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i Writing features for th

One man will be in charge of THE JOURNAL'S Bui
There will be no overlapping or cuplicating courses of instruction. mtit w
the stream. What he does will be connected, progressive, orderly— each month
Only such auxiliary copies will be used as ate completely harmonious with anc
instruct/on as the main copies which they supplement. The amount of
the main series, apart from the auxiliaries, and not one superfluous stroke. They v
nore speedily, more helpfully, than if they were artificially padded


to take

in the


rill BE OF USE

cknowledged by all to ha



alue of this Or


i bus

hool year just beginning,
in the middle of
.._ complete whole.
exactly apply to the same stage of
laterial "will be ample— at least 300 copies in
ill cover the whole ground more compactly,
ber. Teachers who advise their students
Man-ln-Charge idea— especially when the
swriter-E. C. MILLS.





School and Personal.

Re •■hi J01 rnal office visitors were R G Laird,
Chlppenhook, Vt. ; A. M. Rogers, J

Muss,; J. P. Byrne, Boys' High Scl Brooklyn; I.

I.. Williams, Rochester, N. V. C. l>. Clarkson, New Jer-
sey B. C.. Newark; Hobarl Webster, Union B. C, Eliza-
beth, N. .1. : W • 1 i- l.'lphla : G. W. liar

man, Boys' llii-di Scl I, Brooklyn; I.. U. Uorton, Cole

man's B. C, Newark : C. l.. Rlcketts, Engrosser, Chicago;
c. c. curiiss. Minneapolis: L. Madarasz. New i'ork; 11.
\ Nej lai d, SJ I W. J. Amos, Merrill B C,

ord, Conn.; A. Arcand, engrosser of the

tlons tendered by the city of Montreal to Qt Victoria,

Ottawa, Can.: Chas. M. Miller. Packard's B. C, New
Vc.ik : E. C. Browne, Browne's B. C, Brooklyn; II I.
Putnam, erstwhile partner of The Journal editor, and
now proprietor ■•( a large 1 m<l shoe factory, Minne-
apolis, Minn.; Hudson Maxim, London, England, for-
mally well-known as publisher of penmanship compen

(limns, etc., ilii'i D '■ ' 'all

Van Cleve, Minneapolis, Mum . m I 1 iton's B.

c. Buffalo, now Chicago i" ■ atlc Noml

tor State treasurer, New STork ; W. 11. Sadler, Sadler's
B. & s B. C . Ball Imore ; A. .1. Ki.l.r. Ki.l.u's 1;. c.

Trenton, N. .1. : I'. L. BIckmore, Boys' High Sch

Brooklyn ; A. S. Bean P B. C., N. "i .

G 1 repoi 1 9 from busln< oprletors

in all parts ol thi ■ pouring In

J01 i:\m office. The attendance is large In Bchools in all

sections, and !• proprietors are lubilanl over

prospects. 1 s '.'- ■ to be a bannei

mercial s<

1 1 \ii lei I'm of N. .1. B. C., Newark, al
New Jersey State Pair, captured the following prei

First and second foi kkeeplng; flrsl and

second for students' ornamental writing. Mr Newcomer,
penman of 1 h.- Institution, took Itrsl and second for pro-
1 work ; Mr. Miller flrsl tor artistic work In
palnl in^.

Schlssler I Incss, Norrlstown, r

lis Annual Graduating Exercises on 11 vet

October 7th, al the Grand Opera House. A large .lass
was graduated in the presence of a big, enthusiastic au
dlence. Norrlstown papers sp..k.- highly of the whole ex-
ercises. 1 . S. Senator Penr — and Rev. .I"s, Krs
I'll, were the speakers, and Congressman 1 P

Rev. Dr. .1. M. Buckley, editor of the Christli
niraii . ad.livss,.,] 1 1,.- i udents of the > . M. C. A w ■■ I
Sid.' I.ran.ii. :i|s W.'si Fiftj seveni

il pening ol the classes Octobi

Cole lias charge ol the i kkeeplng and penman

.1. W. !'■■

Mrs Ellen : Wan of the Washing

ton, D. C., College of Law We do nol think thai anj
other woman has evei distinction ol

Ing a similar position in o leading law school

Mussej bo - i ii loner al

the bar of the national capital She was f..r a long
time a teacher In the Spencerlan Business College, re

signing her i«.siii..n I tin R. D

Mussey. one of the bcsl known lawyers In Washington.

