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ing in Bradford.

JOHN and NATH^iNIEL HEAD, brothers, came from Wales,
and settled in Bradford, Mass., and both subsequently i-emoved
to Pembroke. NATHANIEL had three sons : Nathaniel, born
in Bradford, Mass., March 6^ 1754; James and Richard. James
settled in Conway, whei'e he died. Richard, the youngest,
died in Bradford, ]\Iass. It is related of Nathaniel, that Avhen
a young man, he paid his addresses to a Scotch-Ii'ish girl by the
name of Knox, to whom it seems Ms father had taken an aver-
sion, probably on account of her parentage. As the boy was
driving the oxen for his father to plow, the following conver-
sation is said to have taken place: '^Nathaniel, do you. intend
to marry that Ii'ish girl?" "Yes, father," was the rejily.
" Then understand you can never share in my property." "Very
well," said the son, "I will take care of myself ;" and suiting
the action to the word, he dropped the goad-stick and left his
father's home. He afterwards married the young lady in ques-
tion, Anna Knox, daughter of Timothy Knox, of Pembroke, b.
Dec. 30, 1753. He came to Chester about 1780, and built a log
house on the same spot where his grandson Natt now lives,
where he remained until his death. His father, true to his threat,
gave him in his vdW one dollar, and the rest to his brothers. He
was an energetic business man, and successful in the accumulation
of property. He was a captain in the Revolution. (See Adj.-
Generars Report, 1866, Vol. 2, p. 364.) He d. Oct. 24, 1829, a.
75; Anna d. Feb. 3, 1821. Children:—



1. Samuel, h. July 5, 1778, m. Sarah, dan. of Dr. Thomas
Sarg-eiit, b. June 21, 1781; resided at the place known as the
Head Tavei-n until his death, and was celebrated as an innkeeper.
He d. Sept. 29, 1851; she d. Nov. 6, 1851. Their sons, Thomas
N. and Samuel, now reside in Hooksett.

2. Richard, b. June 9, 1780, m. Sally Dolloff of Epsom; lived
on the fai-m adjoining Samuel's. He d. Sept 10, 1831.

3. Polli/, b. June 10, 1782, m. Thomas Cochran, of Pembroke;
d. Sept. 2, 1819.

4. John, b. Jan. 10, 1781; d. May 13, 1788, a. 4.

5. Nathaniel, b. June 22, 1786, m. Lydia, dau. of Capt. John
"VYason, of Caudia. He d. in Sanbornton, Feb. 6, 1831, leaving
two children, John C. Head, now residing in Manchester, and
Mrs. Levi Sargent, in Plattsburg, N. Y., where the widow now
resides with her.

6. Nancy, b. Dec. 2, 1788, d. Jan. 5, 1834.

7. Col. John Head, b. May 30, 1791 ; m. Anna Brown, of Ches-
ter, b. Sept. 26, 1791, d. April 3, 1819. He remained at the old
homestead until his death, Aug. 7, 1835. He lefc five children:—
Hannah A., T\afe of Col. Josiah Stephens, Jr., of Concord; Sally
B., wife of Hall B. Emery, of Pembroke, d. 1868; Natt, Adjutant-
General of New Hampshire; William F., who now resides upon
the old farm in Huok-ett; and John A., resides in Iowa.

8. Betsey, b. July 1, 1794, d. Oct. 20, 1795.

9. Margaret, b. Dec. 10, 1796, m. Isaac C.Otterson of Hooksett;
d. Dec. 30, 1866.


William Healet was a grantee, and was the son of Samuel
Healey, of that part of Hampton now Hampton Falls, and grand-
son of William Healey of Cambridge. He was b. Jan. 29, 1689-
90; m. Mary, dau. of Benjamin Sanborn, 1715. He came to
Chester about 1728, and settled on his home lot No. 7, since owned
by Toppan Webster, Timothy Dexter, and now by Ephraim
Orcutt. His will was dated 1767; proved 1772. Children:—

1. Phebe, b. Oct. 18, 1716, m. Winthrop Sargent; d. Nov. 9,

2. Joanna, b. July 20, 1718, m. Capt. John Underbill; d. 1809.

3. Samuel, b. 1720, m. Abigail.

4. Jfary, b. 1722, m. Isaac Clifford; went to Rumney.

5. Dorothy, b. 1724, m. Winthrop Wells, son of Thomas;
fii'st settled in Candia, then in Plymouth.

6. Sarah, b. 1626, m. a Clifford, of inngston.
[These were born at Hampton Falls.]

7. Paul, b. Jan. 8, 1729.


8. Hannah, m. "Wm. Preston, Jr. ; lived in Chester, and moved
to Plymouth.

William Healey deeded to his son 8amuel\\x% O. 11. No. 110,
in 1743, on which he settled. He sold 25 acres of the southwest
corner to Isaac Clifford, of Kingston, in 1745. Samuel sold the
residue of the lot to Simon Bo.tchelder, in 17G5.

