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8. Charles II., b. Sept. 29, 1814, resides in Manchester.



Babnard Bricket came from Newbury in 1765, and settled on
No. 60, 2d P., 2d D., where Ms gi-audson David P. now lives.
The great elm w\as then a sapling which he trimmed. He m.
Mar.v, dau. of Nathl. Hall, March 5, 1767. Ch. :—Josiah, b. June
27, 1769, d. unm. 3fary, m. Capt. Jacob Libby. Sarah, b. 1775,
m. Josiah, son of Capt. John Sargent. Jfoses, b. June 5, 1780, m.
Sally, dau. of Da^dd Pillsbury; lived on the liomestead; d. Sept.
25, 1859; she d. Nov. 12, 1859, a. 79. Anna, b. 1783, m. Henry

Barnard m. (2) Mehitabel French, of Hawke, 1798. He d.
Aug., 1S05. The wid. m. John Butterlield; d. Feb. 7, 1824,
a. 70.


Zachariah settled about 1740, on the west end of No. 21, 2d P.,
2dD., near the road to the Norton phice; had several children;
d. in 1754. Nothing is known of the family.

Aaron Butterfield settled near the east end of the lot where
Stephen Pingree now lives; had one son, John, b. April 8, 1746,
m. dau. of Israel Dolby, Sen., who d. Aug., 1805; lived on the
homestead, had no cliildren. He m. (2) Mehitable French, wid. of
Barnard Bricket ; she d. Feb. 7, 1824, a. 70. He gave his property
to Robert S. French. He d. Sep. 17, 1833. They came from Wil-
mington, and had sometimes to go to town to garrison, and both
signed the petition for soldiers in 1748.


John Bl'rlet m. Huldey, only dau. of Sylvanus Smith. He
was a mariner; sailed from Newburyport in July, 1781, was
taken by the British and carried to Ireland and imprisoned, and
died there in the summer of 1782. They had Jo?in, b. July 3,
1780. The widow aftei-wards m. Daniel Greenough.


Nathaniel Burpee came to Chester from Rowley in 1753, and
settled on No. 37, 3d D., where Wiuthrop Wills had Uved. He m.
Esther Roth. He was one of the early settlers of Caiidia, having
William Turner on one side, and Obed Hall on the other as neiffh-
bors. He was a tailor, and a teacher of singing. He was one of
the first deacons. He was in the French war, and was at the siege
of Cape Breton in 1745 ; d. 1815, a. 94. Children : —

Jeremiah; Nathaniel, m. Dorothy Cun-ier, lives on the home-
stead; Nathan, Ezra, Mehitable; Sally, h. 1782, m. Peter Hall,
Jr., d. 1831 ; Esther and Patti/.



There was a William Buswell in Salisbury, wlio was one of
the Commissioners to run .the line between Salisbury and Hamp-
ton, in 16G7, but the records of Salisbury do not afford us any
connection between him and Lt. Samuel Busavell, who came
from that town to Chester in 1763. He was the son of John and
Tabitiia, b. Oct. 22, 1741. He m. Betsy, dau. of Capt. John
Underhill in 17G4. He settled on the west half of No. 120, 2d
P., 2d D. He was a carpenter. He was in the French war and
at Cape Breton, and also in the Eevolutionary war. ]Mr. Bus-
well's son Samuel went to Georgia about the year ISOO, against
his mother's desire, as she supposed that she should never see him
again. She having a strong taint of hypochondria, took her bed
and never left it or spoke for 6 or 7 years. She d. Sept. 30, 1806-
Lt. Buswell m. (2) Betty Smith, the widow of Jonathan Berry.
Children : —

I. John, m. Mehitable McClure, dau. of James McClure, in 1792,
lived on the homestead and had: — 1. Samuel, m. Susan, dau. of
Maj. Jesse Eaton. 2. Jacob, m. Mary Sargent, lives on the Dea.
Kelly place, in Auburn. 3. Mahala. 4. ZSTancy. 5. Richard. He
d. 1851, a. 84.

II. Jfoses, a physician, d. in Maine.

HI. Sarah, m. Moses Underhill (son of the hatter) ; d. 1826.

