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On page 34 of nur Sept. numbfr C. L. Conk was, by inistaki', Kiven credit fnr prfpariiiK that beautiful page which
we later learned was prepared bv Frank Yanagi, a Japanese e-.iErnsser in Harris Studin, Chicagn. , . ,_ - - „

\V. A. Baird, the well-known engrosser of Brooklyn, states th?.t Mr. Yanagi s page (reprinted above) is the hnest full
pa^e specimen nf Old English ever published in the Business Educator.

Mr. Yanagi is " '
writer in Chicago. , ,, , , , , - j • i.'

We recently met Mr. Cook, the modest, skillful engrosser, for the first time. ^ ou should become acquainted with
these expert engrossers.

rian and has developed into a very fine engrosser. He is probably the best copperplate script

^ ^'MJr^gi4/^t^ii4^^(^lu:^iai^ %



In 1923 Mr. and Mrs. Lewis came to
the Zanerian to specialize in penman-
ship. If we remember correctly, it was
both a pleasure and a business trip,
both preparing as Teachers of Penman-
ship while enjoying their honeymoon.

Mr. Manley M. Lewis, who is now
Director of the Commercial Depart-
ment in tlie Bellefontaine (Ohio) High
School, graduated from Bliss Business
College, Columbus, Ohio, and attended
the Ohio State University. Mr. Lewis
was formerly Head of the Commercial
Department and Supervisor of Penman-
ship in the Harbor Special Schools,
Ashtabula, Oliio, and for the past two

Mrs. M. M. Lewis

years was an instructor in the Leisen-
ring High School, Connellsville, Pa.
Mr. Lewis' slogan is "Better writing
makes better Bookkeeping." Each day
he sets aside a specified time for pen-
manship drills.

Mr. Lewis is a young man of pleas-
ing personality, and is "wrapped up"
in the teaching of penmanship and
commercial subjects.

Mrs. Lewis, as the above shows, is a
very attractive young woman. She was
the life of the social features during
the 1923 Summer School. Mrs. Lewis
is even more skillful in penmanship
than Mr. Lewis.

■7 - ,-9^



^f-'i-^-^-il.'' ..'T'^'-C'-l. -

' :?-jt^- ' ^-f-t^i^-^-^.^1.

z^- .^.u - ^-


■/LA^'-/.y- _^i!^-i:^^ - ^, -j^-L^^-l,^.^

Mr. L. S. Snrhn, whn at cut- timp attPndfd thf Zanerian College of Penman-
ship, and whn is nnw teaching in the Troy, N. Y. Business College, wrote the above.


The Southern Commercial Teachers'
Association will be held in Chatta-
nooga, November 29-30, 1929.

Owing to the fact that there was
no meetmg last year the Secretary
wishes to bring the mailing list of
teachers in the South up to date and
asks that each school principal of both
public and private schools in the
sotjthern states send list of teachers
and ofticers of their schools to her
this information will enable your
Secretary to keep you advised at all
times Address your communication
to Margaret B. Miller, Secretary
Southern Commercial Teachers' Asso-
ciation, Wheeler Business College
Birmingham. Ala.

A catalog addressed in an attractive
ornamental hand has been received
from the Chicago College of Com-
merce, 735 Englewood Ave.. Chicago
111. Mr. B. F. Bellis, President, L. D.'
Lucas, Vice President and John S.
Griffith, Penmanship teacher. The
catalog is a clever piece of advertis-
ing and is typical of the high class
work being done by that school.

The Master Builder is the title of a
ninety-six page catalog, beautifully
illustrated, from the Armstrong College
of Business Administration, Berkeley,
Calif., J. Evan Armstrong. President!

Mr. Armstrong is conducting a high
class school. Among his students are
graduates of many colleges and uni-
versities throughout the United States.
There are about seventeen trained ex-
perts on the faculty.

A beautifully illustrated and well
printed catalog has been received
from the Minneapolis, Minn., Business

College. This well known school de-
.velops very high grade students. Mr.
J. A. Buell looks after the penman-
ship work of that institution.

