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V. Elizabeth, b. Aug. 8, 17-10, unmarried, lived with William.

VI. ItOHERT, b. Oct. 8, 17-13, settled in Gollstown, and is said
to have died in the " old war."

EGBERT'S will was proved Sept. 24, 1746; legatees,— his wife
Agnes, who d. Sept., 1758 ; sons John, Wllliam, Alexander and
Robert, two home lots, 10 and 43; dau. Agnes and Elizabeth;
brother WILLIAM, executor. The place Avas sold to John Carr,
and Alexander went to Goifstown about 1763, and bought a
farm of one of the Millers, near Bedford line. He used to say
that he attended school but two days, but acquired such an educa-
tion that he surveyed land and wrote many deeds. Children: —

1. Jfury, b. 17G3; unm.; resided with her parents.

2. Samuel, b. Jan. 12, 1764, m. Sarah, dau. of John Aiken, of
Bedford, 1791; lived in Bedford and Goifstown West Village, and
d. 1822. They had sixteen children, three of whom, John, James
and Matthew, were physicians, and settled in Candia, and several
of the others settled there.

3. John,h. May 8, 1765, m. Sarah Aiken, Aug. 24, 1790; d.
Sept. 8, 1855, a. 90. They had ten children. The eighth, Alex-
ander, b. July 6, 1808, is a cabinet-maker at Candia Village.

4. Janet, b. June 12, 1768, m. W^illiam Eiddle, of Bedfoi-d,
1791; d. 1839; had eight children, two of whom, Polly and
Martha, m. Dr. P. B. Woodbury, of Bedford.

5. James, d. young.

6. Alexander, b. 1772, m. Margaret Moore; settled in Dunbar-
ton; d. July 28, 1844. They had five children.

7. David, b. Dec, 1777, m. Hannah, dau. of Robert Kennedy,
Dec. 31, 1805; settled on the homestead; d. Xov. 28, 1847'. They
had eight children: —

David, b. Aug. 24, 1813, m. Lydia Morrison; is a merchant at
Franldin, N. H. Robert, b. 1818, m. Lydia Russel, was a
crockery and glass dealer at Manchester; d. Dec, 1866.

There were among the grandchildren of Alexander Gilchrist,


who are -widely scattered, quite a number of prominent persons,
a very copious account of whom has been given by David Gil-
christ of Franklin; but my limits do not permit giving the

r WILLIAM GILCHRIST, who was a brother of Eobert. Sen.,
was of Andover, March, 17-±0, and bouglit of Alexander Craige
fifty acres of the northwest end of Gov. AVentworth's farm of
250 acres, where James Crosett and David Graham afterwards
lived, but whether he ever lived there is uncertain.

Thomas Glen, in March, 1743, in consideration of £10 and affec-
tion, conveyed to Elizabeth Miller (his sister, and had been m. to
Robert :\mier), II. L. Xos. 21, 125 and 22. Dec. 31, 17U, Jaue
Glen, widow, quitclaimed to William Kilchi'ist all her right in
her husband Thomas's estate.

William Gilchrist m. Wid. Elizabeth Miller, and they lived
on the Glen place, and had three daughters: —

Molly, m. Joseph Linn, d. 1822.

Sarah, m. Joseph, son of John Carr, Jr., and Robert Graham.

Elizabeth, m. Mark Carr and Abraham Silver, d. Aug. 15,
1834. a. 86.

William Gilchrist d. Aug. 5, 1795. The farm was sold to Moses
Sanborn, and he sold to his father, John Sanborn, and went to
Corinth. John made an heir of his grandson, John Sanborn,
who now resides there.


The family probably came from Ireland to Boston between 1720
and 1728. A dan. Martha m. David McClure there, al:iout 1730.
The father probably d. there ; the mother d. in Chester, March 19,
1756, a. 88.

Thomas Glen, b. about 1700, bought H. L. 129 (afterwards
owned by Peter Dearborn) in 1729. He was constable in 1733.
He owned H. L. 21, 125 and '22, where he lived, and gave to Eliz-
abeth Miller before his death. He m. Jean Wilson. He. d. ]SIarch
18, 1744, a. 44. The wid. m. Rev. John Wilson, and d. April 1,
1752, a. 36.

