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=W. P. Atkinson.= On the Right Use of Books, 16mo, 50 cents; On
History and the Study of History, 16mo, 50 cents.

=Henry Bacon.= A Parisian Year, Illustrated, 16mo, $1.50.

=Honoré de Balzac.= Père Goriot, 12mo, half Russia, $1.50;
The Duchesse de Langeais, 12mo, half Russia, $1.50; César
Birotteau, 12mo, half Russia, $1.50; Eugénie Grandet, 12mo,
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Country Doctor, 12mo, half Russia, $1.50; The Two Brothers,
12mo, half Russia, $1.50; The Alkahest, 12mo, half Russia,

=Anna Letitia Barbauld.= Tales, Poems, and Essays. Biographical
Sketch by Grace A. Oliver. 16mo, $1.00.

=S. Baring-Gould.= Curious Myths of the Middle Ages, new
edition, Illustrated, 16mo, $1.50.

=William Barnes.= Rural Poems, Illustrated, square 18mo, $1.25.

=C. A. Bartol, D.D.= Radical Problems, 16mo, $1.25; The Rising
Faith, 16mo, $1.25; Principles and Portraits, 16mo, $1.25.

=William M. Baker.= Blessed Saint Certainty, 16mo, $1.50; The
Making of a Man, 16mo, $1.25; His Majesty, Myself, 16mo, $1.00.

=Arlo Bates.= Berries of the Brier (Poems), 16mo, $1.00;
Sonnets in Shadow (Poems), 16mo, $1.00; A Lad’s Love, a Story,
16mo, $1.00.

=Henry Walter Bates.= The Naturalist on the Amazon,
Illustrated, 8vo, $2.50.

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=Walter Besant.= The French Humorists, 12mo, $2.00; Studies in
Early French Poetry, 12mo, $2.00.

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Rossetti. Portrait, 16mo, $2.25.

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Ellery Channing, with Portrait, Illustrated, 16mo, $1.50; The
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Thoughts, 16mo, $1.00; My Health, 16mo, $1.00; Happy Thought
Hall, Illustrated, square 16mo, $2.00; The New History of
Sandford and Merton, Illustrated, 16mo, $1.00; paper covers, 50

=By The Tiber.= A Novel, by the author of “Signor Monaldini’s
Niece,” 16mo, $1.50.

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Portrait, 8vo, $3.00.

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Herndon’s Income, 16mo, $1.50; Miss Melinda’s Opportunity,
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Tom, Illustrated, 16mo, $1.00; Aloha, Illustrated, 16mo, $1.50;
Every-day Life and Every-day Morals, 16mo, $1.00.

=William Ellery Channing.= Thoreau: the Poet-Naturalist, 16mo,

=Lydia Maria Child.= Aspirations of the World, 16mo, $1.25.

=P. W. Clayden.= The Life of Samuel Sharpe, 12mo, $1.50.

=“Mabel Collins.”= Through the Gates of Gold, a Fragment of
Thought, 16mo, 50 cents.

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Christianity, 12mo, $1.25.

=“Susan Coolidge.”= The New Year’s Bargain, Illustrated, 16mo,
$1.25; What Katy Did, Illustrated, 16mo, $1.25; What Katy
Did at School, Illustrated, 16mo, $1.25; What Katy Did Next,
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16mo, $1.25; Nine Little Goslings, Illustrated, 16mo, $1.25;
Eyebright, Illustrated, 16mo, $1.25; Cross Patch, Illustrated,
16mo, $1.25; A Round Dozen, Illustrated, 16mo, $1.25; A Little
Country Girl, Illustrated, 16mo, $1.25; A Guernsey Lily,
Illustrated, 4to, $2.00; For Summer Afternoons, 16mo, $1.25;
Short History of Philadelphia, 12mo, $1.25; Verses, square
16mo, $1.00.

