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Portions of this Compilation
have been published in The
Bulletin of Bibliography
during 1912 to 1916.

The Riverdale Press, Brookline, Mass., U.S.A.


The present publication forms part of a
more extensive unpublished piece of work
undertaken a number of years ago, and will
now serve as a supplement to F. K. Walter's
"Abbreviations and Technical Terms used
in Book Catalogues and Bibliographies,"
published in Boston in 1912.

The original manuscript was planned
somewhat differently, and included library
terms, now published separately. Changes
in the arrangement were made necessary in
order to make it uniform with the work "it
now supplements. Terms already in Mr.
Walter's work, are, with a few exceptions,
omitted here.

In the compilation numerous works on
bibliography, printing, and binding have
been consulted, as well as periodicals relat-
ing to these subjects.

Several foreign librarians have given me
their kind assistance in cases where I was
unable to find the terms. Thus a number of
Dutch terms were supplied by Dr. H. Greve
and Mr. R. van der Meulen, Italian by Dr.
Eugenio Rossi, Spanish by Mrs. Figarola
Caneda, and Swedish by Dr. Isak Collijn.

Mr. F. K. Walter, who is the compiler of
the Latin list, a field left untouched by me,


has given valuable assistance in the final
preparation of the work by contributions,
especially of French and German abbrevia-
tions and terms. To him and to the above
mentioned librarians I hereby express my
sincere thanks. Their contributions have
added to what there is of value in the work.
For its shortcomings I am solely responsible.




Preface v

English Terms with equivalents in Danish,

Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish ... 1

Danish Terms 87

Dutch Terms 106

French Terms 126

German Terms 151

Italian Terms 176

Latin Terms 200

Spanish Terms 227

Swedish Terms 245

VI 1

Abbreviations Used

. bibliography; — bb. bookbinding; — bo. book-
trade; — e. engraving; — pa. paper; — pi. plural;
— pr. printing; — Stand. Diet. Standard Dictionary
of the English Language; — Webster. Webster's
International Dictionary of the English Language.


abstract or summary or synopsis.

Dan. Kompendium ; Du. kort begrip,

overzicht; compendium; Fr. abrege;

sommaire; Ger. Kompendium; //. com-

pendio, sommario; Sp. compendio, re-

sumen; Sw. kompendium.

Dan. Navnedigt, Akrostichon; Du. naam-

dicht; Fr. acrostiche; Ger. Namenge-

dicht; //. acrostico; Sp. poema acros-

tico; Sw. namndikt, akrostikon.
act. Part of a play.

Dan. Akt; Du. bedrijf; Fr. acte; Ger.

Aufzug; //. atto; Sp. acto; Sw. akt.
advance sheets or early copies, (bo.) Sample

sheets of a book, issued in advance as

an advertisement.
Dan. Udhsengsark ; Du. schoone bladen;

Fr. bonnes feuilles, feuilles d'auteur;

Ger. Aushangebogen ; //. fogli impagi-

nati; Sp. hojas de autor; Sw. rentryckt


Dan. Avertissement ; Du. advertentie,

aankondiging; Fr. annonce; Ger. In-

serat, Anzeige, Annonce; //. annunzio;

Sp. aviso; Sw. annons.



all published or no more published, (b.)
Dan. mere udkom ikke; Du. alles wat

verscheen; Fr. tout ce qui a paru; Ger.

soweit erschienen; //. fin qui; non si 6

pubblicato altro; Sp. todo publicado;

Sw. allt utgifvet.
alliteration. The repetition of the same letter

at the beginning of two or more words

immediately succeeding each other, or

at short intervals. Webster.
Dan. Bogstavrim; Du. stafrijm; Fr. alUte-

ration; Ger. Stabreim; //. alHterazione;
' 5/). aliteracion ; 5w. stafrim, alliteration.
also under the title, (b.)

Dan. ogsaa med Titel; Dii. ook onder den

titel; Fr. aussi sous le titre; Ger. auch

unter dem Titel; //. anche sotto ii

titolo; Sp. tambien con el titulo; Sw.

ocksa med titel, afven med titel.
annotation. A remark, note or commentary

on some passage of a book, intended to

illustrate its meaning. Webster.
Dan. Anmaerkning; Dii. aanteekening;

Fr. annotation; Ger. Anmerkung; //.

annotazione; Sp. anotacion; Sw. an-

annotator or commentator.

