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lived but a short time, for in October of the same year, adminis-
tration of his estate was granted to Samuel Poor. lie had two
sons : —

I. Samuel, m. Lydia Swain, and lived on the homestead, and
had a son Samuel.

II. Ebenezer, ra. Mary, dau. of Capt. Nathan Brown, and
bought of John Poor 30 acres of the east end of No. 43 O. II., in
1770, on which he lived, where his son Benjamin, b. March 4,
1798, now lives, who m. Alice, dau. of Lieut. "William Moore.

Samuel, Jr., had also JIary, m. a Kimball of Boxford, and
Hannah, m. a Reynolds.


William Povvel came to Chester previous to 1728, for he was
surveyor of highways, and liis dau. Elizabeth was m. to Jona.
Goodhue that year. He bought and settled on the southwest end
of H. L. No. 14. It was voted to set the Presbyterian meeting-
house '' over against Wm. Powels." He was probably somewhat
advanced in years, for in 1735 he deeded to John Powel II. L. Nos.
14 and 57 in consideration of maintenance, and took a deed back
of all of No. 57, north of the road, which is where the Daniel
Wilson house stands. The brook there was called " Powel's
brook." There was a William Powel who had children recorded
from 1737 to 1755, probably his son.


Elijah Pillsbury was from Newburj^ about 1765 ; settled on a
tract of land sold to Maj. Tolford, lying between Nos. 37 and 38,
2d P., 2d D., and Gov. Shute's farm on the side next to Norton's,
but afterwards moved out on the road to Candia, on No. 38. He
m. Anna Bartlett. Children: — Sarah, m. Jonathan Seavey;
Stephen, unm. ; 'Anna, m. Isaac Towle, Jr. He d. 1830, a. 92 ;
she d. about the same time, a. 93. •


Joshua Prescott probably came from Kensington and settled
near the southwest end of the northwest half of No. 18, 2d P.,
2d D. He was deer inspector in 1741. He m. Abigail, dau.
of Nathl. Ambrose, and sister of Sampson Underbill's wife. She
d. 1785. Children: —

I. xS'ara/i, m. Joseph True.

n. Abigail, b. about 1744; m. Capt. Benjamin CuiTier; d. Jan.
2, 1824, a. 80.

HI. Joshua.

IV. John, went to Sandwich.


V. Domimcus, m. a Moulton and lived on the homestead. Had :
1. Hannah, m. Edward Prescott. 2. John, m. Abigail, dau. of
Jacob Basfoi'd and lived on the homestead. 3. IMiohael. 4.
Joshua, m. Nancy Harden. 5. Jesse, m. Hardy. Abigail died.
Joshua m. (2) Mary Moulton. Childi-eu: —

VI. Daniel, went west.

Vn. Asa, b. 1765; m. Abigail Marden; Avas along time Dep-
uty Sheriff in Chester,and went to Piermont.

Vni. Joseiih.

IX. Edirard, b. 1709; m. Hannah, dau. of Dominicus Prescott.

Joshua Pkescott had a brother Edwakd who came to Chester,
but does not appear to have had any permanent residence, an d
little is known of bim. He had a son. —

1. John, who m. Mary. dau. of Stephen Mcrril, and had Capt*
John of Ilooksctt. and Mary, b. 17'J3, m. Edward liobie, Jr.

2. A dau., m. Sanmel Whidden.


"William Pressox came from Beverly, and settled on Add-
No. 44, nearly opposite where Rufus Phillips now lives. His wife
Mary took out administration on his estate in \ 7GG. Children : —

I. William. Jr., m. Haiiiiali. dau. of "William Ilealey, June 12,
1762. Chil. : — Molly, AVilliam, Hannah, Mary and Benjamin.
He owned a tract of land near the brick scliool-house, which he
sold to Moses Underbill in 1761, and went to Rumney.

n. Capt. Edirard Presson, lived on Add. lot, No. 5.'). where
Page Bachelder had lived, and where "William P. Underbill now
lives; hem. Edna Greenough, 1763. Chil.: — 1. Moses, b. 1764 >
m. Joanna, dau. of Capt. John Underbill, lived on Add. lot. No.
57, where Rufus Phillips lived, went "West. 2. Robert Greenough.
3. Edna, m. Alexander Eaton. 4. Edward, went to "\^t.

