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Online LibraryBenjamin WhitmanNelson's biographical dictionary and historical reference book of Erie County, Pennsylvania : containing a condensed history of Pennsylvania, of Erie County, and of the several cities, boroughs and townships in the county also portraits and biographies of the governor's since 1790, and of numerous r → online text (page 155 of 192)
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Dunkirk, N. Y.; Margaret, resides at home; May, re-
sides at home; Thomas F., William E. and J. J., of
Dunkirk, N. Y. Thomas F. was educated in the pub-
lic schools of New York, and S. S. Packer's Business
College, corner Broadway and Eleventh streets, where
he was graduated in 1883, when he accepted a position
as entry clerk for Robert Carr, of 161 Chambers street.
He remained there one year, and went to Dunkirk, N.
Y., and accepted a clerkship in the Erie Hotel, and
May 1, 1893, he assumed the management of the
Fourth Avenue Hotel, in Dunkirk, where he remained
one year, when he and his brother, William E., suc-
ceeded James Edwards in their present business. Mr.
Oliver was married, June 5, 1889, to Miss Ella G.
Brown, of Dunkirk, N. Y. To this union were born
two children, Harold and William.

William Oliver, of the firm of Oliver Bros., of the
Phrenix Hotel, Corry, Pa., was born in Dobbs' Ferry,
N. Y., June 30, 1869, and is a brother of Thomas Oli-
ver. William was reared and educated in his native
town, and at the age of 16 entered the employ of a
grocer in Dobbs' Ferry; at the end of one year he
went to Dunkirk, N. Y., and accepted a position as
steward in a hotel, where he remained three years. He
then entered the employ of the L. S. & M. S. R. R. as
car tracer, with headquarters at Buffalo. About a year
later he resigned this position and came to Corry, and
clerked in the Phoenix Hotel two years. He then went

to Lakewood and clerked in the Kent House one sea-
son, when he returned to Buffalo, to clerk in the Ni-
agara Hotel for a short time, and then returned to
Corry to his old position in the Phfenix Hotel, where
he remained until he and his brother Thomas pur-
chased the property. The Phcenix Hotel is the first
house in Corry, and one of the foremost hotels in Erie
county. It is a well-known and favorite resort for the
commercial travelers who frequent Western Pennsyl-
vania. The Oliver Bros, are very popular hotel men,
and, having had long experience in the business, are
well known to the traveling fraternity as genial hosts,
who thoroughly understand the art of making their
guests conafortable and giving general satisfaction to

Clyde D. Wilcox, of the firm of Smith & Wilcox,
wholesale and retail dealers in meats, Corry, Pa., is a
native of Warren, Pa., and was born September 8,
1865. He isasonofS.D.andJulietta(Skinner) Wilcox,
the former a native of Warren county, Pennsylvania,
and the latter of Corry, Pa. They now reside in Co-
lumbus, Warren county. The Wilcox family consists
of four children: Edith, now Mrs. F. M. Wheelock,
Corry, Pa.; W. J., manager of a general store. Lynch,
Pa.; Clyde D. and Frank. Mr. Wilcox was educated
in the public schools of Warren county, and in 1881
came to Corry and entered the employ of Mr. Liver-
more as clerk, and remained one year. He then en-
tered the employ of the firm of Bowie & Johnson, and
remained there a short time, when he became a part-
ner in the firm of Knowlton & Wilcox in the grocery
business. Shortly after, he sold out his interest in this
company, when he and his brother purchased the gro-
cery business of O. P. Eaton. This he continued until
1895, when he sold out and entered the em-
ploy of Johnson & Hunter, of Union City, where he
remained a short time, and again returned to Corry
and was employed by Mr. Livermore until 1894. Since
then he has been engaged in his present business. He
was married, January 4, 1887, to Miss Anna C, daugh-
ter of Squire H. D. Franes (deceased), who was one of
the early pioneers of Erie county. Mr. and Mrs. Wil-
cox have one child, Zoe. Mr. Wilcox is a member of
the I. O. O. F. and Royal Arcanum. He is well known
throughout Erie county as one of the energetic and
successful young business men of that locality.

