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Reuben Sanborn, A, James Randal, C,

Josiah Morse, Jr., A, William Randal, C.

Those from Chester are marked A, Candia, B, and Ray-
mond, C, and the uncertain are left unmarked.

In the selectmen's accounts for the year 1776, there are
the following items charged :

" Paid Joseph Linn, Hugh Cromby, Andrew Aiken, John
Vance, Alexander Wetherspoon, Timothy Lunt, Jeams
Craft, their wages for service done at Medford.

" Paid Josepli Louge, Samuel Webster and Benj. Long,
for service done at Medford.''

In 1775 there is a charge for pork sent to Cambridge,

£6 7s. 5d.

" Paid to Maj. Jabez French money that we hired to sup-
port the Delegates that went to Philadelphia, <£9 8s. 6d.''

There are also charges for blankets, and for numbering
the people.

Philip Tilton, captain, Jacob Webster, lieutenant, both
of Raymond, and John Tilton, second lieutenant, of San-
down, were the officers of the third company, second reg-
iment, June 12, 1775, and Caleb Richardson's name is on
the roll.

There is a pay-roll of Capt. Nathan Brown's company,



David Gilman's regiment, April 10, 1776, in which are
Chester names : Nathaniel Blasdel, James McFarland, John-
Shannon, John Lane, Reuben Hall, Zachariah Butterfield,
Jacob Lane, William Shannon, Theophilus Lovereign of
Raymond, Hugh Crombie, James Aiken.

July, 1776. A roll of Capt. Joseph Dearborn's company,
No. 6 in Col. Wyman's regiment, in the Continental service
against Canada, as mustered and paid by John Dudley,
Esq., muster-master and paymaster of said company :

Joscpli Dearborn, Capt., A,

David Wetherspooii, Lieut., A,

Mathias Haines, Private, C,

William Leatch, A,

Samuel Webster, A,

Jeremiah llicliardson, A,

Jeremiah Towle, A,

Thomas Wells, A,

Samuel Dinsmore, A, died,

Anthony Towle, A,

Gideoii Currier, A,

John Knowles, A,

Richard Payne,

Joseph Kuowlcs, Jr., A,

Josiah AVells, A.,

John Koberts, C,

Thomas Wason, B,

John Wason,

Nathan Lane, C, d. Sep. 26,

Israel Griffin,

Benjamin Cass, B,

John Prescott,

Moses Hills, A,

Peter Moores, B,
Joshua Moores, B,
Enoch Colby, B,
Jacob Clifford, B,
Obadiah Hall, A,
Benjamin Hall, A or B,
James Aiken, A,
James Bell,
Joseph Linn, A,
Hugh McDuffee, A,
Moses McFarland, A,
John McClellan, A,
David Taj^lor,
Joseph Hills, Jr., A,
Ezekiel Morse, C,
John Batchelder,
John Leavitt, C,
Ezekiel Knowles, B,
James Willson, A,
James McFarland, A,
John Vance, A,
Ebenezer Collins,
Asa Dearborn, A.

Each private received ten pounds, four shillings and nine
pence ; sum total, six hundred and twenty-nine pounds,
aiineteen shillings and thr^ee pence. Extra wages, — paid
four sergeants, viz., William Leatch, Enoch Rowel, B,
Caleb Morril and Moses Sanborn, A, eiglit shilUngs ; four
corporals, viz., Anthony Towle, A, Benaiah Colby, A,
Ezekiel Knowles, B, and Asa Heath, at four shillings each ;
David Hill, B, drummer, four shillings.



Muster and pay-roll of men in Capt. Samuel McConnel's
Company, Col. David Gilman's regiment, raised out of
the regiment commanded by Col. John Webster to rein-
force the Continental army at New York, and mustered and
paid by Col. John Webster, December, 1776 :

Ezekiel Wortlien, Lt., A,
Ichabod Ilobie, Sergt., B,
John Cliuk, Corporal, B,
Timothy Jewel, Private,
Abraham Brown,
Josiah Foi'saith, A,
Paul Eaton, B,
Amos Knowles, B,

John Clay, B,
David Underhill, A,
Isaac Blasdel, A,
Nathaniel Blasdel, A,
Eliphalet Gordon, C,
Peter Severance, A,
Daniel Moody, C,
Dearborn Heath, A.

