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years of experience and ability fit him to cope with.
He is a member of the Masonic order, and the Inde-
pendent Order of Odd Fellows.

Mr. Elliot married Mabel Fish, of Lawrence, and their

HERBERT CLOGSTON— The Clogston Engineer-
ing Company, of .\mesbury, Massachusetts, electricians,
machinists, and millwrights, is equipped to handle ma-
chine work of all kinds, welding, removal and installa-
tion of machinery, and among their specialties is wiring
of every description, the cleaning and repairing of
motors, and the repairing of elevators. The company
also deals in motors, electrical equipment, shafting,
hangers, pulleys and belting, oils and grease, also Gould
storage batteries, and it has several good agencies in
the Amesbury district. The company is owned by Her-
bert Clogston, an engineer and machinist of wide exper-
ience, both at sea and in large plants.

Herbert Clogston was born in Newton, Massachusetts,
on October I, 1876, son of John F. and Mary E.
(Mitchell) Clogston. His mother was born in Mexico,
Maine, in 1849, a"d is still living; his father was bom
in Goflstown, New Hampshire, on August 10, 1833, and
from the time he left school until almost the year of
his death, 1919, he worked actively as a machinist.

Herbert Clogston was educated in the public schools
of Hyde Park, Massachusetts, and having decided to
become an engineer, he became a student at the Massa-
chusetts Nautical Training School, taking the marine
and electrical engineering courses, and graduating from
nautical school to the merchant marine. He went to
sea, in the engineering department, for three years, after
which he went to New Haven, Connecticut, and there
took up electrical construction work in the plant of the
Winchester Repeating Arms Company. In that large
plant he worked for nine years, leaving to take up a
position in the electrical department of the Charlestown
Navy Yard, where he remained for about twelve months.
His next important work was in the Fore River Ship-
yard, at Quincy, Massachusetts, where he remained for
five years. He had become an expert in electrical con-
struction, and after leaving the shipyard, had direction
of electrical construction work for the Lawrence Elec-
tric Company of Lawrence, Massachusetts, installing
electrical equipment in New Bedford mills. Next he had
charge of electrical work of the Metalite Company of
Amesbury, and while there acted also as foreman of
the fibre board manufacturing department. That was
his last salaried, dependant position. He entered into
business for himself in Amesbury in June, 1921, under-
taking independently electrical construction work of all
kinds. He formed the Clogston Engineering Company,
and having the agency for the Gould storage batteries,
he established a Gould service station. His life record
indicates that he must know his trade, or profession,
and he is developing quite a good business.

Mr. Clogston is a member of the .Amesbury Chamber
of Commerce ; is a Republican ; and by religious belief
a Methodist, a member of the Methodist Episcopal
church of Amesbury. He is a member of Adelphi
Lodge, No. 63, Free and Accepted Masons, of New
Haven, Connecticut; and Relief Lodge, No. 86, Inde-
pendent Order of Odd Fellows, of Amesbury. He also



belongs to the local post of the Spanish War Veterans,
having served in the national forces during the war with
Spain. He enlisted as first-class machinist in the
United States navy, and was honorably discharged with
the same rating at the end of the war.

Mr. Clogston married, in igoo, Armanda C. Meek,
who was born in Milton, Massachusetts, on June 9,
1877. They have four children : Louis G., born on
September 8, 1901 ; John Herbert, born .'\pril 4, 1905;
Ruth E., born April 25, 1907 ; and Robert M., born July
7, 1009.

party ; fraternally belongs to the Masonic order ; and
is a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.
Mr. Garth married, in 1889, Jennie Morley, born at
Bradford, January 24, 1867. They attend the Lawrence
Episcopal Church.

HENRY D. GRIMES was born at Methuen, Massa-
chusetts, on December 28, 1897, and is a son of S. \.
and Mina (Cross) Grimes. His father was born at
Halifax, Nova Scotia, on January 6, 1859, and was
engaged as a merchant during his business life. His
mother was born at Lawrence, Massachusetts, on August
22, 1872, and is now living.

Mr. Grimes received his early education in the public
schools of Methuen, and graduated from the Lawrence
High School with the class of 1915. He then became a
student at the Lowell Evening Textile School, special-
izing in analytical chemistry. In 1918 he graduated from
this school as a member of the chemistry class. After
having completed his studies, Mr. Grimes obtained a
position as a chemist with the American Woolen Com-
pany. He has remained with the company ever since,
and is at present chemist for the Washington Mills, of

Mr. Grimes is a member of the Second Baptist
Church of Lawrence. He is well known in church
circles, and at the present time holds office as president
of the Christian Endeavor Union, of Lawrence. He
also is a member of the Young Men's Christian Asso-
ciation. In politics he is a Republican. He is the sec-
retary and treasurer of the Olney Chemical Alumni of
the Lowell Textile School. Among his other activities
Mr. Grimes has found time to serve as a reporter for
the "Sun-American" of Lawrence, one of the city's lead-
ing newspapers. Mr. Grimes is unmarried.

