth. N. Y., 1871

779 Taylor (J.) Holy Living. i2mo, cloth. Oxford, i860

780 Taylor (J.) Holy Dying. 121110, cloth. Oxford, 1857

781 Tennent (Sir James Emerson). Ceylon; an account of

the Island, physical, historical and topographical, with
notices of its natural history, antiquities and productions.
Illustrated by maps, plans and drawings. 2 vols. 8vo,
cloth. London, 1859

782 Tennyson. Poetical Works. i2mo, cloth. Boston, 1868

783 Texts and Flowers. Illuminated. 8vo, cloth.

London, n. d.

784 Thackeray (W. M.) Vanity Fair. With a steel portrait

of author. 8vo, cloth. London, 1871

785 Thackeray (W. M.) The Four Georges. The English

Humorists. 8vo, cloth. London, 1879

786 Thackeray (W. M.) The Book of Snobs. 1 2mo, cloth.

N. Y., 1852

787 The Words of Christ, from the New Testament. i2mo,

cloth. Boston, 1847

788 The Private Life of an Eastern King. Small 8vo, cloth.

N. Y., 1855

789 Theologia Germanica. Translated by Susanna Wink-

worth. i2mo, cloth. Boston, 1856

790 Thirlwall (Connop). A History of Greece. 8 vols.

121110, cloth. London

791 Thomson (Wm.) Laws of Thought. Fifth edition.

i2mo, cloth. London, i860

792 Thorndale ; or, the Conflict of Opinions. By William

Smith. i2mo, cloth. Edinburgh, 1857

793 Tooke (John Horne). Diversions of Purley. Frontispiece

engraved by Sharp. 8vo, half calf. London, i860

794 Trench (Dean). Glossary of English Words. i2mo,

cloth. N. Y., 1859

795 Trench. On the Study of Words. 121110, cloth.

N. Y., 1859

796 Trench. On the Study of Words. i2mo, cloth.

N. Y., 1852

797 Trevelyan (G. O.) The Life and Letters of Lord

Macaulay. 4 vols. 121110, sewed. Leipzig, Tauchnitz

798 Tyler (S.) A Discourse of the Baconian Philosophy.

i2mo, cloth. Frederick, 1846

799 Tyler. The Progress of Philosophy. 8vo, cloth.

Phila., 1858

800 Tylor (Edward B.) Primitive Culture. 2 vols. 8vo,

cloth. London, 187 1

801 Tylor (Edward B.) Researches into the Early History of

Mankind. 8vo, half calf. London, 1865

802 Tytler and Nares. Universal History. 6 vols. i2mo,

cloth. N. Y., 1840

803 Tyndall (John). On the Use and Limit of the Imagina-

tion in Science. 8vo, cloth. London, 1870


804 Unseen Universe (The); or, Physical Speculations on a

Future State. 8vo, cloth. London, 1875

805 Vasari. Lives of the most Eminent Painters, Sculptors

and Architects. Translated from the Italian, by Mrs.
Jonathan Foster. Portrait. 5 vols. i2mo, cloth.

London, £0/111, 1850

806 Vaughan (Robert Alfred). Hours with the Mystics.

Second edition. 2 vols. 121110, cloth. London, i860

807 Vaughan (Robert Alfred). Essays and Remains. 2 vols.

i2mo, cloth. London, 1858

808 Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation. Tenth

edition. Illustrated. Large 8vo, cloth. London, 1853

809 Ville-Hardouin (Geoffroi de). Conquete de Constan-

tinople, avec la continuation de Henri de "Valenciennes,
texte original, accompagnee d'une traduction par Natalis
de Wailly. Imperial 8vo, half morocco, gilt top.

