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Mary, b. May 15, 1656. IV. Sarah, b. June 15, 1657. V. Wil-
liam, b. Oct. 1, 1659. YI. Elizabeth, b. Feb. 3, 1662. VII. Eben-
ezer, b. 1666.

V. William, b. in Boston, m. before 1685, Sarah "Webster, who
was b. in Hampton 1659, and removed to Hampton before 1688,
and resided near the spot where the academy now stands, and was
a tailor. He d. Feb. 14, 1719; she d. Jan. 7, 1745. Children: —

1. JOHN, b. Feb. 17, 1685, m. Mary Libbey, of Rye. f-oou
after marriage he went to sea, was taken by pirates and kept in
captivity seven years ; returned home and went to sea again, and
never returned.

2. Sarah, b. 1688. 3. Elizabeth, 1691. 4. Abigail.

5. JOSHUA, b. June 6, 1696. 6. Samuel, 1698. 7. Thomas,

Joiix Lane was son of JOHN LANE and Mary Libbey of
Rye, b, Oct. 12, 1709, m. (1) Hannah Lamprey. She was b. 1710.
.He m. (2) Mary Kuowles, b. Nov. 2, 1718. He d. Feb. 13, 1784.
Mary d. 1787. Jan, 13, 1742-3, he bought of Ephraim Blunt, of
Andover, No. 128, O. H., and No. 20, 2d P., 2d D. He sold to
Israel Dolby all but about 20 acres of the west side of No. 20.
He built on the 20 acres, where his grandson, Col. Isaac Lane,
now lives. He moved to Chester about 1749. He was appointed
by Benning Wentworth "Cornet of the ninth troop of the first
Regt. of Cavalry commanded by John Downing, Col.," Sept. 17,
1754. He was the first officer of that rank in town ; and in all
records is called " Cornet John Lane." Children : —

I. John, b. Oct. 17, 1733, m. Mary Colby, dau. of Benaiah, 1755*
lived on 130, O. IL, d. 1779. Children : —

I. Hannah, 1756, m. Jeremiah Rand, 1782. 2. John, 1758. 3.
Samuel, 1760, m. Hannah, dau. of Daniel Lane, and Anna, dau.
of Benjamin Currier. 4. Joseph C, b. 1762. 5. Benaiah, b.
1764, m. Abigail Lufkin, dau. of Stephen. 6. Webster, 1766. 7.
Mary, b. 1768. 8. Matthias, b. 1770.

II. Daniel, b. July 8, 1735, m. Mary Butterfield, June 20, 1756;
m. (2) wid. Batchelder; d. 1825; lived on No. 116, O. H. Chil-


dren: — 1. Jacob, b. 1757. 2. Hamitih, b. 1759, m. Samuel, son
of John Lane, Jr. 3. Lydia, 1761. 4. Ezekiel, m. a Page, lived
on the homestead. 5. Thomas.

III. Ezekiel, b. Jnly 4, 1739, m. Abigail, dan. of James Yar-
mtm, 1762, lived on the north end of No. 128, O. H. He Avas First
Lieut, in Capt. Stephen Dearborn's Co., and was killed in the
battle of Bennington, Aug. 16, 1777. The wid. m. Peter, son of
Abiier Hills, 1780, d. 1802. He left one son, Josiah, b.l764, m.
Betsy, dan. of John Shackford, lived on the homestead.

IV. David, b. Feb. 21, 17-41, m. Ilannali Morse, 1762, lived o n
No. 115, O. H., d. Aug., 1824. Children : —

1. Mehitabel, m. Jonathan Ambrose, of Concord. 2. David,
m. Polly Xorris, lived on the homestead, and had Jonathan Am.
brose and Daniel Xorris ; was killed by a cart-Avhcel running over
his head Maj- 13, 1807. 3. Isaac. 4. Hannah. 5. Nathan.

V. Mary, b. Feb. 24, 1743, m. John Knowles, Jr.

VI. Hannah, b. Feb. 25, 1745, m. Ezekiel Morse.

VII. Nathan, b. June 12, 1747, m. Hannah Holmes about 1770,
lived on No. 121, O. II., where Garland AV'asou now lives; d. in
the army, Sept. 26, 1776. The wid. m. William, son of Thomas
Shannon. One dau., Lois, in. a Morse.