Samuers children were :— AYilliam Smith, b. 1745 ; Sarah ; Sam-
uel, b. 1749; Lydia; Jona., d. young; Elizabeth and Abigail, d.
young. By a second wife: — Flanders; Benjamin, b. 17G0; Jona-
than and Elizabeth.

7. Paul lived on the homestead. William Healey and Paul
Healey sold to Nathl. Blasdell a quarter of an acre of land, on
which he built a store in 1759. Panl Healey and Abigail sold to
Dr. Thomas Sargent the southeast half of the lot hi 1785. The
other half was probably sold to Edward Robie and wife; for Dr.
Sargent and wife and Edward Kobie and wife sold to Toppan
Webster an acre and a half, on which the house was built in 1788.
Paul Healey and Paul, Jr.. were taxed hi Chester in 1785. Wil-
liam Healey owned H. L. 1.33 in 176G, and Paul Healey, Jr., set-
tled on it, and sold to Edward Robie, where his grandson John
Robie now lives. It is said that they went to Dunbarton. It is
said that Mary, the wife of William, lived to be one hundred
years old. If she d. in Chester, would not be more than ninety-


Elijah Heath m. Hannah, dau. of Lt. Ebenezer Dearborn, and
settled on Add. No. 57, where Samuel Hall now lives; adminis-
tration to Hannah, May, 1776. Children:—

1. Anna, m. Jeremiah Uuderliill Sept., 1775; d. 1844.

2. Elijah, d. 1784.

3. Levi.

4. Stephen, m. Maiy, dau. of James Aiken; lived on No. 84,
2d P., 2d D., where Arthur Dinsmore had lived; went to Pennsyl-

6. Hannah. 6. James. 7. Ifiriam.

8. Huklah, m. Samuel, son of David White.

These were under fourteen years old, Feb., 1779, except Elijah.


Joseph Hills, b. 1602, was in New England, 1638 ; Charlestown^
1639 ; Maiden, 1647 to 1655, thence to Newbury; m. Anne, wid. of
Henry Lunt, 1665, d. Feb. 5, 1688, a. 86. Children: — Samuel;
Wayt; Gershom; and four daughters. Samuel m. Margaret
Wheeler, 1679, and had 14 children. The fifth, —


1709, by the Eev. Mr. Belcher. He was a cooper. He bought of
Philemon Blake half of his right, and of Reuben Sanborn half of
his, excepting- the home lot, in 1725, and other land in 1732, and
was of Newbury, and did not settle on any of these lots. He
was an Auditor in 1737. In 1744 he was chosen Eepresentative,
and sent home. (See that year in the History.) lie settled on
Add. No. 98, where his great-grandson Benjamin now lives.
His house was a garrison, and the port-holes are yet seen in the
boarding. He d. Nov. 3, 1762, a. 79. She d. Sept. -4, 1769, a. 79.
Children : —

I. Samuel, b. Aug. 10, 1710, m. Rebecca Thurston.

II. Abigail, b. March 21, 1713.

III. Rebecca, b. April 1, 1715, m. Moses Hills, Jan., 1735.

IV. Joanna, b. March 15, 1717, m. Thomas Haseltine, 1738.

V. Ruth, b. July 10, 1719.

VI. Benjamin, b. March 12, 1721, in. Eleanor, dau. of Stephen
Morse, Sept. 15, 1761.

VII. Abner, b. Feb. 13, 1723, m. Mary Stockman, June 10,

VIII. Hannah, b. Nov. 13, 1724, m. Jabez French, d. 1806.

IX. Prudence, b. Feb. 12, 1726, m. Jacob Chase, d. May, 1775.

X. Moses, b. 1728.

I. Samuel Hills m. Rebecca Thurston, Jan. 28, 1735, came to
Chester about 1736, settled on Add. lot No. 96, where his son Ste-
phen afterwards lived. He d. Feb. 2, 1762; she d. May 21, 1743.
Children : —

