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Harriman, dau. of Jazael. Their children were, —

1. Margaret, m. Oliver Hill and lived in Belfast, Maine, and
they were lost at sea.

2. John, m. Dolly Johnson, lived at Belfast.

3. Thomas, d. at sea.

4. Ann, b. 1785, m. James Badger, who was lost at sea. She is
aUve, 1869.

5. Blary, m. Elisha Cole, Southbridge, Mass.

6. SaJhj, b. May 6, 1789, m. David Abbot, lived at Hooksett,
Chester, and Windham ; d. Jan. 30, 1869.

7. Elizabeth, m. Amos Adams, went west.


8. Jane O., m. Elisha Andrews, went to Louisiana, d. Sept.,

9. liobert, h. April 22, 1790, m. Grace Smith 1827, lived on the
homestead; d. Aug. 11, 1845.

His sons live in Auburn. Robei't, Son., d. Aug. 27, 1830, a. 93.
Sarah, his wife, d. Dec. 19, 1815, a. 91.


Patuick Melvin's name first appears on the records as signer
of the Presbyterian protest of June 10, 1735, thougli probably he
was in town earlier. He settled on II. L. No. 29. His wife was
Mary. His will Avas proved April 28, 1759. The legatees were
his wife* Mary, Benjamin, Abraham, Elizabeth, Mary, John, and
Jane. The widow was a remarkably smart woman, and kept
house for Dea. Matthew Forsaith, and had a legacy in his will.
She d. Oct. 1, 1795. Children :—

I. Benjamin, b. Dec. 9, 1733, m. Mehitabel, dau. of Samuel
Bradley (who was killed by the Indians at Concord, Aug. 11,
1746), July 13, 1762. She was b. Dec. 27, 1745. The widow of
Mr. Bradley m. Kobcrt Calfe, of Chester. Benjamin Melvin d.
Dec. 29, 1802. The widow m. Dea. John S. Dearborn; d. Feb.
14, 1825. Children :—

1. Anna, b. March 27, 1763, m. Lieut. Josiah Underhill, 1784,
d. March 17, 1847.

2. Samuel, b. 1765, went to Me.

3. Sarah, b. Sept. 20, 1767, m. James Orr, d. March 29, 1861.

4. Polly, b. 1770, m. Tarlton, d. 1824.

5. Benjamin, b. 1773, m. Betty, or Elizabeth, dau. of Abraham
Sargent, went to Me.

6. Jolm, b. Jan. 8, 1776, m. Susannah, dau. of Abraham Sar-
gent, Nov. 13, 1800; lived on the homestead; d. June 11, 1814.
The wid. m. Richard, son of Jona. Dearborn, d. 1868. Chil. : —
Luther, b. 1801; JolmF.; Lydia R., m. David Currier; Thomas
J., b. April 11, 1808, m. Harriet Tenney, had a son, Charles T.,
grad. at Dartmouth, 1856. (See Graduates.)

7. Josiah, b. June 28, 1778, m. Sally, dau. of Joseph Blanchard,
Esq., and lived in Chester and Maine.

8. Mehitabel, b. April 14, 1781; m. Hon. John Folsom; d.
March 23, 1824.

9. William, b. 1783; went south.

10. Richard, b. Feb. 14, 1786; m. Ann, dau. of David Patten,
1825; she d. Aug. 15, 1842; m. (2) Jane D. Carr, Feb. 2, 1843;
lives at Derry village. No children alive.


n. Abraham Melvin, went to Weave. Nothing is known of
III. Elizabeth.
JV. John, went to Maine.

V. 3Ianj, b. 1745; ni. (1) David, son of AYilliam White, Sen.;
m. (2) Stephen Merril; cl. July 13, 1833.

VI. Jane, b. 1747 ; m. James, son of Thomas Wason, Sen.


Amos Merril came from Newbuiy ; was a bachelor ; lived the
last of Ills days with Edmund Sleeper; d. 1824, a. 93.

