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interests permanently, he took over the Seymour Hotel
in 1910, on a lease from A. S. Newhall, then owner, and
successfully conducted this high-class caravansery until
the time of his death. Genial as a host, and broadly
efficient as a manager, no detail escaping him, he was a
rarely capable man, and his passing left a vacancy
which will long be felt by those to whom he was friend
as well as host.

Mr. Liffin was a life-member of the Benevolent and
Protective Order of Elks, Lodge No. 117, and was a
member of the Roman Catholic church.

On September 25, 1891, Mr. Liffin married, in Bev-
erly, Ellen Joseph Harrigan, who died January 26, 191 7.
They were the parents of two sons: Harold Dugan and
Leonard Gookin, both of further mention.

Harold D. Liffin was born November 4, 1893, and edu-
cated in the public and high schools of Lynn. He early
became identified with the hotel business in association
with his father, and is now engaged, in association with
his brother, in operating the Seymour Hotel, having
taken charge upon his father's death. He is a member
of the Knights of Columbus, of Lynn, and the Benevo-
lent and Protective Order of Elks, Lodge No. 117. His
religious connection is with St. Joseph's Roman Cath-
olic Church. He married, December 25, 1918, in Lynn,
Beatrice A. Arey, daughter of Robert and Alma (Malen-
faut) Arey.

Leonard G. Liffin was born May 31, 1896, and also
educated in the public and high schools of Lynn. He
served in the World War as a member of the 348th
Infantry, 87th Division, American Expeditionary Forces,
seeing service on the battle fronts in France. Since
his return to civilian life he has been identified with his
elder brother in the management of the Seymour Hotel,
in Lynn. He is a member of St. Joseph's Roman Cath-
olic Church, and the Knights of Columbus, of Lynn.

Mr. Sullivan belongs to the Benevolent and Protective
Order of Elks of Beverly, and is a member of the
Roman Catholic Church of the Sacred Heart.

Mr. Sullivan married, in 1913, Mary H. Holmes, of
Grand River, Nova Scotia, who died February 18, 1920.

WILLIAM H. SULLIVAN, who has for some
years been prominent in the business world of Man-
chester, Massachusetts, and for several years has served
the public in a responsible capacity, was born in Bos-
ton, same State, on July 25, 1873. He is a son of
Timothy J. and Catherine (Jefferds) Sullivan, both
natives of County Kerry, Ireland. Timothy J. Sullivan
came to the Llnited States when a boy, and during the
greater part of his lifetime was engaged in the livery
business in Wellesley, Massachusetts ; he died in 1906.

Gaining his early education in the public schools of his
native city, Mr. Sullivan was, for a considerable time, a
student at Boston College. But not caring to enter a
professional field, he left college to take up the harness
business in Manchester. Later in 1909, he was made chief
of police of Manchester, serving one year. Returning to
the harness business, he continued for three years in
this branch of mercantile endeavor, then was again
elected chief of police. This position he has since con-
tinued to fill, and is still the head of the efficient organ-
ization which guards the safety of the citizens of

JOSEPH R. VATCHER— With broad preparation
for the responsibilities of his career, and filling a posi-
tion of trust, Joseph R. Vatcher is representative of the
large group of younger men who are contributing to
the progress of Essex county.

Mr. Vatcher was born on the island of Newfoundland,
September 15, 1891, and is a son of Robert and Zip-
porah J. (Parsons) Vatcher, of Lynn. The elder Mr.
Vatcher died in 1914.

Coming to the United States as a child with his par-
ents, Mr. Vatcher received his early education in the
public schools of Lynn. He is a graduate of the Shep-
ard Grammar and the English High schools. He after-
wards attended the Northeastern College, at Boston,
Massachusetts, completing his studies in 1916. Previous
to that date, however, Mr. Vatcher had been employed
on the Lynn "Item" for three years, and in 1913 had
entered the Manufacturers' National Bank, in the
capacity of assistant to the discount clerk. He has con-
tinued in this institution until the present time, and has
advanced until he is now assistant cashier.

When the Llnited States intervened in the European
War, Mr. Vatcher enlisted in Company B, 102nd Ma-
chine Gun Battalion, Massachusetts National Guard, and
was stationed at Allston, Massachusetts. In September,
1917, he sailed for overseas duty with the American
Expeditionary Forces. He was promoted to lieutenant
on the field in France. He took an active part in the
battles of Chateau-Thierry, St. Mihiel and Verdun, and
was twice cited for bravery on the field. He was dis-
charged in .'\pril, 1919, with the rank of lieutenant.

