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Dec. 30, 1865.*

* Intention not recorded.


CURRIER, Geo[rge] E. and Aimie [int. adds E.] Boynton of
Montville, Nov. 19, 1882.

CURSON (see Kerson).

CURTIS, Annette and David P. GUmore, June 7, 1870. [David
P., s. David and Eliza (McKeen), p.R.106.]

Benjamin 3d of Goospond Setlement and Hannah Bachelder of
Goospond Setlement, int. Sept. 26, 1801.

Celia and Zebedee Kendall Jr., July 9, 1826.

Edwin D. and Mary A. Dwelley, Jan. 19, 1880.

Emily J. of Munroe and Richard McClaskey, int. July 4, 1844.
[Emily Jane of Monroe and Richard McGlasky, m. July 14,


Esther and Charles H. McCarty, June 12, 1877.

Etta B. and Charles W. Lancaster, Jan. 4, 1880. [Charles B.,


Eunis W. of Swanville and Benjamin Bachelder of Swanville,

Feb. 19, 1829.*
Greenlief P. of Swanville and Mrs. Amanda Yoxing of Swanville,

Jan. 2, 1867.* [Amanda M. of Swanville, c.R.3. Amanda

of Swanville, co.r.]
Hannah and Geo[rge] Albert Cobbett, July 4, 1859.
Hollis F. [of] Searsport and Mary E. Adams [of] Searsport,

Nov. 10, 1877.*
James and Sally ElUs of Frankfort, int. Aug. 28, 1804.
.James and Prudence Jane Pendleton, int. May 20, 1837, "Cir-

tificate Jssued Jime loth."
James and Eliza Ann Cunningham of Swanville, int. Feb. 25,

1843, "Certife Issued March nth."
James A. of Swanville and Mary L. Pattershall, int. Nov. 7,

1854. [Patershall, d. Doane and Lovina (Larabee), m.

Nov. 12, 1864 [sic, ? 1854], P.R.12.]
Jennie and James E. Patterson, Mar. 30, 1889.
John R. [int. divorced, third m., ship master] of Bristol and

Fidelia J. Mathews [int. Matthews], Jan. 30, 1870.
John W. of Munroe and Mahitable Thomes, int. Sept. 30, 1843,

"Certife Issued Oct 28th."
Joseph and Jenny Kowlton, Nov. 28, 1799.*
Josiah of Swanville and Betsey C. McKeen, Oct. 26, 1834.
Josiah of Jackson and Vesta A. Curtis [int. Harris], Oct. 4,

Lemuel and Mercy Knowlton, Nov. 7, 1822.*
Lizzie P. and William G. Gray, Oct. 2, 1884.

• Intention not recorded.


Curtis, Loiza of Swanville and Joseph Crosby Jr., Oct. i, 1829.*

Lorinda and James Bimey, Dec. 22, 1852.

Lydia of Frankfort and Solomon Phelps, int. May 10, 1800.

Mary of Monroe and Aaron Knowlton of Swanville, Sept. 8,

Moses of Swanville and Lucy Sikins of Swanville, Oct. 17, 1839.*

Relief of Lee Plantation and Philemon Pattee of Lee Planta-
tion, Dec. 25, 1806.*

Rose A. [of] Swanville and Charles L. Walker [of] Swanville,
[rec. after July 25, 1875].*

Samuel in the vicinity of Prospect and Elizabeth Stimson, Apr.
12, 1800.* [Elisabeth, c.r.2.]

Sarah A. of Swanville and Phineas Harvey of Swanville, Feb.
S, i860.*

Sarah J. and Everett Patterson, int. Dec. 22, 1886.

Vesta A. [int. Harris] and Josiah Curtis of Jackson, Oct. 4, 1879.

W[illia]m of Frankfort and Deborah Dwelly of Prospect, Jan.
10, i8u.*

CUSHING, Robert and Mary S. Hersey of Hingham, int. May

I, 1841, "Cirtfe Issd May 20th."
Sarah W. of Camden and Hon. Ralph C. Johnson, int. Nov. 10,

1839. [m. Nov. 25, co.R.]

