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ings. In civic affairs he is a public-spirited, interested
citizen, sening as treasurer of the Newburyport Civic
League, member of the Chamber of Commerce and a
director of the Young Men's Christian Association. His
fraternal order is the Independent Order of Odd Fel-
lows; his clubs, the Dalton and the old Newbury Golf.
With his family he attends the First Church of New-
bur>', and for twenty-five years has been chairman of
the parish committee.

Mr. lisley married, June 4, 1902, Elizabeth Hale Lit-
tle, daughter of Joseph and Sarah (Hale) Little. Mr.
and Mrs. Ilsley are the parents of a daughter, Lucre-
tia Little Ilsley, born September 20, 1906.

HENRY B. LANE, one of the prominent men in
industrial and public matters in Lawrence, Massachu-
setts, has been identified with the business of E. Frank
Lewis, of that city, for almost half a century, and now
holds the office of superintendent of this plant, which
is the largest of its kind in the country. During the
years Mr. Lane has been engaged in this business, he
has seen many changes and many advances along the
lines of progress, but with the progressiveness and the
aggressive spirit which has characterized his career, he
has kept in constant touch with each new method.

Henry B. Lane was born September 15, 1864, at
Sharon, Massachusetts, son of Patrick Lane, a native
of County Cork, Ireland, whose death occurred in l8g6,
and Catharine (Murphy) Lane, also of County Cork,
and who died in 1907.

Mr. Lane's education was obtained in the public
schools, and after one year in high school he went to
work in the plant of which he is now superintendent.
Their business is wool-scouring, and the plant was then
located at VValpole, Massachusetts. Mr. Lane began at
the very bottom as an operative, and steadily and con-
sistently advanced to the position he now holds. Under
his supervision Mr. Lane has 450 men, and he is held
in high esteem by all those with whom he comes in

In politics Mr. Lane is a Republican. He has always
been active in public affairs and has been honored with
the offices of councilman and alderman, serving in these
offices in i8q8, and 1899 to 1902, respectively. His fra-
ternal connections are with the Knights of Columbus ;
the Foresters (Catholic Order), and the St. Vincent de
Paul Society.

Mr. Lane married, in 1899, Bridget E. Dooley, of
Lawrence, and they attend St. Patrick's Roman Cath-
olic Church.

WILLIAM N. BROWNE— Known throughout
Essex county, Massachusetts, and drawing much of
his business, which is one of the largest in his line in
the district, from other places than Newburyport, Wil-
liam N. Browne, a sign painter of that place, has no
reason to be dissatisfied with the business he has devel-
oped since he opened in Newburyport.

William N. Browne was born in Gloucester, Massa-
chusetts, on August 4, 186s, son of James and Mary
(Nichols) Browne, both of that historic and romantic
place. His father, as might have been expected, took
to seafaring or fishing occupations as he grew to man-
hood. Indeed, he was only nine years old when he

first went to sea, and he was master of a Gloucester
vessel before he was nineteen. His wife died in 1881,
but he lived until 1899. active almost until the year of
his death. They were the parents of four children, two
of whom were sons, William N. being the elder.

William N. Browne was given a good education in
his native place. He passed from the elementary into
the high school of Gloucester, Massachusetts, being
of the class of 1880. Soon, thereafter, he went to work
for Mr. Hall, of Gloucester. Later he came to New-
buryport, and there entered into the sign-painting busi-
ness, remaining in the place for six years. Apparently
business was not quite as good as he had hoped, so he
went to Boston, Massachusetts, where he worked at his
trade. Next, he was in business in his home town,
Gloucester, and later went to Lawrence, where he
remained for eleven years, and then went to New Lon-
don, Connecticut, for a short time, following his trade
in each place. In 1913 he again came to Newburyport,
and for the last eight years has steadily and satisfac-
torily followed his trade in that place, developing a
worth-while business throughout the county, and under-
taking much outside work. When he first came, in
1913, he took quarters in the old Sears-Roebuck build-
ing, but soon had to find larger quarters, his business
having expanded very much. Finally he took the place
he now has on Merrimac street, and there finds good
facility for his work. He has a good reputation, both
in business and personally, and his handiwork is con-
spicuously evident in many places.