Elizabeth Glen m. (1) Robert :Miller; (2) William Gilchrist,


Johxathax Goodhue was of Chester, and bought land in 1727 ;
was constable in 1728; m. Elizabeth Powel, April 28, 1720. Chil-
dren: — Elizabeth, b. March 16, 1729, m. Joseph Basford; Mary^
b. May 2, 1730, m. Moses Richardson ; d. Oct. 13, 1809. He set-
tled on H. L. 142. He was killed by the fall of a tree, and is said
to have been the last person buried at Three Camp Meadow. The


wid. m. Nathl. 'W^ood, and she had the estate appraised, and took
the oath by the name of Elizabeth Wood, June, 1731. The place
has been occupied by N. Woods, Jabez Iloit, and by Stephen Clay.


Nathl. Gliddex was fi-om Exeter ; was brother of Moses (the
hatter) Undorhill's wife: was a cabinet maker, and lived directly
below the burying-g-round at Chester; m. Phebe Bntterfield, dau.
of Samuel Robie's second wife. His son, John L., b. 1782, m.
Mary Simonds, wid. of Nathan Webster, Jr. Nathl. d. 18U.
John L. d. 1838. Mary d. Doc, 1863, a. 83.


Robert Gordon lived on II. L. No. 36, on the homestead of
John Calfe. Mr. Calfe reserved his lot when he sold in 1745.
David White m. a dau., and the mother lived with them. She
was f\imou8 for the manufacture of tine linen, and was pi'obably
a midwife, as she bore the appellation of " Granny Gordon." She
d. about 1795, a. over 90.

There was another Ro,bert Gordox, who lived above Head's
tavern, in Ilooksett, at a later daj^


ROBERT GRAHAM was born in Ireland, and m. Janet Hume,
and had a family of children born there. The precise time of
coming over is not known. In 1733 he purchased H. L. No. 128,
where he settled, since occupied by Drs. Benj. and Rufus Kit-
tridge, a»id now by Benj. Davis. In 1747 he deeded the north-
west half to his son William, who soon died without issue. He
signed the Presbyterian protest, Nov., 1735; he and his son Rob-
ert that of June, 1736. His will was proved Dec, 1748, when it
is said he was 80 years old. The children, according to the will,
and the division of AVilliam's estate, were: — Robert, m. Jane
Karr, of Londonderry ; Agnes, m. AndreAV Craige ; Jean, m.
William White, Sen.; Esther, m. Matthew Forsaith ; Mary, m.
William Crawford; and Ann, unmarried; and his wife, Janet,
was then alive. He was a blacksmith.

Robert lived on Add. No. 16, on the east side of the Deny
road, d. May, 1790. Children : —

1. James, m. Molly, dau. of John Carr, settled on Add. lot No.
22, near Stephen Morse; moved to the south part of Deering.
She d., and he m. (2) a dau. of William Graham, Sen. None of
his descendants remain at Deering.

2. John, d. unmarried, in Chester, in 1793.

3. llobert, m. Sarah Gilchrist, wid. of Joseph Carr, and lived


on H. L. Xo. 10, the Robert Gilchrist place, where Josiah I. Hall
now lives. Children: —Xanc}-, m. Jesse Mills; Sally, m. Eobert
Mills; Polly, m. John Shirley; and Jane, ra. Jesse Christie.

4. William, m. Mary Karr, of Londonderry, 1799, lived on the
homestead, and went to GoflFstown.

AViLLiAii Grahaji came from Ireland, it is said, with Eev. Mr.
Wilson ; was a brother, or some relation, of Eobert. He m. Mar-
garet, dau. of John Aiken, Sen., and in 1745 bought Aiken's grist-
mill and a tract of land. In 1750 he bought Xo. 70, 2d P., 2d D.,
and settled on it. He was a linen weaver, and after his children
were grown they raised flax, dressed and spun it, and he wove it,
and they did a thriving business, so that he settled his sons on
farms. He d. April 21, 1789, a. 73. Children: —

I. John, m. Elizabeth Anderson, and lived at first on Gov.
Wentworth's farm, the Alex. Craige place, and then on the home-
stead; d. April 17, 1819, a. 75. Children: —

■ 1. William, m. Sarah, dau. of Benj. Hall, and Margaret, dau.
of Dea. David Curriar; lived on the homestead; d. Aug., 1861, a.
85. 2. Samuel, m, Catharine J., dau. of Lt, Josiah Underhill ;
lived on- No. G9, d. 1808. 3. Martha, m. David Hall, d. 1861, a.
83. 4. Elizabeth, m. Jesse J. Underhill. 5. Jane, m. John Hall,
went to Vt.

