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Ensign Quanton,

Mrs. Dudley,

1759, Dr. Ordway, .

INIaster Scott,

Thomas Shirlee,

Master Level,

Mrs. Dudley, about Mr. Hills',

Widow Currier,

Dr. Ordwaj',

Paid to Charming- Fair,


Xortliwest part, joining Suncook,

17(10. Master Hazzard,

Master Scott,

17G1. Mr. Hazzard, 8 months,

Mr. John Crombie, 2 months,

Ensign James Quenton,

Steplien Webster,

Hiring schoolmasters and notifying each quarter ?
To repair school-house, I

1762. John Flagg, 10 months, [Mrs. French has

the original bill,]

Board 10 nioutlis, ....

James Quanton, at the Long Meadows,

David Webster, ....

John McNeel,

17G3. Mr. Balcli, 3 months,

Mr. Flagg, for boarding,

Master Quanton, It months,

Mr. Scott, 4 months, 3 weeks.

Master HeiTing, one month,

Josiah Flagg, one mouth.

Dr. Band, one week,

North part, or Freetown, for three years past.

Upper part, next to Suncook, three years

1761. Master Ordway,

Master Quanton, ....

1765. Master Ordway, 9 months, Lawful

At the Long Meadows,

At Cornet Lane's, .

Upper part, 2 years,

22 00 00
63 16 00
22 10 00
166 17 6
141 00 00
40 00 00

48 00 00
22 GO 00
20 00 00
51 16 00
26 00 00

49 00 00
10 00 00

384 00 00
141 15 00
400 00 00
100 00 00
68 00 00
30 00 00

8 00 00

444 8 11

217 10 00

100 <)0 00

60 00 00

58 00 00

155 10 00

90 12 00

375 00 00

237 10 00

60 00 00

60 00 00

10 00 00

255 11 6

39 00 00

437 00 00

268 00 00

36 00 00

7 5 00

1 10 00

1 G 00

Henry Herring, the former master, has become a pauper,
and warned out of town.




14 9 9

10 00 00

5 00 00

5 00 00

28 2 6

5 00 00

2 00 00

1 12 00

12 00

• •

9 00

1766. Master Eaucl, 5 mouths 5 days (Lawful),
Master Evans, 4 moutlis, ....
Master Quenton, 2 months,
Master Smith, 2 months, ....
Master Evans, 11 montlis 6 days (Lawful),
Master Quanton, 2 months,
Master Ilaselton, one month.
Cornet Lane, their proportion,

Joseph Brown, do

Same for 17G6,

Dr. Rand is boarded at the expense of the town five
weeks, when sick.

1768. Master Evans (Lawful), . . . . 32 10 00

Master Morse, 1 8 00

Joseph Brown, their proportion, .... 9 00

Mr. Brown received for all the town that is now in Hook-

1770. Master Evans,

Joseph Brown,

1772. Master Shaw, 9 months.
Master Donoven, 3 months one week,

Master True, 3 months,

Josiah Flagg, in 1770,

Paid Rev. Mr. Flagg and John Tucker, for board,
Joseph Brown,

1773. Master Ordway,

Master Cheever, — kept at Walnut Ilill,

Going to Hampton Falls, two men and horses, aftei


Long Meadow projiortion,

Joseph Brown,

Cornet Lane,

John San. Dearboi-n (No. 2), .

Going to Hampton and Xewbury after schoolmaster.

Master Herrick,

Going to Epping and Beverly,

Master Evans kept probably this year at the Long Mead-
ows, in Stephen Merril's kitchen, as my father went to him

1774. [There is a charge for man and horse going to Haverhill to
bring up Mr. Prentice.]

Mr. Prentice, from April 17, 1774, to March 4, 1775, 24 12 00

32 10 00

10 10 00

21 8 4

9 15 00

5 00 CO

1 17 6

8 7 10

1 9 00

7 4 CO

4 16 00

12 00

9 15 00

1 10 00

2 14 00

3 15 00

r, 12 00

7 3 00



Matthew Forsaith, Jr.,

Long- Meadow, ....

1776. Beiijamiu Hill's quarter,

Meeting house quarter,

Stephen Darbou,

John Hazelton, ....

Joseph Eichardson, .

Jacob Chase, ....

David Witherspoou, for Long Meadow,

3 11 00
10 1 00
40 11 6

4 13 00
1 17 11
4 17 2

3 5 4

4 CO 8
10 4 2

stricts until 1805.

