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Tucker Tom r 2700 Av D Main-6507-W

Tucker W J r 2704 At G Elri$l>»-U35-J

Tuggle C A r 903 13th av n Main-887

Tuggle Institute 122T N 9th Main-6367

Tuggle W P r 2112 Park aT Ensley-1237-W

TujagueA Jr r 1006 Woodland aT s. . .Main-S122-J
Tujague Importing Co Inc ofc

2130 Morris aT.Main-1013

Tulll W r 1102 S 26th Main-3990-W

Tully Charley r 2220 12th aT n. . .Hemlock-1325-J

Tully Heating Co ofc Empire bl Main-8428

Tully S J Mrs r 1025 N 12th Main-7205

Tumbrel la Pete r 4800 2d aT s Wdlawn-397

Tumbrel lo Tony r 234 S 62nd Wdlawn-776

Tunkle E r 1616 11th av n Main-S827-W

Turlington Lee F Dr ofc Empire bl Main-5739

Turlington Lee F Dr r 2011 Quinlin aT..Main-553

If no answer, call Main-2446

Turner Annie Mrs r 1912 Av D Main-7105

Turner B H r 614 Princeton av W End-599-W

Turner Drug Co 301 Carlisle aT Ensley-664

Turner E Mrs r 405 Princtn aT W End-164-W

Turner E E Mrs r 2808 12th aT n.Hemlock-1019-W
Turner Elec & Supply Co 2164 Ist ar. . .Main-134S

Turner F W r 1725 14th aT n Main-7065-J

Turner H A civil eng 1st N B bl Main-1412

Turner H A r 1415 S 17th Main-2358-J

Turner H H r 1226 N 26th Hemlock-311-J

Turner I r 634 S 34th Main-1133-W

Turner J C r 725 Ethel av W End-310-J

Turner Jeffie V Mrs r 114 N Pearl... W End-412-W

Turner Jno D r Margaret Apts Main-6085

Turner Jno D Co rafg agt Jff Co Bk Main-2000

Turner Jno R Rev r 7759 Hillman av.Wdlawn-300-W

Turner John S & Co ofc Steiner bl Main-777

Turner Kathryn Mrs r 2020 Av D Main-6329-J

Turner Matt Mrs r 165 Davies Wdlawn-668

Turner M S r 5535 3fd av s Wdlavyn-954-J

Turner N F Dr r 4436 2d av n Main-5580

Turner Studio Co 404 N 20th Main-1509

Turner T A r 1520 12th ut s. Main-6242-W

Turner Ullman C r 109 3rd av Ensley-1785

Turner W L r 1020 Tusc aT W End-251-W

Turney H L r 1511 Hayes W End-141-W

Turnipseed J A r 8 College W End-954-J

Tumipseed J W r 119 Halstead Wdlawn-345-W

Turnipseed W E r 1820 Jeff aT Enslcy-532-J

TurpinW P r 3917 Summit av Main-7873-W

TurrentineT J r 1406 11th aT s Main-1825

Tuscaloosa Ave PrssQ Shop 1122 Tusc aT.WEnd-751

Tuscaloosa Cooperage Co Am Tr bl Main-2739

TuttW A Re» r 516 Kate aT n Main-6751

TutwIlerB S r 1217 S 13th Main-3670-J

Tutwiler Coal Co coal yd 1418 At A Maln-830


431 N 20th Main-858

Tutwiler E M ofc Jeff Co Bk bl Main-6653

Tutwiler E M Mrs r Ridgely Apts Main-495

Tutwiler E M Jr land com B-M bl Main-405

Tutwiler E M Jr r 2220 Syriamore Main-1342-J


425 N 20th Main-447

Tutwiler G A r 805 S 20th Main-5920-J

Tutwiler Herbert r 2224 Sycamore Main-4342-J


2000 5th av A Main-8200

Tutwiler Taxicab Co Tutwiler Htl Main-144

Tutwiler & Brooks iron & coal B-M bl. . .Main-3260
Tweed ley Allan D Dr

Residence 2421 29th ar n. Hemlock -35S-J
Twentieth Century Bakery 2117 2d aT n.Main-6322
Twentieth St CIng & Presg Co 1928 av E.Main-S3S9
Twenty-First Ave Drug Co 2600 21st av n.Main-9304
Twenty-first Street Hotel 110^^ N 21st.Main-767S
Twenty-Fourth St Lunch Room