II. James, m. a Carr, had, — 1. Margaret, m. James McMurphy ;
m. (2) Jane McMurphy. Children:— 2. Elizabeth, m. Thomas
Anderson, d. 1854, a. 70. 3. Alexander, went to Lebanon. 4.
John, lived in Chester and Atkinson. 5. Mary, d, 185C, a 76. 6.
Sarah, m. David Porter, d, 1851, a. 67. James d. April 11, 1785.
The wid. m. Samuel Crombie.

III. David, m. Mary Kennedy, granddaughter of David Dins-
more's wife ; settled on the northwest end of Gov. Wentworth's
.250 acres, since occupied by Eemic, Jesse Patten, and Albert
Pratt; had: — Mary; Jane; Elizabeth, m. John Wharf, 1807;
Catharine, m. Eobert Wasoii. David d. June 5, 1790. The wid.
m. AVilliam Crombie, went to Maine.

William, Sen., had six daughters. One, m. James Graham,
son of Eobert, went to Deering; one, m. Benjamin Crosett, went
to the Mohawk country; Sarah, m. John McMurphy, of London-
derry; Jane, ra. James, son of John Waddel, of Londonderry, d.
1803; Margaret, m. Samuel Shirley, d. 1793; Jfartha, m. Samuel,
son of James Aiken, d. 1850, a. 86.


Daniel Greenough was a hatter; m. Huldah Smith, wid. of
John Barley, 1783. Children: — David, d. in the East Indies;
Hannah; Smith, b. 1788, m. Sally, dau. of Moses Underhill, d.
Feb. 19, 1819; Mary; William; Sally, b. 1805.



The Griffins were of Kensington. The first wlio settled in Ches-
ter, Philip (I think), settled at the back part of Chase's plain,
near the southeast corner of No. 39, 2d P., 2d D., and some of
the family were buried there. Jacob settled on No. 30, 2d P., 2d
D., a little below where the road from Auburn crosses the road to
Candia. The cellar is yet open in French's pasture. Philip set-
tled on the gore between the O. H. and 2d P., 2d D., where John
B. Rand lived. He had a son Jolm, whose family was for a long
period a heavy expense to the town. Obadiah settled on No. 120,

0. H.

Richard Griffix was the son of Isaac Griffin, of Kensington.
He m. Sally Batchelder, of Ilawke, and lived in Sandown and
Weare, and Avas a soldier in the llevolution.

yathan, b. Oct. 3, 17«8, in Woare, and came to Chester April

1, 1810. He purchased a part of Calfc's amendment, and settled
where Robert Calfe lived, near the old fulling-mill privilege. Pie
m. Sally Evans, Jan. 23, 1820, who was b. at Springfield, N. H.,
March 18, 1795. He d. June 23, 1866. Children: —

Page S.; George G., who lives on the homestead and owns the
Blanchard mills; French B. ; and Sebastian S.


Dea. Richard Hall settled in Bradford, Mass, as early as
1G73. His wife was Martha. He had six children, among whom
were: — JOHN, b. March 22, 1G73, m. Mary Kimball, and lived in
Methuen, and d. Nov. 12, 1703; JOSEPH, b. Feb. 19, 1680, and
lived in Bradford.

JOHN HALL had ten cliildren, among whom was Hexrv, b.

Nov. 23, 1712, m. Joanna , and settled at Hall's Village, in

Chestei', on H. L. No. 56, and had: —

I. Jfary, b. Nov. 14, 1735, m. Thomas Chase, and went to
Salisbury, N. H.

II. Dorothy, b. May 7, 1737, m. Abraham Fitts, and lived in

III. Caleb, h. Nov. 1, 1738, m. Mary Bradley; made a settle-
ment in 1703, on the road leading by Pike Chase's in Auburn,
about sixty rods from the main road, and afterwards on tlie hill
where Henry Dockham now lives, No. 73, 2d P., 2d D. He d. Feb.
15,1835. She d. April 0, 1822, a. 77. Children:—

1. Lydia, m. Joseph Brown, d. Dec. 15, 1790.

2. Molly, b. June, 1706, m. B. P. Chase; d. Dec. 18, 1790.

3. Anna.

4. Judith, d. unmarried.





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5. David, b. Aug. 7, 1774, in. Martha Graham, clau. of Deacon
John Graham. He d. 1842; she d. May 1, 1861.