Mr. Vatcher is a member of Golden Fleece Lodge,
Free and Accepted Masons, of Lynn, holding the office
of marshal ; is a member of Mount Olivet Chapter, Royal
Arch Masons ; of G. F. Yates Council, Royal and Select
Masters; and of the Boston Lodge of Perfection. He
is a member of the Oxford Club, and of the Swamp-
scott Masonic Club, and is a member of the American
Legion. His religious faith places his membership with
the Methodist church.

Mr. Vatcher married, in 1921, Harriet Campbell,
daughter of Joseph F. Campbell, of Bath, Maine.

HENRY G. HATHORNE was bom at Lynn. Mas-
sachusetts, on October 18, 1846, and is a son of Henry
G. and Helen M. (Fay) Hathorne. He is a direct
descendant of Major William Hathorne, who settled in
Salem in 1632.

Mr. Hathorne received his early education in the
public schools of Lynn, and in due course proceeded to
A. D. Bill's Commercial College at Boston for business
training. He entered the dry goods business at West
Lynn after completing his education, spending five years
in his first position. He then entered a wholesale dry
goods house, and after two years of this experience,
returned to the retail trade with S. J. Weinberg of
Lynn. His connection with Mr. Weinberg lasted for
eleven years, at the end of which time Mr. Hathorne



became associated with T. W. Rogers of that place.
Seven years later, in 1891, he came to Dan vers and
entered the real estate business, with which he has been
connected ever since. For the past ten years, Mr. Ha-
thorne has been the township assessor.

Mr. Hathorne is a Mason of the thirty-second degree.
He is a member of the Sons of the American Revolu-
tion through John Fay of the battle of Le.xington fame ;
he also is a member of the Grange ; and of the Inde-
pendent Order of Odd Fellows. He attends the First
Congregational Church of Danvers.

Mr. Hathorne married Lizzie A. Chase, of Exeter,
New Hampshire; she died November 9, 1921. To Mr.
and Mrs. Hathorne two children were born, a son and
a daughter: Florence F., who is the wife of Deputy
Sheriff Walter H. Brown; they are the parents of a
daughter, Dorothy Brown, and they reside at Peabody,
Massachusetts; Arthur L., married Lovett Dwinell;
they are the parents of two sons, Henry and Louis, and
they reside in Dorchester, Massachusetts.

Mr. Gowen married Blanche A. Bagley, of St. Johns-
bury, Vermont, daughter of Curtis H. and Edwarda
Bagley, and they have one child, Donald H.

HOWARD E. GOWEN— In one of the responsible
positions in the social fabric of Lynn, Massachusetts,
Howard E. Gowen is bearing a constructive and broadly
significant part in the progress of the city.

Mr. Gowen was born in Springvale, Maine, September
13. 1875, and is a son of Howard L. and Ella M. Gowen.
The family removing to Lynn when he was five years
of age, Mr. Gowen received his early education in the
public schools of this city, completing his studies with
his course at the Classical High School. His first occu-
pation was in the capacity of clerk in the employ of
Small & Jones, leading tea and coffee merchants of that
day, with whom he remained for three years. After
that period Mr. Gowen entered the same business for
himself, following it for a time, but eventually sold
out. He then entered the Colb & Putnam shoe factory,
as a heeling machine operator, and it was here that the
outbreak of the Spanish-American War found him.
Enlisting in the Eighth Regiment, Massachusetts Volun-
teer Infantry, he was thereafter transferred to the Sec-
ond United States Cavalry, from which branch of the
service he received his honorable discharge. After re-
turning to Lynn. Mr. Gowen entered the employ of the
General Electric Company, as clerk in their oflice,
remaining in this connection for about eight months,
then resi.gning to become identified with the Lynn post
office. Serving first as substitute letter carrier, under
Postmaster Howard K. Sanderson, he remained for a
period of eighteen years, during that time working up
to the office of assistant postmaster. Mr. Gowen resigned
from this position to accept the office of membership
secretary of the Young Men's Christian Association, of
Lynn, in November, 1918. He is still filling this posi-
tion, and his work is counting as an active force for the
good of the organization, and through it. of the general
public. In December of the same year Mr. Gowen was
elected councillor-at-large.

In various interests of the city Mr. Gowen is also
interested, and fraternally holds membership with the
Free and Accepted Masons, also with the Sons of the
American Revolution. He is superintendent of the Sun-
day school of the First Methodist Episcopal Church of
Lynn, and is secretary of the Inter-church Union.