2333 5th av n.Main-9299
Twenty-third Street Grocery 331 S 23rd . Main-695S
Twenty-Third St Shoe Shop 802 S 23rd.Main-8751

Twin Baking Co 930 S 11th Main-6489

Twining F H r 3820 Lakeview Main-654-J

Tyler A W r 1715 Av G Main-2950-J

Tyler B F r Glen Iris Pk Main-40S2

Tyler Geo S r 3019 Av G Main-2629-W


Wholesale 1615 1st av Main-6962

Tyler Jewelry Co 1824 Av E Ensley-1427

Tyler John L r 1341 N 31st Hemlock-282-W

Tyler N Mrs r 1345 N 31st Hemlock-799

Tyler R E Rev r 1926 At H Main-7665

Tyler W F r 3833 Crescent rd Main-4415-J

Tyler W G r 1212 N 31st Hemlock-666-J

TymesJas P r 7314 London av Wdfawn-842-W

Tyndal J F r 916 S 14th Main-6371

Tyner W S r 1620 Cleveland aT W End-848-W

TynesW D r 1705 At L Main-816

Tynes W F r 1771 13th aT s Main-2747-W

Typewriter Exchange ofc Farley bl Main-1335

Typewriter Specialty Co ofc Farley bl Main-7334

Tyson C B r 1407 S 21st Main-2030-W

Tyson J W r 1916 15th av n Main-4386-W

Tyson L A Mrs r 1923 Av F Ensley-373-J

TyusLula Miss r 1115 N 28th Hemlock-1263-J

Tyus S H r 300 N 50th Wdlawn-529-W


T irp f AV Auto Ambulance
LIUL LUI Service* Main 769


Uhl Henry painting contr 1726 1st av n..Main-784

Uhl Henry r Rising Station W End-299

UhrigA H r 1319 1st av W End-364-J


1923 1st ar Main-3S55

UtenLola Miss r 1131 N 36th Hemlock-770-W

Ullman M M atty Steiner bl Maln-2846

Ullman M M r 1201 Louise Main-426G-J

Ulmer A C r 708 Lamb ar W End-389-J

UmbenhauerM S r 1617 S 12th Main-8669-W

Umphrey J r 8215 Berney av ,. .Wdlawn-30-J

Underwood C P r 7830 Wlkr ti Wdlawn-1242-J

Underwood Ed r 7530 S 72nd Wdlawn-494-J



■A^Indicatet Private Btancfa Exchange


45p AUTO SHOP INC. '^?^


Underwood F V r 917 S 20th Main-3524

Underwood G W r 7128 Undrwd aT. . .Wdlawn-U47

Underwood W r 3398 Highland aT Main-975

Underwoods Sellers Dr ofc Empire bl. . . .Main-524
Underwood S Sellers Dr r 2208 14th aT s.Main-7697
Underwood Typewriter Co 1825 1st ar. . .Main-8105
Underwood-Walker Co sand & graTel

Jeff Co Bk bl.Maln-7351

Union C'arbide Sales Co 12 S 20th Main-1161

Union Cemetery Co Greenwd Cmty Wdlawn-280-J

Union Central Life Ins Co Wdwrd bl Main-707

Union Central Relief Assn Ala P S Bk. . .Main-3943

Union Cotton Oil Co 5th aT Main-7632

Union Envelope Co Lyric bl Main-5879

Union Land Co ofc Am Tr bl Main-5766

Union Mutual Ins Co ofc 310 N 18th Main-5737

Union Pacific R R Co ofc B-M bl Main-755

Union Sign Co 2118 2nd aT n Main-8049

Unit Stove & Furnace Co

3501 35th aT n. Hemlock-881

United Auto Supply Co 421 S 20th Main-1895

United Cigar Store p 8 1930 2nd aT Main-9297

United Embroidery Co 1809 3rd ar n. . .Main-1092
United G & E Eng Cor ofc 2100 1 aT. .Main-3705