Dan. Kommentator, Fortolker; Die. aan-

teekenaar; Fr. annotateur, commen-

tateur; Ger. Erlauterer, Kommentator;

It. annotatore, commentatore ; Sp. ano-

tador. comentador; Sw. anmarkare,

utlaggare, kommentator.



annual or yearly.

Dan. aarlig; Du. jaarlijksch; Fr. annuel;
Ger. jahrlich; //. annuale; Sp. anual;
Sw. arlig.

annual report. See report, annual.

appendix or supplement.

Dan. Bilag, Tillseg, Supplement; Du.
aanhangsel, bijvoegsel; Fr. appendice,
supplement; Ger. Anhang, Beilage, Er-
ganzung, Nachtrag; //. appendice, sup-
plemento; Sp. apendice, suplemento;
Sw. bihang, supplement, tillagg.

approval, on. (bo.)

Dan. til Eftersyn; Du. op zicht, zichtzen-
ding; Fr. a I'examen; sous condition;
Ger. zur Ansicht, Ansichtssendung ; //.
sotto condizione; Sp. condicionalmente,
en comisi&n; Sw. till paseende, till
benaget paseende.

art of printing.

Dan. Bogtrykkerkunst; Du. boekdruk-
kunst; Fr. art typographique; Ger.
Buchdruckerkunst ; //. arte dello stam-
pare; Sp. arte de la imprenta; Siv. bok-

at the author's expense or privately printed.
Dan. paa eget Forlag, trykt som Manu-
skript ; Du. voor rekening van den schrij-
ver, privaat uitgaaf; Fr. aux frais de
I'auteur; Ger. Selbstverlag des Verfas-
sers, Privatdruck; //. a spese dell'
autore; Sp. por cuenta del autor; Sw.
pa eget forlag.



auction. See book auction,

Dan. Forfatter; Du. auteur, schrijver;

Fr. auteur; Ger. Verfasser, Schrift-

steller; //. autore; Sp. autor; Sw. for-

author's expense, at the. See at the author's

awarded a prize.

Dan. prisbelonnet, Du. bekroond; Fr.

couronne; Ger. gekront; //. premiato;

Sp. premiado; Sw. prisbelont.


back, to. (bb.) To prepare the back of a book
with glue, etc. Webster.
Dan. saette Ryg i en Bog; Du. den rug
van een boek maken; Fr. endosser;
Ger. mit Riicken versehen; It. indossare;
Sp. enlomar; Sw. forse med rygg.
back of a book, (bb.)

Dan. Bogryg; Du. rug van een boek; Fr.
dos d'un livre ; Ger. Riicken eines Buches ;
//. dorso; costola, schiena; Sp. lomo de
un libro; Sw. bokrygg.
back, loose, (bb.)

Dan. los Ryg; Du. losse rug, vrije rug;

Fr. dos brise, dos souple, reliure a I'alle-

mande; Ger. loser Riicken; //. legatura

flessibile; Sp. lomo hueco; Sw. los rygg.

back, spring, (bb.)

Dan. Knepryg; Du. veerende rug; Fr.
dos k ressort; Ger. Sprungriicken; //.



dorso a scatto; Sp. lomo de resorte;

Sw. fjaderrygg.
back, tight, (bb.)

Dan. fast Ryg; Du. vaste rug; Fr. dos

rigide, dos adherent, dos ferme; Ger.

fester Riicken; //. dorso rigido; Sp.

lomo rigido; Sw. fast rygg.
backing, (bb.) Preparing of the back of a

book with glue, etc. Webster.
Dan. Bogrygs Tildannelse; Du. het maken

van den rug; Fr. endossure; Ger.

Riickenbildung; //. indossatura; Sp.

enlomado; Sw. bokryggs forfardigande.
bands, raised, (bb.) The cords upon which

the sheets of a volume are sewn. If the

cords are not imbedded in the back of

the sheets and thus show as ridges, they

are called raised bands.
Dan. ophojede Bind; Du. ribbenband;

Fr. nerfs, nervures; Ger. erhabene Biinde;

//. correggiuole ; Sp. nervios; Sw. upp-

hojda bind, hoga bind.
bastard-title or half-title or fly-title, (b.)

