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himself has been connected for twenty-seven years,
Cieorge F. Cavanaugh, tinsmith, owner of the Newbury-
port business known as Fuller & Cavanaugh, has become
widely known in that city. He is the oldest estabHshed
tinsmith of that place, and his business is correspond-
ingly important.

Mr. Cavanaugh was born in St. John's, Newfound-
land, on March 29, 1869, son of James and Susanna
(Hennesey) Cavanaugh, both of whom were of St.
John's. His father was a carpenter, and died in 1897 ;
his mother died in 1874. when he was only five years

George F. Cavanaugh was reared in St. John's, and
passed through the public schools of Newfoundland. In
1887, when he was eighteen years old, he came into the
United States, and until 1894 worked as a tinsmith for
various firms. In the year named he entered into busi-
ness partnership with Mr. Fuller, and the two pur-
chased the business in Newburyport conducted by John
Sumner. It had been established by Mr. Sumner in
1856, and with the change of ownership in 1894 it became
Fuller & Cavanaugh. As such, business was steadily
continued until 1916, when Mr. Cavanaugh became sole
owner. He is considered to be one of the most skillful
men in his line in the Newburyport district, and has a
good business. He is of the class that take especial
pride in their work, and that pride prompts him not
only to do a good job well, but to keep pace with the
times and be able to oflFer the most modern and useful
advice in problems that come into his line.

Mr. Cavanaugh is a member of the Catholic church,
and belongs to the Catholic Order of Foresters. He
also is a member of the Loyal Order of Moose, and the
Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks.

Mr. Cavanaugh married (first), in 1889, Agnes A.
Fitzpatrick, of St. John's, Newfoundland, who died. In
1917 Mr. Cavanaugh married (second) Jane Gingrais,
of Fisherville, Massachusetts. Mr. Cavanaugh is one
of six children, he being the only son, and unfortu-
nately, he has been unable to continue the family name,
only one child, a daughter. Lillian A., being born to
him. She was a daughter by his first wife, and is
herself now married, her husband being Carl Miller, of

FRANK L. BURTON, who is a well known resident
of Lawrence, Massachusetts, was born in that town,
and there has lived almost the whole of his life. For the
last fifteen years he has been in successful business for

Mr. Burton was born on June 29, 1879, son of Edward
M. and Catherine (Collins) Burton, who were both
natives of County Cork, Ireland. However, they both
lived in the United States for the greater part of their
lives. Edward M. Burton, a mason by trade, dying in
IQ17, and his widow in 1921. They had nine children,
seven sons and two daughters, Frank L. being the
youngest child.

Frank L. Burton was educated in the public schools
of Lawrence, and after leaving school at once entered
cc.mmercial life. For the first seven years of his busi-
ness career he was a clerk in the employ of H. J.
Koellen, of Lawrence, but in 1906, branched out for him-
self, as a dealer in spirituous liquors, opening a store
on South Broadway, Lawrence. He did good business
there until 1919, when the passing of the National Pro-
hibition Act rendered his business inoperative. Flow-
ever, he has proved himself to be a man of energy,
versatility, and enterprise, and when one avenue of
trade was closed to him, he was quite ready to busy
himself in proceeding along other lines. When he closed
his liquor business he opened a battery and service sta-
tion at No. 125 South Broadway, and between that time
and the present has developed quite a substantial busi-
ness in the new line. He caters to a high class trade,
and carries a comprehensive stock of accessories and

Mr. Burton is popular in many circles, and during the
last decade or so has taken a helpful interest in more
than one public movement in his home city. He is a
member of St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church of
Lawrence, and fraternally belongs to the Benevolent
and Protective Order of Elks. He is unmarried.

JOHN L. HAYDEN was born at Guysborough,
Nova Scotia, on February 14, 1886, and is a son of
John and Miriam (Stewart) Hayden, of Nova Scotia.
His father is a sea captain.

Mr. Hayden received his early education in the public
schools of Nova Scotia. After leaving school, he
found employment with various firms, but soon decided
to adopt the life of a soldier, and enlisted in the United
States army. He was assigned to Troop H, of the
First United States Cavalry, and was stationed at Fort
Riley, Kansas, where he remained for four months, his
longest encampment being at Fort Clark, Texas, at the
end of which period, on June 2, 1907, he received his
discharge from the service.

