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Asa and Sarah A. Haraden, Oct. 8, 1838.

Daniel and Mary Ann White, May 10, 1841. [May 11, p.R.147.]

FAY (see Fahy).

FEESEY (see Veazie, Veazy), Lydia and Moses Hews, int.
Apr. 9, 1807.

FELCH, Isaac N. and Isabella N. Johnson of Brunswick, int.
Aug. I, 1841, "Certificate Issd August i6th."

FELKE, Betsey C. of Brooks and W[illia]m N. Crosby of Sears-
port, Sept. 2, 1865.* [Felker of Brooks and W[illia]m N.
Crosby of Searsmont, co.r.]

FELLOWES, Ephra[i]m and Mary Tolman, Nov. 30, 1826.

FENNO, Edward of Augusta and EUzabeth Frothingham,
Jan. 19, 1835.

FENWICK (see Fanwick), Bertelle of Morrill and Lincoln C.

Wade of Lincolnville, Dec. i, 1890.*
John W- and Lucretia Nichols of Prospect, int. Dec. 6, 1832,

"certificate Issued Dec 25."

* Intention not recorded.


FERGUSON, Abigail Ann of Dixmont and WiUiam Henry-
Bean, int. Aug. 17, 1839, "Certificate Issued Augt 23rd."
Albert B. of Alden, Iowa, and Amanda M. Sweetser of Sezirsport,

int. Oct. 3, i860, "Certif. issued Oct.' 13."
Dennison G. of Hampden and Marilla M. Coffin of Thomdike,

Apr. 17, 1865.*
George B. and Evelina [int. Evaline] CoUins, Aug. i, 1855.

[FuTgerson and Evelme Collins, co.r.]
George M. and Mary Aspinwal [int. Aspinwall], July 21,

Hannah and George Hemenway of Searsmont, int. Mar. 31,

1839. [Harriet and George Hemmenway of Searsmont,

m. Apr. 16, CO.R.]
Hannah E. and Edwin Grimes of Hubbardston, Mass., Oct. 3,

1858. [Furgerson, co.r.]
Harriet (see Hannah).
Hattie A. of Dixmont and Joseph S. Blake, int. Mar. 28, 1882,

"Cert, issued April 4th."
Jane and John T. Patterson, int. Mar. 25, 1826. [John Tufts

Patterson, m. May 9, P.R.119.]
Jonas B., 26, seaman, s. Moses W., farmer and merchant, and

Lydia (b. Provincetown), and Martha E. Maddocks, 21,

d. Dan[ie]l R., shoemaker, and Mary (b. Gorham), Nov.

12, 1864.
Jonathan, and Jane Wason, Oct. 23, 1800,* P.R.16.
Minna A. of Alhambra, Cal., and Fred A. Shute, int. Apr. 20,

1885, "Cert, issued April 27th."
Moses W. and Lydia Brooks of Princeton, Mass., int. Sept. 27,

1828. [Moses Wason Ferguson, m. Oct. 27, in Princeton,

Mass., P.R.17.]

FERNALD (see Fumald), Charles P. and Mrs. Evie M. Rich-
ards of Northport, Aug. 17, 1878.

James F. [int. marble worker] and Electa J. Richards, June 4,

John S. and Almenia M. Patterson, Oct. 8, 1877.

Josiah P. of Cuba and Clara A. Fames of Stockton, July 23,

Lewis E. and Drusie [int. Drusey] F. Billings, Nov. 15, 1879.

Lewis O. and Velzora H. S. Webb of Deer Isle, int. Dec. 12,
1877, "Cert, issued Dec. 17."

Marie and Philip G. Coombs, s. Robert and Jane P. (Gilkey),
Jan. 19, 1867,* P.R.98.

* Intention not recorded.


FERSEITH, Margret of Chester, N. H., and David Murry,
int. Jan. 3, 1808.

FESSENDEN, J. A. [int. Lt. Joshua A.], U. S. A^my, and Mary
A. Conner, June 28, 1866. [J. A., U. S. A., co.r.]

