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Hon. Btbpobn J. Fibld, Associate Justice United States

Supreme Court.
Hon. JoHH M. Hablan, Associate Justice United States

Supreme Court.
Hon. ALBBKT H. Hobton. Chief Justice of Kansas.
Hon. Jamkb O. PiSBOBt Minneapolis, Minn.
Hon. U. M. ROSE, LitUe Bock, Ark.
Hon. 8. D. Thompson, St. Louis Court of Appeals.
Hon. Samuel Maxwell, Chief Justice of Nebraska.
Hon. John H. Stbwabt, State Reporter of New Jersey.
Hon. Matthew P. Deadt, United States District Judge,

Hon.BLi S. Hammomd, United States District Judge,

JOHH D. LAW80N, Avondale, N. J.
Hbmbt Wade Rooers, Professor of Law in Ann Harbor

Law School.
James Babb Ames, Professor of Law in Harvard Law

Albebt B. Guilbebt, Rochester, N. T.
W. H. Bailet, Charlotte, N. C.
A. J. YnrjE, Madison, Wis.
Dayid Stswabt, Baltimore, Md.
W. F. Slliott, uidianapolls, Ind.
Adblbekt Hamii/ton, Chicago, 111.
Solon D. Wilson, Chicago, 111.
L. HOOHHEIMBB, Baltimore, Md.
James MoOall, Avoca, N. T.

Jambs M. Kebb, Rochester, N. Y.
D. M. Mickey, Chicago, 111.
Nathan Newmabk, San Francisco, Cal
Chas a. Robbins, Lincoln. Neb.
Albebt D. Mabks, Nashville. Tenn.
William Wbbsteb, Boston, Mass.
Stbwabt Rapalje, Leonia, N. J.
£. B. Donnelly, Bloomlngton, Ul.
£. G. Taylob, Kansas City, Mo.
David Plbssnbb, St. Louis, Mo.
Fbank p. Blaib, Kansas City, Mo.
Hbnby Z. Johnson, Boise City, Idaho.






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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1889, by
In the Offloe of the Librarian of Congress at Washington.


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The abbreviation R. D. indfcates cases commented on in our Notes of Recent Decisions; ann. case
—annotated case; C. E.— Current Events.

Allen V. Pioneer Press Co. (Minn.) Constitutional Law
—Libel— Statate, B. D. 866.

Amerioan Bell Te). Co. v. Coshman Tel. Co. (U. 8. C. 0.)
Patent— Use— Infringement, B. D. 32.

Amy V. City of Watertown (U. S. 8. C.) Municipal Cor-
poration— Service of Process— Officer, B. D. 514,

Anderson v. Bennett (Oreg.) Master and Servant— Fel-
low-servant, B. D. 56.
nderson v. City of Wellington (Kan.) Ordinance-
Parades— Salvation Army, B. D. 54.

Arrowsmlth v. Gleason (U. 8. 8. 0.) Federal Jurisdlo-
tion— Equity— State Court, B. D. 306.

Baker V. Stewart (Kan.) Deed— Husband and Wife, B.


Barker v. Hannibal A St. J. By. Co. (Mo.) Negligence—
Ballroad Company- Tresspasser, B. D. 466.

Bates V. Taylor (Tenn.) Injunction— Governor— Certifi-
cate of Election, B. D. 467.

Binkley v. Forkner (Ind.) Fixtures— Mortgage— Ma-
chinery, B. D. 814.

Blocker v. State (Tex. ) Criminal Law— Murder— Second
Degree, B. D. 278.

Bowie V. Hall ( Md. ) Negotiable Instrument— Attorney's
Fees, B. D. 80.

Bowman v. PhiUips (Kan.) Contract— Illegality— At-
torney and Client, ann. case, 482.

Bradstreet v. .Gill (Texas.) Mercantile Agency- Be-
ports— Publication, B. D. 66.

