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Online LibraryBenjamin WhitmanNelson's biographical dictionary and historical reference book of Erie County, Pennsylvania : containing a condensed history of Pennsylvania, of Erie County, and of the several cities, boroughs and townships in the county also portraits and biographies of the governor's since 1790, and of numerous r → online text (page 166 of 192)
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J. H. Addison, of Saxlingham Hall, Norfolk, England,
and they have as issue one son, Marcus Addison, born
October 6, 1893.

Thomas L. Wilkius, keejier of the Presque Isle
lighthouse, Erie, Pa., is a native of Erie county, and
was born March 7, 1862. He is a son of John and
Eveline (Keller) Wilkins. The former was born in
the city of Erie in 1810, and died February 25, 1870.
The latter was born in Rochester, N. Y., and now re-
sides at the Presque Isle lighthouse with her son. T.
L. Wilkins is the youngest of a family of six children,
as follows: Melvina,who died April 23, 1870; Louise,
of Chicago; Laura, of Chicago; George, of Erie; Charles,
of Columbus, Ohio, and Thomas. Thomas Wilkins,
grandfather of T. L. Wilkins, was a native of Ship-



pensburg, Pa. He was at one time clerk for county
commissioners. Mrs. Wilkins, the mother, is a daugh-
ter of Thoni;is Keller, :i natixe of \'iri,nni;i. She was
married to Mr. Wilkins in l.S4(>, ami li\ed in Erie and
vicinity until the tleath of her husbanil. T. L. Wilkins
entered the employ of the government June 3, 1889, as
assistant keeper to Capt. Robert Hunter, of the Pier
Head lighthouse. October 6, 1892, he was promoted
to the position of keeper of tin- Prcsipie Isle light,
which position he has siiT ■■ InM, 'li^. barging his
duties with the utmost cai( nid ^,l: i~i.k tion. Many
improvements about the gnmn.b iikIh .itr that a wise
choice was made in the seli-Ltidii ol Mr. Wilkins for
this responsible charge.

Captain Robert Hunter, lighthouse keeper,
Presque Isle Pier Head Light Station, Erie, was born
in Scotland. He was married to Miss Margaret Mc-
Carty, a native of Ireland, December 1.5, 1859. He
enlisted in the United States navy in 1860, and served
during the late rebellion, receiving his discharge in
1866. From this date until 18T4 he sailed vessels in
the merchant service on the northern lakes. He was
appointed keejier of the Presque Isle Pier Head Light
in 1886, since which time he has been the instigator
of numerous iiii|iriiveniints about the station. This is
an important |»iml for the passage of boats to and
from the Erie Harbor, and many changes have been
made since he assumed charge. The lights have been
arranged at various points three times, and the pier
extended 900 feet. The assistant is John W. Reddy,
who was appointed in 1894. Captain Hunter is one of
the most courteous and obliging of the government's
employes, and is a man thoroughly versed in matters
pertaining to the marine service.

W. H. Shue, farmer, West Mill Creek postoffice,
was born in McKean township April 10, 1844, son of
Jacob and Anna (Rhodes) Shue. The former was
born December 25, 1812, in York county, Pennsyl-
vania, and came to Erie county with an uncle, Mr.
Hinkle, in 1828. He died July 14, 1877. The latter
was a daughter of Jacob Rhodes, and died October 23,
1883, at the age of 73. At the time of her death she
possessed a German Bible over 100 years old, the
property at one time of her great-grandfather. Mr.
Shue is the second son of a family of four children,
viz.; John, married to Margaret Waidley; William
H., Jacob C. (deceased) and Tillie (deceased), No-
vember 21, 1889. W. H. Shue married Caroline,
daughter of Joel and Rosanna Weigle, of Mill Creek
township. To this union has been born a daughter,
Rosanna. Mr. Shue is a thorough farmer, a respected
citizen, and resides on a farm of 136 acres, one of the
best in Mill Creek township. He is a school director
and a member of the Presbyterian Church.

