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Onflow Stearns,


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John Aiken was born in Ireland about 1689, and came to this
country, it is said, witli John Tolford, who was in Bradford in
1724. He appears first on Chester records in 1730, when a grant
of land is made to him to encourage liini to build a grist-mill, and
a I'oad was laid out across his home lot No. 145, where he then
lived, and on the northeast end of which he built the first grist-
mill in Chester. lie afterwards purchased two other lots, ^os. 58
and 14G, where he afterwards built. The subsequent occupants
of the first lot have been his son John, Jr., Moses Hills, and John
Ilaselton ; of the last, Josiah Dearborn, Benjamin Hills, Read
and Pcabod}'. He appears to have been an energetic business
jnan, and his wife, whose maiden name was Karr, is reported to
have been a veiy shrewd manager after his decease, and that they
gave their children a good education for the times. They had
two sons, John and James. John, Jr., was a millwright, and
married. They had five daughters : — ^Margaret, m. William Gra-
ham, Sen., and came to the Long Meadows; Martha, m. John
"Waddel, of Londonderry, and d. March 23, 1817, a. eighty-eight;
Jane, m. James Crosett, at the Long Meadows, and went to the
Mohawk country; Elizabeth, m. a Taylor, of Derry, and has de-
scendants there; Mary, born 1739, m. John Karr, of the east
part of Derry. She had two sons and four daughters, the young-
est of whom, Elizabeth, m. Edmund Adams, of Derry, at the
mills, whose children yet reside there. John Aiken's will is dated
Nov. 22, 1750. He d. Dec. 1, 1750; will proved Dec. 26, 1750;
personal estate, £1982; real, £4000.

Samuel Aiken was a younger brother of John ; and there was
another brother, William, an educated clergyman, who d. in Ire-
land before Samuel came over. Samuel m. a Young in Ireland,
and came over about 1736, and had a very long passage. They


came into Portsmouth, and lived a while in Greenland, and then
came to Chester. June 22, 1738, he purchased one half of Xo.
82, 2d P., 2d D., and settled where Charles C. Grant now lives in
Auburn. Tliey afterwards purchased the other half of the lot,
and settled, James on the northeast end, v/here Deacon Brigham
lately lived, and Peter on the southwest end. There were, at the
time of his settlement, two families of friendly Indians living
near. They probably had two sons b. in Ireland.

I. William, settled at the " Xeck," between Severance and
Spotford, and went to Passamoquoddy, and was with his wife
drowned, leaving a dau. Sarah, and sons, "William, James and
Robert, who lived with their grandfather. James and Roberfc
went to Bunker Hill and never returned. {Mrs. Whittier.)
n. James, m. Mary, dau. of Andrew McFarland. Children: —
Andrew, b. 1755; William, d. young; Margaret; Samuel, b.
1761, m. Martha, dau. of "William Graham; James, b. 1762; John,
b. 176i, m. Betsy, dau. of Archi. McDuffee, d. July 1801; Mary,
b. 1774, m. Stephen Heath. James, Sen., Andrew, James, Jr.,
and John, are said to have been in the Eevolutionary army.
James and James, Jr., d. there, and Andrew was wounded. The
widow d. April 2, 1818, a, 85.

III. Peter, b. on the passage from Ireland, used to say that he
was not born on the face of the earth. He m. Eebecca, dau. of
Thomas Fowler ; lived on his father's lot, and on the southwest
end of Xo. 83, where Benjamin Crosett had lived. Children: —

Eebecca, m. John, son of Jona. Emery; Peter ; Thomas ; and
Samuel, m. Sally Coffin, about whom there was a lawsuit between
Chester and Derry. They all went to Canada. Peter Aiken d,
Oct. 21, 1806; Eebecca d. 1796.

IV. Sarah, m. Eobcrt Witherspoon.

V. Samuel, m. Isabella McDoIe, of Gotfstown, and lived on the
homestead. He d, Jan. 4, 1825, a. 76 ; she d. March 18, 1837, a.
78. ChilcU-en:—

1. Eosanna, b. March 2, 1784, m. Alex. McGregore and Dear-
born "Whittier; d. Xov. 23, 1867. She had a very retentive mem-
ory, and gave much tradition about the Aiken families, and Long
Meadow people generally. Her grandmother lived till she was
twelve years old, and she used to read for her the old letters re-
ceived from John Aiken and John Tolford to them in Ireland.