R. J. Follett, of the firm of Barlow, Brigham &
FoUett Co. (limited), hardware dealers, Corry, Pa., was
born in Warren, Pa., September 17, 1847, and is a son
of Philmore G. and Mary P. (Haviland) Follett, the
latter a native of near Lake George, N. Y. She spent
most of her life in Chautauqua county. The former is
a native of Warren, Pa. His mother now resides in
Minneapolis, Minn. His father died in 1858. In the
family were three children: R. J., William L., fore-
man in the machine shops, Erie, Pa., and Mary Ellen,
who married W. H. Manley, cigar manufacturer, of
the firm of Hooker & Manley, Minneapolis, Minn.
R. J. Follett was educated in the common schools of
Warren, Pa., and served an apprenticeship at the
plumber's trade with L. C. Roberts, of Corry. He
then entered the employ ol C. J. Swift, of Corry, Pa.,
where he worked as a journeyman plumber for seven-
teen years, when he entered a partnership with E. L.
Brigham in the hardware business, under the firm
name of Brigham & Follett. In about nine months



Mr. Barlow was received into the firm, and the pres-
ent limited partnership was formed. They now carry
on one of the most extensive hardware and plumbing
establishments in Erie county. Their business block
consists of a double-front three-story buildmg, with
basement, every floor of which is occupied by them.
Few cities of the size of Corry can boast of such a
mercantile establishment in any line. Mr. Follett was
married January 1, 1872, to Miss Alice E. Fuller, of
Spring Creek, Pa. To them have been born two chil-
dren: Josie, married to Arthur Densmore, of Corry,
Pa., and Hattie E. Mi. Follett is a member of the
Masonic order and the Woodmen of the World; he
has served one term in the city council and is a Re-

Dr. H. A. Zahn, owner and proprietor of the
Corry Electrical Manufacturing Company, Corry, Pa.,
is among the leaders in the manufacturing industry in
Corry. The plant is situated on Eagle street, between
Second and Third avenues; the main building is 70 by
40 feet, with an annex of 60 by 40, besides the engme
room and an extensive testing room. Here may be seen
the operation of all modern machinery forthe manufac-
ture of the various apparatus used in the production and
harnessing of that mysterious fluid, electricity; here
some of the best dynamos and other electrical appli-
ances now in use in the country are manufactured.
Dr. Zahn, who is at the head of this concern, is a na-
tive of Germany, and was born in Felshein, near
Frankfort-on-the-Main. He received his education in
the gymnasium schools of his native land, and at the
age of 19 entered the University of Strausberg, where
he took the courses in physics, chemistry, higher math-
ematics and engineering, and was graduated with hon-
ors in 1892, with the degree of doctor of philosophy.
He then went to Zurich, Switzerland, where he en-
gaged in electrical engineering one year, when he
came to America to attend the World's Fair, and in
the fall of 1893 came to Corry, where he followed elec-
trical engineering in a professional way until October,
1894, when he engaged in business in his present ca-
pacity. Mr. Zahn, although comparatively a young
man, is excelled by none in his profession.

J. C. Kepler, of the City Planing Mill, Corry,
Pa., was born in Centre county, Pennsylvania, April
28, 1863. He is a son of George M. and Nancy
G. (Alexander) Kepler. The former now resides in
Corry. The mother died in 1879. The Kepler family
genealogy, which has recently been compiled, is very
extensive and complete, and by consulting it we find
that they are of German origin, and the evidence is
satisfactory that the celebrated German astronomer,
Kepler, was a member of the family. Nancy G. Alex-
ander was of Scotch descent, and the history of the
family is traced to the royal blood of Scotland. In the
Kepler family there were two children, Clara C, Mrs.
D. S. Wakenight, of Portland, Ind. (deceased) and
J. C. Kepler, who was educated in the public schools
of his native place, and in Allegheny College, Mead-
ville. Pa. In 1881 he engaged in the lumber business
in Forest county, Pennsylvania, where he was engaged
with a large lumber company for about two years, and
then went to the far West to engage in lumbering in
Washington, Oregon and British Columbia. In about
two years he returned to the East and accepted a posi-
tion as traveling representative for the Simonds Man-

