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Mich., High School.

Miss Agnes T. Dubuc, of Lewiston, Me., is a
new shorthand teacher in the Holyoke, Mass.,
High School.

Miss Mai
now has
the Wiba

B. Cunningham, Appleton, _ Mini
harge of the commercial subjects
x, Mont., High School.

Folsom, for years head of the commer-
ork in the Utica, N. V., Free Academy,
ing charge of the commercial work of
onkers, N. Y., High School.

Mullen and Miss

the Ami
Miss Be



new commercial man with
imercial School, Allentown,

lie L. Ames, LeRoy, N. Y.

al br

ches at Genesee


N. Y.

Wood, last year with the Los Angeles
Business College, is now in charge of the
commercial work of the Hemet, Cat, Union
High School.

Miss Evelyn Mossinger, recently in the Civil
Service at Washington, has charge of the new
commercial department recently established in
Miss Mason's School, The Castle, Tarrytown-
on-Hudson, N. Y.


3^&uA/n€M<a4fa&z£r t &

WANTED— Commercial Teacher (Pit-
'" man) Shorthand M. or F. Beginner
acceptable. Send photo with application.

0.*. HOFFMANN, Pris , Milwaukee Wis. (Business College

U/AMTpn To lease, with the privilege of buy-
»" ">' ■ tU ingr one or two good business schools
in the Central West. Address "Business Manigtr,"
care Business Educator. Columbus, 0.


Man wtio understands Business College work
from the ground up to manage well established
and financially strong business school. Op-
portunity for successful teacher who wants to
get out of a rut, or for school representative
to combine selling and managing. Address

C. A. P, care Business Educator, Columbus, Ohio

Wanted ££

Bookkeeping and
Penmanship teacher for Bus-
iness College in Texas, Address

Texas, care Business Educator, Columbus, Ohio.


Card Writers are "cleaning up" selling- Our Flag Cards.
Send 4c for samples of Card Writers Supplies. We will
write your name on one dozen Flag Cards for 25c.
AGENTS WANTED. Address all orders to McBEE &
B ASH< IK. 3 Hawthorne Ave.. Weat View Borough,
Pittsburgh, Pa.


Register now!

North Star Teachers' Agency,



COD Oil C SPLENDID small Business
rlln i)AI L College in ideal location: excel-
I uii vnua. , ent reputation no bi l| S- en .

rolled sixty-nine students last month, averaging
one new student per day now. Will give terms to
right party. Reason for selling, owner has
organic trouble of long standing that forces
change of work. Address "Dividend Payer",
care Businese Educator, Columbus, Ohio.



Men and Women — all branches — for public
or private schools. Best salaries. Contracts

National Teachers' Agency, Philadelphia, Pa.

■Pi-sf Coif* A good school in a city
r%JL OdlC of 5000 Owner has
other business. Good thing for one who
can teach combined course; or for man
and wife who can teach both courses.
Small amount will handle it. Address
P.C. B. , care Business Educator, Columbus, Ohio


Byrne Practical Touch Typewriting

Fourth Edition

Fourteen years test in some of America's
largest schools. Its writers hold records.
Contains new features making possible more
accuracy and speed. By the use of a Key
Board Practice Chart typewriter equipment
may be reduced. Requires less time on part
of teacher. This text is positively a time and
money saver and result getter, must by seen
to be appreciated. Sent free to teachers upon
receipt of thirty cents in stamps to pay wrap-
ping and postage.


57 East Jackson Bldg., Chicago, IB.

The Pratt Teachers' Agency

70 Fifth Avenue. NEW YORK
Recommends college and normal graduates,
specialists, and other teacher* to colleges and

The agency receives many calls for commer-
cial teachers from public and private schools

and business colleges.




27th Year. $1 registers in three offices.


Old Nat'l Bank Bldg. ■ SPOKANE. WN.
211 15th Street - - DENVER. COLO.

The Scarcity of Commercial Teachers

continues and increases each month. Now is the time
for Normal and College graduates to prepare to teach
the commercial branches. The salaries are excellent
and the conditions congenial. Write to us for the facts.


We need beginning and experienced teachers to recommend. Write
for our FREE literature; state qualifications briefly. If you would buy
a money-making business college, write for particulars — no charge.


Canada, Cuba, the District of Columbia
and Thirty-Three States!