United Mine Workers of Am Frly bl Main-249

United Railway Supply Co ofc Jff C Bk bLMain-3972

Sou sales ofc Am Tr bl Main-2967

Traffic dept Am Tr bl Main-4192

Traffic dept Am Tr bl Main-4542

B'ham Works 30th aT n Hemlock-741

US Commissioner ofc 1st Nat Bk bl Main-3200

U S Fidelity & Guarantee Co

Jeff Co Bk bl.Main-7322

US Fuel Co Inc ofc Am Tr bl Main-5853

United States Government
Railroad Administration
Federal bl

Asst Post Master Federal bl Main-1255

Bureau of Animal Industry Fed bl. .Main-5480
Bureau Entomology Research Lab

6427 1st av Wdlawn-946

Bureau of Mines ofc Sou Sta Main-8796

Bureau of Mines Rescue Sta W End-151

Collector of Int Revenue ofc

Federal bl Main-321

Collector of internal reT GoTt bl. .. .Main-321

Custodian Federal bl Main-7730

Dept of Justice Main-8S64

Federal Prohibition Agt Main-1173

Internal Revenue Agt Federal bl. . .Main-45S6

R S Hickman P M 616 19th Ensley-1550

R R mail service Tra»i Clk L&NSta.Main-6447
R R mail service Trans Clk TermSta.Main-6846

Secret Service DIt— Treas Dept Main-1037

U S Attorney Federal bl Main-932

U S Custom Federal bl Main-2525

U S commissioner ofc 1st N B bl. . .Main-3200
U S Pint Bham Coke & By-Prod Co

Boyles Wdlawn-816

Veterans' Bureau Jeff Co Bk bl Main-3731

Veterans' Bureau Jeff Co Bk bl Main-8798

Weather Bureau ofc 12tb aT n Main-1396

US Hotel 3071^ N 20th Main.1226

U S L Battery Service Sta 2201 At A..Main-3968




Maki 8322 1st Ave. 23rd St.



