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Mr. Jennings married Blanche J. Gage, daughter of
Thomas F. and Fannie (Brownell) Gage, of Dover,
New Hampshire. The former was a carpenter by trade,



and died in igip. To Mr. and Mrs. Jennings have been
born five children: Lendon R., born in 1904; Ruth J.,
born in 1906; Muriel, born in 1908; Earl, bom in 191 1;
and William L., Jr., born in 1915.

veteran, a Naval Aviation Corps man, is part owner of
the Haverhill Ignition Company, electrical contractors,
dealers, and agents. He was born in Arlington,
Nebraska, November 24, 1893, son of Edward L. and
Matilda (Ludwig) Whitcomb, the former a farmer for
the greater part of his life, and latterly of Simla, Colo-
rado. Matilda (Ludwig) Whitcomb, mother of Leslie
L., was of Quincy, Illinois; she died in 1918.

Leslie L. Whitcomb was educated in the public schools
of Freemont, Nebraska, and after leaving school went
into the automobile repair business. He became expert
in that trade, and worked at it in various cities for
fourteen years, until 1917, when the entry of America
into the World War made it necessary that call be
made upon all its young manhood. Mr. Whitcomb
joined the naval branch, and was assigned to the Naval
Aviation Corps, serving through the war, reaching
the grade of chief petty officer before being honorably
discharged at the termination of the emergency. His
service was from January 18, 1918, to January 21, 1919.
Entering civil life again, he took up residence in Haver-
hill, and entered into business partnership with H. A.
Dinsmore in 1921, the two forming the Haverhill Igni-
tion Company, at No. "j^ Kenoza avenue, where they
have an area of one thousand square feet of floor space
for workshops and sales rooms. They do general repair
work in batteries and magnetos, and carry a full line
of electrical accessories for all makes of machines, spec-
ializing in Deico and Remo products. They are also
distributors in Haverhill and vicinity for the Gould
battery. Altogether, they have an automobile supply
business of great promise. Mr. Whitcomb is a member
of the Haverhill Chamber of Commerce, and is an
active business man. He belongs to the Congregational
church of Haverhill.

Mr. Whitcomb married, in 1917, Beatrice Rogers, of
Lawrence, Massachusetts.

CHARLES W. MORRISON, sales manager of the
Haverhill, Massachusetts, plant of Robert Gair Com-
pany, box board manufacturers, was born at Frankfort
Springs, Pennsylvania, February 10, 1869, the son of
Alexander and Mary J. (Withrow) Morrison, both of
Pennsylvania families. Alexander Morrison died in
1906; in early life he taught school, later became a
dentist, then took over his father's mercantile business
and was a merchant in Pennsylvania, becoming some-
what prominent in Pittsburgh, that State. He was at
one time elected county treasurer of Beaver county, and
also served in the registry department of the Pittsburgh
post office. He was a veteran of the Civil War.

Charles W. Morrison was educated in the public
schools of his native place and those of Beaver Falls,
Pennsylvania. After leaving school he entered com-
mercial business, for eight years being in the employ of
C. C. Ray, shoe merchant, of Beaver Falls. Then fol-
lowed a period of independent business enterprise, Mr.

Morrison opening a store on Seventh avenue, Beaver
Falls, and conducting the business with moderate suc-
cess for five or six years, 1890-95. In 1896 he went to
Indiana, for eight years thereafter being manager for
the Central Glass Company, at Summitville, that State,
and later, for some time, was in the steel business. In
1004 he came to Haverhill and joined the sales force of
the Haverhill Box Board Company. Eventually the
company was absorbed by the Robert Gair Company,
since which change Mr. Morrison has been sales manager
of the Haverhill branch of the corporation.

Mr. Morrison takes a keen interest in all civic sub-
jects, but he does not enter into public affairs, having
little time to spare from his business responsibilities,
but fraternally he is identified with local lodges of the
Royal Arcanum and Modern Woodmen orders. Relig-
iously he belongs to the Congregational denomination,
and is a member of the First Church of Christ (Scien-
tist), of Bradford, Massachusetts.

Mr. Morrison married, in 1894, Jennie Crane, daugh-
ter of John T. and Mary E. (Little) Crane, a New Jer-
sey family, and to them have been born two children :
Theodore C, and William C. Theodore C. is a veteran
of the World War; he enlisted November 26, 1917, in
the Quartermaster's Department, and was sent to Camp
Johnson, Jacksonville, Florida. Eventually he was
transferred to Camp Humphrey, Accotink, Virginia, and
from there went to France, serving six months there.
He returned as a casual, and was sent to the Walter
Reed Hospital on February 2, 1919. He was discharged
from the hospital on April 7th, and three days later
honorably discharged from the United States army.

