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Nelson's biographical dictionary and historical reference book of Erie County, Pennsylvania : containing a condensed history of Pennsylvania, of Erie County, and of the several cities, boroughs and townships in the county also portraits and biographies of the governor's since 1790, and of numerous r online

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Online LibraryBenjamin WhitmanNelson's biographical dictionary and historical reference book of Erie County, Pennsylvania : containing a condensed history of Pennsylvania, of Erie County, and of the several cities, boroughs and townships in the county also portraits and biographies of the governor's since 1790, and of numerous r → online text (page 167 of 192)
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postoffice Erie, was born in Germany, December 31,
1842, son of Christian and Agnes (Dick) Hermann.
The former came to Erie county from Germany in
1847, and by frugality and hard work gained a compe-
tency. Christian Hermann died in 1867, aged 47 years,
and Mrs. Hermann July 10, 1894, aged 76 years. Peter
Hermann is the oldest of a family of eight children,
viz. : Peter, Charles, Christian, Eva (deceased) George,
Carrie, wife of Charles A. Flatt; Adam and Cresie,
wife of Frank Schultz. In 1867 Peter Hermann mar-
ried Josephine Johann. They have eight children now
living, viz.: Charles, Richard, Frank W., Carrie,
Alice, Lizzie, Jane and Cooney. Mr. Hermann fought
bravely for the welfare of his country in the late re-
bellion, took part in thirty-four engagements, and was
only incapacitated for duty a short time in the Frederick
city hospital. He first enlisted December 10, 1861, as
a private with Capt. John P. Schlaudecker, Co. H,
111th Reg., P. V. I. He was discharged from the
service December 24, 1863, at Wahatchie, Tenn., by
reason of re-enlistment as a veteran volunteer. He
was wounded at Resaca, Ga., May 15, 1864. His sec-
ond discharge is dated July 27, 1865, at Washington,
D. C. The effective force July 1, 1863, of his regin^ent,
before entering the battle of Gettysburg, was: ( )ffi-
cers, 20; men, 239; the loss was officers, 1; men, 17.
The 111th Pa. Vet. \'ol. recruited in Erie, was mus-
tered in October 17, 1861; re-enlisted December 28,
1863; mustered out July 19, 1865. Engaged in thirty-
five battles; losses, 651. Mr. Hermann purchased his
present farm in 1882, and has since made many im-
provements, and brought the land to a high state of

John W. Hess, farmer, postoffice Erie, Mill
Creek township, son of Jacob and Mary (Krideridge)
Hess. The former came to Erie at the age of 10 years,
and followed the occupation of farming. He died in
1889, at the age of 60 years. His widow still survives.
They reared a family of six children, viz.: John W.,
Mary, wife of John Rosenthal, Erie; lohn Joseph,
Annie, wife of William Riddle; Terena, wife of Theo-
dore Ralph; and Jacob Hess, of Erie. November 29,
1885, Mr. Hess was martied to Mary, daughter of
Jacob Staller, of Mill Creek township. To this union
have been born four children, as follows: Amelia,
William, Nora and Isabella. Mr. Hess has followed
farming since early boyhood, and is a most energetic
and thorough-going farmer. He has occupied his
present farm since 1884, and under his management
the land has reached a high state of cultivation. He
is a native of Mill Creek township.

Christian Ripley, merchant, postoffice Belle
Valley, was born August 19, 1842, and removed with
his parents to Erie county when a mere lad. He is a
son of David and Anna Frye Ripley, natives of Lan-
caster, Pa. The former died August 22, 1888, at the
age of 77 years, and the latter died November 26, 1890, at
the age of 79 years. David Ripley, grandfather of Chris-
tian, came from Lancaster county and settled in Sum-
mit township in 1832, where he died in 1842. The
family consisted of twelve children, viz.: Christian,