Mrs. Mussej Is i gbter ol the late Platl R. Spencer,

and is a woman of rare ability and for i' ell

For some I In* ■ n attornes for the n

h, as well as in her capaclt]
of acting chairman of tin- i: for the

liistri.i of Columbia, Bhe rendered valuable services dur
Irii.- the late war. A i rk Trib

mi.- prints an excellent portrait ..i Mr« Mussej and de
votes a column to a recital ..f her distinguished services.

Another of • -u r professional friends who has given
up the pen for the Bword is W. I.. Thomas, late of the
Brattleboro. M ill now one of the boys In

bine at Camp Meade.

n to Mr. and Mrs It. Q. I Bird, I •
Chlppenhook, vt.. a s..n.

— In a late copy of the Chicago Record, we Bnd an ar
tide headed, ■ l».-r.-:n f..r Andrews." meaning that the
new city Supt. of Public Schools bad receli
in pushing vertical writing. Trustee Schwab la
vertical writing, and says that It Is nol an arl u
rapid : and that Its nse In schools produ
Bcrawllng. large, uncouth specimen of writing which
would do credit to hen scratching."


School, sayf Words* '
l owe \ ■ ■ 1 1 for a sample
placed me In touch whli

be graduating exer
Ity a column
and a hall' send off. uf wlii.h I'rin. ].. .1. Ueeb should be
proud. IU I i bom i I Vlllerf ex Judge D P. Baldwin
and Hon. Francis M [ngler were among those who took
part. A largi

am of tin- reception o
dents and dar Rapids, Iowa, B •

nd overlooked last month, The reception
September 22d. A spl lid

: Cei

Appanoose County, la
n to Mr. Relster's own orna
mental penmanship.

,i i Dunn "i lev., writes that he

.■Hi business bi om The

joi us ii 1 1" Btatea thai be is a candidate

i.,r County i 'lerk al

i temocrai had an article In a

done by Mr. an
J. E. Joiner and Albei I ': Klotten of Joli

of that ' i I elj I n registered bj

the N. V. Sta ents.

The Uutmon Phi vs ond Teacher, New

York, has suspended publication.

We desire to acknowledge Invitation to attend i p

lion given bj Mr. and Mrs. ele in C. Gaines, Eastman

. Secretary Mrs. Gage, at thi I
nor Cjlntou n psle, N. 1"., under the ana

the American Revolution on

Thursday, ber 27th.

Prill.. Iniolllown. Ala.. High

. ill never express the gratitude
copy of ■ 1 1 has

i/liat l was Idhglng for for years,
and m.w so happily enjoy In connection with my Bchool
work. I ha v.- hoys al

ng under the i
three hundred graded I.

auc has the following
of a well-known penman and teacher: " Albert r

of Lincoln, N.i... lectured al the Fremont Normal s.-l I

\ on the s'li i of penmanship. He spoke

favorably of both the slant and vertical Btyles, but be-

,at the vertical was the better tor rapid writing.

II.. is will-, and original, and Interested a large number

nls for an hour and a hall

n the methods of teaching
penmanship, lie denoun I copyl ks and favor. '.I i

— In a column article the Orange Countv Prest of Mid
dletown, N. V. refers to the work of the New fori

s in registering commercial scl Is, and

is particular!] pllmentary to Ramsdell B

Ity, which is now registered.
A Boclal entertalnmenl was given al Mb
Acad., Iirooklvn. on the evening ol October 27th, and a
. recitations and refreshments made the iim.-
The McL'onnellsvllle, O., Herald lias the following
and supervisor : " In
,re is display. I
Inl hi. in Lodge over the
death ul ■ I he work was executed

Hi- \miu Mall, and is a Work of ■

- town."
w i penman of the i C. C,

1 .... M - I i icr 24th, says .

i i from Omaha, where 1 was ..f

onal exhibit. Including pen

■ i kkeeplng, etc. Musselman has a hi ollec-

(TOU km.". .1. W. I.ampi IS and a

haru worker. II" has some ••! the finest work I ever

Mr i. i Polhamus., Sec of the Art Penman-
land, l»., writes : " I think the All
letterint '• W Hess could not be improved


October 1st advoc
teaching of stenography In the upper grammar gn
well as In the hit H ;lnnlng early the pupils

could a, -..nir.' the kn Bketchlng


—Here is an advertising design as clever as it i~ rami le.