JAMES M. QUIMBY— Identified with the great
shoe industry through the manufacture of shoe findings
of every description, James M. Quimby is conducting a
large and prosperous business in this branch of manu-

Mr. Quimby is a son of James Fred Quimby, who
was born in Lowell, Massachusetts, and was one of
the early settlers of Lawrence. He was for 9 consid-
erable length of time employed by M. J. Mahoney, a
prominent undertaker of that day. He married Cora
Levine, a member of one of the oldest families in

James M. Quimby was born in Lawrence on Febru-
ary 25, 1891, and received his education in the public
schools of the city. After completing his studies he was
engaged in the coal business with his father for about
four years. In 1916 he went into the shoe business, and
in 1920 established the present industry, disposing of
his product both at wholesale and retail. The business
has made a most promising beginning, and is already
flourishing and rapidly growing.

Mr. Quimby is a member of the New England Shoe
Finding Association, and of the Greater Boston Shoe
Finding Association. Fraternally he is prominent as a
member of the Fraternal Order of Eagles and the Loyal
Order of Moose, both of Haverhill.

On June 21, 1916, Mr. Quimby married, in Lawrence,
May Humphrey, of this city, and they have two sons :
James Monroe; and Francis Joseph. The family reside
in Lawrence.



WILLIAM F. BLEYER, president and treasurer of
the Seventh Avenue Garage, Inc., of Haverhill, Massa-
chusetts, is a man of wide knowledge of mechanics and
electrical appliances, having been for many years con-
nected with the leading American manufacturers in that
line. He was born in Germany, on December 13, 1886,
son of Theo. and Sophie (Whitfield) Bleyer, both of
German birth, where the 'former died in 1916.

The academic education of William F. Bleyer was
obtained in institutions of Germany. Coming to Amer-
ica in 1900, he took a course in a technical college, and
afterwards entered the employ of the Edison Company,
of East Orange, New Jersey, with which well known
company he remained for two years, next becoming
connected with the Westinghouse Company, and work-
ing at their Newark. New Jersey, plant. Later he was
with the Westinghouse Air Spring Company, of New
Haven, Connecticut, and was sent by the Westinghouse
Company to open a branch plant in Boston. This was
in 1913, and Mr. Bleyer was appointed superintendent
of equipment there. Here he remained until 1918, when
he came to Haverhill, and established the Seventh Ave-
nue Garage, Inc., of which he is now principal owner.
His business address is No. 9 Seventh avenue, and
there Mr. Bleyer has, during the period since 1918,
developed an appreciable business.

Mr. Bleyer is among the active business men of
Haverhill, is a member of the Haverhill Chamber of
Commerce ; and is identified with the local body of the
Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks.

Mr. Bleyer married, in 1909, Anne Spreen, of New
York City, daughter of Fred and Katharine (Katthn-
horn) Spreen, both of German birth, the former a
wagon manufacturer by trade. Mr. and Mrs. Bleyer
have two children: Elsie Louise, born in 1914; and
Dorothy Anne, born in 1919.

HOWARD J. CASHMAN, a native of Haverhill,
Massachusetts, and now in successful business there,
was born on May 2, 1894, son of John and Margaret
Cashman, well known residents. He was educated in
the public schools of Haverhill, and took the higher
course at the Iberville Preparatory School. That ended
his schooling, and he entered actively into business
affairs. For five years he worked for Lewis Kelleam,
a contractor of Haverhill, leaving his employ at the end
01 that time so that he might enter into a like business
for himself. From that time until 1917 Mr. Cashman
traded as the Howard J. Cashman Company, in a team-
ing and contracting business. In 191 7 he became the
distributor of the Exide battery in Haverhill and vici-
nity, and since, has found the demands of that business
and certain real estate endeavors have taken all his
time. He is a man of distinctive energy, and is making
good. He has many friends in Haverhill.

Mr, Cashman is a member of the Haverhill Chamber
of Commerce, belongs to the Agawam Club, and is
affiliated with the Knights of Columbus, local branch.
He is a devout Catholic, a member of St. James' Cath-
olic Church of Haverhill.

Mr. Cashman married, in 1916, Alice Bouchard, of
Haverhill, and to them one child has been born, a son,
Howard J., Jr., who was born on March 30, 1918.

dividual Family Laundry, which it is stated is the
largest business of its kind in the Bradford-Haverhill
district, is a native of Haverhill, Massachusetts, born in
the city on February 7, 1890, son of George H. and
Susan A. (Billings) Daniels, the latter originally of
Saco, Maine, and the father of West Newbury. The
family has lived for several decades in Haverhill.