HOLLAN GARTH, superintendent of the worsted
department of the Washington Mills, of Andover, Mas-
sachusetts, was born in Bradford, England, February
24, 1865, son of Samuel Garth, born in 1834. at Brad-
ford, and a textile worker until his death in 1879. and
Harriet (Jowett) Garth, born in 1834, also in Brad-
ford, who died in 1890.

Hollan Garth was educated in the public and high
schools and then spent two years in study at the Brad-
ford Technical School. After leaving this institution
he engaged in the worsted yam business on his own
account, continuing for eight years. At the end of this
time, 1S84, he came to the United States, locating in
Providence, Rhode Island, removing thence to Law-
rence. Massachusetts, where he was overseer of the
Washington Mills from 1886 to 1909. In the latter
year Mr. Garth was appointed superintendent of the
worsted department and has since continued to hold this
position. He is among the foremost men in his line of
work in Lawrence, and is well known among the citi-
zens there. Mr. Garth is a member of the Republican

WALTER J. BUTLER, a member of the Board of
.Assessors, of Lawrence, Massachusetts, was born there
March 23, 1876, son of James and Mary (Leach) But-
ler. The former was born in October, 1848, at Chel-
sea, Massachusetts, and was engaged in the occupation
of file-making until his retirement in 1919. The mother
of Mr. Butler was born in England, in 1S46, and died
in 1879.

The public schools of Lawrence and the high school
afforded Mr. Butler his early education, and for two
years following his graduation he was employed as a
liookkeeper. He resigned from this position to engage
in work in the machinery business, continuing for
fourteen years, at the end of this time being elected
to the public office he now holds. Mr. Butler is a
ivepublican in politics, and has always been an earnest
worker in the interests of that party. In his office of
assessor he has justified the faith placed in him by
his constituents, and has ably discharged the duties
incumbent on that ofnce. He is a member of Grecian
Lodge, Free and Accepted Masons ; and the Fraternal
Order of Eagles. Mr. Butler is a member of St. John's
Episcopal Church, of Lawrence.

izen of Methuen. Massachusetts, is also a scion of sev-
eral of the leading Colonial families. For several gen-
erations his family were resident in New Hampshire,
and through collateral lines his ancestry is traced to the
Putnam family of Danvers, whose members performed
valiant service in the Revolutionary War, and the father
of Mr. Richardson, with true patriotic spirit, no doubt
an inheritance from his worthy forebears, served his
country's need in 1861.

Charles .'\. Richardson, father of George Henry Rich-
ardson, was a son of William Richardson, of South
Lyndeboro, New Hampshire, who married Hannah Put-
nam through whose ancestry connection with the Put-
nam family of Danvers is established. Charles A. Rich-
ardson was in the Civil War from April, 1861, to July,
1864, and for two weeks was confined in Libby Prison.
He married Abbie T. Hutchinson, daughter of Eugene
and Ada Hutchinson, and was related to the famous
Hutchinson sisters, famous singers to the soldiers of
the Civil War. In times of peace Charles A. Richard-
son was a farmer.

George H. Richardson was born at Milford, New
Hampshire, October 30. 1866. and was educated in the
public and high schools. The occupation of farming
took up his time until 1884. when he gave it up and
went to Boston, and there was en,gaged in business as a
clerk for Morse Brothers, .grocers, of Roxbury, Massa-
chusetts, for three years, then returned again to the

After 1891 Mr. Richardson gave up both his mer-
chant's interests and his farm, and became the agent of
the John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company at





//f<ZWLc<Aj~~l ^o^-^^



Boston, which position he has retained to the present
time, having been with the Lawrence office since 1906.

In politics Mr. Richardson is a Republican, and is now
serving as selectman of Methuen. He is a member of
John Hancock Lodge, Free and Accepted Masons; and
the Sons of X'eterans. Mr. Richardson attends the
Universalist church of Methuen.

Mr. Richardson married, October 7, 1895, at Somer-
ville, Massachusetts, Dora Grace Ba.xter, born there
November 2g, 1874. daughter of William L. and Eliza-
beth Baxter. The children of this marriage are : Law-
rence Baxter, born January 13, 1897; Mabel A., born
at Swampscott, July 7, 1899; Eleanor, born at Salem,
November 8, 1901 ; Minot G., born May 4, 1904; Caro-
line, born September 19, 1906; and Charles A., born
July 7, 1914.