FIELD, Abbie E. and Charles S. Pearl [int. merchant] of Bangor,

Jan. 10, 1872.
Abbie E. and Eugene L. Cook, Mar. i, 1884.
Alma C. of New Bedford, Mass., and George P. Field, insurance

agent, int. June 4, 1867, "Certificate issued Jvme 8."
Benjamin F. and Caroline E. [int. W.] Tobey, Nov. 25, 1858.

[Caroline E., c.r.i. Caroline E. Toby, co.r. Benjamin

Franklin Field, s. Bohan P. and Abigail (Davis), and

CaroUne Williams Tobey (first w.), p.R.155.]
Benja[min] F., widr., 44, farmer, s. Bohan P., lawyer (b. Conn.),

and Abagail D. (b. Billericca), and Annie F. Tobey, 34,

of Farmington, d. Robert, farmer, int. Feb. 18, 1865.

[Benjamin Franklin Field, s. Bohan P. and Abigail (Davis),

and Aimie Tobey (second w.), m. Mar. 5, p.R.155.]
Benja[min] R. of Northport and Mrs. Chloe E. Sawyer of

Northport, Sept. 13, 1866.*
Bohan P. [int. Esq.] and Abigal [int. Davis of Billrica],

Oct. 23, 1807. [Bohan P. and Abigail Davis, p.r.iss.]
Bohan P. Esq. of Searsmont and Lucy Haraden, int. Aug. 26,

1843. [Bohan Prentiss Field, s. Bohan P. and Abigail

(Davis), m. Sept. 11, p.R.155.]
Charles G. and Elvira Osgood of Palermo, int. Oct. 9, 1841.

[Charles Davis Field, s. Bohan P. and Abigail (Davis),

and Elvira Osgood, m. Nov. 10, p.R.155.]
Charles H. and Bertha F. Chase, May 16, 1877.
Charles H. and Emma Moreland, June 2, 1886.
Daniel of Prospect and Abigal True, Oct. 10, 1805.
Edward Mann, s. Bohan P. and Abigail (Davis), and Sarah

Russ McRuer, June i, 1852,* p.R.155.
Emma K. of Searsport and Russell Brier, May 22, 1886.
George P., insurance agent, and Alma C. Field of New Bedford,

Mass., int. Jtme 4, 1867, "Certificate issued Jtme 8."
Henry of Prospect and Jane Wagg, Apr. 2, 1829.
Henry Cummins, s. Bohan P. and Abigail (Davis), and Asenath

Harriman, July 14, 1835,* p.R.155.
Mary O. and Frank Hendee Russell [int. farmer] of Burlington,

N. J., Apr. 19, 1869.

* Intention not recorded.


Field, Susan of Prospect and Jonathan Durham 2d, int. Feb.

20, 1830, "Certif. Mar. 7."
Susanna of Prospect and Chandler Moodey of Prospect, Oct. 20,

1808.* ,
Thirza M. of Brunswick and Edwin B. Pahner, int. Aug. 29,

1859, "Cirtificate issued Sept. 2nd."
William Prentiss, s. Bohan P. and Abigail (Davis), and Sarah

Ingraham, July 27, 1834,* P.R.15S.

FIFBELD, Ella F., 22, of Boston, Mass., and George P. Pote,
30, merchant, int. May 10, 1873, "Certificate issued May

FILES, Mary Aim of Thomdike and Joseph Temple, int. Sept.
2, 1843, "Certife Issued Nov i6th."

FILLMORE (see Filmore), Mary E., Mrs. [int. wid.], and
W[ilUa]m B. Otis [int. widr., farmer], June 20, 1868.

FILMORE (see Fillmore), Richard T. of Swanville and Mary E.
McCarty of Swanville, Feb. 15, 1857.* [Fillmore of Swan-
ville,' May 15, co.R.]

FINN, Thomas W. of Boston, Mass., and Belle Norton, May 2,

FISHER, Julia R. of Winterport and Horace Plimmier of

Winterport, Oct. 23, 1871.*
Levi of Charlotte and Susan S. Waterman, Nov. 21, 1844.
Svisan P. of Winterport and Thomas Rogers of Hopsham, Feb.

7, 1866.* [Susan T. of Winterport and Thomas Rogers of

Topsham, co.R.]
Wealthy L. and Herbert A. Wiley, Oct. 27, 1888.

