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built in 1867, at a cost for the former of Rs. 46,047 and for the latter
of Rs. 2,16,454. More recently, at Bangalore, the Raja's Castle,


Government House, the Division Cutcherry, and the Central College
{late High School) are prominent buildings which were in great measure
(especially the first) rebuilt according to ornamental designs, costing
altogether about 2^ lakhs. With these may be mentioned the Museum,
the Post Ofifice, and the Government Press, costing together nearly
I lakh. Cutcherries at head-quarters of Districts for Deputy Commis-
sioners, at Sub-division head-quarters for Assistant Commissioners,
Courts for Judicial Assistants, Taluq cutcherries. District Jails (that at
Shimoga costing over i lakh). School-houses, Civil Hospitals and
Dispensaries, offices for Executive Engineers at District head-quarters,
— were various classes of structure which provided throughout the
country suitable accommodation for the several branches of i)ublic
business involved.

In the category of civil buildings falls also work done to public
monuments and religious buildings. The chief work here was the repair
and re-painting of Tipu's Summer Palace, known as the Dariya Daulat,
at Seringapatam, under orders issued by the Marquis of Dalhousie in
November 1855. The work, which was almost entirely of an artistic
character — viz., repainting the picture of Baillie's defeat, renewal of the
interior enrichments, c\:c., was well completed in a little over three years
at an outlay of Rs. 37,000. Under the same authority Rs. 2,000 were
expended in 1859 in replacing the inlaid doors and executing other work
to the tombs of Haidar and Tipu at Seringapatam. Rs. 5,491 were
spent in restoring the roof and otherwise preserving the celebrated
temple of Halebid.

Of works of irrigation, included under the head Agricultural, the
following are some of the principal that were executed : —

Cost Rs.
Kcbuilding the Sriramdevar anient on the Hemavati, and imjiroving

channel below ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 2,78,504

Rebuilding the Maddur anient on tiie Shimsha, and improving channel

below ^5,365

Rebuilding the Maichalli anient on the Lakshmantirtha, and improving

channel below ... .. ... ... ... ... ... ... 29,339

Aqueduct over the Lokapavani on the Chikdevarayi-scigar channel ... 22,265

Rebuilding the Lakshmanpnra anient on the Nugu 12,878

Do. llalhalli anient on the Gundal ... ... ... ... 10,424

A very iniporlanl priii

Online LibraryB. Lewis (Benjamin Lewis) RiceMysore: a gazetteer compiled for government (Volume 1) → online text (page 88 of 98)