ROBERT K. DISNEY, purchasing agent of the
Kunhardt Mills Company, of Lawrence, Massachusetts,
was born September 22, 1876, in Nottingham, England,
son of .Mfred Disney, a native of the United States;
he died in England, in 1S83. Mr. Disney's mother, Mary
L. (Carpenter) Disney, was born at Halifa.x, Nova
Scotia, and died in 1904.

Mr. Disney was educated in the public schools of
Nottingham. England, and the Burdett Business College,
of Boston, Massachusetts, and soon after leaving school
went to work for the Kunhardt Mills Company, start-
ing as an office clerk, and through his ability and pro-
grcssiveness was duly promoted from time to time to
the position he now holds, that of purchasing agent.
He is also a director of the George Kunhardt Company,
of Lawrence, and as a member of the Republican party,
is actively interested in matters pertaining to the public
welfare, both of the city and State. Mr. Disney is a
Mason, a member of all the Masonic bodies up to the
Mystic Shrine, both Scottish and York rites; he is a
past master of Tuscan Lodge, Free and Accepted Ma-
sons, and at the present time serves as treasurer of this

Mr. Disney married, in 1900, Ethel Jones, bom April
23. 1885, in Lawrence. Mr. and Mrs. Disney attend and
aid in the support of the Universalist church, of

verhill, was born at Southboro, Massachusetts, Febru-
ary 5, 1855, son of Thomas M. and Maria (Rich) Kaul-
bach. the former, now deceased, a tanner by trade, and
in other ways identified with the leather industry. He
was of Bucksport. Maine, but his wife was of Haver-
hill. Their son, Charles Henry Kaulbach. was educated
in the public schools of Marlboro, Massachusetts, the
boy graduating eventually from the high school.

Mr. Kaulbach's first occupation after leaving school
was in carpentry, but after a short while he resolved
to go into business partnership with his brother, the
two trading as florists at Maiden, Massachusetts, under
the name of Kaulbach Brothers. The partnership so
continued for five years, when Charles H. moved to
Haverhill, where he built several greenhouses, and
opened a retail store in that city. Since 1912 he has
had a retail store on Main street, and his business is
said to be the largest in Haverhill.

Mr. Kaulbach is a member of the Masonic order, and
belongs to many other fraternal orders. In Masonry he
has passed up to and including the Knights Templar
degree, and he belongs to Perfection Lodge, Order of
the Eastern Star. He also is a member of the Inde-
pendent Order of Odd Fellows. Socially he is a mem-
ber of the Pentucket Club.

Mr. Kaulbach married, in 1880, Fannie Rich Ayer,
daughter of Isaac and Sarah (Kelly) Ayer. She died
in 1912, but is survived by five children, all daughters,
as follows: Anna, wife of L. B. Dudley; Ella F. ; Sallie,
wife of F. A. Carrick; Carrie, wife of A. E. Moore;
and Ruth, wife of F. H. Nutter.

RALPH BERRY, a native of Lancashire, England,
is now a prominent business man of Lawrence, Massa-
chusetts, engaged in the business of sign painting under
the name of the Berry Signs. He was born November
I, 1879, son of Samuel Berry, also of Lancashire, and
engaged in the same line of business. His mother,
Adeline Amelia (Evans) Berry, was born in Shrop-
shire, England.

Ralph Berry secured his education in the English
schools and then began to follow the same occupation
as his father, working in England until 1907. In this
year he came to the United States, where he secured em-
ployment with the D. Collins Sign Company, of Law-
rence. In 1915 Mr. Berry purchased this business from
Mr. Collins and has since continued to successfully
manage it under the name of the Berry Signs. This
name has become synonymous with service and quality
among the business men of Lawrence, sufficient war-
rant of Mr. Berry's ability. He is a member of the
Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Berrj' was married, in 1906, at Lancashire, Eng- .
land, and he is the father of three children: Edna May;
Allen Leroy: and Ralph Gordon. With his family, Mr.
Berry attends the United Congregational church and
aids in the support of its good works.

