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1855. Betty Hoit, dau. of Beuj. Iloit, Feb. 22, . . . 94
Daniel McDuffie, April 5, 6 months over ... 84
Ann Shirley, his wife, Nov. 29, 18G0, d. in Caudia, . 85

David Porter, July 12, 82

Elizabeth Pike, widow of Jona. Dearborn, May 1, 88

John Cofl3.n, Aug. 8, 89

Eunice Sargent, his wife, July 2, 1860, ... 92
Eunice Silver, widow of Joseph Calef and John

Downing, 86

Joseph Carr, Oct., 8 months over .... 88

1856. Edua, dau. of Abraham Morse, .... 82

1857. Capt. Beuj. Fitts, May 20, 86

Susan Dearboi-n, his wife, April 15, 1860, . . 85

Robert Knowles, July 22, 89

Edward Robie, Jr., Sept. 12, 79

Joseph Robinson, Dec, 6 months over ... 89

1858. Scpheu Webster, March 3, 84

Dolly Pillsbury, his wife, Feb. 19, 1857, ... 79








Joseph Smith, Oct. 24, ... .

Benj. Davis, Xov. 16,

Thomas Coleman, Nov. 22, ...

Mary Stinsoii, widovr of Samuel CaiT, Sept.

AYido-\v of Henry Smith, Nov. 4,

Nancy Carr, wid. of John Clark, Jr., Jan. 18,

Isaac Morse, June 29,

Moses Brickett, Sept. 25, .

Sally Pillsbury, his wife, Nov. 12,

Sarah Melvin, wid. of James Orr, March 23,

James Orr d. Oct 11, 1841, ....

Hannah Townsend, wife of Dea. John Lane,

Martha Graham, wid. of David Hall, May 1,
Lncretia Currier, wid. of Moses K. Hall, Aug,
Moses, her husband, Aug. 18, 1837, .
William Graham, Esq., Aug. 3, .
Dea. Nathan Kuowles, Sept. 10,
Eebecca Dearborn, his wife, Jan. 2, 1864,
Abigail C. Heath (Ch. Bee), .
Peter Hall, Jr., d. March 29, . . .
John Kimball at Auburn, Ajiril 25, .
John Murray, June 5, ....

EHzabeth Pillsbury, liis wid., Nov. 2, 1866,
Capt. Moses Ilaselton, Aug. 9, .
Josiah AYorthen, Aug. 10, .
Susanna Hills, wid. of Nathan Knowles, Jr.,
Martha, dau. of William Wilson,
Persis Thorn, wid. of Hon. John Bell, Nov. 22
John Clark, Esq., May 15, .

Robert Mills, June 6,

Josiah Seavey, July 31, ... .

Peter Morse,

Hannah Morse, wid, of Moses Hills, Sept. 10,
Mary Camet, wid. of Edward Richardson, and

of R. S. Hunton, Dec. 7, . . .

Mary Simonds, wid. of Nathan Webster and

L. Glidden, Dec, 19, ....
Lydia, wid, of Daniel, and dau, of Josejih ]^

d. in Raj'mond,

Hannah Iloit, wid. of Joseph Abbott, March


Nehemiah Lufkin, May 15,

Judith Brown, wid. of Benj. Wilson, May 10,








22, at


















Ricliarcl Sliackforcl, Sept. 30, 92

Lydia Aj'er, wicl. of Daniel Anderson, Dec. 2, . 84
Polly Green, wid. of Benj. Underliill, ... 82
Wid. of James Stevens (see 1852), .... 88

Isaac Blunt, March, 85

Robert Martin, Dec. 25, 5 mouths over ... 87
Hannah Currier, wid. of Samuel Shackford, Aug. 7, 80
Anna Hall, wid. of Joseph Currier, Oct. 13, . . 87^
Polly Porter, wid. of David Emery and Charles

Emerson, 80

Amos Green, April, nearly 79

Nathan Griffin, June 23, between . . .78 and 79
Nancy Marston, wid. of Saml. Aiken, Esq., Aug. 6
Patty Davis, wife of Hazen DaWs, Aug. 10,
Mary Knowles, wid. of Daniel Hills, Nov. 21,
Eosanna Aiken, wid. of Alex. McGi-egor and Dear

born AMiitticr, at Londonderry, Nov. 23,

John Ilaselton, Dec,

Polly Gault, wid. of John Brown, Oct. 31, at Milton


Pamela Brown, Avid. of James Hoit, nearly

John White, Feb. 3,

Susanna Sargent, wid. of John !Melviu and Richard

Dearborn, Feb. 4, 7 months over .