United States Post Office

North B'ham Sta Heffllock-782

Supt of Mails Main-7866

West End Sta W End-417

Avondale SU Main-7961

Finance & Registry Main-1255

Post Master's ofc Main-732

Inspectors Main-3581

East Lake Sta Wdlawn-1001

Post Office Garage Main-8095

Post Office Pratt City Ensley-1048


Jeff Co Bk bl Main-2554


1811 1st av

JJech Gds Div ,..Main-537

Office Main-6023

U S Salvage & Sales Co

Office 1810 4th av n.Main-5032

U S Tire Co 1809 1st av n Main-4608

U S Veterans Bureau Training Center

1710 5th av n.Main-4087
United Temple pay sta 1809^^ 4th av n.Main-919C

University Free Dispensary 1923 Av F Main-381

UpchurchC A r 1213 Cotton av W End-6I8-J

Upham E A r 1720 15th aT s Main-7848

UpshawJ R put & gls 2118 2nd ar n..Main-S049

Upshaw J R r 1011 Cotton ar W End-522

UrdongI r 1217 10th av s Main-7943-W

UrmeyJ H r 7428 1st av Wdlawn-1G47-J

Urquhart Audit Co ofc Title Guar bl Main-1329

UrquhartH B r 1105 S 13th Main-5321

Urquhart L H r 5616 5th aT s Wdlawn-201-J

Ussery C J Dr phys Empire bl Main-8264

If no ans-\ver, call Main-2446


1428 10th av s Main-6537

Utting F P r 528 Powell av W End-621-W


Vacuette Sales Co ofc 2115 1st av n Main-4174

VafesA L Dr r 7000 1st av Wdlawn-1276

Vail J B r 1312 S 16th Main-6331-W

Vail R B r 1516 Tusc av W End-537

VailSallie Miss r 1230 N 12th Main-3602-J

VailW C ofc Title Guar bl Main-1329

Vail W C r 1318 St Chas Main-3981-J

Vakakes James M r 615 17th Enslcy-668-J

ValekisB J r 1027 3d av Main-4052-W

Valekis Charlie r 704 S 12th Main-S119-W

Vallakos Anionics 800 Av F Main-9388

Vallely Mae Miss r 2001 Trilby av Enslcy-345

Valley View Poultry Farm Huffman. . .Wdiawn-8006

Vance F S r 1220 Av I Main-eSSO

Vance Frank M r 1311 N 31st Hemlock-232-W

Vance H H r 1008 8 18th Main-5960

Vance Henry r Levert Apts Main-7235-W

Vance J B r 622 S 28th Main-8654-J

Vance J G Dr ofc Wdward bl MaiR-1631

Vance J G Dr r 1215 N 23rd Hemlock-1372

Vance Jno r 136 N Wdlawn-50-J

VinceJno M r 2912 Av G Main-2602-W

Vance Safe Co ofc 1703 3rd av Main-5895

VandenBerg C r 321 42nd Ensley-54S-J


Maiu 862&510 Ivll A 1^



Vandergraff A V atty Jeff Co Bk bl Main-4780

VanDyke I M r 2009 Brown bWd Cniley-646-J

Van Dyke W L r 2925 22d aT En$ley-330-W

VanhcoserW A r 1110 N 54th Wdlawn-919-W

Vanity Fair Candy Shop

2010 Magnolia aT s.Main-2444
Van Keuren E B raech eng J C Bk bl . . . Main-6776

VankeurenE B r 116 N 60th Wdlawn-36-W

Vann F E r 520 S 55th Wdlawn-782-J

Vann Fred F r Rt 1 Ensley-7412

Vann Hobert H r 2200 Av G Ensley-197-J

Vann Ida Mrs r 1612 Av I Main-5466

Vann J A r 1020 Glenview rd Main-839

Vann J H r 5515 6th av s Wdlawn-1226-J

Vann J H Rev r Sunnyside W End-475-J

Vann P C r 1714 11th av s Main-4263-W

Vann R M r 4245 Av C Main-2333-W

VannS D r 5156 Grand aT Wdlawii-400

VannS F Auto Repairing 110 S 22nd. . .Main-1757

VannS F r 6529 Hillman av Wdlawn-744-J

Vann Sara Hunt Mrs r 4 College W End-946-J

VannWatie Miss r 520 N 21st Main-8521-i

VannWm M r Warrior blvd Ensley-584-W

VansandtJ K r 2412 At I Ensley-lS9-W

Varagona Calogero r 940 N 18th Main-4631-J

VardamanL A Mrs r 401 23d Ensley-1089-i

Varin C L Mrs r 908 N 41s}; Main-4598-W

Varlie J J r 2627 Aberdeen rd Main-6124

VarnerJ H r 4529 Valley rd Ensley-972-J

Varner N C r 2312 12th aT n Hemlock-1324-i

Vamer Sallie r 1411 A? K Ensley-14-J

Vaughan A M r 724 Tusc aT W End-925-W

VaughanE A r 1113 12th aT a Main-2433-i

Vaughan E B r 1101 Sycamore Main-8162

Vaughan Gertrude L Mrs

Residence Terrace Crt apts.Main-5184-J

Vaughan Joe V r 1188 N 13th Main-6033

Vaughan Lee r 1304 N 17th Main-1548-J

Vaughan P C r 1121 Cullom Main-2538-W

Vaughan S G r 3431 Highland aT Main-2706-W

Vaughan Theodore H r 1717 14tb aT 8.Main-lS76-J

Vaughan Wm Sr r 715 S 28th Main-1199

Vaughan & Silberman attys B-M bl Main-5867

Vaughan'sA W Market 2027 N 26th. .Hemlock-838

Vaughn E W r 2605 18th crt Ensley-667-W

Vaughn G L r 3343 Hgland av Main-6055-J

Vaughn Julia A Mrs r 1513 N 18th. . .Main-4244-J

Vaughn R H r 2400 At F Ensley-268-W

Vaughn R W r 2716 At J Ensley-U68

Vaughn T P r 420 1st av n Main-1880

Vaughn Thos H rl est 2129 3rd aT n. . .Main-7085

Vaughn W F Mrs r 1010 Kim Main-4209-J

VaughtJ E Mrs r 1508 N 36th Henilock-52-W

Vaycide Chemical Corp ofc 1624 Ist av n.Main-7073

VeitchJ S r 533 Randolph av W End.267-J

Veitch Plumbing Co Osceola Sta Ensley-1484

Veitch W J r 1432 2nd av W End-540

Vella Alfonso r 315 S 25th Main-2425

VellaC r 2130 20th av n Hemlock-1049-W

Velotas& Sarris soft drinks 225 N 18th.Main-9109

VenablesCafe 330 N Wth Main-lSl

Venus Chemical Co 1909 1st av n Main-1198

Verdier I E Miss ofc 1st N B bl Main-675

Vernon F H r 2733 Hanover Cir Main-2S23-J

Vernon S M groc 3909 10th av n Main-9482

EleCtrlCill Main sill

Niddlebrooks Electric Co.