EDWIN COLLYER LEWIS— With a record of
twenty-eight years' service in the employ of the same
financial institution, Edwin Collyer Lewis, of Lynn,
Massachusetts, holds an enviable position in the financial
world of Essex county. ,

Mr. Lewis was born in Lynn, August 13, 1872, and
is a son of Edwin D. and Eliza E. (Collyer) Lewis.
Educated in the institutions of Lynn, and reared in the
traditions of this city, Mr. Lewis, at the age of twenty-
one years, became treasurer of the Lynn Equitable Co-
operative Bank, and having served in that capacity dur-
ing the intervening years, still holds that ofiice. His
activities have broadened materially, however, by his
subsequent connections with other leading corporations
of this city, and he is now a director of the Security
Trust Company, and also a director of the Lynn Manu-
facturers' and Merchants' Fire Insurance Company.

Fraternally, Mr. Lewis is affiliated with the Free and
Accepted Masons, and he is a member of the Oxford
Club and of the Homestead Golf Club. He is broadly
interested in the general civic advance, but has never
taken a leading part in public affairs. He is a member
of the First Universalist Church of Lynn.

On November 12, 1002, Mr. Lewis married Ethel M.
Tolman, daughter of E. B. Tolman, and they have four
daughters : Dorothy Standish, Elsie Hathaway, Bertha
Elizabeth, and Helen Warren.

WILLIAM G. HORTON— To the rural interests
in the vicinity of Ipswich, Massachusetts, the name of
William G. Horton stands, in a business sense, for
supplies of a high quality which meet the requirements
of the agriculturist and stock grower.

Mr. Horton was born in Ipswich on January 14, 1857,
and is a son of Joseph and Lucy (Robinson) Horton.
He received a thorough grounding in the essentials of
education at the public schools of the town, then, when
a very young lad, even before leaving school, worked as
a helper around the farm. Continuing thus until sev-
enteen years of age, he then branched out for himself
in an independent business along the line of hay and
grain. Beginning in a small way, he developed the busi-
ness and broadened its scope until for years he has
been one of the leaders in this field of mercantile en-
deavor, taking care of many of the needs of the farmer,
including fertilizers and seeds, farming tools of various
kinds and the supplies always in demand by poultrymen.

While interested in every phase of public progress,
Mr. Horton takes an active part in few matters outside
his business, but has for a number of years been a
director of the Ipswich Savings Bank. He is a mem-
ber of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, and
attends the South Congregational Church.

Mr. Horton married Caroline Burnham, daughter of
Foster and Helen Burnham.

BENJAMIN S. NEWHALL was born at Danvers,
Massachusetts, in 1S74, and is a son of Benjamin E. and
Carrie (Derby) Newhall. His father and mother were
both born at Salem, Massachusetts, but resided in Dan-



vers at the time of the birth of Benjamin S. They had
four children, the other three being Alice H., Walter,
and Frank W. Mr. Newhall's father was for many
years the cashier of the First National Bank of Danvers.
Benjamin S. Newhall received his early education in
the public schools of Danvers, and was trained for a
.business career at the Burdett Business College of
Boston. After his studies were completed, he entered
the banking business in Boston, where he spent ten
years. At the end of this time Mr. Newhall entered the
United States Reclamation Service and spent eight years
in the State of VN'yoming. He later returned to Massa-
chusetts, and became a resident of Danvers, where he
now lives. He is at present engaged in the real estate
and insurance business there, and has been for the past
three years on the Board of Town Assessors, of which
he is clerk.

During the World War, Mr. Newhall served as sec-
retary of the Public Safety and Fuel Committee. He
was a member of the non-commissioned staff of the
Eighth Regiment in the years 1900 to 1906, and he is a
member of the Light Infantry Veterans' Association.
He is a member of the Masonic order, the Danvers
Masonic Club, and the Homestead Golf Club. He
attends the First Unitarian Church of Salem. Mr. New-
hall has never married.

JOHN MORRILL NICHOLS, who holds a posi-
tion of trust in the community, is also prominent fra-
ternally, and bore a part in the World War.

Mr. Nichols was born in Lynn, Massachusetts, October
14, 1891, and is a son of Melville Herbert and Susan
(S'ork) Nichols, former residents of Burlington, in the
adjoining county of Middlesex. His mother was born
in Lynn, and died in July, 1920. His father now lives
at Danvers, Massachusetts.

Receiving his early education in the public schools of
Lynn. Mr. Nichols later attended the Pace & Pace
School, of Boston. He was first employed by the
Security Trust Company, of Lynn, in the capacity of
messenger, rising to receiving teller. He later entered
the State National Bank, as paying teller, but remained
here for only si.x months, leaving to accept the office of
treasurer of the West Lynn Trust Company, which he
still holds (1921).