Edirard m. (2) Molly Moore. Cliil.: — 5. Ednuind Moore, m.
Polly "NYeeks, d. in Baltimore. 6. John. 7. Benjamin, b. 1792,
lives at Auburn.

Edward m. (3) "Wid. Pollard. 8. Rament, lived in Auburn.
9. Nehemiah, in Manchester. 10. Emerson, in Auburn. 11,
Paschal, b. 1808, lived in Auburn and Manchester. Capt. Pressou
d. Feb. 21, 1823.

III. A daughter, m. a Chamberlain, lived at Newburj', Yt.


James QuajsTOx, in 1737, bought Add. lot No. 10, and settled
on it near Three Camp meadow. He was clerk of the Presbyte-
rian parish, from 1738 to 1769. His will was dated and proved
Dec, 1772. Legatees, wife Agxes, son Hugh, g. daughter Susan-
nah Watson, dau. of Ann.', dau. Elizabeth McFarland; Joshua
and John, had land in New Chester ; Agnes and David, Executors.



Jacob QrnrBY m. Ann Robie, dau. of John, and Tvidow of
Jonathan Towle; lived on Xo. 63, 2d P., 2d D., where — Palmer
no^\' lives; had one son John, who was brought up by Col. Ste-
phen Dearborn. He went to Stanstead. Quimby d. early, and
the widow m. James, son of James Yaruum.

Bradbury Qui:wby m. Sarah, dau. of John Shackford, Jr.,
1778. Child: — Charlotte, b. 1800, m. Capt. Noah Weeks.


There seem to have been three men of the name, but not to
have had permanent residences, and little is known of them.

Nathcmiel had no son so far as known.

John Band had one son, Jeremiah, m. Hannah, dau. of .John
Lane, Jr., and had a large family.

William Rand had a son Joseph, b. Ai)ril 12, 1783, alive, 1868.
"\Yilliam d. 1787. John and William were brothei's.


JOSEPH RICHARDSON, Jr., the sou of Joseph and Marga-
ret Godfrey, b. Dec. 31, 1686, at Newbury, m. Ann Riggs, at
Gloucester, Feb. 21, 1712. Children: —

I. Anne, b. 1712. II. Thomas, b. Oct. 31, 1716. III. Moses,
b. July 28, 1718. lY. William, b. 1719. Y. Daniel, b. March 28,
1722. YI. Mary, b. Sept. lo, 1725. YII. Caleb, b. May 9, 1731.
As early as 1725, Joseph Richardson began to trade in Chester

II. Thomas Richardsox and Priscilla Pearson m, Nov. 17,
1737. The Pearsons owned a tide-mill, at Newbury Old Town.
Thomas settled on Add. lot, No. 113. In 1717 his father gave him
the N. AY. half of the lot next to Thomas Craige's. He d. 1795, a.
78; she d. 1803, a. 87. Children:—

1. Elizabeth, b. in Newbury, m. a Rolfe of Newbury.

2. Hannah, b. Nov. 25, 1710, m. Eastman of Boscawen.

3. Pearson, b. Feb. 21, 1712, m. Martha Webster, 1761, and
Wid. Simonds; lived on H. L. No. Ill, where Dea. Walter Morse
lived, and also where Charles Wilcom lives; was an innholder;
had no children, d. Nov. 26, 1827.

4. Priscilla, b. July 18, 1715, m. Kimball of Boscawen.
o. Thomas, b. July 6, 1747.

6. Lydia, b. Aug. 28, 1719, m. Abraham, son of Winthrop Sar-
gent, d. Feb. 6, 1810.

7. Abigail, b. Dec. 9, 1752, m. a True of Yt., d. a. 65.



8, Susannah, h. March 26, 1754, m. Benjamin, son of Thomas
Ilaselton, lived in Chester and Orford.