Ralph E. Daniels, in due course, attended the Haver-
hill public schools, and after closing his schooling, began
business life by working for G. H. Thurston, who was
his employer for three years, after which young Daniels
took up railroading, becoming a fireman on the Boston
& Maine railroad, .'\fter ten years at such work, in
April, 1919, he joined Mrs. Smith in purchasing the
laundry business of Laing & Westcott, of Bradford,
Massachusetts. The reorganization brought a change
of trading name, and since April. 1919, the business has
been known as the Individual Family Laundry. It is
the largest in the Haverhill-Bradford district, as may
be imagined when it is known that twenty-five to thirty
persons find constant employment in the laundry, which
is located at No. 38 Middlesex avenue, Bradford, Mas-
sachusetts. The plant uses about 10.000 square feet of
floor space, and its business covers Haverhill and Brad-
ford and tributary territory. Mr. Daniels belongs to the
Masonic order, and also to the Brotherhood of Loco-
motive Engineers and Firemen.

Mr. Daniels married, in 191 1, Elma L. Deacon, of
Rockwell, Connecticut, and they have two children :
Ralph E., Jr., born in 1913; and Norman K., born in
1 91 6.

LOUIS D. SAVAGE was born at Boxford, Massa-
chusetts, on July 17, 1859, and is a son of William J.
and Elizabeth D. (Pingree) Savage. William J. Sav-
age was a farmer, born at Boxford, Massachusetts ; he
died in 1915. His mother, Elizabeth D. (Pingree)
Savage, was a descendant of the well-known Pingree
family of Massachusetts ; she was born at Haverhill,

Mr. Savage received his early education in the public
schools of Newburyport. After his graduation from
school, Mr. Savage decided to follow in his father's
footsteps and become a farmer. He w^orked as a farmer
in Massachusetts for some years, and then decided to go
out West. He traveled through many Western States,
working as a rancher at various places. He spent five
years in this manner and then, his desire to see his
native country being satisfied, he returned to Massachu-
setts and became connected with the Danvers Hospital.
Later he obtained a government position at the Ipswich
House of Correction. In 1887 he came to Haverhill as
superintendent of the City Farm, a position which he
still holds.

Mr. Savage married Margaret A. Pearson, of Prince
Edward Island, in 1882, a daughter of Henry Pearson,
a farmer, of Prince Edward Island, and his wife. Lucy
(Morrison) Pearson. Henry Pearson died in 1919.
Like her husband. Mrs. Pearson was a native of Prince
Edward Island. Mr. and Mrs. Savage have two chil-
dren. Their son, William W. Savage, was born in
1887, and is now an engineer on the Boston & Maine



railroad. Their daughter, Helen Dodge Savage, is now
the wife of Harold Larkin, of Andover, Massachusetts,
who is now manager of the Essex Mercantile Agency,
of Lowell, Lawrence, Andover and Haverhill.

RAOUL C. LEGAULT was born at Hamilton, On-
tario, on May 12, 1888, and is a son of James and
Georgianiia (Therian) Legault. His father, who was a
Canadian by birth, followed the trade of a carpenter, but
died when Mr. Legault was only three years old. Mr.
Legault's mother was born at Milford, Massachusetts.

Mr. Legault received his early education in the pub-
lic schools. After completing the second year of the
high school course, he decided to leave school and
become a wage earner. He found employment suited to
his years in various places and, in 1908, when he was
twenty years old, entered into the service of the Bus-
field Machinery Company. After four years spent in
their employment, he left the Busfield Machinery Com-
pany, and obtaining a position with Witherell & Dob-
bins, spent three years in the service of that firm. He
next formed a connection with the Collins Machinery
Company. After a year spent with them, he associated
himself with the Singer Machinery Company and worked
for them until, at the end of a year, he found a better
opportunity elsewhere. Two years after he left the
Singer Machinery Company, Mr. Legault established
himself in business, forming a partnership with Lyman
Cole and Harry Merrill. Under the firm name of the
Legault Machinery Company, the partners conduct the
business of manufacturing machinery. Their factory is
at No. 221 Esse.x street, Haverhill, Massachusetts. They
specialize in making machinery for the manufacture of
wooden heels, and also do acetylene welding. Mr.
Legault is a member of the Fraternal Order of Eagles.

