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was b. at Northampton, iu England, in 1606, d. at Exeter, 1683.
He had a son Stephen, m. Sarah GiLman, dau. of Hon. John Gil-
man, 1684, d. 1734. He had a son

STEPHEN, b. at Exeter, March 10, 1688, m. Sarah Davidson,
and d. at Exeter, 1734. He purchased a tract of land at Freetown,
of an Indian, Peter Penuet, and Abigail his squaw, Jan. 17, 1718-
19. He had a commission from Gov. Shute of which the follow-
ing is a copy : — .

"Province of New Hampshire.

Samuel Shute, Esq.. Captain General, and Commander in
Chief iu and over his Majestie's Province of New Hampshire iu
New England, &c.. To Stephen Dudley, of Freetown, in the
Province aforesaid. Greeting :

By virtue of the Power and Authority invested by his IMajesty's
Royal commission to me granted, to be Captain General, &c., over
this His Majesty's Province of New Hampshire aforesaid, I do (by
these Presents) reposing especial trust and confidence in your loy-


alty, courage, and good conduct, constitute and appoint j'ou the
said Stephen Dudley, to be Coloiiel and Town Major of Free-
town albre>aid, which land you have obtained by deed from Peter
Penuet and Abigail his Squaw. Given under my hand and seal
at arms, at Boston, the seventeenth day of August, in the seventh
vear of the reisfu of his Majesty, King George, Annoque Dom-
ini 1721). [17 lit'?] Samuel Shute.
By his Excellency's command.

John Boydel, his Secy.

This was copied from the genealogy of the Gilman family by
John Kelly, in the Exeter '' News-Letter." Dudley deeded to
Francis James, 'of Gloucester, 400 acres of this land, May, 1722,
and refers to his deed as dated Jan. 17, 1718-19. He also deeded
some of this tract to his son James, the father of Judge Dudley.
If this commission be genuine there must be some mistake about
the date, as Gov. Shute left and went to England immediately after
signing the chai'ters of Chester, Londonderry and some other
towns in 1722, and the seventh year of George would be 1720.

Stephen Dudley had a son James, b. at Exeter, 1715, m. Mary
Folsom, d. 17G1. He had a son Samuel, b. at Exeter, 1720. He
settled on No. 67, O. H., and built a saw-mill. He was a peti-
tioner for the road from Freetown by the Centre to Dudley's mill
in 1769. In 1760 he was chosen surveyor of highways, and built
a bridge across the river near Raymond Centre, but the selectmen
refused to pay the bill. He sued the selectmen of Chester, and
lost his case in the Infei'ior Court, but appealed, and at the May
term of the Superior Court, 1761, obtained a verdict for £18 7s.,
debt, and £48 4s., cost. He had a large family; sold to his
brother, the Judge, went to Maine, d. Aug. 30, 1797.

Hon. John Dudley was son of J^^IIES, b. April 9, 1725, at Ex-
eter; m. Elizabeth Gilman, June 22, 1749, d. 1806. He came to
Raj-mond in 1766, to where Samuel had lived, where his great
grandson. .lames T. Dudley, now lives. He was one of the Com-
mittee of Safety from April 2, 1776 to May 29, 1784, and a Judge
of the Superior Court from 1785 to 1797. He had a son Hoses,
Esq., b. 1766, m. Nancy Glidden, and lived on the homestead; d.
1843. They had 10 children. The 7th, Elbridge G., grad. at
Dart. [See Graduates in Raymond.]

James had also a son Joseph, b. at Exeter,* 1728, and he had a
son Joseph, b. at Exeter, 1750, removed to RajTnond, No. 81, O.
H. He built a mill. He had nine children : 2. Joseph, b. Feb. 7,
1790, m, Sally, dau. of Thomas Dudley, moved to Candia Village,
d. 1868. His sou Alvin is an extensive shoe manufacturer there.
J. Francis graduated. [See Graduates.] 3. Dea. Samuel, b. May
5, 1796, m. Judith Pillsbury. He learned the art of tanning and
shoemaking of Elder Moses Bean, and succeeded him, and did an


extensive business ; and did much to build up tlie village and the
Baptist society there.