Paris, Didot, 1874

810 Wachsmuth (William). The Historical Antiquities of

the Greeks. Translated from the German, by Edmund
Woolrych. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. Oxford, 1837

811 Walker (Alexander). Intermarriage. 8vo, cloth.

Phila., 1851

812 Walker (Dr. J. R.) Spiritual Riches of the Liturgy.

i2mo, cloth. N. Y., 1859

813 Walton (Izaak). Lives. 8vo, cloth. Boston, 'i860

814 Watts (Dr. I.) Logic. i2mo, calf. Walpole, N.H., 1809

815 Whitman (S. H.) Edgar Poe and his Critics. 8vo, cloth.

N. Y., i860

816 Whitney (William Dwight). Language and the Study

of Language. 8vo, cloth. N. Y., 1867

817 Who Breaks — Pays. 121110, cloth. N. Y., 1867

818 Wightwick (G.) The Palace of Architecture; a Romance

of Art and History. With 67 steel engravings and 143
woodcuts. 4to, cloth. London, 1840

819 Wilkinson (Sir J. G.) On Colour and on the Neces-

sity for a General Diffusion of Taste among all Classes.
Woodcuts and colored plates. 8vo, cloth. London, 1858

820 Wilkinson (Sir J. G.) A Popular Account of the Ancient

Egyptians. Illustrated with 500 woodcuts. 2 vols. 8vo,
cloth. London, 1854



82i Willmott (Robert Aris). Summer Time in the Country.
Illustrated by Birket Foster, Harrison Weir, etc. Small
4to, cloth. London, 1858

822 Wilson (J.) A Treatise on English Punctuation. Svo,

cloth. Boston, 1856

823 Winckelmann. The History of Ancient Art. Translated

by G. Henry Lodge. Illustrated. Vols. 1 and 2, impe-
rial Svo, cloth. Boston, 1856

824 Wood (Wallace, M.D.) Chronos. Mother Earth, a Biog-

raphy. 121110, cloth. London, 1873

825 Wynter (Andrew, M.D.) Our Social Bees; or, Pictures

of Town and Country Life. Svo, cloth. London, 1861

826 Wynter (Andrew, M.D.) Curiosities of Civilization. Third

edition. Svo, cloth. London, n. d.

j Book Sale Rooms, Clinton Hall, Astor Place, N. 7.
< Art Galleries, 817-819 Broadway, cor. 12th St.

MefW- GEO. A. LEAVITT & CO. devote tl^eif
ktteqtioq exclusively to tl\e $kle ky Suction of

Libraries, Works of Art, Autographs,

— COINS,— =—



u- Catalog** an4 **t&#* ^ S ° W : 0a talo^ ^ S0l4<
UW^ fbriW 0ata J ;e0 ^ of *»■ Catalog


Give the Number in the Catalogue of each book wanted
(the first word of title also preferred) and the outside
limit PER VOLUME. Purchases will be made as
much below the amount named in the order as
circumstances warrant.


00%% & i™ d^ittfS.

OCTOBER 31, and NOVEMBER 1 and 2, 1881.



With Compliments of

Who will attend the sale and make purchases
■ free of commission for all correspondents who
I may favor him with their orders.

Address at

258 Dudley St,, Roxbury, Mass.

N.B. — To guard against delays of the mail, orders should be
sent at an early day.

>•— ^ji-x-i.-» \j\j i . iso, is i at zzti.

©ataltrattje fr# W. gUicri Wxrjcrdttmttf.
















Co be £a>oiti by auction,

HB3T Messrs. DB^HNTG-S db GO_ 7
At their New Salesrooms,
739 & 741 Broadway, New York Oity,

Ijlonday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Oct. 31 and Nov, 1 & 2, 1881

BOOKS MAY BE SEEN OCT. 26, 27 & 28.

$atalxrjgttje Xrg Wl. Jplioi WLoo&xouxil.





In case the binding is not mentioned, it may be understood that the
books are in paper covers. As to the condition of the volumes, those of
a Theological or Scientific character are generally in as good order as
when they left the bookseller ; others are of course in the usual state of
second-hand books from private libi'aries.

This collection is the Working Library, as distinguished from his
Oakland Female Institute Library, of the late Dr. J. Grier Ralston,
eminent alike as a scientist and a teacher. Should any objectionable
title be found in this Catalogue, it may safely be said, that book formed
no part of the Ralston Library.