Mr. Browne married, in 1906, Delia Corey, of Law-
rence, Massachusetts, daughter of Nelson and Olive
(Agnew) Corey; her father, who was connected with
railroad work, was of the Province of Quebec, Canada.
Mr. and Mrs. Browne have three children : William,
born in 1909; Arthur, born in 1913; and Olive, born in

HERBERT W. PORTER, merchant, partner in the
Haverhill firm of Porter & Wicks, electrical contractors
and dealers, is a native of Haverhill, Massachusetts,
and is giving indications of succeeding well in business
in his home town. He was born on March 26, 1893,
son of Wilbur S. and Ella M. (Pyne) Porter, then of
Haverhill. His father is an upholsterer by trade, and
is now in business in the State of New Jersey; his
mother is of a Nova Scotian family.

Herbert W. Porter received the whole of his academic
education in public schools of Haverhill, graduating
from the high school with the class of 1912. Soon,
thereafter, he entered the employ of H. W. Kimball,
of Haverhill, with whom he remained for three years.
Then followed five years of service with D. G. Fox,
after which young Porter formed a business partner-
ship with E. B. Wicks, the two, in 1920, locating at No.
14 West street, as electrical contractors and dealers in
electrical supplies. The partners are enterprising, ener-
getic young men, and have good chance of succeeding.

Mr. Porter married, in 1915, Ethel Leighton, daugh-
ter of Charles S. and Abbie L. (Goss) Leighton, of
Newburyport, Massachusetts, where the former is in
business as a shoe-cutter. Mr. and Mrs. Porter have
three children : Kenneth Wilbur, now four years old ;
Eleanor Elizabeth; and Shirley Priscilla. Mr. and Mrs.
Porter are members of Grace Church, Haverhill.









HAROLD S. STUART, paymaster and cashier of
the E. Frank Lewis Mills, Lawrence, Massachusetts, is
one of the younger citizens of that town who has
achieved success early in Hfe. Mr. Stuart was born
May 19, 1890, at Calais, Maine, son of Augustus Stuart,
also of Calais, where he was engaged in mill work, and
Emma A. (Prescott) Stuart, whose ancestry can be
traced to Colonel Prescott of Bunker Hill fame. She
died in 1897 and is survived by her husband.

Harold S. Stuart attended the public schools of
Calais, and was a member of the high school class of
1908. His first important work was as an accountant with
the Boston & Maine Railroad Company, for five years.
At the end of this time on December 7, 1917, he enlisted
in the United States army and was sent to Fort Slocum,
Jacksonville, Florida, being assigned to the Quarter-
master's Corps. Thence he went to Philadelphia, Penn-
sylvania, and was discharged May i, 1919, at Baltimore,
Maryland, with the rank of second lieutenant.

After his return to civil life, Mr. Stuart entered the
employ of E. Frank Lewis, as paymaster, and after the
death of Mr. Stratton, the cashier, he was appointed to
this position, which he holds in connection with his other
duties. Mr. Stuart is a member of Monadnock Lodge,
No. 145, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, and of
Phoenician Lodge, Free and Accepted Masons of Law-

Mr. Stuart married, November 3, 1920, Florence G.
Burnham, of Lawrence, and they attend St. Augustine's
Episcopal Church.


foremost undertaking establishments of Lynn is that
of H. L. Richardson, which is located at No. 170 Union
street, and commands a wide patronage among the leading
families of this vicinity.

Mr. Richardson, who has for the past four years been
owner and manager of this business, has been identified
with it since the year 1900. He was born in Lynnfield,
Massachusetts, May 15, 1865, and after completing a
common school education, assisted his father in the
meat and provision business in Lynnfield for about two
years. Then, at the age of eighteen years, he went to
New York City, and there was employed for four years
in the carpet industry. This work not appealing to him
as a permanent field of effort, he returned to his native
town, and was associated with his father until igoo,
when his uncle. Earl A. Mower, offered him a position in
his undertaking parlors, which he accepted. He con-
tinued in this business as assistant, up to the time of Mr.
Mower's death, which occurred October 13, 1917. He
then succeeded to the business, and has since conducted
it alone, with constantly increasing success.

Mr. Richardson is a member of Mount Carmel Lodge,
Free and Accepted Masons, and of the Independent Order
of Odd Fellows, also of Mount Carmel Ixidge of Masons.
He attends the Central Congregational Church. On Octo-
ber IS, 1890, Mr. Richardson married Jessie Mower,
niece of Earl A. Mower, and they are the parents of
seven children.

native of Vermont, was engaged in the business of
manufacturing shoes during the greater part of his
lifetime. He died in 1904. Mr. Daniels' mother, like
himself, was born at Rowley, Massachusetts.