Mr. Legault married Mary E. Flanagan, of Ames-
btu-y, Massachusetts, in 1915. Mrs. Legault is a daugh-
ter of John and Mary (Hanley) Flanagan, who were
both Irish by birth. Her father, John Flanagan, who
was a carriage painter by trade, died in 1901. Mr. and
Mrs. Legault have no children.

JOSEPH DUBfi— The story of the career of Joseph
Dube is the story of obstacles overcome and fine ambi-
tions achieved through sheer dint of that wonderful
pluck which one often reads about in the pages of fiction,
but rarely encounters in real life. That he has won his
way to the front ranks in the community in Salem is due
to the innate force of character of the man who takes
the difficulties in his way with a certain zest in the effort
and with an abiding confidence in his own ability to
overcome whatever might befall. That this confidence
was not misplaced is shown by the records of things

Joseph Dube was born January 11, 1867, at St. Louis,
Kamowasha, Province of Quebec, Canada, the son of
Alphonse and Eliza (Pardise) Dube. Here he went to
school until he was nine years of age, then business life
began for the boy and he went to work on a farm in
that region, remaining there until 1881, when he came
with his father and mother to this country and settled
in Salem. Massachusetts, later removing to Fall River,
where the father died in 1883. Three years later Joseph
Dube began an apprenticeship to the baker's trade at

Fall River, and subsequently removed to Salem, where
he became employed by Mr. Bodry, who was the oldest
French baker in Salem at that time. On February 12,
1894, Mr. Dube established himself in the bakery busi-
ness in a small way, and was on the road to success,
when the great fire in Salem, in 1914, destroyed his
store, and he was obliged to rebuild and start over
again. He has enlarged his interests and to-day has
one of the largest bakeries in tlie State, which is the last
word in modern improvements. He employs thirty men,
and has fifteen automobile delivery cars which carry his
goods to all parts of Essex county.

In politics Mr. Dube is a Republican, but is no office
seeker. He affiliates with the Benevolent and Protec-
tive Order of Elks, the Artisans Catholic Order of
Foresters, and holds membership in the Salem Club.
In religion he is a Roman Catholic and attends St.
Joseph's Church of that denomination.

On June 5, 1893, Mr. Dube married (first) Dorilda
Devost, of Quebec, who died .August 25, 1912. To Mr.
and Mrs. Dube were born ten children: Joseph and
two others, deceased ; Leon, who was sergeant in the
Quartermaster's Department of the United States army
during the World War, and is now associated with his
father in business; Alice; Estelle; Wilfred, who served
in the United States army during the World War and
is now associated with his father in business; Ernest-
ine; Armand; and Alvine. He married (second), Octo-
ber 22, 1917, Laura E. Dione.

HUGH TED McGOVERN, owner of one of the
largest sign painting businesses in Lawrence, Massa-
chusetts, is a native of Lowell, born there January 25,
1881, son of Hugh McGovern, of Harwick, Scotland,
now engaged in the textile industry in Lawrence. His
mother was Ellen (Langton) McGovern, of Dumfries,
Scotland, and her death occurred in 1898. The educa-
tion of Mr. McGovern was obtained in the public schools
of Lowell, and he subsequently started on his business
career in one of the textile industries of that city. He
was employed at this occupation for twelve years, remov-
ing at the end of this period to Lawrence, and there he
engaged in the business of sign painting. Mr. McGov-
ern is now the owner of his own business, employing five
men, and under the name of The Mack Service, con-
tracts to paint signs of any description. He has been
singularly successful in this undertaking, and his busi-
ness is steadily growing.

Mr. McGovern married Anna Midgley, born in 1880,
of Lawrence, and they are the parents of the following
children: Margaret; Leonard; Helen; Jessie; and Hugh

EMILE MERCIER— For thirty-two years a resi-
dent of Lawrence, Massachusetts, and active in the
world of industry, Emile Mercier has for the past seven
years been engaged in the real estate business in this

Mr. Mercier was born in Ishpeming, Michigan, on
February 14, 1873, and is a son of Jean and Alice
Mercier, both of whom are now deceased. The family
removing to Gentilly, he there attended the rural schools,
acquiring an education, which he has made the founda-
tion of success. Coming to Lawrence in 1889, Mr.

Ut^ (Zj2aa.ud2^.


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]\Iercicr was employed by various grocers of this city,
and gained a practical working knowledge of this busi-
ness. In 1898, becoming associated with his brother,
Jean B. Mercier, in partnership, they established a
grocery business, which proved successful, and thrived
for a number of years. In 1914, however, Emile Mercier
withdrew from the partnership to take up another busi-
ness. Entering the real estate field, and taking up,
also, insurance in its various branches, Mr. Mercier has
built up a broadly comprehensive business in all kinds
of real estate and the many forms of insurance wliich
are to-day a part of business economics. His offices are
located at No. 172 Broadway, in Lawrence.