A short title-page preceding the regular

full title-page. Webster.
Dan. Smudstitel, Halvtitel; Du. Fransche

titel, voor-de-handsche titel; Fr. faux-

titre; Ger. Schmutztitel, Vorsatztitel ;

//. titolo falso, frontispizio falso, fron-

tispizio morto, occhietto; Sp. falso

frontis, falsa portada; Sw. smutstitel.
battered letter, (pr.) See letter, battered.



Dan. Bibel; Du. Bijbel; Fr. Bible; Ger.
Bibel; //. Bibbia; Sp. Biblia; Sw.

Dan. Biblioman; Du. bibliomaan; boe-
kengek; Fr. bibliomane; Ger. Biblioman,
Biichernarr; //. bibliomano; Sp. bi-
bliomane; Sw. biblioman.

Dan. Bogelsker; Du. boekenlief hebber ;
Fr. bibliophile; Ger. Biicherfreund; //.
bibliofilo; Sp. bibliofilo; Sw. bibliofil.
bid on a book.

Dan. byde paa en Bog; Du. bieden op een
boek; Fr. mettre une enchere sur un
livre; Ger. fiir ein Buch offeriren; //.
incantare su di un libro; Sp. ofrecer en
un libro; Siv. bjuda pa en bok.
bi-monthly. Occurring once in two months.

Dan. hver anden Maaned; Du. tweemaan-
delijksch; Fr. paraissant tons les deux
mois; Ger. zweimonatlich ; //. bime-
strale; Sp. bimestral; Sw. hvar annan
bind, to. (bb.)

Dan. indbinde; Du. inbinden; Fr. relier;
Ger. einbinden; //. legare; ^Z*. encuader-
nar; Siu. binda in.
binder or bookbinder.

Dan. Bogbinder; Du. boekbinder; Fr.
relieur; Ger. Buchbinder; //. legatore



di libri; Sp. encuadernador ; Sw. bok-

binder's title.

Dan. Rygtitel; Du. boekbinderstitel, rug-

titel; Fr. titre du relieur; Ger. Riicken-

titel; //. titolo del legatore; Sp. titulo

del encuadernador; Sw. ryggtitel.
bindery or bookbinder shop.
Dan. Bogbinderi; Du. boekbinderij ; Fr.

atelier de relieur; Ger. Buchbinderei;

It. legatoria; Sp. taller de encuaderna-

cion; Sw. bokbinderi.

Dan. Indbinding; Dti. band; Fr. reliure;

Ger. Einband; //. legatura; Sp. encua-

dernacion; Sw. inbindning.

binding, worn.

Dan. slidt Bind; Du. versleten band; Fr.
reliure fatiguee; Ger. abgeniitzter Ein-
band; //. legatura logora; Sp. encuader-
naci&n muy usada; Sw. sliten inbind-

binding in boards. See boards, in.

black letter, (pr.) The old English or modern
Gothic letter in which the early Eng-
lish books were printed.
Dan. gammelt engelsk Frakturbogstav;
Du. Duitsche letter; Fr. lettre de forme,
lettre flamande ; Ger. altenglischer Buch-
stabe; //. carattere gotico; Sp. letra
de tortis; Sw. gammal engelsk frak-


blacks, (pr.) A space, quadrat or piece of
furniture which rises and is imprinted
on the sheet.
Dan. Spis; Z)«. zwarte vlekken ; Fr. espace
montee a Timpression; Ger. Spiess; //.
spazi; Sw. spis.

blank book. See book, blank.

bleed, to. (bb.) To cut into the printed
part of a book in trimming. Stand. Did.
Dan. sksere en Bog ned saa meget at
Teksten lider; Du. afsnijden met
tekstverminking; Ger. mit Textverlust
beschneiden; //. smarginare; Sp. cortar
de modo que sufra lo impreso ; Sw. skara
i stil.

blind blocking. See blind tooling.

blind tooling or blind blocking, (bb.)