Moses Crombie, March 4,

Elizabeth Currier, wid. of John Clark, Esq., March

14, 8 months over

John Clark, her husband, May 15, 1863, .
Hannah Ingalls, wid. of John Hall, March,

Peter Ilaselton, March 17,

Susan B. Robinson, his wife, March 20, .
Lucretia Hills, wid. of Thos. Haselton, June 19,

months over

Samuel "Wason, July 4,

Josiah Forsaith, Aug. 18, 9 months over .
Ruth Wood, wid. of Ebenezer Wood, Sept. 12,
Isaac Hall, Oct. 10,

Asa Noyes, Dec. 28, 8 months over .

Wife of Samuel Kendall, Jan. 4, 3 months over

Samuel Haselton, Jan. 16,

Sally McKinley, wid. of David Abbott, Jan. 30,
Sarah, dau. of Dea. John S. Dearborn, and wid. of
Moses Carlton, d. at West Concord (was the old-
est native of Chester at her death),













Aged Persons, including Natives, some op whom have been


The oldest native, so far as is known, is Dolly Hoit, dau. of
Benjamin Hoit, who has resided in Chester nearly all of her life ;
b. Dec. 15, 1774.

The next oldest native is James AVason; b. Feb. 13, 1780.

Dorothy "Worthen, his wife, b. March 7, 1783.

Dorothy Locke, the widow of Josiah Mooi'e and Thomas Shan-
non; b, June 9, 1780.

The oldest resident is Kebecca Bailey, the widow of Silas Ten-
ney; b. May 13, 1773.

Hannah Porter, widow of William Preston and James Emer-
son; b. 1781.

Samuel Kendall; b. May 12, 1782.

Hannah Foss, the widow of Andrew Seavey; b. Sept. 27, 1782.

Lucy Morse; b. Jan. 5, 1783.

Joseph Rand; b. April 12, 1783.

Sarah Ayer, widow of Capt. Moses Haselton; b. April 8, 1784.

Betsy Green ; b. 1784.

Mary Haselton, widow of John Wells and Da\^s; b. July 18,

Stephen Farnham; b. Aug. 25, 1785.

Ann McKinley, wid. of James Badger; b. 1785.

Johnson Morse; b. at Dracut, Feb. 12, 178G; now of Chester.

Peter Card; b. at Woolwich, Me., April 7, 178G; now of

Sarah Emerson, widow of Josiah Haselton; b. Sept. 8, 1786.

Ednah Davis, widow of Walter Morse; b. Sept. 18, 1786.

Benaiah Spofford; b. Sept. 9, 1786.

Polly Page, his wife; b. Aug. 9, 1792.

Aaron Ball; b. at Priucetown, May, 1786; came to Chester,

Abigail Lane, widow of Thomas Wason; b. July 17, 1782.

Molly Lane, widow of Dea. Amos Bachelder, June 29, 1786.

Anna Lane, wife of Jona. A. Lane; b. Aug. 30, 1788.

John Lane ; b. Jan. 6, 1792. (The last four are children of Cor-
net Isaac Lane.)

John Porter; b. Feb. 12, 1787.

Hannah Hall, wife of Benjamin Chase; b. Feb. 18, 1787.

Dr. Nathan Plmnmer, Aug. 11, 1787.

Elizabeth Chase, widow of James Underbill; b. Sept. 18, 1787.

John Colby; b. 1785.

Samuel Colby; b. 1787.

Hannah Colby; b. 1791.

(Last three are children of Eev. Zaccheus Colby.)


William Ottersou; b. Oct. 30, 1789.

Mary Morse, widow of Daniel Carlton; b. March 5, 1788.

Henry Hall; b. April 18, 1788.

Sally Stevens, widow of Henry Dockham; b. May, 1788.

riiebe West, widow of Joseph Morse, May 13, 1788.

Capt. Daiid Shaw; b. June 20, 1788.

Margaret Shirley; b. Aug. 25, 1789.

Mary Judkins, widow of Asa Noyes; b. Oct. 9, 1789.

Dea, John Lane; b. at Ipswich. Oct. 28, 1789; came from New-
bury port to Chester, 1815.

Hannah Blauchard, widow of Dea. Samuel Dinsmore ; b. Jan.
7, 1790.