FISK (see Fiske), Jonathan and Rebecca Cochran, int. Nov.
22, 1840. [m. Dec. 7, co.R.]

FISKE (see Fisk), Rebecca [int. Mrs.] and Zimii Byrant, May
7, 1864. [Rebecca, co.R.]

FITZGERALD, William and Mrs. Lydia M. Peckard, int. Dec.
14, 1878, "Cert, issued December 20."

FLAGG, Augusta B. and Samuel A. Dutch, int. June 8, 1863,

"Certificate issued June 12th."
Augusta B. and Surmandel R. [int. Samandel K.] Richards,

Mar. 15, 1864. [Surmandel R., c.R.3. co.R.]

* Intention not recorded.


Flagg, Evel3m M. and George A. Dutch [int. seaman], Feb.

27, 1869.
Gilmore of Belmont and Lydia Jipson, Nov. i6, 1848.*
Isaac A. [of] Belmont and Sarah [int. Mary] E. Grady, Apr. 11,

Jane and James Moors, Jan. 11, 1838.*
Jere L., joiner, and Mary S. Roberson, int. Dec. 31, 1872,

"Certificate issued Jan 4, 73."
Jeremiah L. and Jennie Cunningham, Apr. 18, 1883.
Joseph M. and Minnie McFarland, Sept. 21, 1891.
Josiah of Northport and Nancy Emery, Nov. 8, 1835.
Josiah and Mary Ann Bailey, int. Feb. 28, 1841, "Certificate

Issued March i8th."
Melissa E. and Albert E. Brackett, Dec. 30, 1883.
Sally of Northport and David Clark, Jan. i, 1835.*
Sarah E. and George M. Cook [int. clerk], Nov. 11, 1871.

FL4.GNER, Frances, Mrs., and Benja[niin] Kingsbury of
Boston, Mass., July 7, 1857.

FLANDERS, Almira and Thomas Storer, int. June 15, 1841,

"Certifelssd July 5."
Caleb and Wealthy Wood, int. Mar. 17, [i]84i, "Certificate

Issued March 28."
David P. [int. Dr., widr., 32] and Isabella White [int. 23], Nov.

8, 1866. [David P., c.r.i. co.r.]
David P.; Dr., and Leonora S. Speed, d. George W. and Mar-
garet (Batchelder), Oct. 5, 1873,* p.R.62.
Enoch of Waldoboro and Lucy Roberson of Waldo Plantation,

June I, 1834.*
George '[int. adds C] and Nellie E. Pinkham, Feb. i, 1887, in

Nancy of Prospect and William McCabe, int. May 5, 1839,

"Certificate Issued May 24th."
Sarah A. of Northport and Rufus B. Burley of Sugar Mound,

Lyim Co., Kans., Oct. 5, 1857.* [Bailey of Sugar Mound,

Kans., CO.R.]
Simon G. of Waldo and Margaret S. Rolerson of Waldo, Dec.

18, 1859.* [Margaret S. Roleston of Waldo, co.r.]
William and [int. Mrs.] Rosinda Hull, Mar. i, 1863. [Rosinda,

C.R.I. Rosinda Hall, co.r.]

FLEMING (see Flemming), Charles H. and Fannie E. Briggs,
Apr. 24, 1878.

* Intention not recorded.


Fleming, Fannie E., Mrs., and Robert H. Hart, July 9, 1881.
William [int. Flemming, widr., hostler] and Martha E. Page

[int. wid.], Oct. 25, 1871. [Flemming and Martha "E.

Page, C.R.I.]

FLEMMH^G (see Fleming), William (see William Herring).

FLETCHER, Alonzo E. of Prarie, Cal., and Malvina Knowlton

of Northport, Nov. 2, 1862.*
Andrew and Alvira Shaw of Waldo Plantation, int. Mar. 26,

1829, [m. Apr. 12, 1827 [sic], co.r.]
Blanchie O. of Btimham and Josiah S. Pavd, Nov. 18, 1891.
Charles F. and Laura B. Cottrell, Nov. 29, 1888.
Edward B. and Annie E. Milburn, July 14, 1890.
Edwin F. of Lincolnville and Ellen J. Lancaster of Lincolnville,

