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hill, and was, it is stated, the first of her sex to qual-
ify as a druggist there. Mrs. Feehan has also given
clear indication of her capability in another profession.
She is a writer of no mean ability, has contributed to
current magazines, and is the author of more perma-
nent works.

Mrs. Feehan is an active churchwoman, member of
St. James' Roman Catholic Church, of Haverhill, pres-
ident of the Catholic Women's Club of St. James Parish,
and director of the League of Catholic Women of Bos-
ton. She is also a member of the Boston Philomathia
Club, an organization of Boston College alumni.

She was married, August 4, 1919, at Haverhill, to
Charles J. Feehan, born in 1873, son of Albert K. and
Sarah Feehan, the former a gardener by occupation, a
good Catholic, and father of five children : Charles J.,
Emma, Ella, Sarah and Frank.

EDWARD S. FICKETT— From 1866 until his pass-
ing, more than half a century later, Edward S. Fickett
was a resident of Georgetown, Massachusetts, spending
that entire period in the public service as educator and
town treasurer. He was a man of education, possessed
fine literary and artistic tastes coupled with an acute
business sense. He was of Maine birth and ancestry,
his family seated in pre-Revolutionary days at Scarbor-
ough and Cape Elizabeth, John, John (2), Nathaniel,
Zebulon, Daniel, Benjamin, and Captain Benjamin
Fickett, all serving in the Colonial army during the War
for Independence. They were grandsons or great-
grandsons of Thomas Fickett, a shipwright of Kittery,
Maine, and his wife, Isabella (Roberts) Fickett, of

The American ancestor was John Fickett, who may
have been a Frenchman and perhaps a Huguenot, for
the only time he ever signed his name to a public docu-
ment that has been preserved, he spelled his name Jean.




This would establish his French ancestry, but there is
the further fact that many French came to Northern
New England. He was in New Hampshire, February
20, 1680, and had a son, John, who was the son of
Thomas and Isabella (Roberts) Fickett, the ancestors of
the Cape Elizabeth, Maine, branch to which Edward S.
Fickett belonged. He was tlie son of Amos P. and
Eunice L. (Small) Fickett, his father a farmer, who
died in 1878.

Edward S. Fickett was born at Cape Elizabeth, Cum-
berland county, Maine, January 20, 1836, and died in
Worcester, Worcester county, Massachusetts, February
II, 1922. He attended the district schools, prepared in
West Brook Seminary, and pursued a full college course,
finishing with graduation in 1863. He chose the pro-
fession of a pedagogue, and for a few years taught in
Maine and Massachusetts public schools. This itinerant
teacher's life continued until 1866, when, at the age
of thirty, he located in Georgetown, Massachusetts, and
for twenty-eight years was associated with the public
school system of that town as principal of schools. He
continued at the head of the school system in George-
town until 1894, and during that period raised the
schools to a high plane of efficiency and became one of
the well known and most highly regarded educators of
the State.

During the ensuing twenty-five years. 1894-1919, Ed-
ward S. Fickett was treasurer of the Georgetown Sav-
ings Bank, and for a number of years retained his con-
nection with schools as a member of the school com-
mittee. He was also for several years president of the
Union Building Association of Georgetown, was for
years president of the Peabody Library, and a trustee
until his death, and a member of the Georgetown Liter-
ary Club. In religious faith he was a long time member
of the First Congregational Churcli, of Georgetown.
For more than thirty-two years he was secretary of
Georgetown Lodge, Free and Accepted Masons; was a
companion of Royal Arch Masonry ; and a Knights
Templar, highly esteemed by his brethren of the order.

Mr. Fickett married, in 1884, Fannie M. Crockett, of
Gorham, Maine, daughter of Hezekiah R. and Eunice
H. (Harmon) Crockett, her father dying in 1882, her
mother in 1867. Mrs. Fickett survives her husband, and
spends her winters in Worcester, her summers in
Georgetown, Massachusetts.

JOHN BIRD— Among the worthy Civil War vet-
erans is John Bird, of Lawrence, Massachusetts, who
was only fifteen years old when, in 1861, he enlisted
for war service as a drummer boy. After his first
enlistment term had expired, he reenlisted in the forces
of the Union, and served until the end of the war.
Fuller service one could hardly give to his country.