Dan. Bhndtryk; Du. bhnddruk op banden;
Fr. fers a froid, ornements a froid;
Ger. BHndpressung, BHnddruck; //.
ornamenti a secco; Sp. estampadura en
seco; Sw. bHndtryck.

block-book, (b.) A book printed from en-
graved blocks of wood. Webster.
Dan. Blokbog; Du. houtblokdruk; Fr.
Hvre xylographique ; Ger. Holztafel-
druck, Blockbuch; //. Hbro xilografico;
Sp. Hbro xilografico; Sw. blockbok.

blotting paper.

Dan. Klatpapir, Traekpapir; Du. vloei-
papier; Fr. papier buvard; Ger. Losch-
papier; //. carta sugante, carta asciu-
gante; 5/>.papel secante; Sw. laskpapper.



boards, (bb.) Pasteboard sides for a book

cover. Webster.
Dan. Pappermer; Du. kartonnenband ;

Fr. plats de carton; Ger. Pappdeckel;

It. piatti in cartone ; Sp. tapas de cart&n ;

Siv. papp-parmar.
boards, in. (bb.) A book with pasteboard

Dan. stifthaeftet; Du. gecartonneerd ;

Fr. cartonne; Ger. kartonniert, steif-

broschiert; //. incartonato, cartonato;

Sp. encartonado; Sw. styfhaftad, kar-

boards, wooden, (bb.)

Dan. Traebogpermer ; Du. houtband;

Fr. plats de bois; Ger. Holzdeckel; //.

piatti in legno; Sp. tapas de madera;

Sw. traparmar.
bodkin, (pr.) A sharp pointed instrument

for picking type from a form in correct-
ing. Stand. Diet.
Dan. Aal; Du. correctie-els ; Fr. pointe;

Ger. Ahle; It. lesina; Sp. punzon,

punta; Sw. al.
body type, (pr.) The type ordinarily used.
Dan. Brodskrift, Vaerkskrift; Du. brood-
letters; Fr. caracteres ordinaires; Ger.

Brotschriften; //. tipi comuni; Sp.

letra usual; Sw. vanlig tryckstil.
bold faced t3rpe. See type, bold faced,

Dan. Bog; Du. boek; Fr. livre; Ger. Buch;

//. libro; Sp. libro; Sw. bok.



book, blank.

Dan. ubeskrevet Bog, Skrivebog; Du.
onbeschreven boek; Fr.l ivre blanc; Ger.
unbeschriebenes Buch; It. falso volume,
libro bianco; Sp. libro en bianco; Siv.

book, secondhand.

Dan. brugt Bog; Du. tweedehandsch boek;
Fr. livre d'occasion; Ger. antiquarisches
Buch; //. libro d'occasione; Sp. libro
de segunda mano; libro de ocasion,
libro de lance ; Sw. an\ and bok.

book of hours. A Roman Catholic prayer-
book containing prayers to be repeated
at stated times of the day. Webster.
Dan. Tidebog; Dii. getijdenboek, getij-
boek; Fr. livre d'heures, paire d'heures,
heures; Ger. Stundengebete ; //. libro
delle ore; Sp. libro de horas; Sw. hora-

book in quires. See book in sheets.

book in sheets or book in quires, (bo.) A
book not folded or bound. Amer. Diet,
of Pr.
Dan. Bog i Materie; Du. boek in Icsse
bladen; Fr. livre en feuilles; Ger. rohes
Exemplar; //. hbro in fogli; Sp. libro en
rama; Sw. bok i exemplar, ohaftad bok.


Dan. Bogauktion; Du. openbare boek-
verkooping, boekenveiling; Fr. vente
publique de livres; Ger. Biicher-V'er-
steigerung; //. asta libraria, vendita di



libri air asta; Sp. remate de libros, sub-
asta de libros; Sw. bokauktion.

bookbinder. See binder.

bookbinder shop. See bindery.

book collector.

Dan. Bogsamler; Du. boekenverzamelaar;
Fr. collectionneur de livres; Ger. Biicher-
sammler; It. amatore di libri, coUettore
di libri; Sp. colector de libros; Sw.

book-compositor, (pr.)