Dec. 2, 1863.*
Eliza J. and WUliam H. Thomdike of Rockland, int. Aug. 16,

1852, "CertiE i'ssd."
Elizabeth of Prospect and Thomas Houston, int. July 5, 1804.
Francis [int. 20, farmer] of Belmont and Keziah F. Knowles

[int. 21], Sept. 17, 1865.
Fred N. [int. 26] of Castine and Isabel J. French [int. 23],

Apr. s, 1883.
Harriet of Lincolnville and George W. Burgess, int. Jan. 12,

1840. [George W., s. John and Hannah, m. Feb. 2,

Helen A. of Belmont and S. F. Jordan of Belmont, Feb. 4, 1863.*

[S. L. of Belmont, co.r.]
J. M., M. D., of Belmont, and Lucinda B. Holmes of Behnont,

Nov. 6, 1870.*
James (see Samuel).
Lusannah [int. Susanna] M. and John Houston, Mar. 3, 1811.

[Susanna M., c.r.2.]
Mary A. of China and Francis A. Russ, int. Nov. 24, 1836,

"Cirtificate Isued Dec 8th."
Mary E. of Morrill and W. C. G. Grant of Boston, July 14,

187s,* C.R.3.
Robert [int. adds D.] and Lucy Peterson, May 9, 1819.
Sally and Warren Pullen of Winthrop, int. Apr. 11, 1824.

[m. Apr. 25, CO.R.]
Samuel [int. James] and Sally Walton, Feb. 26, 1815.
Sarah of China and Charles A. Russ, int. Dec. 31, 1830, "Cer-
tificate Issued Jany 15 th 1831."

* Zntention not recorded.


Fletcher, Sarah E. of Belmont and Alonzo Wilson of Bel-
mont, Sept. i6, 1857.* [Alonzo Weston of Belmont, co.r.]

Susanna M. (see Lusannah M.).

Willis B. and Nellie S. Parker, Aug. 22, 1890. [Nellie S., d.
Israel W. and Sarah J. (Stephenson), p.R.82.]

FLINT, Hannah L. and Frank W. Tufts of Everett, Mass.,
Nov. 25, 1879.

FLITNER, Mary E. of Gardiner and Sergt. John A. Lord, "4th
ME Regt," int. May 21, 1864, "Certificate issued May

FLOOD, Stillman D. of Searsport and Ella J. Nickerson, int.
Mar. 10, 1890, "Cert, issued March 17."

FLOON, Margaret and James Whitney of Troy, int. Nov. 8,

FLOWERS, Charles and Sally McDonald, Feb. 4, 1843.
Eveline H. and Charles T. Gilmore, Aug. 26, 1858. [Eveline H.,

d. John and Mary (McCorrison), p.R.73.]
George A. and\Mrs. Lydia J. Rich [of] Searsport, Oct. 20, 1877.

[George A., s. John and Mary (McCorrison), p.R.73.]
Harriet N. and Harrison McDonald, int. Jan. 31, 1841. [m.

Feb. 16, CO.R.]
Isabel, d. John and Mary (McCorrison), and Edward J. Deegan,

Feb. s, 1879,* P.R.73.
John, Capt., and Mary McCorrison, Jan. 3, 1833.
Mary and Franklin Brier, int. Oct. 9, 1830. [m. Nov. 15, co.r.]
Mary Ann and Emerson Robbins, Mar. 2, 1862. [Mary Ann,

d. John and Mary (McCorrison), p.R.73.]
Salley and Samuel Preston of Stockton, Apr. 28, 1862, in

Stockton,* co.r.
Sam[ue]l G., Capt., and Esther I. L. Gilbreth of Farmington,

int. Jan. 22, 1842, "Cirtifct Issued Feb 5."
William, Capt., and Asenath West, Oct. 18, 1832.
William, Capt., and Lydia Goodwin, int. Aug. 16, 1834. [m.

Sept. 8, CO.R.]

FLYE, George H. [of] Freedom and L. [int. Lydia] A. Whitcomb,

Dec. 27, 1874.
Walter W. of Unity and Almeder Ellis, int. Mar. 31, i860,

"Certif issued April 5."

* Intention not recorded.


FLYNN, John B. and -Abigail Studley of Lincolnville, int.
May 8, 1841, "Cirtife Issd July ist."

