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Litte'rature. 8° half morocco. Paris, 1854

816 Virgil. P. Virgilii Maronis Opera, Adiecit Alhertus Forbi-

ger. 3 vols. 8° calf. Lipsice, 1845

817 Virginia. Letters Descriptive the Virginia Springs, the Roads

leading thereto, and the Doings thereat, by Peregrin Prolix.
Map. 1 6° cloth. Phila., 1837

818 Vita di Alfieri ; — di Tasso ; — di Benvenuto Callini ; — Ivanhoe ;

Louisa Strozzi, etc. 12 vols.


819 Voltaire. Theatre; — Romans ; — Essai sur les Moeurs ; — Sie-

cles de Louis XIV and XV • — Me'langes Historiques. 18 vols.
i8° half russia. Paris, 1813-34

820 Voyages de Christophe Columbus ; — Histoire d 'Amerique ; —

Voyages autour du Monde ; — Robinson Crusoe, etc. 9 vols.
12 half russia.

821 p§#jj^'ALKER, Alexander. Intermarriage. Plates. 12
f^lsls cloth. New York, 1839

822 Walker, Alexander. Beauty ; illustrated chiefly by an Analy-

sis and Classification of Beauty in Woman. Plates. 12 cloth.

New York, 1845

823 Walpole, Horace. Letters of. Portrait. 4 vols. 8° cloth.

Phila., 1842

824 Walton, Izaak. Lives of Donne, Wotton, Hooker, Herbert and

Sanderson, Edited by Thomas Zouch. 12 cloth. (2 copies.)

New York,' 1846

825 Ward's Miscellany and Family Magazine. Vols. 1 and 2. 2

vols, royal, 8° half calf . London, 1837-8

826 Washington. Monuments of Washington's Patriotism, con-

taining Fac-Simile of his Public Accounts, etc. Plates. Folio,
morocco, gilt. Washington, 1841

827 Wayland, Francis. Memoir of the Life and Labors of the Rev.

A. Judson. Map. 2 vols. 12 cloth. Boston, 1S53

828 Webster, Daniel. Private Correspondence of, Edited by

Fletcher Webster. Portrait. 2 vols. 8° cloth. Boston, 1857

829 Webster, Noah. American Dictionary of the English Lan-

guage. 2 vols, royal 8° sheep. Springfield, 1845

- 830 Weise, A. J. History of the City of Troy, from the Expulsion

of the Mohegan Indians to 1876, with Maps and Statistical

Tables by A. G. Bardin. 8° cloth. Troy, New York, 1876

831 Welsford, Henry. Origin and Ramifications of the English

Language • — Methridates Minor ; or, an Essay on Languags.
2 vols. 8° cloth. London, 1845-8

832 West, Rev. Nathaniel. Complete Analysis of the Holy Bible.

Lmperial %° russia. New York, 1853

833 Whately. Early Ecclesiastical History of, by J. Howard Tem-

ple. 8° unbound. Northampton, 1849

834 Whipple, Edwin P. Essays and Reviews. 2 vols. 12° cloth.

New York, 1848

835 White, Rev. Henry. Indian Battles, with Incidents in the

Early History of New England. 12 cloth. New York, 1859

836 White, Rev. Henry. Massacre of St. Bartholomew, Preceded

by a History of the Religious Wars in the Reign of Charles
IX. Illustrated. Crown 8° cloth. New York, 1868

837 White, William. Emanuel Swedenborg, his Life and Writings.

Portrait. 2 vols. 8° cloth. Londo?i, 1864

838 Wide Wide World ; — Queechy ; — Sweet Home ; — Golden

Grains, etc. 10 vols, 12 cloth.


