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By W. A. Sheaffer

This modern text is complete in its treatment of bookkeeping and elementary account-
ing. It contains every essential — clear explanations, script and other illustrations, drill
exercises, five short sets followed by longer sets, use of papers throughout but used exten-
sively in only one set, etc. — that satisfies the teacher. The real strength of the text, however,
lies in its power to interest the pupil and lead him step by step through the course. The begin-
ning chapters are comparatively easy but the work grows rapidly. Only cash, merchandise,
expense, and personal accounts are included in the first set. New principles, transactions,
books, etc., are introduced gradually, and when introduced they are clearly explained. There
is no point in the text where the author does the pupil's thinking for him. The thought side
of the subject is never lost sight of.

The plan of the text "is very easily followed and a minimum of the teacher's time is required in
interpreting the text. The complete course is divided into four Parts and the text is published in the
following volumes;

Complete, 420 pages, cloth — A very complete course for pupils of high school age.

Parts I and II, 242 pages, cloth — An elementary course that is adapted to two-semester
high school, and other brief courses.

Parts III and IV, 200 pages, cloth — An advanced course to be used following any ele-
mentary text.

Part I, 130 pages, paper — An ideal introductory course teaching the cash book, journal,
purchase book, sales book, partnership accounts, etc. Just right for secretarial
courses, one-semester courses, etc.

Part II, 96 pages, paper — An intermediate text in which there is a set illustrating the
jobbing furniture business, using business papers for all transactions.

Set 7, Part III, 63 pages, paper — Teaches columnar books, adjustment entries, etc..
with a wholesale hardware set.

Set 8, Part III, 34 pages, paper — Advanced principles and the accounts and transac-
tions of a commission business.

Part IV, 90 pages, paper — A corporation set for a manufacturing business, using a
voucher system. The author presents difficult material so it is interesting and
easily mastered.

The blank books and supplies are in units to correspond with the paper bound texts, so the material
is supplied in convenient form for almost any requirement.

Stenographic Office Practice

By O. M. Powers

This new title is a practical course consisting principally of work for the pupil. Expla-
nations and instructions are sufficient to give the student an understanding of each form.
The plan is very easily followed and is adapted to single or double jieriod daily assignments
or to the intensified finishing course plan.

All forms in the student's outfit are actual duplicates, in size, form and quality, of those used in
modern business offices. The text and outfit are so attractive that tlie stiulent will take special pride
in doing the work carefully.

Typewriting by the Touch Method— Strengthens the weaker fingers early in the course. .V com-
plete instructor — \>M) pases. Xd essential of typing efficiency is neglected.

Also texts for Practical Grammar, Business Letter Writing, Spelling, Law, Arithmetic, Penmanship,
Munson Shorthand.

Correspondence Solicited


37 South Wabash Avenue, Chicago

■ ■JI|.im.l4JH,|.l.|.UJJJII!JJlliJIIMI.IJ,IWJ.illMl..lJ.lil.l.ll.lJ.J.tJ:mH.»fJ.lff«Wl

^ f^^^u^i/^t^S^^/^fu^^f^fr* ^

Gre^g Normal Training Increases
Efficiency and Salary


Mr. Gregg's lectures on methods of

teaching are always a feature- of

the Summer Normal Session

Gregg Normal training is indispensable to the
one about to enter the teaching profession. It is
equally beneficial to the experienced teacher, be-
cause it gives new ideas, renews enthusiasm, makes
teaching easier, and — last but not least — adds dol-
lars to your pay check.

Here is a paragraph from a letter from one of
last summer's graduates, which is typical of many
similar expressions we receive testifying to the in-
creased earnings botained from attending the Gregg
Summer Normal.

"I have taught commercial subjects for four years
and during that time I have had problems confront-
ing me that were never solved until I brought them
to your faculty. Your Summer Normal made my
services worth at least $30.00 a month more to any
school, and then your Teachers' Bureau secured me
a position which paid me exactly $30.00 a month
more than I received for my services last year."