FOGERTY, Michael [int. Foggerty], and Sarah Ward, Jan. 25,

FOGG, John H. of Brooks and Esther [int. adds M.] Davis,

Sept. 28, 1844. [Esther, co.r.]
Luther of Washington and Nancy Cilley of Washington, int.

Nov. 18, 181 1.

FOGGERTY (see Fogerty).

FOLGER, Eliza G. and Charles M. Coffin [int. of Nantucket],
Sept. 30, 1850.

FOLLETT, Frank A. [int. 22, merchant, s. Cha[rle]s V., farmer
(b. Parkman), and Sarah J. (b. Parkman)] and Nettie
[int. Netty] F. Carter [int. 20, d. Horatio H., ship builder
(b. Montville), and Laurinda], Sept. 4, 1865. [Nettie P.,


Hester A. of Northport, Waldo Co., and Franklin H. Prescott
of Northport, Waldo Co., Sept. i, 1868.*

FOLSOM, Enoch of Belmont and Margaret Watson of Behnont,

Sept. 10, 1824.*
Enoch and Sarah Parker, int. Apr. 24, 1830, "Certificate May."
W[illia]m O. of Augusta and Mary M. Patten of Augusta,

May 9, 1864.*

FOOT, Mary of Salem, Mass., and William H. H. Sweetser,
s. Samuel L. and Susarmah H. (Stephenson), Jan. 19,
1871,* P.R.125.

FORBES, George H., seaman, and Louisa A. Knights of Isles-

boro, int. Aug. 3, 1870, "Certificate issued Augt 8."
George H. and Annabelle Wight, Oct. 19, 1878.
Georgie E. of Brooks and James B. Waterman, July 20, 1889.
Henrietta R. and Arthur H. Cooper of Auburn, Dec. 3, 1889.
Henry H. and Sophia E. Tapley, Feb. 8, 1845.
James A. [int. shoe cutter] of W. Bridgewater, Mass., and

Harriet C. Durham, Nov. 24, 1869.
Nellie A. and Henry [int. Harry] G. Robbins [of] Boston, Mass.,

Jan. 3, 1878.
Vesta V. [int. Fobes], Mrs., and Samuel Myers Hurlburt of

New York, Aug. 2, 1890.

* Intention not recorded.


FORBUSH, W[illia]m B. [int. widr., clerk] of Boston, Mass.,
and Clara F. McFarland, Nov. i8, 1869.

FORD, Ellen M. of Montville and Atwood 0. Harriman, Dec.

27, 1868.
John C. [int. widr., farmer] and Lydia [int. adds H.] Buzzell,

Feb. 25, 1871.
Laura E. of Swanville and Capt. W[illia]ni H. Mudgett of

Prospect, Mar. 21, 1866.*
Mary and James Mosmati, Oct. 3, 1810.*
Moses W. of Lowell, Mass., and Mrs. Mary L. Adams of

Lowell, Mass., Nov. 25, 1879.*
Nellie F. and Augustus C. Parlin of Wooster, Mass., Jime 19,

Samuel of Lincolnville and Polly Parks of Prospect, Mar. 29,

William of Monroe and Mary Durham of Monroe, May

22, 1844,* CO.R.

FORSYTH (see Ferseith).

FOSS, Annie and Jacob M. Auspland, seaman, int. July 26,

1872, "Certificate issued Augt 3."
Annie [int. Annis] S., Mrs., and Lorenzo Patterson, Mar. 12,

Azena F., Mrs., and Otis S. Garland of Dixmont, Mar. 18, 1891,

in Troy.
Charlott and Elijah West, Aug. 2, 1833.*
Eliza F. and James W. Crockett, Dec. 2, 1874.
Henry [of] Brooks and Azeniah F. of Knox, Dec. 15,

John F. and Ann S. Patterson, Feb. 14, 1859. [Feb. 14, 1857,


John F., widr., third m., seaman, and Justina I. Perry, int.

Jime 15, 1868, "certificate issued June 19."
Jonathan, widr., trader, and Sarah Jane Gipson, int. July 16,

1866, "certificate issued July 20."
Louisa K. and Alfred Patterson, int. July 19, 1851, "Certif.

Issd Aug 4."
Lovey of Green Plantation and Francis Miles of Palmira, int.