Stephen Merril was brother of Amos. In 1768 he bought of
Andrew McFarland 50 acres of the Tyler land at the Long Mead-
ows, lie m. a sister of Barnard Bricket. Cliildren: —

1. Barnard, lived in Chester. 2. Hannah, m. a Bartlett and
went to Sanbornton. 3. Mary, m. John, son of Edward Prescott;
were parents of Capt. John, of Hooksett, and Mary, b. 1793, m.
Edward Robie. 4. Nelly, m. Nathl., son of Nathl. Hall; went to

He m. (2) Mary Melvin, wid. of David White. Had: —

5. Sarah, m. Arclii. McDuffee, Jr. He d. 1822, a. 86. Mary d.

Thomas Merril was from Cambridge; was a painter; m. Mary
Clark, dan. of Joseph Clark, and lived on the Clark place where
G. W. Chase now lives; d. 1808.


There was a Miller, probably Robert, who ra, Elizabeth, sis-
ter of Thomas Glen and also sister of David McClnre's wife.
They had one son, James. Robert d. and the wid. m. William
Gilchrist, who in 1752 gave to his son-in-law (step-son) James
Miller of Chester, a " tract in a new plantation, the west side of
the Great River, called Goflfstown." James m. Martha, dau. of
David McClure, and settled on the above tract; and afterwards
sold to Dea. Thomas Sliirley and Alexander Gilchrist, who lived
there; he went to Candia to live with his father McClure. Chil-
dren: — William, Samuel, Thomas, Josiah, Matty, and Joanna, m.
Joseph Abbott.

Archibald Miller in 1747 bought No. 81, 2d P., 2d D., and
settled on it, where Samuel Anderson now lives. March, 1754,
the widow, Mary, and Andrew Craige were appointed adminis-
trators. The wid. m. John Shirley. Children: — William, James
and Hugh, and perhaps others. They sold to Thomas Anderson.



John Mills came from Ireland, and was iu Haverhill in 1733.
In 1734 lie bouglit half of Add. No. 19, west of where Mr. Cool-
edge now lives. He was there in 1740, when the road was laid
out, but afterwards moved to Colerain, Mass., and was killed by
the Indians soou after.

Egbert Mills was a brother of John, and probably came to
Chester about the same time, and bought of liichard Ilaseltine
his Add. lot No. 15, on which he settled. He was married before
he came from Ireland, and had a son John, who lived on Add.
No. 51, where John Smith first settled, and he lived there in 1756,
when the road was laid out. There was a John Jlills, probably
the same man who bought Dr. Samuel Brown's place. Add. lot
No. 17, m. Susan Ferren. Children: — John, Thomas, James
and Mary. Thomas m. a Stinson; he d. 1804; the wid. m. Peter
Abbott; d. about 1831.

Robert m. (2) Jane McGee, sister to Thomas; d. 17G2, a. 80.
Children : —

I. David, m. Mary, dau. of AVilliam Wilson, Jr.; lived on
the homestead ; had : ^ 1. Robert ; m. Sally, dau. of Robert Gra-
ham. 2. Jesse, m. Nancy Graham and lived on the homestead.
3. Peter, went to Conn. 4. Hugh, m. a Dodge and lives in Derry
Peak. 5. Stephen, d. unm. 6. Marv, m. Reuben Heath and
went to Pembi-oke. 7. Asenath, m. Simon M. Sanborn of Ches-
ter. David Mills d. April 21, 1802.

Robert Mills also had : —

II. Jonathan, went to Colerain ; thence to New York.

III. Jfary, m. Col. William White; d. Dec. 24, 1780, a. 43.

IV. Martha, m. John Sweetser of Deering.

V. Jane, ni. James Wilson of Colerain.

VI. VU. VIII. Robert, James and Joseph, went to Deering.
IX. William, m. Ann, only dau. of Rev. John Wilson, and

lived on Mr. Wilson's place ; d. March 19, 1840, a. 94. Children : —
Joseph, m. Hannah Greenough; Benjamin, m. Jane, dau. of Lt.
William Wilson.


There were seven men by the name of Morse, who came from
England to America.

Axthony Morse was b. at Marlborough, Wiltshire, England,
May 9, 1606; emigrated to this country and settled at Newbury,
1635, and d. there Oct. 12, 1686. He had 10 children; the second,
Dea. Benjamin, b. March, 1640, m. Ruth Sawyer, and had 11
children; the oldest BENJA]MIN, b. Aug. 24 1686, m. Susannah,


dau. of Abel Merril, and granddaughter of Aquila Chase, and
had nine children, the oldest of whom, Capt. ABEL, b. Oct. 5,
1692, m. Grace Parker of Bradford, 17 U. He d. April 20, 17G3;
she d. 1755. His will dated Dec. 5, 17(50. Among the legatees
are grandchildren, Ezekiel and Edna Stevens, children of Abel.
Ezekiel lived on north end of No. 129, O. H., near where John
Harden now lives.