IV. Blclmrd, m. Sarah Berry, and was drowned.

V. William, went to Canada.

VI. Hannah.

VII. David, Uved in Bradford, N. H.

CALFE, or as now written C A L E F .

John Calfe was a signer of a petition for a grant of Notting-
ham. He was a clothier, and lived at Newbury, Mass. His
parentage is not known, but he was probably a descendant of the
famous Ilobert Calfe, a merchant of Boston, who oi^posed the
witchcraft delusion in 1692. He was one of the grantees of Ches-
ter. He however sold his right to Tristram Knight and Thomas
Pike, of Newbury, Jan., 172-), and by Knight sold to Jonatlian
Locke, the father of Capt. AVilliam, and the Capt. settled on the
2d P., 2d D., No. 12. In 1724, he bought of Amos Cass half his
right. The home lot was No. 100, on wliich Cass had built a
house, and received settlement money. When he came to Chester
is not certain, but he settled there. He bought another lot and a
half adjoining in 1734. He had an amendment to these lots of 80

acres, laid out in 1735, Ij-ing from where the road crosses the


Blancliard mill-pond; up by Nathan Griffin's to Campbell's bridge,
which the Proprietors refused to accept until he made proposals
to build a fulling-mill, for wMch they gave him a grant in 1735,
and he built the mill. He probably removed to the mill, but in
1745 he sold to a Towlc, of Exeter, two home lots, reserving two
acres on which "Robert Gordon lives," and it was his homestead
"where I now dwell." It was soon sold to John Stockman, and
by liim to Benjamin Sevei-ance, and his widow lluth lived there
many years. "Where the house stood is now owned by Charles
Wilcom, southeast of the road from the hill across to the Hills
road. March 9, 1734, he was chosen one of a committee to adjust
the selectmen's accounts, and he held various offices. He m. Deb-
orah lung, of Boston, 1702. Children: —

I. John, b, 1703: m. Naomi Elliot.

II. Deborah, b. 1705.
■III. William, b. 1706.

IV. 3Iarn,\). Feb. 1707; m. Ethridge, and had: — ^Xathl., who
settled in Raymond ; Deborah, m. Joshua Hall ; and Mary, m. Rob-
ert Ambrose, and went to Concord.

Y. James, b. 1709 ; first settled on the amendment, and removed
to Massachusetts. (See Hist. Pauperism.)

VI. King, first settled on the farm owned by the writer, and
went to Massachusetts.

VII. Joseph,}). Oct. 31, 1718; m. Elizabeth Jewell, of Ames-
bury, Sept. 30, 1746. He settled on Add. No. 64, just N. W. of
the road over Bunker hill to Candia, Avhere James Emerson after-
wards lived. The house is still standing and probably the oldest
in Auburn. He d. Dec. 21, 1793. They have five children on
Chester records, all of whom d. young, of throat distemper. On
one or more occasions while they were gone to the grave with
one child, another died. They had, who survived: — 1. Jonathan,
grad. at Dart., 1787, was pastor Cong. Ch., Bloomfield and Lyman,
Me.; d. April 25, 1845, a. 83. (See Graduates.) 2. Joseph, m.
Eunice, dau. of Capt. James Silver, lived near the Long Meadow
meeting-house. INlale ch., James and Joseph. He d. about 1804.
She d. Nov. 15, 1855, aged 86. 3. David, m. Mary Haselton, 1792 ;
lived on the homestead ; exchanged farms with James Emerson and
went to Londonderry. Had a son John, who was a woolen man-
ufacturer at Moore's Village, and resides in Manchester.

VIII. There was a son Daniel, not on the Newbury records, but
named in the will, and m. Mary Gile, 1743. Ch. : — Moses, b. 1744,
but where he lived, or where went, is not known.

IN. Bohert, not on the records, m. Hannah Flanders, 1748.
Sarah, b. June 12, 1749, m. Hon. Joseph Blanchard ; d. Dec. 2,


1793. Robert procured a grant and built a sa-w-mill, and \ras
quite a business man. His first wife d. and be m. (2) Mary Folsom ,
the widow of Samuel Bradley who was killed by the Indians.
She lived at Chester more than tliirty years, but went back to Con-
cord about 1796, and d. at her grandson, Richard Bradley's,
Aug. 10, 1817, aged 98. She was a woman of great energy and
of superior education, having been brought up in the family of
Nicholas Gilman, father of Gov. J. T. Gilman. Robert Calfe d.