Shortly after his discharge from the army, Mr. Hay-
den joined a surveying party, which was being sent to
Labrador by the Taylor Engineering Company, and
spent a year in the Northern wilds. This did not,
however, satisfy Mr. Hayden's taste for adventure, so
he became a lumberman and spent five years in various



logging camps, including one year in Western Canada.
At length, in 1913, he settled at Haverhill, and two
years later, in 1915, he established an ice and trucking
business, under the firm name of Hayden Brothers. Mr.
Hayden was successful in this venture from the begin-
ning and continued to direct it without change until
1019, when he took Mr. Marcotte in as a partner. The
firm name was then changed to Hayden & Marcotte.
The partners have their place of business at No. 10
Central street, Bradford, Massachusetts, and serve a
steadily increasing number of customers. They have
acquired an enviable reputation in the business world
and are universally respected.

Mr. Hayden is a member of the Haverhill Chamber
of Commerce, and the Loyal Order of Moose. He has
never married.

JOHN G. COX, a sheet metal worker and roofer,
now in independent business in Lynn, Massachusetts,
was born in Somerville, Massachusetts, March 5, 1892,
son of Hugh J. and Jane (Holroyd) Cox, formerly of
that place, but now of Revere, Massachusetts. Hugh
J. Cox is still living, and by trade is a rigger; his wife
died in 1912, having borne him eight children, six of
whom were sons. Two of the sons saw service, one
in the United States army and one in the navy, during
the World War. John G. Co.x also was in military
service ; he enlisted on May 22, 19:9, and was sent to
Wentworth Institute, where he continued in training
until December 5, 1919.

Going back in this review to his schooldays, John G.
Cox was educated in the public schools of Medford and
Revere, Massachusetts, and after leaving school, entered
the employ of the William A. Murtfeldt Company, of
Boston. There he learned the trade of sheet metal
working during the more than four years he was with
that company. For about two years after leaving them
he was with Hertach & Fay, of Lynn. Later he was
in educational work, teaching the trade of sheet metal
working at the Quincy Industrial School, Quincy, Mas-
sachusetts. Eventually he entered into business for
himself in Lynn. He trades under his own name, at
No. 81 Pleasant street, Lynn, and his business embraces
sheet metal working, roofing, repairing of auto radiators,
and in fact embraces all kinds of metal repair work, in
which Mr. Co.x is expert. He has no reason to regret
his entry into independent business, and he is getting
the success that comes out of good workmanship and
steady application to business. He is unmarried.

GEORGE W. TUCKER, who for many years car-
ried on a good insurance business in Lawrence, Massa-
chusetts, was born in Providence, Rhode Island, in
1876, son of James A. and Rachel F. (Gofif) Tucker,
the former of Providence, and the latter of South Ber-
wick, Maine. His father, who died in 1913, was engaged
in the te.xtile business almost until the year of his death.
Soon after the birth of George W., the Tucker family
came to live at Ipswich, Massachusetts, and there the
boy went to school. He passed through the elementary
grades and into the high school of Ipswich, and after
leaving the latter, found his first employment, as fire-
man, on the Boston and Maine railroad. He has had a
somewhat varied career. After five years as fireman,

he became connected with a wholesale bakery, and three
years later entered into the wholesale and retail fruit
business for himself. He followed that line for about
three years, then gave up his business to become man-
ager of the Lawrence Public Market. After two years
in that responsibility, he decided to again venture into
business for himself, but this time the line he entered
was real estate and insurance, for which he seems to be
especially adapted, for he has followed it ever since,
with steady success. It must be stated also that for
twelve years Mr. Tucker followed professional work,
being a skilled musician, and playing with many of the
foremost bands of Massachusetts. Withal. Mr. Tucker
has manifested enterprising versatility. He has given
a good deal of his time to community work, especially
in musical events.

Mr. Tucker married, in 1891, .^nna R. Baker, of
Ipswich, Massachusetts, and they have three children :
Lillian G. ; Raymond B. ; and Elsie G.

was connected with the Massachusetts shoe manufac-
turing industry at Newburyport and Haverhill, and lat-
terly has been devoting the whole of his time to a good
farming property at Merrimac, was torn in Suncook,
New Hampshire, on November 24, 1884, son of Adolphe
and Angelina (Roberts) Vallieres. The paternal
descent is from a French-Canadian family, the father
of Joseph I. Vallieres having been born in Sherbrooke,
Canada. The mother's family (Roberts), however, was
of New Hampshire, .Angelina Roberts having been born
in Henniker, New Hampshire. She is still living, but
her husband died in 1909. For the greater part of his
life he was engaged in the textile business, latterly in
New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Joseph I. Vallieres was educated in the public schools
of Manchester, New Hampshire, and at St. Mary's
Parochial School, at same place. Soon after leaving
school young Vallieres went to Newburyport, Massa-
chusetts, and there for three years was in the employ
of the Ellis Shoe Company. He next entered the fac-
tory of the Gale Shoe Company, at Haverhill, and with
that company he remained connected for eight years,
leaving eventually to take over the operation of a farm
he had bought in Merrimac. That has been his line of
effort ever since, apparently with satisfactory result.
Mr. Vallieres is well known and respected in Merrimac
and Haverhill. Politically he is a Democrat ; and he
is a member of the Nativity Roman Catholic Church
of Merrimac.