ABEL MORSE of Newbury bonght of [John Karr Add. lots
Nos. 20 and 21, where Amos Morse lately lived, Jan. 18, 1743. He
soon after bought the other side of the I'oad, Nos. 22 and 23, with
the mills. He was the first representative admitted into the Genl.
Ass., in 1748. He had the title of Capt. in 174G. Children :—

I. Parkek, b. April 20, 1715, graduated at Harvard, 1734, m.
Haiuiah Huse ; was a physician at Woodstock, Conn.

n. Abel, b. March 13, 1717, went to Sutton, Mass.

HI. Nathan, b. June 12, 1719, settled on Add. lot. No. 85, on
the North Pond road (the Caniet place), went toMoultonborough.

IV. JosiAn, b. 1721, m. Mary, dau. of Joseph Chase, sister of
Jacob and Moody, and lived on Add. No. 21, d. Feb. 8, 1795; she
d. July 18, 1815.'

V. Stepiiex, b. Feb. 15, 1724, m. Abigail, dau. of Capt. Samuel
Ingalls ; lived on the N. E. end of Add. No. 21 ; d. March 6, 1807 ;
she d. May, 1806.

VI. Rebecca, b. 1726.

VII. ELEANOK.b. 1728, m. Dea. Benjamin Hills, d. Jan. 14,1814.

VIII. Oliver, b. 1730, m. Elizabeth Eaton, 1760, lived on the
homestead. Chil.: — Elizabeth, Rebecca, James, True, Perley and
Sarah. He d. 1770; the wid. m. Taylor Little, and went to New
Boston, and some of the children settled there. She had two
daughters. Hannah Little m. Capt. Isaac Dinsmore, and lived
on the Morse place. Little and wife d. there ; she d. Sept. 22,
1821, a. 82.

IX. Abraham, b. 1733, m. Sarah Woodman, June 2, 1763; lived
in different places in Chester; she d. 1828, a. 98; he d. 1807.
Children : —

David; Sarah, .b. 1767; Pliineas; Betty, b. 1771, d. Oct 16,
1862; Ednab. 1774, d. 1856. All unmarried.

Capt. ABEL m. (2) Sarah Kimball, Sept. 29, 1757.

X. SusAXNA, b. 1763, m. Capt. Amos Emerson.

IV. Issue of JosiAH and Mary: —

1. Mary, b. May 31, 1745, m. Dea. John, son of Samuel Hills.

2. Josiah, b. Oct. 17, 1747, m. (1) Lois Webster, 1773; m. (2)
Sarah, dah. of Joseph Knowles, 1796. He d. July 9, 1812; she d.
July 9, 1850, a. 84 y. 9 m. He built the house where Daniel
Greenough formerly and Enoch Long lately lived. Children: —


Josiah; Edward; Asa; Martha; John,l). March IG, 1797. m. Judith
Hardy, d. Noa\ 1851; she d. Dec. 6, 1861; Eliza, b. 1788, m-
Nathl. French 1818; Sarah, d. v.; Hazen, b. Oct. 23, 1803, m.
Hunkins and Nancy Norton, d. at Chester.

3. Anna, b. July 26, 1749, m. Samuel, son of Samuel Hills,
went to Sandwich.

4. Parker, b. Nov. 16, 1751, wont to Decring.

6. Joseph, b. May 12, 1753, m. Mary Randal, lived on H. L. 114,
where John Rowel and Pearson Richardson had lived, d. Dec. 27,
1811 ; she d. Feb. 8, 1831, a. 80. Children : —