John Bird was born at Concord, New Hampshire, on
June 2, 1846, the son of John and Ellen (McCarthy)
Bird, both of whom were born in Ireland. The father,
John Bird, Sr., was a contractor, and John, Jr., was
only twelve years old when his father died in 1858.
John and Ellen (McCarthy) Bird had four children,
three of whom were sons. In 1861 John, Jr., entered
the army, and after being honorably discharged from
military service in Company K, of the 3rd New Hamp-

shire Regiment, he reenlisted for a further term in the
United States navy, serving on the "Conemaugh." His
final discharge came on June 6, 1865, after which he
industriously turned to civilian occupations, finding his
first work with the candy manufacturing company of
Harriman Brothers, on Essex street, Lawrence. He
served that company steadily for seven years, after
which he went to Boston. In that city he remained for
more than twenty years, finding constant work, though
not for the whole period, with the same employer. In
January, 1893, he was again in Lawrence, and on Janu-
ary 16, 1893, went into business for himself, as a candy
manufacturer, opening on the street in which he first
found employment after coming out of the navy. He
remained on Essex street until 1896, then removed to
No. 275 Broadway, which has since been his business
address. He has traded under the firm name of John
Bird & Sons, and his business has been a substantial
one for many years.

Mr. Bird is a member of the Grand Army of the
Republic, Post No. 39, and is much esteemed by those
who know him well. He is a man of strong character,
and during his long residence in Lawrence has made a
wide circle of friends there.

Mr. Bird married, in 1870, Margaret Ahearn, daugh-
ter of Simon and Hannah (Gallagher) Ahearn. Both
of her parents were deceased prior to her marriage, her
father having died in i860, and her mother in 1866. Mr.
and Mrs. Bird were destined to continue in marital hap-
piness for a very long time, and Mrs. Bird's death did
not come until after they had celebrated the golden
anniversary of their wedding. Mrs. Bird died July 19,
IQ2I, survived by her husband and their six children.
The children are as follows : Rachel; John F. ; Louis A. ;
Viola, who married John M. Murphy; Annie, who
married Fred Dufton; and Mary G. Mr. Bird and his
family are members of St. Mary's Roman Catholic

GEORGE E. TOZIER, merchant, of Haverhill, is a
native of the district, born in Bradford, February 17,
1865, the son of Edward H. and Margaret (Harris)
Tozier, of Bradford, later of Haverhill. His father
for the greater part of his life was connected with the
shoe manufacturing industry; he died in 1914 at

George E. Tozier received the whole of his academic
education in the public schools of Haverhill, and in
course of time entered a shoe factory, that of John
Carey. He learned the trade there, and later worked in
the Hovey and Weeks plant for three years, making
lasts. Then he went to Boston, and remained there a
year, after which he returned to Haverhill, and for the
following three years worked in a shoe factory, which
brings his life story to the time when he went to work
for his brother in the drug business in Haverhill, his
store being No. 14 Washington street, and known as
that of N. C. Tozier & Company until 1913. In that
year (George E. Tozier withdrew to enter into independ-
ent business. He opened a store on Railroad square,
and dealt in cameras, kodaks and photo supplies. Even-
tually, he removed to his present location. No. 6 Wash-
ington street, where he conducts a good business. He



is well known in the citj', and is a member of the local
bodies of Odd Fellows and Knights of Malta orders.
He is a member of the Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Tozier was married in 1890, and he has a son,
Ralph Ray Tozier.

erine E. The latter died in 1914 at the age of twenty
years. The family attend the First Baptist Church, of

stantial business men of Haverhill is Albert Steverson
Gates, contractor and builder, who since 1910 has car-
ried through successfully several large contracts. He
was born in Danville, New Hampshire, June 15, 1887,
son of John Henry and Hattie A. (Harris) Gates, who
were both of Prince Edward Island, Canada, the for-
mer a farmer by occupation and deceased since 1905.

Albert S. Gates was educated in schools of Danville,
and later took the preparatory collegiate course at the
Atkinson Academy, graduating therefrom in the class
of 1898. Soon after leaving school, he went to New
York City, and entered the employ of the Bradley Con-
struction Company. For seven years he was connected
with that company, gaining experience on several im-
portant contracts. In 1910 he came to Haverhill, which
has since been his place of abode and business. He has
since 1910 been in business for himself as a public
works contractor and general builder, his business
address being No. 140 Merrimack street. Mr. Gates is
now well known in the city. By religious belief he is a
Congregationalist, and attends the Haverhill church of
that denomination.