VHI. Isaac, d. young.

IX. Sarah, b. 1758, m. Levi Swain, d. 1839.

X. Isaac, b. April 19, 1760, m. Abigail Garland, 1780, lived on
the homestead. He d. April 21, 1834. He was appointed coj-net
by John Sullivan. His son Isaac held the same office, and rose to
colonel. Children: —

1. Sally, b. 1782, m. Josiah Seavey, 1802. 2. Abigail, b. 1784, .
m. Thomas Wason, 1802. 3. Molly, b. 1786, m. Dea. Amos
Batchelder, 1844. 4. Anna, b. 1788, m. Jona. A. Lane, son of
David, Jr. 5. John, b. 1791, m. Ruth Page, 1821. 6. Betsy m.
Jona. A. Lane, 1822. 7. Isaac, b. Feb. 25, 1799, m. Caroline
Marshall, 1837, lives on the homestead. 8. Peter, b. Feb. 22, 1802,
m. Sai'ah Simpson, 1837.

XL Jonathan, m. Susannah Emerson, 1785, lived on the north
end of Xo. 126, O. H., d. March 2, 1847. Children: —1. Susan,
m. Jona. James. 2. Sally, m. Jona. "Woodman. 3. Abigail, ra
Dr. Abraham French. 4. Polly, m. Dea. Amos Bachelder. 5.
Relief, num. 6. Betsy, m. John Page, of Kingston. 7. lluth, m.
Moses Page. 8. Jason, lived on the homestead.

5. JOSHUA, son of William and Sarah Webster, m. Bathsheba,
dau. of Samuel and Mary Robie, and resided about half a mile
north of the old Baptist meeting-house in Hampton, and was a
tanner. He was a deacon. He was killed by lightning, June 14,
1766. His wife d. April 13, 1765. They had 16 children from


1718 to 17-41. The fifth, Joshua, b. July 8, 1724, m. Rnth Batch-
elder, Dec. 16, 1747, and resided in the northeast part of Poplin
(Fremont) , and was a carpenter and cabinet-maker. He d. Jan.
13, 1794 ; she d. June 12, 1812. They had 10 children from 1748
to 1770. The second, John, b. Oct. 24, 1750, m. Hannah, dan. of
Joseph and Susannah Godfrey, Nov. 30, 1775. She b. Nov. 19,
1755. They settled in Candia, on the east half of Xo. 38, 3d D.,
where his son, Dea. Ezekiel Lane, now lives. He was a carpenter
and cabinet-maker, and held various offices. He d. March 12,
1823; she d. Oct. 15, 1845. Children: —

1. Euth, b. Feb. 16, 1777, m. Abel Reed, March 6, 1800.

2. u sanna, b. April 22, 1778, m. Abraham Fitts, of Candia,
April SO, 1804.

3. Joseph, b. Oct. 22, 1779, m. (1) Grata Melvin; m. (2) Sarah
"Whitmarsh; lived in Danville, Yt., Portland, Me., and ^filledge-
ville, Ga.

4. Josiah,b. Aug^. 15, 1781, m. Phebe Moml, lived in Wheelock,
Vt,, Ogden, X. Y., and Pawpavr, Mich.

5. John, b. Oct. 15, 1783, m. Abigail, dan. of Nathl. Emerson,
Esq., Xov. 21, 1811. He lived on the north end of No. 65, 3d D.,
"where Moses French had lived. He Tvas a laud surveyor, and was
much in public business. Richard Emerson Lane, grad. Dart.
1841, was his son. He d. 1851 ; she d. June 25, 1866.