Calls for experienced and inexperienced commercial teach-
ers reached us from forty-seven states during July and
August. We placed our candidates in thirty-three of them,
and also in Canada, the District of Columbia, and Cuba.
Employers are already writing to us for teachers for
January and February. Salaries range from $75 to $250.

"Let's get in touch!"








iOO. They are
i up-to-date e

We have done an

had l

, N.D., at $1,400. for a lady; the Utica Free

i of the finest sHi-i-t ladies' fitting schools in the

vn Eastern business school. £-.100; Lynchburg, Va., High

oming all the while. We are both losing money if you do


E. E. GAYLORD, Manager (A Specialty bv a Specialist) Prospect Hill, Beverly, Mass.

Your Future

Your future depends upon
present action. How about
your salary and prospects for
promotion? If you desire a change, now or later, we will put
you in a better position than can be secured thru any other
source, or there is no commission to pay. No obligation to
accept any place. Confidential service. Largest Bureau for
Specialists. Write for details.



516-18 Nicholas Bldg.
St. Louis, Mo.


Best Ever — U. S. Liberty Bonds and Business Educator



<5^&u4/n4M&&uxt&r &


Contains an ideal course for dictation in short-
hand classes. This book contains letters from a
teacher to his former pupils who are out in the
business world. These letters contain excellent
suggestions, advice and information to those en-
tering into business life. One or more of the
letters may be used as a base for discussion in
the correspondence department. Good English
is found in these letters and a list of nearly one
thousand words is given, with space allowed for
the outline for each word. These letters are in-
teresting, refreshing and inspiring, and would
have a tendency to increase interest in your
English and shorthand departments. Include a
copy of this valuable book with each list of
supplies. Give the book a trial and we know
other orders will follow. How many copies shall
we send you?

Price 50c per single copy, or 30c per copy
in quantities, prepaid

Zaner & Bloser Company


The Gregg
Normal Session

A training course for teachers of
Gregg Shorthand and correlated
subjects given annually at Chicago
each summer.

Gregg Normal training is a wonderful help
to teachers of experience, and to those
about to enter the commercial teaching pro-
fession it is practically indispensable.

Without any question the need for more
teachers will be greater than ever next
year, even though the World War ends

It is not too early to make plans now for
getting this highly specialized training at
Gregg School.

Write today for catalog and printed matter.


6 N. Michigan Ave.


Engrossing and Card Writing

are my specialties. Were you satisfied with
your last year's diplomas, and the price you
paid to have them filled in? Write for samples
and prices. 12 cards, plain or fancy, 25c.





■ Prepare by mail in epi

M M tive profession in whi

■^ tunities for both men £

for free book, "How i

Edgar G. Alcorn. Pre:

American 5ch*ol of Banking,

I McLene Bldg. , Columbus. 0.

an of you at

, Write for my


3 specimens and tetls

how others mastered penmanship bymy

F. W. TAMBLYN, 406 Meyer Bldg., Kansas City. Mo.

France did a wonderful piece of work in tabulating its homeless mothers and children. Through a card index system of :
enabled not only to bring scattered families together, but to locate those families near to their soldier relatives so that they n
of their precious furlcugh time in long railroad trips to meet their kin. When it is considered that many of these refugees we
over Europe, and that the buildings of some towns were so completely pulverized that even streets could not be recognized,
of the task can be estimated. The above picture shows some of the tabulators at work.

efugees it was
ight lose none
e scattered all
the magnitude

4± ^u >j6u4Ssi£j j &duia/sr &

The Art of



Scranton, Pa.

The accompanying reproduction of
a piece of engrossing belongs to the
type or style known
as illuminating, and is
an example of the
treatment of work or-
iginating in the 14th
and continuing thru
the 15th century. It
will be noted that the
entire border design
springs from the large
initial "D" and is car-
ried around the entire design, forming
a very beautiful frame effect for the
reading matter of the resolutions. The
entire background of the border de-
sign is burnished gold and the initial
"D" and ornamental portions of the
border are in various shades of Ver-
million, French blue, yellows and em"
erald green. The lighter portions of
the border are the blues and the dark-
est the vermillion. All of the colors
employed are opaque, being mixed
with Chinese white. The lighter
shades of the color are painted on
first and the darker ones in the order
of their density. The grotesque ani-
mals found in the border are also of
the period above mentioned. After
the painting in done outline the entire
design in black with a No. 5 Soen-
necken pen. The white dots and lines
throughout the work are Chinese
white, the straight lines being ruled
in with a ruling pen and the curved
ones freehand with a No. 1 brush.
This work was executed on a sheet of
Reynolds bristol board, four ply,
which presents a firm smooth surface
absolutely necessary for this particu-
lar style of work. The size of the
engrossing is 12x.l6 l / 2 inches. The
main lines in the delicate tracery used
as a filler throughout the border are
black and the short branches leading
off from them are a light red. The
circles at the end of the short branch-
es are filled in with green and the
center of each is a dot of burnished
gold. The tracery used in the reading
matter is in red.