1. Edmund, b. Dec. 7, 1735, at Newbury.

2. John, b. March 25, 1738, at Chester, m. Mary, dau. of Josiah
Morse, Sept. 22, 1764; settled in Candia on No. Ill, 2d P., 2d D.,
where his grandson. Edmund, now lives. He was at Bunker Ilill,
and the taking of Burgoyne. He was one of the first deacons,
1771. He d. Feb. 27, 1818; she d. Jan. 24, 1839. Children: —
Mary, b. Sept. 26, 1765, d. unmarried, March, 1854; Edmund, b.
1767, d. 1789; Susannah, b. 1770, m. Samuel Hardy, 1797, d. Nov.,
1824; Josiah, b. May 8, 1772. m. Sally Wilson, lived at Deering,
d. 1818; John, b. Feb. 4, 1777, d. uimiarried, on the homestead,
March 19, 1841; Elizabeth, b. 1781, d. unmarried, Nov., 1830;
Parker, b. Feb. 23, 1785, m. Charlotte, dau. of Edward Prescott,
Nov. 26, 1818, lived on the homestead, d. Jan. 1, 1865. His son
Edmund lives on the homestead.

3. Samuel, b. March 12, 1743, m. Anne, dau. of Josiah Morse,
1770, went to Sandwich, N. H.

Samuel, Sen., m. (2) Elizabeth Swain, Nov. 18, 1743.

4. Imac, Esq., b. Aug. 31, 1744, m. Lucretia Tilton, 1773.

Children : —



Rachael, b. 1773; Lucretia, b. Sept. 15, 1779, m. Thos., son of
Moses Haselton, d. 1868. Her mother d. same day. Isaac m. (2)
Mehitabel Stevens, 1781. Chil. :— Edward S., b. July 10, 1785, m.
Dorcas Sawyer; John ; and Sally. Isaac lived on Add. No. 95, d.
Sept. 24, 1824. Mehitabel d. Aug. 26, 1851, a. 99.

5. Stephen, b. March 29, 174G, m. Anna Stevens, of Brentwood,
Dec. 11, 1783; lived on the homestead ; d. Jan. 31, 1831; she d.
1842, a. 85. Children : —

1. Hannah, m. Nathan, son of Joseph Long. 2. Ebenezer, b.
May 26, 1786, m. Mary, dan. of Joseph Robinson; lived at Ames-
bury, d. Aug. 17, 1864. 3. Rufus. 4. George.

6. JElizabeth, b. 1747, m. Joseph Norton; d, of small pox, 1778.

7. Hannah.

8. Ileuben, b. Aug. 14. 1752, m. Sally, dau. of Gideon Currier,
went to Maine.

9. Rachael.

10. liebecca, b. 1756, m. her cousin Benjamin, son of Abner
Hills. '

11. Josiah, b. 1758.

12. Ebenezer.

13. Rachael, b. 1762.

Elizabeth, the widow of Samuel, m. Lt. Ebenezer Dearborn,
d. July 31, 1793.

VI. Bexjamin, sixth child of BENJAMIN, m. Eleanor, dau. of
Stephen Morse, Sept. 15, 1761 ; lived on the homestead; d. May 6,
18U1 ; she d. Jan. 2, 1814. Children : —

1. Benja^nin, b. Nov. 1, 1762, m. Lydia, dau. of Dca. John S.
Dearborn, Oct. 29, 1786 ; had 15 children, 4 d. young ; lived on the
homestead. He d. Sept. 25, 1851; she d. June 2, 1844. Children:

Nathl., b. 1789; Henry, b. 1792, m. Harriet Clay, went to Me.;
Lydia, b. 1795, d. Sept. 4, 1822; James, b. 1796; Eleanor;
Charles, b. 1800; Lucinda, 1801; Benjamin, b. Nov. 28, 1802, m.
Jane, dau. of Thomas Wilson, lives on the homestead; Elizabeth
A. ; and Rufus.