There is a constantly increasing demand for teachers of Gregg Shorthand and cor-
related subjects — those who have had the advantage of our highly specialized Normal
training. Wonderful opportunities are ahead for all who have the foresight to secure
our Normal training this summer. The demand for shorthand teachers is greater than
ever. Our Normal graduates are assisted in securing desirable appointments. No
charge is made for this service.

The Normal Session begins July 5 and closes August 13. Attending the Gregg
Normal will give you both pleasure and profit. You can choose no better way to spend
your vacation. Send for catalogue and let us tell you more about it now.





Can You Analyze
Human Nature?

Do you know which of your students are
naturally slow thinkers?

Do you know what physical characteris-
tics indicate a slow mental reaction — can
you pick that type of student at sight? Do
you know what position he would be best
fitted to fill?

Have you ever made the mistake of accus-
ing a student of "playing horse" with you
when he didn't get your instruction as
quickly as you thought he should — when in
reality he got as much of it and as quickly
as his type of mind made possible?

If you can classify your students, liy sight,
into the detail type and the leadership type
— if you can determine the probable amount
of energy a student has — if you know what
the square head means - — if you know all
these things and the many other items of
importance indicated by his various physical
characteristics you can more easily and
more successfully teach him and more safe^ly
advise him — you will also find teaching a
more enjoyable work.

"The Science of Judging Men" will give
you this information. It will make it pos-
sible for you to read your students and
guide them along the lines of their greatest


When you have studied this book you will
also know more about yourself.

You will know better how to deal with
your co-workers and others with whom you
must come in contact daily.

This information alone will be worth to
you many times what it costs.

The book contains 140 pages and 35 cuts.
It gives psycho^physical analyses of various
prominent men- and also gives instruction
how to approach and handle them.

Send for an examination copy today.
Retail Price, $2.00






Our courses are designed to prepare
men and women for better positions,
and have been successful in doing so.

Courses given are as follows: Ac-
counting, Auditing, Business Law,
Cost Accounting, Special Post Gradu-
ate Course, preparing for C. P. A.
Examinations, and Bookkeeping, both
Elementary and Advanced.

Send for catalog. Personal service of R. J.
Bennett, C. P. .\.


402 Land Title Bide. Philadelphia, Pa.


Simmons College


Normal Courses in Commercial Subjects
July 6 to August i:i, 1920


Courses planned especially for teachers are given
during the .summer session in the following subjects:
Accounts, Advertising, Business Methods,
Busine.s.s Principles, Commercial Arith-
metic, Commercial English, Commercial
(jeography. Commercial Law, Etiiciency,
Junior High Schools, Penmanship, Sales-
manship, Shorthand i Pitman and Gregg),
Spanish, Typewriting.

Courses in Methods of Teaching various
commercial subjects and Demonstration
Courses in Shorthand, Typewriting, and
Accounts are also given.
A record of work done is issued to students who
complete courses, and credit towards a college
degree may be secured in certain courses by those
who are properly qualified.
College dormitories are open to women.

Tuition Fees from Sf.HO to $30.00

For circular giving full information write to



^ f^J^uJ/ned^(^<(/iu:a^7^ ^

B -A. I^ N" E3


Establish a reputation for your school by
turning out pupils who become really expert.

Remember that over ninety per cent of the
"way-up" reporters — congressional, profes-
sional, and official Court Reporters — write
Pitmanic Shorthand.

Barnes' Brief Course in Benn Pitman and
in Graham Shorthand saves time without
sacrificing thoroughness — in fact, makes
better writers than do the long-drawn-out

*'In my opinion, Brief Course is the best for producing
speedy and accurate shorthand writers." — Horace E. Robinson,
Federal Business College, Perth, Ont.

"I am thoroug'hiy convinced that your book is the best of
its kind on the market. I have been using your books for
thirteen years; first Shorthand for High Schools and larter
Brief Course in Pitman Shorthand, and the demand for our
graduates has always been greater than the supply, and they
have made good." — Myrtle E. Smith, High School, Mt. Holly,
N. J.


