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1^8. She d. Dec. 9, 1826. He bought of Joseph Basford part of
his homestead No. 73, 2d P., 2d D., where Wells C. Underbill
now lives. Children : —

1. John W., b. 1769, m. Prudence Stark; lived at Picrmont; d.
1863. 2. Mary, b. Feb. 24, 1771, m. B. P. Chase, 1808; d. Feb.
15, 1823. 3. Joseph, b. April 4, 1774, m. Nancy, d. of Maj. Jesse
Eaton; lived on a part of the homestead; went to Canaan 1816;
d. Sept. 6, 1820. 4. Jacob, b. March 22, 1776; lived at Newbury











and Hoi^kinton. 5. Moodr, b. April 17, 1767, lived at Haverhill,
Mass. ; d. Aug-. 26, 1833. 6. Samuel, b. Aug. 11, 1780, v^'ent to
Portland, 1800; d. July 26, 1867. 7. Caleb, b. Feb. 3, 1783, grad.
uated at Dartmouth 1811; never followed any profession ; d. at
Portland, Sept. 20, 1850. 8. Anna, b. 1785, d. 1806. 9. Elizabeth,
b. 1787, m. Moses, son of Caleb Chase. 10. Thomas, b. Xov. 8,
1789, m. Sarah, dau. of Samuel Shannon; d. 1852, at Haverhill
Mass. 11. Hannah H., b. Nov. 23, 1791, m. Eeuben, son of Jere.

[For a more detailed and extensive genealogy of Chases, see a
manuscrix^t collection by the writer.]


Joseph Clark was in Chester previous to 1736. In 1840 he had
an amendment laid out, and was tythingman in 1743. He settled
on Add. lot Xo. 58, where G. W. Chase now lives. He had chil-
dren recorded from 1736 to 1760: —

Mary, m. Thomas Merril, who lived on the homestead.

Heuben, b. 1760, went to Cabot.

Joseph Clakk's estate was divided in 1782.

Jonx Clark was from Portsmouth. His flither came from
England, and d. when John was young. He came to Candia, and
learned the art of tanning of AYalter Robie. He purchased of
Joseph Dearborn part of 59, 2d P., 2d D., in 1777, and lived
there. He was b. Oct. 15, 1751 ; m. Sarah Wadley, of Brentwood,
who was born March 22,1755. He d. 1827; she d. 1842. Chil-
dren : —

1. John, b. 1776, m. Anna Carr, widow of Silver. •

2. Abifjail, b. 1778.

3. Eleazer, b. 1779, went to Stanstead.

4. Benjamin. 5. Sarah.

6. Henry, b. 1788, went to New Boston.

7. Charlotte, m. Jonathan Dustiu.

8. Anna m. Cotton Norton.

9. Abner B. 10. Mary.

11. Bichard S., b. April 21, 1801, m. Abra, dau. of George
Wood; lives in Auburn.

■ 5

Ancestors of John Clark, 2d.

Nathaniel Clark, of Newbury, d. Aug. 25, 1690, a. 46. He
was a merchant in what is now Newburyport ; owned a wharf,
warehouse, brigantine, &c. He m., 1663, Elizabetli Somerby,
dau. of Henry (who came to Newbury in 1639, and had eleven
children, one of whom, Rev. John, b. 1670, grad. Harvard 1690?


ordained in Exeter, 1698). Nathaniel Clark, b. 1666, m. Elizabeth,
dau. of Dr. Peter Tappan, and sister of Rev. Christopher Tappan;
d. 1690, onboard of the " Six Friends," in the Canada expedition,
leaving one sou, Nathaniel, b. 1689, m. Sarah Greenleaf, 1710.
They had a son

Nathaniel, born 1728, ra. Mary Hardy in 17.53 ; lived in Haver-
hill, Mass. Their eldest son, DAVID, learned the art of dressing
cloth, and set up in business at Allen's mills, in Salem, and after-
wards at SandoMai. He m. Anna Woodman, and their eldest son,
John, was b. in Salem, May 25, nS-i. He came to Chester about
1806, and bought the Dea. Wilson place, No. 126, 2d P. 2d D., and
afterwards large tracts of other lands, and did an extensive busi-
ness at lumbering and farming. He m. Elizabeth, dau. of Dea.
David Currier,(who was b. July 5, 1787) Nov. 12, 1812. He d.
May 15, 1863 ; she d. ISIarch 11, 1868. Chil. who survived -.—Geo P.,
b. Aug. 23, 1813, m. (1) Jane Graham; m. (2) Susan J. Crombie ;
lives on the liomestead. 3rary Ann, m. Rev. Isaac A. Savage.
Catharine P., m. Rev. Wm. C. Tenney. John C, grad. Middle-
ton. (See Graduates.)