K splendid catalog has been re-
ceived from Draughon's Practical Busi-
ness College, Shreveport, La., George
K. Meadows, President.

The catalog is full of photographs
of instructors, lecturers, students and
schoolrooms. We congratulate the
school on the good work being done.

R. T. Murahmi formerly of 1191,
Honolulu, T. H., is now in Los Angeles,

Mr. Murahmi is quite a skillful pen-
man and an Engraver by trade.

Pen and knife work by F. A. Krupn, Interstate

College, Fargo, N. D.

Again in the Rank to Serve You !

Some say; "Your cards are the
tinest": "they are simply wonderful."^
12 for 50c, or sample for one 5c postage

P. O. Box 909 San Juan, Porto Rico.


Prices subject to change without notice. Cash should accompany all orders.

All goods go postpaid except those listed to go by express, you pay express
charges. Of course, when cheaper, goods listed to go by express will be sent by
parcel post, if you pay charges.


Zanerian Fine Wriler Pen No. 1.

1 gr -$1.75 14 gr $ .50 1 doz $ .20

Zanerian Ideal Pen No. 2, Zanerian Medial Pen
No. 3, Zanerian Standard Pen No. 4, Zanerian
Falcon Pen No. 5, Zanerian Business Pen No.

1 gr ....$1.25 14 gr .$ .40 1 doz $ .15

Special prices in quantities. We also handle
Gillott's Hunt's Spencerian and Esterbrook's
pens. Write for prices.

Broad Pointed Lettering Pens.

1 Complete set (12 pens) $0.35

% doz. single pointed pens 15

J4 doz. double pointed pens 30

1 doz. single pointed, any No 25

1 doz. double pointed, any No 60

Pen Holders

Zanerian Fine Art Oblique Holder, Rosewood:

llj^ inches $1.25 8 inches $1.00

Zanerian Fine Art Straight Holder, 8 inches. ...$1.00

Zanerian Oblique Holder, Rosewood:

11^ inches $ .75 8 inches $ .65

Zanerian Expert Oblique Holder, 7^ inches:

1 only .$0.20 1 doz $1.25 ^ gr $ 6.50

14 doz 75 li gr 3.50 1 gr 12.00

Excelsior Oblique Holder, 6 inches:

1 only $ .15 1 doz $1.20 Vz gr $ 5.50

K doz 70 14 gr 3.00 1 gr 10.00

Zaner Method Straight Holder, T^ inches:

1 only $ .15 1 doz $ .60 'A gr $2.65

V2 doz 40 14 gr 1.50 1 gr 4.80

1 Triangular Straight Holder, 7% inches $0.25

1 Correct Holder, hard rubber, 6J4 inches 25

1 Hard Rubber Inkstand 70

1 Good Grip Penpuller IS

1 Inkholder for Lettering 10


White, and six different colors:

100 postpaid, 30c ; 500 express (shipping weight 2
lbs.), $1.00; 1000 express (shipping weight 4 lbs.),

Flourished Design Cards:
With space for name. Two different sets of 12
each. Every one different.
1 set, 12 cards $ .15 6 sets, 72 cards $ .40

Joker or Comic Cards

1 set, 12 cards $ .15 6 sets, 72 cards $ .40


Zanerian 5-lb. Paper (wide and narrow rule):

1 pkg. of 240 sheets by express $1.50

Zanerian 6-lb. Paper (narrow rule):

1 pkg. of 240 sheets by express $2.00

Zanerian Azure (Blue) Paper:

1 pkg. of 240 sheets by express $2.CD

Zaner Method No. 9 Paper (%-in, rule, 8x10%)

1 pkg. of 500 sheets, not prepaid $ .85

100 sheets by mail postpaid 50


Zanerian India Ink:

1 bottle $ .40 1 doz. bottles express $4.00

1 bottle Zanerian Gold Ink 25

1 bottle Zanerian White Ink 30

Arnold's Japan Ink:

1 bottle, 4 oz. postpaid $ .50

1 pint by express 75

1 quart by express 1.15

Zanerian Ink Powder:

1 quart package $ .30

6 packages or more, per pkg., net 22J4

Zanerian Ink Tablets (both red and black)

1 quart bo.x, 52 tablets $ .30

6 bo-xes or more, per box 25

Fine White Cardboard

White Wedding Bristol: Size 22^x2854:

6 sheets, postpaid $ .90

12 sheets, postpaid 1.65

2 sheets by mail, postpaid 50

Large Sheets of Paper

Ledger, 16x21-28^2 lb. stock (smooth surface):

6 sheets by mail, postpaid $ .65

12 sheets by mail, postpaid 1.10

Genuine Parchment — Sheepskin, 16x21 inches:

1 sheet, postpaid $ 2,50

6 sheets, postpaid 12.00

Artificial Parchment — 16x21 inches:

6 sheets, postpaid $1.50

12 sheets, postpaid 2.40

Write for complete Penmanship Supply Catalog

THE ZANER- BLOSER CO., Penmanship Specialists

Columbus, Ohio

Volume XXXV


Xo. Ill

Commercial lulucation. I'enmanshin ami Engrossing

]j\" one of America's finest living- penmen,
Henrv P. Behrensmever


Columbus, r)hio

Published monthly except July and August at 612 N. Park St., Columbus, O., by The Zaner-Bloser Company. Entered as
second-class matter Sept. 5, 1923, at the post office at Columbus, O., under Act of March 3, 1879. Subscription $1.25 a year.

^ f^J^ud//i^^^ii^iu:a^r'

Books Published by Zaner and Bloser

Freeman's Correlnted HandwritiiiB Hooks.

Compendiums, Practice Books, and Teachers' Manuals, a
special Junior High School Manual and a Complete
Teachers' Manual. Correlated Handwriting Books reprr-
sent twenty years of scientific investigation and a genera-
tion of practical experience in teaching handwriting.
The copies are selected from the other school subjects,
such as spelling, language, etc., which make them very
inteiesting to teachers and pupils alike. The books are
properly graded and the emphasis is upon actual writing,
although sufficient formal drill is introduced to give the
child the training in drill which he needs.
They have licen adopted in seven states, and in hundreds
of cities and towns. Correlated Handwriting Books mark
a new epoch in the teaching of handwriting.
A complete set of Freeman's Correlated Compendiums,
Teachers' Manuals and Junior High School Manual will
be sent, postpaid, for $1.75.

Correlated HandwritiiiB Complete Teaehers' Manual
This Complete Teachers' Manual is a compilation oi
Teachers' Manuals 1 to 6 and the Junior High School
Manual and contains 248 pages. This Manual is especially
well adapted for rural school teachers, normal school
students, supervisors, and all teachers who have more
than one grade in a room. This Complete Teachers'
Manual should be in the library of every student of Pen-
manship. Single copy, postpaid, 70c.

Correlated Handwriting Junior High Sehool


This Manual is intended for use of both teachers and
pupils, since it contains suggestions and directions, as
well as copies. It begins with a test to all pupils, to
determine which pupils need practice. A diagnostic test
is then given in order that each pupil may analyize his
writing difficulties and see what his special needs are.
The remainder of the book is given up to various kinds
of application.

This Junior High School Manual is very helpful to adults
who wish to improve their handwriting with the least
time and effort. The price of this Manual is 25c, postpaid

Zauer Method Writing Bonk.s

For each of the grades in the public schools, for high
schools, colleges, etc. This system is the result of years
of labor, study, observation and experiment, and repre-
sents the supreme effort of Mr. Zaner and Mr. Bloser.
They are issued in the form of Practice Books and Com-
pendiums for the pupils and Manuals for the teachers.
They are used in inany cities and ^lates— and they are
getting worth-while results. Write for information and

Manual 144. «xS. 1X2 |iages. Manual 06, 4y2x8V4. 98

Undoubtedly the=e are the most valuable, up-to-the-
minute guide for teachers and students published. The
copies were written freely, and are full of life, grace and
Ijeauty. The instructions with each copy are clear and
to the p.iint. and interesting. These books are being
used by a large number of high schools, business colleges,
normals, etc , with excellent results. Paper cover, 2Sc
each, postpaid. Special prices in quantities.