The initial "R" and all of the lower
case letters in the word "Democratic '
is in two shades of vermillion. Ini-
tial "W" in "Whereas" in French blue
with stripe of red in the center.

Initials "H, G, and C" in the words
"Honorable Grover Cleveland" in two
shades of blue with background of
gold, and the lower case letters in
two shades of vermillion.

Initial "R" in first "Resolved" i i
two shades of red with gold back-
ground and lower case letters in two
shades of blue. The second "Re-
solved" is just the reverse in color
scheme. To those who are not fa-
miliar with the beautiful art of illumi-
nating would say the original work

— t ^ — L

^ j^pfiniuticinp

adopted Py the

. i the @ih) of'vX'nL'L'i-^olotviiio,
July siwnlh.niiirtccn hundtvi miO right

llifri'tl'i Jthasplcascithcr'HiiiiijIitij
* ■ sob In iviiuuif limit nur must


late$resii>eiit of riu'^Jutti'i^Tnh'S, mho wa$
three times the ttinftifra tf if*$|e'imirratic)Jarh.,

(That we, rhej)eleiiafes ofrhepnriu.

'recognise in him one ofinc stfnmgeflM ablest
characters known to the werlot> statesmanship, who
possessed to an e.vtraoroinary Secure the elements of
I leaiVrship.ono bo his able rinsciattioia'and forceful
'administration of public aMW,refltfleb honoruponhis
rounlru nno his pnrtu; ano

iPUflinpA ^'^ u '° herein) express our 6cep
JuJlHUrU, sorrow at hisWath uuii cvti'iii* our
a warmest aurnpathp aiib conscience to his tamtlu,
iti thai this resolution pcspivao upon Hie records or
the convention am) a copy be tormaroco to Hrs. (i'lei-clano.




must be seen to be properly appre-
ciated because its real charm, apart
from the careful painstaking effort re-
quired to produce it, lies in its color
scheme, which of course is entirely
lost in the process of reproduction.


On account of the war, the high cost of living,
and the great demand for labor, thousands of young
people will be unable this year to attend high
school and college, and thus must utilize their spare
time in taking home study courses by mail.
Special Rales for Courses Offered
Civil Service English Law

Grammar School Typewriting Bible

High School Bookkeeping Agriculture

Normal Shor'hand Drawing

Engineering Domestic Science Real Estate

Salesmanship Story Writing Automobile

Over One Hundred Branches Included

Thousands of Civil Service and office positions are now
open for typewriters, stenographers, bookkeepers, and
clerks. We rent and sell typewriters on easy monthly
payments. Write fur prices and terms on machines.

Enrodment fee $10 00; "special rates of tuition" to
those who apply now. Send vour name mday-tomorrow
may be too late. "DO IT NOW." For "Special Tuition
Scholarship" and full particulars address Dept. A ,


Frank Kane, Lincoln, Nbr., writes:
"I have been a subscriber to your
paper for the past three years and
have always found it very helpful in
my work. Last year I was supervisor
of penmanship in the Clinton, Iowa,
schools. Two years previous to that
I had charge of the commercial work
there. At present I am head instruc-
tor in the commercial department in
the high school in Lincoln, Nebr.. and
know that your paper will be a great
help to me."

C. B. Bloom, recently Principal of
Public Schools of Almeda, Pa., is now
assistant cashier in a new National
Bank which was opened June 1st in
Irvona, Pa. Mr. Bloom, who has
been a penman and commercial teach-
er for a number of years, reports that
they are doing a nice business and
that the prospects for the future are
TOR and his professional friends
wish him success in his new line of

H.'|.)i(i,itiiiif,iA^iiiitir;iiMi,i)i i i- l 'iMtfHN.iiiiiM*i l iiiHMTt«4i'mfi a

y/tt ~38u4/neU C'duat/iT* &


31 U CD (EJTOfj 3 J HOOT

a (Dp (0 ft SO Utiles
profitable. \M456T$dQ\ Irttomy

BROAD-PEN LETTERING, by E. A. Lupfer, with Zanerian

LESSON No. 5— Rapid Old English

No letter is used so extensively and is so artistic and enduring as the Old English. You will do well to master
it in its various forms.