CUSHMAN, Alfred and Sarah L. Bailey, Sept. 24, 1863.
Charles C. Esq. of Bangor and Haimah W. Sleeper, Sept. 18,

Elisha S. of Belmont and Christiana B. Morey of Belmont,

Mar. 3, 1844.*
Louis of Davistown [int. Green Plantation] and Elisha Brown

of Davistown [int. Green Plantation], Mar. 12, 1805.
Nathaniel of Green and Lydia Smith of Green, int. Oct. 26,

Otis of Belmont and Nancy Bicknell of Belmont, May 19, 1825.*
Prisilla and Alden Chandler, Jan. 13, 1805.*

CUTLER, Elbridge G., Rev., and Clara Ann Abbott of Farm-
ington, int. Apr. 24, 1843, "Certife Issued May 13th."

CUTTER, Ellen Mary and Capt. Henry A. Starrett of New
York City, May 26, 1863. [Henry Atherton Starrett,
P.R.I 16.]

Hannah C. of Portland and Rubin Sibley, int. June 9, 1839,
"Certificate Issued June 29."

Maria Dorrance and Hiram E. Peirce, Jan. 25, 1854.

* Intention not recorded.


CYPHERS, Emma H. of Searsport and Frederick A. Clark of
Searsport, July 24, 1861.*

DAGGETT, Flora I. and Geo[rge] C. Weston of Waltham, Mass.,

Sept. 27, 1882.
Lovey of Vinal Haven and Ely Luce of Vinal Haven, June 14,


DAHL, John H., architect, and Mary E. Giiky, int. Jan. 8,
1872, "Certificate issued Jan 15. 73."

DAILEY (see Daisley), Emma J. of Camden and Cornelius T.
Hosmer of Camden, Sept. 13, 1869.*

DAISLEY (see Dailey), Annie M. of Searsmont and Charles A.
Mahoney, int. Sept. 17, 1887.

DAMON, Mary E. of Brooks and William A. Jones of Brooks,
Sept. 25, 1869.*

DANFORTH, Amy E. and Samuel Hodgkinson, Oct. 14, 1890.,
Austin [int. fisherman] and Harriet Sawyer [int. wid., third m.]

of Castine, Nov. 5, 1870. [Harriet of Castine, c.r.i.]
Charles H. and Mrs. Mary A. Kirby [int. Kerby], Nov. 28,

John A. and Mrs. Abbie Hamblton, int. Jidy 13, 1880, "Cert.

issued July 21."
Mary O. and Luther West, int. Feb. 21, 1846, "Certif Issued

March 12."
Rachael A. of Bucksport and Lewellyn M. Clifford, int. Mar.

9, 1875, "Certificate issued March 22d."

DANIELS, Adin of Swanville and Sally Brown, int. Nov. 11,

182 1, [m. Nov. 29, co.R.]
John W. and Eunice McFarland of Montville, int. Aug. 22,

1851, "Certif Issd Sept 6."
Melvin T. [int. widr., laborer] and Irene Hutchias, Feb. i, 1869.
Nettie B. of Camden and John A. Briggs [int. widr., joiner],

Apr. 3, 1869.

DARBY (see Derby), Francis [sic] and William P. Michael,
int. Feb. 6, 1856. [Frances and William P. Michaels, m.
Feb. 7, co.R.]

Francis [of] Northport and Nellie A. Lane [of] Northport, Apr,
4, 1877.*

* Intention not recorded.


Darby, Frank [dup. Francis] and Mrs. Irene [dup. Irena] E.

Hill, int. Feb. 15, i88i.
Hiram B. and Eunice M. Hastings of St. George, Mar. — ,

Hiram B. and Mrs. Annie Cullnan, Dec. 10, 1886. [Cullun,

Dec. 9, C.R.I.]
Isaac D. and Mary A. [int. Ann] Dutch, Sept. 19, 1861. [Mary

A., C.R.3. CO.R.]

Isaac D. [int. divorced, 25, seaman] and Mahala B. Leach [int.
17], Oct. 29, 1865.

Isaac D., Capt., divorced, third m., seaman, and Mary L.
Thayer of Searsmont, int. Jan. 24, 1871, "Certificate issued
Jan 28."

Jos[eph] H., 21, seaman, and Martha A. Pattershall, 19, int.
Nov. 17, 1865. [m. Nov. 25, in Searsport, co.r. Pater-
shall, d. Doane and Lovina (Larabee), m. Nov. 25,

Melissa M. and Ansel F. Stevens, int. June i, i860, "certife
issued June 11."