Capt. Noah Weeks; b. 1790.

Elizabeth Crombie, Avidow of IMatthcw Reid ; b. March 22, 1790.

Sally Underbill, widow of Smith Grcenough and Abraham
Sargent; b. Nov. 2G, 1790.

Charlotte Hall, dau. of Moses K. Hall, Dec. 30, 1791.

Mary Prescott, widow of Edward Ilobie; b. March 27, 1793.



I greatly regret that my time and space do not permit
me to give a fuller history of that part of old Chester. It
is disputed, and is of little consequence, who was the first
settler in Candia. Eaton, in his History of Candia, page
8, says that " David McClure came from Chester to Candia
about the year 1743." He did not buy his Chester lot
until 1744, and in 1748 he was a petitioner for soldiers
with others in that neighborhood, and sold his place there
to John Knowles, Jr., of Rye, November 2, 1749. William
Turner bought his lot in 1741. There is a tradition that
his dauahter Sarah was the first white child born in
Candia. She was born in November, 1848. There soon
removed to Charming Fare (as that part of Chester was
then called) quite a number of families, among whom
were Benjamin Smith from Exeter, Wiuthrop Wells, John,



Theophilus and Jacob Sargent, Dr. Samuel Moore, Enoch
Rowel and Obededom Hall, from Chester.

A petition was presented to the General Assembly, dated
March 22, 1763, praying to be set off as a distinct parish,
signed by the following persons, who probably constituted
most of the voters in town :

Benjamin Bachelcler,
Samuel Moores,
Jonathan Hills,
Samuel Towle,
Kicklus Smith,
Jonathan Towle,
Kath^ Ingalls,
Theophilus Clough,
John Karr,
Thomas Chretchet,
Samuel Eastman,
John Clay,
Moses Baker,
Theop. Sarg-ent,
Stei)hen Webster,
Joseph Smith,
Jeremiah Bean,
Zebedee Berry,
Phineas Towle,

AVilliam Turner,
Winthrop ATells,
Abraham Fitts,
Sherburn Rowe,
Asel Quimby,
Gilman Dudley,
Zachariah Clifford,
Enoch Colby,
Moses Smart,
Nath^ Emerson,
John Sargent,
Jonathan Bean,
Benj. Smith,
James McClure,
Stephen Palmer,
Jacob Sargent,
Ichabod Robie,
Elisha Bean,
David Hills.

The prayer was granted, and a charter given, dated
December 17, 1763. The boundaries were as follows : —

" Beginning at the North East Corner of said Parish, on
the Line of the Townsbip of Nottingham at a Hemlock
tree, at the head of the Old Hundred-acre Lotts ; then runs
South twenty Nine Degrees West, joining to said lotts as
they are Entered on the Proprietors' Records, about four
miles to a stake and stones ; then West North West to a
Maple Tree, Ijeing the North East bounds of the Lott Num-
ber forty-three, in the Second part of the Second Division,
and continuing the same course by towerhill pond to a
stake and stones, what completes five miles and a half upon
this course ; then North Twenty Nine Degrees East to a
Pitch Pine, which is the South West Boundary of the
Eighty acre lott in the Third Division, Number one hun-
dred twenty three ; then North twenty Nine Degrees East
to Nottingham Line, and then on that Line to the Hem-
lock Tree first mentioned."


Samuel Emerson, Esq., was appointed to call the first
meeting. The meeting was holden March 13, 176-1.

Moderator^ — Dr. Samuel Moores.

Parish Clerh, — Dr. Samuel Moores.

Constable, — Winthrop Wells.

Selectmen, — Lieut. Benjamin Bachelder, John Sargent,
Jeremiah Bean.

Tytliingman, — John Clay.

Surveyors of Highways, — Lieut. Saml. Towl, Moses
Baker, Elisha Bean, Zebedee Berry.

Fence Vieivers, — Matthew Ramsey, Stephen "Webster.

Hawards, — Stephen Palmer, Moses Smart.

Deer Inspectors, — Theophilus Clough, Jonathan Bean.

Committee to Examine the Selectmen'' s Accompts, — Stephen
Webster, Walter Robie, Nathaniel Emerson.