2. Eleanor, b. Oct, 8, 1764, m. James Stevens.

3. Eliphalet, b. 1767; was insane or, as some said, was be-
witched, did not speak for two years; d. Jan. 5, 1797.

4. Sarah, b. Nov. 7, 1767, m. a Thing of Brentwood.

YII. Abner, the seventh child of BENJAMIN, Sen., m. Mary
Stockman, June 10, 1747 ; lived near the E. side of No. 15, 2d P., 2d
D., on the road from near Joshua Prescott's to Marden's; d. Oct.
3, 1794. Children:—

1. Benjamin, b. April 24, 1748, m. his cousin Rebecca, dau. of
Samuel Hills, July 16, 1782 ; lived on the old John Aiken j^lace,
and built the present house on the Powel place where Daniel AV"il-


son lately lived; d. June 14, 1829; she d. May 20, 1827. Cliild-
ren: —

Asa, b. 1783; Jesse, b. 1784, m. Sally, dau. of Daniel Eichard-
son; Achsali; Zillali; Ziba, lives at Rumney ; Ammi; and Adah.

2. Peter, b. Nov. 25, 1750, m. Abigail Varnum, the wid. of Eze-
kiel Lane, 1780; she d. Jan., 1802. He m. C2) Edna Davis. She
m. (2) Peter Hall; d. July 22, 1848, a. 89.

3. John.

4. Abner.

6. Joseph, b. May 18, 1757, m. Mary Knowles, who d. 1813 ; m.
(2) Mary Page, lived on the homestead, and where Amos Stevens
now lives. He d. Sept. 10, 1843; Mary Page d. Sept. 20, 1849, a.

6. John. 7. Edmund.

Moses Hills and Eebecca Hills, probably dau. of BEXJA-
MEN", were m. at Newbury, Jan. 28, 1735. In January, 1737, he
bought of Jacob Basford, son of James, a part of 4 home lots, 42,
106, 146 and 105, and came to Chester and settled on No. 106. He
afterwards went back to Newbury, fell down stairs and broke his
neck. Cliildren : —

1. Jacob, b. Oct. 25, 1735, m. Margarett Platts ; lived on his
father's homestead in Chester. He d. Nov. 2, 1815. She d. Sept.
9, 1809. Children:—

Abigail, b. 1760; Molly; Edmund; Daniel, b. Nov. 19, 1767,
m. Mary, dau. of John Knowles, Jr., lived on the Moulton or
Bradley place, H. L. No. 49, d. July 20, 1816; she d. Nov. 21,
1867 ; Susannah, b. Feb. 17, 1770, m. Nathan, son of John
Knowles, Jr., d. 1862; Rebecca; Betty; Moses, b. April 24, 1777,
m. Hannah Morse, lived where John Aiken first lived, H. L. No.
145, d. Jan. 2, 1813 ; she d. Sept. 10, 1863, a. 85 ; Sally.

2. Hoses, b. 1740, lived on Add. No. 49, at the Long Meadows,
S. E. of Long Meadow Brook; went into the country.

3. Joseph, b. Jan. 18, 1745, m. Prudence Sargent. His father
in 1772 gave him Add. No. 62, on which he settled; sold to
Joseph Bailey, built on Add. No. 49, where Nehemiah Luf kin
lately lived. No issue. He. d. Aj)ril 11, 1823 ; she d. Dec. 23,
1842, a. 93.

Jonathan Hills was of Newbury, m. Hannah, dau. of Thomas
Merril, of Newbury, Oct. 25, 1749 ; settled on Candia High street,
No. 94, 3dD.; d. 1812; she d. 1809.

Jethro Hill, m. Mehitabel Jewet ; came from Shetham, 1765,
settled on No. 98, 3d D. ; d. May 25, 1722.



JOHN HOIT of Newtown cl. 1752; Mary, his wife, d. at Clies-
ter, 1776; liad two sous, Benjamin and John; came to Chester.
Benjamin, b. 1736, m. Mary Colby, b. 1738. He d. 1803; she d.
1824 ; settled on No. 3, 2d P., 2d D., near Foplin line. Children :—

Benjamin, b. 1700.

Betty. Mary.

Huldah, b. 1765, m. Tabor, went to Maine, d. 1851, a. 85.


3firkim, m. Smith of New Hampton.

Levi, b. March 23, 1771, lived on the homestead; had a son
Batchclder, lived on the homestead, drowned in Exeter river,
Feb. 15, 1841.

Hannah, b. 1773, m. J. Abbot of Poplin, d. March 16, 1864, a.

