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Online LibraryBenjamin WhitmanNelson's biographical dictionary and historical reference book of Erie County, Pennsylvania : containing a condensed history of Pennsylvania, of Erie County, and of the several cities, boroughs and townships in the county also portraits and biographies of the governor's since 1790, and of numerous r → online text (page 168 of 192)
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dents of her early days with accuracy. She has in her
possession the original deed of the farm on which she
has made her home since marriage, which was origi-
nally 400 acres, and came in possession of her father-
in-law. Boo, who came to the lake country with three
surveyors from Philadelphia. The land was pur-
chased at Sl.25 per acre, June 1, 1796, accordmg to
the deed, written on deer skin parchment. Boo cleared
many acres of this land, built a log cabin and lived to
be over 100 years of age. Williarn Bladen next came
in possession of the main portion of the farm and
cleared still more of the wooded section, and after-
ward built the log home in which our subject now
resides. Edward Bladen, grandfather of A. B., moved
his family and effects in a wagon from Orange, Md.
This is said to be the only farm in Erie county which
has, up to 1895, remained continuously in possession
of colored owners. Edward Parkt-r, rrrandfatlu-r (if A.
B. Bladen, lived for manv vai- at \1. a. 1\ ill., Craw-
ford county. Pa., when- \\r 'lad al tlic auc nl '."l nimvs.
His widow, Anna Freeylax, .lad at i Ih' a-.' . if 77 N.-ars.
A. B. Bladen first marri.M Alfrr,|a' llolisir. wlio' died
attheageof28 \a ar>. hlu^ liad ..ur . Inld, I'JIcn Ethel.
Mr. Bladen ayain i.iaita-d. H,^ ^.a .ai.l wife was Julia
A. Clifford. One child, John Dialirr, of Chicago, has
been born to this union. Mr. lUadcn is the youngest
of a family of three children, and the only orre sur-
viving. He is an enertjetic, industrious farmer and a
good citizen; they are meniliers of the Finst Baptist
Church; he served as town clerk in 1893-4, is a Master
Mason and Knight Templar.

Capt. G. W. Miller, keeper Erie land lighthouse,
was born in Johnstown, Montgomery (onnt\. N. ^^,
March 12, 1830. He is a son of Phillii. aial Iw is. y

Arkenburg Miller, natives of Montg i \ louniy,

New York, and who resided first in Springrieid town-
ship, and afterward in Aurora, 111., where the former
died at the age of 76 years, and the latter in 1869, at
the age of 76 years. Captain Miller is the fourth
child of a family of ten children, viz.: Jacob, of Con-
neaut, Ohio, a soldier; Catherine, deceased wife of F.
J. Randall; Harriett, deceased wife of John Prentice;
Almira, wife of George Wildrick; Elizabeth, widow of
James Webb; Melinda, wife of Lud Wildrick; Miner-
va, wife of George Orms; Lorenzo (deceased), and
John, a resident of California. Captain Miller was
married February 3, 1852, to Cyntha L., daughter of
Jacob and Catherine (McCarthy) Eighniy, natives of
New York State, residents of Conneaut, Ohio. The
former died in 1875, at the age of 75 years; the latter
in 188.5, at the age of 82 years. Mrs. Miller is the
third child in a family of six ehil.ln n, \i/.: Rachael,
wife of Jacob A. Miller; Kit liolas, C\iitha, Jacob,
Charles and Porter; all four boys w. n- soliln-rs in the
late war. The latter was killed by an accident at
Murphysboro, \'a., in 1863. Mr. and Mrs. Miller's

children are: Ella M. (deceased), formerly the wife
of Harrison Bailey; Catherine, wife of C. C. Payne, and
Minnie B., wife of John Ruhl of Erie, Pa. Captain
Miller entered the employ of the LT. S. Government,
in 1868, in the position of Light House keeper at Con-
neaut, O., where he remained until July 1, 1885, when
he was transferred to the Erie Land Light, which posi-
tion he now holds to the satisfaction of all sailors who
enter the Erie port. Captain Miller is among the
trustworthy and responsible employes of the Govern-
ment, and a man who has a keen ajjpreciation of ma-
rine duties.