6. Hannah, b. 1787, d. unmarried, 1846.

7. Joshua, b. Jan, 5, 1790, m. Lydia Fitts, 1821, lived in Candia.

8. Ezekiel, b. Aug. 17, 1792, m, Mary Rowe, Dec. 8, 1824, lived
on the homestead.

9. Sally, b. 1794, d. unmarried, 1865.

10. Isaiah, b. May 31, 1797, m. Frances Bachelder, Xov. 15,
1825. He was a phj'sician, and practiced in Candia from 1827 to
1855; removed to Meiiden, N. H., and d. soon after. James P.
Lane, grad. at Amherst, is his son, who is preparing a genealogy
of the Lane family, and has furnished the materials for the early
part, and his branch, for tliis notice.

11. Abigail, b. Dec. 22, 1798, m. John, son of Reuben Fitts, of


Nathaniel Lixx of Dover, laborer, bought land in Canterburv
in 1735. AYhen he came to Chester is uncertain. He settled on
Gov. Wentworth's farm of 200 acres. He had: —

1. Joseph, m. Molly, dau. of William Gilchrist; lived on the
homestead. Joseph d. 1823, a. 82 ;MoUy d. 1822. Children : —

Xancy, m. John Withei-spoon ; Lucy, m. John, son of David
Underbill; Nathaniel W., m. Ruth, dau, of Ai'chie McDuffee; and
I think there were other daughters.


2. Agnes, m. Capt. David Withcrspoon.

3. 3folly, m. James Caldcr.

The wife of Nathl. Linn, Sen., d. 1799.


William Leatch was of Londonderry in 1738 ; is first found
on Chester records in 1742. He settled on lot No. 75, 2d P., 2d D.,
near the shore of the pond. He was called Deacon in 1776. He
had one son, Capt. William, m. Molly, dan. of Hugh Crombie,
who had a large family; all left town but William, m. Polly,
dau. of Nathl. Martin.


Henry Luxt purchased, probably of Robert Crawford, the
grist-mill "on the great ])rook at the lower falls" (Haselton's),
and owned it several years; d. 1761.


Capt. William Locke was a son of Jonathan Locke of Rye;
m. Christiana Paine, sister of Joseph Kiiowles' wife. His father
in 1761 purchased the right of John Calfe, including the 2d P.,
2d D., and all subsequent divisions. William settled near the
centre of No. 12, 2d P., 2d D., on the road from Charles Moore's,
by James McClure's, to the road to the " Branch." He. d. Nov.
16, 1825, a. 87. She d. 1800. Children : —

1. Mary, m. Capt. Benj. True, d. Nov. 13, 1839, a. 71.

2. Abigail, m. James Tucker and went to Andover, N. H.

3. John, m. Eleanor Tucker and lived on the homestead. He
d. June 13, 1846, a. 81; shed. Feb. 16, 1821, a. 53.

4. Margaret, m. Capt. William Moore; d. March 29, 1844.

5. Dolly, b. June 9, 1780; m. (1) Josiah, son of Charles Moore,
Jr.; m. (2) Thomas Shannon; alive 1868.

6. Hannah, d. unmarried.


Nathan Long was surveyor of highways in 1747. He settled
on Add. lot No. 99; m. Naomi Eastman, Sept. 10, 1748. He d.
Jan. 6, 1768. The widow m. John Robie, but soon left Mm; she
d. July 18, 1821, a. 93. Children : —

1. Benjamin, b. 1750; m. Mary, dau. of Enoch Colby, and
went to Schenectady, N. Y.

2. Joseph, b. Sept. 18, 1752; m. Judith, dau. of Enoch Colby;
d. Nov. 26, 1836; lived on the homestead. Children: —

Nathan, m. Hannah, dau. of Capt. Stephen Hills. Enoch, m.
Polly, dau. of James ^Moore ; lived on the homestead and in the
Greenough house. Sally, d. unmarried.


4, Nathan, b, Xov. 19, 1764; lived at Amesbury; was father of
Eev. J. A. E. Long, who d. at Hooksett, May 3, 1846, a. 65.


Stephen Lufkix was a mariner, and came from Massachusetts,
and bought of Moses Marshall the west half of Add. lot No. 40;
m. Sarah Choate. He d. July 9, 1803; she d. 1788. Children: —

1. Elizabeth, b. 1755.

2. Stepheu,h.nbQ\ d. young.

3. Abigail, m. Benaiah Lane; d. in Chester.

4. David.

6. Sarah, m. a Forsaith, and moved into the country.

6. llachael, b. 1771; m. Moses, son of Capt. John Underbill.