Susan S. and Franklin J. Stevens [int. seaman], Jan. 14, 1869.

DARLING, Eliza A. of Bluehill and Alexander C. Perkins, int.
Jtdy 27, 1845, "Certife Issued Aug. 21st."

DAVIDSON (see Davinson), Annie L. and David W. Phipps of

Seattle, s. Stephen E. and Phebe P. (Warren), Jan. 19,

1890, in Seattle,* P.R.39.
Clarissa A. of Waldo Plantation and John McKinley Jr., int.

Oct. 26, 1844, "Certife Issued Nov 13th."
Henery and Sarah Densmore of Windham, N. H., int. July 28,

1819, "Certificate Issued Augt 24."
Henry and Jane More [? Ware] Dinsmore of Windham, N. H.,

int. May 14, 1809.
John L. [int. S., 22, farmer] and Mary F. Smith [int. 22], Aug.

, 3. 1873-

Louisa and James B. Wilder, int. Sept. 15, 1849, "Certif. issued

Sept. 29."
Mary E. and H. C. Crockett of Big Rapids, Mich., Oct. 2,

Sarah Jane and Capt. [int. omits Capt.] Alexander P. Doak of

Searsport, May 22, 1855.
Susannah [int. Davison] and Thomas Nesmith, Dec. 25, 1808.

[Davidson, c.r.2.]

* latention not recorded.


DAVINSON (see Davidson), John [Davinson sic, Davidson]
and Eliza Ann Gaimet.-int. May 9, 1835. [Davidson and
Eliza Ann Gannett, m. June 4, co.r.]

John Q. A. of Waldo and Mary E. Shepherd, int. Nov. 19, 1842,
"Cirtife Issued Dec 12th."

DAVIS, Abigail of Brooks and Charles H. Thompson of Frank-
fort, Jan. 13, 1834.*

Abigal ( ) [int. Davis of Billrica] and Bohan P. Field [int.

Esq.], Oct. 23, 1807. [Abigail Davis and Bohan P. Field,

Alice M. and David Everett of Boston, Aug. 26, 1884.

Ann of Thomaston and David Gay Jr. of Belmont, Sept. iz,

Ansel and Mary B. Conner, int. Nov. 6, 1830. [m. Nov. 25,


Benjamin and Jane Stephenson, Dec. 28, 1814.

Benjamin and Elizabeth Whittier of Newburyport, int. June 3,

1847, "Cert, isseud Jtme 22d."
Betsey [int. Betsy] and William Horn of Va§salborough, Jan.

16, 1822.
Betsey, Mrs., and Theophelas Colson of Prospect, int. Aug. 9,

1837. [Theophilus of Prospect, m. Sept. 3, co.r.]
Betsy of Swanville and Moses Grover of Swanville, Jan. 6,

Cyrus R. and Mary E. Sleeper, Oct. 22, 1877.
Dolly and Benja[min] F. Stephenson, Mar. 27, 1853.
E. P. of Lewiston and Bertha A. Casey, int. Sept. 2, 1885,

"Cert, issued September 7th."
Edward and Christina L. Hayford, Apr. 13, 1854.
Edwin W. and Georgia E. Nash, May 13, 1877.
Eleanor and Nathan Cole, Nov. 8, 1826.
Eleazer and Jane Nickerson, int. Jan. 22, 1820, "Certificate

Issued Feb 3."
Emma R. and Joseph V. Bartlett of Waldo, Mar. 29, 1864, in '

Monroe,* co.r.
Emmie A., Mrs., and Walter D. Staples, Mar. 25, 1890. [Walter

O., C.R.3.]
Esther [int. adds M.] and John H. Fogg of Brooks, Sept. 28,

1844. [Esther, co.r.]
Eimice S. of MontvUle and Henry York, int. Jan. 13, 1838,

"Cirtificate Jssued Jany 30."
Fannie A. [int. 25] and William J. Dennett [int. 24, saihnaker],

Nov. 12, 1865.

• Intention not recorded.