Capt. Jacob Ziegler was born at Frankenthal,
Baden, February 15, 18.39. At the age of 14 years he
came to America and enlisted, May 1, 1861, in Erie,
Pa., as orderly sergeant in Company I, McLane's Erie
Regiment. After serving three months he was dis-
charged at Pittsburg, to re-enlist August 8, 1861, in
Erie, in Battery B, Independent Pennsylvania Light
Artillery, equipped by Hon. W. L. Scott, in which he
was commissioned second lieutenant, later first lieu-
tenant and subsequently captain. With his command
he participated in the engagements at Stone River,
Chattanooga, Chickamauga, Mission Ridge, Rocky
Face Ridge, Tunnel Hili. Buzzards' Roost, Resaca,
Dallas, Kenesaw Mountain, Chattahoochee river,
Peach Tree creek, Siege of Atlanta, Spring Hill,
Nashville and Texas cam]iaign. April 12, 1862, he
was treated in field hospital in Shiloli four weeks for
a disease brou,t;ht on by exjiosure, was furloughed in
Chattanooga for thirty days, in which place, in 1864,
he re-enlisted in the same command as a veteran, re-
joining his company in March, 1864, in Chattanooga,
Tenn. At the close of the war he was honorably dis-
charged October 12, 1865, in Victoria, Tex. Captain
Ziegler was married May 14, 1867, in Erie, to Miss
Louise Curtze, second oldest daughter of Frederick
Curtze, Esq., deceased. He served in the Erie post-
office for twenty vears and died A])ril 14, 1895. His
wife and one brother, Charles /ieL,der, of Indianapolis,
Ind., survive him. II.' was a iin iiilu r of Tvrian Lod>;e
No. 362, F. and .\. M., Mo/ait l.nduc N.i. Li'.i, D.O. H.,
Post 67, G. A. R., anil was also a member of the Erie

Peter Seib, postoffice Erie, son of Jocob and
Elizabeth (BoUes) Seib. The former has for many
years been a resident of Erie and I\lill Creek township,
and now resides on the Buffalo road. The latter died
in 1883, at the age of 67 years. To these parents were
born the followin,g children: lacoli. now a resident of
Mill Creek township; ICIi/abeth, Hard, I'.rie; and Kate.
Peter Seili was married lime 2:!. 1.^73, to Elizabeth,
daughter of John Durland (deceased). Her mother's
maiden name was Anna Marie Driesatiuer. She died
in 1870. Mr. and Mrs. Seib are the parents of eight
children, viz.: Elizabeth, Helena, Charles, Augusta,
Peter, John (deceased), Rosa and Arthur. Peter Seib
has resided in Erie and vicinity since his birth, and
latterly has been successfully engaged in farming, and
since 1887 has had charge of the Koehler farm in F^ast
Mill Creek. This farm contains 310 acres, and is one
of the best and most thoroughly improved farms in
Northwestern Pennsylvania. Modern buildings and
the latest imjiroved facilities for carrying on the same
are the only means considered to bring about the re-
sults desired in first-class farming in the nineteenth


century, and all these are provided on this farm. Mr.
Seib is a thorough farmer and keeps fully abreast of
the times. He is a member of the A. O. U. W. and a
genial citizen.

John E. Lapsley, farmer, postoffice Belle Valley,
was born March 3, 1849, in the city of Erie, where his
parents resided for many years. He is of Scotch-
Irish descent, and is a son of John E. and Catherine
(Jackson) Lapsley, who came and settled in Erie county
early in the century. The motherof John Lapsley was
the widow of Thomas Jackson. She died in 1857. He
was married March 28, 1882, to Martha B., daughter
of John and Nancy (Kennedy) Blackwood, who set-
tled early in East Mill Creek. The former died Sep-
tember 12, 1888, at the age of 81 years. The latter
still survives and retains her faculties, and looks after
the household duties at the Blackwood homestead
with a surprising alacrity. She was born in Ireland
March 10, 1810, and has resided in her present home
for tifty years. Mr. Blackwood had two brothers,
Robert and James; the former has been for many
years a resident of Wesleyville, Erie county, and the
latter died in Mill Creek township in 1875. Mrs.
Blackwood lives with her son, James T., who was born
December 10, 1862. She is the second child of a fam-
ily of eleven children, viz.: Mary, Nancy, Uavid, John,
George, William, Jane, Johnson, James, Margaret and
Nixon. Mr. and Mrs. Lapsley are the parents of two
children, Kennedy Blackwood and Mary Jeanette
Lapsley. John E. Lapsley owns a farm of forty acres
near the Cfjnjunction of Mill Cri-rk, Greene and Har-
bor Creek townships, located in till- southeast corner
of Mill Creek. H,- is a nicmher ,.f the V. P. Church
and is a man of integrity and a good citi/en.