Brakefleld v. Anderson (Tenn.) Specific Performance
—Oral Contract— Sale of Land, B. D. 257.

BrasU Block Ck>al Co. v. Young (Ind.) Negligence-
Degree of Care, B. D. 8M.

Brodeur v. Valley Falls Co. (B. I.) Master and Servant
-Fellow* servant, B. D. 876.

Brown V. State (Texas.) Criminal Law— Bape- Force,
B. D. 516.

Byam v. Collins (N. T.) Libel— PrlvUeged Communi-
cation, B. D. 100.

Callaghan v. Myers (U. 8. 8. C.) Copyright— State Be-
porter— Head-notes, ann. case, 115.

Carr v. Han|Uton (U. 8. 8. C.) Corporation— Insolvency
-Set-off, B. D. 354.

ChapUn v. Commissioners (111.) Jurisdiction- Highway
—Freehold, B. D. 30.

Chlsm V. Schipper (N. J.) Arbitration and Award-
Fraud, B. D. 160.

Cbope V. City of Eureka (CaL) Municipal Corporation-
Defective Streets, ann. case, 582.

Cigar Makers' Protective Union v. Couhain (Minn.)
Trade-mark-Device— Validity, B. D. 897.

City of Anderson v. East (Ind.) Municipal Corporation
—Negligence, ann. case, 862.

City of Shreveport v. Cole (U. 8. 8. C.) Constitutional
Law— Taxation, B. D. 156.

City of St. Louis V. Bell Telephone Co. (Mo.) Municipal
Corporations- Telephone Charges, ann. case, 89.

Cleveland BoUlng MUl Co. v. Corrigan (Ohio.) Negli-
gence— Children-Degree of Care, B. D. 806.

Collins V. Hill (Iowa.) Intoxicating Liquors— Interstate
Commerce, B. D. 854.

Comer v. State (Tex.) Gaming— Tavern, B. D. 188.

Commonwealth v. Plalsted (Mass.) Ordinance— Parade
—Salvation AiTny, B. D. 138.

Carrier— Sick





Connelly v. Crescent City By. Co. (La.)
Passenger, B. D. 256.

Constant v. University of Bochester (N. Y.)
Beoord— Principal and Agent, B. D. 274.

Cook V. Walling (Ind.) Husband and Wife— Mortgage,
B. D. 187.

Cowan V. Phoenix Ins. Co. (Cal.) Insurance— Warranty
—Pleading, ann. case, 824.

Cowenv. Their Creditors (Cal.) Exemption— Partner-
ship, B. D. 70.

Davis V. Flagg (N. J.) Mortgage— Bents and Profits,
ann. case, 189.

Deitz V. Prov. Washington Ins. Co. (W. Va.) Insurance
—Husband and Wife, B. D. 295.

Denholm v. McKay (Mass.) Executor— Trust— Partner-
ship, B. D. 277.

Denny V. Bennett (U. 8. 8. C.) Constitutional Law-
Assignments— Benefit of Creditors, B. D. 78.

Dent V. State of West Va. (U. 8. 8. C.) Constitutional
Law— Physicians— License, ann. ease, 268.

Deshon v. Wood (Mass.) Fraudulent Conveyance-
Husband and Wife, B. D. 107.

Dlggs V. MoCuUough (Md.) Voluntary Conveyance—
Fraud— Intent, B. D. 888.

Dodge V. Boston, etc. Co. (Mass.) Carriers— Passengers
—Care, B. D. 184.

Dougherty v. Bogers (Ind.) Will- Latent Ambiguity—
Parol Evidence, B. D. 496.

Durham v. Shannon (Ind.) Witness— Statutory Incom-
petency— Decedent, B. D. 181.

Dwelling House Ins. Co. v. Wilder (Kan.) Mandamus-
Superintendent of Insurance, B. D. 881.

East Birmingham Land Co. V. Dennis (Ala.) Corpora-
tion-Stock Certificates— Negotiability, ann. case,

Edwards v. Knapp (Mo.) Libel — Justification— Evi-
dence, B. D. 80.