MATTHEW J. DOYLE— A business which has
grown with unusual rapidity has been that of the M. J.
Doyle Transportation Company, of Lawrence, Massa-
chusetts. That business was started unostentatiously in
1917 by Matthew J. Doyle, an enterprising, energetic
young man, a native of the place. Then he had only
one truck, and he was the driver. To-day he operates
eighteen buses, or trucks, and employs twenty-five per-
sons. That development has come in less than four
years, and while it seems to have been sure and easily
obtained, it must not be supposed that like success
would come to all men so placed. Mr. Doyle's success
has been steadily and surely built on logical business
lines by efiiciency in service and courteous fairness in
his dealings with others.

Matthew J. Doyle was born in Lawrence, Massachu-
setts, on December 20, 1887. son of Matthew J. and
Jennie M. (Devlin) Doyle, both of whom were born in
Massachusetts, the former in Lawrence and the latter
in Salem. Both are still living, and Matthew J. Doyle,
Sr., is a mechanic by trade. Matthew J., Jr., is the
older of their two sons ; they also have a daughter.

Matthew J. Doyle, Jr., attended Lawrence schools in
his boyhood and youth, and as a member of the class



of 1906 he graduated from the high school. For four
years after leaving school he was in the employ of the
Boston & Maine Railroad Company. In 1914 he became
connected with the Boulevard Garage Company, and
remained with that company until 1917, then establish-
ing the M. J. Doyle Transportation Company, as before
stated. His success has been quite noticeable, and
brings him much credit, not more, perhaps, than he
deserves, for he is a very energetic, alert man. He is
a member of St. .Augustine's Church, of the Roman
Catholic denomination.

Mr. Doyle married, in 1908, Mary Collins, of Law-
rence. They have one child, a daughter Helen, who
was born in 1909.

ARTHUR B. PUGSLEY— The business record of
Arthur B. Pugsley, of .\mesbury, Massachusetts, indi-
cates that he is an e.xpert in certain lines, and also an
executive capable of handling big alfairs.

He was born in Somerville, Massachusetts, on Octo-
ber 19, t8?7. son of Calvin and .Annie Harriden (Hen-
derson) Pugsley. His mother was born in Salem, Mas-
sachusetts, on July 28, 1S67, but his father was born in
Porterfield, Maine. Almost until his death, which
occurred on February 22, 1897, Calvin Pugsley was
engaged in farming, and was a respected, responsible
man. Arthur B. Pugsley received his academic educa-
tion in the public schools of several places, attending
public schools in Medford, Maiden, and Boston, Massa-
chusetts. He attended the Maiden High School, being
in the class of 1902. Some time thereafter he became a
student at the Franklin Institute, Boston, where he
studied for five years, specializing in chemistry. W^en
he sought work, he secured a minor position in the
office of the C. A. Spencer & Sons Company of Boston.
He has remained with that company ever since, that is
for si.xtecn years, and the years have been passed in
good service, which has brought Mr. Pugsley well-
merited promotion He began as office boy, and he is
now, and for several years has been, manager of the
company's plant in Amesbury.

Mr. Pugsley has had an important part in expanding
the operations of the company, and in developing it to
its present place, as one of the manufacturers of high
grade extract and tanner's oil. During the World War,
Mr. Pugsley was sent to Europe to get formulas from
a large English company, the trip taking nine weeks.
Mr. Pugsley is known to very many of the business
people of Amesbury. He is a Mason, member of War-
ren Lodge; and politically is a Republican. His church
is the Methodist Episcopal, and he attends the .Amesbury
church of that denomination.

Mr. Pugsley was married, on October 13, 1908. to
Ruby Marion Witham, of Maiden, Massachusetts. She
was born on May 31, 1888. daughter of Charles S. and
Florence E. Witham. They have two children : Charles
Arthur Pugsley, born .August 31, 1910; and Dorothy
Marion, who was born on January 15, 1912.

and Mary (Shaw) Wilson, who survives her husband,
both being natives of England.

The early education of the son was obtained in the
public schools of Bradford, and at an early age he
entered the employ of textile manufacturers of that
town, the W. & J Whitehead Mills Company, and
remained there until 1S85, the year he came to the
United States. With his several years of experience,
Mr. Wilson followed the same line of work in this
country, acquiring positions entailing more responsibility
as time went on. He was located in Providence, Rhode
Island, for some time, as an employee of the Riverside
Mills, and was also overseer of the mending depart-
ment. Thence he removed to Lawrence, Massachusetts,
and there he worked for the Washington Mills Com-
pany, holding a similar position for two years. Upon
leaving the latter company, Mr. Wilson went to Black-
stone, Massaclmsetts, and there worked for the mills of
that name, removing after three years to Camden, New
Jersey. There he was superintendent of the Priestly
Company, and the next scene of his occupation was
Germantown, Pennsylvania, where he was in charge of
the mending and finishing departments of the Bradford
Mills of that place. After leaving Pennsylvania, Mr.
Wilson returned to Providence, and was in charge of
similar departments in the National Mills there. He
was in that city for seven consecutive years, and in
1907 he entered the employ of the Wood Mill Company,
at Lawrence, where he has remained to the present
time, as superintendent of the mending and finishing
departments. He is specially skilled in his line of
work, and is well known among prominent mill owners
in the eastern part of the country.