ufacturing Company, of Fitchburg, Mass. He repre-
sented this company in all the "Atlantic States from
New York to Florida. In 1894 he came to Corry and
engaged in his present business. He is also interested in
the Corry Radiator Company and is the owner of a fancy
fruit and gardening farm in the city. He was married
June 24, 1891, to Miss Lizzie M., daughter of Col. Geo.
Gilmore, of Titusville, Pa. They have two children,
Georgia Gilmore and Katherine Frances, born to this
union. Mr. Kepler is a Knight Templar Mason, a
member of the K. of P. and politically is a Democrat.
He is one of the directors of the Corry Board of Trade.

James Richards, grocer, corner North Washing-
ton and West Wayne streets, Corry, Pa., was born in
Sharon, Mercer county. Pa., May 3, 18.53, and is a son
of Lyman and May (Kitzler) Richards, both natives of
Pennsylvania, the former of New England descent,
and the latter of German lineage. The father died
in 1864, and the mother now resides in Pittsburg. In
the family there were five children, and James was
the third in the order of birth. When he was five
years old his parents moved to Titusville, Pa., where
he received his early education in the public schools, and
at the age of 13 went to work, running a pump in operat-
ing the one oil well at Titusville. He worked in the oil
business, and also followed lumbering some in Warren
county until 1878, when he came to Erie county, and
was engaged in farming until 1889; he then engaged
in his present business. Mr. Richards was married
August 30, 1874, to Miss Etta, daughter of Ralph and
Annie S. (Mead) Perkins, of Warren, Pa. They have
three children: Dell, Erie and Hugh. Mr. Richards
is a member of the K. O. T. M., E. A. U., and is a
Republican. The family are members of the Method-
ist Church. He is one of the enterprising and progres-
sive business men of Corry, Pa.

Joseph K. Brown, farmer, Clark's Corners, Ash-
tabula county, Ohio, was born in New York State, in
1854. He is a son of Soloms G., and Esther (Kings-
bury) Brown, natives of New York State. Mrs. Brown
was a daughter of James Kingsbury, a native of
Connecticut. Mr. Brown's children were as follows:
Elizabeth, wife of Winter Smith; Juliette, wife of John
Curtis; Hiram, killed in the late war; Eleanor, wife of
William Lent; Sarah, wife of William Armstrong;
Joseph K., and Herbert Brown. Mr. Brown died in
1890, in Isabella county, Michigan, and Mrs. Brown in
1881, in Conneaut township, Erie county. Pa. Mr.
Joseph K. Brown was married in 1886, to Phoebe,
daughter of Amos White, an old resident of the town-
ship, who died in 1880. The children born to this
union are: Amy, wife of William Jordan; N. Richard,
of Ashtabula, O., and George F. Brown, of Conneaut
township, Erie county. Mr. Brown has been a repre-
sentative farmer for several years, and is a member of
the State police.

James Loomis, farmer, Tracy's, Conneaut town-
ship, Erie county, Pa., was born at Kidder's Corners,
Erie county, in 1851. He is a son of Albert Loomis,
now a resident of Keepville, and an old resident of
Conneaut township, having settled in the southwestern
part when the locality was a dense forest. The farm
upon which Mr. Loomis now resides was made pro-
ductive years before the adjoining acres were cleared
of timber. Albert Loomis married Elizabeth, daugh-



ther of Benjamin Carr, who died at Tracy's, in 1880.
To this union were born four children as follows:
William and George, KeepviUe; Wilbert, a resident
of Portland, Oregon, and James, who came to the farm
he now occupies, first in 1867, at which time his father
began its cultivation. With the exception of a few
months spent in Minnesota, he has always been a resi-
dent of Conneaut township.

