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8. Abigail, b. 1779, m. Rev. Joseph Merril, Skowhegau, Me.,

9. Benjamin, m. Dolly Taylor 1804; went to Maine.

10. Hannah, b. July 13, 1785, m. Samuel Shackford, Chester,
April 24. 1806 ; d. Aug. 7, 1865.

11. David, b. Feb. 9, 1787, m. Betsy Worthen; lived on home-

12. Betsy, b. Aug., 1787, m. John Lane, of Maine.

II. Simeon, b. July 13, 1745, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Jonathan
Moulton. He lived on Add. Xo. 17, on the Derry road, wliere
Capt. Stevens now lives. He d. Aug. 29, 1824. She d. April 21,
1834, a. 86. They had:—

1. Joseph, m. Anna Hall.

2. Gideon, m. Hannah Jack; d. Mairh 10, 1851, a. 76.

3. Abel, m. Sally Quimby, went to Xorwich, Vt.



4. Sai-ah, m. Jos. Taylor, Wilmot.
These were born iu Amesbury.

III. Gideon, b. Aug. 13, 1754, in Chester, m. Anna, duu. of
Daniel Richardson, and had a son Asa, now liAing in Raymond;
lived at the Branch, No. 44, O. H. He died Oct. 1, 1835. Slie d.
March 19, 1827.

IV. Jonathan, b. Sept. 29, 1756, went to Phnnouth.

V. Sarah, b. Jan. 18, 1759, ni. Reuben, son of Samuel Ilills,
and went to Maine.

VI. Anna, m. Joseph, son of Benjamin Severance, and went to
Salisbury, N. II.

Thomas Currier lived near the Worthcn saw-mill ; m. Sarah
Coburn, and had: —

1. Tliomas, settled iu Elaine.

2. Ebenezer, m. a Dresser, and Nancy, the wid. of Eljcn Blas-
dell. He was a soldier in the Revolution.

3. Jonathan m. Mary Prescott, 1794; d. in the army at Sackett's
Harbor, Aug. 22, 1813.

4. Mary, m. Stinson.

Thomas, Sen., d. pi-evious to 1780, and his widow m. Mansfield
MoDuflee, and d. 1835, aged 105.

Dea. David Currier was born in 1750, in Leslie, a parish of
Scotland, near Perth Head, about thirteen miles nortli of Edin-
burgh, and the seat of John Leslie, Earl of Rathers. He came to
this country in the ship '^MinerA'a," and landed in Boston, May
11, 1774. He was a tailor, and worked a shoi-t time in Boston,
but soon came to Chester, and boarded witli eTaines Wilson, where
Jacob Green now lives. "When the war broke out, in 1775, he vol-
unteered, and went to the headquarters of the army, and was in
Bunker Hill battle, stationed ]>eliind the rail fence. He seiwed
seven months. In 1777 lie was in Capt. Stephen Dearborn's com-
pany, at the battle of Bennington. He m. Mary, only daughter
of David Dinsmore, and bought that part of No. 123, 2d P., 2d
D., lying the west side of the brook, and lived near the Blanchard
saw-mill. He d. April 1, 1840, a. 85. She d. Aug. 20, 1»46, a.
82. Children :—

James, m. Catherine Patten, went to Genesee County, N. Y. •

Elizabeth, b. July 5, 1787, m. John Clark; d. March 14, 1868.

John, d. umnarried, 1823.

Mary, m. Samuel Fletcher.

3Iargaret, m. William Graham, Esq.

David, b. Sept., 1800, m. Lydia R., dan. of John Meh-in. He
held various offices in Chester and Auburn; now cashier of Deny


J^-CiAnliJU jbcA/v^tA.^



There was a Joseph Davis in Chester, who had six children
recorded from 1739 to 1751, but nothing is Ivuown of them.

Samuel Davis was an early settler on No. 124, 4th D., at what
is called White Hall, in Hooksett. Children : —

1. Eobert, m. Molly, dan. of Samuel Brown of Hooksett. He
was drowned in Lakin's Pond, 1805.

2. Jonathan, m. Susey, dau. of John Patten, and lived on No.
78, 4th D., where Hidden had lived.

3. JosejjJi.

4. Daniel, lived on the homestead.

b. Samuel, m. Betsey, dau. of Jere. Underhill; d. at Concord,
in the U. S. service, April 7, 1813. Samuel Davis, Sen., d. Oct.
20, 1806.