Sixteen Championships — Eastern Schools,
American, and International — won in six
years by operators who received their school
training from the Barnes Typeewriting In-
structor, attest the supremacy of the Barnes

Latest edition has many strong features.
Einger gymnastics, complete review in every
line, elimination of listless repetition, are a
few of them.

"My classes are progressing nicely and I am much pleased
with both the Typewriter Instrvictor and Brief Course in
Shorthand." — Harry B. Hanger, High School, Remington, Va.



"The emphasizing of mental aciiuii uy j^iviuy \

variety and number of words, constructed from the ^ _.^-

ters, thereby eHmina;ting the possibility of mechanical writing,
appeals especially to us — together with the finger gymnastics."
— Jewett Business School, Norwich, Conn.

Sample Pages Free to SUPERINTENDENTS and Shorthand TEACHERS



Paragon SKorthand

Amazingly Simple — the Entire System — the Complete "Mechanism" Consists ot

1. An alphabet of simple strokes.

2. About 2^ word-signs.

3. A half-dozen prefix contractions and one natural rule for abbreviating.


Each and every alphabetic character is but a single stroke,
with no appendages. There is but one sign for any sound or
letter. The Alphabet is so scientifically arranged that thosfe
sounds, or letters, which coalesce, or occur together often, have
signs which form easy and quick combinations ; hence there is
no need for duplicate or triplicate characters for any given
sound or letter. Vowels are connectible with the consonants.
A scientific and unique use of the circles and hooks is made for
representing the vowels and diphthongs. Use of shorthand
materials is intensely practical. For example, since, in rapid
writing a circle and a loop may look the same. Paragon does
not assign different meanings to a circle and a loop. Exceptions
to rules are almost entirely absent. Barely over two dozen word
signs, representing words of such frequent occurrence, so that
a Paragon phonographer writes from a third to a half the num-
ber of words in any usual dictation or speech, each word with
but a single stem — a single movement of the pencil.

NO SHADING whatever.

Instead of obtaining sufficient characters for an alphabet by
making symbols light and shaded, Paragon makes them short
and long.' There are no intermediate sizes. Hence, the distinc-
tion is great. This is another instance of the intensely {)ractical
construction of the svstem.


Paragon is being used by steno-
graphers in official Court Report-
ing, in various departments of the
U, S. Government, in offices of
the largest corporations in the land — in medical and scientific
work where the most difficult technical terms are used.


Since it became known that we are not averse to others teach-
ing Paragon shorthand, this system has been adopted by some
of the cities for public schools and also by some of the leading
business colleges in this and other countries.


During the evenings of one week any teacher can
learn Paragon well enough to be able to teach it.

Correspondence Solicited Circulars on Application



in ordinary longhand.

Paragon Shorthand Institute

335 Carondelet St., New Orleans, La.

^ ^^J^u^i/n^d4/£^i^iua^^ ^

Bliss Bookkeeping

Banking and Higher Accounting

Make your Commercial Department lOOS efficient
by using a

Modern Office Practice System

Can also be used without offices. Complete catalog: of all Com-
mercial texts sent upon request.




By Ion E. Dw) er

' I 'his book teaches how to write letters that are
■^ original, correct, up-to-date, and attractive — ihe kind
that bring business and hold it, — how to develop the
"business spirit" and the "business tone," — how to be-
come a good office assistant. In the practice work there
are exercises enough for a two-year course, the variety of
the exercises, both in topic and situation, making each
well worth the time that may be spent upon it. _,^/. lV
Postpai '


By Oscar C. Gallagher and Leonard B. Moullon

A TEXT in English as it is actually used in the busi-
ness world, — one that emphasizes the psychological
side of business correspondence. All the exericses have
been drawn from business life and represent the methods
of highly successful houses Advertising, Oral Salesman-
ship, Sales Letters, etc., are fully covered. Witli his
training in English, therefore, the pupil will derive an in-
valuable knowledge of business useage. $1.00 Postpaid.