Greenleaf Clarke, of Atkinson, of the Council ; William C, grad .
Dart. 1832, and Attoruey-Gcnenil; and John B., grad. Dart.
1843, publisher of the "Mirror," are sous of Greenleaf, a brother of
David Clark.


In Chester records is the marriage of Joxas Clay and Margaret
Naton, 1735, and the birtli of Pegge, Jan. 3, 1737. She was noted
in her day as a witch. Ou the petition for soldiers in 1748, arc
the names of Jonas and John; on the petition for the incorpora-
tion of Raymond, are the names of David and James; and tlicre
is the name of Jonas, Jr., on same record. These were probably
children of Jonas, Sen. He once lived on No. 112, N. D., which
he deeded to John Lane, with one whole saw-mill and half of
another, in 1765. This must have been Jonas, Jr., for Jonas
Clay's will was proved in 1748.

Stephex Clay lived on the northwest side of the road from
Shackford's to Lane's, probably on Add. lot No. 123. The divis-
ion of the school districts was the pasture bars at the Clay place.
He m. Mary Powell, Oct. 12, 1740. Children : —

James, b. 1741.

Stephen, b. Aug. 1, 1743, m. Sarah, dau. of Moses Richardson,
April 16, 1772, lived on H. L. No. 3, the Goodhue place. Chil. : —

1. Betsy, m. Eliphalet Danforth.

2. Stephen, b. Jan. 18, 1777, m. Abigail, dau. of Daniel Dolby.
She d. 1819, a. 38. He m. (2) Nancy, dau. of Walter Robie, Esq.
She d. 1827. He m. (3) Avid. of Jonathan Ball; lived on the








3. Moses, b. Sept. 19, 1780, m. Jane Lane, wid. of Ezekiel
Blake, Jr.

4. Nehemiah, b. Aug. 31, 1783.

John Clay settled east of Candia meeting-house, on No. 63, 3d
D,, m. a dau. of John Eobie. Their chiklren were, Walter, who
lived on the homestead, Stephen, and John. He m. (2) Lydia Eo-
bie, dau. of Samuel, and wid. of Richard Ordway. Their daugh-
ter, Sally, m. Richard Emerson and Pliiueas Colby.


The Cliffords were of Kingston, and several have been in
Chester, of whom little is known. In 1731, Lemuel Clifford, of
Chester, tanner, sold to Samuel Emerson the north end of two H,
L.'s, 53 and 101. He migiit have lived on the south end, where
Mr. Kendall now lives. From 1739 to 1750, Peter Clifford has
children recorded. In 17-45, Samuel Healey sold a quarter of Ms
farm, No. 110, O. H., to Isaac Clifford, of Kingston. He m.
Sarah, dau. of William Healey, and went to Rumney. He had
10 children : —

Sarah, m. Sherburne Rowe, of Candia.

Elizabeth, m. Nathan Webster, of Chester.

Bridget, m. Jonathan Pillsbury, of Candia.

Isaac, went to Wentworth.

Nathaniel, Rumney.

John and Samuel, to Stanstead.

Joanna, m. John Shaw, of Brentwood.

Huldah, m. Charles Nichols, of Rumney.

John Clifford and William lived on No. 82, 3d D.
Zachariah, on No. 2, 3d D.