Elliott V. C, M. A St. P. By. Co. (Dak.) Master and Serv-
ant—Fellow- servant, B. D. 876.

Englar v. Offutt (Md.) Guardian and Ward— Trust
Fund— Partnership, ann. case, 889.

Enyeart v. Kepler (Ind.) Deed— Husband and Wife,
B. D. 484.

Bvansville A T. H. B. B. Co. v. Crist (Ind.) Negligence
-Ballroad Company— Highway, B. D. 158.

Fadness v. Braunborg (Wis.) Equity— Trust— Church
(Government, B. D. 182.

Fishbume v. Ferguson (Va.) Judgment— BesAdJudlcata
—Equity, ann. case, 87.

Fitzgerald v. Barker (Mo.) Negotiable Instrument—
Bona Fide Purchaser, B. D. 132.

Fort Madison v. Alden (U. 8. 8. C.) Corporation— Lia-
bility of Stockholders, B. D. 896.

Friedlander v. Tex. A Pac. By. Co. (U. 8. 8. C.) Carrier
—Bill of Lading— Bona Fide Purchaser, ann. case

Fuller V. Detroit Ins. Co. (U. 8. CO.) Equity— Insur-
ance— Apporiion men t, B. D. 31.

Gallagher v. Jones (U. 8. 8. C.) Principal and Agent—
Broker— Damages, B. D. 874.

Glbbs V. Consolidated Gas. Co. (U. 8. 8. C.) Contract-
Illegallty-"Trust8," B. D. 584.

r^l^ (RECA^) 812367

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Gillilan y. Kendall (Neb.) Chattel Mortgage— Growing
Grain— Notice, ann. case, 64S.

Glenn y. Howard (Ga.) Stockholders— Ck>rporatlon—
Assignee, B. D. 297.

Greenwood y. Holbrook (N. T.) Descent and Distribu-
tion—Legal Bepresentatiyes, R. D. 81.

Grissom y. Commercial Nat. Bank (Tenn.) Banks and
Bankers— Application of Deposits, B. D. 897.

Guild V. Hull (IlL) Equity Practice- Findings-Jury, B.
D. 475.

Habenicht y. Lissak (Gal.) Stock Exchange— Member-
ship— Bxecution, ann. case, 441.

Harmon y. Smith (U. 8. 0. 0.) Will— Construction-
Power of Sale, B. D. 476.

Hartman y. Young (Oreg.) Elections- Ballots— B. D. 138.

Haws y. St. Paul Fire A Mar. Ins. Co. (Penn.) Insurance
—Bam— Horses, B. D. 64.

Heard y. Ga. B. B. Co. Interstate Commerce Commis-
sion— Ciyll Bights— Carriers— Colored People, C. E.

Heffron y. Pollard (Tex.) Contract — Principal and
Agent— Parol Byidence, ann. case, 422.

Hill y. Myers (Ohio.) Homestead— Execution— Married
Woman, B. D. 266.

Hill y. Silyey (Ga.) Corporation— Stock— Subscription,
R. D. 886.

Hodnetty. Pace (Va.) Bonds— Admission— Alteration,
ann. case, 166.

Uoxsie y. Pott«.r (B. I.) Habeas Corpus— Parent and
ChUd, B. D. 486.

Huff y. Slife (Neb.) Negotiable Instrument— Guarantor,

B. D. 208.

Huskins y. CincinnaU N. O. A T. P. By. Co. (U. S. C. C.)
Bemoyal of Causes— Citizenship — Local Prejudice,

Huyok y. Andrews (N. Y.) Coyenant— Incumbrance—
Easement, B. D. 436.

Inman y. South Carolina By. Co. (U. 8. S. C.) Carrier-
Bill of Lading— Insurance, B. D. 230.

In re Yung Sing Hee (U. S. D. C.) Constitutional Law
-Citizenship, B. D. 2.