Mr. Vallieres married into a French-Canadian fam-
ily, in 1916, his wife being Alma Lajoie, of Haverhill,
Massachusetts, daughter of Francois Zavier and Elodie
(Cerat) Lajoie. Her father was connected with shoe
manufacturing in Haverhill until his death in 1912. Her
mother is still living; she was of Montreal, Canada,

WILLIAM C. CAMPBELL, the prominent florist
of Lawrence, Massachusetts, was born in Arbroath,
Scotland, on August 27, 1875, and is a son of William
and Catherine (Cargill) Campbell. The elder Mr.
Campbell was a farmer.

Educated in the schools of his native country, and

O-^^otr ^ /KJc.Xa<^



reared in the open, Mr. Campbell became interested in
the florist's business in his youth, and followed it for
five years in Scotland, in the employ of established and
experienced men. Thus it was with a practical work-
ing knowledge of the business that he came to America,
locating in Lawrence in i8g6. He entered the employ of
a Methuen florist, later working for others. In 1912 he
engaged in business for himself, and has since conducted
a constantly increasing business in this line. His name
is now a leader in this field in Lawrence, and he is doing
a very extensive business, handling a large share of the
trade hereabouts, being a member of the Florists' Tele-
graph Delivery. Mr. Campbell is a member of the Law-
rence Chamber of Commerce, and of the Society of
American Florists.

In social circles Mr. Campbell is widely known. He
is a member of the Rotary Club ; is chief of the Cale-
donian Club; a member of Grecian Lodge, Free and
Accepted Masons; of Essex Lodge, Knights of Pythias;
the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, Lodge
No. 65; the Home Club; and also is a member of the
Scots Charitable Society of Boston.

On February 4, 1913, Mr. Campbell married, in Law-
rence, Sarah Mosson, daughter of Frank and Mary
(Foran) Mosson, of this city, and they have one child,
Evelyn Mary. The family reside at No. 27 Orchard
street, and attend the Presbyterian church.

a,« a man of fine character, such a man as no city can
afford to lose, but a man whose memory is an inspira-
tion to those who knew him.

ALBERT L. NICHOLS, one of the prominent men
in the printing business in the city of Lynn, Massachu-
setts, placed on the annals of Essex county a record of
usefulness and steady advancement in business, frater-
nal, social and religious activity, and in his passing the
city lost a representative man.

Mr. Nichols was born in Lynn, January 31, 1871. and
v;as a son of George Herbert and Sarah Abbie (Plum-
ber) Nichols. The elder Mr. Nichols was an early
printer of Lynn, and served in the Civil War in defense
of the Union.

Receiving a practical education in the public schools
of Lynn, Mr. Nichols, as a young man, entered the
printing business with his father. This business was
established many years ago by George H. and W. A.
Nichols, and throughout his entire career ."Mbert L.
Nichols was an active member of this firm. The busi-
ness, which is located at No. 545 Washington street,
this city, is one of the leading enterprises of the kind,
and handles a wide trade.

Fraternally, Mr. Nichols was well known, being a
member of Mount Carmel Lodge, Free and Accepted
Masons; Sutton Chapter, Royal Arch Masons; also Regis
Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star. He was a mem-
ber of the West Lynn Yacht Club; West Lynn Lodge,
No. 65, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, and Fra-
ternity Encampment, No. 67, of the same order; and of
the Firemen's Relief Association, in the work of which
organization he was deeply interested.

On October 3, 1809, Mr. Nichols married Lydia A.
Foster, daughter of Fulton and Annie I. (Smith) Fos-
ter. Mrs. Nichols was born in Nova Scotia, but has
been a resident of Lynn since 1883.