Jacob Geist, farmer, Erie, Pa., came to Erie
county with his father in 1835, and settled in Mill
Creek township, a greater part of which was then in
an early stage of cultivation. He was born November
30, 1817, in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania, and is a
son of Andrew and Nancy (Becker) Geist, who, during
the greater part of their lives, lived on a farm on the
Ridge road. Jacob is the eldest of a family as
follows: Jacob, Betsey (deceased), wife of Jacob
Butt; Daniel, Andrew (deceased), Isaac (deceased),
Nancy (deceased), wife of Jacob Butt; Samuel, and

Mary, wife of Jacob Berst. Mr. Geist was married in
February, 1846, to Mary, daughter of Joseph Evans
(deceased), and to this union wers born twelve chil-
dren, viz.: Mary A., wife of Jacob Zahn, have four
children (George W., Kate M., Luell,Cora V.); Thomas
(deceased), Daniel (deceased), Levi (deceased), Ma-
tilda, Frank, John, Louisa (deceased), Clara E., Alvin,
married to Florence B. Nason; and Edward. Mr.
Geist died August 5, 1879, at the age of 54 years. Mr.
Geist, although having passed the active duties of
farm life, is as vigorous as the average man who be-
gan later in the century. He is located upon a large
farm in the south central part of Mill Creek township.

John A. Hinkle, farmer, Erie, Pa., was born in
Mill Creek township, in which he now resides, in 1886.
He is a son of Amos and Elizabeth (Weiss) Hinkle.
the former a native of York county, Pennsylvania,
and the latter of Mill Creek township. Amos Hinkle
was born July 2S, 1822, son of Andrew and Catherine
(Shuii Hinklr. who came from York county, Penn-
syh.iiii.i I., tin- county in 1816, where they resided
man\ \i,irs. I Ik-v were parents of nine children:
WiUuLiu, Aiii^ 1^, I .rt'lii'rine, John (deceased), Aguillaand
Priscilla, twiii^; I li, ab. ih," lacob and Henry. Amos,
father of J..I111. ua^ hiui i.d" May 7, 1846, to Elizabeth,
daughter ol jac.ib \\ 1 i», ihefirst miller in Erie county,
and'who came liere m ISUl, settling on the homestead
farm, which joins the one now owned and occupied by
Mr. John Hinkle. He was the parent of three sons
and two daughters, of whom Elizabeth, mother of .Mr.
John Hinkle, was the fourth. John Hinkle is the
youngest of a family of three cliildn-n, vi/.: Amanda
(deceased), wife of L. Mong, had five children; Jacob,
married, have three children; and John A. Hinkle
September 13, 1887, Mr. John Hinkle was married to
Ella N., daughter of John and Margaret (Long) Shenk.
To this union has been born three children: Edroe,
Leroy, Howard, John and Merle Hinkle. Mr. Hinkle
began farming in 1887, and owns a valuable farm of
eighty-two acres, near the southwest corner of Mill
Creek township.

John R. Shue, farmer, Erie, Pa., was born Octo-
ber 30, 1842, in Mill Creek township, son of Jacob and
Anna (Rhodes) Shue. The former was a native of
York county, Pcniiss b ania, where he was born De-
cember 2.''>. I ^1_', aii.l ^u'd in 1877. The latter was
born in Laiuasi, 1 . niim\. and died October 21, 1893,
aged 72 years. 1 hi \ the parents of four chil-
dren, viz'.: John R., William H., Jacob C. (deceased),
and Tillie L. (deceased). August 23, 1866, Mr. John
R. Shue married Miss Margaret E. Waidley, of the
well-known Waidley family, of whom further mention
is made in this sketch. Children of this union are:
W. Wallace and Edith B., wife of John Steva, of Erie.
Mr. Shue was in the United States navy during 1864-5.
He has been on a farm, located in the southwest cor-
ner of Mill Creek township, since 1884; has served as
school director, and is an influential and active citi-
zen. The name of the first known ancestor of the
Waidley family, of which Mrs. Shue is one of the de-
scendarits, was Christian, an artist, who did service in
the Revolutionary war. His family consisted of John,
George, Christian, William, Henry, Polly, who became
Mrs. Thomas Willis, and Betsey, who became Mrs. J.
Diefenbaugh. Christian died in Lancaster county m
1810. In 1823 his sons, Christian, George and Mr.