1 Alexander. Consolation Discourses, addressed to the

Suffering People of God. 8° cloth. New York, 1853.

2 Alger, Francis. Phillips's Mineralogy. Fifth edition, ill.

8° cloth. Boston, 1844.

3 Almanacs for 1876. Various issues, thick vol. 8° half

red morocco.

4 Almanacs issued by the New York Observer. 8° half

morocco. New York, 1871-2.

5 Almanacs issued by the New York Clipper and Evening

Express. 8° half red morocco. New York, 1876-9.

6 Almanacs. Robert B. Thomas. Old Farmer's Almanac.

A nearly complete set, from 1804 to 1880. 8 vols, half
red morocco.

7 American Almanac. A set complete from Vol. 1, 1830 to

Vol. 32, 1861. Neatly and uniformly bound in half
morocco. Full sets in such fine condition are difficult to

8 Adam, C. B. Conchology — Monograph on Stoastoma. 4°

Amherst, 1849.

9 Adams, H. G. Dr. Livingston in South Africa. 111.

12° cloth, gilt. London, s a.


10 Adventures of a Deaf Mute.

11 Agassiz, Louis. Principles of Zoology ; numerous illus-

trations. 12° cloth. Boston, 1848.

12 Alexander, Henry C. Life of Joseph Alexander. Port.

2 Vols. 12° cloth. New York, 1870.

13 Alexander, J. A. The Psalms Translated and Ex-

plained. 3 Vols. 12° cloth. New York, 1851.

14 Alexander, Jas. W. Thoughts on Family Worship. 12°

cloth. Philadelphia, 1847.

15 American Annual Cyclopedia and Register of Important

Events — Continuation of Appleton's Cyclopedia. 3
Vols. 8° full bound. New York, 1869, '70, '71.

16 American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Proceedings. 20 Vols, paper. 1842-1870.

17 American Coal. 8° half morocco.

18 American Journal of Medical Sciences. 28 Vols. 8°

half calf, uniform. A very fine set from the library of
the late Dr. Prescott. Philadelphia, 1827-39.

19 Anderson, Wm. Treatise on Regeneration. 12° cloth.

Philadelphia, 1871.

20 Andrews, S. P. Phonography. 12° boards. Boston, 1846.

21 Annals of Sporting. 2 Vols. 8° boards, uncut. Scarce.

London, 1825.

22 Armor, Wm. C. Lives of the Governors of Pennsylva-

nia and History of the State, from 1609 to 1872. Num-
erous ports. 8° cloth. Philadelphia, 1872.

23 Arnot, Wm. The Race for Riches. 12° cloth. Phila-

delphia, 1853.

24 Arnot. Autobiography with Memoir, by Mrs. A. Flem-

ing. Port. 12° cloth. New York, 1878.

25 Arnot. Life of James Hamilton. Port. 12° cloth.

New York, 1870.

26 Arvine, K. Cyclopedia of Anecdotes ; a collection of

several Thousand Facts, Incidents, etc. 8° cloth, gilt.
New York, 1848.

27 Bacon, Henry. Universalism. 18° cloth. Providence,


28 Bailey, N. A Universal Etymological English Diction-

ary. 8° sheep. Newly bound ; rare. London, 1782.

29 Baird, Saml. J. Collection of the acts, &c, of the Su-

preme Judicatory of the Presbyterian Church in Ameri-
ca. 8° sheep. Philadelphia, 1855, '56.

30 Baird, Spencer F. Annual Record of Science and In-

dustrv for 1873, '74. 2 Vols. 12° cloth. N. Y., 1874, '75.


81 Baker, Daniel. Revival Sermons. Port., 12° cloth. Phil-
adelphia, 1854.

32 Baker. Revival Sermons ; second series. Port., 12° cloth.

Philadelphia. 1857.

33 Baker, Win. M. Life and Labors of Rev. Danl. Baker.

Port. 12° cloth. Philadelphia, 1858.