Towns were not districted bv law into dis
The districts before this were by arrangement of the inhab-
itants, or by the selectmen. I copy


Lt. John Dearborn, Esqr. Chase, Eliplialet Poor,

John Robie, Francis Towl, Jonathan Dearborn, 15 16 9

Mr. Poor lived at the back part of Chase's plain, on lot
No. 39, 2d P., 2d D. Francis Towle was on home lot 55.

Stephen Morse, Isabel Dickey, John Shirley, Simon

Berry, Lt. Dunlap, 10 4 5

Isabel Dickey lived where Jacob Couch now lives.
Esqr. Hoit, Samuel Jack, James Crawford, . 7 9 4

The Walnut Hill District.
Dea. Hills, "Widow Severance, Michael "Worthen,

James Waddel, William "Wilson, . . . G 16 5

Jamas Waddel lived below where G. W. Everett now

Esqr. Robert Wilson, David Foss, Benj. French,

William Moor, 6 7 G

David Foss lived near the top of the Great Hill ;,William

Moor then lived on the old John Moor place.

John and Benj. Hoit, John Knowles, 3d, . . 13 2

Cai)t. Joseph True, Joseph McLellan, Joseph

Knowles, Jr., Joseph Kuowles, . . . 2 9 4

John Knowles, Xathan Knowles, Jacob Basford,

Samuel Hills, 3 17 5

Lt. John Lane, Jonathan Burrey [Berry], An-
thony Morss, 4 12

Moses Richardson, David Richardson, Ithamer

Burry, Xathauiel Levait, 4 2 9

Mr. Leavet lived on the old discontinued road north of
John B. Rand's.


Capt. Unclciliill, Obadiah Hall, Joecpb Carr, . G 3 9

Robert Calf, James Calder, Robert VVitherspooii,

Denis Dunifin [Donovon], .... o 2 9

Maj'^ Dearborn, Abraham Morse, Moses Preston,

Jeremiah UnderhilJ, 2 IG 00

Abraham Morse lived where Moodv B. Carr once lived,
nortlnvest of Geo. Clark's. (The Bradbury Carr place.)
Why Moses Preston's tax should be put there I cannot con-

Doct. Joseph Brown, David Knox, Samuel Davis,

James Emerson, Xath. Martin, . . . 5 11 lO
This included all of Hooksett.

Joseph Linn, Cif)t. Wethcrspoon, Capt. Silver,

Samuel Pierce, . . . . ' . . . 4 00 5

Anthony Stickncy, Aaron Burbank, John Patten,

"William Graham, Lt. "William Brown, . . 7 15 4

Mr. Burbank lived at the James Hoit place, on London-
derry turnpike.

The districts remained much the same without being


Xo. 1. Daniel Ilodgkins, Pearley Aver, Ens. Robin-
son, Bradbury Quimby, Beiy. Hills, Jonathan Cur-
rier, $90 91

Bradbury Quiml)y lived at Forsaith's Plain, and Jonathan
Currier at Worthen's saw-mill.

Xo. 2. Samuel Johnson, John Mills, Lt. "William "Wil-
son, "William 3Iills, Lt. James Dunlap, Cort.. David

No. 3. Josiah Chase, "Widow Anna Underbill, and Jo-
seph Calfe,

This included all of Xo. 1 in Auburn.

Xo. 4. Joseph Long, Susanah "Wadwell, "\7idow Sev-
erance, Isaac Hills, Esq., ......

Xo. 5. Paul Adams, Samuel "White, Ens° Patten,
Dea" John Grimes, George Farnum,

Samuel White lived on the hill between Severance's and
the Folsom place ; Ens. Patten where E. A. Heath's family
live, and George Farnum lived on the Folsom place.

50 80




















Xo. 6, W^ French, James Wori=oii, Maj'' Henvy Moore, 26 81

Xo. 7. Esq^ Iloit, ^Y•^ Jack, Dea" Richard Ilaseltinc, 27 86
Xo. 8. Capt. Lock, Joshua True, Daniel Prescott,

George Harden , Jacob Basford, . , . . 32 94
Xo. 9. John Patten, John AVithcrspoon, Deac" Wil-
liam Wilson, 20 65

Xo. 10. Lt. Peter Hills, Joseph Xorton, Jonath" Berrv, 16 37
Xo. 11. Capt. "Wetherspoon, Joseph Linn, Joseph Sil-
ver, Lt. Will™ Brown, Benj" Peabody, . . . 24 49

Mr. Pqabody lived the west side of rattlesnake hill, near
Manchester line.