.•Mbert L. Nichols died in December, 1914, when
scarcely past the prime of life. In many circles in Lynn
his presence is missed, and he will long be remembered

EARLE RAYMOND DAVIS, who is rated high
among shoe manufacturing executives of the Haverhill
district, was born in Dover, New Hampshire, on March
7, 1884, son of Charles F. and Claribelle (Leighton)
Davis. His paternal descent is from an old Maine fam-
ily, his father having been born in Biddeford, that State.
His mother was born in Farmington, New Hampshire,
and died in 191 1. By profession, his father was a cer-
tified public accountant, and lived until 1917. During
the boyhood of Earle R., the family lived in Brockton,
Massachusetts, and in the excellent public schools of
that city he was educated, remaining in school until he
had graduated from the Brockton High School, with
the class of 1899. Soon, thereafter, he entered actively
into business affairs, becoming an employee of the Burt
& Packard Company, shoe manufacturers, of Brockton,
which company he served for five years. For twelve
years thereafter, he was in the employ of John H.
Cloudman, of Farmington, New Hampshire, leaving
them to go to Salem, Massachusetts, where for three
years he was a responsible official in the plant of
Marston & Brookes. Then he went to New York
City, where for a year he was general foreman for H.
Jacobs. Next he is found in a Chicago (Illinois) plant,
that of the Flexible Shoe Company, and for eighteen
months he was assistant superintendent there. Coming
to Haverhill in 1918 to take up the position of superin-
tendent in the large factory of the Cushman & Hebert
Shoe Company, he has remained here, and still holds
the same appointment, which is an important one, and
gives him good standing in shoe and leather circles of
Haverhill and Bradford.

Mr. Davis holds closely to business, and the only fra-
ternal order to which he now belongs is the Knights of
Pythias. In 1901 Mr. Davis traveled abroad, visiting
the West Indies and South America, traveling exten-
sively in the latter country ; also England.

Mr. Davis married, in 1914, Mildred Blair, daughter
of Charles and Lihian (Whitney) Blair, of Gardiner,
Maine. Mrs. Davis' mother is still living, but her father,
who was a merchant at Gardiner, died in 191 1. Mr. and
Mrs. Davis have three children : Carroll G., who was
born in 1915; Edgar R., born in 1917; and George Wes-
ley, born in 1919.

SAMUEL L. ATWOOD, of Haverhill, Massachu-
setts, is the only violin maker in Essex county, Massa-
chusetts, but he is probably better known as a shoe
manufacturer than as a maker of violins, for he was
connected with the Massachusetts shoe industry for
more than forty years before he took up his present
line of manufacture.

Mr. Atwood was born at Cape Cod, Massachusetts,
on October 11, 1853, son of Hawes and Eliza Jane
(Lawton) Atwood, the former a native of Cape Cod,
and the latter of a Maine family. Hawes Atwood was
a sea captain ; he married in Cape Cod, and died in
Lynn, Massachusetts. He was a Methodist. Eliza Jane
(Lawton) Atwood, mother of Samuel L., died in Ha-
verhill in 1906. She was the daughter of Thomas Law-



ton, who was born in Damriscotta, Maine. He was a
soldier of the War of 1812, and later a sea captain.
His children were: Thomas; Samuel; Leander ; Lydia;
Sally; Susan; Eliza Jane; and Louisa.

Samuel L. Atwood spent his boyhood and nonage in
the parental home at Cape Cod, Massachusetts, attended
public school there, and for about two years after leav-
ing school worked on the home farm. Then for nine
years he followed his father, going to sea. He was
still a young man, however, when he went to Boston and
entered a shoe factory. He worked at that trade in
Boston for fourteen years, and then came to Haverhill,
where for the next thirty years he was actively identi-
fied with the shoe manufacturing industry. At the end
of that time he decided to go into business for himself
as a maker of violins, a rather unique change of occu-
pation. This had been his hobby in his youth, and
before 1870 he began making violins. He has found
good business in that line of manufacture, being the
only manufacturer of violins in that part of Massachu-
setts. Fraternally, Mr. Atwood is a member of the
Independent Order of Odd Fellows, a member of a
Charlestown, Massachusetts, lodge ; religiously he is a

Mr. Atwood married, at Charlestown, Massachusetts,
on Christmas Day of 1880, Ida Baxter, who was born
in Charlestown in 1861, and died in Haverhill in 1890.
She was the daughter of William and May (Flanders)
Baxter, the former a machinist by trade, and resident of
Charlestown, Massachusetts. To Mr. and Mrs. Atwood
two children were born : Edith Gertrude, who died in
1919; and William Baxter Atwood, now a foreman in a
Haverhill shoe factory, and married to Miss Lena Rol-
lins, of York, Maine.

the business men of Lynn, Massachusetts, is Walter A.
Guptill, whose broad and comprehensive experience in
his particular field of activity has made the Osmond
Pharmacy, of which he is the head, one of the foremost
business organizations of its kind in the city. Mr. Gup-
till is a son of George Alonzo Guptill, long a resident of
Portland, Maine, and for thirty years a wholesale
grocer in that city, also widely known as a charter
member of the Benevolent and Protective Order of
Elks in Portland. He died in the year 1903. He mar-
ried Jennie Jennings, who was a music teacher before
her marriage.