Davis, Frank and Annie Tripp of Swanville, int. Jan. i6, i860,

"Certif issued Jany 20th."
Frank E. [int. T.] and Hattie M. Spiller, Apr. 29, 1876.
George H. and Nettie E. Stinson, int. Oct. 24, 1881, "Cert.

issued October 29th."
George W. and Ella M. Ciumingham of Waldo, int. Feb. 17,

1879, "Cert, issued February 24t'h."
Guilford (see Jilford).
Harriet L. and Sametd Webber of Searsport, int. Nov. 25, 1849,

"Dec. 4. Certif issued."
Herman H. [int. 21, hostler] and Philena Barns [int. Lena E.

Barnes, 18] of Waldo, Dec. 17, 1873.
J. E. and Mary E. Lewis, Apr. 29, 1876.

James and Ann Hopkins, Mar. — [int. "Certif Mar 28"], 1824.
James P. and Adelaid [int. Adaline] Cookson, June i, 1858.

[Adalaid, co.r.]
Jilford of Swanville and Elizabeth Rankin of Swanville, Nov.

14, 1839.*
John L. of Readfield and Mrs. Grace U. Crosby, Jan. 7, 1880.
John P., seaman, and Mary E. Patterson, int. Nov. 19, 1872.
Jones S. and Susan A. Rogers, June 24, 1848.
Joseph E. and Sylvina J. Gihnore, Dec. 19, 1858.
Leander and Eliza Cunningham, d. Benj[amin] and Betsey

(Stephenson), May 27, 1841, in Knox,* P.R.93. p.r.iio.
Leander L. and Clara A. Wescott of Castine, Sept. 16, 1880.
Lizzie F. and Jefferson F. Wilson [int. truckman], Apr. 18, 1868.

[Lizzie F., d. Leander and Eliza (Cunningham), p.R.93.]
Lois C. and Dr. J. M. Muzzey [int. Mussey, widr.] of LaPorte,

Cal., Jan. 8, 1868. [Mxizzy of LaPorte, Cal., co.r.]
Lucy and John Wales Jr. of Freedom, int. Dec. 20, 1840. [m.

Feb. 28, 1841, CO.R.]
Luther of Freedom and Mary P. Jackson, int. Dec. 19, 1874,

"Certificate issued December 26th."
Lydia (see Mary).

Margarett [int. Margaret] and George Watson, Feb. 12, 1832.
Maria A. [dup. omits A.], Mrs., and Philip [dup. adds S.] Skinner,

int. May 25, 1880, "Cert, issued Jtme sth."
Martha A. and Henry W. Mason, int. Sept. 14, 1845, "Certife

Issued Oct. 2nd."
Martha Jane, 23, of Jackson, and Dan[ie]l E. Pillsbury, 23,

seaman, int. Dec. 14, 1865, "certif issued Dec 20."
Mary and William Greely [int. of Northport], Apr. 16, 1809.

[William, C.R.2.]

* Intention not recorded.


Davis, Mary and Jona[than] L. Frye, int. Dec. 30, 1837.

[Lydia, m. Feb. 11, 1838, co.r.]
Mary A. [int. 20] and Josiah Veazie [int. 24, seaman], Feb. 21,

Mary A. and Edw[ar]d H. Pratt, widr., third m., shoemaker,

int. Dec. 26, 1871, "Certificate issued Dec 30."
Mary E. [int. 19] and Augustus E. Tripp [int. 22, laborer] [of]

Swanville, Sept. 3, 1873.
Mary Elizabeth and Philo Chase, May 12, 1857.
Mary H. (see May H.).
Mary R. and William R. Stoddard, int. Nov. 12, 1842, "Cirtife

Issued Jany 3d 1843."
May [int. Mary] H. of Bristol and Wellington Young, June 21,

1886, in Bristol.
Nathaniel S. [of] Abbot and Emma F. Burr [int. Burd], Mar. 6,

Reuben H. of Unity and Eleanor Morse, int. Dec. 19, 1877,

"Cert, issued Dec. 24."
Samuel W. and ArdeU R. Clifford, Sept. 14, 1879.
Scirah E. and Jeremiah G. [int. E.] Hall, May i, 1851.
Suky and Ebenezer B. Greely [int. Greeley], Oct. 5, 1806.