The little Cttt above was mad.- from an ailvi-rti-n jj
tifteeu inches long nsed byW. H. Matthews of the !-alem,
(thio. B

IN TOUCH WITH THE PROFESSION.-Almost any issue of THE JOURNAL contains more first-printed news
terns relating to the Commercial School field than the issues of any other for on entire year Advertisers will apprec.ate the
neaning of this.


^LiC OA'it taaiO

— The Warren, Pa., papers have some very compli-
mentary notices these days about the Smith B. ('.. W. F.
.MoWillianis, Frin.

Rusmisel, Deni


— Born to Mr. and Mrs
September 15th. a son.

— We regret to learu of the serious illness of B. A.
Newcomer, New Jersey B. <_'., Newark. He has been con-
lined to his bed for several weeks past, but we are now
glad to know that he is recovering.

— A. C. Jennings ot Jennings & Moore, Props. B. C, Des
Moines, la., is in Klondike. The last report states that
he is doing well. Mr. Moore is in full charge of the
school, and he is ably assisted by G. E. Crane.

— The Journal was in error last month in announc-
ing that the report on the penmanship work in the course
of study outlined for the Indiana public schools was
written by Chandler H. Pierce of Evansville, Ind. Mr.
Pierce kindly sent us a marked copy of the report, and
we took it for granted that he had written the part
marked. He informs us that the honor of writing this
part of the report belongs to Supr. \V. S. Hiser of Rich-
mond, Ind. We cheerfully make correction.

— Do you know Tyrrell — we mean J. F. of the North-
western Mutual Life Ins. Co., Milwaukee? He's a jolly
good fellow, a fine penman, a sketch artist of no mean
ability and is a gentleman every Inch of him. He made
The Journal office his metropolitan headquarters when
on a i '.'cent visit East.

School Chanqes.

— Wausau, Wis., B. 1'.. of which Mr. F. J. Toland,
who is also head of the Wisconsin B. U. of La Crosse, is
president, gets a booming send off in the late number of
the Wausau Daily Itcennl. R. F. Davis is principal of
the new school. Mr. W. G. Lowe is head of the short-
hand and typewriting, and Mr. Leigh Toland, son of the

proprietor, is assistant teacher. O. C. Dorney, the

founder and for a number of years sole owner and pro-
prietor of the American B. C., Allentown, Pa., has re-
turned to his " first love." He was elected president and
succeeds E. M. Turner. S. C. Speer is secretary of the

institution. Michael's B. C, Logansport, Ind., has

been consolidated with the com'l high school of that city,
and this latter institution is conducted by M. J. Murphy

and J. W. Hooke. The Berlin, Wis., B. C, Mrs. L. K.

Runcorn, Prin., is a new school. We acknowledge receipt

of catalogue. Owing to the serious illness of W. C.

Isbell, the Terre Haute, Ind., C. C. has closed. A new

school is the Anniston, Ala., B. C. F. M. Stutsman is

prin., Curtis Hollinger business manager. The Bus.

Coll., Owensboro, Ky., is a new school. Miss Anna Car-
ter is teacher of shorthand, J. C. Wheeler teacher of com'l

branches. J. B. Knudson has reopened the Little

Falls, Minn., B. C, which was closed by the sudden death

of the former proprietor, W. H. Dinney. G. S. Mc-

Clure, the well-known penman, late of Central C. C,
Clarksburg, W. Va., is connected with the Harrisburg.
Pa., School of Com., having purchased a half interest in
that institution. J. C. Shumberger, who is brother-in-
law of Mr. McClure, and prin. of the school, is ill at
present, having contracted typhoid fever while with the
American army in Porto Bico. J. C. Steiner, late pro-
prietor of Urbana, O., B. C. has transfered his school
to the Urbana University. Mr. Steiner has connected
himself with the Lexington, Ky., B. C. J. W. Moot-
hart, late president of the Nor. Uni., Portsmouth, O., has
sold the institution to Messrs. W. D. Clark and D. T.

Vantine. R. W. Massey has added another link to his

chain of business schools by opening the Massey B. C,
Houston, Tex. C. F. Beutel, former prin. of the Massey

B. C, Montgomery, Ala., is prin. of the new school. The
other teachers are Clyde Jones, late of Jacksonville, Fla. ;
W. C. Winn, Mrs. C. Eldridge, late of Columbus, Ga. The
Houston Daily Herald writes the opening up in great
style, and announces 70 students enrolled as a starter.

The following institutions have closed their doors :

Vandalia, 111., B. C. ; Normal B. C, Coshocton, O. ; Hud-
son, Mich., B. ('. ; Flint, Mich., Nor. Coll. ; Holmes
Shorthand B. C, Laporte, Ind.

movements >>f the Teachers.