David, Jacob, Sarah, wife of William Urch; Isaac,
Mary, wife of Samuel Kuhl; Elizabeth, Jacob, Shields,
Abraham, John and Anna, wife of Charles Graham, all
living. August 29, 1867, Christian married Elizabeth,
daughter of William and Jane (Kennedy) Whiteford, of
Greene township, The former died February 16,
1874, at the age of 76 years, and the latter July 10,
1868, at the age of 61 years. Mr. Ripley is the fourth
child of a family of five children: Margaret, wife of
William Agnew; Sarah, wife of George iMiili-rn: F.liza-
beth. wife of Christian Ripley; and Inim -, W Inirlord.
Children of Christian Ripley are: liiii.lilLi
of Willard W. Russell; William D.. 1:.1u,m,1 l., Hat-
tie E. and Blanche. From 1866 to 18S7 Christian Ripley
was engaged in farming in Greene township. In the
spring of 1887 he removed to Belle Valley and opened
a general store, which is still conducted by him. It
was the same year that he was appointed postmaster,
and has since held the office without interruption. He
has held various ofifices in the township, and is a lead-
ing citizen of Mill Creek township. Mr. Ripley served
in the late war, and was in seventeen engagements,
among which were the battles of Cedar Mountain,
Missionary Ridge, Fairfax C. H., Gettysburg, Antie-
tam, Lookout Mountain and Peach Tree Run. He was
the victim of sunstroke from which he has never fully
recovered. He was enlisted in the 111th Reg.,
Co. A, P. V. I.

Peter E. Norcross, farmer, postoffice Belle Val-
ley, Erie county, was born in Mill Creek township
May 26, 1821, son of Andrew and Sarah (Irwin) Nor-
cross, natives of Susquehanna county, Pennsylvania.
They came and settled on the homestead farm, now
owned by P. E., in the year 1802. A log cabin was
built in a dense thicket situated near where the pres-
ent house stands, and from this rugged beginning has
developed, through careful management, industry and
frugality, one of the best cultivated and most desir-
able farms in Mill Creek township. P. E. Norcross is
the eighth child of a family of ten children, viz.:
William (deceased); Hannah, wife of Edmund Curtis;
Nancy, wife of Eleazer A. Bennett, of Erie; John (de-
ceased), Eliza (deceased), Jane (deceased) wife of
Williiini Wvntt; Flsie (deceased), Peter Irwin, Andrew
Fleniin- .in.l Ad, lie (deceased). January 1, 1866, P.
E. in.inicil M.iry, daughter of Charles and Elizabeth
(Tapley) I'arry, of Camden, Oneida county, N. V.
The former was born in 1807, and died in 1882, aged
75 years. The latter still survives at the age of 94
years. Their children are: John (deceased), William,
of CaiiHr,,,!, M...; Enuiia, wife of Ic.seph Young, of
Cani.hii. M,, .1,1,1 ,,,unlv, X. V.; Cliarles, of Camden,
\. ^•.:, xsilr.ifriKiiiiasSnmli; Mary, wife of
P. E. N,,r,r,.ss; wife of Lewis Dawley, of
Greenetownship; Jane (deceased), formerly the wife of
John Grant, of Cameron, Mo., Sarah (deceased), former-
ly the wife of Nelson Linebeck. The children of Mr.
and Mrs. P. E. Norcross are: Miss Addie .-ind Parry
Erwin. Mr. N,.rrn.sshassp,-nl tli.- Lrr,,it,sl |.;ii-| ,,f his
lifeiip.,n tlie hirni wlii-r,. )),■ i„,u r,^,!,-., ,,i„l !,,,> lived
to.see that ,„,rt„.n of Lne tounls ,l,v,.l,,|, .Ml,, il„. ,i;-ar-
den spot ot the locality, and by persistent energy and
careful forethought has gained a competency.' Mr.
Norcross is an unassuming and reliable and thorough-
going citizen.

William M. Hewitt, farmer, LeBoeuf township,
and since the spring of 1891 manager of the Erie

