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Thursday, the IS*"^ Day of April Next."

" At a meeting of the freeholders of Town of Chester,
held at the new meeting-house in Chester, the 13"^ Day of
April, 1775, by adjournment from the 30* Day of march
Last past. Now opened by the moderator, John Webster,

" Voted, to Give Incouragement to a Number of men
that will hold them Selves in Rediness if called for to Goe
against any Enemy that Shall Presume to Invade us or our


" Voted, To Raise fifty Good Effective able Bodyed men
into the Town's Servise, that Will Hold them Selves in
Redyness if called for by the Town to Goe against any
Enemy that Shall Come to Invade us or our Property.

" Voted, to Give Six Spanish milld Dollers or Equele their
unto pr month to fifty Good Effective men Each, and find
them their Provision as Long as they are in the Town's
Servise ; They finding their own Guns.

"Voted, That the Select men Shall Inlist the before
mentioned fifty men and Say when they Shall march.

" Voted, that their Shall be a muster master to View
these men.

" Voted, that Cap' Sam" Robie Shall be muster master.

"Voted, That if any of these fifty men Shall Loose their
Guns in an Ingagement the Town Shall Pay for them.

" Voted, that the Select men Shall prise these fifty men's
Guns before they march.

" Voted, that these fifty men have the Liberty to Chuse
their officers in this Town.

" Voted, that this meeting be adjourned till monday, the
first Day of May next."

May 1^*, 1775,

" Whereas their was a Vote pased at the Last meeting
that there Should be fifty Effective able Bodyed men In-
listed into the Town's Servise to be in Redyness upon the
Shortest warning to Goe against our Enemies which may
Invade us, Wliich Number appears to be full Large ; upon
which it is Voted that Instead of the Said fifty men their
Shall be thirty men Inlisted, which men shall have the
Same Incouragement Paid them that the minnet men have
in the Massachusets Bay.

" Voted, That if the^bove Thirty men Shall Inlist and
fit themselves they shall have a Reasonable allowance for
their Extreordinary charge.

May 15, 1775,

" Voted, To Chuse Two men to attend the Provential
asociation or Congress to be held at Exeter the 17*^ Day of
may Instant.

" Voted, That M - Stephen morss and Capt. Robert Will-
son Shall be the men, and that they have full Power, as set
forth in the warning of Said meeting."

In a warning for a meeting, to be held December 11,
1775, is the following article : —


" To Elect Two Persons having a Reall Estate of the
Vakie Two Hundred pound Lawfull money in this Colloncy
To Represent Them in Generall Congress to be held at
Exeter on the Twenty first Day of December Next at three
of the Clock in the afternoon ; And to Impower such Rep-
resentatives, for the term of one year from their first meet-
ing, To Transact Such Business and Persue Such mesures
as they shall or may Judge Nescecry for the Publick Good ;
and, in Case there Should be a Recomendation from the
Continential Congress that the Colony asume Government
in any Perticuler forme which will Require a house of Rep-
resentetives, that They Resolve them Selves into Such a
house as the Continentel Congress Shall Recomend ; and it
is Resolved that no person be allowed a Seat in Congress
who Shall by him Self, or any other Person for him, Before
said Choyce, Treat with Liquer any Ellectors with an aj)-
parent view of Gaining Their Votes, or afterwards on that

Stephen Morse and Capt. Robert Wilson were chosen.

At a meeting, June 8,

" Voted, that the Select men Drop the Graer [grammar]
School for the present.

" Voted, that the Town Will Secuere the Select men
from any Cost, Charg or Damiage They may be Put too for
not Providing a Grammcr Scbool for the present as the Law
Directs. Jacob Chase Decents against the foregoing Vote."

They reconsidered a vote for a highway tax, and directed
the surveyors to repair the highways, as formerly.

The Presbyterians "voted that Mr. Wilson should preach
nine months day about, and three months down here."

The battle of Lexington was on the 19th of April, and
when the report of it came to Chester, many of the men
went to the headquarters of the army at Cambridge, and
while they were absent reports spread in different places
that the British, or "Redcoats," as they were called, were
somewhere in the neighborhood, killing all before them.