— C. E. Winey who has been in the army during the
late unpleasantness, is at home on a furlough, and is
once more connected with the Cheboygan, Mich., B. C.

C. C. Canan has re-engaged with the Schissler

School of Bus., Norristown, Pa. J. L. Zwickey, late of

Storm Lake, la., is now teaching in Waterloo, la. A.

C. Sloan, formerly teacher of pen. and com'l work, is now

proprietor of the Imperial Restaurant. Wausau, Wis.

F. L. Lowe, late of Dixon, 111., is now teaching in Tubbs'

B. C, Kittanning, Pa. G. II. Zinnel, late of Chadwick,

111., is now connected with the Minn. School of B. C, Min-
neapolis. Earnest Seamans, late of Atlanta, Ga., is

now teaching in Piatt's C. C, St. Joseph, Mo. A. C.

Moss, Dalton, Ga., is teaching classes in penmanship

through Georgia. J. E. Karns. late of the Rockford.

III., B. C, is taking special work in com'l and pen. dep'ts

of the N. I. S. S.. Valparaiso, Ind. E. H. Craver is

now bookkeeper of the Island and Gypsum Fruit Co.,

Gypsum, O. C. E. Corliss is teaching in the Burdett

B. C, Boston. L. A. May is now connected with the

Butte, Mont., B. C. F. S. Simpson is a new teacher in

the Gem City B. C, Quincy, 111. W. J. Sanders, late of

Bliss B. C, Lynn, is connected with the N. E. B. U.,

Lowell, Mass. J. H. King is with the Massey B. C,

Jacksonville, Fla. R. M. Vick, formerly with the

Curry University, Pittsburg, is now located at Marlboro,

O. C. M. Swingle is now sup't of the com'l dep't of

the public high school, Tyrone, Pa. A. W. Dudley,

Met. B. C Chicago, is teaching a class of the Central Y.
M. C. A. G. A. Golder, late of the W. N. C, Shenan

doah. la., is prin. of the Globe B. C, St. Paul, Minn.

B. M. Milam, a former pupil of A. D. Taylor, is now pen

man in the Springtield, Mo., Nor. Coll. L. B. Lawson

lias three mouths engagement as teacher of penmanship

in the public schools, Telluride, Col. L. D. Hawkins

is teaching in the Detroit School of Bus. W. F. Os-
borne, formerly connected with the La Fayette, Ind., P..
i . is leaching iu the People's B. C. Fort Wayne. Ind.,

E. D. Greedy is teaching in the Red Wing, Minn.. B.

C. Miss Anna M. Johnston, formerly of Marlon, la.,

is now teaching in the Elkhart, Ind., Nor. State B. C.

Samuel Treby, a good writer and teacher, is prin. of

the Port Angeles, Wash., High School. R. C. King.

Milport, O., succeeds Miss Clara Banks as supervisor of
penmanship in the Osage, la., public schools.


— On July 26th, in the Park Methodist Episcopal
Church, Atlanta, Ga., Miss Olive Eugenia Wilson,
daughter of Col. W. L. Wilson, was married to R. J.
Macdougail of Uinmau s B. C, Worcester, Mass. The
bride was a music teacher in Atlanta, and organist of the
church in which she was married. Her father is a large
cotton planter. Mr. Macdougail is well known for his
work in connection with Hininan's business colleges in
Springheid and Worcester.

fair — AMF.EINE.

— On August 24th. Miss Clara Amerine, Conway, la.,
aud J. U. Fair, supervisor of penmanship and drawing in
the Falls City, Neb., public schools, were united in mar-
riage. Last year Mr. Fair was connected with the Globe
B. C, St. Paul, Minn.


— On July 1st last, Miss Corinne Frances Dotter was
united in marriage to Milton Carlson, Los Angeles, Cal.
Mr. Carlson is a well-known penman and commercial



— We have but recently learned of the death of A. L.
McCloskey, late teacher aud part owner of Scranton,
Pa., B. C.


— Through J. O. Gordon, Rocky River, O., we have
learned of the death of Mr. Marion Lash, which occurred
in Polk, O. Mr. Lash was an excellent penman, and fre-
quent mention was made of his work in the penmen's
publications several years ago. He did much to advance
the cause of good writing. In 1881 he graduated from the
Oberlin, Ohio, School of Pen Art, and immediately began
itinerant teaching. He was an ardent church worker,
and endeared himself to a large circle of friends. At the
time of his death he was forty years of age. He leaves
a wife and widowed mother.


