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333 Boston Chronicle (The), for the Year M.DCC.LXVIII.

With many Supplements and Extraordinary Papers.

Vol. I., complete, with Index. 4°, half morocco

Boston: Printed by Mein & Fleeming
Very scarce.

334 Boston Gazette and Country Journal. Monday, January 7,
HT765, to December 2S, 1767. [Not quite perfect, some

numbers missing.] In same volume: Boston Evening
Post for April 22, 1751 ; September 24, 1764; January 28, J
1765; Marcji 4, 1765; Mayl3, 1765; September 2, 1765;
October 21, 1765; January 13, 1766; MarchlO, 1766;
June 23, 1766; S eptember 8, 1766; and the Massachu -
setts. Gazette, November 22, 1764. Folio, half sheep

335 January 6, 1766, to December 29, 1766. Including

many Supplements. Untrimmed edges. Folio, half green

Very Scarce.

i 336 Boston Gazette. June 17 to August 1'9, 1734, and June
16 to August 25, 1735. 17 Nos. Scarce

337 Boston Evening Post. April 4, 1768. 4 pp.

338 Bos well, James. Life of Samuel Johnson. Upwards of 50

eng r an ed Illustrations. 10 vols, post 8°

Lond., J. Murray, 1839

339 Botta, V. Discourse on Count Cavour. Author 's Auto-

graph. 8° N. Y. 1862

340 Bottrell, Wm. (an old Celt). Traditions and Hearthside

Stories of West Cornwall. Two Series. 2 vols, 12°.
Scarce Penzance, 1870-73

341 Boudoir Annual for 1846. 10 Steel Engs. 4° Bost.

342 Boulanger, N. A. The Origin and Progress of Despotism

in the Empires of Africa, Europe and America. 12°,

calf Amsterdam, 1764

*#* Printed at the private press of John Wilkes, in London.


343 BouziQue, E. IT. History of Christianity. Translated from

the French by Dr. J. R. Beard. 3 vols, post 8° Lond. 1875

344 Bowxhtch, N. I. Suffolk Surnames. Royal 8°. Not pub-

lished Bost. 1857

345 Do. Second edition. 8" Bost. 1858

346 Boyd, Mark. Reminiscences of Fifty Years. Crown 8°

Lond. 1871

347 Social Gleanings. Crown 8° Lond. 1875

348 Boyd, Zacharie. Four Poems from " Zion's Flowers":

printed from his Manuscript, with Introduction by G.
Neil. Portrait and facsimile. Small 4°, half morocco,
gilt top Glasgow, 1855

Only 400 copies printed.

349 Boyes, J. F. Life and Books, or Records of Thought and

Reading. 16° Lond. 1859

350 Boy's (The) Book of Ballads. 16 Illustrations by John

Gilbert. Square 16°, gilt Lond. 1861

351 Brace, C. L. The Dangerous Classes of New York. Illus-

trated. 12° N. Y. 1872

352 Bradford, T. G. A Comprehensive Atlas. 4°, cover

broken Bost. 1835

353 Bradford Club Series, No. 2. The Croakers, by Joseph

Rodman Drake and Fitz-Greene Halleck. Portraits. 8°,
half morocco N. Y. 1860

354 Bradshaw's Illustrated Guide of Great Britain. Maps,

Plans, dtc. 12°

355 Brand, J. Observations on the Popular Antiquities of

Great Britain. Edited by Sir Hemy Ellis. 3 vols, post
8°, half calf antique Lond. 1853

356 Brande and Cox. Dictionary of Science, Literature and

Art. 3 vols, 8°, half russia Lond. 1865

357 Brandt, Gerard. The History of the Reformation and

other Ecclesiastical Transactions in and about the Low-
Countries, From the Beginning of the Eighth Century
down to the Famous Synod of Dort inclusive, &c. Faith-
fully translated from the original Low-Dutch. Copper-
plate Portraits. 4 vols, folio, calf Lond. 1720

\* The only translation from the original; rare and valuable.


358 Brandt, Sebastian. The Ship of Fools. Translated by

• Alexander Barclay. Facsimile Illustrations. 2 vols, 4°,
russia, gilt tops Edin. and N. Y. 1874

359 Brassey, Thomas. Work and Wages practically Illus-

trated. 8° N. Y. 1872

360 Brathwayte, Richard. Odes : or Philomel's Tears.

Edited by Sir Egerton Brydges. 12°, boards.