Dan. Varksaetter; Du. boekzetter; Fr.
compositeur de livre; Ger. Werksetzer;
//. compositore; Sp. cajista de libros.

book-cover. See cover.

bookdealer. See bookseller.


Dan. Boghandlermesse; Du. boekhandel-
kermes; Fr. foire de librairie; Ger. Buch-
handlermesse; //. fiera di libri; Sp.
feriade libros; Sw. bokhandlaremessa.

book-mark. Any object, as a ribbon, to be
placed between or on the leaves of a
book to mark a place for ready reference.
Stand. Diet.
Dan. Bogmaerke; Du. boekenlegger,
leeswijzer; Fr. signet; Ger. Buchzeichen,
Zeichenbandchen ; //. segno ; Sp. marca-
dor; Sw. bokmarke.

bookplate or ex-libris. An engraved label,
placed on or in a book to indicate
ownership or proper place in a library.
Stand. Diet.



Dan. Bogplade; Du. boekmerk, boek-
merkteeken; Fr. ex libris; Ger. Biicher-
zeichen, ex libris; //. ex libris; Sp. ex
libris; Siv. bokagarmarke.
bookseller or bookdealer.

Dan. Boghandler; Du. boekhandelaar ;
Fr. libraire; Gr. Buchhandler; //. libraio;
Sp. librero; Sw. bokhandlare.
bookseller, secondhand.

Dan. Antikvarboghandler; Du. tweede-
hands boekhandelaar; Fr. bouquiniste,
antiquaire; Ger. Antiquar, Biicher-
trodler ; //. venditore di libri vecchi ; Sp.
vendedor de libros usados; Sw. anti-

Dan. Boghandlerkatalog; Du. boekhande-
laarscatalogus ; Fr. catalogue de librairie ;
Ger. Buchhandlerkatalog; //. catalogo
di libraio; Sp. catalogo de librero; Sw.

Dan. Boghandel, Boglade; Du. boek-
winkel; Fr. librairie; Ger. Buchhand-
lung, Buchladen; //. libreria; Sp.
libreria; Sw. bokhandel, boklada.

Dan. Boghandel; Du. boekhandel; Fr.
commerce de livres; Ger. Buchhand-
lung, Buchhandel; //. commercio di
libri; Sp. comercio de libros; Siv. bok-



book-work, (pr.) Work on books and
pamphlets, as distinguished from job-
work or newspaper work. Stand. Diet.
Dan. Bogtryk, Vaerkarbejd; Du. boek-
werk; Fr. composition de Hvre; Ger.
Werksatz ; It. composizione di libri ; Sp.
composicion de Hbros; Sw. boktryck.

bookworm. The larva of an insect destruc-
tive to books. Stand. Did.
Dan. Bogorm; Du. boekworm; Fr. ptilin;
Ger. Biicherwurm; It. tarlo, tignupla;
Sp. polilla que roe los libros; Sw. bok-

border or margin.

Dan. Rand, Margen; Du. rand; Fr. marge;
Ger. Rand; //. margine; Sp. margen,
orilla; Sw. rand.

border, mourning. See mourning border.

bosses. Protuberant metal ornaments on.
the boards of a book.
Dan. Metalbeslag; Du. metaalbeslag; Fr.
ferrures; Ger. Metallbeschlage; //. fer-
ratura suUa legatura; Sp. ornamentos
metalicos en los costados de la pasta
para resguardarla ; Sw. metallbeslag.

bottom of a page. The blank space at the
foot of a page.
Dan. Underslag; Du. voet van een blad-
zijde; Fr. bas d'une page; Ger. Unter-
schlag; It. calce; Sp. pie de una
pagina; Siv. underslag.

bottom-line. Last line on the page, preceding
the direction-line.



Dan. Slutningslinie; Du. slotregel; Fr.

ligne inferieure; Ger. Schlusslinie,

Grundlinie; It. linea di fondo; Sp.

linea del pie de la pagina; Sw. slutrad.