Insurance Co. y. Easton (Tex.) Carrier— Insurance-
Validity, B. D. 486.

Kansas City A T. B. Co. y. Interstate Lumber Co. (U. S.

C. C.) Bemoyal of Causes— Besidenoe, B. D. 166.
Keith y. Johnson (Mo.) Will— Probate— Foreign Juris-
diction, B. D. 366.

Kentucky A Ind. Bridge Co. y. L. A N. By. Co. (U. S. C.
C.) Carrier— Interstate Commerce— Bridge, 106.

Kernochan y. Murray (N. Y.) Sale— Stock— Guaranty,
B. D. 80.

Kimmish y. Ball ( U. S. S. C.) Constitutional Law— Inter-
state Commerce— Texas Cattle, B. D. 264.

Knox y. Childersburg Land Co. (Ala.) Contract— Cor-
poration-Illegality, B. D. 487.

LaClef y. City of Concordia (Kan.) Municipal Corpora-
tion—Negligence—Prisoner, B. D. 494.

Lampert y. Haydel (Mo.) Will— Trust— Lien, B. D. 66.

Leahey y. Cass Aye., etc. By. Co. (Mo.) Eyidence — Bes
Gestae- Declarations, B. D. 108.

Lee y. Sturges (Ohio.) Taxation— Stock— Corporation,
B. D. 232.

Leroy A W. B. Co. y. Boss (Kan.) Eminent Domain—
Condemnation— Benefits, B. D. 276.

Leyy y. Dwight (Colo.) Witness— Statutory Incompe-
tency— Decedent, B. D. 181.

Lincoln y. City of Boston (Mass.) Municipal Corpora-
tion—Damages, B. D. 898.

Lindsley y. State (Miss.) Criminal Law— Constitutional
Law— £x Pott Facto, B. D. 106.

Ltyerpool A G. W. Steam Co. y. Phoenix Ins. Co. (U. S.
8. C.) Carrier— Exemption— Negligence, B. D. 414.

Lock wood y. Halsey (Kan.) Beal Estate Broker— Com-
mission— Exchange, B. D. 466.

Louisyille Asphalt Ck>. y. Lorick (8. 0.) Sale— Statute of
Frauds— Memorandum, B. D. 66.

Louisyille, etc. By. y. Buck (Ind.) Master and Seryant
—Injuries— Sunday, B. D. 281.

lx>uisyille N. A.AC. By. Ck>. y. Boney (Ind.) Bailroad
Company— Consolidation— Lien, B. D. 416.

L. A. N. B. B. Co. y. Baldwin (Ala.) Constitutional—
Bailroad Company— Begulation, B. D. 296.

Lyon y. American Screw Co. (B. I.) Corporation— Books
—Stockholders, B. D. 899.

Main y. Messner (Oreg.) Insolyency — Discharge —
Parties, B. D. 267.

Mannixy. Purcell (Ohio.) Trust— Byidence— Customs,
B. D. 276.

Marriner y. Dennison (Cal.) Contract— Conyeyanoe—
Description, B. D. 296.

Marshall y. Farmers* and Mechanics* Say. Bank (Ta.)
Corporations— Directors— Duties, ann. case, 288.

McCleneghan y. O. A B. V. By. Co. (Neb.) Water-
course— Obstruction— Damage, B. D. 283.

McDonald y. People (111.) Criminal Law— Prosecuting
Attorney— Improper Bemarks, B. D. 81.

MoGhee y. Edwards (Tenn.) Chattel Mortgage— Statu-
tory Lien-Priority, B. D. 477.

Mclntirey. Leyering (Mass.) Malicious Prosecution-
Character, B. D. 376.

McWhorter y. Pensacola A A. B. B. Co. (Fla.) Injunc-
tion— Bailroad Commissioners— Parties, B. D. 134.

Medfordy. Leyy (W. Va.) Nuisance- Tenement, B. D.