1. Molly, b. Sept. 4, 1776, m. Joshua Hall, d. 1856.

2. Rachael, b. 1778, m. Graham of Concord.

3. Hannah, b. 1781, m. Nathan Fitts.

4. Lucy, b. Jan. 5, 1783, unni., alive 1869.

5. Joseph, b. 1784, m. Phebe D. West.

6. Oliver, d. y.

7. Levi, 1787, Salem, Mass.

8. Walter, b. April 10, 1789, m. Edna Davis, 1812, lived on the
homestead, d. March 14, 1865.

9. Edmund, b. 1792, m. Clarissa Blake.

G. Amos, m. Hannah Blaisdell, 1780, lived on the homestead.
Children : —

1. Richard, b. 1781, m. Mehitabel Piper, d. 1846.

2. Sarah, b. 1784, m. Jona. Dearborn, d. 1861.

3. Josiah, b. 1786, m. Lydia Shannon, d. 1858.

4. Mary, b. 1788, m. Daniel Carleton, alive 1869.

5. Abigail, b. 1790, m. Eliphalet Sargent, d. 1846.

G. Elizabeth, b. 1792, m. Luther AVaterman, d. 1865. Hannah
d. Feb. 6, 1795. Amos m. (2) Judith (Worth) Kelly, 1796.

7. Amos, b. 1796, m. Abigail Rogers, lived on the homestead.

8. Oliver, b. 1799.

9. Judith, b. 1802, unm.

10. Parker, b, 1807, m. Mary Jenncss, lives on H. L. 68, tlie Ben.
Haselton place.

V. Issue of Stephen, son of Capt. Abel and Abigail Ingalls: —

1. Samuel, b. July 30, 1750, d. 1848, at Plymouth, N. H.

2. Abigail, b. Oct. 8, 1752, d. unm., 1830.

3. Gilbert, b. Nov. 8, 1754, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Wiliiara Bell;
built the house which has been the Congregational parsonage.

4. Jonathan, b. March 3, 1757, d. March 3, 1840, at Haverhill,
N. H.

5. Theodore, b. July 27, 1759, d. Feb., 1829, at Springfield, N. H.

6. Ebenezer, b. Nov. 18, 1761, d. Dec. 12, 1820, at Kingston,
N. H.

7. Stephen, b. March 13, 1764, m. Susan Parker, d. at Dracut.

8. Adah, b. March 22, 1766, d. unm.


9. Isaac, b. N'ov. 26, 1769, m. Xancy, dau. of Stephen Wovtben,
lived on the homestead, d. June 29, 1859.

10. Peter, b. Dec. 8, 1771, m. Sarah, dau. of Jona. Brown, of
Poplin; lived at Poplin and Chester; d. 1863.

AxTHOXY Morse came from ZSTewbury, m. a Platts, sister of
Jacob Hills' wife, had dau. Hannah, m. Moses, son of Jacob Hills.
He lived where Daniel McFarland formerly lived, where Peter
Hills and G. W. Hook have lived; went to N'orthtield, N. H.

M O O Pt E .

John Moore and Charles Moore came from Ireland together^
John Moore of Londonderry bought Gov. Wentworth's farm
of fifty acres, in 1738, but he settled on the east end of Add. lot
No. 104, He m. Jane Morrison in Ireland. Children : —

I. James, m. 'Mary, dau. of William Todd, lived near the
Branch on lot No. 45, O. H. ; d. a youug man. The widow m.
Kobert Wallace of Londonderry, had James, John, b. about 1785,
lived in Raymond, and Robert; she d. 1832, a. 91. Children: —

1. Capt. William, m. Margaret, dau. of Capt. William Locke,
lived on Add. 102, on the Caleb Richardson place. He d. Oct. 31,
1810, a. 78; she d. March 29, 1844.

2. Robert, m. Mary, dau. of William Todd, Jr., lived on the
homestead; he d. Jan., 1804; she d. Nov., 1856, a. 84.

3. James, m. Anna, dau. of AVilliam Todd, Jr., lived at Free-
port, Me.; he d. March, 1797. The widow m. Robert Withers-
poon, d. at Auburn, 1852, a. 78.

11. John, m. a dau. of Andrew Jack, lived in Candia, on lot
No. 73, 3d D.; had a son Andrew, b. 1776, who m. Ruth, dau. of
Thomas Patten, d. a. 69. John was killed in the army, 1778; the
wid. m. Sam. Scribuer.

III. Major Henry, lived unmarried on the homestead, d. 1801,
a. 73.

IV. Charles, m. Molly Whittier, lived on Gov. Shute's farm, on
the N. Pond road, where Samuel M. Edwards now lives, d. 1811;
she d. about 1830. Children :—

1. James, m. Nancy Young, dau. of Eben Basford's wife, lived
in different places in Chester, d. at Exeter, Feb. 1827.

2. Josiah, m. Dolly, dau. of Capt. William Locke, lived on the
homestead, d. 1821; the wid. m. Thomas Shannon, alive 1869.