Mr. Daniels received his early education in the public
schools of his native State. When his school days were
over, he embarked upon a business career by associating
himself with F. L. Burke, with whom he remained for
ten years. After leaving Mr. Burke, he entered into
the service of various firms at Lynn, Massachusetts, and
finally came to Haverhill, where, with Mr. Trainor as a
partner, he established the firm of Daniels & Trainor.
Later, he founded the Haverhill Heel Company, which
afterwards became known as A. W. Daniels & Son. In
course of time, Mr. Daniels disposed of this business to
good advantage and in 1920 bought out the Slipper City
Top Lift Company, establishing his place of business
at the rear of No. 24 Main street, Haverhill, Massa-
chusetts, where he was located from April, 1920, when
the company passed under his control, until November,
1920, when he sold the business and now resides in
Orlando, Florida, where he is engaged in fruit raising.

Mr. Daniels married Charlotte Belmont, of Boston,
Massachusetts, in 1891, a daughter of John De Belmont,
an accountant, of Bordeaux, France, and his wife, Elinor
(Locke) De Belmont. Her father now lives in the
United States. Her mother was born at Marblehead,
Massachusetts. Mr. and Mrs. Daniels had eight chil-
dren : Leroy G. ; Rhoda Ella : Louis A. ; Wyman M. ;
Elsie M. ; Burrill Belmont, deceased ; Doris B. ; and
Gilbert H. Daniels. Wyman M. Daniels enlisted in the
United States army and served for eighteen months in
France. He was assigned to Battery A. 102nd Field
Artillery. He received his discharge from the service
in April, 1919.

A. W. DANIELS was born at Rowley, Massachu-
setts, on April 15, 1873. and is a son of Amos B. and
Lucy M. (Neilan) Daniels. His father, who was a

GEORGE BURTON STILES, of Groveland, Mas-
sachusetts, and also well known in the Haverhill district,
was born in Andover, Massachusetts, on December 23,
1889, son of George W. and Susan C. (Simonds) Stiles.
His mother was born in Middleton, Massachusetts, and
died in 191 5. His paternal descent, however, is from one
of the prominent Colonial New England families. Stiles
Pond and Stiles Grove at Boxford, Massachusetts, were
so named early in the Colonial settlement in honor of
the grand ancestor of the Stiles family, which since that
time has given several prominent men to the eastern
states and the Republic. Ezra Stiles, licensed to preach
in 1749, preached to the Stockbridge Indians, and later,
for more than twenty years, was president of Yale Col-
lege. He was a historian, and his diary and bound
manuscripts, preserved at Yale, fill forty-five volumes.
George W. .Stiles, father of George B., was a carpenter
and mechanic, and for sixteen years was head mechanic at
Phillips Andover Academy. He is still living at Andover.

George B. Stiles spent his early years at Andover, and
attended the elementary public schools there, later going
to Lawrence, where he attended a commercial school, in
1907. Soon, thereafter, he came to Haverhill, and opened
a plumbing and heating shop on Grand street. About a
year later, however, he went to Elm Park, Groveland,
where he did good business until Labor Day of 1918,
when he removed to his present location, No. 282 Main
street, Groveland. However, he no longer works at the



plumbing and heating trade, finding that there are better
opportunities in the automobile business. For the last
two years he has devoted the whole of his time to auto
supplies, accessories, repairs, gas and oil, and has worked
up quite a satisfactory business in those years.

Mr, Stiles is a member of the Knights of Pythias, and
the Junior Order of American Mechanics. During the
World War he was for a short period in the United
States Merchant Marine, working up and down the
coast on a collier, but later went to Annatol, New Jer-
sey, in the capacity of a steam fitter, serving there, until
the signing of the Armistice, in a T. N. T. shell-loading

Mr. Stiles married, in August, 1920, Lillian Keighley,
daughter of William H. and Sophia (Townsley) Keigh-
ley. an English family, the father a cabinet-maker until
he died in 1920.

business which finds employment for twenty-five people,
Wilbur A. Littlefield, of the Littlefield Family Laundry,
has reached a satisfactory place among the successful
people of Newburyport, Massachusetts. His business
record indicates that he is a man of good executive
capacity, of versatility, initiative and enterprise.

Mr. Littlefield was born on August 19, 1873, at New-
fields, New Hampshire, son of George S. and Abbie M.
(Smith) Littlefield, of that place, and has shown during
his business career much of the steady characteristics of
his father, an iron moulder, who worked for forty-two
years in one shop, that of the Swampscott Machinery
Company, of Newfields, New Hampshire. George S. Lit-
tlefield died in 191 1, about thirty-four years after the
demise of his wife, Abbie M. (Smith) Littlefield, who
was born in Newmarket, New Hampshire, and died in
1877, Wilbur A. then being only four years old.