Mar. 17, 1809.
Nathan B. [int. 29, seaman] and Helen P. Young [int. 23], May

14, 1866.

* Intention not recorded.


Foss, Nathan B. and Mabel L. Webber, int. Aug. 2, 1886,

* * Cert issued ^usmslj 7 * *
Sarah J., Mrs., and Isaiah W. Cross [of] Morrill, Apr. 13, 1876.*
Winfield S. of Brooks and Helen C. Ordway of Brooks, Feb. 3,


FOSTER, BarzUlai B. of Portland and Lizzie M. Blodgett,

Oct. 24, 1885.
Bradford S. and Dorcas McLaughlin of Montville, int. Aug. 22,

1830, "Certificate issued Sept. 20th."
Edwin E. of Searsport and Esther A. Wadsworth of Searsport,

Dec. 5, 1854,* co.R.
Martha F. M. and James G. West, int. Mar. 20, 1852, "Certif

Issd Apl 4."
Rebecca and Capt. Samuel Haynes, May 25, 1830.
Susan and Joseph Houston Jr., Nov. 6, 1828.

FOWLER, A. L. of Monroe and Nellie A. Trask of Etna, June

22, 1879.* [Mellie of Etna, c.R.3.]
Abigail and Nathaniel Hartford, Dec. 31, 1800.
Albert C. of Searsport and Susan B. Cunningham of Searsport,

July 29, 1865.*
Clifford B. and Emma A. Staples of Portland, Feb. 8, 1890,

in Portland.
James N. of Searsport and Mary E. Wentworth of Searsport,

Nov. 22, 1855.* [Mary Ellen of Searsport, c.r.i. James

M. of Searsport and Mary E. Wentworth of Searsport,

Martha J. of Prospect and Andrew J. Ross, June i, 1837.
Mary Ellen of Searsport and John Small Jr. of Searsport, Oct.

MUes [int. Capt.] and Jane True, [M]ay — , 1813. [Miles, c.R.2.]
Nellie W., Mrs. [int. wid., 32], and William Crosby [int. 36,

clerk], Mar. 14, 1874.
Sally of Prospect and Henry, George of Prospect, Nov. 6, 1810.*
Williard [int. Willard] R„ 26, saddler, s. Asa, joiner (b. Vt.),

and Eliza (b. Pembroke), and Helen W. Merrill, 22, cloak

maker, d. Nathaniel, boat builder (b. Portland), and

Caroline (b. Portland), Oct. 23, 1864. [Willard R., co.R.]

FOWLES, Andrew of Searsmont and Mary E. Greer of Mont-
ville, Mar. 21, 1862.*

FOX, Edward and Jane Lords, Sept. 15, 1799.*

* Intention not recorded.


FRASER (see Frazier), John D. and Phebe A. Clements of
Waldo, int. Apr. ii, i88"i, "Cert, issued April i6th."

FRAZIER (see Fraser), Charles [reethy written in pencil above
Frazier] of Searsmont and Vesta M. Rolerson, int. Sept.
i8, 1884, "Cert, issued September 30th."

FREDERICK (see Fredrick), Charles W. and E. Lena Peirce,
June 12, 1889. [Emma Lena, c.r.i. Charles Woodbury-
Frederick, s. James Woodbury and Martha Ann (Brad-
bviry), and Emma Lena Peirce, p.R.120.]

Charlotte F. and Rev. C. M. Freeman, int. Jtme 13, 1855.

Cornelia O. and John Stevens Jr., July 15, i860. [Fredrick,


Frank B. and Georgianna Boardman, Nov. 17, 1857. [Frederic,
C.R.I. Fredrick and Georgiana Boardman, co.r.]

James W. and Martha A. Bradbury [int. Bradberry], Dec. 20,
1851. [Frederic and Martha! A. Bradbury, Dec. 10, c.r.i.
James Woodbury Frederick and Martha Ann Bradbtiry,
Dec. 10, P.R.I 20. James W. Frederick and Martha Ann
Bradbury, d. Nathaniel H. and Sophia, Dec. 10, P.R.121.]