2. Samuel, b. Jan, 10, 1786, m. Xancy Marston, of Hampton,
Oct. 15, 1811. He was famous as a teacher, was a military officer,
and a magistrate; was representative several times, and held
various other offices, and was a trader. He d. March 30, 1840 ;
she d. Aug. 6, 1867, a. 85, They had 'several children who d.
young. Those who survived were


ISTanc}', b. April 3, 1816, ra. John W. Xoj'cs; Jane, July 16,
1818, ra. Prof. Daniel J. Noycs; Isabel, b. Dec. 16, 1820.

Samuel and Isabella also had

3. Lucy, b. June 7, 1788, m. Alvin Jones, of Boston, m. (2)
James Ray, d. Sep. 20, 1854; 4. Jane, b. Aug. 6, 1790, u.m.; 5.
John, b. Jau 2, 1793, went to Belfost ; 6. Williani, b. April 25,
1795, m. Betsy, dau. of Archi. McDutFee; 7. Katharine, b. April
14j 1798, d. suddenly of some malignant disease, Sept. 9, 1819;
8, Mary, b. June 20, 1800, m. Levi Whitney, of Boston; is now
alive; 9. Robert, b. Feb. 5, 1804.


Nathl. Ambrose was the son of Henry and Hannah, and was
b. at Salisbury, Mass., Dec, 14, 1677; m. Sarah Eastman, Dec,
1697. Children:—

I. Elizabeth, b. Oct. 2, 1698, m. Sampson TTnderhill and Benj.

II. Henry, b. Aug., 1701, came to Chester, d. 1746.
HI. John, b. Sept. 28, 1707.

IV. Sarah, b. June. 1716, m. a Veasey.

V. Abigail, m. Joshua Prescott.

Nathl. Ambrose and his sons Henry and John, and daughter
Abigail, probably came to Chester in the fall of 1731. Mr. Am-
brose bought the H. L. No. 110, of Alexander Craig, and lived a
little west of the old Presbyterian meeting-house. His will was
dated June 3, 1745, proved, June 26, 1745. His son Henry seems
to have had no permanent place of residence in Chester, is not
named in the will, and is taxed for nothing but a poll in 1741.

John's wife was Elizabeth. He settled on Add. No. 97, a
little west of Francis Hill's. He had six children, Robei't, the
oldest of whom, b. March 6, 1732, m. Mary Ethredge, a grand-
daughter of John Calfe, and sister to Joshua Hall's wife. John
gave to Robert one half of his farm, but he sold out and moved
to the Easi Village at Concord, where the family have been con-


Thomas Andrewsox, as he is called in the early records, or
Andei'son, the present name, came from Ireland at the same time
with Da^ad Dinsmore at the age of 13 years. He m. Jean Craige
and settled on No. 132, 2d I^. 2d D., where Luther Flint now lives
in Candia. In 1762 there was an article in the warning of the
towu-meeting to see Avhat the town would do about a road, he


having- lived in town more than five yeai's and had no road. It is
said that he was a very strong, courageons man and once killed
two bears with a pitch-wood knot. He d. Oigt. 10, 1804 ; she d.
June, 1780. Cliildren :— \

1. WaUam, b. Aug. 6, 1756; m. ; lived on No. 133, 2d P.,

2d D. ; d. Sept. 19, 1808.

2. Joseph, b. June 17, 1758.

3. John, b. Dec. 19, 1759; went to Ohio,

4. Thomas, b. June 19, 1762 ; m. Elizabeth, dau. of James Gra-
ham, and lived at the Long Meadows, on the Arclii. Miller place,
No. 81, 2d P. 2d D. He d. Jan. 5, 1841 ; she d. Aug. 1854, a. 79.

5. Agnes, b. May 14, 1764 ; m. Thomas "Wilson of Candia ; d.
April 5, 1803.

6. Joseph, b. Oct. 28, 1766; went to Maine.

7. Allen, b. Feb. 25, 1769; moved to Holden, Mass.; d. June,

8. Samuel, b. Aug. 23, 1771 ; m. (1) Anna, dau. of Moses Sar-
gent; m. (2) Mary, sister of Ins first wife. He lived first on the
homestead and after Chester turnpike was built he built there,
and was widely known as a landlord. See *' Fires.-' He d. 1850;
his first wife d. 1817.