Walter Austin Guptill, son of George Alonzo and
Jennie (Jennings) Guptill, was born in Portland, Maine,
November 6, 1878. He was educated in the public
schools and the evening high school in the city of Boston,
but at the early age of fourteen years entered the employ
of George Fred Williams, long a prominent Boston
attorney, then Congressman, in the capacity of office boy.
At the age of seventeen years Mr. Guptill secured a
position, which for him was the beginning of a useful
career, with a German chemist of East Boston, with
whom he remained until 191 1. during that time enjoying
invaluable privileges of study and research in connection
with his duties as an assistant. He then became asso-
ciated with the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, of Brook-
line, Massachusetts, having full charge of their phar-
macy in Brookline for a period of three years. In 1914

Mr. Guptill came to Lynn, and one year later bought
out the A. M. Bailey Drug Company, whose business he
continued under the corporation which he organized at
the time, and of which he is president. The store is
now known as the Osmond Pharmacy, dispensers of the
better-class druggists' sundries and prescriptions.

Mr. Guptill now stands among the successful and
well known men of Esse.x county. He is broadly inter-
ested in every phase of the general advance, and polit-
ically thinks and acts independently. His religious faith
is that of the Roman Catholic.

In 1898, in East Boston, Mr. Guptill married Helen
Moran, daughter of James and Helen (O'Neil) Moran,
of Canada, and they are the parents of seven children :
George L. ; Sheridan, deceased; Genevieve, who is the
wife of Lloyd W. Meserve, and they have an infant son,
Walter F. ; Marguerite; Blanche, deceased; Monica;
and Walter A., Jr.

HENRY W. ANDREWS, of Essex, Massachusetts,
who has been active in somewhat different fields of en-
deavor since his youth, is one of the successful men of
this town.

Mr. Andrews was born in Essex, February 17, 1870,
and died November 2, 1921. He was a son of Henry
Andrews, the oldest resident of Essex at this time
(1921). He is ninety-two years of age, and in good
health. Up to the time of his retirement from active
labor he had spent his lifetime on the farm. He mar-
ried Emily Burnham, of Essex, who died in 1908, at the
age of seventy-two years. Henry Andrews moved to
Woodville, Massachusetts, in April, 1922.

Receiving his education in the public schools of Essex,
Henry W. Andrews became interested in the butcher
business, which he followed for twelve years. There-
after he took up milling and the raising of strawberries,
in which line of enterprise he is still successfully

Mr, .Andrews is a member of the Loyal Order of
Moose, and of the Order of United American Mechan-
ics, and is a member of the Universalist church.

Mr. Andrews married, in 1898, Minnie F. Hibbard, of
Essex, and they have two children : Henry F., who was
a member of the United States Merchant Marine, of
Boston, and served during the World War in 1918; and
Burton E.

JAMES JOSEPH LIFFIN— For many years active
in the business world of Essex county, Massachusetts,
and long identified with the hotel business, James Joseph
Liffin, of Lynn, became one of the widely-known men
of this city, and his death, on January 6, 1921, was a
shock to many friends who esteemed him highly.

Mr. Liffin was born in Beverly, Massachusetts, .August
18, i860, and was a son of Thomas and Mary (Lane)
Lifiin, both his parents having been natives of Ireland.
Educated in the public and high schools of his native
city, Mr. Liffin, as a young man, entered the morocco
leather business, in the employ of Lynch Brothers, of
Beverly, and continued there until he was about thirty
years of age. In 1890 he came to Lynn, and here he
became manager of the Hotel Seymour, which was
then owned by W. W. Davis. Later he purchased the
Lynnfield Hotel, and for some years operated it under





c/atj?.l ^axJLcri/HJb



the name of the Hotel Sauntaug. Still later, for a time,
Mr. Liffiii was manager of the retail department of
Hoyt Brothers, liquor dealers, located on Washington
street, in Lynn. For two years thereafter he retired
from business, but not content to lay aside his business

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