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eleven are in the Mysore country, the latter under the ministration of
between twenty and thirty European priests, appointed by the Society
of Foreign Missions in Paris, and several native priests. There is a
large number of schools, both for boys and girls, the most important of
the former being St. Joseph's College at Bangalore, teaching up to the
B.A. standard, with a staff of ten priests and twenty other masters.
Nuns of the order of the Good Shepherd of x\ngers have a convent at
Bangalore and a large girls' school, with branches of both at Mysore.
There are also a Magdalen asylum and orphanages, both male and
female, in Bangalore and other places. Connected with the Mission is
St. Martha's Hospital at Bangalore, an institution on a large scale, with
an Eye Infirmary attached ; and nuns act as nurses in the Civil
hospitals both at Bangalore and Mysore. Agricultural farms, with
villages populated chiefly by famine orphans, have been established at
Siluvepura (Nelamangala laluq) and Mariapura (Kankanhalli taluq).
The Catholic population of Mysore, according to the census of 1891,
is 26,518, of whom five per cent, are Europeans, six per cent. Eurasians,
and the remainder natives.

Loudon Mission. — The first Protestant mission to the Canarese
people seems to have been established at Bellary by the London

— I communicated the cause of the delay to Major Wilks, who recommended an
operation invented by some skilful physician of England, and lately introduced into
his country, which alleviates the violence of this pernicious disease. — The operation
was accordingly performed by the Resident's surgeon, and in consequence six mild
jiustules appeared on the young bride, who soon after recovered. — The Ranee
expressed her extreme astonishment at a remedy so easy and surprising for a malady
so deleterious ; a remedy which, until now, was unknown in these regions. — She was
made very happy thereby, and determined that the nuptials should be celebrated
within the year."

His Lordship in Council trusts that the publication of the preceding extract will
evince the continued desire with which this government is actuated in the encourage-
ment of the vaccine practice ; and, above all, that it will hold forth to all persons in
India an interesting and illustrious example, of the safety with which that practice
may be extended.


Missionary Society. Thence, in 1820, operations were commenced
in Bangalore by the Revs. Laicller and Forbes, and in 1839 extended
to Mysore; but in 1850 the latter station was given up. From the
commencement, the efforts of the Mission have been devoted to public
preaching in Bangalore and the surrounding country, and to literary
and educational work. The valuable dictionaries — Carnataca-English,
and English-Carnataca, — the only works of the kind then in existence,
were the production of the Rev. W. Reeve of this Mission. And the
same gentleman, in conjunction with the Revs. J. Hands and W.
Campbell, were the translators of the earliest version of the Canarese
Bible, for the printing of which Canarese type was first cast, under the
direction of Mr. Hands. A new translation was subseciuenlly made,
in which the Revs. B. Rice and C. Campbell had a large share, and
this has been recently revised by a committee composed of missionaries
from various Missions. Native female education is especially indebted
to the ladies of this Mission (Mrs. Rice and Mrs. Sewell), who opened
the first Canarese girls' schools in 1840.

The agency now includes five European missionaries with one lad)
missionary and two European lay evangelists, and four native ministers
with seven native evangelists. Of the native ministers, one is in charge of
the Canarese church formed in the Bangalore Petta, and another of
the Tamil church in the Cantonment. The principal out-station is at
Chik Ballapur ; but there are out-stations at Malur, Anekal, and other
places east and north from Bangalore. There are a large number of
children under instruction in the Mission schools, both boys and girls.
The principal institution is the High School (established in 1847 in
Bangalore) and its branches, educating up to the standard of
matriculation at the Madras University.

The W'cskyan Mission commenced its work in the Mysore country
in 1822, but for many years the missionaries laboured only among the
Tamil people of the Cantonment of Bangalore. The Canarese Mission
was begun in Bangalore in 1835. The following year a lengthened tour
through Mysore and Coorg was undertaken by two of the missionaries
(Revs. Hodson and l'"ranklin), and suitable stations were selected.
Cubbi was made the residence of a missionary in 1837, and a consider-
able number of populous villages in the neighbourhood were brought
under Christian instruction. In 1839 a circuit was established in llu-
city of Mysore, and at various times other circuits in the prin( ipal
towns, the number now being forty.

The Mission employs thirteen European missionaries and six
native ministers, with four European and forty-three native evangelists.
There are 3,724 adherents, of whom 1,486 arc church members.


Online LibraryB. Lewis (Benjamin Lewis) RiceMysore: a gazetteer compiled for government (Volume 1) → online text (page 58 of 98)