John, Samuel and Caleb lived on No. 110, 4th D., between the
old main road and river in Hooksett. Some of the name were in
the Indian war. They sometimes had their minister rates abated
on account of living so far from the meeting-house.


John Dickey lived on Add. No. 27, where Jacob Couch lately
lived. His wife was Margaret, and their children, Daniel, b. 1737,
Isabel, 1739, and Robert, 1742.

Adam Dickey's will was proved 1753. His children, Elizabeth
Jane, Joseph, William, Janet and Adam, all minors.

David Dickey probably came from Ireland. His wife was
Isabella. Whether he came to Derryfield or not is uncertain.
His son John m. Janet McClento, and lived about the centre of
lot No. 12, 4th D. He had two sons, John, b. 1786, lived on the
homestead where his son David now lives ; David, lived south of
Jonas Harvey's.


Godfrey Dearborn was the i^atriarch of the Dearborn iamily
in the United States. He is said to have been a native of Exeter,
county of Devon, in the S. W. pai-t of England. The time of his
birth is not known. He was twice married, but the name of his
first wife and time of marriage is unknown. She was li^dng in
1650, and d. previous to Nov. 25, 1662, when he m. Dorothy the
wid. of Philemon Daltou, by wliich marriage there was no issue.

In 1639 Rev. John AYheelright removed with a company of his
friends from Mass. to Exeter, and founded a settlement. They


framed and signed among themselves a kind of social compact.
It was signed by thirty-five persons. Godfrey Dearborn signed
by making his mark, as he did his will more than forty years
afterwards. His farm in Exeter is said to have been in what is
now Stratham. He remained in Exeter about ten years, and then
removed to Hampton, where he spent the remainder of his life.
He was selectman of Exeter, 1648 ; and March 4, 1650, seats were
assigned to "goodmau and goody Dearborn," in Hampton meet-
ing-house. In Hampton he settled at the West End, and the farm
in 1848 was occupied by some of his descendants. For a very full
genealogy, see Hist, and Gen. Hog., Vol. 2. Godfrey Dearborn
had six children, three sons and tln-ee daughters: —
1. Henry, b. 1633, 2. Thomas, b. 1634.

3, 4, 5, three daughters, of whom little is known except that
in liis will is a legacy " to my tlu'ee dni^igbtei's," though Sarah m.
Thomas Nudd.
6. John Avas b. in Exeter, about 1742, m. Mary "Ward.
1. Henry, b. in Enghiud about 1633, came over with his father
when about six years old; m. Elizabeth Marrian, Jan. 10, 1666.
He was one of the selectmen of Hampton, 1676 and 1692; d. Jan.
18, 1725. Henry had seven children, three sons and four daugh-
ters. One of the daughters, Sarah, m. Philemon Blake, who was
a grantee of Chester, son of Jasper and Deborali iJlake. The old-
est son, JOHX, b. Oct. 10, 1666, m. Abigail Bacheldei*, 1689, d.
!Nov. 14, 1736. He lived in what is nowIS'orth Hampton, and Avas
a deacon in Hampton, and afterwards in North Hampton. When
he removed to North Hampton it was a wilderness. His house
was standing in 1848, and had remained in the family u^) to about

DEA. JOHN DEARBOEN had ten children, four sons and
six daughters. His second child was Joxatiiax, b. May 8, 1691,
m. Hannah Tucke, Dec. 29, 1715. He removed to Stratham. He
d. Jan. 29, 1779.

JoxATiiAN had a son Jolin, who resided on the homestead in
Stratham, b. April 2, 1718, d. March 22, 1807.

He had a son Jonathan, Avho settled in Chester, now Raymond,
on No. 17, O. H. In 1759 there was a road laid out at the request
of Jonathan Dearborn and others. His wife was Abigail, Cliil-
dren : —

1. John, m. Mehitabel Cram. 2. Abigail, m. gimon Page. 3,
Jonathan, m. Sarah Page. 4. Nathaniel, m. Mary Cram. 5, Sarah,
m. (1) Nehemiah Cram, m, (2) Josiah Brown, m. (3) John Moody.
All lived in Raymond.