John V. Arthur, farmer, postoffice Belle Valley,
was born in Litchfield township, Oneida county, N.
Y., January 16, 1837. The following fall he. with his
parents, J. V. L. and Eliza li. (ll;ir\cyi Arlluir. rame
to Erie via the Erie canal ami I ,,i1m> 1 ric from I tica,
N. Y., landing at Erie on ()(„r r,. I lnv settled in
McKean township, from wIhmkc tiny iiiii\eil to Mill
Creek township in 1S45, where tliey spent the remain-
der of their lives. The mother died (i, 1S71, at
the age of 60 years. She was a nati\e of Connecticut.
Mr. J. V. L. Arthur was born in I'eru, Clint. .ii < oiintv.
N. Y., March 27, 1797, and died at the l,o,,ie of l,,s sou
October 12, 1888. John W Arthur in. irneil |,nni-
arv23, 1868, to Elizabeth .\lmira. d.ui-liter of I'.iinek
and Elizabeth Clark. Mrs. Artinn u.i- l.orn on the
farm where she n.iw resides, No\enil,er :;o, 1840. She
has one brother, Xelsem Clark, of the "Anchor Line,"
Erie. Her father di,-d Mar> li 1', ISC.."., ni his 69th year,
and her mother March 17, ISSC. at the rijie age of 90
years. Mr. ,nul Mrs. Arthur have one son, Urie Nel-
son, a gradu.ite of the Kdmlioro State Normal School,
'91, and of Allegheny College, 1894. Since their mar-
riage Mr. and Mrs. Arthur ha.e resided in Mill Creek
township and are highly respected citizens of the com-
munity. Mr. Arthur is a progressive farmer, and has
held several municipal offices. He is a member of
the South Erie Lodge, No. 62, E. A. U.

Joseph Klick, farmer, postoffice Belle X'alley,
was born in Greene township, Erie county, in 1853,
son of John and Barbara (Fleetle) Klick. The former
is living in Greene township and the latter died in

1858 at the age of 23 years. Phillip Klick, grand-
father of Joseph, came from Germany and settled in
Erie county in 1832. Joseph Klick was married No-
vember 15, 1891, to Miss Lena, daughter of George
and Grace (Reichard) Smith, of Erie. Mrs. Klick is
the eldest of a family of nine children, as follows:
Lena; Maggie, wife of Louis Slate; Sophia, Clara,
Frank, Simon, George, William and Jackson. Joseph
Klick is the eldest of a family of six children, viz.:
Joseph, Albert, Phillip, John, Leonard and Sarah, wife
of John Sizel. The children of Joseph Klick are:
Maggie, Anna, Grace, Clara, Ida, Frances, Celia,
Joseph, and Herbert, who died August 6, 189.5. Mr.
Klick began farming in Greene township and in 1884
located on his present farm of sixty-four acres in the
southeastern part of Mill Creek township. He has
served as road commissioner and is a worthy citizen
and a good farmer. Mr. and Mrs. Klick are members
of St. Mary's Church of Erie.

Simon Schmitt, dairyman, postoffice Belle Val-
ley, was born August 8, 1867, son of George and Grace
Reihart Schmitt. The former died August 29, 1893,
aged 63 years. Simon Schmitt is the second son of a
family of five children, viz.: Frank, of Erie; Simon,
George, of Erie; William, of Mill Creek, and Jacob, of
Erie. Simon Schmitt was married, October 17, 1889,
to Miss Ida, daughter of Phillip and Marv (Wicks)
Sutter. The former died November 17, 1889, aged 65
years. Mrs. Schmitt is the sixth child of a family of
eleven children, as follows: Rachael, wife of John
Baher (deceased), George (deceased), Veronica, wife
of Jacob Baker; Ida, Theodore, George, Emma (de-
ceased), Clara, Phillip, Catherine and Henrietta. The
children of Simon Schmitt are Luretta (deceased),
Raymond, Joseph and Marie Catherine. Simon
Schmitt has resided on his present farm, known as the
Jacob Sutter farm, since 1874, and has been a thorough,
reliable farmer and citizen. Latterly he has been suc-
cessfully engaged in the milk business. His grand-
father, George Sutter, cleared away the forest which
at an early day surrounded his home where Simon now