Dolly, b. Dec. 15, 1774, nnmarried, on the homestead; alive in

John Hoit m. Sarah Collins, came to Cavil mill in Poplin,
thence to Chester. Children : —

1. Molly, b. 1764, m. Sherburn Sanborn. He d, 1831, a. 80;
she d. Sept. 24, 1852. Children: — Moses Sanborn of Fremont and
Simon M. Sanborn of Chester.

2. Hannah, b. 1776, m. Capt. B. Fitts, d. Oct. 11, 1797.

3. Mrs. Dowse, of Deertield, d. about 1860, a. 84.

4. John, m. a Glidden, who gave birth to three children at a
birth, who all lived. He d. 1790.

5. A dan., m. John, son of Joseph Knowles, d. a young woman.
John Hoit m. (2) wid. Miriam (Brown) Hobbs. He. d. Nov.

14, 1818, a. 89; Sarah Collins d. Dec. 24, 1788; Miriam d. March
19, 1826, a. 95 y. 9 m.

William Hoit came from Amesburj^, 1785 to '90 ; lived on Gov.
Wentworth's farm of 200 acres; m, Afia, dan. of Aquila Wor-
then. He d. 1820, a. 82; she d. 1830, a. 82. Children:—

William, ni. Betsy, dau. of Eben Basford. He d. at Nashua
about 1864.

James, h. 1780, m. Pamela, dau. of Joshua Brown; lived in
Auburn; she d. 1868. He d. 1848.

Elizabeth, b. 1791, m. Amos Stickney, d. Sept. 20, 1842.

Jabez Hoit m. Abigail, dau. of Thomas Haseltine, April 17,
1760. March 6, 1760, he bought of Nathl. and Elizabeth Wood,
H. L. No. 3, (the Goodhue or Clay place). After the death of
Thomas Wells he sold, probably to Stephen Clay, and bought
where William Teuney now lives, H. L. 61. Children: —


Abigail, b. Jan, IG, 1761.

Thomas, b. 1762, d. 1779, at Surinam.

Jahez, b. 1765, lived at Hampstead.

Josiah, b. 1770, lived at Sandown.

3Ioses, b. 1773, was a teacher; d. in Deny.

Jesse, b. 1774.

Samuel, b. 1781.

Jabez d. Aug. 7, 1817, a. 82; Ms wife d. May 1, 1817, a. 77.


Daniel Hodgkixs was a cabinet maker; liA-ed on a tract bought
by Elipliaz Sanborn, adjoining Gov. Sliute's farm on tlie east. His
wife Xancy was insane, and a long time maintained by the town ;
she d. April 23, 1822. Son Daniel, insane, and lived with Deacon
Weeks, of Greenland, and in a paroxysm shot the deacon; was
confined in jail during life.


Capt. Samuel Ingalls was b. at Andover, Mass., May 7, 1683.
He moved to Haverhill, and Oct. 23, 1717, Samuel Smith, of
Haverhill, deeded to Samuel Ingalls of ''Chesher, blacksmith,"
a right in Kingston. He probably was in Chester, and had at
least a constructive residence to have possession in behalf of
Haverhill people. He did not belong to the society originally,
but was admitted with eighteen others, at the request of the Gov-
ernor, in 1720. He was one of the grantees of the saw-mill privilege.
and is a grantee named in the charter. It is said that he actually
removed to Chester in 1720, though in deeds he is said to be of
Haverhill after that time. In March, 1722, Samuel Ingalls of
" Winfield, otherwise Cheshire," deeded to Phillips the right of
Stephen Webster, reserving '"the home lot Xo. 64, on which I
live." He was a very prominent man in town, held various offices ;
was selectman in 1723, '24 and '25 ; lot-layer in 1724 to 1728 ; town
clerk in 1730 ; was the first captain in town, being so called in 1729.
He built the first framed house in town about 1732, which stood
where Humphrej' Xiles now lives, and was taken down when the
present house was erected. He d. Oct. 6, 1747. The inventory
of his estate was returned March, 1750 ; his homestead of 67 acres
appraised at £3,380; account settled in 1760. The heirs were
Samuel Moores, Thomas Wells and Nathaniel Ingalls, He m.
Mary Watts. Children (born in Haverhill) :—

I. Elizabeth, b. Sept. 8, 1709, m. Thomas Wells.

II. Sarah, b. Oct. 27, 1710; unm.
in. Samuel, Sei)t. 15, 1712.

IV. Mary, b, Nov. 27, 1714, m. John Haseltine, of Chester,
and (2) a Hall, of Bradford.


V. Ruth, b. Jan. 31, 1717-18, m. Ephraim Haseltine of Chester.
yi. Timothy, b. April 20, 1720.
Those born in Chester were : —

VII. 3Iehitabel, b. 1723, being the first white child b. in Ches-
ter, m. Dr. Samuel Mooi-es, one of the early settlers of Chester,
and a very prominent man in Candia. She d. April 12, 1818.