7. Susannah, b. 1773; m. John, son of Ebeuezer Dearborn, and
went to Corinth.

8. Humphrey, b. March 5, 1775 ; m. Lois March, lived on the
homestead; d. June 19, 1842.

9. Polly, b. 1777 ; m. a Mudgett and went to Weare.

10. JSFehemiah, b. April 14, 1780; m. llachael Currier and lived
with Joseph Hills on Add. lot No. 49 ; d. May 15, 1864. She d.

11. Ruth, m. an Eastman and went to Corinth.

12. Stejyhen, was lost at sea.

13. Jacob, b. 1787 ; m. a Farrar and was a mariner.


■\Yhen the road to Martin's Feriy was laid out in 1776, it crossed
land owned by " several of the Martins."

Daniel Martin lived near, and kept the ferry; sometimes, it
is said, sitting in the house and permitting his wife to row i^eople
across the river. He had a son Ensign Joshua, who lived at the
intersection of the White Hall road with Londonderry turnpike.
He had a large family.

Nathaniel Martin came from Pembroke and bought No. 84,
4th D., about 1780; built on the old road, a little west of the turn-
pike. He was a tanner, and was always called " Tanner Martin."
He m. Jane Green. Children: —

William, went to Maine. Betty, m. a Favour, of Hill. Robert,
b. July, 1778, m. Margaret McDuffee, d. at Auburn, Dec. 25, 1865 ;
she d. 1868. Samuel, went to Maine. James', m. Sarah, dau. of
Capt. Johu-Wason, d. in Ohio. Hannah, m. Edward Ray. Polly,
m. William Leatch, d. at Auburn, 1867. John, Dudley and Abigail,
went to Maine. Isaac, d. in Chester, unm.



Stephen Harden lived on No. U, 2(1 P. 2(1. D., where Thomas
Feruald ouce lived, and where Thomas Lane now lives. He was
a petitioner for Raymond; his wife Avas Elizabeth; they had nine
children recorded from 17G0 to 1781, of whom nothing is known.
The widow was taxed in 1785.

Geouge Makden was b. at Rye, Jan. 29, 1741; Sarah Webster,
his wife, b. April 12, 1745; he d. Feb. 22, 182G; she d. Sept. 27,
1835. They came to Chester and settled on Xo. 123, O. H. Cliil-
dren : —

James, b. Oct. 17, 1769, went to Palenno, Me., and m. there.

Sarah, b. 1771, m. a Muggridge.

31ary, b, 1772, m. Geo. Carr, went to Corinth.

Elizabeth, b. 1775, m. Jonathan, son of Jacob Basford, went to

Abigail, b. May 18, 1777, m. Asa, son of Joshua Prescott, lived
in Chester and Picraiont.

Josiah, b. 1779, m. Hannah Webster, lived in Rye.

Ebenezer, b. Jan. 22, 1781, m. Xancy, dau. of Benaiah Colby,
Jr., lived on the homestead.

George, b. 1782, went to Palermo, m. there.

Xanrij, b. 1790, m. Joshua, son of Dominicus Prescott, went
to AVashington, Vt.


Moses Marshal was an early, if not the first, settler on the
West half of Add. lot Xo. 40. He lived there in 1759 and in
1768. He was a cabinet-maker; sold to Stephen Lufkin, and
went to Deerfield.


The first settlement in Denyfield was by William Perham,
Archibald Stark, McXeil and others, about 1736. The first in
that part of Chester was by William and Michael McClexto.
Michael was in Londonderry and bought land there in 1731, and
1733. He is in Chester in 1744. William McClento of Ivingstown
bought of Thomas Packer of Dracut, 1 lot in the 3d range in
<'Tyngstown," in June, 1739. So they probably settled there
under a claim from Tpigstown, about 1740. But so far as Chester
was concerned, they were squatters.