The alphabet herewith represents the rapid, unretouched style used in filling diplomas, etc., where speed is
required rather than fine finish. No retouching with a fine pen is necessary except where a mishap occurs.

Beginners should use a No. 1 broad pen before using smaller sizes of pens.

Use head and base lines and see that you follow them closely, for uniformity of height is necessary as well as
uniformity of spacing. The space between letters should be the same as in letters. The letters should be taller
than wide. Avoid square looking letters as a rule. Lettering should be neither too narrow nor too wide. It should
be solid, not scattered. Where we have to crowd lettering we make it tall and narrow, and where we wish to
spread it to cover space we make it low and wide. Unless you follow this plan your work will look crowded or
squatty, or not proportioned well.

There are many styles of Old English, and the ideals of penmen as to the standard vary slightly. The alphabet
presented herewith represents our ideal of the standard. All should master the standard form before cultivating
individuality. While individuality is commendable when it is good, you must know the standard styles to avoid
mistakes and freakishness.

Study the joinings, corners and parts of letters, etc. See how often certain strokes are repeated in different

The "spurs" in Old English should be neither too small nor too large. Let them extend about half the width
of the pen, or one nib on the small letters. The spurs in the center of the capitals should be rather large and cir-
cular with sharp hair-line beginnings.

The head and base strokes should slant in the same direction and be curved evenly. They should not be too
large and heavy. Study proportion.

Study and practice carefully and you will make headway. After you have learned to hold the pen and dip ink
carefully, (dip slowly and keep ink-retainer clean), your biggest problem is to get an accurate ideal of the forms.

Clara Haas, who was last year in the
Coalgate, Okla., High School, now is
teaching Gregg shorthand and book-
keeping in the Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.,
High School.

J. R. Jones is in charge of the com-
mercial department of the Richmond,
Ind., High School following L. A.
Newgard, who has gone with the
Wright Airplane Company, Dayton,

Mrs. Edna Watson Holtz, formerly
Miss Edna Watson, goes from the
New Ulm, Minn., High School to the
Charlotte, Mich., High School as
commercial teacher.
Racine College, Racine, Wis., pub-
lishes a beautiful catalogue, splendidly

printed and artistically illustrated
with views of buildings, etc. The in-
stitution prepares boys for college,
from the seventh year in the grades
to the sophomore college year. It has
a reputation for high grade training
and for character development.

The Mankato, Wis., Commercial Col-
lege is mailing one of the most at-
tractive, post-card size, colored fold-
ers, showing eight views of its build-
ing and rooms, we have ever received.
The building lis fire-proof, four stor-
ies, and splendidly furnished. The
photos show a very large attendance.

G. D. Griset, Evanston, 111., High
School, who is conducting a course in

business writing in THE BUSINESS
EDUCATOR, believes in taking his
own medicine, for we have received a
club of 92 subscriptions from him,
which indicates that his classes are

Mr. M. D. Anthony, of Maryland, and
Miss Margaret Ebert, of Wisconsin,
both Zanerians, were married Sept.
39th, 1918, and are now at home in
Oklahoma City, Okla. Our best
wishes are hereby extended.
Mr. H. A. Roush, of Letart Falls, O.,
now heads the Commercial Depart-
ment of the Charleston, W. Va., High
School. Mr. Roush is a many sided
man, a fine penman, and a jolly good
fellow generally.

,y/u 'jfotjS/UM G'dk&i/cr' *§*


In October Geo. Hossfeld won the
International Professional Typewrit-
ing Championship, writing 14; words
net per minute for one hour, and
Minnie Regelmeyer won the Novice
School Championship, writing IDS
words net per minute. Both were
pupils of Spencer's School. Paterson,
X. J., where Barnes' Typewriter In-
structor was used.