3. Reuben.

4. Robert.

5. John, m. Susan Robie, went to Belfast, Me.

6. Henry, killed in the army.

John Moore had two daughters, Peggy and Holly, unm. ; Molly
d. 1808. He d, 1777 ; she d. Oct. 5, 17S6.


Charles Moore was a younger brotlier of John; m. Jane, dau.
of AVilliara Wilson, Sen.; bought lot Xo. 5, 2d P. 2d D., settled
ou the West end on the road across from John Moore's by Locke's
toMcClellan's; d. 1799. Children: —

I. Lt. William, m. Mary, dau. of Robert Wilson, Esq., settled
on the E. end of homestead, where Daniel Sanborn now lives; d.
about 1803; she d. Dec. 1819. Chil.:— 1. Ira. 2. Betsy, m. a
Kimball. 3. Susannah, 4. Polly. 5. Cyrus, m. Polly, dau. of
Capt. Ezekiel Blake. 6. Alice, m. Benj. Poor. 7. Anna.

II. Joshua, m. Jean, dau. of Thomas Patten, lived in Candia,
on 127, 3d D., d. 1810. Ills son Seldcu lives on the homestead.

Dr. Coffin Moore was a native of Stratham, came to Candia
about 1700, and was the first physician there, and Avas said to
have been skillful. He m. Comfort Weeks, of Greenland. He
d. 1768. The wid. m. Simon French; d. Nov. 1, 18U. Chil-
dren: —

I. William. II. John. III. Coffin.

IV. Jacob B., m. Mary, dau, of Ephraim Eaton, and was a
physician; settled at Andover, X. H., and had: —

1. Jacob B., a partner with Isaac Hill, in the '*X. H. Patriot;"
one of the authors of* Moore and Farmer's Gazetteer, of N. H. ;"
also of the " X, H, Hist, Coll,"

2. Henry E,, celebrated as a musician.

3. Mary, m. Dr. Thomas Brown.

4. Jolm W., once editor of the " Bellows Falls Gazette."

V. Patty, m. Dea. Caleb Prince.

VI, PoUy.

VII, Comfort, m, Jolm, son of Simon French.

Samuel ;Moores was an early settler, and a man of great influence
in Candia. lie lived at the Corner, on Xo. 69, 3d D. The name
is found on records as of Portsmouth, but is said by Eaton to have
come from Hampstead. He m. Aleliitabel, dau of Capt, Samuel
lugalls, who was b, 1723, being the first white child boi'u in
Chester, He must have lived in Chester befoi*e settling in
Candia, She Avas celebrated as a midwife. He d, Oct, 28, 1793;
she d, Api'il 12, 1818, at Deerfield, He was always called " Doc-
tor Moores," Children: —

1. Peter, b, Dec, 13, 1751, m. Mary Varnura; went to Maine,

2. David, b. 1754.

3. Samuel, lived on the homestead; was a major in the militia.

4. Timothy. 5. Nathaniel. 0. Josiah.


]M O E K I L L .

Joseph Morrill came from Soutli Hampton; lived on the
northeast end of Add. No. 1-i, and Thomas McGee ou the south-
west end. He had a son Adam, who sold the place to Hugh
Shirley in 1790, and settled ou the north Pond road, on Gov.
Shute's farm, where Barnard P. Robie now lives. Children : —

1. Joseph, m. Abigail, dan, of Dea. Xathl. French, and went
to Maine. 2. Josiah. 3. Lydia, m. Elii^halet Berry. 4. Eachael.
5. Sarah, m. Heath, of Boscawen. 6. Jonathan, 7. David, went
to Northfield. 8. Polly, m. Heath.

Joseph, Sen., had a dau. Jane, m. Israel Dolby, Jr.