ENOCH COLBY is said to be of Hampton, but his name appears
on the Hampton Falls tax-list of 1727; m. Abial, dau. of Benja-
min Sanborn, a grantee, Avho was a son of Lt. John. She was
sister of the wife of William Healey, b. July 20, 1700, m. Dec. 16,
1725. Jan. 1, 1723, Benjamin Sanborn, of Hampton, in consider-
ation of affection, conveyed to Enoch Colby, also of Hamj)ton,
one half of his right in Chester, and the house on said right. The
H. L. is No. 115, where he settled, where the Misses Pressey now
live. He probably did not come to Chester till about 1728; his
name first appears on the record as surveyor of highways in 1730.
Will proved, Aug. 30, 1780. Children : —

I. ExocH, probably b. at Hampton, m. Abigail Blasdell, settled


in Candia, south end of No. 89, 3d D., and had nine cliildren.
John, Enoch and Jethro, were soldiers in the Revolution.

1. John, d. at Yalley Forge.

2. Jethro, was at 11. 1., d. on the " dark day/' 1780, after Ms
return home.

3. Enoch, m. Lydia Wortheu, and settled in Thornton. He was
Representative, Senator, and Councillor, five years from 1813.

4. Nehemiah, lived on the homestead, m. Marv Rowe ; d. 1810,
a. 82.

5. Abner.

6. Samuel, m. Ruth French, and carried her behind him on
horseback to Derby, Vt.

7. Abigail, m. John Colby, of Amesbuiy.

8. Mary, d. 1780.

II. Sarah, m. William Turner, the second, if not the first set-
tler in Candia. She d. May 30, 1810.

III. DoKOTiiY, b. Jan. 5, 1730, m. (1) David Worthcn, and m.
(2) Jacob Chase, Esq. ; d. Aug. 15, 181G.

IV. Jethro, b. May 8, 1733, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Samuel Bart-
lett, Xov. 1, 1756. lie lived on H. L. No. 37, the Bartlett place.
He d. April 4, 1803 ; she d. July 13, 1778. He m. (2) Nanne Moul-
ton, wid. of Josiah Bradley, Sen. She d. 1793. Child: —

Lydia, b. Feb. 17, 1700, m. Edmund Sleepei-, 1779, d. Jan. 3,

V. SusAxxAii, b. Aug. 22, 1735, m. Blake, of Hampton, parents
of Stephen Chase's wife.

VI. Abiel, b. July 10, 1741, m. a Hill. ENOCH m. (2) Sarah
Sargent, 1748.

Vn. Abigail, b. Dec. 19, 1749, m. James Towle, of Hawke.

VIII. MARY,b. Nov. 9, 1756, m. Bcnj. Long, went to Schenec-
tady, N. Y.

IX. Elizabeth, b. June 27, 1758, m. John Wilson, Esq.

X. Judith, b. Aug. 10, 1760, m. Joseph Long.

Benaiah Colby came to Chester about the time that Enoch did.
He was fence-viewer in 1729. He settled on H. L. No. 51, whei-e
Francis Haselton now lives. He m. Mary, dau. of Nathan Web-
ster, Sell., the grantee. Children: —

Sarah, b. 1729.

John, b. Jan. 10, 1731.

Benaiah, b. May 29, 1734 ; m. Abigail Emei'son 1764.

3Iary, b. Oct. 3, 1736.

Anne,OQt. 27, 1738. He m. (2) Elizabeth Emerson 1745.

John, b. April 19, 1750; m. Ruth Wells.

Nathan Webster in his will gives legacies to lus grandchildren,
Benaiah and Mary Colby, in 1746.


Benaiah Colby, Jr., m. Abigail Emerson, 1764. He lirecl at
differeut places; once on Xo. 112 O. H., the Jonas Clay jilace.
Children : —

1. Moses, b. July 11, 1765; went to Rockport, Mass.

2. Sarah, b. 1766; m. a Colby of Poplin.

3. Elizabeth, b. 1768; m. Stephen, son of Joshua Prescot; went
to Sandwich.

4. Abigail, b. 1770; m. Eben Tabor and a Sawyer of Sandown.

5. Jonathan, b. 1772; m. Betsy, dau. of Jonathan Berry.

6. Joseph, b. 1775; m. Rhoda Barret and went to Corinth.

7. Benaiah, d. young.

8. Mary, b. 1779; m. John, son of Jonathan Norton.

9. Anne, b. July 2, 1781 ; m. Ebenezer Marden.

10. Benaiah, b. Sept. 2, 1783.

Bexaiah Colby's son John, b. 1750, m. Ruth Wells, 1270; has

seven cliildren on the record, of whom nothing is known.
There was a Nathan Colby who sold H. L. Nos. 30 and 135,
(where Woodbury Masters lives) to Col. Webster in 1757, and a
Joseph Colby, who owned, and probably lived on i)art of Add.
No. 40 (where William Whittemore now lives) in 1760. John
Underhill, Jr., afterwai-ds lived there.