JoHX Calfe's will is dated March 11, 1718, proved May 25, 1748,
and Robert was executor and residuary legatee. John's wife was
then alive.


James CAirPBELL's name is found on the records as an auditor
in 1736. It is also on the Presbyterian protest, June, 1736, and
the tradition is that he, with John Tolford, was imi^risoned for
not paying the minister rate. He lived on Add. lot Xo. 1, at the
Perley Chase place. He removed from town and his name is
found in Londonderry.


Different ways of writing the same name. In 1725, John"
Karu, of Chester, sold to Alexander Craige a home lot. There is
a memorandum on the Proprietors' records, 1727, that " John Karr
having bought John Shackford's additional lot, he and Caleb
Towle had agreed to divide both lots crossways, and Karr to have
the S. W. end and Towle the X. E. end of both lots." In April,
1730, he bought Add. No. 20. In the inventory of 1741, John
Karr is rated for two mills. In 1713, a contemplated road was to
pass Karr's mills, and also across Abel Morse's land. Jan. 18,
1743, John Karr and his wife Mary, of Chester, sold to Abel
Morse, of Newbury, Add. lots 20 and 21. He then probably
moved into Londonderry. He was a large land-holder. His
estate was divided July, 1769. Heirs: John, was dead; Hugh;
Ann Moore, wife of James Moore: Mary Karr and Margaret
Karr. There is a tradition that two men, Thomas Smith and
John Karr, were caj)tured by the Indians in 1724. It was prob-
ably this man and not another, as has been supposed. (See notice
of Thomas Smith.) The Nos. 20 and 21 is where Amos Morse
lived; Shackford and Towle's, 22 and 23. Couch and Benj. AYil-
son now own the southwest end.

There was another Johx Karr or Ker, who was in Ireland in
1736, as appears by a certificate in the possession of his great
grandson, Nathan Carr, of Candia: — "That John Ker and his


wife Elizabeth Wilson lived within the bounds of this congregation
from their infancy, behaving themselves soberly, honestly, and
piously, free from any Public Scandall, so that they may be re-
ceived as members of any Christian Congregation or Society
where God in his Providence may order their lot, is certified.
Bally Wollon, June 23, 1736, by Ja. Thompson." They were
probably a newly married couple, and came immediately to this

John Tolford sold to John Karr two home lots, Nos. 21 and 9,
where his great grandson, Saml. Carr, now lives, Feb. 28, 1738.
Children : —

I. John, b. 1737, ra. Mary AVilson, dan. of Robert, and settled
on No. GG, 3d D, near the meeting-house, in 1764, and built the
house in wliich Nathan Carr now lives, supposed to be the oldest
house in Candia. lie d. 1813, she d. 1829. Chil. of John Carr,
Jr.: — Elizabeth, m. Samuel Clay, resided Concord, Vt. ; Ann, m.
AVilliam, son of Dr. Coliiii Moore; John; Robert, m. a Marden;
Mary, m. William Murray; Joseph, m. Nancy Brown, lived on
the homestead, d. 1842.

II. 3Iarl', b. about 1743, m. Elizabeth, dau. of William Gil-
christ; d. July 26, 1782. She m. Abraham, son of Capt. James
Silver, and moved to New Chester; she came back to Chester, d.
Aug. 15, 1834, a. 86. Ch. Samuel, m. Mary Stinson, and lived on
the homestead.

III. Joseph, b. about 1744, m. Sarah, dau. of William Gilchrist,
d. July 30, 1783. She m. (2) Robert Graham. Karr and Graham
lived on the Robert Gilchrist place, where Dr. Josiah I. Hall now
lives, H. L. 10 and 43.

John, Sen., d. Oct. 22, 1792, a. 75; Elizabeth, d. Sept. 22, 1781,
a. 76.