DEA. JOHN'S ninth child was SiMox, lived on the paternal
estate; was executor to his father's will, and residuary legatee,
and had twelve children, the youngest of whom was


Henry, b. Feb. 23, 1751. He was a physician iu Xottiiigliam,
N. H., 1772; Capt. in the N. H. regiment at the battle of Bunker
"Rill, 1775 ; Capt. in Ai'nold's expedition against Quebec, 1775-6 ;
Major with the command of a distinct corps at the battles of Still-
water and Saratoga, 1777 ; Lt.-Colonel at the battle of Monmouth,
1778; Deputy Quartermaster- General at Yorktown and the sui'-
render of CornwalUs, 1781 ; Col. of the tirst N. H. reg. from 1781
to the end of the war; removed to Maine, 1784; Brigadier-Gen.
and Marshal of Maine ; member of Congress, 1795 ; Sec. of War,
1801; Collector of Boston, 1809; Maj. Gen. U. S. Army, 1812;
Minister to Portugal, 1822; d. at Roxbury, Mass., June 6, 1829.

Godfrey had

2. Thomas, b. in England about 1631, m. Hannah Colwell, Dec .
28, 1665. His residence was in that part of Hampton called
Drake Side. He was a deacon; d. April 11, 1710. His second
child was EBEXEZER, b. Oct. 3, 1689, m. Abigail, dau. of Jo-
seph and granddaughter of Lt. John Sanboru, Oct. 7, 1703. She
was b. Oct. 1, 1686. He was one of the grantees of Cliester, and
removed there, and also five sons. In a deed of H. L. Xo. 121,
in Chester, Oct. 3, 1729, he is said to be of Hampton. His name
is on the inventory of Hampton Falls, 1727. His own home lot
was Xo. 17, hi-Hg by the side of the one he purchased, and he
probably settled there nearly opposite the old "White place, where
Joseph AYebster now lives.

His name first appears on Chester records as moderator of the
annual town meeting, March 26, 1729-30, and he was chosen one
of the selectmen at the meeting. -In 1731, Samuel Ingalls is
styled Capt., Ebeuezer Dearborn Lt., and Jacob Sargent ''In-
siga," being probably the first military ofiicers in Chester. In
1731 he is called Deacon. He was elected to very many oflices iu
town. His vrill was dated March, 1767, and proved ilarch 27,
1772. He d. March 15, 1772. His wife d. Feb. 26, 1768. They
had eight children: I. Ebenezer; H. Mehitable; HI. Peter; IV.
Benjamin; Y. Thomas; YI. Michael; YH. Abigail; YHI. Mary.

I. Ebexezer, Jr., usually called Lieut. Ebenezer, b. Jan. 27,
1705, m. Huldali Xasou, Jan. 13, 1731 ; m. (i) Elizabeth Swain,
the widow of Samuel Hills. He settled on H. L. No. 131, where
James E. Gordon ;^now lives. He d. Jan. 10, 1790. His will is
dated July, 1780, proved Jan. 20, 1790. Elizabeth d. July 31, 1793.
Children : —