I will relate the circumstances of the alarm at what is
now called Bunker Hill, in Auburn, as I have heard my
grandparents and father relate them. There were five
families within half a mile, and in four of them the men
were gone to Cambridge. Beginning at the north, was


Capt. (afterwards Colonel) Stephen Dearborn. His family
consisted of his wife, his son Richard, aged eleven, and
two other lads. One of the lads, Thomas Wells, brought
the word that the British were at Sandown, killing all the
people. They turned the cows and calves together, and
started to the next neighbor, Caleb Hall's. Here were
Mrs. Hall and five children, the oldest eleven years, and
the youngest eight months old. They started on to Moody
Chase's. He had gone to visit his brother Jacob's wife,
who was sick. His wife had three children. Next came
TVells Chase (my grandfather). My grandmother, with
her son B. Pike, fell into the mournful procession. Next
came Nathaniel Woods. His wife had three children, the
oldest perhaps four years old, and the youngest two weeks.
They marched on towards Chester, directly towards the
enemy. Somewhere on the road they met Moody Chase
returning home, who contradicted the report, and they re-
turned homeward, and kept garrison that night at the two
Chases'. The wife of Joseph Calef, who lived on the main
road near the corner, buried her pewter ware, to prevent
the Redcoats from running it into bullets to kill her
with. Hezekiah Underbill had a quantity of silver money,
which he put into a stocking, and put it into the well.
William Graham's family heard the report of muskets all
night, but it proved in the morning to be a horse stamping
on a plank floor.

I have heard it said there was much such an alarm at the
" Branch ; " and at Newbury the British had landed
on Plumb Island. These were times that tried ivomen^s
souls. Mrs. Healey, the mother of Hon. S. D. Bell's wife,
said there was such an alarm at Hampton Falls, where she
lived, and that she was old enough to remember it.

1776. At a meeting, held march 28, 1776, it was

" Yoted, That Those men that went Down at the Battel
at Concord, be Paid for what time they Stayed after the
others came away, which was about Eight Days, at the Rate
the other Proventals wages are."


July 9, 1776,

" Voted, That all those Thirty men that have or shall
Inlist into the Servis of this present Expedition to Rein-
force the armey under Generell Sullivan, Shall be paid by
the town as a bounty, over and above what the Colony
promis'' to pay as a Bounty, the sum of Thirteen Dollers
and Two thirds of a Doller each ; and all those Persons
that have or Shall Inlist into the present Servise, and have
Don their proportionable part Towards Supporting the
present warr for Said Colony before, they making that ap-
pear to the Select men or a Committee that Shall be chosen
by the town, that then their part of this tax Shall be Repaid
Back to them again.

" Voted, Capt. Henry moore, Nathan morss, Capt. John
Underbill, Shall be a Committee to Joyn with the Select
men to see that Justice be Don with Regard to the fore-
going Vote."

November 25, 1776,

" Voted, that the Charge of the present warr, So far as
it Concerns us, Shall be paid by the Inhabitants in equal
proportion as the other Town Charges are Paid."

" Sept. 27, 1776, Nicholas Oilman, Treasurer and Receiver
General, Requires of the town of Chester 56 pounds Law-
full money for the Currant year, and 26 for the charge of
the late Congress and assembly, making 82 pounds."

The Congregational parish

" Voted, To Give those Soldiers their Pole Rate to the
parish, the province Gave."


Colony of Neiv-IIampshire.

In Committee of Safety.

April 12tS 1776.
In order to cary the underwritten Resolve of the
Hon'ble Continental Congress into Execution, You are
requested to desire all Males above Twenty One Years of
Age (lunaticks. Idiots and Negroes excepted) to sign to
the Declaration on this paper ; and when so done, to
make return hereof, together with the Name or Names of
all who shall refuse to sign the same, to the General As-
sembly, or Committee of Safety of this Colony.

M. Weare, Chairman.



In Congress, March 14"^, 1776.

Resolved, That it be recommended to the several As-
semblies, ConTentions and Councils, or Committees of
Safety of the United Colonies, immediately/ to cause all
Persons to be disarmed within their Respective Colonies,
who are notoriously disaffected to the Cause of America,
or who refuse to associate to defend by Arms the United
Colonies against any Hostile Attempts of the British Fleets
and Armies.

(Copy.) Extract from the Minutes.

Charles Thompson, Secr'y.

In Consequence of the above Resolution of the lion.