6. Moses, b. June 7, 1782, m. Mary Orr; lived on the William
Craige place; d. 1856. '

7. Elijah, b. July 22, 1784, m. Lydia Smith, 1809; d. 1S55.

8. Isaac, b. Sept. 20, 1788, m. Lucy Palmer; m. (2) Anna
Wason, widow of Jesse Withersiioou. He. d. Oct. 10, 1868.

It is related that when liviug in the old house, as Mrs. Hall sat
rocking the cradle, a bear came in at one door, and passing
through the room, went out at another. It is also related by
Isaac Hall, that wliile his father was in the army, in 1775, his
mother tended the grist-mill enough to bread her family of five
children and purchase a case of drawers, which he owned.

ly. Henry, b. May 30, 1740, m. a Bradley and settled in Candia;
removed to Ilumney.

V. Joanna, b. May 17, 1742.

VI. Obededom, b. Dec. 1, 1744, m. Mary Kimball of Hamp-
stead, Dec. 27, 1764; settled on No. 19, 3d D., in Candia, about
that time, and was the first settler in the northwesterly part of
the town. It is related of his wife, that once when her husband
was sick or lame, she threshed a grist of rye and cauglit and sad-
dled the horse, and rode upon his back to Trickling Falls, East
Kingston, about tAventy-live miles, to mill. They had twelve
children. He d. Sept. 8, 1805. She d. Dec. 25, 1799.

Vn. Judith, b. Oct. 4, 1746.

VIII. Peter, b. June 9, 1751, m. Lois Atwood; lived with his
father, and had ten children, of whom Henry and Moses still sur-
vive, living at Hall's Village, in Chester. Children : —

David, d. young. Anna, b. 1778, m. Joseph Currier; d. 1865.
Peter, b. 1780, m. Sally Burpee; lived in Candia; d. 1862. John,
b. June 16, 1782, m. Hannah, dan. of Nathl. Ingalls; d. 1860; she
d. 186S. Joseph, d. young. Joseph, b. 1786, m. Mary, dau. of
Col. Moses Dustiu, and m. (2) Mary Knowles; he d. Oct. 11,
1829; the wid. m. Joseph Knowles. Henry, b. 1788, m. Lydia
Marston; lives on the]hoinestead. Lois, m. John Proctor, 1828.
Lucy, unm., d. Oct., 1829. Moses, m. Marv Cochran; lives at
Hall's Village.

JOHN HALL'S youngest son was Joshua, b. Dec. 11, 1724,
m. Deborah Ethridge, Sept. 12, 1750. She was a granddaughter of
John Calef, and sister of the wife of Robert Ambrose, of Con-
cord. John Hall, of Methuen, gave to his son Joshua, of Chester,
25 acres of No. 129, O. H., on which he settled, where George S.
Smith now lives. He d. Jan., 1794. She d. Jan. 1, 1801. Chil-
dren : —

1. Sarah, b. 1753, m. Matthias Haynes; went to Moulton-



2. Beuhen, m. Betsy Hook, lived in Che?ter; d. 1826.

3. Jloses K., b. Jan. 2o, 1758, m. Lucretia Currier, dau of Capt.
Benjamin Currier. He d. Aug. 18, 1837. She d. Aug. 17, 1801.
Chil: — Hannah, m. Benjamin Chase; Charlotte, unm. ; Sarah, m.
Isaac Howe; Kimball, ra. Sophia Emerson, d. 1854.

4. Josiah, went to parts unknown.

5. Joshua, b. 1762, ra. Polly, dau. of Joseph ]Morsc. He d.
1845; she d. 1856.

C. Jesse.h. 1764, m. Polly, dau. of "Wilkes West; lived in Campton.
7. William, d. in the army. 8. David, unmarried.
9. John, m. Nancy Brown, went to Tuftonborough.
I 10. Elizabeth, m. Jonatlian Bagley, went to ]\laine.