Memphis A Charleston B. B. y. E. Tenn. B. B. (Ala.)
Bailroad Company— Stockholders, 0. E. 868.

Mercer y. Corbin (Ind.) Negligence— Bicycle -rider-
Assault and Battery, B. D. 366.

Metcalf y. City of Watertown (U. S. S. C.) Federal
Courts— Jurisdiction-Practice, B. D. 106.

Miller's Admr. y. Newburg Orrel Coal Co. ( W. Va.) Cor-
poration— 2>e Forto— Tort, B. D. 266.

Minneapolis A St. L. By. Co. (U. S. S. C.) Constitutional
Law— Bailroad Company— Stock-killing, B. D. 182.

Montrose Pickle Co. y. Dodson A Hills Manuf. Co.
(Iowa.) Attachment— Garnishment— Carrier B. D.

Morrison y. Watson (N. C.) Homestead— Execution, B.

Morris y. Gilmer (U. S. S. C.) Federal Jurisdiction—
Citizenship— Bemoyal, B. D. 294.

Morrow y. NashyiUe Iron A Steel Co. (Tenn.) Corpora-
tion— Stock— Subscription, B. D. 867.

Murray y. McNealy (Ala.) Chattel Mortgage— Posses -
sion, ann. case, 463.

NashyiUe, etc. By. Co. y. Alabama (U. S. 8. C.) Consti-
tutional Law— Interstate Commerce— Bailroad Em-
ployees, ann. case, 64.

Neeley y. State (Tex.) Criminal Law— Testimony—
Particeps Crlminis, B. D. 496.

New York A Chicago Grain A Stock Exch. y. Board of
Trade of City of Chicago (111.) Market Beports—
Discrimination— Trust, B. D. 294.

Paddock y. Atchison, etc. By. Co. (U. 8. C. C.) Carrier-
Sick Passenger— Ejection, B. D. 494.

Patterson y. Hayden (Oreg.) Seduction — Beformed
Woman— Damages, B. D. 497.

Pape y. Wright (Ind.) Contract-UlegaUty, B. D. 90T.

Park y. Detroit Free Press Co. (Mich.) Constitutional
Law— Libel— Damages, B. D. 66.

Pennegar y. State (Tenn.) Marriage— Validity— Conflict
of Laws, ann. case, 880.

Penn. By. Co. y. Stegmeier (Ind.) Negligence— CroMing
Tracks -Ordinance, B. D. 614.

People y. Armstrong (Mich.) Ordinance — Municipal
Corporation, B. D. 184.

People y. Lee Chuck (Cal.) Criminal Law— Jury— In-
toxication, B. D. 416.

People y. McElroy (Mich.) Constitutional Law— Legfs-
latlye Act— Enrollment, B. D. 79.

Peters y. City of Lindsburg (Kan.) False Imprisonmeat
—Municipal Corporation, B. D. 836.

Phinneyy. Phinney (Me.) Mortgage— Statute— Obliga-
tion of Contracts, B. D. 686.

PhoBuix Ins. Co. y. First Nat. Bank (Va.) Insurane*—
Mortgage— Subrogation, B. D. 277.

Pittsburg, etc. B. Co. y. Lyon (Penn.) Carrier— Baggage
—Begulation, B. D. 266.

Piano Manuf. Co. y. Burrows (Kan.) Contract— Note—
Parties, B. D. 81.

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Pond V. Met. Blevated By. Oo. (N.T.) Easements-Dam-
ages, B. D. a09.

Powell V. Oampbell (Ner.) Divorce— Alimony, B. D. 209.

Presbyterian Ohnrch v. Cooper (N. T.) Snbsorlption—
Church Fand-Validity, B. D. 3d6.

Bein V. Cla3rton (U. 8. C. C.) In janotion— Infringement
Patent, B. D. 815.

Beynes y. Dnmont (U. 8. 8. C.) Banks-Lien— Securi-
ties, B.D. 484.