Kent: Printed at the Lee Priory Private Press, 1815

361 Brathwait. Barnaba? Itinerariurn, or Barnabee's Journal. ^

With Life of the Author, Bibliographical Introduction,
&c. Edited from the first edition by Joseph Haslewood.
Portrait. 2 vols, 16°, morocco, gilt Lond. 1820

Only 125 copies printed.

362 Bray, Mrs. The Revolt of the Protestants of the Cevennes.

Post 8° London, Murray, 1870

363 Breen, H. H. Modern English Literature: its Blemishes

and Defects. 8° Lond. 1857

364 Bbenton, Sir L. C. L. The Septuagint Version of the Old

Testament translated; with the principal various readings
of the Alexandrine Copy and a Table of Comparative
Chronology. 2 vols, 8° Lond., Bagsier, 1844

365 Brett, W. H. The Indian Tribes of Guiana, their Condi-

tion and Habits: Past History, Superstitions, &c. Colored
Plates. 8° Lond. 1868

366 Brewer, E. C. Dictionary of Phrase and Fable. Thick

crown 8°, half morocco, gilt top Lond.

367 Brewster, C. W. Rambles about Portsmouth, Sketches

of Persons, Localities and Incidents of Two Centuries.
8° Portsmouth, 1859

368 Brewster, David. More Worlds than One. 16° Lond. 1854

369 Briggs, C. F. History of the Atlantic Cable. Illustrations.

12° N. Y. 1858

370 Brinton, D. G. The Myths of the New World. 12°

N. Y. 1868

371 BRITISH CLASSICS. The Tattler; Spectator; Guardian ;

Rambler; Adventurer and Idler, 24 vols. Also, Nathan
Drake's Essays illustrative of the Essayists, in 5 vols.
Together 29 vols, 12°, red morocco, gilt. Illustrated by
Stothard, Smirke, Thurston, <&c. Lond. 1809-1810


372 British Poets. The Works of the British Poets, with

Memoirs, &c. Portraits (proofs on indict paper). 130
vols, crown 8°, half morocco, gilt tops

Boston: Little, Brown & Co., 1865-66
Large Paper Copy, of which only 100 numbered sets were printed.
*V* Complete set, neatly and uniformly bound, of this extensive and excellent
edition of the British Poets, including the English and Scottish Ballads.

373 Britton, J. The Authorship of the Letters of Junius

Elucidated. Folded Plate. 8° Lond. 1848

374 §§WftftjHllt9. A Collection of 29 very Curious and Rare.

Old Broadside Ballads and Songs, many of which are
ornamented with one or more rude Woodcuts. (29)
\* Includes: The Covetous Mother, or the Terrible Overthrow of Two

Loyal Lovers (5 cuts) ; The Charms of Lovely Polly ; Ranelagh Gardene ;

Admiral Keppel Triumphant; The Betrayed Virgin; Sir Hugh Palliser's

Downfall; The Maid's Lamentation; Admiral Byng's Letter; The

Pleasures of the Spring Garden ; Vaux Hall ; .&c. , &c]

375 Broca, Dr. P. Phenomena of Hybridity in the Genus

Homo. 8° Lond. 1864

376 Brockedon, Wm. Illustrations of the Passes of the Alps

by which Italy communicates with France, Switzerland
and Germany. 109 Plates. 2 vols, 4°, half morocco,
rough edges Lond. 1828

377 Handbook for Travellers in Italy, from Lon-
don to Naples. 25 Fine Engravings on Steel by Finden,

from Drawings by Stanfield, Prout and Brochedon.
Imperial 8°, half calf, gilt back Lond.

378 Brockxesby, Richard A. An Explication of the Gospel-

Theism and the Divinity of the Christian Religion. Con-
taining the True Account of the System of the Universe
and of the Christian Trinity. Folio, calf Lond. 1706
Title-page mounted and a few leaves repaired. A learned and scarce work.