Muster and pay-roll of men raised in Col. Thornton's and
Col. Webster's regiment, to serve in Capt. Runnels' com-
pany, Col. Thomas Tasker's regiment, September 26, 1776.
This company was raised from the Londonderry and Ches-
ter regiments. Men from Londonderry marked L, as far
as known :

Daniel Runnels, Capt., L,
Samuel Ilaselton, Lt., A,
Samuel Buswell, Ens., B,
Ichabod Kobie, B,
James Sharley, A,
Jeremiah Conner, A,
Caleb Smith, C,
Gilniau Dudley, C,
John Berry, A,
Jonathan Dearborn, A,
Nicholas Oilman, C,
Derbon Ileth, A,
William Anderson, B,
Moses Turner, B,
AVilliam Wilson, B,
William Moore, A,
Samuel Pierce, A,
Joseph Presby, A,
William Wilson, A,
Simon Towle, A,
Jonathan Underhill, A,
Jacob Hills, A,

Samuel Hart,
Benjamin Haseltine, A,
John Colhy, C,
James Richardson,
Robert AVason, B,
Bracket Towle, A,
John Shirley, A,
David Mills, A,
Samuel Morse, L,
James Hazard, A,
Samuel Dunlap,
Josiah Dearborn, A,
Samuel Thompson, L,
Pierce Gage, L,
Richard Hall,
Zibah Kimball, L,
John AVilliams, L,
John McGown, L,
John Tarbox, L,
James Sprague, L,
Abiel Cross, L,
Arthur Darrah, L,



Henry Campbell, L,
James Mooreland, L,
John Morrisson, L,
John Cochran, L,
Thomas Wilson, L,
George Orr, L,
Joseph Caldwell, L,
David Morrison, B,
John Ferguson, L,
William Moore, A,
John Clifford, C,
John Sargent, C,
Peter Haselton, A,
Shirley, A,
Daniel Whitcher, C,
Thomas Archibald, L,
Thomas AYallace, L,
James Cambel, L,

September 26, 1776, by

Peter Robinson,
Samuel Spear,
Robert Morrisson, L,
John Hughes, L,
William Eayers, L,
Jonathan Holmes, L,
John Stuart, L,
James Ferguson, L,
Joseph Hobbs, L,
Andrew Robertson, L,
John Turner,
Humphrey Holt, L,
Nathan Plummer, L,
Samuel Tasker, L,
Robert Wilson, B,
Robert Bold, L,
Mathew Dickey, L,
Elijah Town, L,
Stephen Donald, L.
John Webster.

Chester and Londonderry probably belonged to one regi-
ment up to 1775.

In Raymond records, Jmie 15, 1775,

" Voted, to impower John Dudley, Esq., with some other
persons, to nominate suitable persons for field officers for
the regiment that did belong to Col. Thornton's regiment.

" Voted unanimously that they are willing that the said
regiment should be divided into two regiments."

Pay-roll of Capt. Stephen Dearborn's company, Thomas
Stickney's regiment, in Gen. Stark's brigade, which com-
pany marched from Chester, in the State of New Hamp-
shire, and joined the Northern Continental army, 1777,
from July 19 to September 18 :

Stephen Dearborn, Capt., A,
Ezekiel Lane, Lieut., C, killed,
John Lane, Jr., 2d Lieut., A, ad-
vanced to 1st Lt., Aug. 16,
Robert Wilson, Ensign, A, ad-
vanced to 2d Lt., Aug. 16,
Andrew Aiken, Scrgt., A, ad-
vanced to Ensign, Aug. 16,

Nathl. Maxfield, B,
Ichabod Robie, B,
Ebenezer Dearborn, A,
David Currier, A,
Joseph Brown, A,
Josiah Gordon, A,
Sherburne Dearborn, A,
Robert Dinsmore, A,