Continental Congress, and to shew our Determination in

joining our American Brethren in defending the Lives,

Liberties and Property of the inhabitants of the United

Colonies :

AVe, the Subscribers, do hereby solemnly engage and
promise, that we will, to the utmost in our Power, at the
Risque of our Lives and Fortunes, with Arms, oppose the
Hostile Proceedings of the British Fleets and Armies
against the United American Colonies :

John Crawford,
William Lock,
Samuel Bluut,
William Tolford,
Daniel Greenough,
Robert McKiuley,
Matthew Forsaith, Jr.,
Edward Robie,
Edward Robie,
Archibald Malvafee, /'
John Webster,
Nathan Morse,
Sam^ Emerson,
Henry Moore,
Stephen Morse,
Joseph Linn,
Daniel Webster,
Moses Hills,
Stephen Dearborn,
Jonathan Hall,
Adam Willson,
Stephen Lufkin,
Kobt. Calfe,

James Rankin,
Anthy Somb. Stickney,
Edmund Stickney,
David Wetherspoou.,
Peter Aiken,
John Grimes,
Matthew Templeton,
William Underbill,
Joseph Dearborn,
David Crage,
John Underhill,
James Pearce,
William White.
Nathan Fitts,
James Duulap,
Nathan Webster, Junior,
John Hasseltine,
Peter Dearborn,
Peter Hasseltine,
Nathaniel Blasdall,
Ebenezer Basford,
Benjamin True,
Sam" Hasseltine,



Jasiel Harriman,
Ebenezer Townsend,
Nathaniel Glidden,
Wilks West,
Caleb Hall,
Wells Chase,
Moody Chase,
Stephen Merril,
Alex Weatherspoon,
Robert Craige,
James Aiken,
Bracket Towl,
Anthony Towl,
Benjamin Melvin,
Parker Carr,
Ezekiel Morse,
David Currier,
Robert Rowe,
John Dearborn,
Jethro Colby,
William McMaster,
Benj" Hills,
Samuel Hills,
Ezekiel Worthen,
John Shackford, Jur.,
Aaron Townsend,
Theod^ Shackford,
Daniel Richai'dson,
Moses Richardson,
Isaac Forse,
Isaac Forse, Jr.,
Jonathan Forsaith,
Thomas Wason,
Rob' Wilson,
Will™ AVilson,
James Wason,
Charles IVIoore,
Samuel Moore,
David Fuller,
Benjamin Hoyt,
John Hoyt,
Joseph McClellan,
Stephen Marden,
John Pain,
Joseph Knowles,

Simon Bayley,

Moses Underhill, Junior,

Stephen Hills,

Richard Haseltine,

Jonathan Darbon,

David Foss,

Isaac Blasdel,

Josiah Hall,

Pearson Richardson,

Samuel Kiusmand,

Sam' Wilson,

John Knowles,

John Knowles, Jun%

Nathan Knowles,

Joshua Prescott,

Joseph Long,

James Wilson,

Nathan Webster,

James Waddell,

Amos Merril,

Josiah Bradley,

Francis Towle,

Jacob Hills,

Thomas Haseltine,

Benjamin Haseltine,

Jabez Hoit,

Benjamin Fuller,

Samuel Jones,

John Tolford,

Hugh Tolford,

John Robie,

Gideon Rowell,

John Coulby,

Samuel Rowel,

Samuel Forster,

Henry Hall,

Peter Hall,

Sam* Jacks,

Simon Berry,


John Willson,

James Shirlee,

Hugh Shirley,

William Shirlee,

Sam' Robie,



Amos Pain,
Nathan Norton,
Samuel Brown,
William Brown,
William Gilchrist,
Abraham Sargent,
WintruiJ Sargent,
John Karr,
William Mills,
Eobert Grahams,
John Grimes,
John Mills,
NatW Sweetser,
Samuel McFerson,
Kobert Dickey,
Parker Morse,
Josiah Morse,
Edmund Sleeper,
Joseph Morse,
Joseph Blanchard,
Abner Hills,
Jabez French,
Isaac Hills,
James Randall,
John Lain,
Daniel Dolbeer,
John Butterfield,
John Lane, Jr.,
Jonathan Norton,
Joseph Norton,
Jonathan Berry,
Joseph Smith,
John Sevi,
Ellet Berry,
Benja. Hills,
David Richardson,
Bradbury Carr,
JosepJi Carr,
Charles Moore, Junor,
Benj. Currier,
John Quimby,
Robert Gordon,