The fore-mentioned proposed road passing Karr's mills would
cross the land of Abel Morse, John Karr, Jr., Robert Graham, and
John Karr; and in the inventory of 1741 there are John Karr,
John Karr, Jr., Mark Karr and William Karr. In the return of
the road from Dex-ry road to Gilman Morse's, in 1740, it was at
the " easterly end of the additional lots that Sam. Brown, John
Mills and William Karr Lives on." William Karr probably lived
where Gilman Morse lives, and gave place to Stephen Morse, and
moved into Londonderry, and had a son John who ni. Mary, young-
est dau. of John Aiken, Sen., who were the parents of the wife of
Edmund Adams, at the mill. There was a Mark Karr at a later
day near the foot of the hill, west of Haselton's grist-mill.

Bradbury Karr is on the inventory of 1741, but his name is
Carr in all other places. The other Karrs were of Scotch descent
and were Presbyterians. It is said by his descendants that he was


of Welsh oi'igin. He settled on Add. No. '71, where his great
gi-audsoii, Geo. W. Clark, now lives. His wife was Aiina. Chil. :

I. Joseph, b. Nov. 20, 1742, m. Hannah Ayer, lived on the
homestead, d. Feb. 27, 1835 ; she d. Feb. 25, 1833. Cliil. :— 1. Han-
nah A., b. Nov. 10, 1765, m. Green, of Salem, Mass. 2. Joseph,
b. Feb. 26, 1767, m. Bett\'-, dau. of Daniel Kichardson, d. Oct.,
1855. 3. Anna, b. Ang. 26, 1770, m. a Silver, and John Clark, Jr.
d. Jan. 18, 1859. 4. Bradbury Moody, b. Dec. 15, 1773, m. Snsan,
dau. of David Hall. He enlisted in 1813, d. at Concord, AjDril 13.

n. 3Iolbj.

in. Parker, b. 1750, settled on Add. No. 72. He sold to Wil-
liam Weeks, and went into the country.

TV. Judith.

Simeon Carr lived on the Boyes land, half a mile southeast of
the Head tavern, in Hooksett, by the Amoskeag Company's
quai-ry; kept tavern; had a dau. b. about 1778, m. Maj. Nathl.
Head, who sold to Mark Whittier and went west.

David Carr, a brother of Simeon, bought Hatter Uuderhill's
place, and built the house lately owned by Gilman C. Smith. His
wife was buried May 18, 1796, and was the first person buried in
the Long Meadow burying-ground. He sold to Capt. John Wa-
son, and moved to Piermont. ^


I shall digress so far fi-om the History of Chester as to give
the genealogy of several prominent Chases not connected with

There were two of the name who came from Cornwall, Eno -
land, to Hampton, N. H., about 1639, Thomas and Aquila.
Aquila m, Anna AVheeler and went to Newbury in 1646. Chil-
dren : —

I.Sarah. 2. Anna. S.Priscilla. 4. Mary. 5. Aquila. 6. Thomas,
b. July 25, 1654, m. Rebecca Folansbee, Nov. 22, 1677. 7. John.
8. Elizabeth. 9. Ivuth. 10. Daniel, b. Dec. 9, 1661, m. Martha
Kimball. 11. Moses, b. Dec. 24, 1663, m. Anna Folansbee, Nov.
10, 1684, and settled in what is now West Newbury on the main
road about one hundred rods above Bridge street, and a part of
the farm is now owned by his g. g. g, son, Samuel Carr. He d.
Sept. 6, 1743. A large majority of all the Chases in the United
States are probably liis descendants.

6. Thomas and Rebecca had a sou Thomas, b. 1680, who had a
son Abel, b. 1702, m. Mary Bricket, 1728, and settled in Sutton,
Mass. He had a son Abel, b. 1732, m. Judith Gale. He had a son
Abel, b. 1754, m. Hannah Bond. He had a son Jonas, b. 1782, ra.
Lavina Bayden. He had a son Leonard who came to Milford,
N. H., b. Aug. 12, 1812, was one of the Executive Council several
years, d. 1808.