J. A. Brindle, farmer. Mill Creek township, son
of Samuel H. and Mary (Ebersole) Brindle; the former

boiii in ISliT; tin- hitter a daughter of Joseph Ebersole,
wlhnlied ni I ssl. , It the age of 91 years. Samuel Eber-
sole >.! tied c aiK 111 l',.ist Mill Creek, and was the son of
('Inistian i:i>ersole. Mrs. Brindle isfourth of a family of
five children, \iz.: Jesse (deceased), Joseph (deceased),
Elizabeth (deceased), Mary and Katherine. J. A. Brin-
dle is the youngest of a family of three children, as fol-
lows: Samuel E.; Adella B., wife of Dr. A. A. Woods,
Erie, and J. A. Samuel E. formerly lived in Girard,
where he died. His widow, Emma (Anderson) Brin-
dle, resides in Erie. Their children are: Katie May,
Jessie, Rachel and Clarence. The children ot Dr.
and Mrs. Woods are Bertha and Ethel. J. A. Brindle
was born lanuary 21, 1868. He was married August 23,
1888, to K'ittie, daughter of Joseiih and Lucinda (Silsbv)
Lanfear, of Givanl. Their children are: Gertrude;
Fred l.andfear. of Hav Citv., and Kittle. The
children of I. A. laindle are: Morence, Hazel, Alice
Marv, M.ibel ,ind Marguerite (deceased). Samuel
Brindle, father of J. A., lived for twenty years on the
homestead at North Springfield, and came to East
Mill Creek in 1866. He was a son of Mathias and



Elizabeth Brindle, natives of Cumberland and York
counties, respectively. Joseph Brindle was born
March 5, 1802, in Springfield township, Erie county.
Pa., son of Mathias and Elizabeth Brindle, natives of
Cumberland and York counties, respectively. Mathias,
in 1800, took up 400 acres of land on the banks of
Lake Erie. In the fall of 1800 he went to Franklin
county and married Elizabeth Hossler, returning with
his bride in the spring of 1801. They settled on the
farm and reared eleven children. He filled some of
the township offices, was a prominent farmer, and,
with the hel]) of his boys, finally cleared all his land.
He was a consistent member of the Presbyterian
Church, and one of the incorporators of the beautiful
cemetery of East Springfield. He served in the war
of 1812. His wife departed this life in 1840, and he in
1845. Joseph Brindle, the second child of this pioneer
family, was the first white boy born in Springfield
township. He married October 6, 1826, Lodosska
Putney, a native of Canada, daughter of Jewett Putney.
This union has been blessed with seven children, viz.:
Sarah E., wife of Adolphus Maxina; Franklin M.
(deceased); Charlotte M. (deceased); Louisa H. (de-
ceased); Martha (now living), and Willie J. (deceased).
Mrs. Brindle departed this life in October, 1880. P.
M. Brindle was born November 19, 1820, in Spring-
field township, twelfth child of Mathias and Elizabeth
Brindle. Mr. and Mrs. Brindle were the parents of
thirteen children, eleven living to be men and women.
P. M. Brindle was united in marriage in 1846 with
Janet, daughter of Sela and Elizabeth Walbridge, who
came to this county from Vermont in 1828; she is a
native of Vermont. Three children were born to this
union, two surviving: Adelbert H., and Charlotte E.,
wife of A. E. Walker.