9. Ilargaret, b. Dec. 9, 1773; m. (1) John Crawford; m. (2)
Jonathan Sanborn ; d. July 21, 1847.

10. David, b. Jan. 1, 1779; m. Lvdia Aver; lived at Lebanon,
N. H.

Robert Andrewsox was an early settler on No. 15, 4th D., in
Derryfield (the Daniel Hall place) . On the Derryfield records is
" Eobert Anderson, son of John and Gieri his wife, married
Sarah McQuestion, danter of Hugh, Dec' 2, 1742." There are the
births of " Mary and Gien."

Henry Ar^vin was in Chester in 1757, lived and kept tavern
after the Hatter Underhill style, on the old road, on No. 110, 4th
D., and sold to Ezra Badger.

Ezra Badger bought Arwin's tavern stand ; kept a tavern in
the same style, the guests sleeping on the floor. Mrs. Badger
was a long time a pauper, and d. very aged, July 27, 1815.


JACOB BASFORD was a grantee, and his wife was Elizabeth,

and they lived at Hampton. In 1729, he deeded his estate in

Hamilton to his eldest son Jajies, then of Dover, who was baptized

May 9, 1697. James, about 1730, came to Chester, and settled on



H, L. 146, since owned by Moses Hills, Jacob Hills, now Calvin
Hills. He owned three lots, and at one time a large share of the
old saw-mill and the saw-mill grant, and seems to have been a
trading man, thougli not very thrifty, as there are a lai'ge number
of cases of debt on the court records against him, which were de-
faulted, and his mother became a town charge. In Oct., 1735, he
deeded his farm to his son Jacob, and Jan., 1737, he deeded to
Moses Hills. His name is not on the iuventoiy of 1741, but there
is a John, probably his son, rated for a poll.

Joseph Basford, probably another son of Jacob, m. Elizabeth,
dau. of Jona. Goodhue, Jan. 8, 1746, and settled at the Long
Meadows, on No. 73, 2d P., 2d D., where Wells C. Underbill now
lives. The old house was taken down in 1851. They had Jona-
than, Joseph, Jacob, Benjamin, Elizabeth, James and Aaron, but
nothing is known of them. In March, 1760, he joined with
Nathaniel Wood and Elizabeth (the Wid. Goodliue), in selling to
Jabez Hoit H. L. No. 3, the Goodhue or Clay place. The same
year he sold to Wood, and in 1769 to Moody Chase, and in 1771
to Wells Chase, his lands at the Long Meadows. An anecdote is
related of him, that while residing at the Long Meadows, some
one told him that his mother had fallen into the well. He replied
that he would '•light his pipe and hasten P^

Jacob Basford, i)robably another son of the grantee, purchased
the east half of No. 18, 2d P., 2dD., March, 1737, and settled near
where Charles Stevens now lives ; he married Abigail Silver, at
Haverhill, April, 1734. He went into the French war and died,
1700. The inventory of his estate was returned, Feb., 1761.
Children : —

I. John, b. 1741, lived on the homestead, and went to Maine.

II. Ehenezer, born Nov. 9, 1744; m. (1) Mary Richardson, Feb.
14,1765; lived near the homestead. Childien: —

1. Sarah, born 1765. 2. Moses. 3. Abigail. 4. Ebenezer. 5.
and 6, David and John, 1772. 7. Reuben. Hem. (2) Wid. Me-
hitabel Young. Children : 8. Betsy, b. 1781, m. AVilliam Hoit, Jr.,
d. 1807. 9. Nathaniel. 10. Walter, b. July 22, 1785, m. S'arah,
dau. of John Knowles, Jr. He d. Aug. 30, 1865; she d. Oct., 8,
1859. 11. Lucretia, born 1787, d. 1865. 12. Mary, 1700. 13. Amy,
b. Nov. 10, 1794.

Ebenezer d. Sept. 21, 1816. Mehitable d. April 10, 1836, a. 84.

III. Abigail, b. Jan. 2, 1748.

IV. Jacob, born April 22, 1750; m. Abigail, dau, of Jonathan
Moulton, and lived on a gore between Add. Nos. Ill and 17, 2d P.,
2d D., N. E. side of Great Hill. Children :—

1. Jonathan, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Geo. Marden. 2. Abigail,
m. John, son of Dominicus Prescott, d. 1816. 3. Rebecca, m.