Xo. 12. Silas Cammett, Ithamer Berry, John Grifli:!,
Joseph Smith, B. Moody Carr, ....

Xo. 13. XatW AVoods, Sam' Haynes, James AVorson,

Xo. 14. Lt. AVill'" Moore, Levy Iloit, ....

Xo. 15. Samuel Murrey, John Clark,

Xo. 16. Dea"_Adam Wilson, John Crafford, Jonath'^

Xo. 17. Josiah Rowel, Simeon Carr, John Laken,

Xo. 18. Lt. Joseph Whicher, John Prescott, Jesse

Kimball, Samuel Rowell, Jun', . . . . 15 12

No. 17 and 18 were in Hooksett.

An act was passed Dec. 28, 1805, authorizing towns to

divide into school districts. At a town-meeting, March 2G


" Voted, that the Town Clerk be directed to make a rec-
ord in the Town Book of all the school classes in the Town,
as they now stand."

Then the selectmen were directed to divide the fifth and
make report at an adjournment. At the adjournment, the
third Monday of April, the town voted to reconsider the
former rote, and John Emerson, Joseph Blanchard and
Benjamin Brown were chosen a committee to district the
town, and report at an adjournment of the meeting. The
meeting was adjourned to the third Monday of May. But
a meeting was called the 12th of May (the second Monday),
at which it was

"Voted, that the committee chosen at the last Town
fleeting shall not be a Committee to district the Town into
school Districts.

" Voted, Not to choose any Committee to district the
Town into school Districts.


" Voted, that the report the selectmen have made to this
meeting Respecting the dividing of the lifth school Class
be accepted [which is as described in the boundaries of
the 5th and the 20tli school Districts, as will hereafter
appear] .

" Voted, that the selectmen be directed to give to the
Town Clerk all the Boundaries of all the school classes by
the bounds of the land they now own in the Intermediate

" Voted, that if any Person, or persons, has, or shall
settle in the intermediate spaces between the Extreem parts
of two Classes, he shall belong to the Class the land he
settled belonged to.

" Voted, if any person lives in one Class and shall move
to a farm he may now own, and adjoining the Class he
moved from, he may still belong to the Class he moved
from by applying to the Town Clerk, and having it recorded
on the Town book, in the month of April following, and
not afterwards.

" Voted, that tlie selectmen determine immediately which
class the non-resident Lands l)elong to, agreeable to law,
and furnish the Town Clerk with a Copy."

Record of School Classes for the Town of Chester,
agreeable to sundry votes past at a meeting held
May 12th, 1806, for dividing the town into School
Districts, which are as follows, viz. :

District No. One.

Laying between the two mile stone below Benj" Hills ;
the 1*' ]3ridge E. of Crawford's House ; the bend of the
Road E. of Peter Hall's ; S. E. corner of Capt. Emerson's
orchard ; S. End of Doc' Kittridge's house ; S. W. corner of
Capt. Fitts' Land ; Corner on Main Road between s*^ Fitts
place and Esq"^ robie ; N. W. corner of Benj" Brown's land,
on Cammet's Road ; Doct. Sargeant's Bars at Clay place ;
N. E. Of Lieut. Forsaith's land ; Sawmill N. of Wid" Ste-
vens' ; S. E. corner Robie place ; Near Wid° Severance ;
Excepting the Dunlap farm, is to belong to District No. 2.
[Doct. Benjamin Kittredge then lived on the Derry road,
where Benjamin Davis now lives, — the Robert Graham

District ISfo. Two.
Laying between the S. End Doc* Kittridge's house ; S.


E. corner of Capt. Emerson's orchard ; the bend of the
Road E. of Peter Hall's House ; the Brook between Lieut.
Wilson and Wid° Jack's ; on all the Roads to Derry line ;
up to Wardwell's Meadow Brook; W. of Stephen Morse's ;
Moses Sanborn's S. W. corner; & the Dunlap farm out of
District No. 1. '

District No. Three.