Archibald Dunlap came from Ireland, m. Martha, dau. of Jo-
seph Neal, 1741, and lived on Neal's homestead, H. L. No. 26.
Children : —

1. Joseph, b. 1742, m. Anna, dau. of Hugh Wilson, settled in

2. James, b. 1744, m. Dorcas Davis, had one son John, b. 1790,
d. 18G7. Lived on the back end of the homestead, d. 1803.

3. John, b. 1746, lived in Bedford.

4. Mary.

5. William, m. Boyes, went to Schenectady.

6. Sarah.

7. Samuel, m. Mary Cochran, -went to Salisbury, N. H.

8. Martha.

The father and three daughters died in two weeks of throat


Moses Dustin, son of Nathaniel and Triphena Haselton, and
great-grandson of Thomas Dustin and Hannah Emerson (re-
nowned for being captured by the Indians, and killing her cap-
tors and escaping), b. at Haverhill in 1741, m, Mary Buck. He
was a blacksmith and lived in Chester until about 1772, when he
removed to Candia, on to No. 44, 2d P., 2d D. Upon hearing of
the battle of Lexington, Drummer Hill beat up for volunteers,
and Mr. Dustin was the first to fall in. A considerable number
volunteered and went to Cambridge. Dustin served first as Lieu-
tenant, then as Captain to the end of the war, and was afterwards
Captain of the Alarm List, which gave liim a brevet title of

Col. R. E. Patten has his watch which he carried through the
war, and also his papers. He had 10 children, of whom 7 lived: —

1. Jonathan, b. 17G8, m. Polly, dau. of Walter Robie; went to

2. 3foses, went to "Windliam.

3. Hannah.

4. George W.

5. Nathaniel.

6. Sally.

7. Lydia, b. Aug. 11, 1792, m. Joseph, son of Peter Hall. He
d. 1795, a. 51. She d. 1827, a. 77.

JoHX Dustin was a physician, and was at Martin's Ferry in

1775, and his widow lived there in 1818.




There were two distinct families of the name wlio came to
Candia, though they were probably distantly related.

Benjamin Eaton, of Dunstable^, m. Anna Rand. He d. at Dun-
stable, but Anna came to Candia, and d. at her son William's.
Children : —

1. William, m. lluth Bradley, and settled on No. 62, 2d P., 2d
D., since occuiiied by Solomon Stevens and Jacob Mead. Chil-
dren : —

Benjamin, m. Anna Worthen, d, 1835. Anna, m. Solomon
Stevens, d. Jan. 21, 1847, a. 85. llelief, m, Prescott, went to
New York. Sarah, m. Ilarrinian, of Bath, Me. Jesse, m. Bas-
ford, wont to Bangor, Me. Moses, died. Patty, m. Glincs, of
Moultonborough. William, went to Portland. •

2. Ddvid, m. a Clement, went to Sutton, N. II. ,

3. Jonathan, settled in Plaistow; had Benjamin and Deacon
William, who lived in Chester, and Pev. Asa, of Boston, and
James, on the homestead.

•4. James, m. Abigail, dan. of Nathl. Wood, Sen. ; lived on No.
39, 3d D. She d. March, 1733, a. 98. Children: —

Alexander, m. Edna, dan. of Capt. Edward Preston. John,
went to Maine. Benjamin, went to Maine. They were all in
the Pevolutionary army. Abigail, m. Jonathan Pressey, of Ches-
ter. Betsy, m. a Baker and Webster.

5. Ebenezer, m. Phebe Sargent, lived at the corner of the road
west of William Eaton's. Children: —

Ebenezer, went West. David, m. a Rowe, went to Bridge-
water. Sarah, m. Thurston, of Hill. Phebe, m. Plaisled, of
New Hampton.

6. Jesse, m. Sarah Worthen; lived also on No. 61, 2d P., 2d D.
He d. Dec. 23, 1808. She d. June 3, 1801. Children:—

Nancy, b. Sept. 30, 1775, m. Joseph, son of Moody Chase; d.
Jan. 19, 1857. Mary, m. French, and Gilman, went to Unity.
Sarah, m. Benjamin Pillsbury, Esq., of Candia. Hannah, m.
Henry, son of Ephraim Eaton. Jesse, m. Sarah, dan. of Dea.
Caleb Prince ; lived in Candia. Susan, m. Samuel, son of John
Buswell; lives in Candia. Eleanor, m. John, son of Dea. Caleb
Prince. Ebenezer, m. Sarah, dan. of James Shirley. Love and
Asa, not married.