9. Jeremiah, b. Llarch 25, 1757, lived at Hai'tland, Vt.

III. Moses Richardson, b. 1718, m. Mary, dau. of Jonathan
Goodhne, 17-46, settled on Add. lot No. 70, east of the Carr place,
where G. W. Clark now lives, d. March 30, 180G; she d.Oct. 13,
1809. Cliildren:—

1. Mary, b. 1747.

2. David, b. 1748, m. Sarah, dau. of Theo. Shackford, 1773.

3. Elizabeth.

4. Sarah, b. Feb. 29, 1751, m. Stephen Claj- of Chester.

5. Nelle, m. Bracket Towle, and went to Corinth.

6. liuth. 7. 3Ioses.

8. Jonathan, b. 1765, m. an Edmonds, lived opposite where
Capt. "Weeks now lives; moved to Xorthwood.

9. Lticretia. 10. Anna.

11. Edward, b. Feb. 1, 1772, m. Mary, dau. of Silas Camet, 1797,
d. 1804. The wid. m. Robert S. Iluntoon, went to Unity and
Orford, d. at Auburn, Dec, 1863, a. 83.

V. Daniel Riciiardsox m. a Davis, settled on Add. lot No. 101,
where Isaac Foss lived, and near where David Lane now lives ;
he d. March 23, 1799 ; she d. March 30, 1799. Children:—

1. Jloses, b. at "West Newbury, Nov. 12, 1752, m. Sai-ah, dau. of
Jacob Chase, Esq., 1778, went to Protectworth, now Springfield ;
d. 1841.

2. Joseph, m. Anna, dau. of Robert Wilson, Esq., lived on Add.
No. Ill, Avhere Lt. David "Wilson had lived; no issue; d. June 6,
1752, a. 84.

3. Daniel, m. Lois Knapp, 1791, lived on the homestead, d. Feb.

4. Anna, m. Gideon Currier, d. March 19, 1827.
6. Lydia, m. Nathan, son of Abel Webster.

6. Betty, m. Joseph Carr, Jr.

VI. Caleb, b. 1731, m. Catharine, lived on Add. No. 102, east o^
where Capt. AVilliam Moore lived. Cliil.: — 1. Caleb. 2. Catha-
i^ine, m. Lt. Josiah Foi'saith, b. March 30, 1768, d. 1818 ; and 3,

DANHEL RICHARDSON was a farmer of Pelham, N. H. ; he
m. Sarah Merchant of Boston. Children: —

1. William Merchant, b. Jan. 4, 1775, graduated at Harvard,
1797; LL. D., Dart., 1827. He read law in the office of Hon.
Samuel Dana, of Groton, Mass, and was associated with him in
the practice of the profession for a season. He was elected a


Representative to Congress in 1811, and re-elected, but resigned in
181J: and removed to Portsmouth. He was a]3pointed Chief Jus-
tice of the Superior Court in 1816, which office he held to his
death. He purchased the farm of Benjamin Brown, and removed
to Chester in 1819; ho m. Betsy Smith, dau. of Peter Smith, of
Pelham, 1798; d. March 23, 1838. Children:—

1. Sarah 31., m. Dr. Lemuel M. Barker.

2. William, b. 1802, d. 1819.

3. Elizabeth, b. 1805, m. Hon. B. B. French, 1824, d. 1860.

4. Mary, m. S. J. S. Vose, of Lancaster.

5. Anne, b. 1811, m. Hon. Henr}^ F. French, d. 1856.

6. Louisa, b. 1814, m. Rev. C. C. P. Russel, now of Wasliing-
ton, D. C.

7. Samuel Ifather, m. Mary "Wliittemore, formerly of Chester,
d. 1843.

n. Gen. Samuel M., wlio was a farmer, and was a member of
the House of Representatives and also of the Senate, d. March 11,
1859, a. 82.

HI. Hon. Daniel, was a lawyer of Tyngsborough. Chil. : —
1. D. S. Bichardson, m. Isabella, dau. of Samuel Aiken, Esq., of
Chester. 2. William A. 3. George F., Mayor of Lowell.