^ JOSEPH HALL, son of Dea. Richard, b. Feb. 9, 1680, m.

Sarah , had eight or nine children, among Avhom was JoxA-

i THAX, b. Aug. 15, 1716, m. Mehitabel Kimball, about 1740; re-
C moved to Chester ; settled on Add. No. 46, w^herc Daniel Porter

lately lived, and had eight children: —

1. Betty, b. March 28, 1742, ra. Dea. Joseph Dearborn, and
went to Rumucy.

2. Susan, b. Feb. 10, 1743, m. "Walter Robie, and settled in
Candia. She d. Oct. 2, 1821.

3. Jonathan, b. Dec. 8, 1745, ra. Hannah Buttcrfield, settled in

4. Josiah, b. Oct. 7, 1747, m. Ruth French, dau. of Maj. Jabez
French; settled at the Long Meadows, where his grandson, John
M. Hall, now lives; d. Sept. 10, 1825.

5. Jlchitabel, h. June 15, 1749, m. John Robie; settled in
Candia; d. July 5, 1832.

6. Joseph, b. Jan 31, 1752, m. Ruth Harriman; lived on a part
of his father's farm, where J. "W. Chase now lives; d. Dec. 18,

7. Benjamin, (Maj.) 1). Sept. 4, 1756, m. Nabbo, dau. of
Samuel Emerson, Esq., and lived with his father; d. May 23,

8. Priscilla, b. April 4, 1760, m. Francis Porter, of Salem,

. Dea. Jonathan Hall d. July 2, 1809. His wife d. Feb. 21, 1808.

Joseph Hall, son of Dea. Richard, had also Nathaniel, or, as
on the Bradford records, "Nathan," b. April 2, 1719, m. Mary

; settled in Chester, on Add. No. 63, where Jonathan Bailey

lately lived. Children :—

1. Mary, b. July 17, 1744, m. Barnard Bricket; lived in Chester.

2. Nathaniel, b. Dec. 20, 1746, m. Nelly Merrill; went to

3. David, b. Dec. 11, 1749, m. Judith, dau. of Winthrop Sar-
gent, March 8, 1781 ; lived on the homestead.


4. Obadiah, b. May 13, 1752, m. Sarah Stickuey.

5. Sarah, b. June 22, 1757, m. Peter Severance.

6. Eleanor, b. June 29, 1759, m. Col. Simon To-s\'le May 13,
1779 ; lived in Chester and Haverhill, N. H.

Nathaniel d. April 5, 1803. Man' d. June 23, 1809.

Thomas Hall and '^ Makcey," his wife, came from Ireland to
Loudouderry. It is related of him that he undertook to fell a
tree, and not understanding it, he cut all around it, and when it
began to fall he ran, but the wrong- way, and it fell on him and
killed liim. He had a son John, m. Elizabeth, dau. of AVilliran
Dickey, Jan. 4, 1741. He was an early settler of Derryfield.
Thomas Smith sold to John Hall, of Chester, a lot in Bare
Meadow, in 1744, and Thomas Hall, of Chester, bought of James
Adams, Xo. 6, 4th D., in 1745. John, and perhaps his father
with him, settled on No. 15, just below Manchester Centre. He
was an innkeeper, and the place has been occupied for a public
house until within a few years, when the house was burned. He
was active in i^rocuring the charter of Derryfield, and at a town-
meeting, Nov. 25, 1751, John Goflfe, William McClento and AVil-
liam Perham were chosen a committee to examine liis accounts
and allow what they thought right, who reported that what he
had expended in time and money, at a reasonable or rather
moderate allowance, amounts to the sum of two hundred pounds,
old tenor. He was chosen the first town clerk, and held the office
several years. The orthography and grammar of his records are
a curiosity. Children: —

Janet, b. Xov. 6, 1742. Daniel, b. July 28, 1744. Samuel, b.
Feb. 28, 1747. Thomas, b. Nov. 6, 1748." Elizabeth, b. Jan. 6,
1750. Marcy, b. Aug. 12, 1752. Sarah, b. Jan., 1755. John, b.
Sept. 22, 1758. Martha, b. April, 17G0. William, b. Sept. 28,


Jazael HARKniAX lived on No. 123, 2d P., 2d D., about half
way from the pond to the mills, and had a dau. Sarah, m. Eobert
McKinley ; Mercy, m. David Carr, went to Piermont.