Biai'klionrd .Haiiual

5x7, J2 pages, gives instructions how to write on the
blackboard. The illustrations of position, chalk holding,
etc., aid the teacher wonderfully in improving her black-
board work. Blackboard writing is easy to learn if y^u
know how to stand, turn the chalk, etc., all of which is
explained fully in this book. Board work will help to
improve your pen and ink work. Price. 2Sc postpaid.

Plain Useful Lettering

SVjxS, 32 pages, contains plain, simple and practical al-
phabets, for teachers and students interested in easy,
profitable lettering. Especially suited for class use.
Price, 25c, postpaid.

Short Cut to Plain Writing

4>^x8, 32 pages, contains a wealth of material for those
who wish to improve their writing in the least possible
time without following an extended course of practice.
It shows how to improve those things which make for
legibility and better writing. Business and professional
men find this book especially valuable. Every up-to-date
teac'ner of writing should have a copy. Price 25c, post-

le Znnerinn Manual of Alphabets and IDiigrosslug

A work on modern engrossing, 8^^x71^, 13ft pages, con-
taining complete courses in Roundhand. Broad-pen, Pen-
ciled and Freehand Lettering, and Wash and Pen Draw-
ing. Presents a large number of beautiful full-page
Resolutions, Diplomas, Certificates, Title Pages and
examples of pen and brush work from the masters. It
probably contains more information, ideas and inspiration
than any hook ever published on the subject. Price
$2.50, postpaid.

Lessons in Ornamental Penn


5x8'/S, 92 pages, takes the lear
simplest to the most comple

ner step by step from the
X. It covers thoroughly

principles, exeicises, words,
capitals, combinations, card w
on ornamental penmanship ha
or so thoroughly planned for
$1.00, postpaid.

sentences, verses, pages,

iting, etc. No other book

been so carefully graded

the home learner. Price

The Road to Sketehing front Nature

6x9, 82 pages. For those who desire to learn to sketch
direct from nature. Instructions are plain and interesting,
while the illustrations, which were made direct from
nature are full of life and interesting. With this book
you can learn to sketch and enjoy nature. Price $1.00,

Progress of Penmanship

A large design 22x28 inches, presenting the history of
penmanship. It shows the various styles used at different
period all harmoniously and skillfully blended and woven
together with two beautiful female figures, lettering,
flourishing and pen work as a border which binds the
design together in a most pleasing way. It is truly a
wonderful piece. Securely mailed in tube for 50c.


Mr. Zaner's famous eagle design, 22x28 inches, and is
considered his masterpiece in flourishing. Well worthy
of a place on your wall. Teachers use it as a prize in
their penmanship classes very effectively. It inspires and
arouses interest in pen work. Securely mailed in tube,
Fa.«icinatlng Pen Flourishing

A complete Course and Collection of Masterpieces. Starts
at the beginning, showing how to make the simplest
strokes and exercises and finishes with a great variety.
The work represents the highest skill of the following
penmen: Zaner, Brown, Canan, Lehman, Dennis,
Ulaiichard, Flickinger, Kelchner, Click, Darner. Madarasz,
Collins, Behrensmeyer, Moore, Faretra, Spencer, Lupfer,
Cnurtncy, Schofield, Gaskell, Skillman, Dakin, Wesco.
Size SHxll in., 80 pages. Price $1.00.