In a list made Feb. 1, 1677, of cottages erected in Haverliill
since Jan. 25, 1G75, is the name of John Robie. He lived in what
is now Atkinson. June 16, 1691, he set out to move his family,
consisting of seven children, the oldest not quite eleven years old,
(his wife having died a few days before), to a place of refuge,
where Benjamin Clement lately lived, at the North Parish. He
was returning with the family in a cart, and had got opposite the
burying-ground, near Jesse Clement's, where he was killed by
the Indians, and his son ICHABOD, probably the oldest, was taken
captive by the Indians and carried off. There are two traditions,
one that he was I'ansomed, and the other and most probable one,
that by the aid of a friendly Indian he escaped and returned
home. (See Chase's Hist, of Haverhill, p. 160.)

He somewhere learned the art of tanning, and settled in Hamp-
ton Falls. He was a member of the " Society for Settling the
Chesnut Country," attended the first meeting, and was one of the
committee to lay out the home lots, and also of tiie old hundred-
acre lots, and also for running the lines. His name appears so
often on the records that we might infer that he removed to Ches-
ter, and he probably built a house on his home lot No. 116, where
John Robinson's old house is, and spent considerable time in
Chester, but never permanently resided here. His will was dated


Oct. 10, 1752 ; proved Sept. 26, 1753, The legatees are his wife
Mary, sous, I. John, II. Henry, and III. Samuel, and Sarah Til-
ton. John was to have a silver-fitted sword and silver-headed
cane, and they are both now in the family of the late Hendrick
Dearborn, of Auburn. Col. Stephen Dearborn, son-in-law of
John Eobie, was an oflScer in the militia for more than thirty
years, and commanded a company at the battle of Bennington,
and used this sword. Samuel liobie was to have his pistols and
holsters, the cap and brass-hilted sword and silver-headed riding
cane. Henry was to have the homestead, including the tan-yard,
and was residuary legatee.

I. John Ror.iE, b. 1712, m. Ann Williams, a woman of Welsh
origin. The Dearborns have some of her table-linen. ICTIABOD
bought H. L. No. 35, Dec, 1732, on which John settled, near
where Nathan ilorse lately lived, and his tan-yard was where
Robinson's was. Children: —

1. Edward, m. a Silver, went to Plymouth.

2. Jchabod, unm., was a tanner at Pembroke; d. at Springfield.

3. Walter,}). May 2 (O. S.), 1741. He came to Candia, and
built a camp on No. 119, 2d P., 2d D., by the side of a large rock,
the wolves sometimes looking in upon him. His first crop was
rv'e, and having no barn to store and tliresh it in, he drew to
Chester over the hill by Col. Dearborn's, whei'c there must have
been little road. He m. Susa, dau. of Dea. Jonathan Hall, Dec.
23, 17G3, and moved to Candia Jan. 10, 1764. He was a justice,
and filled an important place in Candia. He d. June 28, 1818 ;
she d. Oct. 20, 1821. Children: —

AYalter, b. Dec. 22, 1764, m. Dorothy Tiltou, who was b.
Aug. 11, 1763; lived on the homestead; Edward and Jonathan,
went to Corintli; Susan, m. John Moore, went to Belfast;
Polly, m. Jona., son of Col. Moses Dustin; Lydia, m. John
Dolby; Sally, m. Thomas Towle; Nancy, m. Col. Stephen Clay,
of Chester.

4. John, m. Mehitabel, dau. of Dea. Jonathan Hall; settled on
No. 64, 2d P., 2d D., 1764. Children : —

William, m. Keziah Clark, 1797; lived on the homestead; d.
1860; Ichabod and Jonathan, went to Corinth; Ebenezer, to Bur-
lington; Priscilla, to Stanstead; John, m. Silver, and lived near
Candia Corner, d. 1866.

5. liufh, m. Col. Stephen Dearborn; d. 1808, a. 69.

6. A daughter, m. John Clay, of Candia.

7. An7ia, m. (1; a Towle, (2) J. Quimby, (3) James, sou of
James Varnum; lived in Candia ; d. 18U7.

8. Delia, m. Col. Jonathan Dearboi-n; d. April 7, 1814, a. 63.
Ann d. May 20, 1755, a. 42 ; John m. (2) Abigail Dearborn, dau.

of Dea Ebenezer, widow of James Varnum. Children: —


9. A dau., m. Samuel, sou of Col. Joliu W^ebster; yreut to New-
port, N. H.

10. Sarah, m. Dr. Samuel Flag-g.

11. Samuel, m. Dorothy Worthen, dau. of David; weut to
Spriug-field, X. H.

Abigail d. Oct. 25, 1773. Jonx m. (3) Naomi, wid. of
Kathau Long, but she soon left liim; she d. 1821, a. 93; he d.
March. 1788.