He has been twice married. His first wife was Agnes
E. Carey, of New York, and they were married in 1908.
She died in 1913, and in 1915 Mr. Gates married (sec-
ond) Leila Dawley, of Lawrence, Massachusetts, daugh-
ter of Nathaniel P. and Julia A. Dawley, of Connec-
ticut, the former a steamfitter by trade. By the first
union there were two children : Albert S., Jr. ; and Har-
riett A. By the second union there were two children :
Oliver L., born in 191 7; and Carroll, born in 1918.

WILLIAM H. WEST was born in Dover, Maine,
July 12, 1867, son of James H. West, of London, Eng-
land, a sea captain, who later settled in Dover, where
he died in 1874. The latter married Mary E. Day, of
Dover, and her death occurred in 1919. Captain West
was a veteran of the Civil War, serving with the Maine
Infantry, and he was a member of the Dover Grand
Army of the Republic Post.

William H. West attended school at Dover and the
Foxcroft Academy, and then went to work for the Pru-
dential Insurance Company, where he remained for a
year, resigning to enter the employ of the General Elec-
tric Company, remaining for two years. At the end of
this time he came to Haverhill and engaged in the shoe
business until 1901, when he engaged in the shoe con-
tract business for himself. His largest customer is the
firm of George F. Carlton, of Haverhill, manufacturers
of high grade men's turned shoes. Mr. West's factory
covers 2,500 square feet, and thirty men are employed.
He is a member of the Haverhill Chamber of Com-
merce, and fraternally is a Mason, affiliated with the
Masonic lodge of that city.

In 1892, Mr. West married Mabel M. Priest, of Haver-
hill, and their children are : Harry L., Ruth P., Kath-

EDWARD MITCHELL, part owner of the House-
hold Furniture Company, of Haverhill, and well known
as a musician in that city, was born at North .\ndover,
Massachusetts, July 13, 1882, the son of David and
Susan B. (Caird) Mitchell, both of Scottish birth, the
former a machinist by trade.

Edward Mitchell grew to manhood in his home town,
and after having passed through the public schools was
apprenticed to Davis & Furber Machine Company, with
whom he remained five years as machinist. The young
man had marked inclination for music, and eventually
became a teacher of instrumental music, following that
profession for three years, and then associated himself
with the W. H. Godfrey Furniture Company, of Law-
rence, Massachusetts. He remained with this concern
until 1909, when he became connected with the People's
Furniture Company, of Haverhill, with which company
he remained for several years. He also was with Mr.
Rosengard for one year, but in 1918 went into partner-
ship with W. L. Jennings, and the two established the
Household Furniture Company. They have since traded
under that name, and are successful.

Mr. Mitchell has come somewhat prominently before
the general public in that part of Massachusetts because
of his fondness for music. He founded the Mitchell
Orchestra, and is its leader, and as such has directed
several excellent performances in Haverhill. He is enthu-
siastic in all matters pertaining to music, one connection
being that of financial secretary of the Musicians' Union.
Fraternally, he is a Mason, member of Merrimac Lodge,
also of the local lodge of Knights of Pythias, and the
Loyal Order of Moose. His life story also must make
record of his service in the United States Army. He
enlisted in the regular army, and served for eighteen
months in Cuba (1906-07).

In 1910 Mr. Mitchell married Nellie M. Messenger,
daughter of Edgar Messenger, a woodworker, resident in
Haverhill, Essex county, Massachusetts.

RAY C. DURGIN, a leading furniture merchant of
Haverhill, Massachusetts, was born February 12. 1876,
at Rye Beach, New Hampshire, son of Oscar C. Durgin.
The latter was a native of Exeter, New Hampshire, where
he was engaged in the painting business until his death in
1890, He married Jennie Nickett, of Exeter.

Ray C. Durgin attended school in Exeter, and then
entered the employ of Gale Brothers, of that place, and
there worked himself upward to an executive position, in
all remaining for nine years, at which time he left to go
to Nashua, New Hampshire, where he worked for the
firm of W. D. Brackett & Company, and there also held
an official position. After three years he resigned to go
to South Framingham, and there was in charge of the
cutting room for six years. Subsequent to this time Mr.
Durgin was in the employ of various shoe companies in
Haverhill, learning the business in all detail. However,
another and better opportunity presented itself to enter
the furniture business on his own account, which he did
in 1919, and has now completed two years of successful







^■^i /n JT^t^i^^



business. Mr. Durgin is also very active in public mat-
ters, and served as a member of the Prohibition State
Committee of New Hampshire in 1904; he is an Inde-
pendent in politics, and was the founder of the Citizens'
League of Haverhill. Fraternally, he is a member of the
Good Templars and organized several lodges in New
Hampshire and Massachusetts: he is also a member of
the New England Lodge of Protection, the American
Mechanics, and the American Benefit Association.