379 Brodhead, J. R. History of New York. First Period,

1609-1664. 8° N. Y. 1853

380 Oration on the Conquest of New Netherland. Im-
perial 8°, stitched N. Y., Historical Society, 1864

381 Brodie, Sir Benj. C. Psychological Inquiries. 2 vols,

12° Lond. 1854-62

382 Brodie, George. History of the British Empire. 4 vols,

8°, half calf, broken Edin. 1822



383 Brook, Fulke Greville, (Lord). Life of Sir Philip Syd-

ney, 1652. With a Preface, etc., by Sir Egerton Brydges.
2 vols, boards, uncut
Kent : Printed at the Private Press of Lee Priory, 1816

384 BROOKE, Stopford A. Sermons Preached in St. James'

Chapel. Two Series. 2 vols, 12° Lond. 1869-75

385 Christ in Modern Life (Sermons). 12° Lond. 1 872

386 Freedom in the Church of England. Six Sermons.

12° Lond. 1871

387 Theology in the English Poets. Cr. 8° Lond. 1874

388 The Fight of Faith. 2d edition. 12° Lond. 1877

389 Life and Letters of Rev. Frederick W. Robertson.

Portrait. 2 vols, crown 8° Lond. 1865

390 Brooks, Charles T. German Lyrics. 12° Bost. 1853

391 BROUGHAM, Henry, (Lord.) Historical Sketches of States-

men who Flourished in the Time of George III., 3 vols.
Lives of Men of Letters ancl Science who Flourished in
the Time of George III., 2 vols. Together, 5 vols, im-
perial 8°, tree calf, extra, gilt backs, by Riviere. Fine
Portraits. Lond. 1839-46

Fine set.

392 Rhetorical & Literary Dissertations. 12° Lond. 1856

393 The Life and Times of Henry, Lord Brougham.

Written by Himself. 3 vols, 8° Edin. 1871

394 Brown, John. Horae Subsecivse; Locke and Sydenham;

with other Occasional Papers, 1858. Second Series, 1861.
2 vols, 12° . Edin.

395 Brown, J. B. Idolatries, Old and New; their Causes and

Cure. 12° Lond. 1867

396 First Principles of Ecclesiastical Truth. 8°

Lond. 1871

397 ■ The Divine Life in Man. 12° Lond., n. d.

398 Brown, Robert. The Races of Mankind: a Popular Des-

cription of the Characteristics, Manners and Customs of
the Principal Varieties of the Human Family. Several
hundred Illustrations. 4 vols, in 2. 4°

London : Cassell, Petter <& Galpin

399 The Races of Mankind. Vol. 1. Upwards of \Q0

Illustrations. Imperial 8° Lond.


400 Brown, Samuel. Lectures on the Atomic Theory, and Essays

Scientific and Literary. 2 vols, 12° Edin. 1858

401 Browne, E. H. A Course of Sermons on the Prophecies of

the Messiah. 8° Camb. 1862

402 Browne, Junius Henri. The Great Metropolis: a Mirror

of New York. Illustrated. Thick 8° Hartford, 1869

403 Browne, Matthew. Chaucer's England. 2 vols, 8°

London, 1869

404 Browne, Sir Thomas. Works, including His Life and

Correspondence. Edited by Simon Wilkin. 4 vols, 8°,
mottled sheep London : William Pickering, 1836

405 Browning, Elizabeth Barrett. Poems. 2 vols.

Prometheus Bound, &c. Napoleon III. in Italy.

Essays on the Poets. Together, 5 vols, 12°

New York, 1851 -'6 3
406 Aurora Leigh. 12°, half mor. New York, 1857

407 BROWNING, Robert.* Strafford: an Historical Tragedy.

8°, limp covers London, 1837

408 Christmas-Eve and Easter-Day. 12° Lond. 1850

409 Sordello. 12°, half calf London: Moxon, 1840

410 Poems. 2 vols, 12° Bost. 1850

411 Men and Women. Dramatis Personse. The

Ring and the Book, Vol. 1. — —Red Cotton Night-Cap
Country. 4 vols, 12° Bost. 1856-'73