■^Indicates Prirate Branch Ezdums«

f I^P I AV Anto Ambulance
LIUL Llll Senrice- Main 789


VtstBernie R Mrs r 1107 S 13th Main-7812-J

Vest J S r 4005 4th av s Main-5210

Vests 2 Sign Co ofc 113% N 20th Main-6660

Vezdocn C r 2701 At Main-2915

Vwi Co ofc 1st Nat Bk bl Main-1213

VibbcrWm H Mrs r Shady Side Enstey-489-J

Vice W C r 5615 2nd av s Wdtawn-293

Vice W C Undertaking Co

5601 1st av Wdlawn-40

5601 1st av Wdlawn.42

Vice Walter C Undertaking Co

2330 5th av n.Main-672

VickE T r 1607 Allen MaJn-€816

Vickers Ah«yn ofc Am Tr bl Main-6485

VickersAlwyn r Maplewood apts Main-966

VickeryA J Mrs r 2012 Ar H Main-4123-J

Vickery J Marshall r 519 43rd .Ensley-173g

Vickery L M r 2015 Ar H Main-4088

Vickery W r 8304 Underwood ar. .Wd lawn -587 -W
Victor Addino Machine Co 1st Nat Bk bI.Main-4481

Victor X Ray Corporation B-M bl Main-7381

Victory Indemnity Exchange auto in;

1905 1st av.Main-6625

VildibillC A r 4303 6th s Maln-4225-W

Vincents L r 1400 8th av n Main-7310

Vincent Electric Co 209 N 22nd Main-6559

Vincent J E B r 1608. Alraeter av W End-606-J

Vincent John N r 7420 Ist av n Wdlawn-9S1

Vincent Mollle Mrs r 620 8th av n . . . Main-4847-W

Vines Amos r Vinesville Sta Ensley-495-W

Vines D E r 420 Earl av Main-383«-W

Vines L R r 2617 19th av Ensley-194-W

VinessD r 1110 S 13th Main-7843

Vining C B Mrs r 1417 8th av n Main-5178-W

ViningGeo Mrs r 2127 8th av n Main.4735-W

Vinson A A Mrs r 5462 2nd av s Wdlawn-806-J

Vinson L Mrs r 1416 Catherine W End-941

Vhviglio Giovanni r 1200 N 46th. . .Wdlawn-519-J
Virgin H S r 2423 36th av n Hemlock-76-J