34 Bakewell, Robert. Geology. 8° uncut. New Haven, '29.

35 Baldwin, A. C. Pulpit Scenes. 18° cloth. Edinburg.


36 Ball, Eliza Crawford. The Christian Armour. Print-

ed on bristol board, richly illuminated in gold and colors
4° paneled and gilt; gilt edges. New York, 1866.

37 Ballou, M. M. Biography of Rev. Hosea Ballou. Port.

12° cloth. Boston, 1852!

38 Bancroft, Geo. History of the United States from the

Discovery of the American Continent. Ports. 8 Vols.
8° cloth. Boston, v. y.
89 Banking, Paper Money, Etc. and Speeches of Daniel
Webster. 8° half bound.

40 Barnard, Henry. School Architecture, or Contributions

to the Improvement of School Houses of the United
States. Profusely illustrated. 8° cloth. New York.

41 Barnard. The American Journal of Education. Nu-

merous fine portraits ; 5 vols. 8° half morocco. Hart-
ford, 1855-59.

42 Barnes, Albert. Notes, Explanatory and Practical, on

the New Testament. 11 Vols. 12° cloth. New York,

43 Barnes. Notes on Isaiah, Daniel, and Job. 5 Vols. 12°

cloth. New York, 1853.

44 Barnes. Miscellaneous Essays and Reviews. 2 Vols. 12°

cloth. New York, 1855.

45 Barnes, Josiah. Green Mountain Travellers' Entertain-

ment. 12° cloth. New York, 1859.

46 Barker, Joseph. Modern Skepticism — a Journej* through

the Land of Doubt and Back Again. 12° cloth. Phila-
delphia, 1874.

47 Barret, B. F. Episcopalianism. 18° cloth. Phil., 1871.

48 Baxter, M. Louis Napoleon — the Destined Monarch of

the World. The Battle of Armageddon, about, or soon
after 1870. 12° half morocco. Philadelphia, s. a.

49 Baxter, Richard. His Practical Works, with an Essay

on his Genius, Works and Time. Port. 4 Vols. Roy-
al 8° cloth. Rough edges. London, 1847.


50 Beecher, Lyman. Views in Theology. 12° cloth. Cin-

cinnati, 1836.

51 Beeton, S. O. Historical Romances, Daring Deeds and

Animal Stories. Plates and engravings. 8° cloth.
London, s a.

52 Belcher, Joseph. The Clergy of America. 12° cloth.

Philadelphia, 1849.

53 Belcher. The Religious Denominations in the United

States, their History, etc. Plates ; thick. 8° sheep,
gilt. Marbled edges. Philadelphia, 1856.

54 Bell, John. Italy. 12° half bound. Boston, 1826.

55 Benjamin, S. G. W. The Turk and the Greek. 12°

New York, 1867.

56 Berk, M. A. History of the Jews from the Babylonian

Captivity to the present time. 12° cloth. Boston, 1849.

57 Berzelius, J. J. The Use of the Blow Pipe. Boston, 1845.

58 Besant, Annie. The Law of Population, its consequences

and bearings on human morals. Port. 12°

59 Bichat, Xavier. Physiological Researches on Life and

Death. 8° sheep.

60 Bigelow, Jacob. American Medical Botany ; wants part

1. Filled with elegant colored plates. 5 Vols, small
4° boards, uncut ; very rare. Boston, 1818.

61 Biographical Encyclopedia of Pennsylvania of the Nine-

tenth Century. 100 or more fine portraits ; heavy, tinted
paper, 4° richly bound in full Turkey morocco, with gilt
edges. Philadelphia, 1874.

62 Biographical Sketch of Gen. Geo. Washington, His

Farewell Addresses, etc. Textbook of the Washington
Benevolent Society. Port. 16° half morocco. Scarce ;
Concord, 1814.

63 Bird, Isaac. Bible Work in Bible Lands. Engravings.

12° cloth. Philadelphia, 1872.

64 Blasius, Wm. Storms : their Nature, Classification and

Laws, with the means of the Predicting them. Col-
ored plates and illustrations. 12° cloth. Philadelphia,

65 Blauvet, Augustus. The Kingdom of Satan. 18° cloth.

New York, 1868.