VIII. Abigail, b. 1725, m. Stephen Morse; d. May, 1806.

IX. Nathaniel, b. Dec. 12, 1727, m. Abigail Huse, and lived in
Sandown. Children: —

1. Israel. 2. Peter, d. y. 3. Polly or Mary, m. Perley Chase.
4. Peter. 5. Abigail, m. Benjamin Smith, of Hanover. 6. Me-
hitabel, m. John Clough, 1793; lived at Concord, N. H. 7.
Josiah, m. Olive Sanborn, of Andover. N. H. ; d. at Chester. 8.
Samuel, m. Betsy Clough; lived at Sandown; d. 18GG, a. 93.
9. Hannah, m. John Hall; d. 18G8.

Eldad Ingalls came to Chester from Haverhill, and lived on
II. L. No. 61, at the corner of the town. He was moderator and
town clerk in 1728. In Dec, 1729, he was of Haverhill, and
deeded his lot to Thomas "Wells, of Amesbury. It has since been
occupied by Jabez Iloit, and Silas and William Tenny.

There was a Peter Ingalls in town, who d. in 1751.

An'dreav jACK's^.name first appears on the Presbyterian records
as warden in 1747, and moderator from 1752 to 1755, and on the
town records as constable in 1752. He settled at the foot of
Jack hill, on the road from Walnut hill to Three Camp meadow.
He had a son Samuel, m. Molly McMurphy; he d. 1793. Chil-
dren: —

Jean, 1776; Hannah, b. 1777, m. Gideon, son of Simeon .Cur-
rier, 1798; Andrew, 1780, lived on the main road near the Tol-
ford place, d. May 1828; Ilobert; James; Polly; Samuel, d.
1822; Alexander, b. 1793.

Andrew also had a dan., who m. John Moore, who was killed
in 1778 ; m. (2) Lt. Samuel Scribner ; lived in Candia.

KAKR — see CARR.


Dea. Ezekiel H. Kelly was the son of John Kelly and Han-
nah Hale, of Newbury ; m. Hannah, youngest dan. of Ephraim
Haseltine, 1784. He lived several years on the Thomas Wor-
then place, opposite Elliot's. In 1792 he purchased No. 77, 4th
D., of the estate of John Fields, and opened a public" house,
which he kept in good style, and had a great run of custom. She


d. Jan., 1805. He m. (2) Ruth Davis. He d. 1833. Children: —

1. Hannah Hale, b. 1787, m. Peter, son of Ephraim Eaton.

2. Ephraiyii, b. 1789, m. Nancy, dau. of James Orr.

3. Bath, b. 1791, m. Amos Chase.

4. ^Sasan, b. 1797, m. Samuel, son of Richard Dearborn, of

5. Jfart/, b. 1799, m. George R. Gilbert; d. 1867.

6. Lf/dia, b. Dec, 180-4, m. James Donovon.


John Kimball came from Bradford, and lived at the Beuja.
Bachelder place. He was a teacher of music. He m. a niece of
Col. Webster. He d. 1805. The widow m. Dr. John Wingate,
and went to Maine.

Jesse Kimball lived on the River road between Martin's Ferry
and Derrytield line; had son Jedecliah, who lived on 117, 4th
D ; Ezra and Amos, who lived on or near the homestead.


Amos Kext, Esq., was born at Kent's Island in Newburj', Oct.
16, 1774; graduated at Harvard 1795; studied law, and came to
Chester in 1798; m. Abigail, dau. of Hon. Joshua Athertou, of
Amherst, Nov., 1799. He was a good counsellor, but a poor
advocate. He was Senator for District No. 3, 1814 and 1815. He
had a taste for farming, and purchased at different times about
200 acres of land on lots 106, 115, 76 and 77, 2d P., 2d D., which
was called the Long Meadow farm, on which he built a house and
large barns, and hired a great deal of help, all of whicli v.'as un-
profitable, and involved him in debt. He d. June 18, 1824. His
wife, so far as I now know, survives. Children : —

Charles; Abigail; Jf'iri/; Philip; Joshua; Bzbecca F.; Amos;
George, a deaf mute ; and Frederic.