=Caroline H. Dall.= Letters Home from Colorado, Utah, and
California, 12mo, $1.50; What we Really Know about Shakespeare,
second edition, 16mo, $1.25.

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12mo, $4.00.

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$1.50; Salmonia, Illustrated, $1.50.

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=Orville Dewey.= Autobiography, 12mo, $1.75.

=George T. Dippold.= The Great Epics of Mediæval Germany, 16mo,

=Anna Bowman Dodd.= Cathedral Days, Illustrated, 12mo, $2.00.

=Giovanni Duprè’s Autobiographical Memoirs.= With an
Introduction by William W. Story. 12mo, $2.00.

=Don Quixote=, Wit and Wisdom of, Illustrated, 16mo, $1.25.

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12mo, $2.00; Old Landmarks of Middlesex, Illustrated, 12mo,
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square 18mo, $1.00; paper covers, 30 cents; The Man Without a
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Christmas Day, 16mo, $1.25; Sybaris, 16mo, $1.25; Seven Spanish
Cities, 16mo, $1.25; Ten Times One is Ten, 16mo, $1.00; Mrs.
Merriam’s Scholars, 16mo, $1.00; How to Do It, 16mo, $1.00;
Good Time Coming, 16mo, $1.00; Gone to Texas, 16mo, $1.00;
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A Summer Vacation, paper covers, 16mo, 50 cents; Franklin in
France, with Portraits, 8vo, $3.00.

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$2.00; Golden Mediocrity, 16mo, $1.00.

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about Art, 12mo, $2.00; Intellectual Life, 12mo, $2.00;
Chapters on Animals, 12mo, $2,00; Round My House, 12mo,
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Wenderholme, 12mo, $2.00; Modern Frenchmen, 12mo, $2.00; Life
of J. M. W. Turner, 12mo, $2.00; The Graphic Arts, 12mo, $2.00;
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$1.50; The Pillar of Fire, 16mo, $1.50; The Throne of David,
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12mo, $1.50; Glimpses of Three Coasts, 12mo, $1.50; Bits of
Travel, Illustrated, 18mo, $1.25; Bits of Travel at Home, 18mo,
$1.50; Bits of Talk, 18mo, $1.00; Bits of Talk for Young Folks.
16mo, $1.00; Mercy Philbrick’s Choice, 16mo, $1.00; Hetty’s
Strange History, 16mo, $1.00; Zeph, 16mo, $1.25; Between
Whiles, 16mo, $1.25; Verses, 16mo, $1.00; Sonnets and Lyrics,
16mo, $1.00; Verses and Sonnets and Lyrics, in 1 vol., $1.50.

=Richard Jefferies.= Wild Life in a Southern County, 16mo,
$1.25 Gamekeeper at Home, 12mo, $1.50; Illustrated, 8vo, $3.75;
The Amateur Poacher, 12mo, $1.50; Round About a Great Estate,
12mo, $1.50; Story of My Heart, 16mo, 75 cents.

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Music, 12mo, $1.75.

=Joyce, R. D.= Deirdré, a Poem, 16mo, $1.00; Blanid, a Poem,
16mo, $1.50.

=Sylvester Judd.= Margaret, 16mo, $1.50; Richard Edney, 16mo,

=John Keats.= Poems. Memoir by Lord Houghton. 16mo, $1.50.

=The Kernel and the Husk.= Letters on Spiritual Christianity,
by the author of “Philochristus” and “Onesimus,” 12mo, $1.50.

=Edward Lear.= Nonsense Songs, Illustrated, 12mo, $1.25.

=Walter Savage Landor.= Pericles and Aspasia, 16mo, $1.50;
Imaginary Conversations, 5 vols., 12mo, $10.00; Oxford edition,
16mo, $5.00.

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Comedies, 12mo, $2.00.

=Vernon Lee.= Baldwin, 12mo, $2.00; Euphorion, 2 vols., demy
8vo, $4.00; Countess of Albany, 16mo, $1.00; A Phantom Lover,
16mo, 50 cents; Juvenilia, 12mo, $2.00.