Willis, with their families, together with a family
named Brecht, came to Waterford to settle on a gov-
ernment claim; but upon reaching there found it had
been settled twenty-one years. George then came to
Fairview township and worked in "the Manchester
Mills, receiving $5 per month. Next he worked in
the Walnut Creek Mills, and afterwards in Bear's
Mill. In 1820 he purchased a farm now owned by Mr.
Love, and in 1832 became owner of a farm in McKean
township, now owned by John Weible, at a considera-
tion of SlSO, where he lived until his death, at the age
of 73 years. His widow, Fanny (Fralich) Waidley,
died two years later. Their family consisted of Jacob,
Henry, Adam, Israel, Rachael, Rosanna, George,
Mary, Fanny and Franklin, who died in childhood.
Christian, a joiner, came to South Erie, and for three
months lived in a dry goods box. He afterwards set-
tled on the farm where he died. His children were:
Daniel, Samuel, Benjamin, Christian, Mary Ann, Hag-
gerty, Eliza, Platz, Matilda Galutia, and Lucy Feid-
ler. Another brother, John, came two.years later, and
settled on a farm in McKean township, now owned by
his son, William Waidley. where his death occurred
many years later. His children were: William, Solo-
mon, Maria, Nelson and Mary Focht. Solomon died
in childhood. William, another brother, remained in
Lancaster. Henry also remained there. Hischildren
were: Levi, Henry, Norman, George, Susan, William,
Sally and Emma. Polly Waidley, a sister, who ac-
companied George and Christian to Erie county, set-
tled on the Ridge road. She married Thomas Willis.
Their children were: Edward, Frank, Matilda, Grant
and Martha McCreary. Mrs. Willis died in 1840.
Jacob, the eldest of George's family, was born in 1815.
In 1856 he married Martha Wise. Their children
were: Presley, Caroline, who died in girlhood; Eliza,
who died early; Noah, Elane, Isaiah, Susan, Jacob and
Joseph. Henry, next oldest of George's family, was
born in 1817. He died in 1874, and his wife in 1880.
Their children were: Elias and William, who resides
in Michigan. Adam was born in 1818; married Bet-
sey Minning. He died in 1876; his wife in 1884.
Their children were: Martha (deceased), Leah, Fanny,
Susan and Nancy. Israel, born in 1821, married Chris-
tinia Rubner in 1845. He died in 1871. Their family
were; James (deceased), Margaret, Edward (deceased),
and Albert (deceased). Rosanna, born 1842, married
Uras Schluraff. She died in 1878; he died in 1885.
Their children were; Levi, Jennie, Delphana (de-
ceased), George and Frank. Rachael, born in 1826,
married in 1852 to Jacob Metzler. Their issue, one
child, Martha, is now Mrs. George Raw. George,
born in 1830, married Harriet Russell in 1854. Their
children were: Thomas, Mary E., Martha, Isaac,
Charles, Robert and Frank. Mary, born in 1838, mar-
ried Mr. Frank Weibler. Their children were: Ella,
Clara, Rose (deceased), Charles, Florence, Frank,
Minnie, Tessie and Roy. Fanny, born in 1836, mar-
ried Levi Bear in 1864. Their children are: Jessie,
Lester (deceased), George, Clinton, May, Roy and
Norman. Daniel, the eldest of Christian's family,
married Betsey Long (both deceased). Their children
were: Aaron and Anna. Anna married Isaac Kauf-
man (the issue, one child, Aaron, married Ida Daugh-
erty; they have four children); Aaron married Re-
becca Miller (their children were: Minnie, now the
wife of Mr. AUer; children: Sarah, George, Clyde,
Charles and Ida); Mary Ann, another of Christian's

family, married Hugh Haggerty; Matilda, married
Mr. Galutia; she died in 1887; children: Theodore,
married a daughter of Joseph Mathews; children:
Minnie, Edith, Evalena and Herbert.

Johti Frederick Spahr, farmer, Erie, Pa., was
born in Germany in 1848, came to America when a
mere lad and later to Erie county and located in
Greene township. He is a son of John and Eva Mag-
delena (Wolf) Spahr. They both died in Germany,
the former in 1861, at the age of 73 years, and the lat-
ter in 1880, at the age of 64 years. John Frederick is
the youngest of a family of five children, viz.: John,
Charles, \Vilhelmina, Louise, wife of Christian Kraft,
and John Frederick. All are residents of Germany
except the last named. October 22, 1867, Mr. Spahr
was married to Mary (Gotleiban) Miller, a native of
Germany. This union has been blessed with five chil-
dren, as follows: Charles Frederick, carpenter, Mill
Creek; Mary Louise; Bertha M., wife of Delroy
Hutchinson, one child, Frederick Allan; Katherine
Caroline and Rose Martha Spahr. Mr. Spahr by thrift,
energy and close attention to farming pursuits has
within the few years since locating in Erie county
gained a competency. He has superintended his

fjresent farm since 1890. He owns fifty acres of choice
and in Greene township.