Laban Harkbian came from Hampstead, and hved above the
Head tavern, in Hooksett, towards Suncook, a few years, about
1780, and went back to Hampsteed,and his brother, Rufus Har-
RtiiAx, took his place, and in a few years sold and went to Corinth.


The Haseltines were of that part of Rowley now Bradford.
JoHX and Jean had Samuel, b. Dec. 20, 1645; J/c/r^, b. Sept.
10, 1648; 2iathaniel, b. Feb. 7, 1656.


Robert and Ann had, — Anne,h. Feb. 1, 1641; Jfcwi/, 16i2;
3fary, 1646; Abraham, b. March 23, 1648; Deliverance, 1650;
Mizaheth, 1653; Bobert, 1657; Gershom, 1662.

Abraham and Elizabeth had, — Mary, 1672; Eobert, 1676;
RICHARD, the grantee of Clicster, b. Nov. 13, 1679.

RICH^UID, m. Elizabeth Chadwick, Jan. 14, 1702-3. Chil-
dren : —

I. Ephraim, b. Sept. 23, 1703; II. Richard, b. Aug. 18, 1705;
III. Thomas, b. March 18, 1707; IV. Jonx, b. Nov. 22, 1708; V.
Mary, b. Feb. 7, 1710-11; VI. Abigail, b. April 15, 1715; VII
and VIII. William and Jamks, twins, b. July 20, 1729.

I. Ephraim probably came to Chester as early as 1727. He
was chosen lot-layer in 1728. He was m. to Ruth, dau. of Capt.
Samuel Ingalls, by the Rev. Mr. "Wilson, 1735, and settled on Add.
No. 2, a little back of where his great-grandson, John A. Hasel-
ton, now lives. His will was proved July 30, 1772. Children: —

1. John, b. June 9, 1736, m. Anna Dearborn and Hannah Chase.

2. Peter, b. April 29, 1738, m. Molly French and Hannah Iloitj
had no children. Lived where Samuel H. lived. He d. March
22, 1807.

3. Mary, b. May 2, 1740, m. Simon Bailey, who lived in Ches-
ter, and was many years scaler of leather. Moved to Dunbarton.

4. Richard, b. Oct. 2, 1742, m. Lucy Cross.

5. Eltzabeth, b. Oct. 5, 1745, m. her cousin Samuel, son of John.

6. Susannah, b. Jan. 31, 1748, m. Nathan Merril, of Poplin; d.
Sept. 21, 1828.

7. Ruth, b. May 8, 1750, d. unmarried, Sept. 20, 1800.

8. Hannah, b. March 15, 1754, d. young.

9. Epliraim, b. June 21, 1759, unmarried.

10. Hannah, b. June 18, 1760, m. Dea. E. H. Kelley, d. Jan.,

1. John Haseltine, son of Ephraim, m. Anna, dau. of Peter
Dearborn, Feb. 1, 1764. She d. Nov. 29, 1780. Children : —

1. Sarah, b. Sept. 27, 1766, m. Stephen Clay, son of John Clay,
of Caudia. She d. March, 1846. He m. (2) Hannah Chase, dau.
of Johnson Chase, March 21, 1782.

2. John, b. Jan. 1, 1783, m. Mary "Wells, Sept. 3, 1823, d. 1867.

3. Mary, b. July 18, 1784, m. John "Wells, and a Davis.

4. Samuel, b. June 15, 1786, m. Abigail Tabor, d. Jan., 1869.

5. William, b. May 5, 1789, m. Mercy J. Cochran, March 4,
1822. Lived on the old E. Haseltine place ; d. March, 1864.

6. Hannah, b. Aug. 4, 1791.

7. Eunice, b. Aug. 15, 1794, m. Nath. Lane.

8. Ephraim, b. Nov. 9, 1797, d. 1803.

9. Ruth, b. Nov. 10, 1800, m. — Clark.


John Ilaseltine d. June 27, 1815. Hannah d. July, 1826.