ThoMx\.s and Eebecca had another sou, Jonathan, h. 1G83, m.
Joanna Pahner, settled in Stratham. They had a son James, to
whom he gave add. lot No. 97. James came to Chester and lived
a short time, about 1740 ; sold his lot to Benjamin Hills (the
Ambrose place) and went to Epping, North river, where his
descendants still reside.

Thomas had another son, James, b. Sept. IG, 1685, m. ISFartha
Rolfe. When a child she was knocked in the head by the Indians
and left for dead, but recovered. Tliey had a son JOHNSON, b.
Oct. 25, 1730, m. Abigail Pike, July 9, 1753. After the death of
her husband she came to Chester; d. 1804, a. 80. Children: —

II. Hannah, b. Nov. 14, 1754, m. John Haselton, son of Eph-
raim, March 21, 1782, d. of cancer Jttly, 182G.

III. PEULEY,b. June 2, 1758, m. Mary, dau. of Nalhaniel Ingalls.
She d. Sept. 15, 1791. He lived at first on the south side of Wal-
nut Hill, then near the top, at the James Campbell place. Chil-
dren : —

1. Nancy, m. Ryan.

2. Josiah, b. Oct. 2, 1791, m. Abigail, dau. of Cort. David
Shaw, 1816. Children:—

Perley S., b. Nov. 8, 1817, grad. at Brown University, 1842;
Hiram, b. July 17, 1819, gi-ad. at Union College, 1844, d. Aug.
31, 1845.

Abigail d. June 20, 1824. Josiah ni. (2) Adaline Ayer, and had
George S., b. July 28, 1836, grad. at Newton Theo. Sem., 1866.

Perley m. (2) Achsah Mudget. Chil., — John, Mary and
Louisa, all d. of consumption witliin fifteen months.

Daniel, the tenth child of Aquila had a son Daniel, 1). Oct. 15,
1702, m. Mary Carpenter, 1723. He settled in Concord, N. H.
His will was proved March 16, 1775. He .had a son JONATHAN,
b. March 1, 1733, m. Sarah Stickney. Jonathan and Sarah had Sam-
uel, b. March 10, 1761, m. Molly Stanley. They had a son Horace
b. Dec. 14, 1788, grad. at Dart., 1814, is Attorney at Law in IIop-
kinton, and has been Jitdge of Probate. Jonathan's 5th son,
Charles, m. Sarah Currier and had a son Carlton, grad. at Dart.,
1817, is now (1868) Bishop of N. H.

Moses, the eleventh child of Aquila, had Moses and Daniel,
twins, b. Sept. 20, 1685 ; Moses d. young.

I. Daniel, m. Sarah March, Jan. 2, 1707, lived at Newbury till
about 1725, then in Littleton, then in Sutton, Mass. They liad
10 children: —

1. SAMUEL, b. Sept. 28, 1707, m.Mary, dau. of Judge Dudley.
He went to Cornish, N. IL, and was a Judge in Chesliire County,
d. Aug. 12, 1800.

The tenth child of Daniel was Moses, b. March 16, 1727, m.

'/-■' ^






4^/^ r^



Haimah Bi-OTvn and had 14 cliildren. He was two years Coun-
cillor for Cheshire County, under the Constitution of 178-4.

1. SAMUEL and Maiy Dudley had nine children: the second,
Dudley, b. 1730, m. Alice Corbet, Aug-., 1753, and had 15 children
of whom 1-4 lived to maturity, and 5 gi-ad. at Dart.

6. Salmon, b. July 14, 1761, grad. 1785, was a law^-er at Port-
land, d. 1806.

7. Ithamar, b. Sept. 17, 1762, m. Jennette Ealston, was a farmer,
and one of the Council 5 years. They had 10 cliildren. 7. Sal-
mon Portland, b. Jan. 13, 1808, gi-ad. at Dart., 1826, Gov. of Ohio,
U. S. Senator, Sec. Treas., Chief Justice of the Supreme Comt,
U. S.

8. Baruch, b. March 27, 1761, grad. 1786, was a lawyer of
Hopkinton, N. H.

12. 'Heber, b. Sept. 2, 1770, gTad. 1791, was a jihysician, d. at
Demarara, S. A.