412 The Ring and the Book. 4 vols, 12° Lond. 1868

413 Balaustion's Adventure. 12° Lond. 1871

414 Prince Hohenstiel-Schwangau. 12° Lond. 187 L

415 Fifine at the Fair. 12° Lond. 1872

416 Aristophanes' Apology. 12° Lond. 1875

417 The Iron Album. 12° Lond. 1875

418 Pacchiarotto. 12° Lond. 1876

419 The Agamemnon of iEschylus, 12° Lond. 1877

420 LaSaisiaz: the Two Poets of Croisic. 12° Lond. 1878

421 Dramatic Idyls. 12° Lond. 1879

422 Brownlow, W. G. Sketches of Secession. Illust. 12° 1862

423 Bruce, James. Classic and Historic Portraits. 2 vols, 12°,

half calf Lond. 1853

424 Bruce, W. The Yosemite. Illustrated hy J. D. Smillie.

12° Bost. 1880


425 Bry (De) Grands Voyages.

[Part I.] Admiranda Narratio fida tamen, de Commodis
et Incolarum Ritibus Virginiae. . . . Anglico scripta
sermone a Thoraa Hariot. . . .nunc avtem primvm Latio
donata. Francof . . .1590. Top margin of title a little
injured. Eng\l title, map and 27 copperplates.

[Part II.] Brevis Narratio eorum quae in Florida Americas
Provi[n]cia Gallis acciderunt. . . . Auctore Jac. leMoyne.
Francof. ... 1591. Eng'd title and 44 copperplates.

[Part III.] America? Tertia Pars Memorabilem provincial
Brasiliae Historiam continens, germanico primurri ser-
mone scriptam a Joanne Stadio, nunc autem latinitate
donatam. . . .Francof. 1592. Lacks the printed title to
Second Portion. Eng'd title, map and 13 copperplates.

[Part IV.] America? Pars C^yarta. Sive, Insignis &
Admiranda Historia de reperta primum Occidentali
India a Christophero Columbo Anno M.CCCCXCII.
Seripta ab Hieronymo Be[n]zono. .. .Francof. 1594.
Two eng'd titles, map and 27 copperplates.

The Four Parts bound in 1 vol. Folio, leather, with clasps
*** Nice, clean and perfect copies (with the exception of the slight imperfection
noted in the Second Part) of these rare works, with all the very curious

426 BRYAN, Michael. Biographical and Critical Dictionary of

Painters and Engravers. New Edition. Edited and
continued by George Stanley. The 1 vol. enlarged to 3,
by the INSERTION of about 600 EXTRA ILLUS-
TRATIONS, comprising Portraits and Rare Plates and
Etchings, including Origincd Engravings by Albert
Durer, Rembrandt, Hollar, Sc, &c. 3 vols, thick imperial
8°, half red morocco extra, gilt backs and tops. Lond. 1849
V Ver 7 interesting copy, the EXTRA PLATES having been carefully
selected and many of them very rare.

427 Bryant, William Cullen. Poems. Crown 8° Phila. 1849

428 The Fountain and other Poems. 12° N. Y. 1842

429 Bbyce, James. The Holy Roman Empire. 12° Lond. 1866

430 The Holy Roman Empire. Seventh Edition. 12°

N. Y. 1877
431 Transcaucasia and Ararat. 12° Lond. 1877


432 Brydges, Sir Egerton. Restituta ; or Titles, Extracts
and Characters of Old Books in English Literature re-
viewed. 4 vols, 8°, calf Lond. 1814

433 Desultoria: or Comments of a South-Briton on Book

and Men. Part. I. (all published). Crown 8°, stitched.

Kent : Lee Priory Press, 1815
Only 80 copies privately printed.

434 Censura Literaria, containing Titles, Abstracts and

Opinions of Old English Books; with original disquisitions,
articles of biography, <fcc. 2d edition. 6 vols, 8°, half

' calf Lond. 1815

435 Censura Literaria. Vol. X. 8°, boards Lond. 1809

436 Buchanan, Robert. David Gray, and other Essays, chiefly

on Poetry. 12° Lond. 1868

437 Buchner, Dr. L. Force and Matter: Empirico-Philoso-

phical Studies intelligibly rendered. 12° Lond. 1864

438 Force and Matter. Portrait. Post 8° Lond. 1870

439 Buckingham, Joseph T. Specimens of Newspaper Litera-

ture; with personal Memoirs, Anecdotes, &c. Portrait.
2 vols, 12° Bost. 1850

440 Personal Memoirs and Recollections of Editorial

Life. Portrait. 2 vols, 12° Bost. 1852

441 Buckingham (Duke of). Memoirs of the Court and Cabi-

nets of George the Third. From original family docu-
ments. 3 vols, 8° Lond. 1853-55