II. Hexry, b. 1711, lived ou the homestead, and his descend-
auts still reside there. He m. Abigail Butler Oct. 9, 1734, and
they had eleven children: —

1. Daniel, b. Jan. 4, 1735, settled at Freetown, on O. H. Xo.
11, where Rev. Joseph Fullontou now lives. Children: —

1. Nathan, ft^ther of Nathan, of Auburn, Eev. Thomas, and
David. 2. Henry. 3. Daniel.

2. Ichabod, b. May 25, 1737. He settled on No. 61, 3d D.,
where liis gi'eat-grandson, Samuel B., now resides. He was a
soldier of the Eevolution, and his name appears often on the
records of Candia. Children : —

Levi, m. Aiuia, dau. of Richard Ordway; lived ou the home-

Lowell, went to Alexandria, N. H. One dau. m. Knowles ; one
a Tuck, went to Maine.

III. Samuel, son of Ichabod, b. 1717, m. a Perkins; settled on
his father's H. L. No. 116; probably built John Robinson's old
house. Children : —

1. Sarah, m. Dr. John Ordway, 1760; afterwards m. a Dr.
Gordon, and (3) John P. "Williams. They d. in Newmarket.

2. Lydia, m. Richard Ordway, of Amesbury, brother of Dr.
John; m. (2) John Clay of Candia; m. (3) Col. Stephen Dear-
born; d. Sept 29, 1817, a. 74.

3. Edward, b. 1746, m. Sarah Smith, dau. of Col. "Webster's sec-
ond wife, in 1771. He settled first in Candia, and came to Chester
Street; d. Dec. 26, 1837, a. 92. She d. 1843, a. 89.

Sajiuel, m. (2) widow Phebe Butterfield, mother of Nathan-
iel Glidden's wife, and had Samuel and PoUi/, who lived at
Gofl"stowu. Samuel sold his farm, including his tan-yard, to John
S. Dearborn, in 1778, and took his pay in Continental money, and
it went down on his hands, and he lost it.

Children of Edward and Sarah : —

1. Mary, b. July 17, 1772; m. Ephraim, sou of Edmund Elliot;
went to Thornton.

2. John Smith, b. March 12, 1776, m. a Mcintosh, of Dor-

3. Edward, b. Nov. 20, 1778, m. Mary, dau. of John Pi'escott,
and lived on the homestead; d. Sept. 12, 1857.


4. Toppan, b. Jan. 27, 1782.

5. Sarah, b. 1785, m. Stephen Brummer; went to Maine.

6. Thomas Sargent, b. Jan 14, 1791, went to Gorham, Maine ;
m. Clarissa Adams, and liad three sons, all of whom are clergy-
men, the Kev. Edward Robic of Greenland, being one of them-
He d. 1838.


He was named for his great uncle. Col. Christopher Toppan, of
Hampton, who when he was a child, gave him a pistareen (twenty
cents) for his name. When a boy, at ten or eleven, he was pu^
into the store of his uncle Edmund Webster, as a chore-boy, and
while there Mr. Webster was appointed the first postmaster in
Chester, and he acted as assistant. In 1796, he went as an appren-
tice into the store of Capt. C. B. Brooks, of Haverhill, and had
fifty dollars for the first year, and sixty dollars afterwards, for
clothing. In 1799 he went to Gorham, Me., as clerk in a store,
and in 1802 commenced business on his own account, and con-
tinued in a profitable retail business till 1850. He seems disposed
to be liberal with his accumulations. He has given to the minis
terial fund of the First Parish in Gorham, nine thousand dollars ;
for a soldiers' monument in Gorham, two thousand dollars ; for
a clock on the Congregational meeting-house in Gorham, five
hundred dollars; to the Congregational Society in Chester, five
thousand dollars, and to the Congregational Society in Candia,
towards the purchase of an organ, fifty dollars. He was liein-c-
scntative from Gorham to the Legislature of Massachusetts from
1813 to 1819, and to that of Maine in 1820 and 1821 ; one of the
Executive Council of Maine ; has long been a trustee aitd treas-
urer of Gorham Academy, and held various town otfices. He m.
Lydia, dau. of Benjamin Brown and Prudence Kelly, b. Feb. 6,
1782, m. Oct. 8, 1804. She d. Feb. 23, 1811. Children : —