839 Wilberforce, Edward. Franz Schubert, a Musical Biography.

i2° cloth. London, 1866

840 Wilkins, Charles. Grammar of the Sanskrita Language. 4

half morocco. London, 1808

841 Wilkins, William. Antiquities of Magna Graecia. 87 fine Plates.

Atlas folio, half morocco. Cambridge, 1807

842 Williams, H. M. Political and Confidential Correspondence

of Louis XVI. 3 vols. 8° sheep. New York, 1803

843 Williams, S. W. American Medical Biography. Portraits. 8 °

cloth. Greenfield, 1845

844 Williams, S. W. A Faithful History of Remarkable Occur-

rences in the Captivity and Deliverance of Mr. John Williams
of Deerfield. Plate. 16 cloth. (2 copies?) Northampton, 1853

845 Wilson, Alexander. American Ornithology, with Notes by Jar-

dine, Edited by T. M. Brewer. Numerous fine colored Plates.
8° morocco, gilt edges. Boston, 1840

846 Wilson, Rev. Joseph. French and English Dictionary. Royal

8° sheep. London, 1833

847 Winthrop, John. History of New England from 1630-49, Ed-

ited by James Savage. Portrait. 2 vols. 8° cloth. Post., 1853

848 Wiseman, Cardinal. Sermons, Lectures and Speeches during

his Tour in Ireland in 1858. Portrait. 12 cloth, uncut.

Dublin, 1859

849 Woman's Friendship ; — Katharine Ashton ; — Cudjo's Cave ; —

Lost Prince ; — Little Men, etc. 10 vols. 12 cloth.

850 Wood and Bache's United States Dispensatory ■ — Beach's Fam-

ily Physician. 2 vols. 8° sheep. Phila. 6^ New York, 1839-42

851 Wordsworth, C. Memoirs of William Wordsworth, Edited

by Henry Reed. 2 vols. 12 cloth. Boston, 1851

852 Wortley, Lady E. S. Travels in the United States in 1849,

'50. 12 cloth. New York, 185 1

853 fl^OUNG, Alexander. Chronicles of the First Planters of
F(Sl Massachusetts Bay, 1623-36. Po7-trait. 8° cloth, uncut.

Boston, 1846

854 Young, Alexander. Chronicles of the Pilgrim Fathers of the

Colony of Plymouth, 1602-25. Port. 8° cloth. Boston, 1841

855 Young Trail Hunter ; — Girl of the Family ; — Children's Album ;

— House on Wheels ; — Child's Book of Nature, etc. 10 vols.

856 Jj^ACH, Francisco de. Tabula? Motuum Solis Quibus ac-
HH cedit Fixarum Prsecipuarum Catalogus Novus ex Observa-

tionibus Astronimicis Annis 1787-90. 4 calf. Goth&, 1792





Appraisers of Real Estate, Stocks of Goods, Furniture, Etc.


Particular Attention given to Sales of Household Furniture at Dwellings.

Orders to buy for Libraries, Literary Institutions, and parties at a distance, will,
at all times, receive special care. Catalogues forwarded on application.


The Sale (by Auction or Private Sale), Purchase and Leasing of Real Estate,

Negotiating Mortgages, etc., (in any part of the State,) will be attended

to at office No. 9 School Street, near Washington.





Rev. E. H. CHAPIN, D. D.







Commencing promptly at 3.30 &c 7.30 IP. 3VC-

Monday, April 18th, Lots 1 to 699.

Tuesday, " 19th . . " 700 to 1413.

Wednesday," 20th, a 1414 to 2115.

Thursday, « 21st, . . '' 2116 to 2818.

Friday, " 22d, ...... " 2819 to 3523.

Saturday, " 23d, ......'■ 3534 to 4157.



of the late




A Large and Varied Collection of Valuable, Useful,
and Interesting Books.

Monday, April 18, 1881, and Five following days,



739 & 74d Broadway, New York

Sales to be held twice daily, beginning 3.30 & 7.30 P.M.


Buyers who cannot be present may have their orders to purchase carefully executed by the



The Library of the late Dr. Chapin is not strictly a profes-
sional library, but rather the collection of an ■ eloquent
preacher who helped his professional labors and enriched
his own productions by the proper use of the best litera-

Dr. Chapin was a constant buyer of good books, and the
many titles of recent publications to be found in this Cata-
logue are proofs that he continued, to his latest days, the
practice of so commendable a habit.