[Sukey and Ebenezer B. Greeley, c.r.2.]
Susan J. and Beni[amin] F. Stephenson, Dec. 19, 1842.
Sylvina J., Mrs. [int. wid.], and Cyrus J. Hall [int. merchant],

June I, 1868.
William and Bitsey [int. Betsy] Marble, Dec. 20, 1810. [Betsy,


William and EUza Cobbet, Nov. 18, 1824.

William and M A. Mason, int. Feb. 15, 1850, "Certif

issued March 4."
Zebulon R. and Margaret Patterson, May 23, 1814.

DAVISON (see Davidson, Davinson).

DAWSON (see Dorson), Fanny and J. Shea, int. Dec. 29, 1855.

DAY, Asa and Margaret Todd, Sept. 14, 1852.

George W. and Sarah F. Thomson, int. Sept. 7, 1845, "Certife

Issued Sept 20th."
Joanna and Nathaniel French, int. Sept. 30, 1837, "Cirtificate

Jssued June 6th 1838."
John H. and Mary E. Bird of Camden, int. Apr. 20, 1853,

Lydia of Waldo Plantation and Vinal Mayhew, Dec. 11, 1823.*

* Intention not recorded.


Day, Otis B. of Rockland and Victoria Clark of Northport,

Oct. 17, 1863.*
Stephen B. and Mary Ann McCrillis, int. Jan. lo, 1841. [m.

Jan. 24, co.R. Mary Ann, d. James and Jane (Durham),

m. Jtine 16, p.R.138.]
Thomas of Plantation No. 5, Somerset Co., and Diana Mayhew,

Jan. 18, 1827.

DEALING, Elmira B., Mrs., and Benjamin M. Smith of Lin-
colnville, int. Nov. 23, 1850, "Certif Issd Dec 14th."

DEAN (see Deane), Andrew I. and Harriet E. Buckmore, int.

Nov. 2, 1858, "Certif issued Nov. 6th."
Cha[rle]s E. [int. Deane, omits E.], 24, blacksmith, s. And[re]w,

blacksmith (b. N. H.), and Sarah [int. (Hale)] (b. N. H.),

and Hattie F. Cunningham, 22, cutter in paper mill, d.

W[illia]m, joiner (b. Swanville), and Mary [int. (Brown)],

Dec. 10, 1864. [Cha[rle]s E. Dean, co.r.]
Dora A. and John M. Crosby, Jan. 18, 1882.
Horace [int. 22, axe maker] and Mary E. Cottrill [int. 21], May

5, 1866. [Cottrell, d. C. Y. and Mary A. (Lucas), P.R.133.

Mary Eliza Cottrell, d. Christopher Y. and Mary Ann

(Lucas), P.R.134.]
Lucy Margaret (second w.) and David Lancaster, s. Humphrey

and Lucy (Elwell), Mar. 18, 1847,* p.R.108.
Sarah [int. adds E.] and Barnes Putnam [int. of Dunstable, N. H.],

Aug. 23, 1832.
Sarah I. of Brooks and Thomas S. Cottrill, int. Nov. 15, 1859,

"Certif issued Nov 19."

DEANE (see Dean), Hattie L. [int. Dean, 26] and Augustus
H. Stephenson [int. 24, paper maker], Nov. 3, 1867. [Dean,


DEARBORN, Jane, Mrs., of Augusta, and Andrew Leslie

Robbins of Augusta, May i, 1886.*
John C. of Dover and Katie A. Lattie of Dover, July 24, 1866.*

DEAEUNG (see Deering), A. O. of Lewiston and Lenora M.
Trundy, int. Feb. 12 [1886], "Cert, issued February 23d."

DECROW (see Dickro, Dicrow), Azubah A. of Freedom and
Capt. Thomas R. Shute, int. Sept. 4, 1847, "Cert, issued
Sept. 21."

Myra E. of Searsport and William L. Hanson, May i, 1884.

* Intention not recorded.


DEEGAN, Edward J. and Isabel Flowers, d. John and Mary

(McCorrison), Feb. 5, 1879,* P.R.73.
Isabel, second m., d. John Flowers and Mary (McCorrison),

and W[illia]m H. Hooper, ,* P.R.73.

DEERING (see Bearing), Chariena of Jackson and James A.
Merithew, Dec. 17, 1881.