Wilbur A. Littlefield was educated in the public schools
of Newfields and Newmarket, New Hampshire, eventually
graduating from the Newmarket High School in the
class of 1891. Almost immediately thereafter he found
employment in the plant with which his father was con-
nected, the Swampscott Machinery Company, though he
served in clerical capacity. He was five years in the
employ of that company, for the greater part of the time
as bookkeeper. Next he became connected with the Gale
Manufacturing Company, of Exeter, New Hampshire.
He remained with them for fifteen years, and proved
that he was not only a good office man but a capable
factory executive. At the outset he was bookkeeper for
the Gale Company, but successively and successfully he
became foreman in the plant. He left them in order to
enter the printing business, and for eight years he asso-
ciated with Leonard J. Hunt, a printer of Exeter. New
Hampshire. Mr. Littlefield taking the commercial end
of the business. In 1913 he came to Newburyport for
the purpose of establishing a laundry, which he thought
would be successful in the place. Mr. Littlefield has
conducted the laundry business, which bears his name for
eight years, with increasing success. His is said to be
the largest laundry in Newburyport. It is situated at No.
48 Kent street, and there uses about 6,000 square feet of
floor space. The equipment is the most modern he could
buy, and Mr. Littlefield has given many indications of
his thoroughness, and of his determination to give good

service. That undoubtedly is the secret of his success,
because most things in this world are reciprocal ; one gets
what he gives. Mr. Littlefield has become well acquainted
with the people of Newbury[X3rt, and has many firm
friends there.

Mr. Littlefield married, in 1S95, Ruth W. Wiswall, of
Durham, New Hampshire, daughter of Henry T. and
Elizabeth (Garland) Wiswall, the latter of a Dover,
New Hampshire family, and the former a lawyer of
Exeter, that State. Mr. and Mrs. Littlefield have four
children: Elizabeth W., born in 1899, and now a gradu-
ate of Mount Holyoke College ; Anna A., born in 1900,
and now at Middlebury College. Vermont, where she will
be of the class of 1922; George F., born in 1904, now at
Kents Hill, Maine, where he will graduate from the
seminary in 1922 ; and Thomas E., born in 1905, and of
the class of 1922 at Tilton Seminary, New Hampshire.
The children are therefore being afforded every educa-
tional advantage.

ROLAND A. PRESCOTT— In the responsible posi-
tion of cashier of the Essex Company, Roland A, Pres-
cott, of Lawrence, Massachusetts, is identified with the
industrial progress of this region. Mr. Prescott is a son
of Abbott and Lydia A. (Gale) Prescott, of North
Andover. The Prescott family were among the earliest
settlers in North Andover, and Abbott Prescott, who was
born there, was a carpenter and builder practically all his

Roland A. Prescott was born in North Andover, Mas-
sachusetts, November 13. 1874. He received his early
education in the public schools of the town, and also
attended Cannon's Commercial College. In 1895 he
became associated with the Essex Company, at their
office in Lawrence, and in 1896 entered the accounting
department under Robert H. Tewksbury, then cashier.
Continuing with this concern, Mr. Prescott advanced
from time to time, and in July, of 1910, upon the death
of Mr. Tewksbury, he became cashier, which position he
still holds. The Essex Company stands behind the
greater part of the industrial world of Lawrence, con-
trolling the water power of the Merrimac river at this
point. The company also handles real estate extensively,
and Mr. Prescott is in charge of sales in this branch of
their business. He is a director of the Bay State National
Bank, and a trustee of the Lawrence Savings Bank.

Mr. Prescott is prominent fraternally, being a member
of Cochichewick Lodge, Free and Accepted Masons, of
North Andover, and past master of the lodge ; a member
of the Past Masters' Association of the Eleventh Masonic
District of Massachusetts; a member of Mount Sinai
Chapter, Royal Arch Masons ; of Lawrence Council,
Royal and Select Masters ; of Bethany Commandery, No.
17, Knights Templar: of Lowell Lodge of Perfection;
of Lowell Council, Princes of Jerusalem: of Mount
Calvary Chapter, Rose Croix ; and of the Massachusetts
Consistory, Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, holding the
thirty-second Masonic degree. He is also a member of
Aleppo Temple, Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of the
Mystic Shrine, of Boston, and is a member of Lawrence
Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star. He also affiliates
with Wauwinet Lodge. No. iii. Independent Order of
Odd Fellows, of North Andover, of which he is past
grand, and Kearsarge Encampment, No. 36.