James W. [int. widr., 39, merchant, s. William, merchant (b.
Gloucester, Mass.), and Mary (b. York)] and Augusta S.
Quimby [int. 32, d. Dr. P. P. (b. Lebanon, N. H.) and
Susanna B.], June 14, 1865. [Frederic, c.r.i. Frederick,
OCR. James W. Frederick and Susan Augusta Quimby,
d. Phineas P. and Susanna Burnham (Haraden), p.r.iiS.
James Woodbviry Frederick and Augusta S. Quimby
(second w.), p.R.120.]

Mary E. and Nehemiah T. Merritt, July 24, 1851.

Mary E. and Frank E. Hanson [of] N. Berwick, Sept. 12, 1877.

William C. and Caroline A. Pitcher, July 4, 1852. [Frederic,
C.R.I. Frederick and Caroline A. Pitcher, d. Calvin and
Joanna (Prescott), p.R.172.]

FREDRICK (see Frederick), William and Mary S. Derby of
York, int. Dec. 26, 1818. [Frederick and Mary Swett
Derby of York, m. Jan. 10, 1819, in York, p.R.122.]

FREEL, Michael and Ann McMahon [int. McMann], Nov. 10,

FREEMAN, C. M., Rev., and Charlotte F. Frederick, int.

June 13, 1855.
Ellis C. of Lincolnville and Julia A. Glover of Camden, Oct. 22,

1866.* [Elles C. of Lincolnville, co.r.]

* Intention not recorded.


Freeman, Erastus and [int. Mrs.] Sally Smart, June — , 1825.

Erastus D. and Elizabeth Carter, Jan. i, 1849.

Erastus D. [int. widr., seaman] and Mrs. Sarah C. Bicknell

[int. wid.], May 9, 1868.
Hannah J., Mrs., and Ellerson [int. Eleson] L. Patterson of

Searsport, Mar. 16, 1856. [Ellerson L. of Searsport, co.R.

Hannah Jane (Holt) Freeman . and Elerson Patterson,

Jane of Westbrook and Nathan[ie]l Stevens, int. Oct. 5, 1850,

"Certif Issd Oct 19."
Josiah D. and Hannah J. Holt, int. Aug. 31, 1849, "Certif

issued Sept 18." [Hannah Jane, d. William and Hannah P.

(Shute), m. Sept. 20, 1843 sic, p.R.29.]
Mary C. of York and Will R. Howard, int. June 2, 1885, "Cert.

issued June 8."
Paul N. of Dixmont and Phebe Y. Downs of Swanville, Dec.

16, 1855.* [Phoebe G. of Swanville, co.R.)
Rose A. [of] Dexter and Willson P. Hamilton [of] Dexter, Oct.

2, 1875.*
Sarah and Zenophen Ordway, int. Aug. 30, 1854.
Sophia of Northport and William Johnson of Northport, Sept.

10, l[8]20.*

Thomas W., 21, carpenter, and Susie J. Rendall, 24, of Monroe,
int. Dec. 11, 1871, " Certificate issued Dec. 20."

FREETHY (see Frethey), Charles (see Charles Frazier).
Vesta M., Mrs., and David S. Cressey, Jan. 3, 1888.

FRENCH, A. D. of Lincolnville and Lizzie Yates of Portland,

Nov. 14, 1863.*
Abraham and Susanna Thomas, int. Feb. 4, 1810.
Benjamin and Mary E. Black, int. Dec. 4, 1841, "cirtifi Issued

Dec 28th."
Betsy and John Thurston [int. Thusten], Feb. 20, 1803. [Thvirs-

ton, C.R.2.]

Charlotte and Hiram Howes [int. Howe], Sept. 17, 1829.

Charlotte and Robert Maker, int. Oct. 29, 1836.

Cyrene of Waldo and Joseph Perkins, July 4, 1822. [Cyrena,

Diantha of Three Mile Square Plantation and John Wentworth,

Sept. 28, 1817.
Eliphalet and [int. Mrs.] Thankful Howard, July 4, 1826.
Eliphelet and Abigel [int. Abigal] Edds, [rec. between July 14

and Sept. 26], 1802.

* Intetition not recorded.