county farm, is a son of Henry and Adeline (Robbins)
Hewitt, natives of New England. The former died in
1853, at the age of 44 years, and the latter some time
after removed to Crawford county, where she spent
her last days. She died in 1876 at the age of 70 years.
They were the parents of five children: George W.,
William M„ Heiirv j., ,if LeBceuf township; Adeline
J., wife of A. J. lUnton, ,if Union township, and Rose,
wife of G. \\'. D.iwler, of LeBceuf township. Mrs.
Hewitt was twice married, the second time to Hiram
Drake, a [jrominent citizen of Genesse county. New
York. To this union was born one son, W. W. Drake,
of Erie. Henry and Lyman Hewitt, uncles of William
M., were the first of the family to come to Pennsyl-
vania from New England. Lansing, another brother,
came later. January 1, 1867, William M. married
Anna L., daughter of Moses S. and Loolia Anna
(Lewis) Edmunds. The former died in March, 1895, at
the age of 74 years; the latter still survives. The chil-
dren of William M. Hewitt are: Byron J., of Ranson-
viUe, Niagara county, N. Y.; Nellie May, wife of G. S.
Welker, Mill Village; Morris E., drug clerk. Mill Vil-
lage. Bryon Hewitt married Miss Dollie Blackmer,
of Waterford. William M. Hewitt has been a resi-
dent of Mill Village, Erie county, since 1876, and has
been prominently identified with all the local and mu-
nicipal affairs of the borough, having held its various
offices. Mr. Hewitt actively participated in the late
war as a member of Co. D, 184th Reg., N. Y. V. L,
and was severely wounded in the face and neck, a
part of the right jaw-bone being severed. Mr. Hewitt
is a member of Post 67, G. A. R., Erie, Pa., the K. of
S. F. J., Knights of Honor, and the Lincoln Club. He
is an affable gentleman and a practical farmer, and
the county farm, under his management, has been
well supervised, and the interests of the ta.x-payers
well cared for.

J. Reinhold Rinderle. farmer, postoffice Erie,
was born in Erie January 13, 1843. He is a son of Se-
bastian R., and Theresa (Kreidler) Rinderle, who came
to Erie county from Germany In 1833 and settled on
an adjoining farm to the one where J. R. Rinderle now
resides. The former resides with his son and is vigor-
ous and engaged in active pursuits at the age of 82
years. Mrs. Rinderle died in 1852 at the age of 45
years. Mr. Rinderle married for his second wife Car-
oline Schneider, who died without issue. J. R. Rin-
derle is the third child of a famiiy of seven" children,
viz.: John, Erie, Pa.; Joseph, Kearsarge, Pa.; I. R.,
Katherine (derease,!), Ilaniel (deceased), Barney (de-
ceased), and 1 i;in, , - ',|e, ,Msed). September 25, 1866,
Mr. J. R. Kiii,|, rl, in,,ni ■
the homestead in his own name, i^Miiij ii; ,]i 1 1 i>,r \'u,-
entire amount, as well as for a team and fanning im-
plements. In a few years he had paid the debt, made
many improvements upon the farm, and brought it to
a higher state of cuhivation. In lS65-t3 he built a sub-
stantial brick house, which, after forty years, is still a
handsome and modern home. Mr. Conrad cut the
trees with his own ax from which nearly all the hard
wood lumber for its construction was obtained, and
supervised personally every detail of its construction.
Other buildings have been added to accommodate the
needs of a well-regulated farm. Nearly all the prod-
ucts which can be advantageously grown in Erie
county are raised in large quantities, excepting barley,
which Mr. Conrad refuses, from conscientious scruples,
to grow. For many years he dealt extensively m cat-
tle and horses, in which he was In \\\\ -n. i issful.
One of the chief factors of Mr. (. m ,1 - has

been the cheerful and valuable ,is~,-,,iim. v^inthhe
always received from his mother, .M. - K1 au^i wife.
Temperance, frugality and industry, coupled with
honest hearts and willing hands, liave placed Mr.
Conrad in possession of a fine, well-tilled farm, with
improvements, in which he can justly take pride. Best
of all, Mr. Conrad enjoys throughout an extensive ac-
quaintance in Erie coimty, the enviable reputation of
being an honest, fair-minded man, true to his own
convictions, while recognizing the rights of others to
be governed by the dictates of their own consciences,
maintaining, however, a well-defined aversion for
hypocrisy, which sacrifices everything to greed of gain
and wordly aggrandizement. Mr. Conrad was mar-
ried January 14, 1864, to i\Iiss Sarah J., daugh-
ter of Freeman and Eldula (Root) Patterson, of East
Springfield, Erie cnuntv. Mr. Patterson was born in
Arlington. \t., junr -Jii, 1800, and died in 1885. He
was one nl I'.ni- munlv's best citizens, and was the
first superintcndint lit the County Alms-house. Mrs.
Patterson limn in Cavu'^a county, New York, June
23, 1806, and ,li,-d I' el.ruary '_'s Clara, daugh-
ter of Mandeville W a-n, 1,1 r.elle \alley; George
Walker, born April 2o, 18ti7 ideeeasedi; James McCoy,
born February 3, 1869, married Miss Grace Meyers,
of Erie, by whom he has one child, Harrison Jacob,
and occu]iies the Wood farm in Mill Creek township;
1 li I.-M. Ik. Ill M.ireh 30, 1870, married Jennie