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16mo, $1.50; Madame Récamier and Her Friends, 16mo, $1.50.

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“Armada,” Illustrated, 16mo, $1.00.

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$1.25; Rob Roy on the Baltic, 16mo, $1.25; Voyage Alone in the
Yawl Rob Roy, 16mo, $1.25; Three vols. in one, $2.00.

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=Gerardine Macpherson.= Memoirs of Anna Jameson, with Portrait,
8vo, $2.50.

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series, 16mo, $1.50; 2d series, 12mo, $2.00.

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cloth, 12mo, $2.00; Diana of the Crossways, uncut, English
cloth, 12mo, $2.00; The Egoist, uncut, English cloth, 12mo,
$2.00; Shaving of Shagpat, and Farina, uncut, English cloth,
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$6.00; Popular edition, $4.50; Sigurd the Volsung, 8vo, $2.50;
Æneids of Virgil, 8vo, $2.50; Defence of Guenevere, 12mo,
$2.00; Life and Death of Jason, 16mo, $1.50; Lovers of Gudrun,
16mo, $1.00; Love is Enough, 16mo, $1.25; Hopes and Fears for
Art, 16mo, $1.25.

=Louise Chandler Moulton.= Poems, square 18mo, $1.00; Some
Women’s Hearts, 16mo, $1.50; Random Rambles, 18mo, $1.25;
Ourselves and Our Neighbors, 16mo, $1.00.

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$1.00; Is That All? $1.00; Will Denbigh, Nobleman, $1.00;
Kismet, $1.00; Wolf at the Door, $1.00; The Great Match, $1.00;
Marmorne, $1.00; Mirage, $1.00; A Modern Mephistopheles, $1.00;
Gemini, $1.00; A Masque of Poets, $1.00.

_Second Series_: Signor Monaldini’s Niece, $1.00; The Colonel’s
Opera Cloak, $1.00; His Majesty, Myself, $1.00; Mrs. Beauchamp
Brown, $1.00; Salvage, $1.00; Don John, $1.00; Tsar’s Window,
$1.00; Manuela Parédes, $1.00; Baby Rue, $1.00; My Wife and My
Wife’s Sister, $1.00; Her Picture, $1.00; Aschenbroedel, $1.00.

_Third Series_: Her Crime, $1.00; Little Sister, $1.00;
Barrington’s Fate, $1.00; Daughter of the Philistines, $1.00;
Princess Amélie, $1.00; Diane Coryval, $1.00; Almost a Duchess,
$1.00; A Superior Woman, $1.00; Justina, $1.00; Question of
Identity, $1.00; Cracker Joe, $1.00.

=Mrs. Power O’Donoghue.= Riding for Ladies, 12mo, $3.50.

=Old Lady Mary.= A Tale of the Seen and the Unseen, 16mo, 60

=Kathleen O’Meara.= Madame Mohl, 16mo, $1.25 (crown 8vo,
$2.50); Mabel Stanhope, 16mo, $1.25.

=Old Colony Series of Novels.= Constance of Acadia, 12mo,
$1.50; Agatha and the Shadow, 12mo, $1.50.

=Onesimus=, Memoirs of a Disciple of Saint Paul, 16mo, $1.50.

=Open Door and The Portrait=, 1 vol., 16mo, 60 cents.

=Dr. H. Oort and Dr. I. Hooykaas.= The Bible for Learners, 3
vols., 12mo, $6.00.

=John Boyle O’Reilly.= Moondyne, a Novel, 16mo, $1.00; Statues
in the Block, 16mo, $1.00; paper covers, 50 cents.

=Our Little Ann.= By the author of “Tip Cat.” 16mo, $1.00.

=Joseph Parker, D.D.= Ecce Deus, 16mo, $1.00; Ad Clerum, 16mo,

=Theodore Parker.= Prayers, 16mo, $1.00; Lessons from the World
of Matter, 12mo, $1.25.