James Richardson,
Ebenezer Dearborn,
John Gross,
]Mark Carr,

Thomas Fowler, junr.,
James Wetherspoon,
Daniel Wetherspoon,
Manslield McAfee,
Samuel Aiken,
Robert Patten,
Samuel Crombey,
William Miller,
Hugh Miller,
Thomas McMaster,
William Gilchrist,
David Dickey,
Robert Dinsmore, .
Benjamin Pierce,
Samuel Pierce,
Barnard Bricket,
Joseph Hills,
David Underhill,
Jonathan Emery,
Hezekiah Underhill,
Jonathan Underhill,
Isaac Towle,
John Orr,
John Burley, .
Joseph Hall,
Joseph Clark,
Edward Presson,
Cornelius Morgan,
Samuel Worthen,
Edmund Elliot,
Paul Healey,
Moses Underhill,
Jacob Perley,
James Hidden,
Samuel Davis,
William Brown,
Francis Carr,
Timothy Carr.



The following persons signed the Association Test in
Candia. It was not returned to the Secretary's office, but
was found among the papers of Nathaniel Emerson, Esq.:

"William Baker,
Thomas Dearborn,
James Eaton,
Ezekiel Kuowles,
Nath' Maxfield,
Thomas Emery,
John Clay,
Jonathan Pillsbnry,
Nathaniel Emerson,
Walter Robie,
Moses Baker,
Benjamin Batchelder,
Samnel Dearborn,
Enoch Rowel,
Samuel Moores,
Abr'm Fitts,
Nicholas Smith,
Enoch Colby,
Nehemiah Brown,
Samuel "Woi-then,
Sewell Brown,
Stephen Palmer, Jr.,
John Prescott,
Richard Clough,
Obcdedom Hall,
Benjamin Fellows,
Biley Smith,
Jonathan Smith,
Joseph Palmer,
Benjamin Hubbard,
Elijah True,
Samuel Brown,
Jonathan Brown,
Aaron Brown,
Jethro Hill,
Sherburne Rowe,
Joseph Fitield,
Stephen Fitield,
Theophilus Clough,
Jonathan Hills,
Samuel Morrill,

Zebulon TVinslow,
Jesse Eaton,
John Lane,
John Sargent,
Thomas Patten,
Henry Clark,
Zachariah Clifford,
Benjamin Cass,
John Colby,
William Turner,
Robert Smart,
David Bean,
Obadiah Smith,
James Miller,
Benjamin Rowell,
Nath' Burpee,
Jeremiah Burpee,
Nicholas French,
Isaiah Rowe,
Stephen Palmer,
John Sargent,
Ephraim Eaton,
Robert Wilson,
James Yarnum,
Samuel Buswell,
John Clark,
Daniel Hall,
John Hills,
William Eaton,
Obadiah Hall,
Moses Sargent,
Thomas Anderson,
Ebenezer Eaton,
Robert Wason,
Paul Eaton,
David Hill,
Samuel Towle,
John Robie,
Simon French,
Benaiah Colby,
Daniel Dolber,


William Hills, John Moor,

Jolui Cammet, Hugh Meclellan,

Elias Cammet, Joiiathau Ring,

Samuel Clough, Joshua Moore,

David Jewett, Stephen Clark,

John Carr, John Clitford,

James Prescott, Jonathan Cammet,

Jonathan Bagbv, Jacob Bagley.
Amos Knowles,

At a meeting held April 14th, 17T7,

"Voted, That a Committee of five men be chosen to
agree with and hier if they can as soon as posibell so
many Good men as Shall appear to he our proportion of
men Demanded to Serve in the Continental Servis.

" Voted, Capt. John Underbill, Jacob Chase, Esq'',
Henry moore, Esq% Capt. Stephen Dearborn and Capt.
Sam" Robie to be the Committee.