Freeman's Correlated Handwriting Scales

Freeman's Correlated Handwriting Scales for grades 3, 4,
5 and 6 show the standard for each grade, as well as a
standard a little above and a standard a little below the
average. These Handwriting Scales answer the oft
repeated question, "How well should a pupil write in
Grade 3 ? ; in Grade 4?, etc." A set of Freeman's Hand-
writing Scales for grades 3, 4, 5, and 6 will be sent,
postpaid, for SOc.
Zaner Method Handwriting Seales

These Scales are issued in three forms, as follows;

Scale 1, for grades 1 and 2.

Scale 3, for grades 3 and 4.

Scale 5. for grammar grades and high school.
These Handwriting Scales were first published in 1915 and
are being used quite extensively. The Zaner Handwriting
Scales and Standads contain actual handwriting speci-
mens from the various grades, as well as suggestions re-
garding position, form, movement and speed. A set of
these Scales will be sent, postpaid, for SOc.
Desk Scales

Five Scales for grades 2 to 8, printed on heavy cardboard.
These Scales are size 6"x8" and contain model specimens
of handwriting, as well as samples of typical handwriting
for each grade. They also contain suggestions regarding
the use of the Scales in each particular grade. The size
of these Scales makes them very convenient for use on
the pupils' desks, and it is intended that each pupil be
supplied with an individual Scale for his grade. A set
of these Scales will be sent, postpaid, for 45c.

The Zaner- Bloser Company

Columbus, Ohio

f^^^u^'n^di'^^i^iu^^^ ^



couldn't be neat!

WHY were Johnny's exercises always so messy? He
was personally tidy, but his writing exercises were
dreadful. Finally, the teacher tested Johnny's pen — and
tne whole problem was solved! Nobody could have
written clearly with that point!

Pens that you can't depend on for uniformly good
points often work injustice. It's worth while to be sure.
Make sure your pupils use Esterbrooks — every pen in
every box is individually inspected and passed. Every
pupil gets a fair chance with an Esterbrook.

Please try these smooth responsive pens, at our ex-
pense. Send name, position, school system, and your
address to Dept. B.E.-P.for FREE samples.



— A Good Profession

There is no crowding in this field.
The work is interesting, pays well,
and offers great opportunity for pro-
fessional advancement.

Our reporting department is in
charge of experienced and expert
teachers. All who have completed this
course have secured reporting posi-

Beginning and advanced students re-
ceived every Monday — progress being
individual. Day and evening sessions
open all year.

Write today for sixty-
four page Book of Facts


225 North Wabash Avenue
Chicaigo, Illinois





Correspondence Instruction,

Secretarial Students and

Night School

A Definite Assignment for Every Day
With a "Job Sheet" for Every Lesson



Exclusive Territory for Extension
Course Privilege X"ow Being Granted



*^^f^Uii^t^d^^^i^iuai^ ^

A good style of business writing for Students to imitate

*^^f3Bu^/n^ii^^(i&u:a^iPr ^

The Best Shorthand Teaching

provides the MOST drill in

READING continuous^ thought-containing discourse, and WRITING such
thought-containing matter from dictation.

The new GREGG SHORTHAND MANUAL carries the student easily and swiftly
through the few simple principles required for all shorthand writing, emphasizing the first
3000 words of highest frequency (Horn Study) and concentrating upon the reading and
dictation of sentence and paragraph material.

The new PROGRESSI\'E EXERCISES furnishes test and supplementary dictation
material, emphasizing the fourth and fifth thousand words of highest frequency.

The new GREGG SPEED STUDIES, with its supplementary drills and graded dictation
covers the entire 5000 most frequent words.

These Three Basic Gregg Shorthand Texts

eliminate waste in teaching because they stress the most useful READING and WRITING
SKILLS from the outset.

Send to our nearest ofBce for examination copies.