John Eaton, Senior, the first of the name in Salisbury, Mass.,
was made freeman by the General Court of Mass., May 25, 1636.
He had two sons, John and Thomas. John settled on the home-
stead and had EPHPtABI, m.Mary, dau. of Capt. Henry True of


Salisbury, Feb. 5, 1689, and had i sons,, Samuel,
Hexry and Jabez.

Henry, b. Jan. 17, 1704, m. Maiy, dau. of Ensign Henry True,
and lived iu Salisbury on the farm of his father-in-law. Children :

Ephraim, 1745, Peter, Mary and Sarah.

Ephraim m. (1) Abigail Perkins, 1768; m. (2) Sarah Stevens,
1772. He came to Candia in 1773 and purchased of Ben. Bach-
elder No. 113, 2d P., 2d D., where his grandson, Henry M. Eaton,
now lives. He d. 1826, a. 81. She d. 1822, a. 74. Children : —

1. Mollj^, m. Dr. Jacob Moore of Andover, N,. H., son of Dr.
Coliin Moore. They were the parents of Jacob B. Moore, for a
time connected with Isaac Hill in publishing the '^New Hamp-
shire Patriot," and with John Farmer in publishing a Gazetteer
of New Hampshire and Historical Collections; also of Henry C.
Moore, a celebi'ated musician.

2. Henry, m. Hannah, dau. of Maj. Jesse Eaton and lived on
the homestead; d. March, 1852, a, 75.

3. Hannah, m. Moses, son of Thomas Patten.

4. Peter, m. Hannah Hale, dau. of Dea. E. H. Kelly; was a
ti'ader in Candia and went to Manchester aind was father of F. B.
Eaton, the historian of Candia.

5. Sally, d. unmarried.

Paul Eaton, the son of Jabez and Sally True, came from Sea-
brook to Candia pi'evious to 1770, and bought of Isaiah Rowe
No. 114, 2d P., 2d D., now occupied by his grandchildren. He
m. Molly Tilton about 1765, who d. about 1775 ; m. (2) Hannah
Emerson. He d. 1830, a. 90. Children: —

Molly; Anna; Henry T.; John; Sally; Lydia, m. Josiah
French ; and Luke.

Col. H. T. Eaton lived on the homestead; m. Elizabeth, dau. of
Col. Nathaniel Emerson. He d. 1851; she d. 1818.


Edmund Elliot, of Amesbury, bought H. L. No. 31, in 1747,
and afterwards No. 134; m, Mehitabel Worthen. He d. Oct. 8,
1789 ; she d. April 11, 1806. Children: —

1. Jonathan, b. Dec. 8, 1748, settled in Pembroke.

2. Elizabeth, b. 1750. 3. Mehitabel, b. 1756.

4. Jacob, b. Nov. 5, 1755, m. Martha Sleeper, April 10, 179^;
lived on the homestead, was at Bennington and at R. I., in the
ReA^olution ; d. Dec. 6, 1841. She d. 1850. Chil. : —Edmund, lives
at Exeter; Eliza; Martha; Jacob, lives at Raymond; John S.,, d.
at Chester; James M. M., lives at Chester.

5. Sarah, b. 1758.

6. John, b. 1761, went to Ohio.


7. Ephraim, b. 1764, m. Mary, dau. of Edward Robie; 8. Ed-
mund; and 9. Ezekiel. The last three settled in Tliorntoii, N. II


In 1656 Michael Emerson moved into Haverhill, and in 1661
he had a lot of meadow assigned him. In 1665 he was chosen
" to view and seal all leather " in town. It was the first choice of
sealer of leather in Haverhill, and he was annually re-elected for
many years, so it is probable that he was a shoemaker. It is said
that he settled near the pi-esent site of the depot, and that his
fann lay the east side of Little River. He m. Hannah "Webster,
April 1, 1657, and they had fifteen children, the oldest of whom '
was Hannah, b. Dec. 23, 1657; m. Thomas Dustin, Dec. 3, 1677,
and by him had tliirteen children. She was the heroine who was
captured by the Indians and carried to the confluence of the Mer-
rimac and Contoocook rivers, witli Mary Neff and a young man
named Samuel Lannerson, and they killed tlieir captors and took
their canoe and returned to Haverhill.