442 Buckland, F. T. Curiosities of Natural History. Second

series and third series. 3 vols, 12° Lond. 1860-66

443 Buckland, William. Reliquiae Diluvianae; or Observa-

tions on the Organic Remains in Caves, Fissures and
Duluvial Gravel, and on other Geological Phenomena,
attesting the action of an Universal Deluge. 2d edition.
21 Plates. 4°, half morocco Lond. 1824

444 Geology and Mineralogy. (Bridgewater Treatise.)

Many Plates. 2 vols, 8° Phil. 1841

445 BUCKLE, Henry Thomas. History of Civilization in Eng-

land. 2 vols, 8° Lond. 1858-'61

Large type library edition, in which form the work is scarce.

446 History of Civilization in England. 3 vols, post 8°

Lond. 1867


447 Buckle. Miscellaneous and Posthumous Works. Edited,

with a Biographical Notice, by Helen Taylor. 3 vols, 8°

Lond. 1872

448 Buckminster, J. S. Works. With Memoirs. 2 vols,

12° Bost. 1839

449 Buddha and his Doctrines: a Bibliographical Essay. 4°,

stitched Lond. 1869

450 Buddhaghosiia's Parables. Translated from Burmese by

Capt. T. Rogers. With Introduction containing Buddha's
Dhammapada, ti'anslated from Pali by F. Max Mitller.
8° Lond. 1870

451 Budington, Wm. I. History of the First Church, Chaiies-

town. Portrait. 8° Bost. 1845

452 Bulla Sacri Concilii Basiliensis de Reformatione Ordinis

Sancti Benedicti. Manuscript of 7 leaves, folio, very
legibly written on vellum, with the Official Signatures and
Date (1439) at end. Folio, half sheep
From the library of Dr. Kloss.

453 BULWER. Novels of. Library Edition. 43 vols, post 8°,

cloth Edin. 1860

454 The Student. 2 vols, 12° N.Y. 1835

455 Athens: its Rise and Fall. 2 vols, 8°, half calf, gilt

backs Lond. 1837

456 King Arthur. Second edition. 12° Lond. 1849

457 Eugene Aram. Post 8°, cloth Lond.

458 Life of Viscount Palmerston. Portrait. 3 vols,

8° Lond. 1870

459 Bungay, G. W. Off-Hand Takings, &c, of Noticeable

Men. 20 Portraits. 12° N.Y.

460 Bunker Hill. Panoramic View from. 4°, boards. 1848

461 Celebration of the Centennial Anniversary of the

Battle. Illustrated, 8° Bost. 1875

462 Memorial. Illustrated. 8°, paper Bost.

463 BUNSEN, C. C. J. Egypt's Place in Universal History:

an Historical Investigation. In five books. 5 vols, 8°

Lond. 1848-67

464 Hippolytus and his Age. Vols. III. and IV. 12°

Lond. 1852

465 God in History; or, the Progress of Man's Faith in

the Moral Order of the World. With Preface by A. P.
Stanley. 3 vols, 8° Lond. 1868


466 Bunsen, Ernest be. The Hidden Wisdom of Christ and

the Key of Knowledge ; or, History of the Apocrypha.
2 vols, 8° Lond. 1865

467 The Keys of St. Peter; or, the House of Rechab

connected the History of Symbolism and Idolatry.
8° Lond. 1867

468 The Chronology of the Bible. 8° Lond. 1874

469 Outlines of the Philosophy of Universal History

applied to Language and Religion. 2 vols. 8° Lond. 1854

[Vols. III. and IV. of " Christianity and Mankind."]

470 BUNYAN, John. Complete Works. Illustrated edition.

8° Phil. 1871

471 Pilgrim's Progress, with Preface by Charles Kings-
ley. Many Illustrations by Charles Bennett. Small 4°,
crimped morocco extra, bevelled boards, gilt back and
edges N. Y. [London] 1860

472 Burckhardt, J. The Civilization of the Period of the

Renaissance in Italy. Translated by S. G. Middlemore.