Laying between the bridge E. of Capt. Preston's house ;
N. W. corner of David UnderHill's, Junr., land ; N. E.
corner of Rev*^ Mr. Colby's land ; Guid Post W. of David
Weatherspoon's House ; S. E. corner of Deac" Hall's land ;
■with the farm of Joseph Carr & B. Moody Carr, out of Dis-
trict No. 17. [David Underbill, Jr., lived on the Jere.
Underbill place, and the line went to the S. E. line of No.
73, 2d P., 2d D. This includes No. 1 in Auburn.]

District No. Four.

Laying between the S. W. corner of Wid" Severance ;
the S. E. Corner of Joseph Wetherspoon's land ; the 1**
bridge E. of Crawford's House ; Haseltiue's sawmill ; San-
down line on both Roads ; the Corner E. of Joseph long's ;
the corner by Capt. Worthen's.

District No. Five.

Laying between the Guide Post E. of Paul Adams ; N.
E. corner Rev. Mr. Colby's Land, on the Mane Road ; N.
E. Corner of John Patten's Land ; Mount Misery Brook ;
the S. W. corner of Dennis Dunnivan's land & 1-2 way on
the Road from Deac" Grihies to James Worsen. [Dennis
Donovan tbcn lived where Matthew Dickey lately lived, —
the old Fulton place. This is No. 2 in Auburn.]

District No. Six.

Laying between the corner E. of Joseph Long's ; San-
down line, S. of William Wilson, 4"'; bridge over Exeter
river ; N. side of Esq. Wilson's land ; the bridge at the
Great Hill, S. of Jacob Basford's; sawmill by W*^ Stevens' ;
N. E. Corner of Lieut. Josiah Forsaith's land. [No. 6 is
now No. 6 in Chester.]

District No. Seven.

Laying between the Brook W. of W'^ Jack's ; Derry line
on both Roads ; S. E. Corner of Chester ; Sandown line on


Ijoth roads ; the 2 m. stone at the corner Moses Hasseltine's

District No. Eight.

Laying between the X. side of Esq"" Wilson's land ; the
N. side of John Hoit's land ; Raymond line on all the
Roads ; N. E, corner of Garland's Pasture ; N. E. corner
of Melvin's Land ; the corner W. of Sherburn Dearborn's ;
the Bridge at Great Hill, by Jacob Basford's.

District No. Nine.

Laying between the N. E. corner of John Patten's Land;
E, of Lieut. David Hall's land ; over Cammel's Bridge ; N.
side of Esq"" Blanchard's Land, on main Road. [David
Hall lived on the parsonage lot, where Hazen Davis now
lives. This district is No. 3 in Auburn.]

District No. Ten.

Laying between Doct. Sargcant's Pasture Barrs, at Clay
place ; N. E. corner of Melvin's Land ; N. E. of Garland
Pasture ; Raymond line on both Roads ; first brook W. of
AVid*' Betsey Berry's ; S. side Joseph Norton's Land.
[Lane district.]

District No. Eleven.

Laying between Guid Post W. of Capt. Weatherspoon ;
the N. side his orchard ; Deac" Hall's S. E. corner ; Derry
line on both Roads, & Likewise on the turnpike ; Derry-
field line ; S. side John Folsom's land ; on Derry Turn-
pike, «fc road the S. W. corner of Dennis Dunnivan's land.
[This embraces about No. 4 in Auburn.]

District No. Tivelve.

Laying between the S. corner of Phineas Morse's land ;
tlie brook W. of Wid° Betsy Berry's ; Candia line on both
roads ; the S. E. & N. W. of Joseph Smith's Land. [This
is No. 11 in Chester.]

District No. Thirteen.

Laying between David L^nderhill, Junr.'s land, Joining
Jesse Wood land, on Candia road ; Lt. Moses Preston's
sawmill ; and the road down by Caleb Hall, S. side of
Turnpike ; N. side of Hains' ; end of the road at Kent's
House ; E. side of Lt. David Hall's land ; 1-2 way on the
road to Deac" Grimes'. [This is No. 5 in Auburn.]


District No. Fourteen.

Laying between the bridge on Exeter River ; Poplin line
by levi Hoit's ; N. side of John Hoit's land ; on the road
to Raymond. [No. 9 in Chester.]

District No. Fifteen.

Laying between the S. side of the turnpike by Sani^
Haines ; Great bridge on the turnpike in the spruse swamp ;
Candia line on Road & turnpike ; Murray's Sawmill. [No.
6 in Auburn.]