The Proprietors sued them, and a verdict was rendered in favor
of the defendants, Dec. 8, 1743, and appealed. The land on
which they settled was not lotted until 1745. They came up from
Londonde'iTV on foot with their eflects. It is said by some that


Michael settled on Xo. 1, 4tli D., near Trhere the present road to
"Webster Mill leaves the Derry road ; but Samuel Gamble (who
is most pi-obably right,) says that he lived on No. 133, where the
brick house now stands. AVilliam with his pack, and his wife
with a '' bairn " in her arms, forded the brook some distance be-
low the present road, with the water to their "haunches," and
erected a hut near the river, but afterwards built at the Huse place,
on lot Xo, 4. William's wife was Agnes. They had: —

WiUlam, Jr., m. Ogilbe, 1765.

John, m. Christian McXeal, 1768.

3fary,TQ.. David Starret, son of "\Yilliam and Maiy, Oct. 28^
1760, and had 7 children.

Alexander, m. Janet Gambel, dau. of "Wm. and Elizabeth, 1760-

Janet, m. John Dickey, son of David and Isabella, Feb. 26, 1760.
David Starret sold the place to Isaac Huse, about 1780, and went
to Frances town.

iMiCHAEL McClexto had a daughter JS^ancy. He used to buy
thread and perhaps fine linen cloth, and he and his daughter
would take each a pack, and carry it to Boston to sell, taking
from four to six days, and sometimes netting them three pounds.

Nancy m. Alexander Arvrin, who had a hut near the river,
further down, and was famous for telling fortunes. It is said
that Arwin would take a bag of ashes on a handsled, and go
down to Dea. Pinkerton's to replenish liis stock of rum and tobac-
co. The McClentos signed the petition for soldiers in 1748.


JoHX McClallon is named in 1751 in the return of a road, and
Joseph in 1765, in an alteration. They were probably father and
son, and lived on Xo. 13, 2d P. 2d D., on the road to the Branch,
below the Locke house (Dennis's), near where Pollard's steam
mill now is. Joseph had a dau. Sallj-, m. Capt. Abraham Towle,
d. 1814.


Ja^ies McClure of Loudouden-y bought Add. lot Xo. 109, in
1736, and settled on it on the road from Wilbur's to the Locke
place. n 1747 an inquest was hel 1 on Ms body; verdict, death
by misfortune (killed by felling a tree) .

David McClure, it is said by Eaton's History of Candia, p. 89,
came from Edinburgh, or vicinity, about 1720. His marriage to
M xi\\Vi Glen (sister to Thomas) " ten years after, on the 11th of
June, was the first imptial ceremony performed by the Eev. Dr.
Morehead, after his ordination as Pastor of the first Presbyterian,
now Federal Street church [Boston] . Most of the children were


there born and baptized." May 17, 17-14, he purchased the west
half of No. 17, 2d P. 2d D., and built a house some distance west
of the present house where Frederick AYason now lives, there then
being no road laid out. After John Knowles xDurchased, he moved
it to the present location and it is in the present house. In 1718 he
and his son David signed the petition for soldiers to defend them
from the Indians. It is said that the wife was a very energetic
and courageous woman; that when an attack from the Indians
was expected, and the men absent, she stood sentry, gun in hand,
and the Indians came, but left without making an attack. He
sold his place to John Knowles, Jr., of Rye, Nov. 22, 1749, and
bought No. 30, 2d P. 2d D. He built a log house near the centre
of the lot. In 1753 he deeded the north half of his lot to his son
David, who sold to Thos. Patten. It has been supposed that he
was the first settler in Candia, but it is doubtful whether AVilliani
Turner was not earlier. lie perished in a snow storm in return-
ing from a visit to a daughter in Raymond. Administration on
his estate. May, 1762. Chil. : — David; James; Martha, m. James
!Miller; Mary, m. Thomas Putten, 1752, d. 1815.