Bhoton y. Mendenhall (Greg.) Limitations — "Con-
cealed," B D. 158.

Boblnson y. Bohr (Wis.) Municipal Corporations-
Negligence, B. D. 81.

Bookhold y. Canton Mas. Mut. Benefit Assoc. (111.) Mu-
tual Benefit Society— Certificate— Ultra Vires, ann.
case, 3(^.

Boyal Ins. Co. y. Lubelsky (Ala.) Insurance— Policy-
Premises Vacant, B. D. 538.

Boszel y. Boszel (Mich.) Marriage— Mutual Consent,

Buble y. State (Ark.) Criminal Law— Former Jeopardy,
B. D. 185.

Buby y. Tabott (N. M.) Negotiable InAtruments-
Alteration— Indorser, B. D. 455.

San Benito County y. South. Pac. By. Co. (Cal.) Con-
stitutional Law— License— Franchise, B. D. 108.

Seabury v. Bailee (N. J.) Partnership— Contract, B. D.

Seddon y. Bosenbaum (Va.) Contract — Statute of
Frauds, B. D. 496.

Selther y. Phil. Traction Co. (Penn.) Belease— Joint
Tort-feasor, B. D. 577.

Selden y. State (Wis.) Eyldence— Confidential Commu-
nications, B. D. 685.

Sessler y. Montgromery (Cal.) Libel— Husband and
Wife,B.D. 80,474.

Sharp y. Sharp (Ark.) Criminal Law— Murder— Mal-
practice, B. D. 207.

Shattuck y. Chandler ( Kan.) Partnership— Assignment,

Bondhelm y. Gilbert (Ind.) Confilct of Laws— Gambling
Contract, ann. case, 218.

Spring Garden Bank y. Hullngs Lumber Co. (W. Va.)

Deed— Corporation— Validity, B. D. 457.
State V. Barnes( Fia.) Mandamus— Official Bond, B. D.

State V. Broussard (La.) Criminal Law— Jury— Intoxi-
cation, B. D. 415.

State y. Chicago, St. P. M. A O. By. Co. (Minn ) Inter-
state Commerce— Ballroad Commission, B. D. 475.

State y. Child (Kan.) Criminal Law— Alibi-Burden of
Proof, B. D. 267.

State y. Carroll (8. C.) Criminal Law— Adultery, B. D.

State y. Darcy (N. J.) Taxation— Mortgage B. D. 57.

State y. Hall (Kan.) Criminal Law— Extradition, ann.
case, 288.

State y. Housekeeper (Md.) Malpractice— Husband
and Wife, B.D. 188.

State y. Bichards ( W. Va ) Constitutional Law— License
—Peddlers, B. D. 476.

Stewart y. Minn. Tribune Co. (Minn.) Libel— Attorney,
B. D. 276.

Stewart y. Mulholland (Ky.) Wlll-Beyocatlon— Mar-
riage, B. D. 157.

St. L. A. A T. By. Co. y. Welch (Tex.) Master and Serv •
ant— Fellow-seryant, B. D. 876.

Thompson y. Bubber Co. (Conn.) Malicious Prosecu
tion— Eyldence— Probable Cause, B. D. 279.

Thompson y. St. Nicholas Nat. Bank (N. Y.) National
Banking Act-Contract— Checks, B. D. 686.

Town of Knightstown y. Musgroye (Ind.) Negligence-
Passenger, B. D. 82.

United States y. American Bell Telephone Company
(U. 8. S. C.) Patent-Infringement— Fraud, ann.
case, 8.

United States y. Insley (U. 8. S. C.) Laches-United
States— Bedemption, B. D. 474.

United States y. Tozer (U. S. D. C.) Interstate Com-
merce Act— Criminal Offense, 524.

Warey. Allen (U. 8. 8. C.) Negotiable Instrument-
Note -Condition, B. D. 180.