The Rev. Zaccheus Colby was the son of Zaccheus and Mary
Eastman Colby, b. at Newton, N. H. He served an apprentice-
ship at tanning and currying with Col. John Calfe of Kingstown.
After he became of age he fitted for college at Dummer school at
Byefield, and grad. at Dart., 1777. He man-ied Mary Calfe, dau.
of Ms former master. He was settled as a minister in Pembroke,
1780, and his cliildren were all born there. It is said that he was
once oflered a Professor's Chau' at Bowdoin, but he declined it.
Children : —

1. John, b. 1785.

2. Samuel, b. 1787; m. LydiaCoult; lives at Pembroke.

3. Jf'iri/, b. 1789; d. unm.

4. Hannah, b. Jan. 13, 1791, unm.

5. Sarah, b. March 2, 1793; m. Dr. Nathan Plummer ; d. March,

6. Zaccheus, m. Mary Coult and lived on the homestead.

7. Judith, went a missionary to Harmony Station, Osage

Mr. Colby lived in Chester on Gov. Wentworth's fann of 250
acres where Alexander Craige lived. He d. Aug. 10, 1822, a.
75. She d. May 20, 1837, a. 78. See further, Hist. Presbyterian
Church in this work.



ALEXAJS'DER CRAIGE probably came from Ireland. Feb. 27,
1724 or '5. Jolm Carr of Chester conveyed to Alexander Craigc
of Chebacco (Hamilton, Mass..) the H. L. No. 13, and one-half of
all other divisions. Jnne 11, 1729, he exchanged lots with Mor-
rice Ilobbs and Richard Taylor, and took No. 110, " on which the
said Craig-e now lives." Tliis was a little west of the old Pres-
byterian meeting-house and joined the Rev. Mr. Wilson's lot.
AYhen the road was laid out from Enoch Colby's across the lots
to the ten-rod way, in 1730, damage was awarded to Alexander
Craige, and Avhen it was changed in 1733, it was across the land
of Nathaniel Ambrose. July, 1730, Mr. Ci'aige bought of Gov.
Wentworth 150 acres of his farm of 250 acres, and his sou xindrew
bought about the same time 50 acres of the same farm, and they
made, probably, the second settlements at the Long Meadows ; Al-
exander, at the Colby place, Avhcre Jacob Lufkin now lives, An-
drew, his son, at what has been the Presbyterian parsonage, where
John Ray now lives. The road to get there was thi-ough the south
woods, probably from where Gilman Morse now lives. The name
of Alexander Craige is on the protest against hiring or settling
any other minister, June, 1735, and Alexander and Andrew are
both signers of the protests of Nov. G, 1735, and June, 1736. His
will is dated Sept. 5, 1750, proved Oct. 31, 1750. The legatees are
Alexander Craige, Jr. (50 acres of his homestead), grandson
David, daughter Agnes and granddaughter Mary ; Andrew was
executor and residuary legatee. David Craige sold to Andrew
Ms right in his father's estate.

Alexander, Jr., sold the place to William Graham.

Andrew m. Agnes, dan. of Robert Graham, and was a very
prominent man in town, and especially in the Presbyterian parish.
He was one of the conmiittee to take a deed of Mr. AVilson of
half an acre of land that the meeting-house stood on in 1744. In
1748 it was voted ''that the meeting [at the Long Meadow] be
held at Andrew Craige's house." He is termed Esquire in 1761.

Andrew and Agnes his wife have a son Andrew, Jr., on the rec-
ords, b. Dec. 15, 1740. He sold to his father in 1764 one-fourth of
the Crosett saw-mill. "Wliere he went to, and whether there were
other children is not known.