Tln^ Gregg Puhlishing Company


f^J^n^'n^U^^^a^iua^^ ^


The main idea of the obUque penholder is to assist in mak-
ing smooth shades. When using a straight holder it is nec-
essary to turn the hand to the left to some extent in order
that smooth shades may be made if desired. When using
the oblique holder the hand can remain in the usual and
more natural position since the pen is held by the holder
at the proper angle at which smooth shades can best be
made. Of course, it is all right to use the oblique holder
in executing unshaded writing, since very smooth lines can
be secured, but it is indispensible when executing shaded

There are numerous oblique penholders on the market today,
some of which are made by persons who, not being penmen
themselves, do not understand the requirements of correct
adjustment. It requires more than a wood-turner to pro-
duce a good oblique holder. If the adjustment is not correct
in an oblique holder, it is practically worthless as an instru-
ment for fine writing, no matter how fine the holder may be
otherwise. Many students who enter the Zanerian College
(the school of penmanship conducted by The Zaner-Bloser
Co.) bring with them ablique holders which are miserably
adjusted, and with which they have been laboring at a great
disadvantage, not knowing where the trouble lies. It is no
wonder that some persons should become discouraged with
such instruments.

In purchasing oblique penholders it is undoubtedly safest to
secure them from persons who know how to use them most
successfully, and therefore know what the proper adjustment
is. Of course, inferior holders can be sold for less money
than perfect ones, since practically no time is spent in se-
curing the proper adjustment. On each of our holders
considerable time is spent on the adjustment by one who
thoroughly understands what is best in this particular. Not
only this, but we are confident that a careful comparison of
our holders with others will reveal the fact that Zanerian
holders are also the most perfect in workmanship. We
originated and popularized the long oblique holder, and, as
was to be expected, it is being imitated.

Our oblique holders are all adjusted for ornamental pen-
manship, and intended to fit the Zanerian Fine Writer or
Gillott's Principality No. 1 pen, these two being the same
size. If a smaller pen is to be used, such as the Zanerian
Ideal, Gillott's 604, or a Spencerian No. 1, anyone can easily
contract the pen slot by pressing against it so that it will
fit these pens. If one of the long holders should draw
slighly crooked, as sometimes happens when wood is turned
so long and slender, it can be easily straightened by holding
it over a lighted lamp until the wood becomes heated, when,
if care is taken, it can be strightened without danger of



KIAX I'IXE ART HOLDER is a fancy, hand made, rosewood oblique holder, inlaid with ivory and a beautiful yellow hard
J very pleasing contrast. It is perfectly adjusted, IV/i inches long, and is the most attractive oblique penholder manufac-
tured Present it to a good penman and he will be delighted. Present it tn a pnor and it« beauty will compel him to tiick it up, practice
and improve his writing. The most indifferent pupil will delight in improving his penmanship when he has this holder. Price $1.25. bent m
an appropriate wooden box for 15 cents extra. It makes a handsome present for Christmas or any other time. We also furnish the Zanerian Fine
Art Holder but 8 inches in length, although otherwise the same in every particular as the longer holder. Price of the 8-inch holder is $1.00, sent
in a woden box for 15 cents extra.


THE ZANERIAN PLAIN OBLIQUE HOLDER is a sensible, beautiful and perfect holder. It is made of rosewood, is U'A inches
long, hand-made, and is correctly adjusted. He who uses the holder can depend upon it as being a perfect instrument. It is a delight
to write with one of these holders; in fact it is a great encourager of good penmanship. It has been observed that many persons who seemingly
care nothing for good writing soon feel a desire to practice when one of these instruments comes into their possession. The Zanerian Oblique
Penholder is the same in size, length, etc., as the Zanerian Fine Art Holder, hut not =o fancy. Price 75 cents. Sent in a wooden box lor 15 cents
extra. We can also furnish the Zanerian Plain Oblique Holder but 8 inches in length, although otherwise the same in every particular as the
longer holder. Price of the 8-inch is 65 cents. Sent in a wooden box for 15 cents extra.


holder we brought out some years ago. It is a very popular holder. It is neither high in price nor cheap in quality. Very
carefully made and adjusted, 714 inches long. We can furnish this holder in either black or natural wood finish. One holder, 20
•- " s; three, 5U cents; six, 75 cents; one dozen, $1.25; two dozen, $2.50; one-fourth gross, $3.50; one-half gross, 6.50; one gross,

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