In 1908, Mr. Durgin married Ethel Boynton Hatch, of

LLOYD JOHNSON, World War veteran and part-
ner in the tirm of Johnson & Richardson, electrical con-
tractors and dealers, representatives in Haverhill for the
Maclite batteries, has spent the greater part of his life
in that city. He was born in Calais, Maine, December 5,
1895, son of George A. and Nellie M. (Spinney) John-
son, both of Calais, the former a trainer of horses until
his death, which occurred in 1913.

Lloyd Johnson attended the elementary public school
of his native place, and, when the family moved to Haver-
hill, went to the ptiblic schools there, eventually graduat-
ing from Haverhill High School. He also took a com-
mercial course at the Haverhill Business College. His
business career began with three years of service in the
Safety Gas Lighter Company, of Haverhill. Then fol-
lowed a year in the employ of the Hamel Shoe Machinery
Company, which brings his life up to 1917, the first year
of America's participation in the World War. Johnson
set aside his own aflfairs, and enlisted as a private in the
United States Army. He was assigned to Battery A, of
the One Hundred and Second Field Artillery, Twenty-
sixth Division, which was one of the early divisions to
go overseas. Johnson passed through the greatest battles
in which American troops took part, his service record
showing that he was present in the following major
battles : Toul, Verdun, Second Battle of the Marne,
Chateau Thierry, Argonne, St. Mihiel. He was also at
Scharn Deane, Ypres, and Schepres. The New England
Division (the Twenty-sixth) won great renown, and
bore some of the most desperate fighting of the war.
Most of its units returned in March and April, 1919.
Johnson was honorably discharged on April 29, 1919, in
the grade of corporal. Soon thereafter he again entered
actively into civil affairs. For a while he was in the
employ of the John H. Cross Shoe Company, Haverhill,
but in (1921) he forined a business partnership with
Charles H. Richardson, the two forthwith opening a
store and repair shop at No. 61^ White street, Haver-
hill, and trading as Johnson & Richardson. They pur-
posed doing a general class of repair work, but intended
to specialize in ignition and battery repairs. They are
the agents, in Haverhill and vicinity, for the Maclite bat-
teries, and are starting well, so there is every prospect
that they, being enterprising, active men, will succeed.

Mr. Johnson is a member of the local lodges of the
American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars,
and also of his regimental organization. Battery A Club.
Fraternally, he is identified with the Knights of Pythias,
Pythian Lodge. He is also a member of the Haverhill
Chamber of Commerce. He is a man of steady character-
istics, and a member of the Episcopal church of Haver-
hill. Mr. Johnson is unmarried.

EDWARD P. SMITH, manufacturer of Haverhill,
Massachusetts, was born in South Berwick, Maine, Sep-
tember 6, 1872. Charles A. Smith, his father, was a
native of Holland, Vermont, where he died in 1877. He
was a salesman for many years. Carrie Belle (Chap-
man) Smith, mother of Mr. Smith, was a native of
Little Valley, Pennsylvania.

Edward P. Smith attended the public schools of Dover,
New Hampshire, and also the Dover High School. Sub-
sequently he went to work as a telegraph operator in
Quebec in the Grand Trunk Station, resigning at the
end of two years to engage in the shoe business, asso-
ciated with the Woodbury Company. After five years
he was in business for himself as a dealer in brushes.
After three years he went on the rOad as a salesman of
brushes, and after six years located in Derry, New
Hampshire, where the shoe business again engaged his
attention. The Sears-Roebuck Com.pany had a box shop
at Springvale, Maine, and they made an offer to Mr.
Smith to take charge of their interests there, which he
accepted, remaining three years. Thence he went to
Haverhill, and engaged in business for himself.

Smith's White Line Specialties were founded in 1916
in Bradford, by Mr. Smith, to manufacture blacking and
stains, shoe dressing and shoe specialties. The business
was continued in Bradford until the summer of 1918, and
since that time has been located on Locust street, Haver-
hill. On August 18, 1918, the name of the firm was
changed to Smith's White Line Specialties Company, Mr.
Smith having associated himself with Mr. Edward A.
Witherell, one of Haverhill's most popular and leading
shoe manufacturers. The products are sent all over the
country, and the business is the only one of its kind in
the United States. Mr. Smith is a member of the Super-
intendents' and Foremen's Association, of Haverhill; a
member of the Chamber of Commerce; and of the Aga-
wam Club.