1. Hannah, b. Oct. 13, 1731, m. Elijah Heath of Chester.

2. Sarah, b. Jan. 9, 1731, m. John Shackford, Jr., of Chester;
d. Aug. 18 or 19, 1811.

3. Huhlah, b. Aug. 18, 1735.

4. Stephen, b. May 15, 1738.

5. Phebe, b. Feb. 20, 1741, m. Wilkes ATest, d. 1783.


6. Ehenezer, b. Sept. 6, 1744.

7. Jonathan, b. Dec. 26, 1746.

8. Richard, b. May 2, 1747 (?), who d. young.

4. Stephen, b. 1738, m. Kuth, dau. of Jolin Eobie, Sept. 18,
1761. She was b. 1739, d. Feb., 1808. He m. (2) Lydia, dau. of
Samuel Robie, who had beeu m. to Richard Ordway, brother of
Dr. John, aud to Johu Chay. She d. Sept. 29, 1817, aged 74. He
d. Oct. 10, 1827. Stephen aud Ruth had Richard, b. Sept. 21,
1764, m. Molly Ordway, dau. of Richard, June 5, 1788. He d.
May 21, 1823; she d. Dec. 11, 1842, a. 78. Children: — 1. Ruth,
b. Feb. 12, 1789, d. unmarried, Dec. 7, 1842. 2. Lydia, b. July 27,
1790, d. unmarried, June 21, 1817. 3. Mahala, b. June 27, 1792, d.
Aug. 30, 1806. 4. Sally, b. May 17, 1784, d. unmarried, Jan. 19,
1867. 5. Stephen, b. Aug. 10, 179G, m. (1) Lydia, dau. of Rev.
Samuel Harri?;, m. (2) Mary Ann Craige, d. March 16, 1859. 6.
Richard, b. Oct. 9, 1798, m. Sally, dau. of Stephen Chase, Esq.,
d. Feb. 1, 1853. 7. Hendrick, b. June 22, 1803, m. Sylvenia
Fletcher, d. March 25, 1861, —had three daughters and one son on
the homestead.

Col. Stephen Dearborn was appointed Captain under George
ni, by John AYentworth, May 3, 1707 ; Capt. under Congress,
Sept. 25, 1775; Maj. Sept. 25, 1785; Lieut.-Col. April 5, 1793;
resigned Sept. 18, 1800. His son Richard was adjutant. He
commanded a company at Bennington, in 1777. Colonel Dear-
born was several times selectman. He first settled near the New
or Dearborn saw-mill, but soon removed his house up the hill
where his great grandchildren yet reside, on No. 68, 2d P. 2d D.

6. Ebenezer, b. 1744; m. Edith, or Adah, dau. of Nathan Phil-
brick of Hampton, 1769. Lived on H. L. No. 34. He d. Aug.
18, 1825. She d. May 5, 1819, a. 72. Children:—

1. Johu, m. Susan Luf kin and moved to Corinth. 2. Jonathan,
m. his cousin Anna, dau. of Jonas Dearborn. She d. 1808; m.
(2) Jane Stinson. No male issue. He was born the day the
meeting-house was raised; lived on the homestead Nov. 2, 1831.
She d. 1833. 3. William, m. a Lowell, of Amesbury, and resided

7. Jonathan, b. 1746; m. Delia, dau. of John Robie, and lived
on the homestead. He d. Nov. 22, 1826 ; a. 80. She d. April 7,
1814, a. 63. Children: —

1. Richard, b. Aug. 8, 1774; m. Dolly, dau. of Samuel Under-
bill, and went to New Chester aud had a lai'ge family; among
whom was Jonathan, a physician at Seabrook. He m. (2) Susan-
nah Sargent, widow of John Melvin. 2. Edward, b. July 16,
1776; m. Knight of Atkinson; no issue. He studied medicine
with Dr. Cogswell of Atkinson ; settled in Seabrook, where he


'^/ct-^<-'^C-t^c^ "^^^-e^co^-O-^j T-^-^^-


had a larg'e aiid successful practice for more than tifty years, aud
received the honorary degree of ]\I. D. He, by will, gave $10,000
to endow an academy at Seabrook, and $5,000 to the Congi-ega-
tional society there. 3. Jonathan, b. Jan. 25, 1781 ; m. Sarah,
dan. of Dea. Amos Morse, 1805, and lived on the homestead and
at the Glidden place in Chester. Had Charles E. and Alfred S.
4. Cyrus, b. Aug. 2, 1785; studied medicme with liis brother
Edward; settled in practice at East Salisbury, Mass., and had a
successful practice there between fifty and sixty years. He has
been rej)resentative of the town and held various offices. ^5.
Ebenezer, b. July 30, 1793, m. Hannah D. Dyson of Beverly,
1826 ; studied medicine two years with liis brother Edward, and a
year and a half with Dr. Thomas Kittridge of Xorth Andover,
Mass.; attended a course of lectiu'es in Boston; also a course at
Dai't. ; M. D. Dart., 1821; was Councillor and Pi-esident of the
N. H. Med. Society; settled in jiractiee in Nashua in 1816, and
had a successful practice there for forty-five yeax'S and then retired
from practice, but still resides there. Charles Ebenezer Dear-
born, Dai*t., 1842, is liis son. There were also tln-ee daughters:
Anna, m. her cousin Jonathan, son of Ebenezer; d. July, 1808.
Huldah, num., and Delia, m. a Hoit of New Chester. Jonathan
m. (2) Elizabeth Pike, who d. May 1, 1855, a. 88.