Jonathan Moultox of Bradford, bought of James Norris, of
Chester, three home lots, Nos. 102, 38, and 113, in Jan., 1741.
They lived on Xo. 113, and it has since been occupied by Josiah
Bradley, Joseph Witherspoou, Daniel Hills, and now by Hiram
Basford. He m. Sarah. Cliildren: —

1. Xanne, b. 1741, m. Josiah Bradley; lived on the homestead.

2. Sarah, b. 1743, m. Jou.athan Brown of Poplin; d. March 15.

3. Betty or Elizabeth, b. 1769, m. Suneon Currier; d. April 24,

4. Abigail, m. Jacob Basford and Joua. Brown; d. 1841, a. 88.
Jona. Moulton d. 1771; his widow d. Feb. 22, 1807.


Sa^hjel Murray came from Rye to Chester about 1780, and
bought lot No. 109, 2d P., 2d D., and a piece of No. 60, to enable
him to settle on the road. He m, (1) Elizabeth Berry. Chil-
dren : —

1. Samuel, lived in Greenland.

2. Susannah, m. U. Lamprey; lived at Lunenburg, Vt. Sam-
uel m. (2) Hannah Dalton.

3. Elizabeth, m. John, sou of John Carr; lived in Springfield,
N. H.

4. William, m. Mary Carr; lived on the homestead; d. Dec. 15,

5. Josiah, m. Dolly Prescott; lived in Hampstead.

6. John, m. EUzabeth Pillsbury ; lived near the homestead. He
d. June 5, 1862, a. 85; she d. Nov. 2, 1866, a. 84.

Samuel Murray d. Jan. 18, 1826, a. 92. Hannah d. Nov. 30,
1820, a. 86.



Joseph Nokton came from Greeulaiicl; m, Elizabeth, dau. of
Samuel Hills. Pie settled on the northeast end of Gov. Shute's
farm. She d. of small-pox 1778. He m. (2) widow Molly Tabor.
Children : —

Lydia, m. Daniel, son of Jonathan Norton; d. 1863, a. 92.

Joseph, d. iinm.

Sally, d. unm.

Josiah, was drowned in Wlietstone pond, iinm.

Joseph Norton d. Feb. 17, 1818, a. 81. She. d. March 21, 1840,
a. 100 y. 1 m.

Jonathan Norton was a brother of Joseph; settled on 131,
O. H., where Josiah Seavey hxtely lived. Children: —

1. Simon, m. Mary, dau. of Thomas Patten; had: — 1. David.
2. Simon. 3. Polly, m. Nathl. Emerson, Jr.

H. John, m. Polly, dau. of Benaiah Colby; lived on the home-

IH. 7>aw/e;, m. Lydia Norton; lived in Raymond.

IV. Nathan, and V. David.

He d. 1791. The widow m. Stephen Lufkin.


John Nutt and William Nutt lived on No. 86, 2d P., 2d D.,
where the Crosetts, and Brown and Pierce afterwards lived.
They were probably the first settlers, and owned a large tract of
land in 86, 87 and 93, and probably built the first saw-mill there.
John d. 1758, William, 1760.


John Orr came, from Ireland with Robert Ci-aige, Allen Tcm-
pleton, and others; m. Martha, dau. of Allen Templeton; settled
on No. 76, 2d P., 2d D. Children : —

1. James m. Sarah, dau. of Benja. Melvin; lived on homestead;
had a large family. James d. 1811, a. 81 ; she d. 1861, a. 93^.

2. 3Iolly, m. David, sou of John Patten; d. Nov. IG, 1838.


The present generation of Ottersons, at Ilooksett, know noth-
ing beyond their grandfather William and a brother Andrew,
who came from Ireland with the Browns. But there is the will
of James Otterson of Londonderry, on the Probate record, dated
Oct., 1760, the legatees of which are wife Agnes, James, George,
John, and grandson James and granddaughter Mary, correspond-


ing- to the names of their father and aunt, and the time soon after
William died.

William m. Miss Temple, in Ireland, and settled first on land
bought by Boyes, near Simeon Carr's, but in Jan., 1757, he bought
of Robert Boyes No. 128, 5th D., where Isaac C. Otterson now
lives. He enlisted into tlie army, and was drowned in crossing
Lake Champlain, in 1760. His estate was administered on by
Joseph Brown, in 1760.

The name of Andrew appears on the records, sometimes as of
Chester, and sometimes as of Londonderry, and he went to parts

There was a sister Ann m. Dr. Joseph Brown.

William had : —

I. James, b. Aug. 9, 1757, m. Mary Chase of Sutton, N. H. ;
was a soldier at Rhode Ishmd in 1778; d. Dec. 22, 1816. She d.
1845, a. 80. Children:—

1. William, b. 1789, m. Betsy Cochran; lives in Ilooksett.

2. James, b. 1792, m. a Shirley, and Mehitabel Orr; d. 1867.

3. Elizabeth, m. Nicholas DoUof.

4. Isaac C, b. 1797, m. Margaret Head; lives on the homestead.

5. John A., twin, b. 1797, lives at Clinton, Mass.

6. Mary, b. 1802, m. John Young; lives in Hooksett.

7. Jotham D., b. 1805, an iron founder at Naslma, and INIayor
of the city in 1869.

8. Martin Luther.

XL Ilary, num., d. Nov. 22, 1845, a. 86.