District No. Sixteen.

Laying between the W. side of Escf Blanchard's Land ;
Candia line, N. of John Crawford's ; Sharley's, at Swago ;
the 10*'' mile stone. [No. 7 in Auburn.]

Disti'ict No. Seventeen.

Laying between the corner, between Esq. Robie's & Capt.
Fitts's ; the S. W. corner of Capt. Fitts's, on home place ;
1st Bridge E. of Capt. Preston's ; Saw mill ; Great bridge
in spruse swamp, on Turnpike ; S. corner of Phineas
Morse's land ; N. W. corner of Benj" Brown's land, on
Cammet's Road ; excepting the farm of Joseph Carr and
B. Moody Carr, which belong to Dis* No. 3. [No. 3 in

District No. Eighteen.

Laying between Allenstown line ; Isle Hoxet fall, the
two roads, & Derry Turnpike at Peter's Brook ; W. line of
No. 62, in the 5'^ division ; turnpike and Allenstown line,
on s*^ Chester Turnpike.

District No. Nineteen.

Laying between the 10*^ Mile stone on Main Road ;
Candia line on Chester turnpike, k Road ; the W. side of
No. 62, in 5th divis", on Chester Turnpike ; Peter's Brook
on the two roads & Londonderry Turnpike ; Martin's Fer-
ry ; Derrifield line, and the Road to Thomas Wicom's.

District No. Twenty.

Laying between Mount Misery Brook ; Derrifield line ; on
Derry turnpike and Highway f E. side of John Folsom's
Land on said Turnpike & Highway. [No. 8 in Auburn.]


District No. Twenty-one.
At the annual inacting March 13, 1821,

" Voted, That the Inliabitants of Beach hill (so called)
be erected into a School District by themselves." [This
included all the inhabitants on and east of Chester turn-
pike in Hooksett.]

At the annnal meeting March 14, 1826, John Folsom,
Josiah Chase and John S. Brown were chosen a committee
to survey the town into school districts, and fix suitable
monuments, and report. The committee made no actual
survey, but defined the lines of the several districts by the
lines of lots, roads, streams, &c., without changing the
inhabitants from one district to another. The three dis-
tricts in Hooksett were of course omitted, leaving eighteen.
No. twenty in the old division was numbered eighteen.

At the annual meeting March, 1832, a portion of district
No. two, including Hall's Village, was set off into a district
numbered nineteen, but was re-annexed.

Probably the early school-houses, after those built in
1745, were built by individuals. At any rate there are no
records about them, and we have to rely upon tradition.
There were no school-house taxes previous to 1808.

Number One.

"Whether one of those built in 1745 was built at the cen-
tre is not certain, but probably was not. The earliest tra-
dition I have is from Mrs. French, born 1782. Her earliest
going to school was in a rather old, poor house which stood
not far from the present house. There was a move in
1805 for building a new house, but it did not succeed. In
1811 there was another move to buy the old academy or
build a new house, but two hundred dollars were expended
in repairing the old one. Dec. 8, 182G, there was a vote
passed to raise two hundred dollars to purchase the acad-
emy and repair it, and a committee chosen with authority
to sell the old house ; but there appears to have been no
money raised by tax ; and afterwards an article to see if
the district would accept of the committee's account was


dismissed. The old house was moved first to near Daniel
Bell's for a vestry, then near N. F. Emerson's for a ten-
ement. Dec. 28, 1856, the school-house, together with
Richards & Greenough's store, was burned. In 1857 the
the present house was built at an expense of sixteen hun-
dred dollars.

In 1801 an academy building was built by individuals
and finished in good style for the time. Several terms of
a high school were kept in it, but it did not prove a perma-
nent school. It was eventually sold to District No. 1, for a
school-house. It was burned as above.

Number Two.

There is little doubt that one of the first school-houses
was in this district, and stood near the corner of the road
into the south woods, nearly opposite Moses Webster's (the
old Sargent place). About 1796, a new school-house was
built on the south-west side of the cross-road on Carr's
land, which was burned. Then one was built at the corner
of the Mills road.

The Hall's Tillage district was re-united with the sec-
ond, and in 1861 a new house was built at an expense of
about six hundred and thirty dollars.

Number Three.