E. A. Woodbury, gardener, postoffice Wesleyville,
was born in Boston, Erie county, N. Y., April 24, 1843,
son of W. M. and Lucy Woodbury, natives of New
York State. The former was born in Boston Centre,
Erie county, N. Y., July 29, 1819, and died August 28,
1892, and the latter was born in Hamburg, Erie county,
N. Y., October 15, 1822, and died May 10, 1859. Mr.
E. A. Woodbury is the sole survivor. He was mar-
ried January 1, 1870, to Sarah A., daughter of William
and Keziah (Taylor) Sell, natives of London, Eng-
land. The former died m Erie in 1889, and the
latter died in ISMS, ;\n:e(l 55 years. Mrs. Woodbury
was born in R.ilnvav, \. I., |une 4, 1838. She is the
third chilli of a l.niiilv of five children, viz.: Capt.
John W. Sell, Susan T., Sarah A., Charles Sell, a resi-
dent of New Jersey, and William J. E. A.Woodbury
was educated at Waterford Academy, and for fifteen
years was a valued bookkeeper in the Lake Shore and
Michigan Southern R. R. freight office. Latterly,
aside from other duties, he has been a correspondent
and representative of the Erie Dispatch. In the
reportorial field his writings have wielded a large in-
fluence. At the age of 19 years, E. A. Woodbury en-
listed, August 9, 1862, as a private with Capt. Charles
M. Lynch, Co. D, 145th Reg., P. V. I.; was discharged
on the 9th day of February, 1863, in Washington, U. C,
by reason of surgeon's certificate of disability. He was
in several important engagements.

J. W. Tait, general blacksmith, Erie, native of
England, was born October 3, 1860, son of Adam and
Elizabeth (Cathberl) Tait. The former is still living

in England, and the latter died in 1862. J. W. Tait is
the youngest of a family of five children, viz.: Rob-
ert, Edward, James, Adam and J. W. Adam Tait,
father of J. W., married for his second wife Miss Sarah
Harmson, and to this union were born six children, as
follows: Stephen, Andrew, George, Elizabeth, Sarah
Ann and Isabella. April 25, 1889, J. W. married May
E., daughter of Charles and Agnes Rose, of West
Greene township. This union has been blessed with
three children, as follows: Anna Isabella, Carrie
Elizabeth and Charles Robert. J. \V. Tait first began
the business of blacksmithing in West Greene, Erie
county, and soon afterward removed to Sheffield, Pa.,
and came to Erie in 1891, and bought his present
property, where he has erected a fine residence and a
first-class shop, and built up a good trade. Superior
workmanship and close attention to business has won
for him the best trade, and the respect of the business

Beujamiu Hershey, Mill Creek township, post-
office Erie, born June 15, 1827, son of John and Soloma
(Greybiel) Hershey. The former departed this life in
1840, at the age of 49 years. The fatter, who came
from Canada to Erie county in 1827, survived her hus-
band until 1871, dying at the age of 76 years. Ben-
jamin IS the youngest of a family of four children, as
follows: Samuel, who died in 1885; John, who died in
1880; Solome, wife of Rev. A. Neibel; she died in 1870.
Benjamin Hershey was married May 10, 1851, to Miss
Mary Jane Miller, of Mill Creek. Five children have
been born to this union, as follows: Emma, who died
in 1858, at the age of 5 years; Celesta J., teacher in the
public schools; Susan Ida, wife of C. C. Wright, and
Mary Agnes, teacher in the public schools. Benjamin
graduated from the Cincinnati Medical College in
1850, and came to Erie in 1857, where he has since re-
sided. The same year he purchased an interest in the
Erie City Iron Works, with Walter Liddell and John
Fairbairn. He is the inventor of the Torsion spring,
and has perfected a successful invention for cutting
and welding links. Mr. Hershey has made three trips
to the Pacific coast, and has under contemplation a
process for saving fine gold from gravel and black
sand. Mr. Hershey's ancestors came from Switzer-
land, landing in America in 1701. They left their na-
tive land because of serious local religious differences.
Mr. Hershey remembers his father's narration of an-
cestral life on the Alpine mountains, where the family
lived at such an elevation that but one thunder storm
visited them in six years, the rest all passing below.
In pursuit of the chamois the hunters would often
scarify the soles of their feet so that the clotted blood
would form a paste to give them a better foothold as
they leaped from ledge to ledge in pursuit of game.
One of Mr. Hershey's grandparents died at the age of
68 years; another at the age of 99 years; another at
the age of 100, and the fourth at the age of 101 years.