DELANEY, Frank [of] Bangor and Clara E. Norton [of] Bangor,
Nov. 25, 1875.*

DELANO, Nath[anie]l W., barber, of Searsport, and Caro
Jones, int. Nov. 29, 1871, "Certificate issued Dec 11."

DELL, Mary A. (see Mary A. Dill).

DEMPSEY, John and Amelia D. Rhodes of Northport, Jan.
10, 1823.*

DENEN, Daniel and Elizabeth Murphey, int. June 9, 1837,
"Cirtificate Isued June 24th."

DENNETT, Clara J. [int. 22] and Joseph A. Gilmore [int. 23,

seaman], June 16, 1867. [Clara A., co.r. Joseph A., s.

David and Eliza (McKeen), P.R.106.]
Geo[rge] W., 21, sailmaker, and Mary A. Coombs, wid., 33, int.

Nov. I, 1865, "Certif. forbidden by Mr Joseph Dennett."
Jacob K. and Annie T. Riggs, int. Sept. 29, 1888. [m. Oct. 10,

C.R.3. Annie T., d. Asa Franklin and Loioise (Reed),

m. Oct. 10, P.R.103.]
Mary A. and Alfred M. Roix, Oct. 8, 1861.
William J. [int. 24, sailmaker] and Fannie A. Davis [int. 25],

Nov. 12, 1865.

DENNIS, Hannah E. of Hallowell and H. G. O. Washburn,
int. Oct. 4, 1834, "Certificate Jssued Oct 21st."

DENSMORE (see Dinsmoor, Dinsmore), Sarah of Windham,
N. H., and Henery Davidson, int. Jiily 28, 1819, "Certifi-
cate Issued Augt 24."

DERBY (see Darby), Mary S. of York and William Fredrick,
int. Dec. 26, 1818. [Mary Swett Derby of York and Wil-
liam Frederick, m. Jan. 10, 1819, in York, p.R.122.]

Rufus and Harret McDoimald, int. Nov. 24, 1832, "certificate
Issued Deer 19th."

• Intention not recorded.


DERRY, Eliza of Camden and John C. Perry, int. Nov. 22,
1836, "Cirtificate Isued Dec sth."

DE SIBOURG, Jean Gabriel of France and Mary Louise John-
son, d. Alfred Jr. and Nancy (Atkinson), May 22, i860,
in Boston,* p.r.i.

DESMON (see Desmond), EUenor A., 24, of Portland, and
Henry A. Pillsbury, 25, pedler, int. May 30, 1873, "Cer-
tifecate issued Jime sth."

DESMOND (see Desmon), Maggie and Leslie Kellar, int.
Oct. 23, 1880, "Cert, issued October 28th."

DEXTER, John [int. widr., seaman] of N. S. and Anna Sudbury,
Nov. 24, 1869. [John of N. S., c.r.i.]

DICEIER, Hiram of Milo and Susaimah Cookson, int. July 13,
1845, "Certifi Issued Aug 8."

DICKERSON, Charles B. and Emma Eastman of Milford, int.

Dec. 8, 1884.
Eliza Ann and Lindly Murray Burrington of Franklin, Mass.,

int. Sept. 15, 1884, "Cert, issued September 20th."
Ellen L. and [int. Col.] Edward H. Leib [int. Lieb, U. S. A.] of

Pottsville, Pa., Feb. 21, 1867. [Leib of Pottsville, Pa.,

C.R.I. OCR.]

J. Garland of Prospect and L. Jane Merrithew of Prospect,

Dec. 4, 1844,* OCR.
Jona[than] G. and Eliza A. Berry of Bennington, N. Y., int.

Apr. 30, 1859, "Certif issued May i6th."
Lucy A. and John M. Burleigh of S. Berwick, Jan. 14, 1880.

DICKEY, Adelbert of Northport and Nellie N. Wentworth,

. int. Nov. 10, 1885, "Cert, issued November 15th."
Albert and Haimah M. Clark, int. Jan. 11, 1855.
Andrew of Prospect and Betsy Lancaster of Prospect, Dec. 26,

1797,* C.R.2.

Annie S. of Searsmont and Clarence L. Hagar of Union, Nov.