II. Mehitable, b. Nov. 12, 1703; m. Dea. Nathaniel Fitts of
Salisbury, Mass., May, 1744; d. June 11, 1765.

III. Peter, b. Nov. 14, 1710; m. Margaret Fifieldof Kingston,
Dec. 2, 1736. He lived on H. L. No. 25, up the cross road from
the Derry road. He d. Oct. 28, 1781. Children : —

1. Anna, b. Oct. 17, 1737; m. John Haselton, son of Ephraim,
1764; d. Nov., 1780.

2. Peter, b. Jan. 26, 1740; m. Tabitha Morril, Dec. 26, 1765; d.
Oct. 24, 1770.

3. Dea. Joseph, b. Aug. 17, 1742; m. Betty, dan. of Dea. Jonas
Hall, in 1761; settled on No. 69, 2d P., 2d D.; sold to John
Clarke, 1777. He was a Lt. and Capt. in the army. Chil.: —
Lydia, Anna, Sarah, Mehitable, Betsy, John, and Eleanor b.
1785. He removed to Rumney. She d. Jan. 1816.

4. Ifarif, b. 1746.

5. Josiah, b. Oct. 24, 1751 ; m. Susannah, dau. of Samuel Em-
erson, Esq., Aug., 1779, lived on the old John Aiken place, and
removed to Weare. Chil. : — Nebemiah, Susannah. Henry, Josiah,
Edward, Samuel, David and Jonathan, twins, Peter aud John.
Henry, Josiah, Samuel and David are said to have settled in

6. Sarah, b. Sep. 16, 1764.

7. Asa, b. July 25, 1756 ; m. Anna, dau. of Sam. Emerson, Esq.,


Dec, 1781; lived on the homestead, and went to Chelsea, Vt. ;
was Cai^t. of Cavalry. Chil. : — Peter, Lucretia, Isaac, Catharine,
N'ancy, Samuel, AYilder, Ilubbert, Sally, Perley, and Adaline.

8. Sherburne, b. Sept. 5, 1758; m. Elizabeth, dau. of Isaac
Towle, May, 1779. She d. 1798. Chil. :— Elizabeth, Benjamin,
Edmond, Xancy, Cyrene and Billy. He m. the widow of Beiij-
French, and Susan, dau. of Moses Emerson; d. Oct. 9, 1852.

IV. Benjamix, b. Aug. 13, 1713; m. a Colcord of Kingston.
Oct. 31, 1735, his father gave him II. L. 132, and a jiart of the
old saw-mill. He settled on the lot and built the house where
Capt. B. Fitts lately lived. It is on the inventory, 1741, and is
probably the oldest in town. He sold to Nathan Fitts, Nov., 1767,
and removed to Plymouth, N. II.

V. Tuo:\iAS, b. Dec. 3, 1713; m. Doi-othy Sanborn, Sept. 10,
17-41. In 1742 liis father gave him H. L. 23 and 122, on which he
settled. He built a quarter of tlie New or Dearborn saw-mill, in
17.51, His will Avas dated Jan. 7, 1754, proved Jan. 30, 1754.
He gave his son, John Sanborn, the homestead, saw-mill, &c.
His widow m. Samuel Emerson, Esq. Cliildren: —