13. Dudley, b. Dec. 30, 1771, grad. 1791, d. 1816, lived at Ran-
dolph, Yt., Hep. Gen. Assembly, C. J. Supreme Court, Ptep. and
Sen. in Congress.

15. P^/fe?ifZer, b. Dec. 14, 1775, gi-ad. 1796, Bishop first of Ohio,

then of Illinois, d. 1852.

The third child of SAMUEL, Jokatiiax. b. 1732, was a Col. in
the Revolutionary army. [See X. H. Ilist. Soc. Coll., Vol. VII
pp. 72, 219, 223, 229, 254, 263.]

Moses, son of Aquila, had II. Moses, b. Jan. 20, 1688, m. Eliz-
abeth, dan. of Eev. Thomas WellS of Amesbury, Oct. 12, 1709 ;
lived on the east half of the homestead; d. Sept. 17, 1760, had 11
children : —

1. WELLS, b. 1710, settled in Amesbury, but went to Concord,
N. H., d. 1785 ; had Thomas, b. ZSIay 14, 1735, lived awhile in Ches-
ter, m. Mary, dan. of Henry Hall, had two sons, Timothy and
Moses, b. in Chester, went to Salisbury, ZST. IL, prcAious to 1771.

2, MOSES, b. July 1, 1713, m. Judith Bartlett, settled on the
homestead, d. Oct. 9, 1789. They had 10 cliildren : —

1. Wells, b. Sept. 9, (O.S.) 1737 ; m. Sarah Hovey, Feb. 2, 1760 ;
lived at Xewbury till 1771; bought 50 acres of land, part of No.
73, 2d P, 2d D, of Joseph Basford, and removed to Chester.
Children: —

Benjamin PlTce, b. June 28, 1762; m. Molly, dau. of Caleb Hall,
July 6, 1785; lived on the homestead. Children: —

I. Moses, b. Feb. 7, 1786 ; m. Betsy, dau. of Joseph Brown : now
alive in Maryland.

II. Wells, b. Aug. 0, 1783; m. Amelia Jameson and went to'
Baltimore in 1810; now a merchant in Baltimore.

Molly d. Dec. 18, 1790. B. P. Chase m. (2) Anna B]asdell,
Oct. 7,1792. Children: —










c/ aJ C/yvr^ ^ /lc"<



III. John, b. Sept. 29, 1793: m. Eliza Dawes, Nov. 7, 1820; lived
in Maryland, Indiana and Ohio, and was clerk iu the general
post office ; d. 1868.

IV. Stephen, d. young.

V. Sarah, b. March 5, 1797.

VI. Benjamin, b. July 7, 1799; m. Hannah, dan. of Moses
K. Hall, March 2, 1826 ; lives on No. 71, 2d P., 2d D., where David
White formerly lived. He worked at the trade of mill-wright.
Children : —

1. Caroline, b. Sept. 14, 1828; m. Charles, son of Joseph Chase,
Dec. IG, 1847 ; had John Carrol, b. July 26, 1849. She d. Aug.

11, 1849. 2. Louisa, b. Dec. 16, 1829; m. Frank D. Emory, Dec.

12, 18G7. 3. Benjamin, b. Aug. 18, 1832.

VII. Molly, dau. of B. P., b. Aug. 11, 1801, m. John, son of
Jeremiah Underbill, 1821 ; lives where Joseph Basford first set-
tled. No. 73, 2d P., 2dD.

VIII. Pike, b. July 8, 1804; m. Hannah S., dau. of Nehemiah
Lufldn, 1833; lives on the homestead. Anna d. Feb. 22, 1808.

B. P. Chase m. (3) Mary, dau. of Moody Chase. Cliildreu: —

IX. Anna, b. Nov. 7, 1809; m. Amherst Coult; d. 18.32.

X. Stephen, b. Aug. 30, 1813; m, Sarah T. Goodwin, Aug. 31,
1838. He read the New Testament through in course before he
was three years and nine months old; grad. at Dart. 1832; tutor
1838 ; Prof. Math. 1838, and published a treatise on Algebra ; d.
Jan. 7, 1851.