Western Union Tel. Co. v. N. Y. Board, etc. (U. 8. C. .0.)
Police Power— Telegraph Company— Wires, C. E.

West Union Tel. Co. y. Longwlil (N. M.) Telegraph
Company— Exemption— Negligence, B. D. 517.

White y. CoUhausen (U. 8. 8. C.) Assignment— Prefer-
ence— Statute, B. D. 884.

Wllkerson y. Clark (Ga.) Deyise-Bule In Shelley's
Case, ann. case, 191.

Wilson y. Atkinson (Cal.) Tax Deed-Color of Title, B.

D. 157.
Woodstock Iron Co. y. B. A D. Extension Co. (U. 8. 8. C.)

Contract— lUegality— Public Policy, B. D. 454.

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Declarations on InsuraDce Policies — By Adelbert

Hamilton, 2.
Statute of Limitations in Mortgage Foreclosure —

By C. L. Frazier, 33.
Intoxicating Liquors— Some Cases of Pleading,

Evidence and Associations— By Joseph A.

Joyce, 57.
Burial Lots— By Solon D. Wilson, 82.
Removal of Causes for Prejudice or Local Influ-
ence—By Hon. Samuel Maxwell, 109.
Actions for Injuries by Vicious Animals — ^By

B. £. Black, 135.
Rights of the Cherokee Nation— By Frank P.

Blair, 162.
The Procedure in Habeas Corpus Cases— By Lewis

Hochheimer, 187.
Constitutionality of Registry Laws— By Henry Z.

Johnson, 210.
Right of the Teacher to Inflict Corporal Punish-
ment upon the Pupil — By Eugene McQuillin,

What Rights has the Cherokee Nation— By E. G.

Taylor, 269.
The Essentials of an Affidavit— By Geo. C. Worth,

Powers and Liabilities of Assignees— By Wm. M.

Rockell, 279.

Removal of Causes Under the Act of 1887— By H-

Campbell Black, 299.
Agreements to Support in Consideration of a Con-
veyance or Mortgage of Land — By W. W.

Thornton, 316.
Valid State Laws Incidentally Affecting Foreign

and Interstate Commerce— Dy D. H. Pingrey,

Telephone Law — By James McCall, 357.
Law of the Domicile— By James M. Kerr, 377.
The Recent Law of Gifts— By Nathan Newmark,

Foreign Assignments— By G. W. Field, 417.
Transactions Between Husband and Wife— By

David Plessner, 438.
The Assignability of Personal Contracts— By

Floyd R. Mechera, 458.

Stipulation for Attorney's Fees in Promissory
Notes— By D. R. N. Blackburn, 477.

Foreign Divorces— By John J. Esch, 498.

Prosecution by Information — ^By Stewart Rapalje,

Communications Between Attorney and Client —
By Nathan C. Miller, 539.

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Vol. 28.


^ttje Centtral %^xo "^onvxmt



The New Year. — In opening a new vol-
ume and a new j^ear, we are glad to avail our-
selves of the opportunity to express thanks
to our subscribers for their kind appreciation
of our past labors. We are glad to think
that during the past year the Journal has
won the approbation of its subscribers. We
are satisfied that the system upon which the
Journal is conducted in its various depart-
ments is entirely satisfactory to nearly or
quite all of our subscribers, and as we design
making no change in this respect, we can only
promise that our utmost exertions will be de-j
voted to making the Journal for the coming
year even more valuable to the profession
than it has been in the past.

Telephone Law — ^Federal Jurisdiction —
Patent Law. — '' Our modern improvements"
besides contributing very greatly to the con-
venience, comfort and wealth of this genera-
tion, have immensely augmented the volume
of the current law of the land. To our ad-
mirable railroad system we owe the great in-
crease of ''carrier law," the law of cor-
porations, and except a very small portion,
the immense body of the law relating to neg-
ligence and contributory negligence. Whether
this great increase of the law is a blessing,

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