Joseph Cass, Sergt.,B,

Bracket Towle, Sergt., A,

Thomas Dearborn, Sergt., B,

John Uuderhill, Sergt., A., ad-
vanced to Sergt. Aug. 16,

Benja. Fellows, Corp.,

Levi Swain, Coi-p., C,

David Underhill, Corp., A,

Robert Rowe, private. A, ad-
vanced to Corp. Aug. 16,

Israel Clifford, private, B,

Nathaniel GrifSn, A,

Joseph Peavey,

John Gammet, B,

Daniel Allen, A,

John Blake,

Moses Leavit, C,

Moses Webster, Jr., A,

Josiah Hall, A,

David Perkins,

Benjamin Smith, B,

Enoch Osgood, C,

Samuel Robie, A,

Simon Towle, A,

Anthony Clifford, B,

John Patten, A,

James McFarland, A,

James Presby, A,

Joseph White, A,

Stephen Fogg, C,

Jacob Chase, A,

Samuel Hills, A,

William Towle,

Jacob Elliot, A,

James Richardson, A,

David Patten, A,
Moses Webster, A,
Benjamin Haseltiue, A,
Isaac Blasdel, A,
Sinkler Fox,
Wm. Pattredge Fox,
Jona. Bachelor,
Daniel Todd, C,
Amos Kimball, A,
Joseph Rollins,
Samuel Fogg, C,
Samuel Moore, B,
Samuel Dearborn, B,
Amos Kuowles, B,
James Libbey, B,
Benjamin Eaten, B,
Benjamin Wadley, B,
Phillip Morse, C,
Robert Wilson, Jr.,
Oliver Smith, B,
Elisha Thomas,
Enoch Colby, B,
John Bagley, B,
John Clay, B,
Moses Emerson, B,
Benjamin Fuller, A,
John Knowles, A,
William Brown, A,
Wilks West, A,
Thomas Wilson, B,
Benjamin Packard,
John Moore, B, died Aug. 21
John Elliott, Drummer, A,
David Hall, A.

This regimont served in the battle of Benuuigton,

August 16.



Pay-roll of Captain Moses Baker's company of volun-
teers, who marched from Candia, in the State of New-
Hampshire, and joined the Northern Continental army at
Saratoga, September, 1777.

Entered Sept. 27, discharged Nov. 3.

Moses Baker, Captain, B,
Abraham Fitts, Lieutenant, B,
Jonathan Bagley, Ensign, B,
Isaiali Kow, Sergeant, B,
Josepli Clifford, Sergeant, B,
Sewall BroAvn, Private, B,
Jonathan liing, B,
Jolui Sargent, B,
Natlianiel Burpee, B,
Jacob Clifford, B,
Benjamin Hubbart, B,
Ilichard Clough, B,
Stephen Palmer, B,
Enoch Howell, B,

James Hazard, A,
Silas Cammet, B,
Samuel Bagley, B,
John Hills, B,
Jesse Eaton, B,
Benjamin Whitcher, C,
Xathan Eitts, A,
Samuel Ilaselton, A,
John Dearborn, A,
Josiah Flagg, A,
Edward Robie, A,
Moses Ilaselton, A,
Stephen Hill, A.

Pay-roll of Capt. Josepli Dearborn's company, in Col.
Moses Nichols' regiment ; marched to Rhode Island, en-
tered Aug. 5, discharged 28tli + 2 days' travel home.

Joseph Darbon, Captain, A,

Benja. Cass, Lieutenant, B,

Jacob AVorthen, Ensign, B,

Jabesh Iloit, Sergeant, A,

Benj. Batchelder, Sergeant, B,

Samuel Runel, Sergeant,

Ephraim Fitts, Corporal, A,

Zebulon "NVinslow, Coi-poi'al, B, Walter Clay, B,

Aaron Brown, Corporal, B, Henry Clark, B,

Benja. True, Private, A,

Benja. Currier, A.

Wilks West, A,
John Wilson, A,
Caleb Hall, B,
Philip Morse, C,
Obed Edom Hall. B,
Jonathan Camct, B,
Silas Camet, B,

John Lane, A,
James Whitten, C,
William Mills, A,
Asa Dearborn, A,
John Emerson A,
Benja. Haselton, A,
Joseph Knowles, A,
James Pierce, A,

Joseph Bean, B,
Amos Knowles, B,
Enoch Colby, B,
Caleb Brown, B,
Thomas Wilson, B,
Oliver Smith, B,
Burleigh Smith, B,
William Shannon, B,
Sewel BroAvn, B,
Jonathan Pilsbury, B.

Robert Runnels, A,

Allowance for forty horses at XIO each.


In the summer of 1778, a brigade was sent from New
Hampshire to Rhode Island.