While the collection is too varied to be described by any
one term, or to be advantageously classified, the Historical
and Archaeological Works compose the largest of the divi-
sions into which the Library might be separated, and con-
tains very many works of permanent reputation, and many
containing the results of the most modern research.

Although there is no special collection of Americana, a
few rare volumes in this department add an interest to the
library and the sale.

In the department of Belles Lettres will be found many
of the best works of the most famous English Poets, JVovelists

and Essayists; Periodicals and Club Publications. The
Library contains the usual standard Theological Works,
and some of ihe latest exegetical and critical productions.
There are a number of expensive books, valuable for their
beauty of illustration, and several unique volumes adorned
with extra plates.

The books are generally in good condition, with a fair
proportion in solid and handsome bindings.

Many volumes bear the autograph of their late owner, but
happily on the fly leaves, very few being defaced by writing
on the title-page.

The books are briefly described, imperfections noted if
noticed, but the sale is to be absolute by order of the executrix,
and no books to be returned because of imperfections.



ABBADIE, JAQUES. Chemical Change in the Eucharist.
From the French by John W. Hamersley. 4°, vellum


. 2 Abbott, F. A Sketches in England, France and Scotland.

12°. {For priv ate circulation only) N. Y. 1858

3 A'Becket, G. A. The Comic History of England. 10

Colored Etchings and 125 Woodcuts by John Leech. 2
vols, 8° 1847

4 Abercrombie, J. The Intellectual Powers. 16° Lond. I860

5 About, Edmond. The Roman Question. 12° N. Y. 1859

6 Achilli, G. Dealings with the Inquisition. 12° Lond. 1851

7 II Nuovo Testamento. 12mo N. Y.

8 Ackermann, Dr. C. The Christian Element in Plato and

the Platonic Philosophy. Translated by S. R. Asbury.
8° Edinburgh, 1861

9 Acland, H. W. The Harveian Oration, 1865. 12° Lond.

10 Acton, Henry. Sermons, with a Memoir. 12° Lond. 1846

11 Acton Wm. Prostitution in London and other Large

Cities. 8° Lond. 1857

12 Adams, John. Life and Works of. Notes and Illustra-

tions by C. F. Adams. Portrait. 10 vols. 8° Bost. 1856

13 Adams, J. Q. Discourses on Life of, by W. P. Lunt, Ed.

Everett, A. A. Livermore, J. H. Allen, F. A. Farley and
others. 8°, half sheep

14 Adams, Nathaniel. Annals of Portsmouth. Comprising

a Period of Two Hundred Years, with Biographical
Sketches. 8°, half sheep Portsmouth, 1825

15 Adams, W. H. D. Dwellers on the Threshold of Magic

and Magicians. 2 vols, 12° Lond. 1864


16 [Addison.] Sir Roger de Coverley, by The Spectator.

Notes by H. Wills. Illustrated, 12° Lond. 1850

17 Addison, Lieut.-Col. Traits and Stories of Anglo-Indian

Life. Illustrations. 12° Lond. 1858

1 8 Addresses. Ten Addresses on Various Occasions by Emer-

son, McDuffie, Greeley, Hedge, R. C. Winthrop and
others. 8°, half calf

18- 1 and Sermons (Ten), by S. E. Cones, Channing, Or-

ville Dewey, A. P. Peabody and others. 8°, half calf

19 JEschylus. The Promethus and Agamemnon. Translated

by William Henry Herbert. 12° Cambridge, 1849

20 The Agamemnon, Choephori and Eumenides, trans-
lated into English Verse by Anna Swanwick. Crown 8°

Lond. 1865

21 Afternoon Lectures on Literature and Art. 16°

Dublin, 1G69

22 Agassiz, Louis. Contributions to the Natural History of

the United States of America. 80 Lithographed Plates.
4 vols, 4° Bost. 1857-62

23 An Essay on Classification. 8° Lond. 1859

24 Methods of Study in Natural History. 1 2° Bost. 1863

25 A Journey in Brazil. Illustrated. 8° Bost. 1868

26 Aikin, Lucy. Memoirs of Court of Queen Elizabeth, 2

vols, 1823; Court of James the First, 2 vols, 1822; Court
of Charles the First, 2 vols, 1833. Together 6 vols, bound
to match. 8°, half morocco Lond.