Dan. indbunden; Dii. gebonden; Fr.
relie; Ger. eingebunden; It. legato;
Sp. encuadernado ; Sw. inbunden.
box in, to. (pr.) To place rules around a page.
Dan. indramme med Linier; Du. omlijs-
ten; Fr. encadrer avec des filets; Ger.
einrahmen mit Linien; //. incorniciare,
inquadrare; Sp. encuadrar con reglas,
orlar; Sw. inrama med linjer.
brackets or squares. [ ]

Dan. Klammer; Du. haken; Fr. crochets
carres; Ger. eckige Klammer; //. paren-
tesi quadre; Sp. parentesis angulares,
corchetes; Sw. klammer, vinkelparentes.
broadside. A sheet of paper printed on one
side only.
Dan. Etbladstryk; Du. eenblad-druk;
Fr. feuille de> papier imprimee d'un seul
cote; Ger. Einblattdruck; //. foglio di
carta stampato solamente da una parte;
Sp. hoja suelta impresa en una sola cara;
Siv. ettbladstryck.

Dan. Borsteaftrsek; Du. proefblad met
den borstel getrokken; Fr. epreuve k la
brosse; Ger. Biirstenabzug, Abklatsch;
It. bozza col ruUo; Sp. prueba sacada
con escobilla.



calendering, (pa.) Making paper smooth

and glossy. Webster.
Dan. Glitning; Du. satineering; Fr. sati-

nage; Ger. Satinieren; //. satinatura;

Sp. satinacion; Sw. satinering.
calf leather.

Dan. Kalveskind; Du. kalfsleer; Fr.

peau de veau; Ger. Kalbleder; //.

vitello; Sp. becerrillo, vitela; Sw. kalf-


Dan. KaHko, Bogbinderlaerred ; Du.

katoen; Fr. percaline, calicot; Ger.

Kaliko, Perkal; //. percaUina; Sp .

percal, percalina; Sw. kalika.
cancel. A leaf or part of any printed matter

or work suppressed or stricken out, also

any printed matter substituted for that

stricken out.
Dan. omtrykt Blad; Die. verbeterblad ;

Fr. feuillet refait, carton refait, defet;

Ger. Auswechselblatt, Answurfbogen,

Karton, Umdruckblatt; //. foglietto

ristampato a cagione di qualche errore;

Sp. carton, cuartilla; Sw. kartong.
canceled, (e.) crossed out or obliterated.
Dan. overstroget; Du. doorgeschrapt; Fr.

bifife; Ger. durchgestrichen ; //. biffato;

Sp. borrado; Sw. utstruket.
capital letter. See letter, capital.



capitals, small, (pr.) Letters made in imita-
tion of capitals, but of smaller size.
Stand. Diet.
Dan. Kapitelker, smaa Kapitaler; Dii.
kleine kapitalen; Fr. petites capitales;
Ger. Kapitalchen; //. maiuscoletti ; Sp.
versalitas; Sw. kapitaler.


Dan. Federal ; Du. foedraal; Fr. etui; Ger.
Futteral; //. custodia, busta; Sp. caja;
Sw. fodral.

catchword. The word placed at the bottom
of each page, under the last line, which
is to be printed as the first word on the
following page. Webster.
Dan. Kustos; Dii. bladwachter, custode;
Fr. reclame; Ger. Kustode, Eckwort-
kustode, Blattweiser, Blatthiiter; //.
richiamo; Sp. reclamo; Siv. kustod.

cento. A composition formed by verses or
passages from different authors, ar-
ranged in a new order. Webster.
Dan. Flikkevserk; Du. dichtstuk samen-
gesteld uit de werken van andere dich-
ters; Fr. centon; Ger. Flickgedicht;
It. centone; Sp. cent&n; Sw. dikt sam-
manplockad af verser frin flere for-

chapbook. A small book carried about for

sale by hawkers. Webster.

Dan. Flyveskrift solgt of Kolportorer;

Du. vlugschrift; Fr. brochure vendue

par des colporteurs; Ger. kolportierte



Flugschrift; Sp. folleto vendido por un
pacotillero; Sw. utkolporterad flyg-


Dan. Kapitel; Du. hoofdstuk; Fr. chapitre;
Ger. Kapitel; //. capitolo; Sp. capitulo;
Sw. kapitel.

character. See letter.

chase, (pr.) An iron frame used by printers
to confine types when set in columns or
pages. Webster.
Dan. Formramme; Dii. vormraam; Fr.
chassis d'imprimerie; Ger. Rahmen; It.
telaio di stamperia; Sp. rama; Sw.