Andrew was a large land-holder. He sold his homestead to
Elizabeth Stickuey and Edmund Stickney, May 23, 1771, and was
in New Chester in 1774, but there is no ti-adition of Craiges there

David Craige settled on No. 38, 2d P., 2d D., just above whei'e
Asahel Weeks now lives. He and Abigail his wifa had Alexander,


b. Feb. 22, 1741; David, h. Sept. 2, 1746; Abigail, b. Aug. 4,

David, Jr., m. Elizabeth Richardson, dan. of Moses Richardson,
Sept. 23, 1770. She \ras b. Aug. 11, 1750. The whole family
went to Rumney.

David, Sen., d. about 1795, and his wife lived to be 104 years old.

Alexande)' lived in Rumney, and probi^bly lived and kept tavern
in Chester, where Mr. Orcutt now lives, but died in Rumney.

David, Jr., had 7 sons. Stephen was the father of Capt. Stephen
Dearborn's second wife. Tappan Webster Craige, the youngest,
was b. 1790, is now (1867) alive, and has a large family. Byron
M. lived on the homestead at Rumney, others in Saxonville, Law-
rence, &c.

David Craige, Jr., d. at the age of 62, his wife Elizabeth at the
age of 99 years and 6 months.

Abigail, dau. of David, Sen., m, Thos. Ramsey of Rumney,
Aug. 27, 1772. They both died Jan. 1837.

Lieut. Tuomas Craige lived on Add. No. 114, where Benaiah
Spoiibrd now lives. He might have been a son of Alexander
though I have seen nothing to indicate it. In the old Presbyter-
ian burying-ground is a stone, " Margaret, wife of Thomas Craige,
d. Sep. 17, 1754, aged 28."

"William Craige and Jane, his wife, settled on No. 77, 2d P.,
2d D., where Moses Hall lately lived. He bad two sous — Bobert^
died early; John, d. March, 1805. His poll not being taxed 1790,
supposed to be over 85. He was blind many years. Both were

William Craige had a dau. Jane buried at Deny, d. Oct. 6, 1745,
aged 18. There was also a dau. Isabel, m. Alexander McMurphy
of Londonderry; and Robert Archibald, d. 1806.

Some of the ^tables of longevity make William and Jane, d.
1775, aged 100, but by the age of the daughter she could not have
been so old.

There was a fiimily of Craiges came over in 1736 or 1737 with
John McKinley, Allen Templeton and John Orr.

Robert Craige m. Margaret Crosett. He purchased 25 acres
of Gov. AYentworth's farm of 250 acres. She d. Sept. 15, 1754;
Thomas, their son, d. 1757, and Robert made Robert McKinley
his heir. He d. Sept. 14, 1790.

Ann Craige m. John Mclvinley, who did not come to Chester
but stopped in Boston.

AGXE.S Cr.uge m. Allen Templeton, w^ho settled to the N. W.
of Robert Craige. She d. 1797.


Jane Ckaige m. Johu Gunyou, and lived on what was the
Derby place in Dei'ry,

Thomas CRiViGE settled in Londonderry. Ilis will was proved,
May 27, 1778. Tlie legatees were Lis wife Martha, sister Ann
McKiuley, and brother-in-law John Gunyon.


"WILLIAM CRAWFORD came from Ireland, it is said, when
Ms son Robert was two years old. Ebenezcr Ayers, of Haverhill,
sold to William Crawford, of Chester, H. L. No. 47, Sept. 8, 1730,
reseiwing the right for his father to cut firewood. It is probable
that Ayers had a house then. It was N. E. of the main road, near
where Daniel Wilson lately lived, and was taken down by Joseph
Carr, Jr., 1828, said then to be the oldest house in town. He
built the first-grist mill, where Ilaselton's now is. In the Propri-
etors' Records is entered, " WilUam Crafibrd, having built a Gris
mill upon the Great brooke, in Chester, at the Lower falls, so
called, the fifth day of May, 1746, doth Record his son, Robert
Crafibrd, miller of said Grist-mill." In 1748 he deeded Add. lot
No. 129 and the mill to Robert. William's wife was then Jean.

WILLIAIVI m. Mary, dan. of Robert Graham; d. 1786. Chil-
dren : —

I. Robert.

II. WiLLiAJi, mentioned in Graham's will in 1747. William,
Jr., had a road laid out from his lot No. 129, 2d P., 2d D., near
Clark's mill, in Auburn, to the main road, in 1749. He probably
died, as we hear nothing more about him.