2 vols, 8° Lond. 1878

473 Burgoyne. A State of the Expedition from Canada, as

laid before the House of Commons by Lieutenant-General
Burgoyne, and verified by Evidence. Maps and -Plans.
4°, vellum, gilt Lond. 1780

474 Burgotne's Orderly Book. Edited by E. B. O'Callaghan.

4°, paper Albany, 1860

Munsell's Hist. Series, No. 7.

475 BURKE, Sir Bernard. The Romance of the Aristocracy.

3 vols, crown 8° Lond. 1855

476 Family Romance. 12° Lond.

477 Vicissitudes of Families. Second Series. Crown

8° Lond. 1860

478 The Rise of Great Families. Crown 8° Lond. 1873

479 Burke, Edmund. Works and Correspondence of. New

edition. Portrait. 8 vols, 8° Lond. 1852

480 Life of Edmund Burke. Illustrated. 12°

Lond. 1853

\V 481 Burke, Peter. Celebrated Trials connected with the

Aristocracy and the Upper Classes of Society in the

Relations of Private Life. 2 vols, 8° Lond. 1849-51


482 Burke. The Romance of the Forum. 12° N. Y. 1853

483 Burmeister, H. Zoologischer Hand-Atlas. 6 Parts, 4°.

42 Copper Plates of Figures, colored Berlin, 1860

484 Burnett, F. H. Haworth's. Illustrations. 12° N. Y. 1879

485 BURNS, Robert. Life and Works of. Edited by Robert

Chambers. Library edition. 4 vols, 8° Edin. 1856

486 Poetical Works, edited by Alexander Smith. 2

vols, 12°, vellum cloth Lond. 1879

487 Rival Rhymes in 'Honor of Burns, &c. 16°

Lond. 1859

488 Burton, Isabel. The Inner Life of Syria, Palestine, and

the Holy Land. Map, Photograph and Colored Plates.
2 vols, 8° Lond. 1875

489 Burton, John Hill. History of Scotland from Agricola's

Invasion to the Revolution of 1688. 7 vols, 8°

Edin. 1867-70

490 A History of the Reign of Queen Anne. 3 vols,

8° N. Y. x 1880

491 Burton, Robert. The Anatomy of Melancholy. What it

is, with all the kinds, causes, symptomes, prognostickes
and severall cures of it. By Democritus Junior. The
fifth edition, corrected and augmented by the Author.
Fine Fngraved Title by C. le JBlon. Small folio
sprinkled calf extra, gilt back, red edges

Oxford: Henry Cripps, 1638

492 The Anatomy of Melancholy. 3 vols, crown 8°, half

levant morocco extra, gilt tops Boston: Veazie, 1859

493 B[urton], R. The English Empire in America. Third

edition. Map. 16°, half calf Lond. 1698

494 B[urton]. The History of the Nine Worthies of the

World. Illustrated with Poems and the Picture of each
Worthy. 16°, half calf Lond. 1713

495 Burton. Historical Remarks on the Ancient and Present

State of the Cities of London and Westminster. A new.
. edition, with additional Woodcut Portraits. Small 4°,
polished calf extra, gilt back and edges

Lond.: Reprinted for M. Stace, 1810
V EXTRA-ILLUSTKATED by the insertion of 95 Portraits and Views,
some of which are Proof impressions.


496 Burton, R. F. Personal Narrative of a Pilgrimage to El

Meclinah and Meccah. 2d edition. Maps and Colored
Plates. 2 vols, 12° Lond. 1857 .