Eobert Knowles, d. Feb. 2, 1850. 4, Josiah, b. April, 1785, m.
Betsy Osgood aud lived ou the homestead; d. Nov. 13, 1835.
5. Richard, born 1789, m. Betsy, dau. of Master Morrice Gibbons ;
lived near the homestead for a time, but went to parts unknown .
Jacob d. 1813; his widow m. Jonathan Brown; d. 1841.

V. James, born Aug. 8, 1754.

VI. Mary, b. 1758.


AYlien John Calfe sold his homestead in 1745, it was bounded
by Samuel Bartlett, who lived on H. L. No. 37. He had a dau.
Elizabeth; m. Jethro Colby, and lived there. They had a dau.
Lydia, m. Edmund Sleej)er and lived there. Mr. Bartlett had a
dau. Abigail, m. Lieut. Ezekiel AYorthen. He d. March 25,
1762, a. 57 ; she d. April 1, 1801, a. 85.


Page Bachelder was a son of Benjamin B. and Susanna
Page, and was baptized July 20, 1707. In 1731, when the road
by Asa Wilson's was laid out, he owned H. L. No. 104, and i)rob-
ably lived near school-house No. 4, in Chester, and about that time
had a mortgage of James Basford's place. He afterwards settled
on Add. No. bb, afterwards owned by Capt. Edward Preston, W.
H. and AV. P. Underbill. He m. Elizabeth Hill March 24, 1744
(perhaps a second wife). He d. 175G.

Benjamin Bachelder was a brother of Page ; baptized June,
1708, aud lived on H. L. No. 138, on Chester Street, about where
the house owned by Mr. Sargent stands. He m. for a second wife
Elizabeth Ambrose, the Avidow of Sampson Underbill. He also
owned the land opposite where Mr. White lived, which was sold
by his administrator to Dr. Thomas Sargent in 1782. Hannah,
the wife of Dr. Sargent, bought the homestead in 1785. There
have since lived there, Dea. John Webster, John Kimball, the
teacher of singing, and James French.

Jethro Bachelder. There was a man of that name b. at
Hampton in 1698; m. Dorothy Sanborn in 1721, who, I think,
must have been too old to be the settler in Chester.

On Chester records is Jethro Bachelder and Abigail, his wife .
Chil., Mary, Daniel and Nathaniel. He lived in Raymond on 122
O. H., on the Todd road, and was a petitioner for the incorpora.
tion of Raymond.


DAVID BEAN, b. 1725, m. Mary Judkins of Kingstown in 1748,
d. 1793. He settled in Epping aud built a set of buildings which


were soon destroyed by fire. He then settled and built a house in
Raymond, and thence removed to Candia, at, or near the Island,
and bought Eastman's mills, Avhich were destroyed by fire from
the woods. He raised a family of ten children, six sons and four
daughters, all but one of whom married and had families. Dea.
Abraham m. Mary, dau. of Nicholas Gordon of Poplin, and lived
on the homestead, and had four sons, Joseph, David, Abraham
and Gordon who all settled on the old homestead. He also had
six daughters. David is named in a deed as of Chester in 1755,
and was probably then in Raymond. He was surveyor of lumber
in Candia in 1768. Abraham d. Oct. 29, 1833.

Reuben Beau, son of David, had a son Moses, who learned the
art of tanning and shoemaking, and set up at what is now Candia
Village, and may be considered, in a sense, the father of the place,
as it was the commencement of the shoe business there, and Dea.
Samuel Dudley learned his trade of him. He also built the first
meeting-house and was pastor of the church several years. He
went to St. Joseph, Mich., and d. 1838.