Michael Emerson had a son JOXATH^VN who was one of the
grantees of Chester and was admitted at the request of the Gov-
ernor. In 1690 he was commander of one of the garrisons at
Havei'hill, and in 1701 the Indians attacked his garrison and he
repulsed them. In 1705 he and othei's had a privilege granted
them of setting up a grist-mill. In 17il, in the settlement of the
province line he was left in Haverhill.

Jonathan Emerson had a son Samuel, b. 1707, who settled in
Chester. In 1722 Jonathan purchased the right of Samuel Mars-
ton, the H. L. No. 52 on which Samuel settled, and September,

1735, it was deeded to him, and the lot was called Jonathan Emer-
son's when the road was laid out in 1730. Samue^. first appears
,<Dn Chester records in 1731, when he was chosen town clerk, and
he was re-elected every year up to 1787. He was at the same
.meeting chosen one of the selectmen. He filled a place in Ches-
ter which uo other mau has filled, or could fill. He was the first
justice of the peace in town. After he came to Chester he did
jiearly all the laud surveying, and wrote most of the deeds ; he
iwas surveyor to lay out the second part of the second division in

1736, and all subsequent divisions. It was said that he had so
tenacious a memory, and his organ of locality so largely developed,
ithat if any bound was lost he cauld tell nearly where it stood. He

was a man of such integrity and judgment, and the people had so
much confidence in him, that nearly all the minor controversies
were without any legal formalities i-eferred to him, and his decis-
ion was beyond review or appeal.


Samuel Ejierson m. Sarah Aver, of Haverhill, Feb. 15, 1733.
Children : —

I. Samuel, b. Sept. 13, 1734, d. 1736.

II. Jonathan, b. April 19, 1736, d. Xov. 7, 1760, at Crown

III. Saim(el, b. Jan. 11, 1738, d. N'ov. 17, 1755, at Albany.
He and Jonathan were soldiers in the French war.

IV. Sarah, b. Oct. 17, 1739, m. Dea. Stevens, of Kingston.

Y. Nathaniel, b. May 2, 1741, m. Sarah Tilton, Nov. 15, 1764,
settled on No. 117, 3d D., where Freeman Parker now lives, in
Candia ; and where Jonathan had commenced a settlement. Cliil-
dreu : —

1. Jonathan, d. young.

2. Anna, m. Seth Knowles, went to Maine.

3. Samuel, m. Maiy, dan." of John Varnura, lived in Kaymond.

4. Sarah, m. Edward Robie, went to Corinth.

5. Nathaniel, m. Polly, dan. of Simon Norton, lived in Maine,
and on the homestead.

6. Eichard, m. Sally, dan. of John Clay, lived on the home-
stead; made the survey and plan for Carrigain's map ; d. 1806.

7. Elizabeth, m. Col. H. T. Eaton, d. 1818.

8. Hannah, m. Richard Jenness, went to Piermont.

9. Lydia, m. Samuel Patten.

10. Nabby, m. John Lane, Esq., Nov. 21, 1811; she d. 1867.
Col. JSrathaniel Emerson filled many offices, civil and military.

He was an officer in the militia from 1763 to 1775, under the King,
and Lt.-Col. under the State. He was in the battle of Benning-
ton, and Lt.-Col. in 1778. He was Representative 1790, 1792
1794 and 1798. He d. April 30, 1825 ; she d. Jan., 1814.

VI. Abigail, b. ;743, d. 1754.

VII. Hannah, b. 1745, d. 1749.

VIII. Lydia, b. 1746, d. 1754.

IX. Elizabeth, b. Feb. 23, 1747, m. Col. Barnard, of South

X. Hannah, b. 1750, d. 1754.

Sarah Ayer d. Nov. 18, 1751. Samuel m. (2) Dorothy Sanborn,
wid. of Thomas Dearborn, Nov. 26, 1754.