III :!, . M, who died April 15, 1895,

:. ,, I ' nee Jennie; Elizabeth Maria

.1. I ..K. ill. \lrv toHia.l died April 6, 1874, at the
age of 32 years. Mr. Conrad was married a second
time, November 4, 1875, to Miss Emily Patterson, a
sister of his first wife. Mr. and Mrs. Conrad are mem-
bers, respectively, of the Presbyterian and Methodist
Churches, and are earnest workers in the cause of
temperance, having reputations which extend beyond
the State in which diey live. Still vigorous and active,
their good work and example will always give them
an honored name in the community. In politics Mr.
Conrad was originally a Whig, but'when the Repub-
lican party was organized he became identified with
it; and now, when the Prohibition party is striving to
break the shackles which bind men to a slavery more
terrible than that which the Republican party de-
stroyed, the work finds in Mr. Conrad a vigorous sup-
porter. Mr. Conrad had charge of the Erie county
jail from 1837 to 1840, during which time the first and
only execution in the county took place. It was in
1838, when Francisco was executed for killing his
wife. The executioner was Andrew Scott, father of
Mayor Walter Scott.

Alfred P. Lang, proprietor, summer resort, Grove
House Park, Erie, son of Jacob and Mary (Weibiein;
Lang; natives of Garmany. He was born in Girard,
Pa., September 20, 1868, and was for some years en-
ga^red with his father m the meat business. He died
in I I. toiler. Is'.iii, at tlie a^e of 4S vears. Mrs. Lang,
mother of Alfred, wa- a .laa-liii r of Gotleib Weibiein.
She died .\ijnl 14, l^'.iu, at tlie age of 44 years. Alfred
P. is the eldest of a family of four children, viz.: Alfred
P., Olive, wife of E. Smith, Erie; Oscar and Fred-
ericka, wife of W. W. Johnson, Buffalo, N. Y. He
was married June 26, 1890, to Miss Addie, daughter of
William and Elizabeth (Landon) Little, of Mij'l Creek.
To this union have been born three children, viz.: Mary
E., Alfred M. and Ethel. In 1887, Jacob Lang and
C. Rabe purchased of the Crowley estate twelve acres
of land, which includes the Grove Park at Four-Mile
Creek, and immediately began to build up a charming
summer resort. Mr. Lang erected the numerous first-
class buildings about the resort, which includes a large
hotel, dancing pavilion, .stable, bowling alley, a 200-
foot dock, besides modern improvements in the line
of water works, gas wells, etc. .-Xfter the death of Mr.
Lang, Alfred P. "came in possession of the resort, and
has built up a large trade. This summer resort is not
only patronized Ijy the city people, but many from a
distance, including Pittsburg and other points. This
point is superior to any in the way of picturesque
views and cool invigorating atmosphere from Lake
Erie, and is destinedat a not far distant day to become
a more desirable resort. Mr. Lang is a prominent
member of several societies, among which are the
K. O. T. M., Knights of the Golden Eagle, Erie Castle



No. 411, Erie Turners, Bavarian Society and G. H. Q.
ofW. B. O. Mr. and Mrs. Lang are members of St.
Paul's German Lutheran Church.

A. B. Bladen, farmer. Mill Creek township, was
born and reared and has spent his life on the farm
which he now owns. He is a son of William and
Malinda (Parker) Bladen. The former died in 18S8,
at the age of 88 years, and the latter is still livini; at
the homestead with her son at the age of 88 years.
She has a retentive memory, and vividly recalls inci-

Online LibraryBenjamin WhitmanNelson's biographical dictionary and historical reference book of Erie County, Pennsylvania : containing a condensed history of Pennsylvania, of Erie County, and of the several cities, boroughs and townships in the county also portraits and biographies of the governor's since 1790, and of numerous r → online text (page 167 of 192)