JOnX BELL, though not of the first colony to Londonderry,
in 1711), had a grant of land made to him in 1720, in Aiken's
range, on which he settled and spent the remainder of liis life,
and where his son John lived. After commencing a clearing and
building a cabin, he returned to Ireland for his wife and two sur-
viving children, in 1722. He was b. in the county of Antrim,
1678, m. Elizabeth Todd, and had two sous and two dau. b. iu
Londonderry. He d. July 8, 1743; she d. 1771. The daughters,
Letitia, Xaorai, Elizabeth and Maiy, all m. men by the name of
Duncan. Samuel, b. Sept. 28, 1723, removed to Cambridge, X. Y. ;
m. Sarali Storrow. John, b. Aug, 15, 1730, m. Mary Ann Gilmore,
dau. 01" James Gilmore, Dec. 21, 1758. He held various respon-
sible offices. He d. Xov. 30, 1825; she d. April 1, 1822, a. 85.
Children : —

I. II. James and Ebexezeu, d. in youth.

III. JoxATHAX, m. Sarah ^Y., dau. of Josiah Flagg, Esq., lived
and traded at the Toppan Webster place, in Chester ; d. 1808. The
widow m. Daniel French, Esq.

IV. John, b. July 20, 1765. He received his early education in
Londonderry, and when he arrived at manhood, being of an en-
terprising disposition, he dealt for a time in the products of Can-
ada. In tliis business he had occasion to make repeated journeys
to Montreal, which were then no holiday excursions, but toilsome,
and not Avithout danger. At a later period he established himself
in trade in Chester, where he resided during the remainder of his


life. He was successful in business, and some years before his
death retired with a competency. In 1817 he was elected a mem-
ber of the Executive Council, and was annually re-elected for five
successive years. In 1823 he received the appointment of High
Sheriff for the county of Rockingham, and in 1828 was elected
Governor of the State. He died March 23, 1836, having sustained
tlu'ough life the character of an honest man. He married, Dec.
2.5, 1803, Persis, daughter of Dr. Isaac Thorn, of Londonderry,
who survived him more than a quarter of a century, dying in
Nov., 1862, at the age of 84 years, beloved and deeply lamented.
Gov. Bell had ten childi'en : —

1. Mary uinne Persis, b. Sept. 2, 1804; m. Rev. Nathaniel Bou-
ton, D. D., of Concord, where she died, Feb. 15, 1839, leaving
five children.

2. Miza Thorn, b. Jan. 23, 1806, m. Hon. John Nesmith, of
Lowell, Mass. She d. Sept. 22, 1836, leaving- one dau.

3. John, b. Nov. 1.5, 1807, educated at the Mil. and Scientific
Inst., Norwich, Vt., d. in New York City, Jan. 26, 1828.

4. Susan Jane, d. in infmcy.

5. Harriette Adelia, b. April 11, 1812, d. Aug. 29, 1836.

6. Jane Gibson, b. April 30, 1814, d. Aug. 4, 1835.

7. Caroline, d. in early childhood.

8. Christopher Sargent, b. June 4, 1819, grad. at Dartmouth
College in 1838, commenced studying for the ministry, and died
in Havana, Cuba, Jan. 20, 1839, where he had gone on account of
a jpulmonary alfection.

9. James Isaac, b. March 1, 1821, entered Dartmouth College in
1837, left in the autumn of 1838 and made a voyage to the East
Indies for the benefit of his health, and was lost with other pas-
sengers in the ship Harold, which was burned at sea, Oct. 26, 1839.

10. Charles Henry, b. Nov. 18, 1823, grad. at Dartmouth College
in 1844, studied law, and practiced at Chester, Somersworth and

Y. Samuel, b. Feb. 9, 1770, grad. at Dartmouth, 1793, LL. D.
Bowdoiu, 1821. ile studied law with Hon. Samuel Dana, of Am-
herst; admitted to the bar 1796, practiced at Francestown till
1808, Amherst till 1810, removed to Chester 1812 ; lived on the
Melvin place on the Street, and built a new house near where
Thomas Dearborn had lived, H. L. No. 23, 1833; d. Dec. 23,
1850. He was Representative from 1804 to 1806; Speaker 1805
and '6; was Senator and President 1807 and '8; Justice of the
Superior Court 1816 to 1819; Governor of New Hampshire 1819 to
'23; U. S. Senator 1823 to '35; Trustee Dart. 1808 to '11. He m.

(1) Mehitable B., dau. of Hon. Samuel Dana; she d. 1810; m.

(2) Lucy G., dau. of Jonathan Smith, of Amherst. Children: —


Online LibraryBenjamin ChaseHistory of old Chester [N. H.] from 1719 to 1869 → online text (page 38 of 60)