XI. 3Ioses, b. Nov. 15, 1755, m. (1) Lydia, dau. of Theophilus
Sargent. She died, and he m. (2) Lydia, dau. of Abraham Fitts.
Children : —

Moses, lives in Candia.

Lydia, m. Richard Towle ; went to Steuben Co., New York.

Susan, m. Sherburne Dearborn.

Jonathan, lives in Candia; John and Sarah, went to N. Y,

Abraham, b. Sept. 14, 1800, m. Abigail, dau. of John Dolby,


lives on the liomestead ; had two sons graduated, John D,, 1853,
and Lutlier AYilson, 1862. (See Graduates in Candia.)

Thomas, m. Sarah Ann Ha3-nes, lives at Manchester; and Dor-
othy, went to New York.

3Ioses lived on No. 65, 2d P., 2d D., where his son Abraham
now lives.

XII. John, b.,Aug. 13, 1757, m. Eliabeth, dau. of Dea. Nathl.
French, Dec. 25, 1783; lived on the homestead. Children: —

1. Waity Gray, b. Nov. 3, 1784, m. Israel Huse, 1807.

2. Sarah, b. Sept. 8, 1786, m. Josiah Haselton, 1809, alive 1869.

3. Betsy, b. Feb. 14, 1789, m. Gen. Daniel Iloit, of Saiuhvich.

4. Samuel, b. Feb. 4, 1792, grad. at Dartmouth, 1814, a lawyer
in Moultonborough. (See Graduates.)

5. Nancy, b. June 14, 1794, m. Rev. Isaac Jones.

6. Susan, b. 1796, d. 1812.

7. CUirissa, b. Nov. 13, 1798, m. (1) Edwin Frost, went a mis-
sionary to Bombay; m. (2) Henry AVoodward, a missionary at
Ceylon ; m. (3) AVilliam Todd, a missionary.

8. John S.,b. Dec. 28, 1800, grad. Dart. 1820. (See Graduates.)

9. Nathaniel F., b. May 11, 1804, m. Clarissa Goodhue, 1831;
lived on the homestead, and at Clielsca, Mass.

XIII. Xahbe, b. Oct. 13, 1760, m. Benjamin, sou of Dea. Jona.
Hall, and Capt. Isaac Towle, d. April 5, 1844.

XIY. Susanna, b. April 13, 1762, m. Josiah, son of Peter Dear-
born, went to AVeare.

XV. Anna, b. Nov. 14, 1763, m. Asa, son of Peter Dearborn;
went to Chelsea, Vt.

Samuel d. Sept. 26, 1793; Dorothy d. March 25, 1804; John
Emerson d. April 3, 1844; Elizabetli d. July 15, 1852, a. 90.

Capt. Amos Emeusox m. Susannah, dau. of Capt. Abel Morse,
1762, lived in different places in Chester, and was a Capt. in the
Revolutionary army; d. in Candia^ 1823. There are seven chil-
dren recorded from 1764 to 1778, of whom nothing is known.


In 1755 Richard Emery was of Exeter, and Thomas Emery
was of Plaistow. In 1757 Rlchard Emery commanded a com-
pany in the Crown Point expedition. Oct., 1765, Richard Emery
and Mary Blunt were m. by the Rev. Mr. Flagg; and he is styled
"J/f/yor" in 1767, in Chester records; but nothing further is
known of him.

Thomas Emery afterwards lived in Hampstead, and d. at Brad-
ford, N. IL, and had a son EliphaM, who settled in Bedford, and
a dau. who m. a Burroughs, and lived nearly opposite Judge


Calfe, in Hampstead. Jonathan, b. about 1750, learned the ti-ade
of carpenter of Capt. Edward Preston. He m. Elizabeth Glidden.
In 1774 he bought part of No. 74, 2d P., 2d D., and settled on it,
near Xo. 5 school-house in Auburn. Children : • —

Dolly, unmarried; John, m. Eebecca, dau. of Peter Aiken, was
lost at sea; David, m. Polly Porter, d. 1809; Betsy, m. Jacob
Burrill ; Thomas, lived at Sheldon, Vt. ; Moses, m. Lois Stebbins
and d. on the homestead; Richard, m. Polly Palmer and livoc> on
the Dea. Leach place, near the Pond, where his son Stephen now
lives; Jonathan, m. Xancy Eaton, now alive i\t Washing-ton, \t.\
Samuel, m. Abigail Noyes, lived at Washington ; James, lived in


John Field, leather-dresser, bought Ko. 77, 4th D., 1779. and
settled there. He d. 1791, and the place was sold to Dea. E. H.
Kelly, in 1792.