— J. B. Knudson, now proprietor of the Little Falls.
Minn., B. C, writes us of the sudden death of the former
proprietor, W. H. Dinney, which occurred recently. We
have not received particulars.

Fresh "Business Literature.
[Note. — We have tried to make a clean sweep in this
issue of all catalogues, college journals and school adver
tising literature sent to The Journal office, and mention
has been made of everything received up to November 1 .
If our friends tind that anything has been overlooked
we would appreciate it if they would duplicate the pub-
lications, and write us at the same time calling our at-
tention to it. — Editor.]

— From G. W. Donald, secretary of the Winnipeg,
Man., B. C, we have received a large, very fine photo-
graph giving a view of his office aud showing himself
and stenographer, Miss Jones, at their desks.

— A very handsome 100-page cloth bound catalogue,
profusely illustrated, has been received from Principal
L. H. Strickler of the Topeka, Kan., B. C.

— A handsome hanger, containing fifteen or twenty
half-tone views of the interior aud exterior of college
buildings and portrait cuts of the leading members of the
faculty, has been received from the No. 111. Nor. School,
Dixon, 111.

— The new catalogue of the Green Bay, Wis., B. C. is
well arranged, handsomely illustrated and contains sev-
eral specimens of work from the pen of E. O. Folgoin,

— The advertising literature of the Forest City B. C,
London, Canada, J. W. Westervelt, prop.. Is gotten up in
splendid shape. We have received a booklet advertising
the shorthand and typewriting departments, as well as
the complete college catalogue. We notice Bro. Wester-
velt figures in several of the half-tone views, and in the
basket ball and football teams,

— The Iowa B. C, Des Moines, la.. A. C. Jennings,
president ; E. L. Moore, secretary ; G, E. Crane, penman,
is sending out a large catalogue printed in blue ink on
green paper, with old rose and gold cover.

— The Highland Park Nor. Coll.. Des Moines, la., is
doing a good bit of advertising with its large hanger,
which contains views of the buildings and departments,
as well as the Iowa State Capitol, reproduced from pho-
tographs. C. C. Reariek, the principal, has done some
excellent advertising since his connection with the insti-

— The Davis B. C, Toledo, O., M. II. Davis, prin. and
prop., lias a variety of circulars and announcements
which supplement his well handled catalogue. His rata
logue is printed in live or six colors.

— Tin- Norwich, Conn.. B. ('.. W. E. Canfield, prop.,

> , ;naS


has a very dainty catalogue this rear printed on row*
edge paper and rough edge cover. It Is well B
and well printed throughout.

— If bualnei

catalogue, bookli ■' ""' Northv

Military Acadei

some pointers 0,1 high grade adyerl

tiona ■■«■•■ excellent and

printed DM

The , uinton [a., B. 1

ment a pii-.r ■■ .■„ :n«i

Maine " design, whlcl *"'■

— The College Current, 1 No. Ind. Nor.
School. Valparaiso, ind ' ' we y:
known Institution during il-
ls a souvenir number In memory of tl

ami Is profusely lllusl
ent of the institution. I

— Queen City Nor
Myers; pres.. has a fine writ

city of recent date. Mr Myers Is also sending out a
good college Journal.

— Well handled have been received from
the following institutions: Erie l'ape School of \

ton, Mass.; Norwich. Conn.. B C.l Elgin, I
Peterborough. Ont.. B. C. I Shenandoah Nor. Coll
ance, Va. ; TJutte. Mon «• c ; •

Freeport, 111.. Coll. of Com.; Speers-Langford, Mil. Inst.,
Searcy, Ark.; Nlckerson, Kan. B N. J.,

B. C; Albion. Idaho. -

C. C; Kansas City. Mo., Nat inalB C. : 1 ■'
Classes, Holyoko. Mass. ; Great Fal s. 1

Wood's C C, Washington. D. C. ; Coll. de Saint.' Ami".
De La Pocatlere, P. Q.. Canada.

— Handsome and well arranged

come from the foil., win- Behoofs 1: E '",' : ,'"' i

Me ■ Hover V J., B. C. : Omaha, Neb., C. C.i Actual
B.C., Canton. O. ; So L.C. C. ; Sts

Coll . De Funlak Springs, 1 la ; Piedmont 1 1
,,„ r g va.: Lansing, Micl.. * > : Centrs
land Md. : Champaign, III . I

Superior Wis.; Aurora. Ill Bos. and Nor.