On the first leaf of the old records is the following :

" A Parish Book of Records, No. 1, Kept by Samuel
Moores, Esq., from the Incorporation of said Parish up to
October, 1793, and at his Decease succeeded by Samuel
Moores, Jr., and kept until March, 1798 ; and then by
Walter Robie, Esq., until March, 1806 ; and then by Rich-
ard Emerson, until the month of October, 1806, when he
Deceased ; and then by John Lane, until March, 1820 ; and
then by Peter Eaton until March, 1831 ; and then by Fred-
erick Fitts, until March, 1832 ; and then by S. A. Sar-
gent until March, 1836 ; and then by Dr. Samuel Sargent
until Feb., 1810."

The old book closed in 1807.

The selectmen the first year charge : " Paid Asahel Quim-
by for a constable's staff, <£4." This was old tenor, equal to
about sixty-seven cents. The ^taff is now in possession of
Edmund Hills, Esq. It is of hard wood, about eighteen
inches long, and an inch and a half in diameter, stained
black, with a pewter ferule about three inches long on one
end. It was a badge of office.

I shall continue the history under different heads.



At a meeting of the parish, held Sept. 8, 1766,

" Voted, to build a meeting House.

" Voted, that the meeting house Shall be set on or near
the North west corner of the Parsonage lot, so called:

" Voted, that the meeting house frame Shall be Begun
upon the 22 Day of this instant September ; John Clay,
Walter Robie, Esq., Benja. Cass, Moses Baker, Jonathan
Bean, Nathl. Emerson and Abraham Fitts, a Committee."

They voted to raise sixty pounds, to be paid in work at
two shillings and six pence per day for common hands, or in
lumber, and to hire workmen, &c., the frame to be com-
pleted by the last day of October. If any did not pay in
work or lumber, the constable was to collect it in money.
The house was to be forty-five feet wide and fifty-five feet
long. Five pounds lawful money was voted to be raised,
to be used by the committee, if needed.

At a meeting, Oct. 20. 1766,

"Voted, that the Selectmen shall Assess a Sufficient Sum
to finish the meeting house Fraim.

" Voted, That there Be Provided for Raising Supper,
Codfish, Potatoes and Butter."

At a meeting, February 5, 1767, it was voted to sell the
pew-ground for the wall pews, and William Baker, Dr.
Samuel Moores and William Turner were chosen a com-
mittee to sell it, and take care that the frame be boarded,
shingled and underpinned. The pew ground was sold
February 19, 1767.

September 17, 1767, it was voted " to sell the ground for
six more pews behind the men's and women's seats, in
order to finish the outside of the meeting-house this fall as
far as said pew-ground will go." It was sold October 1,
1767. The purchase was to be paid in merchantable pine
boards, at eighteen shillings per thousand, and shingles at
seven shillings per thousand, by the first day of June.
The second sale, the same articles, at the market price.

Nov. 23, 1767, it was voted " that the meeting-house shall
be glazed this fall, as soon as may be conveniently done by


way of assessment," and liberty was given to cut timber on
the parsonage and school lots to make red-oak hogshead
staves to defray the expense, " to be three feet eight inches
long, and delivered at the meeting-house by the tenth day
of February next."

August 28, 1769, voted that the meeting-house com-
mittee build the men's and women's seats in the meeting-

June 15, 1773, voted that there shall be a pulpit built in
six months. Jonathan Bagley entered his dissent.

February 21, 1775, it was voted to sell ground for pews
in the gallery to the highest bidder, and the finishing the
meeting-house to the lowest bidder.

March 9, 1779, " Voted, that the Seats Shall be made in
the Galleries, and the Brest work lined this season."

July 21,1783, it was voted "that y<^ Brest work and
seats in the Galleries in the meeting house be Built the
Present Year." The committee " Shall Build a pew in the
front Galleries, from Pillar to Pillar, for the use of

March 29, 1796, the question was taken about building a
steeple and porch, and negatived, fifty-two to fifty-nine, but
a vote was passed to give up the stairway and sell it for
pew-ground, to go towards building a steeple and porch,
provided a sufficient number of men can be found to build
the rest of the steeple and porch. They were built.

March 9, 1802, it was voted to raise one hundred and
twenty-five dollars to be annexed to what is subscribed to-
wards purchasing a bell. It seems that Major Samuel
Moore had purchased a weather-cock of Mr. Jones, of New-
buryport, and had failed to pay him ; in 1802 the town
voted to pay him.

The old house was burned January 25, 1828, and the
present one built the same year.



In the selectmen's account for 1764 is an item, " Paid
John Clay for boarding the minister, <£4."