In 1917 Mr. Nichols enlisted as a private in the Med-
ical Department of the United States army. He served
at Fort Ethan Allen, in Vermont, also at the Port of
Embarkation (Hoboken), and at Camp Sevier, South

Mr. Nichols is a member of Richard W. Brown Lodge,
No. 106, Independent Order of Odd Fellows; of
Damascus Lodge, Free and Accepted Masons ; and of
Caldwell Consistory, Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite.
He is also a member of Aleppo Temple, Ancient Arabic
Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, of Boston ; and of
the Swampscott Masonic Club. He attends St. Stephen's
Episcopal Church, of Lynn.

Mr. Nichols married Mabelle Bond, of Lynn, and they
have one child, John M., Jr.

Mr. Fall was born in Ipswich on October 30, 1850,
and is a son of T. B. and Harriet (Lord) Fall. Edu-
cated in the public schools of his native place, Mr. Fall,
at the age of fourteen, took his place in the world of
industry as a helper on the farm. Five years later he
took up the carpenter's trade, and was very successful
in that line of work. He followed this trade for twelve
years in the employ of D. A. Hodgkins, of Ipswich.
His experience along this line convinced him of the
breadth of opportunity in supplying the building trades.
Accordingly, he entered the lumber business in 1877.
In 1890, in connection with the lumber business, he
began to handle coal, and the latter interest developed
so rapidly that in 1896 he dropped the earlier business
and has since handled only coal and fuel wood. He is
still thus actively engaged and has become a leader in
this field hereabouts. With his excellent location on
Brown Square, which is near the railroads, he is in a
position to serve the public to the greatest advantage.

In the civic and financial interests of Ipswich Mr.
Fall is widely prominent. He was a member of the
Board of Selectmen in 1S94-5, and was town representa-
tive to the State Legislature in 1892. He is now
assessor for the town of Ipswich. For a number of
years he has been vice-president and director of the
Ipswich Savings Bank.

For forty-five years Mr. Fall has been a member of
the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. He is also a
mem'ber of the Free and Accepted Masons, and of the
Improved Order of Red Men. His religious convic-
tions place his membership with the Methodist Epis-
copal church.

GEORGE FALL, an eminently practical man of
Ipswich, Massachusetts, is making a success in a prac-
tical field of mercantile activity.

EVERETT B. JAMES, the present owner of one of
the prominent shipyards of Essex county, Massachusetts,
has spent his entire career in the ship-building industry.

Mr. James is a son of John F. and Hannah M.
(Andrews) James, of Essex. The elder Mr. James was
engaged in ship-building throughout his lifetime, and
died in 1920.

Born in Essex, March 12, 1864, Everett B. James, as
a boy, acquired his education in the public schools of his
native town. Always interested in the work done at
his father's shipyard, he entered the employ of the
firm, Tarr & James, in 1881. This business was
founded in 1838 by John James, and was first known as
the James & McKenzie Company. After the death of
Mr. McKenzie, which occurred in 1874, it became the
Tarr & James Company, Washington Tarr purchasing
the interest of Mr. McKenzie. There was no change
thereafter until 1912, when Everett B. James became a
partner. At that time the name became John F. James
& Son, the personnel of the firm continuing thus until
the death of the father in 1920. Since then the son has
been sole owner of the business.

This shipyard is widely noted for the production of
sailing craft. Among the many boats they have
launched should be mentioned the "Esperanto," the
"Rose Dorothea," the "Lottie Haskins," the "Admiral
Dewey," etc. At the present time wide interest is cen-
tered in the "Mayflower," which has just been built for
the Mayflower Association. She is one hundred forty-
three feet long, drawing si.xteen feet of water, and was
launched on Tuesday, April 12, and ready to sail the



latter part of that month (1921). In the spring of 1922
he launched the "Puritan," a candidate cup challenger
for the Fisherman's International Race.

As head of this important business interest, Mr. James
is one of the leading men of Essex. He has served in
public ofifi.ce on the Board of Selectmen, on the school
committee, and as town clerk. He is a member of the
Universalist churcli of Esse.x; and a member of Starr
King Lodge, Knights of Pythias in Essex.

On October 11, 18S7, Mr. James married Eleanor L.
Andrews, of Essex, and they have three children:
Eleanor, Martha L., and John. The son is a student
at Wentworth Institute at Boston, and served for a
short time in the World War.

EDWARD NELSON TODD has for more than
thirty years been actively connected with the insurance
business in Boston, Massachusetts, always retaining his
residence in the city of Lynn, which is his native place.