cheap edition. See edition, cheap.

chiaroscuro, (e.) A method of printing en-
gravings, usually wood-engravings, from
blocks representing lighter and darker
shades, used especially in the 15th and
16th centuries.
Dan. Halvskyggetryk; Du. clair-obscuur;
Fr. impression clair-obscure; Ger. Hell-
dunkeldruck; //. stampa a chiaro-scuro;
Sp. claroscuro ; Sw. klarobskyr tryck.

clasp. A small hook to hold together the
covers of a book. Webster.
Dan. Haegte; Du. klamp; Fr. fermoir;
Ger. Schloss, Schliesse; //. borchia,
fermaglio; Sp. broche para cerrar un
libro; Siv. knappe.

close matter, (pr.) See matter, close.



cloth, (bb.)

Dan. Shirting; Du. linnen; Fr. toile; Ger.
Leinwand; //. tela; Sp. tela; Suk klot,
coat of arms. Originally a surcoat charged
with heraldic devices, hence the
armorial bearings of a person. Stand.
Dan. Vaabenskjold; Dii. wapenschild;
Fr. blason, amies; Ger. Wappen; //.
stemma; Sp. escudo dearmas, escudete;
Siv. vapenskjold.
collected works. See works, collected,

Dan. Samling; Dn. verzameling, collectie;
Fr. collection; Fr. recueil, collection;
Ger. Sammlung; //. raccolta; Sp. colec-
cion; Siv. samling.
collective title. See title, collective,

Dan. Kolon; Du. dubbelpunt; Fr. deux
points; Ger. Kolon, Doppelpunkt; //.
due punti; Sp. colon; Sw. kolon.
colophon. An inscription at the end of a
book containing the place and year of
publication, the printer's name, etc. A
colophon is found only in early printed
Dan. Kolofon; Du. slotschrift; Fr. sou-
scription, colophon; Ger. Endschrift,
Schlusschrift, Explicit, Rubrum, Kolo-
phon; //. sottoscrizione; Sp. colofon;
Sw. kolofon.




Dan. koloreret, kulort; Dii. gekleurd;
Fr. enlumine, en couleurs; Ger. koloriert,
in Farben; //. miniato; Sp. miniado;
Sw. fargad, kulort.

colored work or polychromy.

Dan. Farvetryk; Dii. kleurendruk; Fr.
impression en couleurs; Ger. Mehrfar-
bendruck; It. stampa a colori; Sp.
estampa en colores; Sw. fargtryck.

column, (pr.) One of two or more vertical
series of lines, separated by a rule or
blank space. Stand. Diet.
Dan. Spalte; Du. kolom; Fr. colonne;
Ger. Spalte, Kolonne; //. colonna; Sp.
columna; Suk spalt.

column rule, (pr.) A thin brass strip, type-
high, used to mark the division of
columns. Stand. Diet.
Dan. Spaltelinie; Du. streep tusschen
twee kolommen; Fr. colombelle, filet
de milieu; Ger. Spaltenlinie; //. riga di
colonna; Sp. raya de columna, corondel;
Sw. spaltlinje.

combed edges. See edges, combed.


Dan. Komma; Du. Komma; Fr. virgule;
Ger. Komma; It. virgola; Sp. coma;
Sw. komma.

commence even or flush, (pr.)

Dan. begynde uden Indrykning; Du.
zonder inspringen beginnen; Fr. com-
mencer sans renfoncement; Ger. stumpf



anfangen; It. cominciare in riga, comin-
ciare senza capoverso; Sp. comenzar
igual; Siv. borja utan indrag.

commentator. See annotator.


Dan. Kompilation, Samling; Dii. com-
pilatie; Fr. compilation; Ger. Samm-
lung; //. compilamento, compilazione;
Sp. compilacion; Sw. kompilation, sam-


Dan. Samler, Kompilator; Dii. verzame-
laar; Fr. compilateur ; Ger. Sammler; //.
compilatore; Sp. compilador; Sw. kom-
pilator, samlare.


Dan. komplet; Du. complect; i^r. complet;
Ger. vollstandig; //. eompiuto, per-

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