The American ancestor of the family of Fitts, or Fitz, was
Robert, who, with his wife, Gu.vce D., was among- the orig-iual
settlers of Salisbury, Mass. The plantation was begun by Mr.
Bradstreet and others in 1G39. The record of land granted to
Robert Fitts is on page 21 of the early town records. The list
contains 68 names, among which is " Rob. flltts." The name of
" Rob. Fitt, Planter," as he sigued it, appears several times on
the Salisbury and Xorfolk county records, from 1640 to 1662. He
removed to Ipswich, and Avas there Jan. 5, 1663, and d. Jlay 9,
1665, leaving a wife, Grace, and a son Abraham. His wife d.
April 25, 1684.

Abraham Fitts m. Sarah Tomsox, May 16, 1655, by " ye wor-
shipfull Symon "Bradstreet.-' She was dau. of Simon Tomson,
He m. (2) wid. Rebecca Birdly, Jan. 7, 1668. Abraham Fitts d.
March 27, 1692, will proved April 6,1692; inventory, £366 10s.
They had seven children. The sixth, —

Richard, b. Feb. 26, 1672, m. Sarah Thorne, March 18, 1694-5.
Jan. 16, 1691, liis father conveyed to him all of his lands in Salis-
bury, including the original grant to his grandfather, and the land
is yet in the ijossession of his descendants. Richard Fitts d. Dec.
3, 1744 ; she d. March, 1773, a. 100. They had eight cliildren, the
seventh. —

DANIEL, b. April 30, 1710, m. Ruth Brown, at Salisbury, Xov.
11, 1734. She was b. 1712, d. June 3, 1788. Daniel d. March 30,
1796. He was celebrated as a blacksmith. Children: —

Abraham, b. Oct. 24, 1736. He learned the blacksmith trade


of his fiither, and came to Chester in 1759. He m. Doroth}-, clau.
of Ensign Henry Hall, May 27, 1760. It is said that he worked
awhile near Enoch Colby's, but he owned 6 acres of land north-
west of the brick school-house in Chester, which he sold to Moses
Uuderhill in 1778. July 2, 1763, in consideration of £720, old
tenor, Enoch Colby, Jr., sold him 20 acres of the north end of the
lot ©n which he lived (Xo. 89, 3d D.), with two rods on the west
side, to the brook, for watering. He there set up his trade, and
by industry became wealthy, and settled his sons on farms. He
and his descendants have filled a large space in the history of Can-
dia. He was one of the fourteen original members of the church
in Candia, in 1770; was a petitioner for tlie incorporation of Can-
dia, and held various ofiices of trust. He was selectman of Ches-
ter in 1764. He d. Aug 6, 1808 ; she d. Nov. 8, 1804. Children : —

1. LycUa, b. March 9, 1761, m. Moses Emerson, 1785, d. 1835.

2. Dorothy, b. Oct. 31, 1762, m. Dea. Samuel Cass, and Dea.
Eben Nay, of Raymond; d. 1836.

3. Daniel, b. Jan. 21, 1765, m. Rachel French, of Salisbury
Mass., 1790. He lived on No 61, 3d D., d. Sept. 17, 1829. She d!
June 21, 1830. Children : —

Mary, b. 1790, d. unmarried, 1818; Salome, m. Moses Buswell;
Daniel, b. Dec. 4, 1794, m. Nancy Hall, of Jiradford, and Mrs. Lu-
cinda (Johnson) Kimball; Joseph, m. Rlahala Buswell; Rachael,
m. John Pillsbury ; Benjamin; Judith Hall; and Abraham.

4. Jloses, b. Nov. 14, 1767, m. Sarah Oidway, dau. of Rev. Ne-
hemiah Ordway, d. 1838; she d. 1823. Children : —

Sophia; Sally; Frederick; Moses Hall, grad. Dart., 1831;
Franklin, a physician ; and Alfred.