" Voted, That whatsoever man or men the aforesaid Com-
mittee Shall agree with and Hier into the aforesaid Servis as
our proportion of men. Whatsoever Said Committe Shall
agree to pay them, the Select men Shall Hier money and pay
as agreed upon by said Committee, and Shall Raise Said
money l)y a tax upon the Inhabitants as the Other Town taxes
are Raised : Alowing to those persons that have Don part
of their proportion Toward Suporting the warr Sence the
commencement of the Same ; also allowing to those men
that Have alredy Inlisted into the Continentel servise for
the three years the Same Bounty and Encouragement as
as these shall have ther is to be hired, Saving and Stoping
out what they have alredy Received from perticuler

May 2Gth, 1777,

" Voted, that the Select men Raise the whole of the
money this year they have hired to pay those men tliat the
Committee hired into the Continental Servise, agreeable to
the vote of the Town."

Dec. 2d, 1777,

" Voted, That the Report of the Committee that was
Chosen to allow the Soldiers an Equality p'^ month up to
the three years men, for their Servise Done in the present
war, be Excepted as they have Given it in."

The committee agreed to allow the following :

s. d.

6 per month

6 per month

G per mouth


Those that went to Cambrige in the year 1775,
8 months,

Those that went to Cambrige of the militare,

Those that went to Portsmouth, .

Those tliat went to Cambrige, aud to New York

after Leaving Cambrige, . . . 10 per month.

Those that went to Cambrige and York, and
then to Canade Twelve months after Leav-
ing Cambrige, . . ; . . 15 per month.

Those that went to Ticontroge 5 months, . 10 per month.

Those that went from Portsmouth to Tye, after

Leaving Portsmouth, . . . . 10 per month.

Those that went to York wath Lent. Sam" Hes-

seltiue aud Lieut. Ezekiel Worthin, . 6 per month.

Sam" Robie,

Jacob Chase, j ^ ..,

^V\UUlm White, > Committee.

Nathan Fitts,

1778. At the annual meeting March 27,

" Voted, that there Shall be Raised this year for the Re-
pairing- of the Highways, £90 : : 0.

" Voted, That their Shall l)e Seven men Chosen for a
Committee of Safety in this Town.

" Voted, that Lent. Sam" Hesseltine, Deacon IMathew
Forsaith, Henry moore. Esq"", Capt. Sam'^ Robie, Jcthro
Colby, Isaac Blasdell, and Nathan morss. Shall be the

At a meeting "held Feb. 5th, 1778,

" Voted, Relating to the Thirteen artikels of confedera-
tion proposed to be Entred into by the thirteen united
States of america, they were all Carefully Read and Con-
sidered, and then Put to Vote and Voted that they be
Excepted and approved of.

" Voted, That our Representatives be Desired and Di-
rected to propose that the assembly and Councell may
forme a plan or System of Government for this State, and
Send it through the state into the Severell Towns and par-
ishes, in ordel" for their Perusal, Consideration, and excep-

May 12th, 1778,

" Voted, that their Shall be one person Chosen to Convene
and meet in Convention at Concord, in this State of New-
hampsliire, on the tenth Day of June Next, for the Sole


purpose of forming and Laying a permanent plan or Sys-
tem Governments for the future Happines and well being
of the Good people of this state.

" Voted, That Sam^^ Emerson, Esq', shall be the per-

March 26,

" Voted that the "Widow mary Emerson be allowed and
paid by the Town for her Husband, who Died on His way
coming home out of the wars, as the other Solders ware
allowed and paid by the Town."

Nov. 30th, 1778,

" Voted, That Leut. Sam" Hesseltine and Robert Wilson,
Esqs., Shall Represent the Town in the assembly to be
held at Exeter on the Third Wednesday in December Next
at three o'clock in the afternoon. With full Power for one
year from their first meeting to Transact such Buisness
and Persue Such mesurs as they Shall Judge Nescecry for
the Publick Good."

Col. Moses Dustin, who had had the small-pox, was home
from the army, and employed the wife of Elijah Pillsbury
to wash his clothes. She went to a brook back in the
pasture, and Joseph Norton's wife happened to pass, and
took the small-pox, and the whole family, including two
Palmer girls, had it. Mr. Norton had then three children.
Mrs. Norton and one of the Palmer girls died, and Mr.
Norton lost one eye. Dr. Page's family also had the
disease, and they purchased Merchant Blasdel's shop, and
moved it into the south woods, on to the parsonage lot, and
removed the family there. Two of Dr. Page's children

At a town meetijig Nov. 80th, 1777,

" Voted, to pay for the shop that the Select men Re-
moved (that belonged to Nathanel Blasdel), for Doctor
Page's famely to have the Small pox in, and that it ]je left
with the Select men to agree with said Blasdel how much
to give for it, and Settle that matter with him.