In politics Mr. Wilson is a Republican, and the public
matters of his adopted city hold a keen interest for him.
He is a member of the Masonic order, and the Benevo-
lent and Protective Order of Elks.

Mr. Wilson married, in 1885, Emma Murgatroyd, of
Bradford, England, and their children are: Edgar, and
Edith M. Wilson. The family attend the Methodist
church of Lawrence, and aid in its support.

JOSEPH HENRY WILSON, one of the mill

superintendents of the Wood Mill Company, was born
April 17, 1861, in Bradford, England, son of Jeremiah
Wilson, also engaged in textile pursuits until his death.

HORMISDAS GELINAS, founder and present
treasurer of the Gelinas Wood Heel Company, of Mer-
rimac, Massachusetts, makers of wooden heels for shoes,
has been connected with the shoe industry in Haver-
hill and vicinity for many years. He was born in St
Elizabeth, Province of Quebec, Canada, on .August 24,
1890, son of Theophis and Dina (Laroche) Gelinas, of
that place, where his father was a cattle raiser, dealer,
and butcher until his death, which occurred in 1896.

Hormisdas Gelinas was raised to manhood in his
native place, attended school there, and eventually grad-
uated from high school. Soon afterwards he came to
Haverhill, and that city has known him ever since. His
first employment was as a clerk in a local grocery estab-
lishment. That connection he held for five years, leav-
ing to take the position of shipper in the factory of the
Hilliard & Tabor Company. .A year later he became
foreman of the packing room of the Pentucket Shoe
Company's plant. Not long afterwards he held some-
what similar responsibility in the plant of the Ruddock
Shoe Company. Before long, however, he formed busi-



ness association with Mr. Curtis Graham, the two in part-
i;ership establishing tlic Graham and Gelinas Wood Heel
Company, of Haverhill, and entering energetically into
the manufacture of wood heels. They soon developed a
large output, and the partnership continued until 1920,
when Mr. Gelinas acquired the interest of Mr. Graham.
On April 14, 1922, Mr. Gelinas organized a corporation
for the operation of the business; the corporate name is
the H. J. Gelinas Co., Inc. Mr. Gelinas is the principal
stockholder, and is treasurer. Charles H. Bishop is
president, and Wilfred J. Chaput, secretary and director.
While equipped to meet almost any call for wooden
heels for shoes, the company specializes in fancy heels,
and has a good share of the Massachusetts trade.

Mr. Gelinas lives at Mcrrimac, is a member of Nativ-
ity Church, of that place, and in fraternal affiliations
belongs to St. Jean Raptiste. Independent Order of
Foresters. He was married in 1916 to Miss Antoinette
Foisy, of Haverhill. They have one child, a son, Henry
Leo, born December 11, 1920.

ALVIN H. DURLING, engaged in the automobile
repair and painting business in Amesbury, Massachu-
setts, was born in Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia, son of
George L. Durling, and grandson of William Durling.
The latter was a native of Roxbury, Nova Scotia, where
he engaged in business as a farmer, and he married
Charlotte Hinds, also a native of Roxbury. Their son,
George L. Durling, was born in Lawrencetown, Nova
Scotia, where he is now engaged as a farmer, and he
married Alice M. Bartreau, born in North Williams-
town, Nova Scotia, daughter of Thomas and Martha
(Haines) Bartreau.

Alvin H. Durling was educated in the public and high
schools, and then entered the employ of the Biddle &
Smart Company, remaining for six years. During these
years he learned the business in which he is now
engaged, and subsequently worked for two years for
the Gray & Davis Company. When entering this line
on his own account Mr. Durling admitted as a partner,
Roy L. Price of .Amesbury. and the firm name became
Durling, Price & Company. They are among the lead-
ing firms in their line in Amesbury, and are both highly
esteemed among the younger business men.

Mr. Durling is an Odd Fellow, fraternally, being a
member of Powow River Lodge, No. 90, and Harmony
Encampment. He has had extensive military experi-
ence, having served for four years in Canada with the
King's Canadian Hussars ; in politics he is a Republican.

Mr. Durling married, in 1912, Emma O. Sanborn, born

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