27 Aime-Martin, L. Education of Mothers. 12° Phil. 1843

28 Ains worth, William Harrison. Saint James's, or The

Court of Queen Anne. An Historical Romance. En-
gravings by George Cruikshank. 3 vols, crown 8°,
half smooth morocco, gilt tops Lond. 1846

*** The rare first edition.

29 Aird, Thomas. Poetical Works. 8° Edin. 1848

30 Aitken, Mary C. Scottish Song, a Selection. 16°

Lond. 1874

31 Alabaster, Henry. The Modern Buddhist. 12° Lond. 1870

32 The Wheel of the Law; Buddhism Illustrated from

Siamese Sources, etc. 8° Lond. 1871


33 Albemarle, George Thomas, Earl of. Memoirs of the

Marquis of Rockingham and his Contemporaries. Por-
trait. 2 vis, 8°, pol. cf., extra, gilt backs. Lond. 1852

34 Fifty Years of My Life. Portrait. 2 vols, 8°

Lond. 1876

35 Alcott, A. B. Conversations with Children on the Gos-

pels'. 2 vols, 12° Bost. 1836

36 Alexander, R. J. The Influence of the Schoolmen upon

Modern Literature. 8°, stitched Lond. 1877

37 Alexander, W. The History of Women, from the Earli-

est Antiquity to the Present Time. Third edition. 2
vols, 8°, half calf • Lond. 1782

38 Alford, Henry. Four Sermons on the Parable of the

Sower. 16° Cambridge, 1858

39 The Greek Testament, with a Critically Revised

Text, Digest of Various Readings, Marginal References,
Prolegomena, and a Critical and Exegetical Commentary
4th edition. 4 vols, in 5 vols. 8°, hf. russia. Lond. 1859

40 A Plea for the Queen's English. 16°

Lond. & N. Y. 1866

41 Alger, W. R. The Poetry of the East. 12° Bost. 1856

42 Critical History of the Doctrine of a Future Life.

8° Phil. 1864

43 Alison, Archibald. History of Europe, from the com-

mencement of the French Revolution to 1852; with Index
volume and Atlas in 4to. Fine Portraits. [Vols. I.-
XIV. inclusive in calf extra; remaining volumes in cloth.
24 vols, 8°, and 1 vol. 4°— 25 vols.] Edin. 1849-'52

Large type library edition.

44 The Military Life of the Duke of Marlborough.

Plans. 12° K Y. 1848

45 Life of John, Duke of Marlborough. 3d edition.

Portrait. 2 vols, 8° Edin. 1855

46 All the Year Round. Conducted by Dickens. 3 bundles

of Nos.

47 Allen, Ira. Natural and Political History of the State of

Vermont, with an Appendix of Answers to sundry
Queries. Map. 8°, half calf Lond. 1798


48 Allen, J. H. Hebrew Men and Times. 12° Bost. 1861

49 Allibaco, W. A. The Philosophic and Scientific Ultima-

tum. 12° N. Y. 1864

50 Allibone, S. A. Dictionai-y of Authors. Vol. 1. Imp.

8° Phil. 1858

51 Allingham, W. The Ballad Book. 16° Lond. 1864

52 Allix, P. Some Remarks upon the Ecclesiastical History

of the Ancient Churches of Piedmont. 4°, old calf

Lond. 1690

53 Almost, John. The Remembrancer; or, Impartial Repos-

itory of Public Events for the Years 1775-84. 17 vols,
8°, calf Lond.

54 ■ A Collection of Interesting, Authentic Papers rela-

tive to the Dispute between Great Britain and America,
showing the Causes and Progress of that Misunderstand-
ing,' from 1764 to 1775. 8°, half calf Lond. 1777
Scarce. The " Prior Documents."