In some tables of longevity there is the name of James Otter-
son, dying at the age of 103 years ; but nothing is known of him.


Dea. Robert Patten came from Edinburgh or vicinity to Bos-
ton about 1724, and lived there about 15 years, and then removed
to Exeter. His cliildren were Boston. July 7, 1741, lie pur-
cliased of Samuel Emerson No. 79, 2d P., 2d D., on which he
made a settlement. He d. 1754. Children: —

I. Thomas, b. 1725; m. Mary, dau. of David McClure, 17o2,
and bought the west half of McClure's lot. No. 30, 2d P., 2d D.,
in 1754, and settled there. He d. 1816, a. 91. She d. 1815. Chil-
dren : —

1. Elizabeth, m. John, son of James Varnum, and Moses Clark.
2. Thomas, unm. 3. Mary, m. Simon Norton. 4. Jean, m.
Joshua Moore, and lived near her father's. 5. Martha, m. Joseph
L. Seavey of Rye. 6. Sarah, m. Benjamin Wadley. 7. Richard,
m. Lemuel Dimon. 8. Margaret, m. Jacob, son of John Sargent
of Candia. 9. Hannah, m. Ephraim Fullington and went to


Cambridge, Vt. 10. Ruth, m. Andrew, son of John Moore of
Caudia. 11. Samuel, m. Lydia, dau. of Nathaniel Emerson, and
lived on the McClure place. 12. Moses, m. Hannah, dau. of
Ephraim Eaton, and lived on the homestead.

ir. John, m. Jean Karr, 1753, and lived on the homestead. She
d. 1709 ; he m. again ; 2d wife d. 1811 ; lie d. 1812. Children : —

1. Janet. 2. Molly, unm. ; d. 1836, a. 80. 3. David, b.'Sept.
2. 1758; m. Molly Orr, 1784, and lived at the '' Neck," and on the
homestead. They had a large family ; among whom were Jesse
b. April G, 1788, m. Hannah Orr and Lucinda Evans; and Ann,
b. 1798, m. Richard Melvin, d. 1812. David d. 1835. 4. Eliz-
abeth, m. Archi. Gamble of Manchester. 5. Susey, m. Jonathan
Davis. 6. John, d. young. 7. Anna, b. 1766 ; m. Amos Crombie ;
d. 1842. Cliildren: —Franklin, Esq., b. 1803, and Luther.

III. Bobert, m. Catherine Karr and settled lirst on the south-
west side of the homestead, where the Huntings now live. About
1774 he bought of Zebulon Winslow No. 83, 3d D., and removed
to Candia. They had 9 children. William kept the homestead;
m. Abigail, dau. of William Turner; had Willis, who lives on the
homestead, liobert m. (2) Abigail Clark, and had Dea. Francis
and 4 other children.


James Pearce m. Molly, dan. of Capt. John Underhill, 1765;
lived on James Basford's amendment, AY. of the brick school-
house, where Aaron Wilcomb and Elijah Hall have since lived;
had 9 children ; d. 1796 ; the widow and children went into the


Benjamin Pierce, with his son Samuel and William Brown,
came from Newburyport aud bought of James and Benjamin
Crosett 270 acres in Nos. 86, 87 and 93, 2d P., 2d D., where the
Nutts had lived. Brown lived where Israel Senter now lives, and
Pierce some 50 rods further northeast. Samuel Pierce m. a dau.
of Nathl. Presby who lived on No. 92, where Hunton lately lived;
she m. (2) a Nichols. Eunice Pierce m. William Brown.


John Poor came from Wiltshire, Eng., to Newbury in 1635, and
there have been many of the name there ; Indian Hill seems to
have been the seat of the settlement. James Bricket and Samuel
Poor, of Newbury, divided certain lands they owned iu Chester
in 1765, and Samuel Poor, Sen., deeded to Samuel Poor, Jr., No.
26, O. H., Feb. 1765, on which he settled. He ajDpears to have

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