1. Mary, b. May 23, 1752; m. Sanmel Towle, son of Anthony,
settled in Candia.

2. John Sanborn, b. Dec. 12, 1743; m. Mary Emei'son of
Haverhill, Sept. 25, 1764, lived on the homestead, and in 1778
purchased of Samuel Robie the Robie place (John Robinson's)
and tan-yard (the Blake yard). Slie d. April 25, 1806. Hem.
Mehitablc Bradley, the widow of Bcnj. Melvin, Oct. 20, 1807.
He d. Dec. 2, 1813. She d. Feb. 14, 1824. He was a deacon-
Chil.:— 1. Mary, b. Aug. 12, 1705; m. Ozias Silsby. 2. Lydia, b.
Jan. 24, 1707; m. Bcnj. Hills, .3d, 1730. ' 3. Olive, b. Nov. 24,
17G8; m. Joseph Robinson. 4. Abigail, b. July 9, 1770; m. Rev.
John Kelly. 5. Elizabeth, b. Feb. 1, 1772; m. Nathaniel Abbot
of Concord, 1792. 6. Sarah, b. Sept. 13, 1773 ; m. Moses Carlton ;
d. March 18, 1809, at West Concord. 7, Susanna, b. June 23,
1775; m. Capt. Bcnj. Fitts. 8. Hannah, b. Feb. 14, 1777; m.
Benj. Pain and Sargent. 9. John, b. Sept. 9, 1778; d. Dec. 3,
1809. 10. Rebecca, b. April 26, 1780; m. Nathan Knowles, 3d.
11. Nathaniel, b. June 15, 1781, m. Newman; was an attorney;
d. at Northwood.

3. T/?o;»r^s, b. March 11, 1745; m. Mary Morrison, 1708; settled
in Candia, near the meeting-house, on No. C7, 3d D., was killed
by a cannon ball, at R. I., 1778. The widow m. Joseph Palmer,
and had another family; d. Dec, 1820. Chil. : — 1. David, settled
at Cazeno, N. Y. ; was a lawyer. 2. John, settled in Sanbornton.
3. Samuel, settled in Candia; his sons Thos. and Benj. live in
Candia, and Leonard in Lowell. 4. Thomas, settled in Raymond.


4. Dolly, b. Jail. 12, 1748; m. Xathl. Emerson, and went to
Stoddard, N. H.

5. Sam>(el,h. Xov.7, 1751 ; m. Sarah, dau. of Winthrop Sargent ;
settled in Candia, on No. 34, 3d D. ; d, 1818.

6. Elizabeth, d. yonug.

YI. Michael, b. April 24, 1719; m. Dorothy Colbv, April 11,
1751. They had Nabbe, b. Jan. 9, 1751. Michael's will, dated
Oct. 20, 1753, proved, Jan. 30, 1754; d. Jan. 5, 1754.

VII. Deacon Ebenezer's seventh child Abigail, b. Jan. 27>
1721; m. James Varnum, Oct. 26, 1742, and lived in Chester,
where Bachelder's inn now is, and after Mr. Varnum's death in
1756, m. John Robie,

YIII. Mary, b. June 11, 1743. In Dea. Ebeuezer's will, dated
March, 17G7, g. d. Xabbe, Mehitable Fitts, Anna Morril and
Abigail Robie are legatees.



Lord Timothy Dexter was of Xewbuin-port. He was a
leather-dresser; was remarkable for his eccentricity, ignorance,
and luck in pecuniary affairs. He once wished to send a venture
to the "West Indies, and inquired of some one what it was best to
send. He was answered, " Warming-pans." Not knowing but
warming-pans were needed there to warm beds, he invested
largely, and it proved a rich speculation, the warming-pans sell-
ing for ladles, and the covers for strainers.

He had quite a number of statues of the jirominent men of the
time, full sized, carved in wood and mounted on pedestals, in
front of liis residence at Xewburyport. He had a tomb built and
a coffiu made, and was put into it, and mock funeral ser\'lce3 per-
formed. He wrote a book entitled, " A Pickle for the Kno-uiug
Ones," with all the marks of punctuation together at the close,
that each reader might season for himself.

He was brother to the father of the vrife of Rev. Xathan Brad-
street. He bought the Toi)pan Webster place, and moved into
Chester Feb., 1796, and lived there a year or two. He offered to
pave the street from there to the meeting-house if they would
name it " Dexter street," but they were indifferent about the name
or having it paved, and it was not done. He moved back to
Xewburyport, but owned the place several years.


The early tradition of the Dinsmore family is derived from a
discourse by Rev. John Dinsmore, at a golden wedding of Arthur,
Jr., at ^Vnson, Me., Sept. 10, 1865: —


" The original progenitor of all the Dinsmores that live in this
country and the old, so far as we are able to trace the genealogy,
iived in a place in Scotland called Achenwead, about the time the
Pilgrim Fathers landed on Plymouth Eock. He was a wealthy
farmer, being called the Laird of Achenwead, having tenants
under him. He had two sons, the younger, called John, left liis
home at seventeen years of age, and went to Ireland, and settled
near Bellywaitche, in the county of Antrim." He had four sons.
John, the oldest, emigrated to America,— the first one of the name
who ever came, — date unknown. He landed at Gorges, in Maine,
was captured by the Indians, and carried to Canada ; went back
to Gorges, thence to Buxton, thence to LondonderrJ^ The pro-
])rietors gave him a f\irm. He was a mason, and built him a stone
house; sent for his family, who arrived in 1730. He lived to the
age of ninety-nine.