55 [ ] Biographical, Literary and Political Anecdotes of

several of the most Eminent Persons of the present Age,
with an Appendix of Papers. 3 vis, 8°, hf. cf. Lond. 1797

56 Amari, Michele. History of the War of the Sicilian Ves-

pers. 3 vols, crown 8°, half calf, gilt backs Lond. 1850

57 Ambeeley, Viscount. An Analysis of Religious Belief.

2 vols, 8° - Lond. 1876

58 America. Report of the Committee appointed by the

House of Lords to enquire into the several Proceedings in
the Colony of Massachusetts Bay, in Opposition to the
Sovereignty of His Majesty, &c, and also what hath
passed in this House relative thereto from the first day of
Jan. 1764. Folio, half morocco Lond. 1774

59 America. Stewart on Slavery. Kilpatrick and His Cav-

alry, &c. 9 vols

60 American Historical Record and Repertory of Notes and

Queries. Edited by B. J. Lossing. 3 vols, in Nos., lack-
ing July and.Nov. 1873 (Vol. 2). 34 Nos., 1872-74. Phil

61 American Journal of Science and Art. 3 Nos., 1842-43.

American Ethnological Society Transactions, Vol. 3,
Part I. Geographical Society Bulletins. A Bundle


62 American Monthly (Potter's) for 18*75, lacking February,

Aug. and Sept. 1876 and 1877 complete. 33 Nos. Phil.

63 American Revolution. Copy of Letters sent to Great

Britain by his Excellency Thomas Hutchinson, the Hon.
Andrew Oliver and several other persons. 12°, half roan

Bost. 1773

64 American Revolution. Impartial History of the War in

America between Great Britain and Her Colonies from its
Commencement to the End of the Year 1779. With an
Appendix of Interesting and Authentic Papers. Ilhis-
trated with a variety of Copper- Plates. (Map and full-
length portraits of Gates, Hancock, Putnam, Arnold, &c.)
8°, half roan, uncut Carlisle, 1780

65 [Anburey, Thomas.] Travels through the Interior Parts

of America. Eight plates and maps on copper. 2 vols,
8°, sprinkled calf, gilt backs, yellow edges Lond. 1789
Fine copy.

66 Ancient Classics for English Readers. Homer,

Herodotus, Hesiod, Xenophon, iEscliylus, Aristophanes,
Euripides, Sophocles, Plato, Anacreon; Greek Anthology;
Lucian, Cicero; Horace, Caesar, Tacitus, Juvenal, Virgil,
Pliny; Plautus and Terence. 21 vols, 16°, russia gilt. Edin.

67 Horace, Livy, Thucydides, Demosthenes. 4 vols, 12°

Edin. lS70-'78

68 Andersen, H. C. Fairy Tales and Sketches. 81 vignettes

and other illustrations. 12° Lond. 1870

69 Anderson, J. The Ladies of The Covenant. 12° N.Y. 1851

70 Anderson, Col. R. P. Victories and Defeats: an Attempt

to Explain the Causes which have led to them. 8°

Lond. 1873

71 Andre, Major. The Cow Chase; an Heroick Poem, in

Three Cantos. Written at New York, 1780, with Ex-
planatory Notes. 4°, half calf Lond. 1781

72 Andrews, Alex'r. The Eighteenth Century; or, Illustra-

tions of the Manners and Customs of our Grandfathers.
Crown 8° Lond. 1856

73 Andrews, J. P. Anecdotes, &c, Ancient and Modern.

With Observations. Frontispiece. 8°, calf Lond. 1789


74 Anecdotes and Reminiscences of Illustrious Men and

Women of Modern Times. 12° Lond. 1872

75 Angelina Gitshington's Thoughts. 12° N. Y. 1872

76 Anglo-Saxon (The). Illustrations on wood and stone; a

number of pages printed in red and blue inks. Royal 8°

Lond., Longmans, 1849

77 Annals of England: an Epitome of English History. Many

Woodcuts. 8°, half roan Oxford, Parker, 1876

Library edition.