Harriet, b. Aug. 9, 1805, m. Oliver Lincoln of Boston, in 1829,
d. 1832; Francis Brown, b. Aug. 19, 1809, who graduated,
studied medicine, and in making some chemical prepai'ations lost
both his eyes, and is totally blind; m. Martha Prince, lives in

Toppan m. (2) Sarah T. Lincoln. Cliildren: —

Charles ; George (died) ; and Frederic. She d. April 23, 1828.

He m. (3) Wid. Eliza Cross. She d. Xov. 2, 1865.

Mr. Robie says that he never used tobacco in any fonn, and can
say about the same of ardent spirits ; is now (March, 1869) more
than eighty-seven years old, and writes a most excellent, fair and
I'ound hand.



■U :



'^-y-Lyfvcc^ y^'^^ <^



Daniel Rowe came early to Caudia, m. Abigail Stockman; d.
about 1786; she d. Dec. 12, 1813. He was in the French war,
and Avas at Cape Breton. He had a son Isaiah, who settled on
lot No. 114, 2d P., 2d D., on the Pine hill, and sold it to Paul
Eaton, previous to 1770, and purchased and settled on Xo. 40, od D.
Hem. Sarah, dau. of Samuel Healey, 1704, Children: — 1. Jon-
athan. 2. Susanna. 3. Elizabeth. 4. Lydia. 5. Xatlianiel, who
lived on the homestead. 6. Sarah. 7. Mehitable. 8. Olive.
9. Lucy. 10. Dolly, m. Stephen Smith, and was mother of Hon.
Frederick Smyth. 11. Abigail.

Isaiah d. Sept. 18, 1810, a. 07. Sarah d. 1824.


John Rowel was probably the first settler on the north end of
H. L. No. 114, where Dea. Walter Morse lately lived. July 1,
1729, John Rowel, of Salisbury, bought No. 50, and he and Ben-
aiah Colby probably divided the two lots crosswise, as Avhen
James Norris bought No. 113, in 1734, it was bounded on " John
Rowel and Benaiah Colby." In 1744 Judith Howel and John
Saunders and ivife sold to Enoch Colby, each one sixth of their
father John Rowel's right in Xo. 50, and Enoch Rowel two
sixths, he being the oldest son. In 1746 Enoch bought half of
No. 87, 8d D., (at Candia Corner) where he settled. Ilis wife
was Miriam, had 2 cliildren d. young in 1752; Miriam, b. 1753;
Enoch, b. 1756; Mary, b. 1763. He d, 1770.

Gideon Rowel, of Amesbury, bought of Lt. Thomas Smith
and wife Maiy, his homestead of 40 acres, in I\larch, 1752, He d,
previous to 1785. Benjamin lived at Candia, on No. 128, 3d D.,
unmarried. Samuel, d. 1815, Iliriam and Sarah, all unmarried,
on the homestead.


Master George Russel was a native of Ireland, and was a
grenadier in the army of Gen. Gage, at Boston. He was one of
the reinforcement sent out to Lexington. He said that the British
soldiers were instructed to fire breast high, but the Yankees took
aim, and instead of facing their enemies, fired from every rock
and tree. He determined to desert, and engaged with a country-
man to carry him out of Boston. He was put into a hogshead
and headed up, vrith holes for ventilation bored in the head. The
teamster, without knowing the nature of his cargo, rode, sitting
on the hogshead, stopping the vent holes and nearly suflbcating


Mr. Eussel. lie however survived, and came to Londonderry,
and his name appears on the Association Test, in 177G, and it is
said that he served a campaign in the American army, praying
that he might be killed rather than he captured.