William H. Stratton, farmer, Erie, Pa., was born
in Mill Creek township September 22, 1850, son of Jo-
seph and Mary (Schuell) Stratton. They were natives
of England, and the former died in 1892, aged 77 years,
the latter I\larch 1, 1886. Mr. Stratton was the fourth
of a family of five children, viz.; Elizabeth, wife of
Henry Grass; Ellen, wife of John Fink; Irene, wife of
Charles Caldwell, of Washington; William H., and
Joseph (deceased). February 4, 1873, Mr. William H.
Stratton was married to Emma, daughter of Andrew
and Martha Seibert Geist (the former deceased). The
Geist family came from Lancaster, Pa., at quite an
early day and settled on the Ridge road, near where
the couny alms house now stands. This was about
1832-5. The first family came with a four-horse team
and a one-horse carriage. The children of Mr. and
Mrs. Stratton are: Charles, Lizzie, Harry L., Arthur,
Anna, Viola, Alice, Luella and Maud May. Joseph
E. Stratton, brother of William H., was in the late
war. He was a member of Co. K, 145th Regt., P.
V. I. He was taken prisoner at Andersonville, and
died in 1866. Mr. Stratton owns a choice farm of 120
acres, situated on an elevated spot two and one-half
miles from the city of Erie, and is one of the most
thorough farmers of the township. Mr. and Mrs. Strat-
ton are members of the English Lutheran Church.

George F. Spath, farmer, Kearsarge, Erie county,
Pa., was born October 10, 1863, in the city of Erie. He
is a son of Frank X. and Catherine (Peiffer) Spath, na-
tives of Germany. Frank A. Spath came to America
with his parents at the age of 4 years. He first resided
in Greene township; from thence he went to Summit,
thence to Mill Creek, and for the past few years has
resided in the city of Erie. He is the sixth of a family
of nine children, as follows: Charles, Teresa, Kather-
ine, wife of Simeon Leisch; Helen, wife of William
Kentz; Mary, wife of Fred Wild; George F.; Rosa, wife
ofjohn Bergle; Sophia, wife of Michael Motch, and
Phena (deceased), wife of John Pletz. May 8, 1889,



Mr. Spath married Elizabeth, daughter of Conrad
Hoffman, of Mill Creek township. To this union has
been born one child, Martha. Mr. Spath is the second
of a family of eight t:hildren, viz.: Celia, Elizabeth
(wife of Mr. Spath), Margaret, Martha, Kate, Minnie,
Josie and Edith. Mr. Spath has but recently began
on a fine farm of 100 acres, situated near Walnut
Creek, and has by persistent industry brought the same
to a fine state of cultivation. He is a practical and pro-
gressive farmer and a citizen of integrity and worth.

Herbert Totig, florist, Massassauga Garden, Mill
Creek township, postotfice Erie, was born in Kent,
England, January 15, 1850, and was the first of the
Tong family to come to Erie county. He is a son of
William and Mary (Smith) Tong; the former died in
England, when Herbert was but an infant, and the lat-
ter is now living in the city of Erie, at the age of 73
years. They had three sons, viz.: William, now resi-
dent of Kent, England; James, of Westfield, Chautau-
qua county, N. Y., and Herbert, who was married in
England, January 2, 1880, to Mary Jane Harris, a na-
tive of England. She is a daughter of James and
Elizabeth Harris, for many years residents of Ripley,
Chautauqua county, N. Y. The former died in 1880,
at the age of 70 years- Six children have been born
to this union, only two of whom are living: Elizabeth
and Mary Ann. The deceased children are: William,
Thomas, Herbert Charles and Nellie Alma. Mr.
Tong began as superintendent and manager of W. L.
Scott's Massassauga Garden in 1883, which position
he still holds. During his management numerous im-
provements and tropical methods for raising European
grapes the year round have been adopted, and suc-
cessfully carried out. No better and more modern
vinery can be found in this part of the United States.
As a florist Mr. Tong has achieved success out of the
ordinary line, and has carried to perfection many
original plans and ideas. His greatest success has
been in the raising of new varieties of chrysantemum.
Many of the best varieties now in commerce were
raised at Massassauga Garden by Mr. Tong.