3900 8lh av n

Contracting Dept Main-1555

Pl*Dt Mgr Main-7845

Virginia-Carolina Chem Co Am Tr bl Main*713

VJtilloris Lewis groc 2431 8th av n Main-4686

VogtCeo Mrs r 309 Hale Inglnk Wdlawn-735-R

Vogtie A W r 1647 S 12th Main-3454-J

VoigtW C r 808 S 12tb av Main-6061-W

Voigts Produce Co whol 2008 Morris av.Main-7100

Volpl Oscar r 815 8 12th Main-7273.W

Volunteer State Life Ins Co Am Tr bl . . . Main-4526

Volunteers of America 2321 4th av Main-5650

Vorce Rufus F r 2415 Av I Main-7076-J

Vowell Claud* Mr< r 3009 A* V FjttUf.^^y.l

Vowe^T P Dr dent 1st N B bl Main-4194

Vulcan Radiator Co Inc 301 S 20tb Main-2236

Vulcan Rivet Corp ofc Boyles Wdlawn-1296


Wabash Railway Co Jeff Co Bk bl Main-2074

Wadded D H r 1617 7th av n Main-7370-J

WaddellS r 207 1st av Main-2133-J

Wade A C r 1225 S 13th Main-3142-W

Wade A T r 1028 S 43rd Main-1243-J






Wade C C r 36 Martin Ensley-66-J

WadeO r 1131 N 20th Main-4107-J

WadeF L r 4912 5th av n Wdlawn-389-J

Wade Geo C r 1411 15th av s Main-4043-W

Wade H L r 1500 N 25th Main.1762

Wade H W r 3021 Ensley av Ensley-904-J

WadeS L Mrs r 2725 Hanover Cir Main-8443

WadsworthA r 1003 Dugan En$ley-1240-J

Wadsworth M J r 212 48th En$ley-116-W

Waffle House K C 2104 5th av n Main-123

Wagensler Geo M r 1322 St Chas Main-6448-W

Waggoner SUI la Mrs r 1830 Av I Main-2442-J

Wagner A H r 1609 15th av s Main-S799

Wagner E F r 917 1st av W End-858-W

Wagner P T r 1148 S 12th Main-5563-J

Wagoner M H r 705 S 2dtb Main-7060-W

Wahauma Coal & Lumber Co

6500 1st av.Wdlawn.l373

WahliA r 318 Princeton av W End-250-W

Wahn Victor Mrs r 2414 7th av n Main-3649-J

Wahouma Drug Co (pay sta)

6510 1st av n.Wdlawn-9133
Wahouma Dry CIng & Prsg Co

6521 1st av.Wdlawn-399

WailesE L r 1110 N 15th Main-2259-J

Wainright D T r 1124 N 20th Main.6779

Waite R S r 5 Glen Iris Pk Main.3194-J

Waites B T Rev r 216 3rd W End-425-J

Waits Annie Mrs r 1524 Av H Ensley-733-J

Waits E E r 1910 22d av Ensley-1104-J

Wakefield Norwood CIng Co

1013 N 24th.Heffllock-I331

WaldE r 1601 S 2Lst Main-7923-W

Waldorf Bakery 1813 4th av Main-5627

629 N 16th Main-5411

WaldronS H r 5019 2d av Wdlawn-276-W

WaldropT B r 1220 N 31st Hemlock-372-J

Waldrcp W L r 16i>8 Pearson av W End-Ill

Waldrop Wm J r 423 S 82d Wdlawn-1128

Wales Adding Machine Co Jeff Co Bk bl. .Main-1485
Wales Vis Addiog & Lstg Mch Co

Jeff Co Bk bl.Miin-1485

Wales W C Mrs« r 716 20th w Main<6207-J

Walkover Shoe Co 214 N 20th Main-3S01

Walker A r 2315 Av E Ensley •645-J

Walker A E ofc Jeff Co Bk bl Main-1012

Walker A E r 2611 Highland av Main-520

Walker A H r 110 Oak W End-605-W

Walker Alfred A Dr ofc Emp bl Main-8417

Walker Alfred A Dr r 3837 Crescent rd. . .Main-125
Walker Annie Mrs r 426 N 81st. . .Wdlawn-130S-W
Walker Bertie Miss r 2821 34th av n.Hemlcck-1446

Walker C P r 1115 N 32nd Hemlock-1212-J

Walker C R Drug Store 2401 Ensley av. .En$ley-173

Walker C R r 1811 Terrell blvd Ensley-69

Walker J r 1129 Glen Iris av Main-7882-W

Walker Dora r 500 Emma av Main-759e-J

Walker Drug Co 2931 N 27tb Hemlock-170

Walker Eddie Mrs r 1224 N 30tb. .Hemlock-473-W


107 N 21st Main-8587

Walker Elizabeth A r 308 MiUer P C . . . Ensley-593

Walker Evie Mrs r 3705 Bess blvd Ensley-616-J

Walker Geo r 1530 Water Hemlock-685

Walker Gecrgia Mrs r 812 N 17th Main-71^2






Main 862 & 510





Miin 8322 Isi Ave. 23rd Sf.


mmi ,'

S M. 10O2


Walker Hannah r 5351 5tb av n. . .Wdlawn-1156-W
Walker Hettie Mae Miss r 909 N 47th. Wdlawn-514-J '

Walker I r 1620 Terrell bird Ensley-209-W

Walker J A r 1205 Av H Main-4454

Walker J r 35th av n Hemlock -186-W

Walker J H r 1220 N 28th Hemlock-809-J

Walker J r 3995 8tb Crt s Main-2192-W

Walker J P ofc Jeff Co Bk bl Main-7351

Walker J P r 923 S 42nd Main-2986-J

Walker J Z r 2113 lltb av a Main-6558-J

Walker James L r Hgland View apts Main-2145

Walker Jas R E & Ins Co 7629 1st Wdlxwn-732

Walker Jas Rl Est & Ins Co

7701 Underwood av.Wdlawn-732

Walker Jas r 906 S 79th Wdlawn-1076-W

Walker John B r 2709 Bass blvd Ensley-208-J

Walker John J rl est & ins 509 19th...Ensley*249

Walker John J r 1449 Pike rd Ensley-514-J

Walker L W r 1300 N 33rd Hemlock-525-W

Walker Lucille Miss r 318 N 54th Wdlawn-917

Walker Margaret Miss r 712 Tusc av...W End-404
Walker Margurete A Miss r 715 N 21st. .Maln-8435