JS^^^-^^^^^^ f\/^^'^^J^<



On December 19, 1906, Mr. Prescott married Jessie J.
Pedler, daughter of William S. Pedler, of Lawrence, and
they attend Trinity Congregational Church.


who is in successful dental practice in Lawrence, Mas-
sachusetts, was born in Washington, New Jersey, on
May 16, 1892, son of Thomas E. and Anna (Gerard)
Galloway, both now (1922) living. His father, who is
in tlie wholesale produce business, was born in England,
his mother in New Jersey. They had five children, four
of whom were sons. Dr. Frank H. Galloway being the
second-born. The family moved to Lawrence when he
was in infancy, and he was educated in the public
schools of that city. From the grammar school he went
to Lawrence High School, graduating therefrom in the
class of 191 1. He then went to Lowell Textile School
for a year, from there going to Harvard Dental College.
He received his professional degree in 1916, and in that
year opened an office for practice at No. 608 Bay State
building, Lawrence, which is still his address, and he has
in the meantime developed very satisfactory connections,
his clientele being quite wide. He has a good reputation
as a dentist.

During the war Dr. Galloway was in service, being
commissioned a first lieutenant and assigned to the Den-
tal Corps. He is a member of the Blue lodge of the
Masonic order, and is an Episcopalian, a member of St.
John's Church, of Lawrence.

Dr. Galloway married, in 1918, Marion B. Beach, of
Lawrence, daughter of Irving E. and Ida (Brown)
Beach, a soap manufacturer of the place. Dr. and Mrs.
Galloway have one child, a daughter, L. Marguerite,
born in 1919.

ELLSWORTH HAPGOOD— Ellsworth Hapgood,

business man of Lynn, Massachusetts, was born Febru-
ary 2'5, 1861 at West Acton, Massachusetts, son of
Andrew and Eliza (Adams) Hapgood. His father,
Andrew Hapgood, was a farmer in Acton and his
mother was a native of HoUis, Massachusetts.

The public schools afforded Mr. Hapgood his educa-
tion and subsequently he worked in the grocery store of
S. S. Perkins on Lewis street, Lynn, for about three
years. In 1885 he established Hapgood's Express ser-
vice and is still doing business under the same name, it
being the oldest in Lynn. Starting in a modest way, the
business grew until at one time Mr. Hapgood was using
in the neighborhood of thirty head of horses. Keeping
abreast of the times, he has replaced his horses with
modern powerful motor trucks.

Mr. Hapgood married Eliza Taber of Salem in 1891,
daughter of William and Frances (Gower) Taber of
Boston. They are the parents of four children : Edna
F. ; Mabel E. ; Esther, wife of W. L. Johnson, have one
child, Philip Ellsworth ; Raymond E. Hapgood.

ily is well known in Haverhill, Massachusetts, and some
of its members are actively identified with the automobile
industry in that vicinity. Aldred A. Jenne and his father
have a good business in that line in this town, and the
rapidity of its development has come by the exercise of
aggressive qualities and enterprising activity.

Aldred Augustus Jenne is still in his early manhood,
having been born on September 20, 1898, at Windham,
Greene county, New York. He is the son of John F.
(2) and Lela A. (Christian) Jenne, and grandson of
John F. and Julia C. (Newcomb) Jenne. The grand-
father, John F., comes notably into National and State
history. He was a soldier of the Northern army during
the Civil War, and comes into New Jersey State annals
in military capacity also, being at one time adjutant-
general of the military forces of the State. He was a
thirty-second degree Mason ajid for a period was in the
Federal diplomatic service, being United States minister
to Mexico. Three children were born to John F. and
Julia C. (Newcomb) Jenne: John F. (2), of whom
further ; William ; and Margaret.

John F. (2) Jenne spent his early years in Jersey
City, New Jersey, where he was born in 1878. He was
married to Lela A. Christian, of Ashland, Greene county,
New York, in 1896, and three children were born to
them : Aldred Augustus, of whom further ; Donald C,
born in igoi ; and Phyllis, born in 1909.

Aldred A. Jenne received his elementary schooling in
Boston, Massachusetts, where the family resided for some
years. Later the Jennes came to live in Haverhill, Mas-
sachusetts, and he attended the public schools there,
graduating eventually from the Haverhill High School,
in the class of 191 8. He also took a commercial course
at the Bryant & Stratton Business College at Boston,
and for a while was an undergraduate at the New Hamp-
shire State College. However, having begun his busi-
ness career, he decided not to complete the college
course. For eighteen months he was in the employ of
the Taylor, Goodwin Company, of Haverhill, in the
capacity of bookkeeper, but in April, 1920, he formed a

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