1765. " Paid Mr. Gilman for preaching fourteen sab-
baths £14. Theophilus Sargent going to Exeter after a
minister, 5s. Lieut. Bachelder, going to Hampton after a
minister, 4s. Theo. Clough, for going after a minister, 5s."

1766. Mr. Gilman, preaching twelve sabbaths. Mr.
Hillard, preaching four sabbaths. There were some Pres-
byterians in the parish who probably asked not to be rated,
and it was voted, " Concerning those persons that call them-
selves Presbyterians, past in the negative."

1767. John Clay, Ichabod Robie and Moses Baker were
chosen a committee to hire a minister, and Mr. Webster
was paid for fifteen sabbaths ,£18.

1768. The former committee was reelected and £20
voted to hire preaching, and Mr. Gilman paid for fifteen
and Mr. Hall for two sabbaths. Mr. Clay is paid for
boarding Mr. Hall aud his horse two weeks, and John
Clay, Esq. Robie, Moses Baker, Ichabod Robie and Abra-
ham Fitts are paid for going after ministers.

June 8, 1768. " Voted, that there Shall be a minister
Settled as soon as may be Conveniently done.

"Voted, that the Comt*" that is appointed to hire Preach-
ing, shall appoint a day of Fasting and Prayer, in order to
the Calling of a Gospel minister, and hire a minister upon
probation or trial.

" Voted, that the Parish have Pitched upon Mr. Tristram
Gihuan as a minister, that the Committee shall hire upon
trial in order to for settlement."

Sept., 1768, they voted to give Mr. Gilman " forty pounds
for 1769 ; add two pounds ten shillings per ann., until it
amounts to sixty pounds ; that he shall have the improve-
ment of half of the parsonage, and to bring more into
cultivation, and to build a house suitable for a minister, as
soon as may be (conveniently done) ; afterwards, £5 per
ann., till it amounts to £70."


Nov. 7, they voted him the whole of the parsonage. Mr.
Oilman declined the call.

June 29, 1769, voted to raise X20, lawful, to he laid
out in preaching, and Walter Rohie, Doct. Samuel Moores
and Benj. Cass were chosen a committee to lay out the
money. Yoted to make choice of one of the three min-
isters for further trial, and a "universal Choice " made of
Mr. Jonathan Searle.

August 28, 1769, the parish gave Mr. Searle a call, and
offered him <£40 and the use of the parsonage, and bring
thirty acres under improvement, and find him a conve-
nient dwelling house. Mr. Searle gave a negative answer.

Mr. Searlo is paid for preaching ten sabbaths, Mr.
Joseph Currier for two, and Mr. Thomas Lancaster for
four sabbaths.

Nov. 26, 1770, it was voted " to give Mr. David Jewett
a call to the work of the ministry amongst us, and to give
him X50, lawful, the first year, and add <£5 per year until
it amounts to £65 per year, and that to be his stated sal-
ary, Avith the income of the parsonage ; to finish the
house, build a barn and dig a well, as soon as can conve-
niently be done." Mr. Jewett's answer was in the afiirma-
tive, and is upon the records.

Feb. 5, 1771, it was voted that he be ordained the first
Wednesday of September next.

March 11, 1777,

" Voted, that all those persons that have heretofore
Joined with the Baptist Society in Deerfield, bring a Cer-
tificate within two months from this Date, from the asses-
sors of said Baptist Society, that they were rated there,
then the Selectmen of this parish are to make a Draw
back of the minister rate the present year."

In the Parish accounts the rates of the following persons
were abated for 1776, they being Baptists : Benjamin
Rowel, Benjamin Carr, Capt. John Sargent, Ensign Jona-
than Bagley, Robert Smart, Jonathan Woodman, Edward
Critcl^iet, Thomas Critchet and William Turner.


February 8, 1779,

" Voted, that the Parish Desires mr. Je-^ett to ask a Dis-
mission from this People of the Pastoral Care and Charge
he has taken upon him."

A committee was at the same time chosen to treat with
Mr. Jewett. Money had depreciated in value, and in con-
sequence, probably, Mr. Jewett asked for more salary.

May 27, 1779,

" Voted unanimously not to make any addition to mr.
Jewett's Salary for the Present year."

" Voted, to Chuse a Committee of seven to Confer with
mr. Jewett, and see what he will take as to his Civil Con-
tract with this People, and ask a* Dismission by way of a
Council from the Pastoral Care and Charge he had taken
upon him."