497 Burton. The Lake Regions of Central Africa. Plates

and Woodcuts. 2 vols, 8° Lond. 1860

498 Burton, Wm. E. Cyclopaedia of Wit and Humor. Slightly

soiled. Portraits and Woodcuts. 2 vols, royal 8°

N. Y. 1858

499 [Bury, Lady Charlotte.] Diary Illustrative of the

Times of George the F.ourth, edited by John Gait. 4
vols, 8°, half morocco, gilt tops Lond. 1838-39

500 Bushnell, Horace. Views of Christian Nurture. 12°

Hartford, 1847

501 God in Christ. 12° Hartford, 1849

502 Sermons for the New Life. 2d ed. 12° N. Y. 1858

503 Women's Suffrage; the Reform against Nature.

12° N. Y. 1869

504 Busk,R.H. The Foils-Lore of Rome. Small 8° Lond. 1874

505 Butler, Joseph. Analogy of Religion and Sermons. 2

vols, 8° Oxford, 1844

506 Butler, Samuel. Hudibras; with large Annotations by

Dr. G. Grey. Portrait and Plates after Hogarth's de-
signs. 2 vols. Cambridge, 1744. Genuine Remains

in Verse and Prose; with Notes by R. Thyer. 2 vols.

Lond. 1759. Together, 4 vols, 8°, paneled calf extra,

gilt backs, green edges, by Bedford

507 Butler, Wm. Archer. Lectures on the History of Ancient

Philosophy; edited by W. H. Thompson. 2 vols, 8°

Camb. 1856

508 Buxton, Charles. Notes of Thought, with Portrait and

Biographical Sketch. 12° Lond. 1873

509 Byfield, Nathaniel. An Account of the Late Revolution

in New England. 20 pp., 4°, hf. mor. Scarce. Lond. 1689

510 Byrd, Wm. History of the Dividing Line between Vir-

ginia and North Carolina as run in 1728-29. 2 vols, 4°,

half russia Richmond, Va., 1866

Edition of 200 copies.

511 Byron, Lord. Poetical Works. Portrait. 6 vols. 1855

Letters and Journals, with Notices of his Life by

Thomas Moore. 54 Engravings by Finden. 3 vols.

Together, 9 vis, 8°, mor., gilt backs, sides and edges Lond.

512 My Recollections of Lord Byron; by the Countess

Guiccioli. 2 vis, 8° Portrait water-stained. Lond. 1869


CABALA: Mysteries of State and Government, in Letters of
Illustrious Persons in the Reigns of Henry VIII , Eliza-
beth, James and Charles. Fol., cf., broken Lond. 1663
From the Library of Francis Wrangham, with Autograph on title.

514 Cagliostro. Life of Joseph Balsamo, commonly called

Count Cagliostro; containing the Singular and Uncommon
Adventures of that extraordinary Personage, His Trial
before the Inquisition, &c. -Portrait. 8°, bds. Lond. 1791
Copy from library of Charles Dickens.

515 Cahagnet, L. A. The Celestial Telegraph. 12° N. Y. 1851

516 Cairnes, J. E. The Slave Power: its Character, &c. 2d

edition. 8° Lond. 1863

51V Calderon. Life's a Dream. From the Spanish, with an

Essay by R. C. Trench. 16° Lond. 1856

518 Calderwood, Henry. The Philosophy of the Infinite. 8°

Edin. 1854

519 Philosophy of the Infinite: a Treatise on Man's

Knowledge of the Infinite Being, in answer to Sir William
Hamilton and Dr. Mansel. 2d edition. 8° Camb., n. d.

520 Caldwell, J. S. Results of Reading. 8° Lond. 1 843

521 Calef, Robert. More Wonders of the Invisible World;

or, The Wonders of the Invisible World, displayed in Five

Parts. Small 4°, calf

London: Printed for Nath. Hillar, 1700
Very rare.

522 Callander. Two Ancient Scottish Poems:, the Gaber-

lunzie Man, and Christ's Kirk on the Green, with Notes
and Observations by John Callandar. 8°, half calf

Edin. 1782

523 Callaway, J. Yakkun Nattannawa, a Cingalese Poem de-

scriptive of the Ceylon System of Demonology : And Kolan
Nattannawa. Translated. Nine Plates. 8°, half calf

London: Orient. Trans. Fimd, 1829

524 Calmet. Dictionary of the Bible. Revised by Edward

Robinson. Illustrated. Royal 8°, sheep Bost. 1832

525 Calvin, John. Commentary on the Romans. Portrait.

12° Phil. 1836

526 Cambridge and Oxford Essays, 1855-1858. 8 vols, 8°,

cloth backs Lond.


527 Camden, William. Annals, or, The Historie of the most

renowned and Victorious Princesse Elizabeth, Late
Queen of England. Translated from the Latin by R. N.

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