Daniel ]\IcDuffee was one of the original grantees of Lon-
donderry and in the settlement of the Province line in 1741, there
was said to be cut off from Haverhill, Daniel Mackafee, Hugh
Macaffee and John Macaffee; the two latter were sons of the
former. . .: i c . •

Daniel lived on the Daniel Kimball place in Derry, and was a
blacksmith. He and his wife, Ruth, came from Ireland. In 1748
he gave to his sou John half of liis farm "joining Rev. David
McGi'egor's," but it is said that John and his brother Daniel after-
wards went to Bradford, Vermont. In 1737 Daniel bought No.
89, 2d P., 2d D., and in 1741 was taxed for a mill. It was a corn-
mill, and stood near the southwest corner of the lot. In 1741
he gave his "dear brother Archibald" one-half of the lot; and
his name was on the inventory of that year. He lived where
Thomas Fowler lived, and notliing further is known of him. In
1744 he gave to his son Hugh, as his portion of his estate, all that
part of No. 89, west of the brook and meadows ; together with
his corn-mill, reserving the right to build a saw-mill there if he
chose, Avliich probably was never done. The deed was witnessed
hy Samuel Macaffee. Children: —

I. Hugh had : —

1. John, who once owned the Manter mill in Londonderry, but
fell through a place for turning the runner in the Chester mill,
and broke his neck.



2. James, lived on the homestead and had Hazen, Thomas, John,
and Martha, who m. Dudley C. Sweate. He d. 1804.

3. Betty, m. Samuel Shirley, d. 1843, a. 80.

4. Anna, non compos, and was a long time a pauper. Hugh d.
April, 1802.

II. JIansfield, served in tlie Revolutionary army, and after his
return m. Sarah Coburn, the wid. of Thomas Currier, in 1787,
and lived on Xo. 88, 2d P., 2d D., where Daniel Ball lately lived.
They had no children, but made Eben Currier his heir. He d.
April, 1815; she "d. 1835, a. 105. Wheu nearly or quite 100 years
old she would walk from her sou's, near Hooksett line, to her
daughter-in-law's, near the "Worthcn saw-mill, eleven miles in a
day. On one occasion a person invited her to ride ; she replied
that she could not stop, and kept on her course.

In 1740 Daniel McDuffee bought of the proprietors for twenty-
six pounds, bills of credit, the east half of lot Xo. 88, 2d P.. 2d D.,
on which he settled his son, —

III. Archibald, who lived near the northeast corner where
Thomas Goldsmith now lives. He m. Sarah Emerson of Derry-
field. He d. Feb. 23, 1830, a. 94; Sarah d. Dec. 29, 1818. a. 77.
Children : —

1. Daniel, m. Ann, duu. of Samuel Shirley, and lived the last
of his dajs ou lot Xo. 91, 4th D., on Tower Hill in Candia ; had
five sons, Hazeu, Samuel, Archi., Daniel and David. He d.
April 5, 1855, a. 84* years and 6 mouths; she d. Xov. 29, 1860,

a. 85.

2. Archibald, b. April 13, 1771, d. Xov. 14. 1855; m. Sarah,
dau. of Stei)hen Merril, Sept. 8, 1803; she b. Dec. 6, 1785; d.
Sept. 29, 1856. They lived on the homestead. Children: —

Almira, b. Sept. 26, 1805. m. Rufus Forsaith ; d. 1839 ; Ilira ra,

b. 1807, m. Mary Ann Wallace, d. 1856; Mahala, b. 18u9, d.
1827; Esther, b. Aug. 23, 1811, m. Thomas Goldsmith, Hves on
the homestead; they have a sou Charles Almond, b. June 29,
1846. now, 1868, an undergraduate of the Med. Dep. Harvard
University; Amos, d. 1832; Mary Jane, d. 1847; Susan, d.
1839; Stephen Merril, b. Dec. 19, 1820, m. Hepsibah Pijigree;
Harriet, b. Xov. 20, 1825, m. Xathau Goldsmith.

3. Charles, settled in Cabot, Vt.

Archibald had six daughters: Susa, ra. James Shirley. Sarah,
m. a Clark. Euth, m. Xathl. W., son of Joseph Linn. Xaomi,
m. Edward P. Whiddcn of Auburn. Polly, m. McMurphy. Betsy,
m. John, sou of James Aiken, and a Hazelton of Manchester.

D.A^viEL, Sen., had a dau. Ruth, m. William Brown, one of the
brothers who settled near Suncook.