66 Boardman, Geo. D. Studies on the Creative Week. Tint-

ed paper. 12° cloth. New York, 1878.

67 Book of Abraham. Calculated for the Meridian of Rhode

Island. Square 8° cloth. Boston, 1846.

68 Book of Common Prayer. 12° morocco. Phila., 1860.


69 Booth, Jas. C. The Encyclopedia of Chemistry, Practi-

cal and Theoretical, embracing its application to the arts.
Illus. Thick 8° full bound. Philadelphia, 1854.

70 Boston, Thos. The Marrow of Modern Divinity. 12°

cloth. Philadelphia, s a.

71 Boston Book. Specimens of Literature. 8° cloth. Bos-

ton, 1850.

72 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal. A fine set, 32 Vols.

in neat, substantial half calf. Boston, 1829-43.

73 Boston Weekly Messenger and Examiner. 17 numbers.

Boston, 1816.

74 Bowditch, W. I. Taxation of Women. Cambridge, 1875.

75 Brace, Chas. L. The Dangerous Classes of New York.

Plates. 12° cloth. New York, 1872.

76 Brainard, M. Life of Rev. Thos. Brainard. Port. 12°

cloth. Philadelphia, 1870.

77 Breed, W. P. Presbyterians and the Revolution. 12°

cloth. Philadelphia, 1876.

78 Brera, V. L. Verminous Diseases — Natural History of

Intestinal Worms, and their Origin in the Human Body.
5 folding plates. 8° sheep. Boston.

79 Breval, John. Remarks on several parts of Europe, re-

lating chiefly to their Antiquities and History, collected
on the spot. Upwards of 40 copperplates, many folded
and of large size, representing ruins, engraved gems, bas
reliefs, &c. 2 Vols, folio, bound. London, 1738.

80 Bridges, Chas. Exposition of the Book of Proverbs. 8°

cloth. New York, 1854.

81 Bridges. Exposition of the 119th Psalm. 8° cloth. New

York, 1856.

82 Bridgewater Treatises. 8 Vols. 8° half calf. A fine set.

Philadelphia, 1836-'41.

83 Bristow, Henry W. Glossary of Mineralogy. Illus. 12°

cloth. London, 1861.

84 Brown, John. Christian Pastor's Manual. 12° cloth.

Philadelphia, 1837.

85 Brown, J. Newton. Encyclopedia of Religious Knowl-

edge. 1275 pages, numerous plates ; royal 8° sheep,
gilt. New York, 1852.

86 Brown, Wm. The Historv of Missions. 2 Vols. 8° sheep.

Philadelphia, 1820.

87 Browne, Peter A. Trichologia Mainmalium : — A Treatise

on the Organization, Properties and Uses of Hair and
Wool. Plates. 4° half morocco. Philadelphia, 1853.


88 Beush, Geo. J. Manual of Determinative Mineralogy,

with an Introduction on Blow-pipe Analysis. Illus. 8°
cloth. New York, 1875.

89 Buck, Chas. Theological Dictionary. Numerous curious

plates, illustrating the persecution of the early Chris-
tians. 8° sheep, gilt. Pittsburgh, 1831.

90 Buist, Robert. Family Kitchen Gardener. Engravings.

12° cloth. New York, 1855.

91 Burder, Geo. Village Sermons. 8° sheep. Phil., 1852.

92 Burdett, Chas. Three per cent a Month. 12° cloth. New

York, 1856.

93 Burleigh, Jos. B. The Legislative Guide and Citizen's

Manual. 8° law binding. Philadelphia, 1853.

94 Burr, E. F. Pater Muncli, or Doctrine of Evolution

and Modern Science. 2 Vols. 12° cloth, gilt. Boston,

95 Burrows, Geo. Commentary on the Song of Solomon.

12° cloth. Philadelphia, 1853.
9b' Busby, James. Vineyards of Spain and France. 8° b'ds.
Philadelphia, 1838.

97 Bush, Geo. Illustrations of the Holy Scriptures, Man-

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