Formerly extended from Josiah Chase's, on Gov. Shute's
farm, to Joseph Calfe's, above the Long Meadow meeting-
house. The school-house then stood in Thomas Merril's,
now G. "W. Chase's, orchard (additional lot No. 59). In
1804 the seventeenth district was formed and the school-
house removed to nearly opposite to where the present
house in No. 1 in Auburn now stands, on additional lot
No. 48. Its date is not known, but probably about 1780.
It was a very poor, rickety concern, but was used until
1815, when a new one was built and set on the southwest
corner of David Hall's lot, No. 63. In 1857, it was re-
moved to its present location and remodeled at an expense
of two hundred and twenty-five dollars. It is No. 1 in


Number Four.

The old school-house stood a little southeast of Edraond
Sleeper's, and -^-as open and cold ; and the door unfastened,
so that sometimes animals lodged in it. In 1825 it was
removed to the fork of the road, the site of the present
house, and repaired. In 1850 the district voted to build a
good new house, and appropriated three hundred dollars,
and chose G. W. Everet, Asa Wilson and Edmond Sleeper
a committee, and they went on and erected a good house
and furnished it with modern chairs and desks, the first I
think in town, at an expense of about four hundred dollars.
It would have done credit to the district had they paid for
it. But for some reason the district was dissatisfied and
the selectmen paid over but one hundred and fifty dollars.
The committee commenced an action for the balance due,
but the court held that they were not justified in going
beyond the appropriation, and they recovered the other one
hundred and fifty dollars appropriated, and lost the one
hundred dollars over-expended.

Number Five.

No. 5 originally included No. 2, No. 4 and No. 8, in
Auburn. One of the ^ohooVhouscn built in 1745, was
probably in this district, and stood near the northeast cor-
ner of lot No. 82, 2d P., 2d D. In 1773, my father, B. P.
Chase, went to school to Master Evans in Stephen Merril's
kitchen ; of course there was no school-house in modern
No. 5, then. In 1780 Thomas Anderson came from Can-
dia and went to school to Hugh Crombie in a school-house
which stood on a corner of then Miller's, since Anderson's,
land, near where Mr. Wiman's house now stands. So the
house was built previous to 1780.

In April, 1808, a school-meeting was held (one of the
first under the law of 1805), and " Voted to raise one hun-
dred and forty Dollars for the Purpose of Building a school-
house for S*^ District." The house was built by contract
by Paul Adams. This house stood some forty rods from
the corner towards McKinley's, and was used with repairs


until 1857, when the present house was built at an expense

of six hundred and forty-seven dollars for the lot, house

and furniture.

Numher Six.

As near as I can learn, there was no school-house in this
district until about the year 1800, when one was built cor-
responding to the times, which stood where Mr. Asa Noyes'
house now stands. In 1808 one hundred and forty-six
dollars and eighty-five cents school-house tax was raised to
repair it. It was afterwards removed to its present loca-
tion, near the corner of the road to Wason's.

Numher Seven.
One of the original % school-housen " was built in this
district. It stood nearly opposite, though a little north of
where John A. Haselton now lives (the old Ephraim Has-
elton place). It stood so long that Peter Haselton, born in
1783, and Thomas Haselton born, 1785, went to school in
it several years, though it was open and cold. After that
was untenable, the schools were kept several years in pri-
vate houses. Then one was built, located where the pres-
ent one stands. Tliis gave place to a new one, built in
1858, at an expense of six hundred and fifty dollars.

Numher Eight.

The first school-house in this district is supposed to have
been built about 1785. It stood on the northeast side of
the road, to the southeast of the present one. The pres-
ent one was built in 1823 by a tax, but different portions
were jobbed out to different members of the district, and
done like job-work generally ; but one did not dare to com-
plain of another. There were one hundred and fifty-five
dollars and eighty-four cents raised Ijy tax^ It was en-
larged, remodeled and moved back on the lot in 1858.

Numher Nine.
This is No. 3 in Auburn. The old house, which was
built before the memory of the " oldest inhabitant," stood
near the pond and near the road from Captain Orr's. Its


quality was about on a par with its fellows. In 1827 John

Clark, Jr., was disannexed from No. 16 and annexed to

No. 9, and a new school-house was built above the Blanch-

ard mills, at the corner of the road from the Kent place.

It was quite a good house for its day, and two hundred and

ten dollars and sixty-three cents were raised by tax to defray

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