Walker Mathew r 53 Church Ensley-334-W

Walker P L r 3900' Av B Main-5585

Walker P L Drug Store 2200 Av F Main-2614

Walker R A r 3817 N 27tb Hemlock-1007-J

Walker Sanders r 228 S 56tb Wdlawn-369-J

Walker Thos R r Powell av Ensley-395-W

Walker W E r 1203 18th av s Main-3212-J

Walker W H r 738 W 20th Main-7244-J

Walker W W r 3701 N 27th Hemlock-580-J

Walker Wm M atty 1st fj B bl Main-795

Walker Wm M r 2730 Highland av Main-2722

Walker W V r 401 Burke W End-63-W

Wall A L r 1435 15th av s Main-8170-W

WallE R r 931 S 14th Main-3152-W

Wall J A r 6934 1st av n Wdlawn-854-J

Walls P r 1718 14th av n Main-1260-W

Wallace A B r 1213 N 23rd Hemlock-1220-W

Wallace A J r 2304 12th av n Hemlock-802-J

Wallace Bettie r 807 N 11th Main-3182-W

Wallace Bros Construction Co Jff Co Bk bl.Main-3416
Wallace Ooney Mrs r 5128 R R av.. .Wdlawn-450-W
Wallace Ella C Mrs r 1123 N 29th.Hemlock-1221-W

Wallace J L luans 226 N 22nd Main-1665

Wallace J M r 1314 St Chas Main-5331-W

Wallace J M Mrs r 531 St Chas av...W End-599-J
Wallace Neil R Mrs r 1005 12th av s..Main-7527
Wallaces H Dr ofc 5 Boyles Pike. .Wdlawn -603-W