There was a company attached to Col. Peabody's regi-
ment, of which Daniel Reynols, of Londonderry, was cap-
tain. Bracket Towle first lieutenant, and Jacob Elliott
second lieutenant, a portion of which was from Chester.
Entered service June 1, 1778, discharged Jan. 1, 1779 :

William Moore, Corporal, A, Samuel Shamion, A,

James Hazzard, Corporal, A, Paul Healey, A,

Jacob Lane, Corporal, C, Jethro Colby, B,

Samuel Robie, Drummer, A, Thomas Shannon, B,

Dearborn Heath, A, John Shannon, B,

Isaac Blasdel, A, Nath' Griffin, A,

Samuel Robie, Jr., A, Isaac Colby, killed Aug. 27,

Moses Webster, Thomas Morse, C.

In James Aiken's company for Rhode Island, 1778,
Thomas Shirley, James Ottcrson, Samuel Davis ; and Benj.
True went to Rhode Island in Capt. Marston's companv,

In the early part of the war the soldiers were mainly
citizens, and enlisted for short terms, and many of them
appear on several rolls, and with a degree of accuracy can
be assigned to their respective towns ; but later many
strangers were enlisted, who, when their names appear on
a roll, cannot be assigned to any town with any certainty.
There are recruits credited to the towns, some without any
mention of what companies they>were assigned to, or what
service cno-ao-ed in.



Company. Couipanj*.

Michael Lamey, Capt. Richards. Sam* Hoyt, Emersou.

Jas.Russ,krd, Isaac Farewell. Reuben Hall,

Bartho* Stevens, Ebenz'' Fiy. John Berry, killed,

Sam* Dolten, " " Ebenez'' Berry,

Stephen Lovekin, Blodgett. James Akin,

Jouath" Forsaith, died, " John McClennen,

,Tohu Lane, " Jerem'i Towle

Josiah Hills, died, Emerson. James Akin, Jr.





Wil™ White,


Wil'" Moore,


Euos Jewell,


Jonatli" Karr,


Tho^ Wells,


Daniel Shirly,


Wil" Furuell,


Henry True,


Benj'° Akin,


Sam' Akin,


Sam' Wells,


John Vance,


Peter Wells,




Went for

Thomas Whittaker,



Reuben Sticknee,



Timothy Clay,



Samuel Nay,



Timothy Ingalls,



Jacob Elliot,



Phineas Bean,



Joseph Marston,



Josiah Tucker,




Enlisted for

Thomas Wells, War.

Sam' Hoit,

George Cooper, **

Enos Jewell, "

Samuel Wells, "

Jeremiah Griffin, "

Given u]} to Meredith.
Peter Wells, "»

W™ Garrison, 3 years.

Rich-i Flood, "

Lived in Raymond.
Stephen Keyes, "

Enlisted for

Lived in Plymouth.
Valentine Sargent, 3 years.

Lived ill Londonderry .
Jos. Davis, 3 years.

Sam. Richardson, "

George Mansfield, '*

Sam' Houston, 6 mos.

Lived in Bedford.
Moses Webster, 6 mos.

Sam' Robie, "

Reuben Tole, •<

Dan' Parker, "


Thomas Whittaker, Timothy Ingalls,

Reuben Stickney (Raymond Jacob Elliott,

enlisted for Chester), Hardy, July 28, 1779, two

Timothy Clay, months,

Samuel Kay (Raymond, for Dearborn Heath, July 28, 1779,

Chester), two months.



Jonathan Wilson,
William Moore,
Benjamin True,
Sam' Walker,
John Knowles,
John Brown,
Robert Runnels,
Isaac Blasdell,
Moses Webster,
John Aiken,
James Russ,
Jona. Burrow, Sergt.,
Cha' Hanson,
Jedediah Knock,
Sam' Akens,
Barnard Merrill,
Jon" Rankin,

July 1, 1780.

Phineas Stevens

(Tamworth hired him first),
Daniel Shirley,
Samuel AVells,
Samuel Holt,
AVilliam Moore,
Stephen Lufkin,
Robert Hastins,
Reuben Hall,
Geo. Cooper,
James Aken, died,
Jeremiah Towle,
Henry True,
John McClennen,
Jona. Knock,
Abiel Stevens

(Tamworth hired him first) .