Joseph Haas, jr., superintendent of Trinity
Cemetery, noStoffice Erie, was born in Erie county,
February 28, 1856. Mr. Haas is a son of Joseph Haas,
sr., who was born in Roth, Merkentheim, Wertenberg,
who came to Erie county from Germany about 1850,
and who had charge of Trinity Cemetery from 1879-87,
when he retired, and his son, Joseph, took charge. He
died December 23, 1894, at the age of 74. His widow,
Elizabeth (Durner) Haas, born in Weilheim, by
Kercheim on the Deck, Wirthenberg, is still living at
the age of 63. Joseph is the second son of a family
of five children, viz.: John, a resident of Colorado;
Frank and William M. are residents of Cleveland,
Ohio, and Anthony, of Erie. Mr. Joseph Haas was married to Tressa, daughter of Peter Lavery, of
Harbor Creek. By this marriage there were three
children: Peter, Mary and Tressa. She died in 1885,
and he was afterward married to Lizzie, daughter of
Phillip Weschler, of Erie. They have one child,
Edith. Since Mr. Haas took charge of the cemetery,
in 1886, nine acres additional have been added, opened
and improved, under his personal supervision.
Trinity Cemetery was first laid out in 1869, and at no
time has it undergone greater or more marked im-

provements than during the past nine years. Mr.
Haas is a member of Branch 15, C. M. B. A.

Christian Beckman, grocer, Erie, Pa., was born
March 24, 1854, in the city of Erie, son of Henry and
Minnie (Kahlen) Beckman, natives of Germany, who
first came to America, and located in Erie about the
year 1847, where they remained permanently. The
former was born October 19, 1817, and is still living in
the city of his choice. The latter died March 17,
1872. Christian is the fourth of a family of eight chil-
dren: Minnie, wife of W. C. Shots, of Erie; Henry
(deceased), William, Christian, Fred (deceased), Mary
(deceased), Charles (deceased), and Edward, born
March 18, 1860. Christian Beckman married Louisa
B., daughter of John B. and Mary Ann (Clemmons)
Thomas, of Toronto, Ontario. To this union have
been born five children: Cecelia Louisa, born January
20, 1881; Edward William, born January 1, 1883; Ma-
bel Minnie, born December 23, 1886; Viola Edna, born
February 14, 1889,. deceased March 10, 1890, and
Christian Max, born April 27, 1891, deceased Decem-
ber 27, 1892. John Belbin Thomas, father of Mrs.
Beckman, was born August 20, 1820, in London, Eng-
land. Mr. Beckman began business, and established
the West End grocery in 1885, and by integrity and
square dealing built up a prosperous business. He is
a member of the I. O. O. F., and West Erie Beneficial

W. K. Moorhead, farmer. West Mill Creek,
postoffice Erie, was born in Moorheadville, Harbor
Creek township, Erie county, son of William and
Fanny (Kendrick) Moorhead, the former a native of
Erie county, and the latter a native of England, and
sister of Thomas Kendrick, a distinguished resident
of Moorheadville. James M. Moorhead, grand-
father of W. K., came to Erie county in his boyhood
days, and with his brothers, located in Harbor Creek
township, and became one of the leading citizens.
The village of Moorheadville was named in honor
of him. He died in 1842, at the age of 82 years.
William Moorhead, father of W. K., was born in
1824, and still resides in his native place. Mr. W. K.
Moorhead is the eldest child of a family of four chil-
dren, viz.: William K., Edith, wife of C. E. Leete;
Ralph and James Moorhead, all residents of Erie
county. .September 9, 1886, Mr. Moorhead was mar-
ried to Ella L., daughter of John and Jane (Camp-
bell) Reeder, of Edinboro, Erie county. He began
in the employ of the W. L. Scott estate in 1884, and
has been general superintendent of the Frontier Farm
since June 9, 1889. He is also superintendent of the
several farms belonging to the Scott estate, covering
1,600 acres. Mr. I\loorhead is a thorough business
man, and most affable in all his dealings. He is a
member of the Royal Arcanum.