L. W. Zinn, Pres. Riverside. Calif-
Business College, has favored us with
a list of 45 subscriptions. Mr. Zinn
writes a very practical hand and is no
doubt interested in good penmanship.
With his supervision and THE BUS-
INESS EDUCATOR jn his classes
we- expect excellent results to be se-

Mr. P. P. Freeman, who has been
teaching in the Commercial Depart-
ment of the Hartford, Conn., Public
High School for a number of years,
has accepted a position as auditor for
the Capewell Horse Nail Company of


For the one in :
in Colors, filled ir
Wanted. Big Con
Sample and Terms. E. L. Blystone, Pitcairn, Pa.


Special to Penmen

Blank Honor Rolls, 10
forSl.50. 20 for S2.2S,'2S
for S2.50, 100 for Ss-.OO.
Write today.

vice. Place for

Photo, Printed

ith Beautiful V

Quick Sellers.

3c Stamp for

By the Editor



Short Cut to
Plain Writing

The book is typical of the title, a real
"Short Cut to Plain Writing." But if your
own writing is plain, this book may help
you to make it still better looking by aiding
you to discover the poor places in it. Then,
too, it gives the clue to less practice and
more improvement and less teaching and
better writing on the part of your pupils.

It's different; it's unconventional; it's stimu-
lating; it's helpful; it's concrete in its sug-

Price 25c, prepaid,

C. P. Zaner is the

Zaner & Bloser Company

Penmanship Publishers
Columbus. O.

To Primary Teachers
Interested in Writing

Stories appeal to children. They live and revel in
the world of Fairy and Fable.

Can you tell a good story or relate a fable that
connects with the work at hand? If so, you'll enjoy
all the more "Funny Fable Folk" in writing by Jno.
O. Peterson and Alice E. Strong. If you can't tell a
story, perhaps this book of fable and fancy in writing
will lead you to discover the secret and philosophy of
both writing and story telling. Who knows?

Anyhow, its a unique little volume designed to delight children
and to relieve the teaching of writing of so-called drudgery.

The picture and motion exercises lead to letter motions and
forms and thus to writing. Something original and yet simple and
easily employed and applied.

Birds. Frogs. Mice. Bees. Fishes and Woolyworms all act out
the art of writing in their tryouts at flying and jumping and run-
ning and swimming, thus suggesting and stimulating the first
struggles in handwriting.

It is not so much a system as an inspiration, suggestion, and
method to interest, instruct and encourage the children in their
primitive practices.

It is concrete in its philosophy of motion and thus it uncon-
sciously stimulates and safeguards motor activity— the basis of
real writing.

Bound in black card covers, black and white illustra-
tions, 24 pages, about 5x8 inches, post paid, 50 cents.

Unique, original, adaptable, applicable, vitalizing, concrete,

Zaner & Bloser Publishing Company

Penmanship Specialists
Columbus, O.

■ ■JI.IIII.UIlU.lJ.liJJ.]lUIMi.Ullli.U.I!ftU.i|MMl..lJ.llU.ll.lJiMJIBaMrfillWtBI

<^M^>^u4/n£te(ud[U&&r &



Rockland, Me.

Send sell-addressed postal for criticism, and stamps

Rapid Lettering

This style is based on the Roman
letters and is recommended as a most
practical style for
purposes where speed
and legibility count
for more than accur-
acy or artistic finish.
Rule lines for height
about one inch apart,
also vertical lines to
prevent sloping let-
ters. Use pencil only
to indicate general
size and spacing of letters. Ester-
brook's drawing and lettering pen No.
2 was used for alphabet. The thin
stroke of letter represents width of
pen, two strokes being required for
thick part of letters. This letter re-
quires no retouching, and its accuracy
must depend entirely upon your skill
instead of any mechanical devices
whatever. Good spacing and good
form are, of course, highly essential
for best results. A No. 5 broad point-
ed pen was used for the smaller let-

The initial "A" is highly decorative
and will afford considerable careful
study. First, sketch in pencil, aiming
for balance and action, then follow

with a detail drawing, suggesting
color values.

Aim for strong, vigorous lines in
your color tones, varying the thick-
ness and spacing of lines to produce
the different gradations of light and
shade. Observe how effectively the
leaves melt into the solid background.

Try your hand on a similar design,
making changes here and there to
suit the purpose required. Aim for
strength and contrast in rendering
color values. Balance and action are
important requisites in any design.

Send us your copy for criticism.

Recent U. S. Government
Educational Publications

Copies of which may be procured by addressing

the Superintendent of Documents,

Government Printing Office,

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