Mr. Todd was born in Lynn, June 15, 1866, and is a
son of Nelson and Lorency (Barnard) Todd. His
father was a native of this county, having been born in
Rowley, but his mother was born in Bridgeton, Maine.
Receiving his early education in the public schools of
Lynn, Mr. Todd attended Dean Academy, and was
graduated from that institution with the class of 1885.
Later he became identified with the shoe business in
association with the Langworthy Shoe Company. This
partnership was dissolved at the time of the great fire in
Lynn in 1889, Mr. Todd then becoming associated with
O'Brion, Russell & Company, with offices at No. 108
Water street, Boston, Massachusetts, with which firm
he is still associated.

Although his business interests are in Boston, Mr.
Todd has always been deeply interested in the social
and civic advance of his native city. He is a mem'ber
of the Insurance Federation of Massachusetts, of the
Society of Mayflower Descendants and of the Sons of
the American Revolution. He also is a member of
Mount Carmel Lodge, Free and Accepted Masons;
Lynn Lodge, No. 117 Bene\'olent and Protective Order
of Elks; the Oxford Club; and the Unitarian church
and the Unitarian Laymen's League.

On September 15, 1903, Edward N. Todd married Ethel
Safford, daughter of Morton D. and Georgiana (Ray-
mond) SafTord, and they have one daughter, Doris.

CHARLES L. LOVELL — Prominent in the busi-
ness world of Ipswich, Massachusetts, Charles L.
Lovell is meeting the needs of the people and finding
individual success in his efforts for the public good.

Mr. Lovell was born in East Boston, Massachusetts,
October .31, 1878, and is a son of Clarence P. and Mary
F. (Fowle) Lovell. As a boy he attended the public
schools of Boston, gaining a thorough grounding in the
fundamentals of education. He entered the business
world in the employ of E. P. Lewis, a large wholesale
confectioner, in the capacity of travelling salesman, and
continued in this line of effort for a period of five years.
At the end of that time he became associated with the
Ipswich Mills, where he remained, in different capaci-
ties for eleven years. Then, in 1910, Mr. Lovell bought
out the coal business of J. S. Glover, in Ipswich, and

since that time has carried on the business with ever-
increasing success, under the name of C. L. Lovell.

In civic matters Mr. Lovell takes the interest of the
progressive citizen, but never seeks prominence in the
public service. He is a mem'ber of the Blue Lodge and
Chapter, Free and Accepted Masons, at Ispwich; St.
George Commandery, Knights Templar, at Beverly;
and Aleppo Temple, Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of
the Mystic Shrine, at Boston; he attends the Episcopal

On June 18, 1907, Mr. Lovell married Ellen .Augusta,
daughter of Jacob P. and Ellen A. (Emery) Torrey, of
Newburyport, Massachusetts. They have two daugh-
ters: Gertrude, born May 9, 1908; and Gretchen, born
January 13, 1913.

JOHN H. CARROLL— The Lawrence Plating
Company is the successor of a business established by
the late Henry C. Carroll, of Lawrence, Massachusetts,
in 1879, at Methuen. It was removed to Lawrence in
1890, and in 1914 was merged with the business of
Carroll Brothers, which firm had its start in Boston in

1909. Since 1914 the Lawrence Plating Company has
been owned and managed by John H. Carroll, son of
the founder.

John H. Carroll was born in Laconia, New Hamp-
shire, on May 10, 1873, son of Henry C. and Bridget
(Henry) Carroll. His father, who died in 1914, was
born in County Cork, Ireland, and it was probably
after he came to this country that he took up the trade
of nickel-plating. His wife, Bridget (Henry) Carroll,
was a native of Vermont, but the family is of Irish
origin. She is still living, having survived her husband
and one of her two sons, and a daughter, Catharine, the
wife of Thomas C. McCullough. Her only living son
is John H. Carroll, of Lawrence. He received his
schooling in Lawrence, Massachusetts, attending the
public schools. For some time after leaving school he
worked for his father, and learned the trade of nickel-
plating. His brother, who was younger, also learned this
trade, and in 1909 the two went to Boston, Massachu-
setts, and there opened in business for themselves, as
Carroll Brothers, nickel-platers. The partnership, how-
ever, was soon ended, Mr. Carroll's brother dying in

1910. From that time until 1914, John C. Carroll car-
ried on the Boston business under the original name.
However, the death of his father, in 1914, materially
altered the plans of the surviving son. He was then
compelled to merge the two businesses, his own in
Boston and his father's in Lawrence, and for better
handling, established himself at Lawrence, forming the
Lawrence Plating Company, which he has operated to

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