5. lieuben, b. March 8, 1770, m. Anna, dau. of Jethro Hill,
1792, lived on Mr. Hill's lot, d. 1838. Children: —

John, b. March 19, 1794, m. Abigail, dan. of John Lane, and
were the parents of Rev. James H. Fitts, the author of the Fitts
genealogy; Joshua, m. Sarah Knowles; Eliza; and Phcbe.

6. Sally, b. April 20, 1772, m. Jonathan Carr, d. 1704.

7. Samuel, m. Sarah, 1796, lived on No. 64, d. 1850; she
d. 1831. Children: —

Lydia; Sarah, m. Jonathan Brown; Clarissa, m. John Emer-
son ; and Asa, a teacher of music.

8. EUzaheih, b. April 17, 1777, m. Bcnaiah Fox; d. 1823.

9. Abrahavi, m. Susannah, dau. of John Lane, 1804. He d.
Oct., 1865; she d. May, 1865, a. 87. Children: —

JohuL.; Isaac N. ; Dorothy; Ilamiah G.; Sabrina; Jesse R.;
Abraham; RuthL.; Benaiah; and Susan.

lu. Xathan, m. Nancy Dearborn, 1805. Children: —
Chiistopher C; Edward D.; Mary; Isaac; and Sarah.



Nathan Fitts was a sou of Daniel Fitts, and was b. at Salis-
bury, Mass., Dec. 13, 1739, His father put him apprentice to his
brother Abraham, and he came to Chester with him. He m. Abi-
gail, dau. of Maj. Jabez French, Juue 8, 1768. He d. Jan. 27,
1781. The wid. m. Dea. Nathaniel French, and d. 1831. In 1767
Mr. Fitts bought of Benj. Dearborn H. L. Nos. 132 and 22, where
he lived. Children: —

1. Hannah, b. May 4, 1769, m. Moses, son of John Sanborn,
1789, and went to Corinth.

2. Benjamin, b. June 6, 1771, m. Hannah, dau. of John Hoit.
Children : —

Sully, m. Moses Robie; Betsy, m. Matthew Holmes; Hannah,
d. Oct. 11, 1797.

He m. (2) Susannah, dau. of Dea. John S. Dearborn, April
10, 1798. Children : —

Susan, m. John Tabor; Benjamin, b. 1800, m. Climena Green;
Nathan, m. Judith Colby ; Charles ; Mary, m. Frederick Morse ;
JohuD.; George W.; Hannah H. ; Luther, m. E. F. Haseltine,
lives on the homestead; Ann C, d. young.

Capt. Benj. Fitts did a large business as a blacksmith, on the
homestead, as did his son Benjamin. He d. May 20, 1857; she d
April 15, 1860.

3. JSfatlian, b. Aug. 5, 1774, m. Hannah, dau. of Joseph Morse,
lived on the Jabez French place ; d. 1825. No issue.

4. Elizabeth, b. 1778, m. Daniel Tilton.

Ephraim Fitts, son of Richard Fitts and Sarah Brown of
Southampton, b. May 10, 1745, m. Rhoda, dau. of Thos. Wortiicn,
of Chester, 1765. He came to Chester and learned the trade of
blacksmith, of Abraham Fitts, and lived at the head of Chester
Street, nearly opposite the turnpike, southeast of the parsonage
I'oad. Isaac Blasdell, Jr., and Josiah Underhill, were liis appren-
tices. He had 10 children. He went back to Southampton, and
d. 1800; she d. Feb. 28, 1826, a. 82.

For a very copious and well-prepared genealogy of the Fitts
family, see a work by Rev. James H. Fitts, of West Boylston,


Rev. Ebexezer Flagg was the son of Ebenezer, born 1678,
who was the son of Gershom, b. 1641, who was the son of
Thomas, who in 1637, at the age of nineteen, came over with
Richard Carver from Scratby, Norfolk county, a few miles north
of Yarmouth, in the hundred of East Flagg, England, and settled
in Watertown, Mass. Gershom m. Hannah Leffingwell, and
they had ten children, of whom the sixth was Ebenezer, who m.

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