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Selections from Fénelon, 18mo, flexible covers, 50 cents;
Socrates, 2 vols., 18mo, flexible covers, 50 cents each. In
sets, complete in six volumes, $4.50.

=Tip Cat=, A Story. By the author of “Miss Toosey’s Mission.”
16mo, $1.00.

=George M. Towle.= Certain Men of Mark, 16mo, $1.00.

=W. Steuart Trench.= Realities of Irish Life, 12mo, $1.00.

=R. St. John Tyrwhitt.= Our Sketching Club, Illustrated, 8vo,

=Sarah Tytler.= The Old Masters, 16mo, $1.50; Modern Painters,
16mo, $1.50; Musical Composers, 16mo, $1.50.

=May Alden Ward.= Dante, a Sketch of his Life, 16mo, $1.25.

=M. de Voltaire.= Charles XII., King of Sweden, with Portrait,
16mo, $1.00.

=William B. Weeden.= Morality of Prohibitory Liquor Laws, 16mo,
$1.25; The Social Law of Labor, 12mo, $1.50.

=Rev. John Weiss.= American Religion, 16mo, $1.50; Wit, Humor,
and Shakspeare, 12mo, $2.00.

=Oscar Wilde.= Poems, 16mo, $1.25.

=A Week Away from Time=, 16mo, $1.25.

=Rev. J. G. Wood.= Nature’s Teachings, Illustrated, 8vo, $2.50.

=Abba Goold Woolson.= Dress Reform, Illustrated, 16mo, $1.50;
Browsing Among Books, 16mo, $1.00.

=Benjamin Worcester.= Life and Mission of Emanuel Swedenborg,
with Portrait, 12mo, $2.00 (8vo, $3.00).

* * * * *


=Albion W. Tourgee.= Button’s Inn, a Story, 16mo, $1.25.

=Philip Bourke Marston.= For a Song’s Sake, and Other Stories,
12mo, $2.00; Garden Secrets, with a Sketch of his Life by
Louise Chandler Moulton, and Portrait, 16mo, $1.00.

=Esther Bernon Carpenter.= South-County Neighbors, 16mo, $1.00.

=William Shakespeare.= Complete Works, Dyce’s Edition, 7 vols.,
16mo, half Russia, in a neat box, $9.00.

=Laura E. Richards.= Toto’s Joyous Winter, a continuation of
“The Joyous Story of Toto,” 16mo, $1.25.

=Louisa M. Alcott.= A Garland for Girls, and Other Stories,
uniform with “Spinning-Wheel Stories,” 16mo, $1.25; Lulu’s
Library, Vol. II., uniform with Lulu’s Library, Vol. I., 16mo,

=Edward E. Hale.= In His Name, a new edition, with more than
100 Illustrations by G. P. Jacomb-Hood, R.A., 12mo, $2.00.

=Philip Gilbert Hamerton.= The Saône, a Summer Voyage, with 150
Illustrations by Joseph Pennell and the author, 4to. (_In the

=The Little Flowers of Saint Francis.= Translated by Abby
Langdon Alger. 16mo, 75 cents.

=T. S. Millington.= Some of Our Fellows, a School Story, with
16 Illustrations, small 4to, $2.00.

=Joaquin Miller.= Songs of the Mexican Seas, comprising The Sea
of Fire and The Rhyme of the Great River, 16mo, $1.00.

=George Meredith.= Ballads and Poems of Tragic Life, 16mo,

=Vernon Lee.= Juvenilia: being a Second Series of Essays on
Sundry Æsthetical Questions, uniform with “Baldwin” (the First
Series), 12mo, $2.00.

=Madame de Staël.= A Life of this celebrated woman, the author
of “Corinne,” being the 15th Volume in the Famous Women Series,
16mo, $1.00.

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Online LibraryBella DuffyMadame de Staël → online text (page 17 of 17)