" Voted to give mary Palmer her cost when she had the
Small pox. Being foreteen pound, Eleven shillings, nine
pence, two farthings."

They voted against giving Mr. Norton anything for his



There was a meeting of the Presbyterian parisli, Dec. 8.
In consequence of the high price of the necessaries of
life, they voted to add pounds to the Rev. John Wil-
son's salary.

" Voted, that the Town will send one man to Joyn in the
Convention, to be held at Concord tlie 22d Day of Septemb''
Instant, in order to Regulate the price of things.

" Voted, that Jacob Chase, Esq'', to be the man."

Oct. 18, 1779,

" first Put to Vote whether to except and approve of
the prices set by the Convention at Concord, and past in
the affermetive.

" Voted, that messrs. Jabez Hoi't, Capt. Underbill, Isaac
Blasdel, Deacon Forsaith, Antliony Stickney, William
Lock, Epliraim Fitts, Simon Bayley, and Robt' Wilson,
Esq*", Shall be the Committee."

November 29th, 1779,

" first Put to Vote to see if the Town will Except of the
Report of the Comittce a])poynted to Regulate prices for
the Inhabitants of this Town, In this Town, and Voted
that it be Excepted.

'^ Voted, tliat a Committee be Chosen to See that the
foregoing prices be observed ; and Voted tliat Jacob Chase,
Esq"^, Deacon Forsaith and antliony stickney Shall be the

" Voted, That any Person in this Town that Shall not
com])ly with the prices Set hy the Committee, but Sliall
Sell for more than the artikells are Set at, They Shall for-
fit and pay the Value of the Thing so Sold To the Com-
mittee ; and on their Refusal to Pay that Sum, They Shall
be advertised in the publick Prints as Innimecal to their

" Voted, that the Comittee Shall Get the proceedings of
this meeting printed in the Publick prints, at the Cost of
the town."

An act of the General Assembly for regulating prices,

passed January 18th, 1777, has the following preamble :

" Whereas the exorbitant Prices of the Necessary and
convenient Articles of Life, and also of Labour, within this
State, at this Time of Distress (unless speedily and effec-
tually remedied) will be attended with the most fatal and
pernicious consequences."



The act fixes among others the followmg prices :

8. d.

Wheat, 7 6

Rye, 4 G

Corn, 3 6^

Oats, 2 O'

Peas, 8

Beans, 6

Potatoes, in fall, 1 4

Potatoes at any season, 2

Cheese, 6

Butter, 10

Pork, fr'm 100 to 140 lbs., ih

Pork, fr'm 140 to 200 lbs., 5

Raw Hides, 3

Sole Leather, 1 6

West India Rum, 6 8

N. England Rum, 3 10

6. d.

Sugar, 8

Molasses, 3 4

Salt, 10

Coffee, 1 4

Cotton, 3 8

Flax, 1

Wool, 2

Stockings pr, pair, 6

Flannel pr. yd., 3

Tow Cloth, ' 2 3

Coarse Linens, 4

Cotton, or Cotton and linen, 3 8

Good N. E. bar iron, 40

Farming labor in summer, 3 4
Mechanics to be in propor-
tion, according to usage.

An additional act was passed April 8th, 1777, raising- the
price of some articles in Portsmouth — rye, 5s., corn, 4s. —
and towns were to choose a committee to regulate prices
in proportion as such goods have heretofore borne, com-
pared to Portsmouth.

The line between Chester and Raymond was settled this
year. The Rev. Mr. Wilson died Feb. 1st of this year.

At the annual meeting, March 9th, Deacon Adam Wil-
son, Anthony Stickney and Maj. John Tolford were chosen
a committee to hire preaching, and make provision for the
ministers they shall hire. They voted to raise one hun-
dred and twenty pounds.

At a meeting, August 9th, they voted to raise four hun-
dred dollars more. They had no settled minister until Mr.
Colby was settled in 1803, but depended upon temporary
and stated supplies. They got up a subscription and had a
meeting Dec. 7, and chose a new committee to expend the

At a meeting held Jan. 26, 1779,

" Voted, That those persons that are gon into the Con-
tinentel Servis for three years or Longer for this town,

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