25, 1885.*
Carrie and Martin Thomas, Nov. 11, 1884.
Cassitis R. and Georgie F. Rolerson, July 19, 1890.
Cyrissia M. and Charles E. Washburn of Middleboro, Mass.,

Oct. 16, 1888.

* Intention not recorded.


Dickey, Fannie M. of Northport and Bartlet [dup Bartlett]

Wadlin of Northport, Dec. 5, 1873.*
Frederic A. of Northport and Harriet L. Knowlton of North-
port, Jan. 2, 1853.*
Hannah E. and Henry A. Condon [int. seaman], Nov. 19, 1871.
Hattie A. and Ambrose B. Hanson [of] Palermo, Jan. 9, 1877.
Jobm W. and Lydia Richards, int. June i, 1835, "Certificate

Jssued June 17th."
Joseph K., 24, shoemaker, and AUce R. Robinson, 18, of Morrill,

int. Dec. 16, 1873, " Certificate issued Dec. 22."
Lillian E. of Lincohiville and Joel M. Miller of Lincolnville,

Feb. 25, 1884.*
Melvin F. of Lincolnville and Alice M. Mahoney of Lincolnville,

Nov. 25, 1884.*
Myra C. of Monroe and William H. Staples, int. Aug. 27, 1881,

"Cert, issued September 10."
Nancy H. of Northport and Jacob L. Rhoades of Northport,

Jan. I, 1859.*
Sara of Lincolnville and Samuel Gardiner of Northport, Sept.

22, 1830.*
Sarah of Prospect and William Collins of Prospect, May i,

Sarah and James O. Bean, int. Jvdy 20, 1859, "Certif issued

July 30th."

DICKRO (see Decrow, Dicrow), John of Lincolnville and Katy
K. Park of Prospect, Feb. 21, 1805.*

DICROW (see Decrow, Dickro), Exce [sic] of Ducktrap and
William Kidder of Ducktrap, Feb. 20, 1800.*

DILL, Mary A. of Northport and Dunmer Toward of Freedom,

Nov. 7, 1861.* [DeU of Northport, co.r.]
Nellie and Augustus F. Marshall, July 4, 1891.

DILLAWAY (see Dilloway), Catharine and John Herrick,
int. Jan. 31, 1841, "Certificate Issued Feby i6th."

Lovisa C. and Alexander Farrow of Searsmont, int. Nov. 27,
1843, "Cirtife Issued Dec 22d."

Samuel and Nancy Hall, Jan. 6, 1814.

Sam[ue]l, divorced, merchant, and Mehssa J. Colcord, int.
Oct. 22, 1869, "certificate issued Oct. 26."

DILLING, Mary H. of Albion and Sylvanus G. Cottrell,
Sept. 27, 1884.*

• Intention not recorded.


DILLINGHAM, Benj[ainin] P. and Lucy Jameson of St. George,

int. Nov. 18, 1824, "Cert Dec 2nd."
Catharine W. and Patrick Kearney, int. Jan. 5, 1855.
Catherine W. and Alenzo Osbom, int. Nov. 16, 1849, "Not

posted up N. P. Cen Nisi."

DILLOWAY (see Dillaway), Lucinda and Joel Paul, int. Aug.

12, 1837, "Cirtificate Isued Sept ist."
Silas and Catharine Brackett, int. Jan. 27, 1827, "Certif. issd

Feb. 15."

DIMON, Patrick of Castine and Mrs. Ann Welch, int. Mar. 22,
1862, "Certificate issued 26th."

DINGLY, Hattie B. of Waterville and Stephen S. Lewis, int.
May 7, 1861, "Certificate issued May nth."

DINSMOOR (see Densmore, Dinsmore), Isaiah of Windham,
N. H., and Margaret M. Park, Sept. 9, 1852.

DINSMORE (see Densmore, Dinsmoor), Bounds C, widr.,
merchant, and Sarah B. Whitten, int. Aug. 9, 1872, "cer-
tificate issued Augt 16."

Cjmthia Ellen and Waldo Burrill [int. Burrell] Washbume,
Feb. 7, 1876.

Jane More [? Ware] of Windham, N. H., and Henry Davidson,
int. May 14, 1809.

Loviza of Windham, N. H., and Samuel Jackson, int. Dec. 5,
1825, "Certif. issued Dec 20."