Mr. Jewett probably made a communication, for June 10,
" Voted, not to act any thing upon the paper or letter

Subscribed to the moderator of this, and Signed by mr.

Jewet, and read at this meeting."

Another large committee was chosen and empowered to
settle with Mr. Jewett as to the civil contract.

March 6, 1780, a vote was taken respecting making Mr.
Jewett satisfaction by making up his salary. Negatived,
forty-four to eighteen.

It appears that Mr. Jewett had made a proposition in
writing to submit the matters in controversy to a mutual
council of five statesmen. The parish chose the latter, and
raised a committee of five to give and take bonds. The
referees were chosen, but a part of them declined to at-
tend, and Judge Weare advised another trial for settle-
ment. Mr. Jewett made a long communication, and the
parish voted to comply with his proposals. The currency
had depreciated, and Mr. Jewett had built wall on the par-
sonage, which he claimed pay for. He was dismissed, and
I have no further knowledge of him.

March 13, 1781, it was voted not to raise any money to
hire preaching, but the deacons were chosen a committee
to lay out the money subscribed.

Jan. 7, 1782, it was voted to employ the Rev. Mr. Prince



for the term of six or seven years " to preach amongst us."
He was to have the use of tlic parsonage, and a hired hand
six months in each year. He was blind. He preached
seven years. His son Caleb resided in Candia, and was a
deacon many years.

May 23, 1789. " Voted, to hire Mr. How to preach three

July 12, 1790, it was voted, seventy-six to twelve, to give
the Rev. Jesse Remington a call, and give him the use of
the parsonage and sixty pounds lawful money, and draw
him twenty cords of wood yearly, with the privilege of
cutting on the parsonage .what should be sufficient in addi-
tion to keep his fires. He was ordained Oct. 20, 1790 ;
died March 3, 1815.

Rev. Isaac Jones was ordained Feb. 7, 1816 ; dismissed
May 12, 1818. His salary, 8500.

Rev. Abraham "Wheeler was installed January 13, 1819 ;
dismissed October 29, 1832 ; salary, -f 525.

Rev. Charles P. Russel, ordained December 25, 1833 ;
dismissed May 26, 1841 ; salary, 8500.

Rev. William Murdoch, ordained December 1, 1841 ; dis-
missed Jtdy 5, 1854 ; salary, $500.

Rev. William T. Herrick, installed July 5, 1854 ; dis-
missed July 2, 1858 ; salary, 8600.

Rev. E. N. Hidden, installed Nov. 2, 1859 ; dismissed
December 31, 1864 ; salary, 8000 and use of the parson-


October 10, 1865, a call was extended to Rev. Lauren
Armsby, formerly of Chester.

The number of church-members in 1816 was twenty-
eight ; in 1822, seventy ; in 1823, one hundred and eighty-
two ; in 1824, two hundred and fifteen ; in 1857, two
hundred and sixty-eight.

In 1869 a church organ was purchased at an expense of



There was quite an interest in religion near the mountain
in Nottingham in 1799, which extended into the neighboring
towns, and in 1802 a church was organized, the members
living in Nottingham, Deerfield, Candia and Raymond.
There was another revival in 1^10, and another in 1815.
Moses Bean, a son of Reuben Bean of Candia, was ordained
at Deerfield, 1810. The first marriage solemnized by him,
on record, is May 1, 1810. He built the meeting-house at
the Village about 181G, after the revival. In 1818 the
church was divided, the brothers and sisters in Deerfield
and Nottingham forming one church, and those in Candia
and Raymond forming another, but giving to every indi-
vidual liberty to belong to the church he or she desired.
They entered into covenant and constituted a church, Avhich
is signed in behalf of the church by Jeremiah Fullonton.

There is a catalogue dated 1821 (although some were
added later) containing about two hundred and twenty
names, some belonging to Deerfield and some to Epping.
In the record of a church meeting, Aug., 1820, it is said
that five were baptized and " above one hundred spoke in
meeting." At a church meeting May 24, 1824, it was
agreed to divide the church by the town line, and those
near the line have liberty to join which church they should
desire. Samuel Dudley was chosen deacon, and William
Turner clerk. Sept. 9, 1830, agreed to a new covenant,
and sixty-three names are appended.

The new meeting-house was built in 1847. The ])ase-
ment and vestry cost $400, and the superstructure cost

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