Coll Battle Creel . Mich.: Stockton 1 1 < Marion.

Ind ' B ' ■ ,, " r

iiiiv Portsmouth, 0. : Joiner's B. C., Joplln, Mo.;
rjnlv., Harrli - aorman.

■,. x p. c Kan Wesleyan B 1

ingeles Cal., B. C. : Heald's B. C •. Cnl. :

Denlson, [a . Nor. School : Chestn

Cros Cal.: Bliss B. 1

I'onirhkecpslo N. V. . Atlanta, Ga., B. C

, IB & ; Fort Smith, A > ,»• C-.

Newark N J 1 Wo. 1
Philadelphia, rn. : Atkinsons l: C, Sacramei

BlnghamtonTN. v.. Scl 1 of Bus. and Sh<

Kan.. B. C. ; Birmingham, Ala. B. I : Browns B. I .
South Norwolk, Conn. , , . . .

— From the following schools we bavi

lets, announcements ai B matter "' ''' T, 'T, I

kinds, all In exe.-iicnt taste: Highland Park N C„ Des

Moines, la.: Ra 'etown. N. Y.-,

Pleasant View B. C, , v Vne?" a-

Berkey * Dyke's Private Bus. - id. O. .

Central C. C." Cumberland, Md Miner's Bus Acad.,

Brooklyn , N J 1

c St. Louis, Mo.; Baldwin School of Bus., Lockport.

\' y. : Brown iwa, 111. i Lint

Coll • Olmstea tford, Conn.; Owoss

Bus. and Sln.rt. Coll.

, Coleman National B. C, Newark. N. J., has re-
cently Issued some V ^'''^ '?'' V""/!! .Vf

which war souvenir di Play a leadlnc

_■' A Few Facts About Merrill " is the till.

eight page with cover, pamphli I sen! onl by Mi

C Stamford, Conn . and

,„',' 1 . ,,, Kiln I ' institution is sending

oSf a d

should provi

-Other well arran

the following rnsUtutlona: 1
Wash ■ Vlncennes, Ind . Shorthand Inst
Com'IColl.; !'■ 11. and Musical

W. Va.: Nan
■ : N, II
In I , , 1 1 \ A] i

the ad.

B c His lonrnal is part

printed, the half tone printing on tl '"V ,,'',

necialh room equipped wltl

II,. .„, ■ ess" from thi

,he kind of idvi rtlslng thai Is entli
busint B8 college rut, and It strikes us that If more business

scl la would adopt this or soi her -

an improvement on the avet

in • things The lltl

department of the same Institution contains a li

ceuenl matter.

Other well arranged college Journals ami b
literature have come from the following

W ishlnKton 1' C: 1

B V S foil

Spencerlan, B. C . Louisville. Ky.: Bim

C ; Virginia B. C, Rlchmot

burg. Va.: Metropolitan B. C CI Ic

Normal Col.. Bushnell, III.; Muncle, Ind. B

Albany. Ind., B. C.

68 Pag-, well printed and

Some well equipped


. iy printed on very heavy

No I, Watertown N ST., A 1

■ 1 interior ol

gether «

it as Bborthand notes

I! ! Wash.,

We desire to ackno

Ished at
a full

, , ,i , B r 1- sendin-
ournal that co ' portraits

j men and women who have been

ler well bandied scl I journals have be

celved from the following Institutions: The Atlanta Ga,

B. ( thi Ohio B 1 ., Mans

5 e, 111 : Mlddletown B. c.,

Conn. Kalamazoo, Mich.: lieaids

.,- State Normal

i-ollege. Poughkeepsle.

N. ^ l;. Ga

,.,,. 01 . Dongherty

1 lerman Branch. \. 11.
1. i'. t.ralentoo.

Tie or. Coll., Grand

Porks, N. D., ' mill., is businesslike.

principal and manager of the Salem, Mass..
,1 In the
m and fitted lor Harvard College at
the Salem Hlj "'"- Harvard . he be-

gan the stud, thinking

Business education be-
fore trying to ti ' handle their affairs,
he entered the Salem loint, ar.twas
opened by Ml , •', re,1 "arjard.

be accepted a
Instructor in commercial
law in the same school, and continued
his studies in law at the same time.
Finding himself adapted to teaching
and liking the work, be resigned any

legal work and 1 ame

regular teacher of arithmetic and law
.: d 1 iry 1, 1892.
..,; was incorporate.! In

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