Robert, it is said, exchanged the mill with Ileniy Lunt, for land
in Sandown, and removed there. He m. Joanna, dan. of Jona-
than and Theodate Sanborn, April 10, 1755. She was b. July 3>
1736. Children:—

1. John, b. Sep. 25, 1757; m. Margaret, dau. of Thomas Ander-
son; lived on lot No. 130, 2d P., 2d D., and had his house burnt,
July 10, 1789. He d. Nov. 8, 1831. She d. July 21, 1837. Cliil-
dren: —

Robert, b. Aug. 29, 1792; m. Dolly, dau. of Stephen Chase,
Esq., Nov. 6, 1821. He d. Dec. 26, 1825. She d. Dec. 31, 1814.
Children:— 1. William, b. Jan. 9, 1823; m. Eliza R., dau. of Rev.
Luther Crawford, Sept. 25, 1866. 2. Lucinda A., Oct. 2, 1824, d.
Jan. 24, 1841.

2. William, b. March 1, 1759; m. Susan Melvin, 1786, lived in
Plymouth till 1798, then in Alexandria. He d. Oct. 15, 1837.
She d. Dec. 20, 1822. Children : —

Joanna; AYilliam; Susan; Ida; Mary; Sarah; James; Luther,


b. Nov. 31, 1806, grad. at Brown, 1834, m. Almira Everet, Feb. 4,
1834, cl. Feb., 1838; Loiiisa, b. Sep. 30, 1810.

3. Bobert, b. May 10, 1761, d. April 27, 1838.

4. Mary, b. July 16, 1765, d. July 8, 1841.

Egbert m. (2) Jaue,dau.of AlleuTempletou and Agnes Craige.
6. Thomas, b. 1773, d. Sep. 11, 1842.

6. George, b. 1780, d. Nov. 13, 1846.

7. Jane, b. 1780, d. Jan. 25, 1839.

8. Joanna.

These last sis lived unmarried on the homestead in Sandown
and the estate descended to William, son of Robert. He removed
to Chester. Egbert d. Sep. 5, 1791; Jane d. July 10, 1832, a. 91.

WILLIA3I CEAWFOED'S second wife was Jane. Children :—

in. JoHx, m. a Carr, lived ou No. 129, 2d P., 2d D., near
Clai'k's mill ; afterwards moved to the main road where Hugh
Crombie lately lived. Children : —

Mary Anne and Elizabeth . One of these daughters m. a French,
of Enfield, and d. 1866, over 90.

Jghn m, (2) Margaret, dau. of Dea. Adam "Wilson. Children : —

John, was in the army, 1812, lived at Nottingham, d. July, 1865,
a. 80,

Hannah, b. July, 1788, m. a Young, d. 1867.

John, Sen., d. Oct. 27, 1790. The widow m. Samuel Crombie,
d. Sep. 9, 1842.

lY. James lived num. ou the homestead.

Y. A dau. m. a Wilson of New Boston. James gave Mr. "Wil-
son the x>lace and d. at New Boston. It was sold about .1827.


The Critchets are said to be of "Welsh origin. At the March
term of the court, 1750, was a case, Thomas Critchet of Exeter,
Joiner, against Ebenezer Critchet of Portsmouth.

TiiGMAS Critchet came eai'ly to Candia, and settled on No. 1,
3d D., about 40 rods back from the present road; was surveyor
in 1765. He had four sons.

Edward Critchet was a hayward in 1768.

Edward and Thomas settled in Epsom.

Benjamin had a roving turn and never settled.

James m. Susannah Smith of Eaymond, and lived on the home-
stead. He had a remarkable mechanical talent. He was self
taught ; was noted as a mill-wright ; made wooden clocks ; and
did quite a business at repairing clocks and watches. He d. of
cancer, 3Iay, 1849, aged 88, comparatively otherwise a robust man.
Children : —

Thomas ; James ; Caleb, d. y. ; Moses ; Isaac, now ou the home-
stead; John and Joseph.