The Long Meadow farm was sold to John Clark, Esq. The
homestead was assigned to the widow as dower, and sold to Sam-
uel Aiken, Esq.


The Kittridges were of Tewksbury, Mass., and were hereditary
j)hysicians. Dr. Benjamin was the oldest of eight sons, all of
whom were physicians, of whom Dr. G. W., of Epping, was the
youngest. His mother was a Baldwin, of the family where the
name of the world-famous apples originated. He was less cau-
tious than Dr. Sargent, and was considered sui^erior as a surgeon.
He came to Chester in 1790, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Col. John


Webster, Dec. 30, 1792, and settled on the old Robert Graham
place, n. L. No. 128, where Benjamin Davis now lives. Chil-
dren : —

Bufus, b. Nov. 21, 1794, m. Sally T., dan. of Lt. Josiah Under-
bill, and practiced in Chester many years, and went to Cincinnati,

Elizabeth d. 1802. He m. (2) Catherine J. Underliill, the
widow of Samnel Graham, in 1812.

George, b. March 31, 18U, d. a young man.

In 1807 he purchased the Col. Webster place and moved there.
lie d. 1830, aged 62. The wid. m. John Bradley.


JOHX Knowles, jr., of Rye, b. Oct. 12, 17U, d. March 26,
1798; m. Sarah Moulton, b. Aug. U, 1714. Nov. 2, 1749, he
bought of David ]\IcClure the west half of No. 17, 2d P., 2d D.,
and moved the house to the present site. Children: —

I. John, b. Feb. 19, 1743, m. Mary, dau, of Cort. John Lane.
Children: — 1. David, b. May 14, 17C4, went to Andover, N. H.
2. Jonathan, m. Sarah Ilackct, went to Canterbury. 3. Ezekiel,
b. Feb. 12, 1769. 4. Nathan, b. March 8, 1774, m. Susannah, dau.
of Jacob Hill. 5. Mary, b. Aug. 18, 1781, m. Daniel Hills, d.
Nov. 21, 18G7. 6. Sarah, b, Jan. 8, 1785, ni. Walter, son of Eben
Basford, d. Oct. 8, 1859.

II. sSfuthan, b. Nov. 14, 1748, m. Susannah, dau. of Theodore
Shackford, Nov. 28, 1775. He d. April 30, 1837; she d. Dec. 29,
1841. Children: —

Natlian.b. Dec. 25, 1776, m. Sarah, dau. of Robei't Wilson, Esq.,
June 2, 1795. She d. Sept. 20, 1806. He m. (2) Rebecca, dau. of
Dea. John S. Dearborn, Dec. 31, 1807. He d. Sept. 10, 1861; she
d. Jan. 2, 1864. They lived near the west end of lot No. 12, 2d
P., 2d D., where Dearborn Knowles now lives.

HI. Jlary, b. Nov. 28, 1755, m. Joseph, son of Abner Hills, d.
181;!. Others d. voung.

o •

Joseph Knowles came from Rj'e, m. Sarah Paine, sister of
Capt. AVilliam Locke's wife; settled on lot No. 16, 2d P., 2d D.
He d. Feb. 2, 1797. She d. June 24, 1808. Children : — .

1. John, m. dau. of John Hoit, and lived near where Mr. Hoit
lives. She d., and he m. again and went to Centre Harbor.

2. Joseph, Avent to Northfield.

3. Sarah, b. Oct. 2, 1765, m. Josiah Morse, d. 1850.

4. liobert, b. May 8, 1768, m. Rebecca, dau. of Jacob Basford;
lived on the homestead; d. July 22, 1857.

5. Abigail, b. May 31, 1771, m. William, son of Robert Wilson,
Esq., went to Corinth.



William Lane was of Englisli origin, and was of Boston, and
admitted freeman May 8, 1652. The tradition is that one brother
settled in Beverly and another in Maine, and that they were all
cordwainers. His wife's name was Mary, and, according to Bos-
ton records, d. May 2, 1656 ; but as a dau. was b. May 15, it should
probably be May 22. He m. (2) Mary, dau. of Thomas Brewer,
of Eoxbury. Children : —

I. Samuel, b. Jan. 23, 1651. II. John, b. Feb. 5,1653. III.

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