Pliney E. and Mary A. Ryder, int. June 29, i860, "Certif.
issued June 10."

Thomas B. [int. merchant] and Isabella K. Moore, Sept. 18,

Wellington and Lizzie N. Bush of Vassalboro[ugh], int. Sept.
10, 1875, "Certificate issued Sept. 14th."

DOAK, Alexander P., Capt. [int. omits Capt.], of Searsport,

and Sarah Jane Davidson, May 22, 1855.
Mary A. [int. Anna] and James B. [int. Bacon] Crocker [int. Jr.]

of Boston, Mass., Jtme 14, 1877.

DOAR (see Dorr), Abby and Robert Brier Jr., Aug. 7, 1841.
Lucy Arm and Simeon Rider, int. July 27, 1845, "Certife
Issued Aug. 10."

DOCKAM (see Dockham), Mary of Frankfort and Joshua
Thomas of Frankfort, Oct. 23, 1839.*

• Intention not recorded.


DOCKHAM (see Dockam), Addie, Mrs., and John W. Mcln-
tyre [int. Mclntire], Nov. 29, 1888. [Mclntyre, C.R.3.]

Ephraim of Frankfort and Mary E. Howard, int. Oct. 19, 1861,
"Certificate issued Oct. 26th."

DODGE, Alphonzo [int. 26, harness maker] and Angie Brown

[int. 23], Sept. 26, 1865.
Althea H, and Stephen F. Collins of S. Washington [int. S. Fram-

ingham, Mass.], Jan. 14, 1883.
Ambrose J. and Verena Mixer [of] Knox, May 12, 1877.
Ambrose J. and Renie Mixer, May 11, 1881.
Charles and Lizzie Cook, Sept. 8, 1891.
Cheney C. [int. 25, trader] and Mrs. Cemantha Roberts [int.

wid., 24] of Prospect, Nov. 13, 1865.
Christiana and John Roberts, May 13, 1821.
Elizabeth E. (see Lizzie E.).
Ferdinand and Eliza Ann Lancaster, d. James and Susan

(Ejiight), May 29, 1855.* p.R.108.
Ferdinand and Fida P. Hinck, July 8, i860.
H. Lizzie and Cha[rle]s H. Snell of Natick, Mass., Apr. 10,

Harriet M. T. of Bluehill and Capt. Cyrus Rowe, int. June 26,

1847, "Cert, issued July 10."
Harriet N. and Geo[rge] W. Kimball, int. Sept. 9, 1852, "Certif."
Helen G. and Frank Perkins, int. Apr. 25, 1864, "Certificate

issued April 30th." .
Henry O. of Brooks and M. A. Webster of Brooks, July 4, 1874.*
Isabelle M. and Parker V. Webb of Deer Isle, int. May i, 1877,

"Cert, issued May 7.'*
Jacob H. (see Jacob H. George).
James H. and Judith B. Lear, Apr. 28, 1852.
James H. and Marietta F. Patterson, Nov. 18, 1882.
Jennie and James E. Patterson, Sept. 6, 1890.
Lizzie E. and Edward H. Dimbar, Jan. 16, 1884. [Elizabeth E.

and Edward H. Dunbar, s. Henry Jr. and Sarah J. (Pote),

Loiza and Joseph Thomes of Morrill, Apr. 30, i860, in Morrill,*


Luther C. of Bluehill and Diantha E. Shattuck of Washington,

Oct. 9, 1863.*
Martha B. [int. 28] of Boston, Mass., and Freeman W. Shephard

[int. Shepherd, 40, farmer], Oct. 13, 1867, in Boston, Mass.

[Shepherd, co.r.]

* Intention not recorded.


Dodge, Minnie M. and Silas D. Brown of Jackson, Nov. 21,
i860, in Monroe,* co.r.

Noah of Isleboro[ugh] and Elizabeth Jane Brown, int. Jan. 8,
1829, "Certif. issd Jan. 25."

Noah B. and Mrs. Lucy D. Trussel, int. Feb. 2, 1852, "forbid-
den by Mrs L. D. Trussel."

Sarah, Mrs., and Josiah Wood, int. Feb. 13, 1836.

Sarah C. of Liberty and Wilder H. Worthing, int. June i, 1850.

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