L. H. Salisbury, hardware dealer, Albion, Erie
county, is a son of Sanford and Sarah (Sawdey) Salis-
bury, natives of New York. The children of this
family are as follows: Henry (deceased), James (de-
ceased), Darius (deceased), Albert, Tracy, Cyrus (de-
ceased) and L. H. Salisbury, who came to Conneaut
township about thirty-one years ago. He was born in
Girard township in 1841, where he resided until
coming to Conneaut township in 1864. L. H. Salis-
bury was married in 1862, to Miss Adda Morris, daugh-
ter of Isaac and Louisa Morris, old residents of Lock-
port, Erie county. Pa. To this union have been born
six children, as follows: Charles G., L. E., Earl W.
(deceased), A. J., Ada (wife of Dr. H. C. Sturtevant),
Ora and Grace. Mr. Salisbury began the hardware
business in Albion in 1870, and since that time it has
grown and prospered under careful management. He
is to-day recognized as a representative business man,
and carries in stock all kinds of tin and hardware,
stoves and ranges, and, besides, pays strictest atten-
tion to plumbing and jobbing, all work being guaran-
teed satisfactory. Personally Mr. Salisbury" stands
deservedly high, while his establishment ranks as a
leader. He has taken great interest in the Albion
graded schools, and has served as school director
twenty yeais.

C. V. Lick, undertaker and proprietor of the
harness emporium, Albion, Erie county. Pa., began
business in Albion in 1880. He was born in 18.59, and
is a son of John L. and Eliza (Goodrich) Lick, and a
grandson of Aaron Lick, who came to Erie county
about sixty years ago. He was married in June, 1880,
to Miss Mary Deitz, daughter of Adam and Amanda
Deitz, of Conneaut township. To this union have
been born three children: Milo Vernon, Maxwell
John and Florence Elizabeth. Besides undertaking,
Mr. Lick has a large harness and carriage retail busi-
ness. In the past few years he has built up a
trade in the borough that is not equalled by any
other in his line in the locality. He enjoys the esteem
and respect of all the community, and all through
business, or otherwise, become acquainted with him.
Mr. Lick gives his personal attention to the business,
and the large trade he has secured is the result of his
earnest endeavors to please his patrons. He is an
active member of the I. O. O. F., F. & A. M., E. A. U.
and the P. H. C.

Seymour M. White, D. D. S., dentist, Albion,
Erie county, Pa., was born in Edinboro, Erie county.
Pa. He is the second son of Zeno White, a native of
Pennsylvania, and a grandson of Benjamin White, a
native of New York State, and a descendant of Capt.
John White, of the English army. The mother of
Seymour w;.s Clarrissa Brown, daughter of Joseph
Brown, of Erie county, and a native of New York
State. Zeno White died in 1893. Dr. White was
married in 1885 to Sarah, daughter of Jeduthan Wells,

of Albion, Pa. One child, Lucille, has brrn horn to
this union. Dr. Wliitc L;ra,liiatid In, in thr I''l-
phia Dental,',' in ISSC, and f.illMwrd Ins |„..|rs-
sion in Uniim City and Kne, li.tatmi; m Aliiion in
December, 1894, where he has since established a
lucrative practice. His dental parlors are complete,
with all ot the most improved dental appliances that
could possibly aid in the successful prosecution of the
work. Dentistry in its most advanced stage is given
careful and ' prompt attention in the most reliable
manner. The Doctor is a member of F. & A. M. and
L O. O. F.

Dr. H. C. Sturdevatit, dentist, Albion, Erie
county. Pa., is a native of the township where he now
resides. He is the son of Alvah and Matilda (Stuntz)
Sturdevant, of Conneaut township, and was born in
September, 1868, and was educated at the public
schools and at Clark's College, Erie, finally graduating
from the Philadelphia Dental College with the class of
1892. He began the practice of dentistry in Albion in
the year following. On June 5, 1893, he was married
to Miss Ada Salisbury. The Doctor conducts one of
the best dental establishments in the country. The
rooms are fitted up in exquisite taste throughout, while
the dental machinery consists of all the latest improved
designs needed in this difficult and exacting profes-
sion. This establishment makes a specialty of crown
and bridge work, and the excellent reputation in this
line of dentistry is a sufficient guarantee of effi-
ciency. No ill-fitting work is ever allowed to leave
the rooms. The establishment ranks high, and all
work is guaranteed to be satisfactory. Dr. Sturdevant
is a member of the Albion Lodge F. & A. M., I. O. O.
F. and Royal Arcanum.