Mr. Mercier is a member of the Lawrence Chamber of
Commerce, and is interested in all the progress of the
day. Fraternally he is prominent, being a member of
the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, Lodge
No. 65; the Knights of Columbus: the Catholic Order
of Foresters : ajid also several other Catholic societies
of French origin and membership. He is a member of
the Church of the Sacred Heart.

On August 14, 1900, Mr. Mercier married Lucy Caron,
of Lawrence, and they reside at No. 4 Winthrop ave-
nue. Mr. Mercier has two brothers and one sister, also
residing in Lawrence : Jean B., Achille, and Antoinette.

JAMES C. FINNEGAN— With broad experience in
various interests, and now rapidly going forward to a
leading position as an undertaker, James C. Finnegan,
of the firm of Finnegan Brothers, of Lawrence, Massa-
chusetts, is making a place for himself in the business
world of the city.

Mr. Finnegan was born in Lawrence, Massachusetts,
on May 10, 1882, and is a son of Michael and Mary
(McDonough) Finnegan. Michael Finnegan was born
in County Monaghan, and came to America as a young
man. He accepted a position as coachman for General
Sutton, of North Andover, but later went into the
butcher business in Lawrence, being one of the first
Irish butchers there. He has been retired some years.
In politics he is a Democrat; he was overseer of the
poor for twelve consecutive years.

James C. Finnegan received his education in the
parochial and public schools of Lawrence, then, at the
age of nineteen years, entered the United States army.
He was stationed at various forts throughout the coun-
try, starting as trumpeter, and later becoming drum
major, also serving for several years in the Philippines,
his period of service covering, altogether, nine years.
He received an honorable discharge September 26, 1910,
at .\ngel Island, California.

In 1910 Mr. Finnegan returned to Lawrence and en-
tered the employ of an uncle who was engaged in the
meat business. He did not, however, wish to continue
in this line permanently and May i, 1920, purchased the
present business, in association with his brother John.
The Messrs. Finnegan are licensed embalmers, and are
conducting a prosperous business as funeral directors
and undertakers, Mr. Finnegan having received his
training at the Massachusetts College of Embalming.
They have a handsome place, equipped in the most
modern manner, and with complete motor equipment.

In fraternal circles Mr. Finnegan is prominent. He
is a member of the Benevolent and Protective Order of

Elks, Lawrence Lodge, No. 65 ; of the Fraternal Order
of Eagles, Aerie No. 216; of the Knights of Columbus,
Council No. 67; of Division No. 15, Ancient Order of
Hibernians; and Friends of Irish Freedom. He is a
member of the Church of the Immaculate Conception.
On November 17, 1912, Mr. Finnegan married Cath-
erine Maguire, daughter of Patrick Maguire, of Law-
rence, and they have one child, Agnes Louise. They
reside at No. 103 Trenton street.

MICHAEL CARROLL— For many years a resi-
dent of Lawrence, Massachusetts, and for the past four-
teen years identified with the business world of this
city as a broker in real estate, insurance, loans and
mortgages, Michael Carroll has borne a constructive
part in its progress.

Mr. Carroll was born in Ontario, Canada, on April
12, 1855, and attended the public schools of Ontario,
and also the parochial schools, later removing with his
parents to Ypsilanti, Michigan, and completing his
studies in the schools of that city. He entered the
industrial world in the paper mills, and spent thirty
years in the manufacture of paper, coming to Lawrence
in 1875.

Since 1907 Mr. Carroll has been actively engaged in
his present business here in Lawrence, under the name
of M. Carroll & Son. His business is not confined to
the city alone, but reaches out into many of the sur-
rounding towns, covering a wide territory. Mr. Car-
roll is a power in this field, and his business is con-
stantly increasing.

In 1880 Mr. Carroll married Mary J. McCauley, of
Ypsilanti, Michigan, and they are the parents of six
children: John Francis, who died in 1917; Elizabeth
M.: Edith E. ; Joseph E., who served in the World
War, and was a sergeant in the loist Division, Amer-
ican E.xpeditionary Forces ; William P., who was ser-
geant major with the 38th Infantry, "The Rock of the
Marne Regiment ;" and Charles M., who served in the
United States navy. The family residence is at No. 38
Custer street, and they attend St. Lawrence Roman
Catholic Church.

trical supply firm of Johnson & Richardson, Haverhill,

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