B. P. Chase d. March 16, 1852. Maiy d. Feb. 15, 1823.

Moses, Sen.'s 8th child Joseph, b. Sept. 9, 1703, m. Mary Morse,
Sept. 7, 1724; lived on the west half of the homestead; d. Nov.
1784. Shed. 1792. They had 10 children:—

I. MAItY, b. May 31, 1725, m. Josiah, son of Capt. Abel Morse,
d. July 18, 1814.

II. JACOB, b. Dec. 25, 1727, m. Prudence, dau. of Benjamin
Hills, Sen., Nov. 7, 1751 ; settled on Add. Lot. No. 52, deed dated
1751. He was a lu'ominent man in town, veiy frequently moder-
ator, and active during the Revolution. One item of credit in
the selectmen's account for 1780 is recorded of Jacob Chase, Esq.,
as a present to the town, £157: 10. Children: — «

1. Sarah, b. Nov. 28, 1756, m. Moses, son of Daniel Richardson,
1778; went to Protectworth (now Springfield), d. Dec. 10, 1822.

2. Stephen, b. March 27, 1759, m. Rhoda Blake, of Hampton.
Jan. 3, 1787; lived on the homestead; d. Feb. 18, 1819; she d.
Aug. 15, 1845. Chil. : — 1. Susanna, b. Nov. 22, 1787, m. John, sou
of Moses Sanborn. 2. Josej^h, b. Aug. 2, 1789, m. Mehitabcl,
dau. of Maj. Benj. Hall, Nov. 4, 1817; lived on the Joseph Clark
or Thomas ]\Ierril place; d. Sept. 14, 1841. 3. Stephen, b. May


23, 1791, d. unmarried, 1829. 4. Polly, b. 1793, d. 1807. 5. Ja-
cob, b. Feb. 26, 1797, m. Hannah James and Nancy Ilaselton ;
lived on the homestead ; d. in 1861. 6. Dolly, b. Jan. 12, 1799,
ra. Robert, sou of John Crawford, d. Aug-. 31, 1864. 7. Ehoda,
b. April 2, 1802, m. Ira James. 8. Sally, d. young. 9, Sally, b-
Oct., 1805, m. Richard, son of Richard Dearborn, d. 1848. 10.
Henry Franklin, b. Aug. 30, 1808, m. Abigail Mitchel; lived in
Chester on the Capt. John' Underbill place ; d. at Westminster,
Vt., March 20, 1867.

3. JosiAii, b. April 6, 1767, m. Lydia, dau. of Isaac Blasdell,
1791, lived on the south end of Gov. Shute's farm, and Grantham,
N. H.

JACOB, Sen., m. (2) Dolly Colby, widow of David Worthen.
He d. Dec 12, 1803. Prudence d. 1775. Dolly d. 1816.

Stephen Chase, Esq., came on to the stage of active life about
the time that Samuel Emerson, Esq., left it, and in some respects
filled about the same sphere. He was noted as a land surveyor
for more than thirty years, and made the survey and i^lan of Ches-
ter for Carrigain's map, which is remarkably accurate. He wrote
a veiy large proportion of the deeds and wills, and administered
on the estates of his time, and held the office of selectman many
3'ears. In Esquire Emerson's day, he was a kind of oracle, and
nearly all the small disputes were referred directly to him. But
things changed, and in Esquire Chase's day there was more liti-
gation, and he was the Justice to try the causes, or one of the
arbitrators. Although not a finished workman, he had quite a
mechanical genius, making carts, plows, and other tools, and
plastered houses. From 1784 to near his death he kept a diary,
filled largely with his labors on the farm, and other lousiness,
which shows him to have been a very industrious man : and in it
arc also entered the birtlis, marriages and deaths, and many of
the interesting events of the times, from which I have drawn
many facts otherwise lost.

Joseph Chase's tenth child : —

X. MOODY, b. Oct. 7, 1744, m. Anna, dau. of John Webster, of
Ilampstead, Oct. 25, 1768. She d. Dec. 4, 1791. He m. (2) Abigail
Worth, wid. of William Rogers, April 19, 1772. He d. July 27,

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