Edward Froby, produce dealer, Albion, Erie
county. Pa., is a native of Crawford county, Pennsyl-
vania, was born March 10, 1851, in that county. He is
a son of Henry Froby, whose ancestors came from
Germany. In July, 1873, he was married to .Martha
J., daughter of Joseph and Mary A. Brett, natives of
Cattaraugus county. New York, who was born May 22,
1859. Four children have been born to this union:
Lena May, born August 23, 1875; Emma J., born Feb-
ruary 14, 1878; Ida A., born October 30, 1879; Edward
Lee, born December 17, 1882. Mr. Froby came to
Albion in 1869, and learned the blacksmith's trade, and
has latterly dealt extensively in produce, carrying on
a large shipping business, numbering among his pa-
trons the soundest and most reliable retailers in the
country. While possessing facilities and business con-
nections of a strictly first-class character, he is enabled
to offer special advantages to his customers. This
business has been conducted with every advantage to
be desired from a straightforward business policy, and
Mr. Froby has enjoyed an eminently successful career
since he began business. He is a member of the
I. O. O. F.

W. S. Hubbard, physician, Albion, Erie county.
Pa., was born in June, 1859, in Cortland, Cortland
county, N. Y., and received a liberal education, grad-
uating from the Pulte (homeopathic) Medical College
in Cincinnati, O., with the class of 1887. He is the son
of James H. and Martha (McGuire) Hubbard, natives
of New York State. He was married in June, 1891, to
Juna; daughter of George Tanner, of Cortland, Cort-



land county, N. Y. One
been born to this unioi
practice of nuilicinr in t
up a lucratn e practice ii
or geni.

Lighter, Mary Pearne, has
Dr. Hubbard began the

"all of 1S87, and has built
■; |inifessiiin. He is a man
■ ability and rare attain-

ments. He IS a member of Alliion Lodge I. O. O. F.,
K. of P., E. A. U., P. H. C. and the Grange.

C. R. Forbes, contractor, builder and farmer,
Albion, Erie county. Pa., was born in the township
where he now resides in 1856. Educated at the public
schools, and making the most of the advantages offered,
he soon became a successful contractor and builder,
which he has followed, in connection with farming, since
1880. He is a son of Albert and Olive (Cornell)
Forbes. Mrs. Forbes survives her husband, who de-
parted this life in November, 1873. Mr. C. R. Forbes
is a grandson of B. J. and Hannah (Farley) Forbes,
who were among the early settlers of Erie county.
The former died in 1879 and the latter in 1869, on the
homestead farm upon which the grandson now resides.
Mr. Forbes was married January 1, 1881, to MissOllie,
daughter of Rev. W. S. Randall, of Keepville, Erie
county, Pa. The children born to this union are J. K.
and Ray W. Mr. Forbes is an enterprising and ener-
getic citizen, and is wide-awake to all enterprises
affecting his locality. He is a dealer in the Jackson
wagons, buggies, carriages, building brick. Forest
county shingles, etc. He is a member of the F. & A.
M., K. of P., P. of H. and State Police.

George C. Mills, farmer, Platea, Conneaut town-
ship, Erie county. Pa., was born November 25, 1839,
in the township where he now resides. He is a son of
Jesse and Harriett Mills, natives of Oneida county,
New York, who married Harriett Bowman in 1817,
came to Erie county about 1830 and settled in Con-
neaut township. The former died in 1881, at the age
of 85 years, the latter in 1892, at the age of 94 years.
Nine children were born to this union: Lucretia,
Betsey, Girdon, Adelia, Josiah, Delos, Julia, Helen,
George and Jane. The daughters are all dead.
George enlisted, August 20, 1861, in Co. H, 83d P. V. I.,
the first regiment to leave Erie county, Pennsylvania.
It was connected with the Third Brigade, Fifth Corps,
Army of the Potomac. He participated in the siege
of Yorktown and the battles of Hanover Court House,
Chickahominy, Gaines Mills, Malvern Hill (where he
was wounded), Fredricksburg, Rappahannock Station
and Miner Run. He also took part in the battle of
the Wilderness, Laurel Hill, and in the entire siege of
Petersburg; was at the front and on duty, with the
exception of six weeks in the hospital, owing to a
wound, serving thirty-seven months; he received an
honorable discharge September 20, 1864; he returned
home and, Novemljer 9, 1865, married Miss Nettie M.,
daughter of A. J. Fullerton, of Crawford county. Pa.
This union has been blessed with three children:
Arthur D., who married Erdine Barns May 2, 1894;
Nora H., married to O. J. Cross, May 21, 1891, and
Homer A., all surviving. Mr. Mills is a member of
the G. A. R. and A. O. U. W., and has occupied
public offices of prominence in both town and county.
He was elected and served six years as county com-
missioner, two full terms following 1888, and has been
a life-long Republican and a highly-respected citizen.
He is the owner of a first-class stock farm, consisting
of 100 acres of good land, with good buildings and