He came to Chester and settled on the south corner of lot No.
74, 2d P., 2d D., a little S. E. of the Auburn pound. He turned
pedagogue, and for a long period taught nearly all the schools in
the Long MeadoAvs, and was looked up to with about the same
reverence that the minister was. The writer received the first ru-
diments of his school education from "Master Russel." He was
a man of very eccentric manners, and would hardly be tolerated
for a single day as a teacher, at the present time. He m. Martha
McNeil, of Londonderry. Children: —

John, settled at Ncav Boston.

Dawson, lived in Candia aiul in Londonderry.

Mary, m. and went to (ialena, 111.

About 1806 he went to live with his son John, at New Boston,
and d. there.


ELiniAZ Saxhorn's name appears frequently on the records.
In Dec, 1737, he bought of the proprietors 20 acres, lying oil Pen-
nacook path, directly east of Gov. Shute's farm, and probably
settled on it, where Daniel Ilodgkins afterAvards lived. Nothing
more is known of him.


'• JACOB, 5th Sou to Will Sargent and Mary his wife, was
born March 13, An. Do. lG,S7-8." '' Jacob Sargent, Jr., and Ju-
dith Harvey, both of Amcsbury, Avere married together by Mr.
Thomas AVells, Minister of Amcsbury, Dec. ye 7"^, 1710."

His name appears first on Che'ster records as selectman in 1728.
He is styled Ensign in a deed in 1730, and on Chester records in
1731. He occupied a very prominent place in Chester. The
name of '' Inshie Jacob Sargent " appears on the records of
nearly every tOAvn meeting for many years. He settled on H. L.
No. 18, where Moses Webster now Wxqs. In 1736 he gaA'e his son
Winthrop one half of three H. L's., — 18, 19 and 123. He d.
April 6, 1749. Administration to his wife, Judith, June 28, 1749.
Children : —

I. WiXTHROP, b. Oct. 28, 1711, m. Phebe, dau. of William Ilea-
ley, June 1, 1738. He liA'ed on the homestead, back towards
Hall's Village. He d. Dec, 1788; she d. Nov. 4, 1806, a. 90.
Children: —

1. Lizzie, b. Dec. 22, 1738, m. John Sanborn ; lived first in San-


down, then on the William Gilchrist place, where his grandson
John now lives. Mr. Sanborn d. Dec. 3, 1828; Lizzie d. Aiml
6, 1832.

2. Jfoses, b. Xov. 2, 1743, m. Sarah, dan. of James Yarunm ,
settled on lot No. 91, 2d P., 2d D., d. 1826-; she d. 1843. Cliil-
dren : —

1. Anna, m. Samnel Anderson; d. 1817. 2. Samnel, m. Sally
Pillsbnry, 1798. 3. Abigail. 4. Sarah, m. Samnel Haynes, the
clothier, of Chester; d. 1811. 5. Moses, m. a Whiting, lived on
the homestead, and went to Stanstead. 6. Mary, m. Samuel An-

3. Jla/'i/, b. May 14, 1745.

4. John, b. March 17, 1746, m. Mary, dan. of "William Turner,
lived on the east half of No. 120, 2d P., 2d D. He d. Nov. 17,
1834 ; she d. 1823. Children :— Josiah, m. Sarah Bricket, d. 1817 ;
Sarah, m. Josiah, son of William Shannon; Moses, m. Sarah, dau.
of William Shannon.

5. Abraham, b. Feb. 28, 1748; m. Lydia, dau. of Thomas Eicli-
ardson, 1769; lived where Ensign Jacob lived. He d. March,
1822; she d. Feb. 6, 1840, a. 90 years, 5 months. Children: —

1. Mary, b. 1769. 2. Lydia, b. 1771; m. Samnel Towle. 3.
Abraham, b. July 25, 1773; m. (1) Polly Belknap, Jan. 1, 1800;
she d. Nov. 23, 1812; m. (2) Sarah Sanborn, Jan. 10, 1814; she d.
July 23, 1833 ; m. (3) Sally Underbill, widow of Smith Green-

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