Capt. Livermore's Co., Third Regiment.
Thos. Shi-onder, d.,
James Thompson,
Josiah Wells, d.,
Thomas Wells,
William White, d.,
John Barry,
Eben'' Barry,

Parker Morse, Sergt.,

Robert Sliarle,

Daniel Sharle,

William Moer,

Joseph Brown,

John Spiller,

Benj. True, Jr.,

Caleb Richardson,

Gilbord Morse,

Theoder Morse,

W" Garrison,

(Mustered but claimed by Mass.)Enos Jewell, Southampton,

John Lane,

William Furnal,

Sam' Dal ton.

Jona. Forsyth,

John Vance,


Barth" Stevens.

July 1, 1781.

Jos. Davis,

Sam' Richardson,

Sam' Houston,

6 mos.

Moses Webster,


Sam' Robie,


Reuben Tole,


Dan' Parker,


Geo. Mansfield,

3 years.

Thomas Wells,

Sam' Hoit,

Geo. Cooper,

Richd Flood,
Stephen Keyes,
Yaleutiue Sargent,

Thomas Wells,
Samuel Hoit,

Peter AVells,

Joseph Davis,

Valentine Sargent, Londonderry.

AUGUST 25, 1781.
War. Joseph Davis,
" Sam' Richardson,


George Cooper, War. Geo. Mansfield,

Enos Jewell, " Sam* Houston, Bedford, 6 mos.

Jere. GriflSn " Moses Webster,

(Given up to Meredith), Sam' Eobie,

Peter Mills, 3 years. Keubeu Tole,

William Garrison, " Daniel Parkei-,

Richard Flood, Raymond, Charles Mann,

Stephen Keyes, Plymouth, Jonathan Conant.
Valentine Sargent, Londonderry,

APRIL 12, 1782.

John Worth, Thomas Dollof,

Reuben Stickney, Eben'' Currier,

Joseph Tucker, William Batchelder,

Daniel Clay, William Hall,

Abraham Brown, Daniel Doyne,

Ed* Hamilton, Rob' H. Hill,

Moses Basford, Andrew Nelson.

There is a history of the First New Hampshire Regi-
ment, by Frederic Kidder, 1868, containing a roll of the
enlisted men who served between January, 1777, and Jan-
uary, 1782, which contains the names of John Knook and
David Shirley of Chester, and of Thomas Caj)ron of Candia,
not on the foregoing list.

The foregoing is a list of the soldiers furnished by Ches-
ter, as correct as can be conveniently made from the army-
rolls ; but those cover so much ground, and so many
strange names occur, which are not assigned to any par-
ticular town, that it is probably very incomplete. There
are names of men on the town accounts to whom bounties
were paid, and the names of others to whom notes were
paid, probably for bounties, without being so designated,
which mostly, if not all, are included in the foregoing rolls,
so that it was not thought best to spend the time in col-
lecting, and space in the History to print it.

Great exertion had to be used to raise men. The town
was divided into classes, according to the immber of men
to l)e raised, and one or more men assigned to each class,
which they were required to raise. The town was also
classed to raise beef and corn for the army, and also to
support the soldiers' families.



The following specimen of the requisitions was found
among the papers of Col. Stephen Dearborn :

To Capt. Stephen Dearborn and Rohert Howe : Agree-
ably to an act of the General Court and a vote of the
town, the following persons Avho are named, with the
amount of their ratable estate, are to procure an able-
bodied, effective man for the Continental service three
years, or during the war, to be ready to be mustered in on
or before the lUth day of May next, or pay the line agreea-
ble to law and vote of the town. You are desired to
notify each one in this list to meet and prescribe such
method as they shall think proper in order to procure s*^

Chester, April 29, 1782.

Jabez Hoit, ^ Selectmen

Stephen Morse, > of
Joseph Blanchard, \ Chester.

David Richardson,
Joseph Carr,
Ezekiel H. Kelley,
Widow Auxi Carr,
Lieut. John Lane,
Joiia. Norton,
Simon Norton,
Josepli Norton,
Jona. Berry,
Jeremiah Griffla,
Robert Rowe,
Samuel Murray,

£ 8. d. £ s. d.