Wallaces H Dr r 600 Park Row Wdlawn-603-J

Wallace Sam r 4209 10th av Ensiey-376-J

Wallace T F r 1506 N 23rd Hemlock-560-W

Wallace? Murray r 430 Pmctn av...W End-554-J

Wallace W B r 1520 N 26th Hemlock-436

Wallace W P Mrs r 809 S 20th Main-6066

Wallace W W r 8214 6th av s Wdlawn-1446-J

Wallace, & Allen Furn Co 2205 2nd av D.Main-4815

Waller B C r Rosedale Main-8840-W

Waller J F r Irondale Wdlawn-459-J

Waller Robt r 2712 Tenn Pike Hefflleck-14-J

WallisJ W Mrs r 2500 ^th av n Main-1494

WallisZelia Miss r 1116 N 32ik1. .Hemlock-1323-J

Walls E H r 324 Cotton av Main-6375-W

Walls J H r 2332 Apple av Emley-1043-W

WalKvork Annie Mrs r 102 S Almd...W End*226*J

^iMKettes Private Branch Excbanga






WallworfcH Fdry Co 4000 10th av Main-4664

WalmsleyG A Mrs r 1605 12tb iiT s. .Main-8835-J

Walmsiey W N ofc B-M bl Main-7800

Walmsley W N r Uarli Crt Main-1641

Walpole Edward Jr r 1520 10th av s. .Main-1753-J

WaipoleFred W r 1111 St Chas Main-1448-W

Walpole N C r 1900 Glea Iris av Main-1525-W

Walsh Beatrice Miss r 1118 Av H.. . .Main-8142-J
Walsh Groesbeck F Dr

Resideoce 223 Hospital Hgts.Ensley-1034-W

Walsh P J Rev r 1630 Av F Main-6323-J

Walsh W T r 2300 Oakland av Ensley.1767

WaistrufflA Harry r ralrmont Apts Main-2152


3 8 20th

Office k Works Main-1026

Prea r Fairmont apts Main-2152

Walter Geo C r 1524 16th av s Main-1654-W

Walter N J r 1915 Pike av Ensley-619-J

Walters Geo E r 1136 12tb av n Main-3680

WaltenJ E r 1418 N 31st Hemlock-464-W

Walters Jas J r 540 N 47tb ,Wdlawn-457-W

Walters W F r 1325 HuntsvUle av. . .Main-4614-W

Walthall Auto Shop 1400 2nd av Main-63S4

Walthall E W r 901 FounUin av Main-1471-J

Walthall Ellis auto repr 303 S 18th. . . .Main-7167

Walthall Hugh P r Edgewood Main-8109-J

Walthall Junius L r 1108 Glen Iris av. Main -8485 -J


220 N 22nd Main-1741

Walton H C Rev r 1215 N 27th Hemlock-571-W

Walton Jack T r 2731 Linden av s. . .Main-8856-W

Walton R C r Lajicaster SU W End-310-W

WanningerA r 130 S 50th Wdlawn-1133-J


2128 5th av n Main-18

Warble J C Mrs r 1428% 11th av s. .. .Main-8088

Ward B W transf 2719 Av F Main-7246

WardC P r 6401 1st av Wdlawn-164-J

Ward C P r 1705 Jasper Main-3030-J

Ward Doris r 1416 St Chas Main-6475-J

Ward Drug Co (pay sta) 418 1st av Main-9274

Ward E F r 4022 Oak Ensley-1319-J

WardF B r 1410 St Chas Main-6448-J

Ward Geo Br 1231 S 20th Main-1144

Ward H S Dr Empire bl Main-4S25

Ward H S Dr r 1108 N 31st Hemlock-1386

Ward Herbert J atty Title Guar bl Main-290

Ward Herbert J r 200 Grady W End-282-J

Ward J H atty Title bid Main-689

Ward J H r 501 Tusca av W End-673-W

Ward J V r 418 Ist av Main-7559

Ward James Alto Dr ofc 604 N 20th Main-4495

Ward James Alto Dr r 3910 Summit av s.Main<526

Ward John W Mrs r 2208 6th av n Main-4155

Ward K S r 1617 13th av s Main-8265-W


Genl ofc B-M bl Main-4390

Stocks & Bonds B-M bl Main-595

Ward M L atty Jeff Co Bk bl Main-331

Ward M L r 1131 N 31st Heffltock-1333-W

WardW C Mrs r 1717 12tb av s Main-2747-J

Ward W G Mrs r 1315 N 14th Main-6745-J




Miia 8322 1st An. 23rd Siriet




OrriCEA Wo« k s

>^ FAIRFIELD. ALA. • ^/n



Ward W P r 1231 S 20th Main-1144

WardW R Dr r 1418 8 15th Main-2148

WardW R Dr ofc 1st Nat Bk bl Main-289

WardW Y r 1115 8 26th Main>1364

Ward Wm T r 2417 19th av n Hemlocli-1158-J

Ward& Steele attys Jeff Co Bk bl Main-331

Ward& Woods Drs ofc Ist Nat Bk bl. .. .Main-289

Warden J Z r 1219 Steiner av W End-778

WardlawW C r 1416 13tb av s Main-6156-J

Wardy Confectionery 2331 4th av n Main-9295

Wardy S J conf 2233 4th av n Main-9559

Wardy William groc 5200 Ist av n. . .Wdlawn-9107

Wardy William r 5200 1st av Wdlawn-434

Ware Donia Miss r 7624 Undrwd av. ...Wdlawn-663

Ware Eugene r 2823 Hgland ^v Main-5898

Ware H T r 5409 Union av Wdiawn-283-W

Ware Joe C r 6001 1st av n Wdlawn-203

Ware John E r 1021 S 21st Main-5509-J

Ware Jos T Hei r 1176 11th av ■ Main-2775

Ware Lula M Mrs r 6009 1st av n. .Wdlawn-160-W

Ware M J groc 7634 Underwd av Wdlawn-1479

WareN B r 1209 N 31st Hemlock-806-W

WareN E r 814 S 13th Main-4875-W

WareW J r 1126 S 19th Main-5505

Online LibraryB. M. (Benjamin Morgan) PalmerU.S. Telephone Directory Collection (Volume Alabama - White Pages - Birmingham - March 1922 thru November 1923) → online text (page 72 of 194)