John Crombie came from the north of Ireland, and settled
near the lower end of the English range in Londonderry. He
had a son Hugh, who m. Rebecca Jordan, and settled in Chester,
on Xo. 80, 2d P., 2d D., where Thomas Coffin lives, in Auburn.
He d. of apoplexjs Nov. 23, 170G.

He had a son Samuel, who m. the widow of James Graham, and
had a son Samuel, who went to Vermont. Samuel m. (2)
Widow Margaret Crawford, and had Hugh, b. 1796; d. 1866.

Hugh, Sen., had also a daughter Molly, m. Capt. William

Benjamin Crombie was half-brother of John, b. near Bally-
more, in Ireland. His father d. in Ireland, and his mother came
over with him. He m. Kebccca Davis, of Ipswich, Mass., and
settled at New Rowley. In 1773 he came to Derrylicld, and in
1782 to Chester, where his grandson, Franklin Crombie, now
lives, No. 74, 4th D. He was a teacher. He had eleven children :

6. Moses, b. Sept. 7, 1751, m. Abigail, dau. of Moses (Hatter)
Underbill. She d. April 29, 1849. Children:—

Moses, Jr., d. March 4, 1868, a. 87. Elizabeth, b. March 22,
1790, m. Matthew Reid.

11. Amos, b. Aug. 29, 1764, m. Anna, dau. of John Patten,
Dec. 29, 1802. They had Franklin, Esq., b. Oct. 25, 1803, and
Luther, 1808.

Benjamin d. May 2, 1806, a. 90. His wife d. Dec. 13, 1809, a.
80. Amos d. Sept. 10, 1854. His wife d. Dec. 29, 1842. These
two sons are all who came to Chester.

C R O S E T T .

James Crosett m. a Young, a sister of Samuel Aiken's wife, in
Ireland. His name appears in the Presbyterian protest, June,
1836. His name is not on the inventory of 1741. He had two
sons: —

James, m. Jane, dau. of Robert Graham,

Benjamin, m. a daughter of AVilliam Graham.

In 1745 they purchased No. 83, 2d P., 2d D. James settled op-
posite to Robert Craige, at the corner of the road over Rattlesnake
hill, where the old McKinley house stood, which they sold to
Robert Craige in 1760. James, in 1763, purchased the northwest
fifty acres of Gov. Wentwortlrs two hundred and fifty acres, and
settled on it, and in 1771 sold to William Graham, who settled his
son David there. Subsequent occupants: Wm. Crombie, Samuel
Remie, Jesse Patten, now Albert Pratt.



Benjamin settled on the southwest half of 83, "vrhich has since
been occupied by Peter Aiken, Eeuben Dimon, and Stark Eay.
About 17G9 they sold to Andrew Craige, and purchased the Xutt
place, which included Nos. 86 and 87, and part of 93, 2d P., 2d D.,
which in 1771 they sold to Benjamin and Samuel Pierce and AVil-
liam Brown. They went to some place on the Mohawk river.


Thomas Currier and Mary, his wife, were of Amesbury. He
d. Sept. 27, 1712. She d. March 2, 1705. Their seventh child was
BEXJA:MIN, b. March 27, 1668. His wife was Abigail. Their
first son was Gideon, b. Feb. 21, 1712, m. Mary. She d. Oct. 13,
1784. He settled in Chester on Add. lot Xo. 15. Children: —

I. Benjamin, b. Sei)t. 18, 1740, m. Abigail, dau. of Joshua Pres-
cott, Dec. 6, 1764. He d. 1816.' She d. Jan. 2, 1824, aged 80.
They Lived on Add. lot Xo. 114, where Benaiah Spofford now
lives, and was a Captain in the militia during the Revolution.
Children : —

1. Lucretia, b. Oct. 28, 1765, m. Moses K. Hall, Dec. 29, 1785,
d. Aug. 1861.

2. Lydia, b. March 21, 1767, m. Dr. Samuel Quimby; weut to

3. Hannah, d. young.

4. John, b. March 4, 1770, m. Hannah Currier; lived at Sand-

5. Anna, b. July 24, 1773, m. Samuel Lane, of Chester; d. May
23, 1833.

6. Dolly, b. June 23, 1775, m. Samuel Joy, Winthrop, Me.,

7. Sarah, b. Feb. 17, 1777, m. Xathl. Merril, 1797.

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