=Charles E. Pascoe.= London of To-day, 1887, Illustrated, 12mo,

=C. Kegan Paul.= William Godwin, 2 vols., 8vo, $6.00; Mary
Wollstonecraft’s Letters to Gilbert Imlay, square 12mo, $2.00.

=Paul of Tarsus=, 16mo, $1.50.

=Elizabeth P. Peabody.= Reminiscences of William Ellery
Channing, 16mo, $2.00.

=A. P. Peabody, D.D.= Christian Belief and Life, 16mo, $1.50.

=Frances M. Peard.= The Rose Garden, 16mo, $1.50; Thorpe Regis,
16mo, $1.50; Unawares, 16mo, $1.50.

=Silvio Pellico.= My Prisons, Illustrated, 16mo, $1.25.

=“Pembridge.”= Whist, or Bumblepuppy? 16mo, 50 cents.

=J. and E. R. Pennell.= Two Pilgrims’ Progress, Illustrated,
12mo, $2.00; paper covers, 50 cents.

=Philochristus=, Memoirs of a Disciple of Our Lord, 16mo, $1.50.

=Edward L. Pierce.= Memoir and Letters of Charles Sumner, with
Portraits, 2 vols., 8vo, $6.00.

=Margaret J. Preston.= Cartoons, 16mo, $1.00.

=Laura Elizabeth Poor.= Sanskrit and its Kindred Literatures,
16mo, $2.00.

=Harriet W. Preston.= A Year in Eden, a Novel, 12mo, $1.50;
Troubadours and Trouvères, 12mo, $2.00; Aspendale, 16mo,
$1.00; Love in Nineteenth Century, 16mo, $1.00; Translations:
Mistral’s Mirèio, 16mo, $1.25; Writings of Madame Swetchine,
16mo, $1.25; Life and Letters of Madame Swetchine, 16mo, $1.50;
Portraits of Celebrated Women, 16mo, $1.50; Memoirs of Madame
Desbordes-Valmore, 16mo, $1.50; Biography of Alfred de Musset,
12mo, $2.00.

=Bryan Waller Procter.= An Autobiographical Fragment, with
Portrait, 12mo, $2.00.

=Alfred P. Putnam.= Singers and Songs of the Liberal Faith,
8vo, $3.00.

=Josiah Quincy.= Figures of the Past, 16mo, $1.50.

=Josiah P. Quincy.= Protection of Majorities, 16mo, $1.00.

=Harriet H. Robinson.= Massachusetts in the Woman Suffrage
Movement, 16mo, $1.25.

=A. Mary F. Robinson.= The New Arcadia, 16mo, $1.50; An Italian
Garden, 16mo, $1.00; Emily Brontë, 16mo, $1.00.

=Phil. Robinson.= Under the Sun, 16mo, $1.50; Sinners and
Saints: Three Months Among the Mormons, 16mo, $1.50.

=Edwards Roberts.= Santa Barbara, Illustrated, 16mo, 75 cents.

=Christina G. Rossetti.= Poems, 16mo, $1.50; Red Line edition,
12mo, $2.00; A Pageant, 16mo, $1.25; Time Flies, 18mo, $1.00;
Annus Domini, square 18mo, $1.50; Commonplace, 16mo, $1.50.

=Dante Gabriel Rossetti.= Blessed Damozel, 16mo, $1.50; Ballads
and Sonnets, 16mo, $1.50; Complete Poems, with Portrait, 12mo,
$2.00; Dante and His Circle, 12mo, $2.00.

=Maria Francesca Rossetti.= A Shadow of Dante, Illustrated,
12mo, $1.50.

=Earl John Russell.= Recollections, 8vo, $3.00.

=Bernardin de Sainte-Pierre.= Paul and Virginia, Illustrated,
16mo, $1.00.