well stocked. Mr. and Mrs. Mills are members of the
M. E. Church. Mrs. Mills has superintended the
Sunday-school for the past two years.

Earnest C. Johnson, merchant, Keepville, Erie
county. Pa., was born at Preston, Ind., in 1866. He is
a son of Edward J. and Olive (Betts) Johnson, of
Pennside, Erie county, and grandson of Sylvester
Johnson, one of the early settlers of Crawford county.
The family of Edward J. consists of two sons. Earnest
C. and Frank E. Johnson, of Keepville. Earnest C.
began in the mercantile business in 1889, and was
appointed postmaster the same year. Mr. Johnson is
a member of the I. O. O. F. He is a public-spirited
citizen and a man of prominence. In 1895 he was
married to Miss Clara Keep, daughter of Edward and
Ellen Spaulding Keep, of Keepville. Mrs. Johnson
is a great-granddaughter of Marsena Keep, jr., who is
mentioned in the following valuable record of the
family: " First John Keep, who came to America and
was shot by an Indian on his way to church, in 1676;
son, Eugene Samuel, born 1675, died 1755; and his
son, Matthew, born 1722, died 1758; and his son,
Matthew, born 1745, died 1827; his son, Matthew, born
1767, died February 20, 1847. His brother, Sylvanus,
born March 29, 1765; also Marsena Keep, born March
25, 1770. He married Mary Randall April 25, 1798;
born 1780, and died March 6, 1835. He died October
24, 1851. Heman Keep, born August 22, 1782.
Luther Keep, born April 11, 1786. Sisters, Editha,
born April 3, 1772, married Walter Burdick September
29, 1811; Mehitable, born February 18, 1778, married
July 2, 1797, to Oliver Dwight; Abigail, born March 5,
1780, married September 3, 1802, to Truman Barnes.
Mother of above family was Mehitable Chandler,
daughter of Isaac and Abigail Chandler. Matthew,
the father, was married again June 9, 1797, to Marion
Colton, widow of Captain Ebenezer Colton. He died
in 1827. Marsena Keep, jr., family: Pollv, born May
3, 1819, died March 18, 1857; Nancy Keep, born
Decemijer 13, 1800, married Jonas Lewis September

23, 1829. Marsena Keep, jr., born October, 1802, died
August 7, 1876; married January 15, 1824, to Polly
Hewitt, born March 26, 1803; died December 10, 1875.
Mehitable, born March 20, 1805, married Amos King
April 8, 1824; she died August 16, 1865; he died May,
1849. Matthew Keep, born February 23, 1807, died
January 23, 1891; married Orilla Hewitt February 19,
1829; she was born June 25, 1800, died June 12, 1866.
Edetha Keep, born April 29, 1809; married Thomas
Greenfield January 1, 1833; born March 8, 1810, died
1892. Lavanus Keep, born August 31, 1811, married
Alexander Abel January 1, 1833; he died March 27,
1839. Daniel B. Keep, born April 19, 1814 (living),
married Sophony Copeland September, 1836; she was
born September 4, 1811, died February 10, 1848. Will-
iam R. Keep, born July 15, 1816, died 1894; married
Elizabeth Whitaker January 19, 1843. Ledia Melvina,

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