French, Frank H. and Florence M. Weed, July 24, 1887.
Hannah and Joseph Mansey of Wiscasset, int. Jan. 4, 1818,

"Certificate Issued."
Hannah and Jonathan [int. adds M.] Basford, June 14, 1832.
Henry M. [int. N., sailor] and Hattie A. Richards, Nov. 16,

1872. [Henry M., c.R.3.]
Isabel J. [int. 23] and Fred N. Fletcher [int. 26] of Castine,

Apr. s, 1883.
Jacob and Ruth Toothace[r] of Islesboro[ugh], int. Apr. 26,

Jane and Jesse Husy, Dec. 10, 1818.
Jane and John Robbins, int. July 27, 1845, "Certife, Issued

Augt. 10."
Joanna E., Mrs., and George W. Weston, int. Oct. 22, 1842,

"Revoked by Mrs J E French."
Joanna E., Mrs., and Samuel Parker of Augusta, int. May 20,

1843, "Cirttfe Issued June 3d."
Joaima Elizebeth, Mrs., and Jacob E. Starford, int. Dec. 12,

Juda [int. Jtdia] Niles of Three Mile Square and Scotland Chal-

more [int. Chalmers] of Fairfax, Jan. 3, 1819.
Lavina [int. Louvina] and Alexander Wilson, Dec. 3, 181 9.
Mary and James H. Smith Esq., int. Dec. 23, 1848, "Cert.

issued Jany 6. 1849."
Mary E. and William H. Clark, July 11, 1848.
Mary R. [int. P.] and J. Frank Rich, Jtme 19, 1886.
Millard F. (see WiUard F.).
Nancy and Lemuel Guptd, int. Jxily 10, 1808.
Nancy and Hiram J. Hallowell, Dec. 29, 1849.
Nathaniel and Mary Thomas, Mar. 17, 1821 [sic, int. Jan. 28,

1822, "Certificate Issued Mar 16"].
Nath[anie]l and Joanna Hollaway, int. [rec. befween Jtily 11

and Aug. 15], 1835.
Nathaniel and Joanna Day, int. Sept. 30, 1837, "Cirtificate

Jssued June 6th 1838."
Orriana [int. Orianna] V. and Allen E. GHdden, Mar. 29, 1864.

[Orianna V., c.R.3. Orriana V., co.r.]
Phebe and Lewis Hardy, int. July 6, 1831, "Certificate Issued

July 28th."
Sally, wid., and Ruben Knowlton of Northport, Nov. 20, 1799.*
Sally and Swanzey Wilson, May 7, 182 1.
Samuel, Capt. [int. omits Capt.], of Prospect, and Mrs. [int.

omits Mrs.] Jane Ames, Jiily 27, 1851.

• Intention not recorded.


French, Samuel W., Capt., of Lincolnville, and Mary H.

Gardner of Northport, June 3, 1871.*
Theodore H. of Waldo and Eva G. Jackson of Waldo, June 5,

Willard [int. Millard] F. of Lincolnville and Myra A. Thurston,
-Aug. II, 1888.

FRETHEY (see Freethy), Nancy of Sedgwick and George
Herrick, int. May 30, 1824, "Cert Jvine 13th."

FRISBEE (see Frisby), Dana S. and Mary Etta West, int.

Nov. 8, 1883.
George W. and Drusilla L. Packard [of] Northport, June 21,

Margaret, Mrs., and Amos Grandy, int. Jan. 6, 1839, "Certifi-
cate Issued Jany 20th."
Margaret and Ebeneezer Meder, int. Aug. 28, 1847, "Cert.

issued Nov. 6."
Margaret and William Henry Nelson of Belmont, int. Dec. 17,

1852, "Certif issd."
Sands and Sarah Kjmball, int. Dec. 6, 1846, "Certif Issued

Dec 26."
Sands [int. widr., seaman] and Mrs. Lucy A. Packard [int. wid.],

July 3, 1869.
Thomas J. [int. 24, laborer] and Lewella [int. Luella A.] Packard

[int. 18], Oct. 23, 1873.

FRISBY (see Frisbee), Margaret and Ebenezer Burgess, int.
Nov. 22, 1840.

FROHAWK (see Frohock), William H. of Northport and Mary
M. R. Cotterell of Northport, Oct. 4, 1846.*

FROHOCK (see Frohawk), Ann Sarah and James Calderwood

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