4. Dea. Richard, son of Ephraoi, m. Lucy Cross, of Bradford.
Lived on the Capt. Ingalls i)lace, and bought the gTist-mill in
1779. He d. Jan., 1819." Children: —

1. Sarah, b. Oct. 15, 1773, m. Reuben Wells, d. Oct. 16, 1840.

2. Ephraim, b. Jan. 27, 1775.

3. Eichard, b. Oct. 26, 1776.

4. Mary, b. April 18, 1778, m. Samuel Dodge, d. 1806.

5. Ruth, b. Aug. 29, 1780, m. Philip Wells, d. Feb. 20, 1854.

6. Peter, b. March 20, 1783, m. Susanna B. Robinson, March
20, 1810. He d. March U, 1868; slie d. March 22, 1868.

7. Thomas, b. Aug. 4, 1785, m. Elizabeth Sanborn, Nov. 22,
1810. Lived at the mill; d. Sept. 4, 1846. She d. Sept. 10, 1843.
Their children who survived, — Capt. Amos, (lives on the home-
stead) aud John N., carry on making pails, boxes, &c., at the
"Falls on the Great Brook" (see oVIills) ; Susan D., m. Ephraim
Orcutt; Nathan S. (see Graduates).

in. Thomas Haseltixe, sou of the grantee, came to Chester
about tlie same time that Ephraim did. Dec. 28, 1730, the wid.
of the Rev. Theo. Cotton conveyed to Ephraim aud Thomas H.,
of Chester, the 46th H. L., on condition of settlement. He m.
Joanna Hills, dau. of Benjamin Hills, Sen., May 8, 1738. Chil-
dren : —

1. Abigail, b. Feb. 18, 1739, m. Jabez Hoit, Esq., of Chestei", d.

2. Rebecca, b. Xov. 6, 1741, m. a Coffin, went to New Boston.

3. Thomas, b. May 22, 1744.

4. Moses, b. Feb. 18, 1745, m. Bridget French.

6. Benjamin, b. Aug. 15, 1752, m. Susanna Richardson.
6. Joanna, b. Oct. 24, 1757, m. David Bartlett, of Campton.
Thomas settled on H. L. No. 73, where Z. Shirley now lives.
4. Moses m. Bridget French, Juue 1, 1775. Lived on the home-
stead; d. Aug. 19, 1807. She d. June 27, 1808. Children: —

1. Thomas, b. March 23, 1776, m. Lucretia Hill, June 26, 1800.

2. Peter, b. Oct. 26, 1779, d. 1800.

3. Moses, b. March 24, 1782, m. Sarah Ayer; she b. April 8,
1784. Lived on the Benaiah Colby place ; d. Aug. 9, 1862.

4. Josiah, b. Dec. 18, 1784, m. Sarah, dau. of Capt. John Emer-
son, April 13, 1809, d. June 25, 1840.

5. Benjamin Haseltine m. Susanna Richardson, dau. of
Thomas Richardson, Oct., 1779. Lived on H. L. No. 68, where
Parker Morse now lives. Moved to Orford. Children : —

Pearson; Amos; Anna; Benjamin, b. Feb. 1, 1786; Susanna;
James, b. Aug. 4, 1790; Priscilla; aud Betsey.

lY. John Haseltine, son of the grantee, came early to Chester,


m. Maiy, daii. of Capt. Samuel lagalls, and lived near where Ed-
win Haseltlue now lives. Children: —

1. Samuel, h. June 28, 1740, m. his cousin Elizabeth.

2. Mary, b. Xov. 23, 1741.

3. John, b. Feb. 14, 1743, d. young.

4. Eben, b. May 3, 1747.

5. James, b. March 27, 1750.

6. Bille, b. March 10, 1751.

7. Sarah, b. March 20, 1754.

8. John, b. Nov. 8, 1756, in. Rebecca Barton, Nov. 15, 1781.
John, Sen., d. ; administration to Mar\% Sept., 1759. His wid.

m. a Hall, of Bradford, and the younger children went with her.

1. Samuel m. Elizabeth, Dec. 17, 1767, lived on the homestead.
Children: — John, b. July 14, 1771; Mary; Elizabeth; Samuel;
Hannah, b. June 20, 1780. The family moved to Corinth.

8. John m. Rebecca Barton, lived in Bradford, and d. 1837.
Children: — Abif^ail, b. March 15, 1788, who was preceptress of
Bradford Academy, still living; Nancy, b. Dec. 2, 1789, m. Dr.
Judson, one of the first missionaries to Burmah; Mary, still liv-

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