The Art of Business College Soliciting

By Wm. G. Haupt is a pocket-size, eighty-nine
page, cloth-bound volume which, in unusually
clear and terse terms, instructs the reader how to
become a successful business college solicitor.
The author has devoted more than twenty years
to commercial school soliciting and presents in
this volume the result of his successful exper-

In one chapter he states that there is no more
honorable calling. He is ready to cite many
cases where he has induced young persons to
qualify in commercial subjects to their great bet-
terment financially and socially.
The author believes that the business college
teacher who knows thoroughly the work of the
school and the value of a commercial education,
and of what it consists, is especially qualified to
solicit eflfectively.

It matters not whether you are a proprietor,
teacher or solicitor, you will find this book full
of sane and stimulating suggestions. Slip the
book into your pocket, read a chapter when you
find the time, and before you have finished you
will enthusiastically thank us for bringing it to
your attention. Price, postpaid, $2.00.

Scienific Business College Soliciting

By Martin D. Zimmerman is a book of one hun-
dred and thirty-eight pages, well-printed, bound
in cloth, the purpose of which is to make the
soliciting of students for private business schools
more profitable and successful.
*Jne chapter entitled "Seventy-five Things to be
Thought of in Preparing a Selling Talk" is alone
worth more than the price of the book to any
one soliciting for or writing advertising matter
for a business school.

Truth is Power. Today, salesmen are picked
with the utmost care. Every point is taken into
consideration. So, too, Business College presi-
dents are demanding alert, well-appearing, pro-
gressive solicitors. Solicitors with truthful, in-
teresting stories to tell, and who know how to
tell them. Such men, and a still larger class hop-
ing to become such, are finding many helpful sug-
gestions in the above book.

The book is the result of considerable experience,
both as a teacher and solicitor, combined with a
thorough and comprehensive study of Business
Psychology and Salesmanship.
This may be your last opportunity to secure a
copy of the book, as the supply is limited. Price,
postpaid, $2.00.

If you order both at one time, the two books will be sent postpaid for but S3. 00.

These two books will teach you how to apply the most advanced ideas of modern salesmanship to commercial colleKC solicitinu.
Commercial teachers who wish to devote part time to healthful outdoor soliciting:, either during the summer months or durine the
tire year, will find these books of jrreat value.

THE BUSINESS COLLEGE PUBLISHING CO., 118 North High Street, Columbus, Ohio

^ .^^3Bu4^i^^^ti^iMf^ ^




Sacrejttento Secretarial School
First Place


California Commercial School
Los Angeles
Second Place


Mil tisoti School for Private Secre-
taries. San Francisco
Third Place

Typewriting Wins

School Championship

Out of a field of seventy-eight competitors, RATION-
AL TYPEWRITING students walked off with all the
honors at the recent California State School Typewriting
Contest at the San Francisco Business Show, capturing the
first ten places.

Miss Stella P. Boyden, of the Sacramento Secretarial
School, won the championship with a speed of fifty-seven
net words a minute, with only five errors. None of the
students had had more than six months' training.

Rational Wins Chicago Circle

Rational typewriting students won this championship also.
Miss Ruth Lewis, of GREGG school (Chicago) won the cham-
pionship with a speed of sixty-one net words a minute and Miss
Mildred Campbell — also from the same school — was a close second,
with a speed of fifty-nine net words a minute. Ten of the twelve
highest scores in this contest were made by RATIONAL type-
writing students.

RATIONAL TYPEWRITING wins because it makes the
acquirement of skill in typewriting easy and fascinating; because it
possesses every feature necessary to the development of a rapid
and accurate operator; because it follows the established peda-
gogical axiom that all teaching should proceed from the simple
to the complex.

Rational Typewriting, by Rupert P. SoRelle, is furnished in
three editions, meeting all school conditions.

Revised Edition. A comprehensive course designed for high
schools and private business schools where an extended course is
desired. For standard single keyboard machines. Cloth binding;
186 pages, $1.00..

Medal of Honor Edition. .A short, intensive course adapted
for highly specialized business schools. For standard single key-
board machines. Cloth binding; 96 pages, $0.85.

Single Keyboard Edition. A short course adapted for both
public and private schools. For standard keyboard machines.
Cloth binding; 104 pages, $1.00.