19 1 Barnard Bi-icket, 2 10 1

3 6 10 John Clark, 17

10 00 Abraham Morse, 12

9 3 Capt. Steph'n Dearborn, 2 14

2 17 7 Caleb Hall,

2 10 11 Jona. Emery,

12 00 Samuel Wliite,

2 18 8 Stickney,

2 14 5 Moody Chase,

1 6 00 Wells,

1 16 2 Jere. Underhill,

1 13 6 Nath' Wood,






















The following are recruits furnished by Candia, as
found on various muster-rolls, and given, as found in the
Adjutant-GeneraFs office :

1777. John Magoon,
Stevens Bailey,
Jonathan Green,
Isaac Morse,

1778. Nehemiah Leavitt,
John Kent,

Asa Pierce,
John Mitchell,

John Colby,
Eleazer Quiraby,
John Tavlor.

John Loveren,
John Kent,
James Tiel,
Thomas Capron,


Eben"" Williams, James Jeel,

William Wilkins, James Bragdon,

Henry Gotham, David Hill,

Nat. Wadley, Kob' Holland,

David Bagley, Jonas Perry,

W" Patten, Henry Ivimball,

Daniel Libbe, Joseph Gilman,

John Caldwell, Humprey Hunt.

1779. David Libbie, John Kent,
John Caldwell, Phineas Bean,
Michael Poor, Joseph Marston,
John Anderson, John Grattan (2 mos) .
John Loverin,

1780. Benjamin Eaton, Samuel Shannon,
Samuel Clay, • John Eaton,
Edward Currier, Alex"" Eaton.

1781. Col. John Webster certifies that he sent forward the fol-
lowing four men for Caudia, when there ought to have been five :

John Wasson, Nathaniel Underbill,

Jonathan Davis, Thomas Anderson.

1782. Jona. Morris, John Moore,
Peter Cammet, Benja. Sanborn,
Eben' Eaton, Jason Hazard.
Moses Norris,


Capt. IlarTc'S Co., Col. Zong^s liegt.

Benja. Fox, Ezekiel Holman.

James Fullington,

Col. Nathan Hale's Regt.

W-" Tole, Jo' FuUongtou,

David Batchelder, Theo"" Lovering,

Jon» Fullonton, Ithiel Gorden.

Cajit. Waifs Co., Col. Stark's Begt.
Richard Robinson.
Capt. BoioelVs Co., Col. Nathan Hale's Begt.
William Towle, James Hersey,

Joseph Fullington, John Lane,

Ithiel Gordon, junr. Caleb Gilman,

Eliphalet Gorden, Thomas Taylor,

Amos D. Leavitt, Joseph Jewel.

Aaron Sanborn,



1779. Hezekiah Pollard,
John Moore,
James Libbey,
James Mack,
James Delap,

Josiah Tucker, from Nott-
ingham, enlisted for Ray-

1780. W™ Pat. Prescott,
Timothy Jewell,

1781. Eliph* Gordon,

James Libbey, of Candia,
Theo"" Loverin,
Elijah Pollard,
Ezek' Pollard,
Barton Pollard,
Hezek'' Pollard,
Rich'i Robinson, Capt. Bos-
ton's Co.,
Nat. Richardson,

Jonathan Fullertou, Row-
ell's Co.,

John Fox, for two mos.,

Benj. ■^^^uttier, enlisted for

Thomas DoUoff, enlisted
for Kingston,

Jos. Dolloff Leavitt, en-
listed for Kingston.

Smith Cram,
Richard Flood.

Wm. Towle,
James Wells,
John Moore, of Chester,
James Dunlap, of Massa-
chusetts State,
Ithiel Gordon,
Eliph' Gordon,
Theo^ Lovrin,
Joseph Fullerton,
"William Towle.

The following is a list of soldiers who enlisted in the
army from Chester in the war of 1812, fm-nished by Josiah
Forsaith :

Josiah Forsaith, died August 18, 18G8.

Jonatlian Currier, died at Sackett's Harbor.

David Dolbier, of Raymond.

Josiah Sanborn, discharged at Concord.

Bradbury Moody Carr, died at Concord.

John Colby, died at French Mills.

Abner Blasdel, said to have deserted.

Ebeuezer Blasdel, died at Acworth.

Samuel Davis, died at Concord.

Joseph Xeal.

John Crawford, died at Nottingham in 1866, aged 80.

Josiah Moore, died in 1821.

Henry Moore, killed in battle.

Moses Underbill, Jr.

Benjamin Currier, Jr.