Daniel McFarland in 1738 bought Add. No, 128, and a ten-
acre amendment on whicli he settled. His will was proved in
1761. Chil.: — Samuel, Isabel, Elizabeth, Hannah and Jerusha.
Since owned by Anthony Morse, Peter Hills and G. W. Hook.

Andrew McFarland bought of Moses Tyler 70 acres with
buildings, on the road from No. 2 school-house in Auburn to the
Congregational church, lately owned by John Cross. Children: —

Jesse and John, once owned the Dca. Currier place. No. 123,
2d P., 2d D.

Mioses, liad a daughter who had her arm torn off bj^ cider-mill
nuts, Oct. 12, 1785.

James, lived on the northeast end of the 70 acres; m. wid. Ben-
son; had Andrew, b. 1780, d. 1814.

"Walter McFarlaxd probably lived in the east part of Lon-
donderry, being one Avho was cut off from Haverhill in 1741, He
bought of Samuel Emerson No. 16, 4th D, April, 1747, and prob-
ably settled on it (lately the Hunt place). He was a petitioner
for soldiers in 1748. His estate was settled by John Hall in 1748.
Chil.: — Martha, Margaret and Joseph. It is said that Nathan
Boid afterwards lived there.

There was a James McFarland who came from Scotland, who
was called the fiddler and weaver; lived at the Long Meadows ;
first at the Dug Hill, between Anderson's and Severance's; then
on the lUO-acre school-lot, near where Richard S. Clark now
lives. Went to Ilyegate, Vt.


In the settlement of the Province line, in 1741, Paul Macfarten
and James Macfarten were cut off from Haverhill. Paul Mc-
Fersox owned Add. lots No, 8 and 9. His name is on the Pres-
byterian protest, Nov. 6, 1735; in 1741 a road was laid out at his
I'equest on the west side of No. 9. In 1742 he gave his son James
36 acres at the north end of these lots, and bounded it on John
Webster (lot No. 7), and on 4 acres sold to "William Turner.
James m. Mary McNiel, and moved to New Boston, and had a
EOn AYilliam, b. 1774, grad. Dart. 1797, and was a physician. In
1748 Paul deeded to Samuel McFerson the south end of these lots,
with half the orchard and half the buildings.

In the will of AYilliam McFerson, of Londonderry, dated 1743,
James McFerson, of Chester, and Samuel, and Elizabeth Young,
are legatees, James lived on Add. lot No. 18, back southwest of


"where Mr. Cooledg-e now lives, and the place "was afterwards
owned by Simeon Currier. In the inventory of Goffstown for
1772, are the names of James Ferson and James Ferson, Jr.

McGEE. •

Thomas McGee was b. in Ireland. He first came to London-
derry, and was a weaver. In 1735 he bought of James Wilson
of Chester, the soutliwest half of Add. No. 14, with the privi-
lege of passing on Wilson's half by Eobert Mills' land, to the
highway. Robert Mills' wife was his sister. About 1745 he re-
moved to Colerain, Mass. This land, with the north end of the
lot, was sold by Adam Morril to Hugh Shirley, in 1790, and is a
part of the town farm.


WrLLiAM and Thomas McMaster settled on No. 101, 2d P., 2d
D., in the Neck of the Pond; William where Joseph Bx-own now
lives; and Thomas where Charles SpofTord now lives. It is not
known that William had any children. Thomas had a son Thomas,
who lived a bachelor on the homestead, d. 1822, a. 72.


Alexander McMuRrnv, of Londonderry, m. Isabel, dau. of
William and Jane Craige, of Chester. Children : —

1. J(:n»e.*^, brought up by his grandfather«Craige, m. Margaret,
dau. of James Gi*aham, lived where the Huntings now live, in
Auburn, and in the Neck where Franklin Brown lives.

2. Jane, m. (1) James Graham; (2) Samuel Crombie.


John McKinlcy m. Ann Craige, a sister of Eobert, and came
over with the Craiges, and stopped in Boston, where Egbert
was born, in 1787. At ten years of age Eobert came to Chester
to live with his nncle, who made him his heir. He m. Sarah

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