Joseph Haibacb. manager of the Cold Spring
Ice Company, Erie, Pa., was born April 14, 1862, in
Erie, son of John H. and Maggie (Knauch) Haibach,
natives of Germany. The former died in 1881, at the
age of 66 years. He came to Erie about 1850, and
was for some years extensively engaged in the meat
business at No. 922 Parade street. The latter died in
1895, at the age of 76 years. They were the parents
of seven children, viz.: Benjamin, Lawrence, Cooney
(deceased), George (deceased), Margaret, wife of James


Fitzgerald; Joseph and John Haibach. June 27, 1883,
Mr. Joseph Haibach married Miss Margaret Cotz,
daughter of Mr. Cotz, who died in 1893. His
widow, Supena (Hoffman) Cotz, survives, and resides
in Erie. Mrs. Haibach, wife of Joseph Haibach, was
the eldest of a family of four children: Maggie
Katherine, wife of Henry Y. Smith; Amelia, wife of
John Boltz; Lizzie, wife of Jacob Wineheimer; Lena,
wife of Ferdinand Fetzinger, of Cato, Mich. Mr. and
Mrs. Haibach have three children, as follows: Joseph
(deceased), Helen (deceased) and George Haibach.
In 1877 Joseph associated himself in the meat trade
with his two brothers, and learned the business. In
1886 he became a partner in the firm of Rindernecht
Bros., and continued in the meat business until 1892.
The firm was extensively engaged in shipping stock
to Eastern markets. In the spring of 1892 Mr. Hai-
bach purchased the plant of the Cold Spring Ice Com-
pany, and under his management the business has
doubled. Only spring water ice is furnished, which
lasts one-half longer than lake ice. Mr. Haibach is a
member of the C. M. B. A.

Amos R. Deighton (deceased), born April 15,
1834, died April 15, 1890, son of George and Jane
(Mason) Deighton, natives of England, who came to
Mill Creek at an early day, and were among the fore-
most citizens of the locality. September 8, 1864, Mr.
Amos Deighton married FranieC, daughter of Sidney
and Nancy (Riblet) Sewell, of Harbor Creek. The
former was born in 1812 and died January 17, 1891,
and the latter survives at the age of 77 years. To
them were born seven children: FranieC, Josephine,
Eliza J., Sarah A., John R. and Alfred E. Sewell. Mrs.
Nancy (Riblet) Sewell was the fifth in a family of six
children: Jacob, Eliza, John, David (all deceased);
Christian and Nancy (Riblet) Sewell still survive. To
George and Jane Deighton were born seven children,
as follows: Harriett Jane (deceased), wife of C. W.
Nichols; Ruth, unmarried; George (deceased), Jabez
(deceased), Amos R. (deceased), Lucindia E., unmarried;
Franie C. and Seth Deighton, who was a member of Co.
D, 14.5th Reg., P. V. I., and fell at the battle of Deep
Bottom. Mr. Deighton was a man of integrity and
principle, a kind neighbor and among the first citizens
of the community.

Fred Sopp, farmer. West Mill Creek township,
postoffice Erie, was born December 6, 1860, son of
Phillip and Mary Sopp, who came from Germany and
settled in the city of Erie about 1855. Fred is the eld-
est of a family of seven children: Fred, Mary, wife
of David Ridet, John, Hettie, wife of Joseph Bletz,
Erie; William, Phillip and Emery Sopp, died in 1882,
In February, 1878, Fred Sopp, then 18 years of age,
married Mary, daughter of Nicholas and Anna Het-
terline. The former was killed in a fall from a load of
wheat in the summer of 1892. His age was 65 years.
The latter survives and resides in Harbor Creek town-
ship. Their children were: Joseph, Mary, wife of
Fred Sopp; Baptist, John Adam, Nick, a resident of
Syracuse, N. Y., and Edith Hetterline. Phillip Sopp
was a soldier in the German army. Fred Sopp is the
superintendent of the farm known as the Miss Mc-
Colum farm, and has been engaged in a similar occu-
pation since 1880. From 1874 to 1878 Mr. Sopp worked
for the Pacific Bridge Company, and for two and a
half years was foreman, building wooden and iron

bridges. While thus engaged he fell sixty-eight feet
from a bridge, which caused him to give up that occu-

Feter HermatiH, farmer, Mill Creek township,

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