Mr. Smith married, in 191 1, Jenny E. Berry, of Maine.

CHARLES HENRY BLUNT, for many years a
faithful public servant, holding an official position in the
United States post office at Haverhill, Massachusetts, was
born there in 1839, and died June 23, 1913. He attended
the public schools of Haverhill, and at an early age went
to work for a firm in that city. Aiter some years he
was appointed to an official post in the Haverhill post
office and this office he held until his death. In perform-
ing the duties of his position Mr. Blunt justified the
wisdom of those responsible for his appointment; he was
ever faithful, courteous and pleasing to all, and at his
death was widely mourned by all those whose privilege it
was to come in daily contact with him. Mr. Blunt's
father, Joshua Blunt, served his country during the Civil
War; his mother was Jane (Chessly) Blunt.

Mr. Blunt married Susan Burnham, of West New-
bury, Massachusetts, daughter of Moses and Susan
(Sawyer) Burnham, and granddaughter of Thomas and
Lydia (Hanson) Burnham.

ALLEN G. COLLINS, of the Collins & Staples
Shoe Company, was born March 10, 1S89, in Kingston,
New Hampshire. His father, L. Waldo Collins, was
engaged in the shoe business there, and his mother, Elvira



C. (Gordon) Collins, was a native of Danville, New

Allen G. Collins was educated in the public schools
and the Kingston High School ; he also attended the
Sanborn Seminary. He went to work for his father in
Kingston, and for eight years was superintendent of the
factory. In 1915 he engaged in the shoe business on his
own account in Haverhill, Massachusetts, under the firm
name of the A. G. Collins Shoe Company, continuing
this arrangement until 1919, in which year he became
associated with Urdix L. Staples. Subsequently the name
was changed to Collins & Staples. They are manufac-
turers of a high-grade line of ladies' turned slippers, and
have attained well deserved success in their business
venture. Mr. Collins is a member of the Chamber of
Commerce, and fraternally is a member of the Masonic
order, the Odd Fellows and the Eastern Star. His clubs
are the Pentucket and Agawam of Haverhill.

WALTER L. FLINT was born in 1861, at No. 47
Poplar street, Danvers, Massachusetts, and is a son of
Samuel and Emily (Shaw) Flint. Mr. Flint's father was
born at Danvers, and was for many years engaged in
the business of a butcher. Mr. Flint was one of a very
large family, having no less than eight brothers and
two sisters.

Mr. Flint received his early education in the public
schools of his native town. After leaving school, he
worked for several years in a market and then established
himself in business as a butcher. This business he has
conducted successfully for the last forty years. In 1920
he acquired a farm, which he has managed in addition to
carrying on his market business. He still lives at No. 47
Poplar street, Danvers, in the house where he was born.

Mr. Flint married Katherine Keneally, and they are the
parents of five children : Arthur E. ; Lizzie C, who is the
wife of William Conroy, they the parents of six children;
Pauline, who is the wife of Harry Hayford; Helen; and
Marion Flint.

EVERETT C. HILTON was born at Andover,
Massachusetts, November 16, 1885, son of Henry Hil-
ton, a textile worker and native of England, who died
in 1894, in Andover, and Sarah A. (Battye) Hilton, also
a native of England, but now living in Andover.

Everett C. Hilton was educated in the public schools
of Andover, and at an early age went to work in one of
the industries of that town. His is one of those interest-
ing careers such as the youth of any town may read and
profit from. Starting out in life with nothing but his
own initiative, native ability and ambition, he forged
ahead, intelligently directing his industry, and the pass-
ing years brought the inevitable reward.

Mr. Hilton's first position was as a sweeper with the
Tyer Rubber Company of Andover, and his progress
from the very beginning was steady and consistent until
his first important reward came in 191.1, when he was
appointed superintendent of Mill No. i. Four years
later he was made general superintendent of the entire
plant, and now has under his supervision 500 employees.
The product turned out by this concern is druggist's
rubber sundries. Mr. Hilton is very well liked among
his men and is highly esteemed among his fellow-

Although greatly interested in all matters of public
interest, Mr. Hilton does not seek any office, but has
served as a member of the School Board. He is a
member of the Meadow Brook Golf Club, of North
Reading; the Andover Club and St. Matthew's Lodge,

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