78 Annals of the Army of the Cumberland, with Biographies,

&c. Illustrated. 8° Phil. 1863

79 Anthropological Review. No. 1 to 20 (except Nos. 6

and 7), in 17 Nos., May 1863-January 1868 Lond.

SO Anthropological Society of London: Memoirs read be-
fore The, 1863-1866. 2 vols, 8° Lond.

81 Antoninus (M. Aurelius). The Thoughts of. Translated

by George Long. 16° Lond. 1862

82 Thoughts. Trans, by G. Long. 12° Lond. 1869

83 A. Priori Autobiography. 12° Bost. 1849

84 Arabian Nights' Entertainments. A new Translation

from the Arabic, with copious Notes, by E. W. Lane.
Many hundred Engravings on wood, after Harvey's de-
signs. 3 vols, imperial 8°, tree-calf extra, gilt backs, edges
gilt over red, by Riviere Lond.: Knight, 1839

*s./ : " Handsome copy, of the very desirable Original Edition.

85 Arago, Fr. Biographies of Scientific. Men. First Series.

2 vols, 12° Bost. 1859

86 Argyle (Duke of). The Reign of Law. 12° Lond. 1867

87 Argyll. Primeval Man. 16° N. Y. 1869

88 Armstrong, R. A. 'The Religion of Israel: a Manual. 12°

Lond. 1877

89 Arnasson, Jon. Icelandic Legends. Translated by G. E.

J. Powell and E. Magnusson. Both Series. Illustrations.
2 vols, 8° and crown 8° Lond. 1864-66

90 Arnaud, Henri. The Glorious Recovery by the Vaudois

of their Valleys. With a Compendious History of that
People by H. D. Acland. Many fine Engravings on steel.
8°, tree-calf extra, gilt back, by Riviere

Lond.: Murray, 1827


91 Arnold, Edwin. Book of Good Counsels from the Sanskrit.

Illustrated by H. Weir. 12° Lond. 1861

92 Arnold. The Light of Asia. Post 8° Lond. 1879

93 Arnold, Matthew. Lectures on Translating Homer. 12°

Lond. 1861

94 Essays on Criticism. 16° Lond. 1865

95 New Poems. 12° Lond. 1867

96 Culture and Anarchy •' an Essay in Political and

Social Criticism. 8° Lond. 1869

97 St. Paul and Protestantism. Post 8°. Lond. 1870

98 Friendship's Garland. 12° Lond. 1871

99 Literature and Dogma. Post 8° Lond. 1873

100 God and the Bible. Crown 8° N. Y. 1875

101 Mixed Essays. Crown 8° Lond. 1879

102 Arnold, S. G. History of the State of Rhode Island ana

Providence Plantations. 1636-1790. 2 vols, 8° K Y. 1859

103 Arnold, Thos. History of Rome. 3 vols, 8° Lond. 1840-43

104 Fragment on the Church. 8° Lond. 1845

105 Arnold, T. J. Reynard the Fox, after the German Version

of Goethe ; with Illustrations by Joseph Wolf. 8°, half
morocco Lond. 1855

106 Arrian. History of the Expedition of Alexander the

Great. Translated by Mr. Rooke. 8°, boards. Lond. 1813

107 Arthur. The Story of King Arthur and his Knights of

the Round Table. Compiled and arranged by J. T. K.
Illustrations by G. H. Thomas. Crown 8°, polished calf
extra, gilt back, bevelled boards Lond. 1862

108 Arundel Society. A Series of 4 1 large Plates superbly

executed in gold and colors from Ancient Frescoes,
Raphael, Andrea del Sarto, Perugino, Giotto, &c, &c.
From folio to elephant folio in size, mounted on heavy
card -board. (41) Lond.