Nathan "Webster.

John Dunlap, died in 1867.

Nath' Griffin.

William Griffin, died in the army.



From Raymond.

Amos Davies, killed at French Mills.
Theophilus Stevens died.


There was a draft made of men to defend Portsmouth
harbor. The following is the roll of a company which
served from May 24 to July 4, 1814, and were from the
seventeenth regiment. Those from Chester are marked
A ; Candia, B ; Raymond, C ; Allenstown, D:

George Evans, Capt., D,
Samuel Aiken, Jr., Lieut., A,
Noah Week, Ensign, A,
"William Stan wood, Sergt., A,
Jonathan Morrill, Sergt., A,
Samuel "VV. Evans, Sergt., D,
Reuben Bean, Sergt., B,

True C. Graves, Corp.,
John Dinsmore, " A,
]\roses Dudley, " B,
James AVilcomb, " A,
Moses Crichet, Musician, B,
Moses Chase, Musician, A.


Josiah Anderson, B,
Andrew Buutin, A,
John Brown 3<*,
David Brown S"^,
Jona. S. Brown,
Ebenezer Brown,
Jonathan Ball, A,
Joseph Calfe, A,
Zacheus Colby, A,
Jonathan Cass, B,
Jeremiah Chandler,
Samuel Clark,
Joseph Ci'essy, A,
James Dinsmoor, A,
Benjamin Edgerly,
Nathan French,
Da\'id Glidden, C,
William Greenough, A,
Phineas Haley, C,
Henry Hall, A,
John Johnson, A,
Amos Kimball, A,
John Lane, C,
Thomas Leonard,
John Mars,

Charles Marston, A,
Moses C. Magoon, C,
Richard Morse,
Supply Morse,
Nath. Martin,
Thomas Montgomery, A,
Peter Niel, A,
Nathan Poor, C,
Jacob Randall, A,
Richard Robie, B,
Wadley Richardson, B,
John P. Rowell, A,
Orlando SpofFord, A,
John Seavey, A,
Richard Straw,
Jona. H. Shaw,
Henry Thatcher, C,
Elisha Towle, C,
Samuel Thompson,
Daniel Towle, C,
Enoch Worthen, B,
John Wilson, 3'', A,
Stephen Worthen, Jr., A,
Abram Smith,
Edmund Richardson.



The following is a roll of the company of Capt. Samuel
Collins, of Deerfield, which served three months from Sep-
tember 12, 1814 :

Moses Hezeltou, 3"^, Lieut., A, Josiali ^Yliiclier, Corp., B,

Henry Osgood, Ensign, C, John Brown, Jr., " C,

Jonathan Cass, Sergt., B, James C. Eand, " A.
James Severance, Sergt., A,

Squires Bachelder, B,
Ebenezer Brown, C,
John Brown, A,
Joseph ClifTord, B,
Nehemiah Clay, A,
Joseph Chase, Jr., A,
Daniel Carr, A,
Henry Clifford, C,
Richard Currier, B,
Gilman D. Cass, B,
Jonathan Emerson, B,


David Emerson, A,
James P. French, B,
Keuben Gale, B,
Phiueas Healey, B,
Peter M. Mills, A,
Henry Morse, C,
Samuel Roberts, C,
Daniel Robey, C,
John Towle, B,
Haly True, C,
Daniel McDuffee, A.

The following is a roll of the company of Capt. Samuel
Aiken, Jr., of Chester, which served sixty days from Sept.
26, 1814.

Samuel Aiken, Jr., Capt., A, William Aiken, Sergt., A,

Joseph Hubbard, 1st Lieut., B, Samuel Lane, Corp., A,

Wm. Stanwood, Ensign, A, Francis Folsom, *' C,

Jabez Crooker, Sg't and Cl'k, A.Benjamin Rowe, " B,

William Turner, Sergt., B, James Wilcomb, " A,
Jonathan Morrill, " A, Nathan Brown, Musician, C»
Abel Read, •' B, Richard Eaton, B,
Jeremiah Chandler, *' C, Gilman Loveriug, C.


Orlando Spofford, A,

John Hall, A,

Benjamin Mills, A,

William Greenough, A,

John Davis, A,

Online LibraryBenjamin ChaseHistory of old Chester [N. H.] from 1719 to 1869 → online text (page 31 of 60)