Methods of Teaching Typewriting, by Rupert P. SoRelle. Out-
lines the most effective methods of teaching. Contains solutions
to constructive problems in Rational Typewriting, and various
outlines for courses. Cloth bound; 144 pages, $1.50 net.





^ f^M^^Uii//i^^^ie<^!fua^9^ ^

Another Triumph




Mr. Nathan §ehrin creates a new world's
record of court testimony — writing 324 words
gross, and 322 words net, a minute, and was
the only writer to quality at this rate.

At the Forty-Fourth Annual Convention of the
Xew York State Shorthand Reporters' Associa-
tion held on December 30, 1919, at the New York
Press Club, Mr. Nathan Behrin created a new
World's Record in shorthand, by writing 324
words gross and 322 words net, a minute. The
contest, which was held under the auspices of the
Certified Shorthand Reporters' Society, had been
given wide publicity and was open to all. There
were six contestants and the selections read were
from the actual printed record of a trial in the
City Court of New York, being the case of Morris
A. Engel v. Black and White Cab Company, tried
on Jan. 39, 1919, before Justice James A. Allen
and a jury. In the qualifying two-minute test
read at the rate of 280 words per minute, Mr.
Behrin made one error. The final reading was
intended to be at the rate of 300 words a minute,
but the selected matter of exactly 600 words was
read in one minute and fifty-one seconds, which
makes a gross rate of 334.3 words a minute. In
this contest Mr. Behrin made but three errors.

It is worthy of note that the record for solid
non-court matter tests in this country is held by
Mr. Behrin at 220 words per minute. All records
above that speed have been made on court matter.

."Xn analysis of his errors in this test shows that
his writing has still further speed possibilities.

The result of this contest furnishes further proof
that the highest speed and accuracy is inalienable
from the Isaac Pitman Shorthand.


2 West Forty-Fifth Street, New York

Publishers of "Course in Isaac Pitman Sliorthand," $1.6n;
"Practical Course in Touch Typcwritni^-," "Oc ; "Style n..,,k
of Uusiness English," $1.10.

The Last Word in
Office Practice

How to Become An
Office Stenographer


Within the past two or three years a number of
office practice books for stenographers have been
published. While these have been admirable in
many ways, none have seemed to fully meet the
requirements of a young man or woman at the end
of a course in High School or Business College
desiring to secure the kind of practice which would
be equivalent, in the opinion of a business man, to
actual experience. Having in mind the defects of
these books and the need of something thoroughly
practical and up-to-date, Messrs. Isaac Pitman &
Sons requested the well-known teacher and re-
porter, Mr. W. L. Mason, for many years con-
nected with the New York public and high schools,
and now a member of the Faculty of the Polytech-
nic High School, Santa Monica, California, to
prepare such a work as a companion volume to
How to Become a Law Stenographer in our "Just
How" Series of useful handbooks. This book,
which is the result of years of study and teaching
on the part of the author, is now ready. It will
bear the closest scrutiny, and can be used as a
handbook and desk companion, not only by the
novice, but by the experienced stenographer, for it
is filled from cover to cover with helpful hints,
directions, and suggestions for attaining increased

Cloth, 192 Pages, $1.50

Supplementary Exercises, 7Sc

Teachers' Examination Copy, postpaid,
90c and 45c, respectively


2 West Forty-Fifth Street, New York






Entered at Columbus, O., PoBt Office as 2nd Class Matter

Arthur G. Skeeles - - - - Editor

E. W. Bloser - - - Business Manager

Published monthly (except July and August)


118 N. High St., Columbus, O.


Students' Penmanship Edition 75c a year

Teachers* Professional Edition. . .$1.00 a year

(To Canada, 10c more; foreign, 20c more,
to pay extra postage.)

The Professional Edition contains 8 pages
more than the Students' Edition, these being
devoted to articles of special interest to Com-
mercial and Penmanship Teachers. All the
specimens of penmanship, and all the adver-
tising are in both editions.

Change of address should be requested
promptly in advance, if possible, giving the
old as well as the new address.

Advertising rates furnished upon request.
The Business Educator is the best medium
through which to reach all who are interested

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