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Report of the president of the Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road Company : in obedience to an order of the House of 22d January (Volume 1849) online

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January 29th, 1850.
Read and ordered to be printed.





!N obedience to an 6RDER Of THE HOUSE OV 22nD JANUARY.


Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road Office.

Baltiinore, January 26th, 1850.

Sir: — The following order has been received by the President
of this company from the clerk of the House of Delegates, under
date of January 22nd instant.

"Ordered, That the President of the Baltimore and Ohio Rail
Road company, report to this House, at as early a day as practica-
ble, whether peisons arriving from Wheeling or Pittsburg at Cum-
berland, having a through ticket pay the same fare from the latter
place to Baltimore, as persons starting from Cumberland pay. If
not, the reasons why the charges are not uniform- And whether
any agreement exists between said company (so far as it regards
passengers) and the Good Intent and Old Line Stage companies,
and what that agreement is."

In the absence of the President and after a de^ay caused by my
own absence, I have the honor to reply as follows :

The regular passenger fare, in the mail train between Cumber-
land and Baltimore is seven dollars, and all persons buying tickets
at Cumbeiland for Baltimore pay that price, being at the regular
rate of 4 cents per mile.

An agreement exists between this company and the "Good
Intent" and the "National Road Stage companies" by which those
companies were induced to invest their large capital fova. tempora-
ry period and maintain legulav lines over the mountains ; one of
the provisions of which is, that the fare through between Balti-
more and Wheeling, shall be eleven dollars, and between Balti-
more and Pittsburg terx dollars, except when navigation is closed
in the winter, and then one dollar is to be added in each case.

Of this ihrough fare, in tlie settlements of accounts, this com-
pany accepts five dollars, as their share for the passage between
Baltimore and Cumberland.

It will be perceived that this price i.'? not the same as is charged
to those who do not take through tickets between this city and
the Ohio river.

The reasons Ti'hich seem to justify this company in making the
sacrifice of two dollars from their regular fare and that without a
low rate of fare to and from Pittsburg and Wheeling, the travel
would be wholly diverted from this route to other and competing
routeS;, and this company would be foiled in their main purpose of

I K] 4

connecl'mg Baltimore and the State of Maryland, with the Ohio
river, and it appeared on a careful examination, that the difficulties
encountered by the Stage companies are so great that without such
a sacrifice from this company, tliey could not meet the expenses
of their portion of the route.

This provision of the contract with the Stage companies above
named, including an engagement to maintain this discrimination,
is all that 1 suppose it to be the intent of the order to call for in
asking "what that agreement is."

The diiectors of this company have long and earnestly desired
to avoid this seeming discrepancy of their charges, but have found
themselves environed, by the same controling circumstances, which
in other similar cases have produced a hke course of a'^tion in
other Rail Road and Stage companies — and until they can be as-
sured that the revenues of the company would not be injuriously
affected by a general reduction of the regular rates, they feel com-
pelled to rest in the hope, that the existing rates will be regarded
as satisfactory while the company is engaged in the arduous strug-
gle to reach the Ohio river, on the accomplishment of which it is
proteble that a material reduction of charges will be found to be

The agreement with the Stage companies is the result of pre-
vious experience which demonstrated, that the safety of the travel-
ler called for an arrangement such as to confine the business to the
most responsible hands, and to avoid the dangers of racing and
other results of a too extended competition over a route abounding
in steep declevities and precipices, and has been regarded by the
directors as the most proper and effectual steps which they could
take to give a preference to the route, in the minds of the travelling

To secure it their concurrence in a reduced rate of fare fof
through passengers was indispensible.

Yery respectfully,

Yom obedient servant,

Gen. Sup't. of the Bait. & Ohio R. R,
To the Speaker of the House of Delegate*, Annapolis, Md.

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Online LibraryBaltimore and Ohio Railroad CompanyReport of the president of the Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road Company : in obedience to an order of the House of 22d January (Volume 1849) → online text (page 1 of 1)