109 Ascham, Roger. The Scholemaster | Or plaine and perfite

way of teaching children | to vnderstand | write | and
speake | the Latin tong [etc.] Small 4°, calf

^ Lond.: Printed by Iohn Daye, 1571

Printed in IBIack iLrtter.



110 Ashbttrnham, John. Narrative of his Attendance on King

Charles the First, never before printed. To which is pre-
fixed a Vindication of his Character and Conduct from
the misrepresentation of Lord Clarendon. Portrait. 2
vols, 8°, boards Lond. 1830

111 Ashley, Hon. Evelyn. Life of Viscount Palmerston,

1846-65. Two Portraits. 2 vols, 8° Lond. 1876

112 Ashmole, Elias. Chymicall Collections. Engraved Title.

In same volume, Arcanum : or The Grand Secret of
Hermetiek Philosophy. 3d edition. 16°, cf. Lond. (1654)

113 Astob Library. Catalogue, or Alphabetical Index. 4

vols, royal 8°, half russia N.Y. 1857

114 Atkinson (H. G.) & H. Martineau. Letters on the Laws

of Man's Nature and Development. 12° Lond. 1851

115 Atkinson, T. W. Oriental and Western Siberia. Map and

numerous Illustrations. Royal 8° Lond. 1858

116 Atkinson. Travels in the Regions of the Upper and

Lower Amoor, and the Russian Acquisitions on the
Confines of India and China. Map and numerous Illus-
trations. Large 8° Lond. 1860

117 Atlas (The Half -Crown) of British History, by Keith

Johnston. 31 Maps. Crown 8° Edinburgh

118 Attempts at Rhyming, by an Old Field Teacher. 16°,

sheep. Scarce Raleigh, N. C, 1839

119 Attic Miscellany (The) and Characteristic Mirror of Men

and Things, including the Correspondent's Museum.
Third edition. Humorous Plates. Dramatic Miscellany,
&e. 2 vols, 8°, half morocco Lond. 1790

120 Atwater, Caleb, History of the State of Ohio, Natural

and Civil. 2d edition. 8°, sheep Cm., n. d.

121 Aubrey, John. Letters Written by Eminent Persons in

the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries, to which are
added: Lives of Eminent Men, by John Aubrey, &c.
Now first published from the Originals, with Notes. 3
vols, S°, hf. crimped mor., gilt backs & edges. Lond. 1813

122 QUigustinVs (6.) JttanneU, or Little B/»oke of the Con-

templation of Christ. Lond. 1577. Facsimile reprint,
16° . Lond.


123 Austin, E. Anecdotage. 16° Lond. 1872

124 Austin, J. The Province of Jurisprudence Determined.

2d edition. 8° Lond. 1861

125 Austin, S. Fragments from German Prose Writers. 12°

N.Y. 1841

126 Autobiography. A Collection of the most Instructive and

Amusing Lives ever published, written by the parties
themselves, with brief instructions and compendious
sequels carrying on the course of events to the death of
each writer. 33 vols, 18°, half calf Lond. 1830-32

* # * Lives of Colley Cibber, Cellini, GibboD, Madame du Barri, Vidocq, and

127 Ayala, Don J. L. de. History of Gibraltar from the earliest

period of its Occupation by the Saracens. Translated,
with a continuation to modern times, by J. Bell. 12°,
calf, gilt back London, Pickering, 1845

128 Aytoun, William E. Lays of the Scottish Cavaliers and

other Poems. Fine Illustrations, by J. Noel and W.
H. Paton. 4°, morocco extra, gilt sides and edges, by
Riviere Edinburgh, 1863

129 Lays of the Scottish Cavaliei-s and other Poems.

16° N. Y. 1852

130 The Ballads of Scotland. 2 vols, 16° Edin. 1858

BABBAGE, CHARLES. The Ninth Bridgewater Treatise,
a Fragment. 8° Phil. 1841

132 Babington, C. Lecture on Archaeology. 8°

Cambridge, 1865

133 Babson, J. J. History of the Town of Gloucester, Cape

Ann, including the Town of Rockport. Map. 8°

Gloucester, 1860

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