=C. A. Sainte-Beuve.= Portraits of Celebrated Women, 16mo,
$1.50; Memoirs of Madame Desbordes-Valmore, 16mo, $1.50.

=Frank B. Sanborn.= Life and Letters of John Brown, with
Portraits, 8vo, $3.00.

=George Sand.= Mauprat, 12mo, half Russia, $1.50; Antonia,
12mo, half Russia, $1.50; Monsieur Sylvestre, 12mo, half
Russia, $1.50; Snow Man, 12mo, half Russia, $1.50; Miller of
Angibault, 12mo, half Russia, $1.50.

=Epes Sargent.= Planchette; or, The Despair of Science, 16mo,
$1.25; The Woman who Dared, 16mo, $1.50.

=Sir Walter Scott.= Lay of the Last Minstrel, Lady of the Lake,
and Marmion, 1 vol., 16mo, $1.00.

=Sea and Shore=, a Collection of Poems, 18mo, $1.00.

=J. R. Seeley, M.A.= Ecce Homo, 16mo, $1.00; Roman Imperialism,
16mo, $1.50; Short History of Napoleon, with Portrait, 16mo,
$1.50; Life and Times of Stein, 2 vols., with Portrait, 8vo,
$6.00; Natural Religion, 16mo, $1.25; Expansion of England,
crown 8vo, $1.75.

=Flora L. Shaw.= Colonel Cheswick’s Campaign, a Novel, 16mo,
$1.25; Castle Blair, 16mo, $1.00; Hector, 16mo, $1.00; Phyllis
Browne, 16mo, $1.00; A Sea Change, 16mo, $1.00.

=Six of One by Half-a-Dozen of the Other=, 16mo, $1.50.

=Julian K. Smyth.= Footprints of the Saviour, 16mo, gilt top,

=Mary Somerville.= Personal Recollections, Portrait, 12mo,

=Robert Southey.= Life of Nelson, Illustrated, 16mo, $1.00.

=Harriet Prescott Spofford.= The Marquis of Carabas, 16mo,
$1.00; Hester Stanley at St. Marks, 12mo, $1.25.

=“A Square.”= Flatland, Illustrated, 16mo, 75 cents.

=Robert Louis Stevenson.= Travels with a Donkey, 16mo, $1.00;
An Inland Voyage, 16mo, $1.00; Treasure Island, 16mo, $1.00;
The Silverado Squatters, 16mo, $1.00; Prince Otto, 16mo, $1.00.

=Harriet Beecher Stowe.= Pink and White Tyranny, 16mo, $1.25.

=Charles Swain.= Poems, with Portrait, 18mo, $1.00.

=Andrew James Symington.= William Wordsworth, with Portrait, 2
vols., 16mo, $2.00.

=Jane and Ann Taylor.= Tales, Essays, and Poems. Biographical
Sketch, by Grace A. Oliver. 16mo, $1.00.

=Connop Thirlwall.= Letters to a Friend, 12mo, $1.50.

=Mary W. Tileston.= Quiet Hours, 1st Series, 16mo, $1.00; 2d
Series, 16mo, $1.00; 2 vols. in one, $1.50; Sursum Corda, 16mo,
$1.25; The Blessed Life, 18mo, $1.00; Daily Strength for Daily
Needs, 16mo, $1.00; Heroic Ballads, Illustrated, 12mo, $2.00;
“The Wisdom Series,” comprising The Apocrypha, 18mo, flexible
covers, 50 cents; Ecclesiasticus, 18mo, flexible covers, 50
cents; Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, 18mo, flexible covers, 50
cents; The Imitation of Christ, 18mo, flexible covers, 50
cents; Sunshine in the Soul, 1st Series, 18mo, flexible covers,
50 cents; 2d Series, 18mo, flexible covers, 50 cents (both in
one, 75 cents); Epictetus, 18mo, flexible covers, 50 cents;
Life of Dr. John Tauler, 18mo, flexible covers, 50 cents;

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