David Dinsmore, a grandson of John, was a tailor in Ireland,
and, I think, worked with another tailor by the name of Kennedy.
Kennedy died, leaving two children. David married tlie Avidow,
and about 1745 they set sail from Londonderry in Ireland. Tliey
had a long, tedious voyage, it being three months before they
lauded in Boston, and were put on short allowance. They
brought flax and a linen wheel with them, and she immediately
commenced making linen thread for sale. They soon removed to
Londonderry, and he Avorked at liis ti-ade. In May 8, 17-47, James
Adams deeded to " David Dinsmore of Londondeny, tailor," No.
22, 4th I)., in Chester, wliich was in Derryfield. In 1758 he pur-
chased tlie west half of lot No. 84, 2d P., 2d D., on which he set-
tled. She d. 1807, a. 97.

David Dinsmore was b. in 1714; Elizabeth, 1610. Children :—

1. Samuel, b. 1741, m. Mary, dan. of John Waddel ; lived on
No. 66, 2d P., 2d D. They liad Elizabeth, wlio m. James AVason,
who lived there, and (2) m. Bebee. Slie bequeathed her property
to the Presbyterian parish. Samuel d. in the army about 1776.
Mary d. Sept 14, 1784, a. 38.

2. James, b. 1743, lived in the English range, Londondeny.

3. David, b. 1746, settled at Minot, Maine.

4. Thomas, b. 1748, settled at Anson, Maine.

5. Arthur, b. March 24, 1752, m. Margaret, dau. of James Ful-
ton; lived on the south end of the homestead. Children: —

David, Ehzabeth, James, Samuel, William W., Thomas, Mar-
garet, Jane A7., and Arthur, b. 1794. About 1794, he removed to
Anson, Maine ; d. 1829.

6. Robert, b. March 24, 1752, m. Abigail Sanborn, and lived on
the homestead. He d. Jan. 10, 1824. She d. Nov. 27, 1800.
Children : —


David, d. young. Eobert, b. 1784, -went to Me. Eeuben, b.
1785, went to Me. Samuel, b. Feb 15, 1788, m. Hannah, dan. of
Joseph Blauchard, Esq., Dec. 26, 1811; d. March, 1864 ; lived on
the homestead. John, b. 1790, d. unmarried in Texas. Eliza-
beth, b. 1791, m. Nathl. B. Remie; went to Anson, Me. James,
b. 1796, m. Zilplia Taylor; d. at AYestminster, Vt.

Bobert m. (2) Hannah Long-. Mehitabel, b. 1802, m. Dr.
Nathan Plummer, Dec. 6, 1836. Judith, b. 1804, m. John Scott;
d. 1844.

7. Mary, b. 1754, m. Dea. David Currier; d. Aug. 20, 1838,
a. 82.


Israel Dolby was probably from Rye. The name of Nieless
Dolby is on the tax-list of Rye in 1732. He bought of Cornet
John Lane all of lot No. 20, 2d P. 2d D., lying southeast of the
road from Chester to Lane's, and was there when the road was
laid out in 1748. He moved to Candia previous to 1778, and lived
near where Coffin M. French now lives. He d. 1797. Children : —

1. Israel,' rxx. Jane, dau. of Joseph Morril; residence on the
homestead and at Candia; d. 1823. ChiL, Isaac and Sarah, went
to Sutton, N. H.

2. Daniel, m, a Haynes, settled in Candia. Children : — Wil-
liam; John, m. Lydia, dau. of Walter Robie, Esq., lived on the
homestead; Abigail, m. Col. Stephen Clay, d. 1819, a. 38.

3. Sarah, m. Ens. John Butterfield, d. 1805.


Rev. Samuel Dudley, of Exeter, son of Gov. Thomas Dudley,

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