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work of vending is thus placed in the hands of a large number of persons
possessing local knowledge and influence, whose watchfulness in their own
interest will be a most useful check upon illicit distillation in their respective
tracts. The increase of duty, which involved no increase of price to the
consumer, and the sale of the right of vend, had the effect of securing to
Government money which hitherto formed the profits of middlemen.
Satisfactory arrangements have been made through a Government agent
for the carriage of liquor to the various localities outside the Bangalore

The number of toddy shops was 2,892 in 1 890-1 and 3,052 in
1894-5. The consumption of date toddy in the latter year was
15,884,269 gallons. The arrack shops numbered 943 in 1 890-1, 894
in 1891-2, and 925 in 1894-5. The consumption of arrack was
424,511 gallons in 1891-2, and 527,683 in 1894-5. These figures all
include the Civil and Military Station of Bangalore.

The other items of Excise revenue are receipts for licenses to sell
country beer, foreign liquors, and local double-distilled liquors, ganja
and opium. Beer in 1 895 was sold at four taverns in Bangalore,
supplied from a brewery on the Nilgiris. The tavern formerly existing
at the Kolar Gold-fields seems not to be kept up. Ganja and opium
are entirely supplied by importation, the cultivation being prohibited.
There were in 1894-5, for the sale of ganja, 64 wholesale and 145
retail shops ; and the consumption was 58,935 seers of ganja and 1,033
of majum. For the sale of opium there were 87 shops, and the
consunij)tion was 3,429 seers.

Sayar, or land customs, also managed by the Excise dejiartment,
arc now levied only on supari or areca-nut, the bulk of which produce
is from Kadur and Shimoga Districts. The duties on tobacco, carda-
moms, cocoanuts and betel-leaves were resigned to Municipalities, who
collected them, but only within municipal limits, as octroi, and paid
half the proceeds to Government. In 1S93-4 the whole was re-
linquished in their favour.


Mohatarfa, or assessed taxes, were in a similar manner made over to
the Municipalities, who paid half the proceeds to Oovernment. In
1892-3 the claim to a moiety was relinquished in the case of those
Municipalities which agreed to bear the cost of Police. But next year
Police charges were debited to State funds, and all the Municipalities
were allowed to retain the whole of the Mohatarfa.

Interest represents, besides that accruing on investments, what is
earned by current deposits in the Bangalore Branch of the Madras
Bank, with which an agreement was entered into in 1887 to receive the
surplus available cash balances, and pay 2 per cent, interest thereon.
In 1894 the agreement was modified by the adoption of a variable
scale of interest, rising, with the Bank's published minimum rate for
loans against Government paper, up to 6 per cent.

The annual statement of expenditure is given on the following page.

The entries under the first head include the Famine loan of 80 lakhs
due to the Government of India. Annual payments of 4 lakhs were
made from current revenue towards interest and reduction of principal
down to 1888-9, when the loan was discharged in full by applying for
this purpose the refund of Rs. 6,860,508 on account of the capital
outlay on the Mysore-Harihar Railway. The annual payments of
4 lakhs have since then been put into a fund for the redemption of the
Railway loan.

The Palace charges consist of H.H. the Maharaja's Civil list, fixed
by the Instrument of Transfer, paid in full from 1886-7, ^'""d with an
increase of i lakh from the ist June 1891. Some of the charge.?
previously met from it were also transferred to the Muzrai and Military

Of Assignments under Treaties, the first is the Subsidy to the British
Government, which remained at 24^ lakhs per annum, as before, the
addition of io| provided by the Instrument of Transfer being post-
poned, first for 5 years, and then for 10 years more, till the 31st March
1896. On the other hand, the British Government from 1884-5
retained the net revenue of the Civil and Military Station of Bangalore,
Under Allowances, on account of the higher cost of living, the pensions
of Pallegars were increased 50 per cent, in 1893-4, the charge on this
account being thus raised from Rs. 37,724 to Rs. 56,586.^

The State Accounts, in addition to the usual local audits, have been
examined at various times by special Auditors deputed from the
Government of India; in 1872 by Mr. Taylor, in 1S78 by INIr.
Westland, and in 1896 by Mr. Biddulph.

• The pensions had been increased 50 per cent, by Sir Mark Cubbon in 1S60, and
again 25 percent, by Mr. Bowring in 1S64-5.



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