Crosby Family. —The first of this well-known
family to come to Erie county were Patrick and James
Crosby, and two uncles, Peter and James, who came
about the same time. This was about 1835. Patrick
came originally from Ireland to Canada and by boat
across Lake Erie and located in the then dense wilder-
ness, now the northwest corner of Harbor Creek, where
a log hut was built and primitive life begun. He was
a carpenter by trade, and the timber surrounding the



home of his adoption furnished ample material for
building. In his desire to found permanent homes for the
coming generation many buildings of the locality for
years gave evidence of his superior skill and work-
manship. Not content with his immediate surround-
ings, he sought work in the then small village of Erie,
and among his important contracts he assisted in
building the first jail, and erected the scaffold upon
which the first and only execution ever took place in
Erie county. Later he engaged in the milling busi-
ness in Erie. He married Catherine Fitzsimmons, a
native of Ireland, who was truly a helpmate in his suc-
cessful struggle to gain a competency. This union was
blessed with seven children, as follows: William, a
resident of Iowa; Rose, Margaret, Jane, James (de-
ceased), Catherine (deceased) and Patrick. Two of
the family, Rose and Margaret (unmarried) own and
occupy the homestead farm, where many an encounter
with the wild beasts of the forests were duri ng the early
period an unwelcome pastime. Michael Crosby, still
a resident of the locality, was the first to settle in this

Charles L. Marks, liveryman, Erie, was born Sep-
tember 16, 1872, in the city where he now resides. He
is a son of Charles and Anna (Shultz) Marks, and is the
fourth child of a family of seven children, viz.; John,
Charles L., Frank, Cora (wife of Charles W. Bathurst,
of Huntington, Pa.), Kate, Anna and Margaret.
Charles L. Marks was educated in the public schools
of Erie. At the age of 19 years he learned the car-
penter's trade, which he followed until June, 1894.
January 1, 1895, he purchased Joslin's livery and feed
stables, located on Ninth, between State and Peach
streets. July 1, 1895, he associated with him V. Mc-
Curry, whose sketch appears elsewhere in this work.
By the addition of a first-class hack and other modern
vehicles this enterprismg firm are able to meet the de-
mands of the public.

V. McCurry, liveryman, rear Ninth Avenue
House, Erie, was born August 16, 1859, in Edinboro,
Erie county, son of James M. and Eliza Jane (Phelps)
McCurry, now living in Washington township. They
lived for some time in Waterford township and after-
ward removed to the farm, where they now reside.
Mrs. McCurry is the sixth of a family of eight
children, viz; Lucinda, resident of Conneaut Lake,
Crawford county; Cena, wife of Ohil Cook (deceased),
Spartansburg; Charlotte, wife of Trumman Mallery, of
Corry; Wesley, who was killed in the late Rebellion;
William Phelps, of Waterford township; Eliza Phelps,
mother of Mr.McCurry; Polly.formerly wife of Mr. Hill-
yard, and Philena. V. McCurry for several years has
been a resident of Wellsburg, Erie county, where he has
been engaged in farming. He was eduGated at the Edin-
boro school. July 1, 1895, he became associated in the
livery business with Charles L. Marks in conducting
the large livery and feed stables successfully and en-
joy a prosperous and increasing patronage. He was
married July 4, 1892, to Miss Flora Hartshorn, of
Wellsburg, Erie county. Three children were born of
this union; Harriett Sophia, William Reilley and
Lydia Electa. Cora Belle and Flora Philora are chil-
dren by his second wife.

Fred A. White, groceryman, 410 East Sixth street,
Erie, Pa., was born in 1866 in Warren county, Pennsyl-

vania, son of T. P. and Abbie A. (Fuller) White, natives
of Genesee county, New York. The former died in
Erie September W, IS'.i.'!, at the age of 52 years, and
the latter April l.'i, I.S'.IL', at the age of 47 years. Fred
A. White is the eldest uf a family of four children,
viz.: Fred A., Frank, a twin brother; Wave, wife of

E. E. Stebbins, of Michigan, and Claude U. White of
Chicago, 111. Fred A. White removeil from Corry in
March, 189o, where he was engaged as contractor and
carpenter until the spring of 1895, when he began Ihe
grocery business on East Sixth street, where he has
since enjoyed a large trade. August 9, 1892, he was
married to Katie A., daughter of l^eter Lisen, a jirom-
inent resident of Meadville, Pa. Mrs. White is the
youngest of a family of three children, viz.; Jacob,
Marguerite, wife of Heecher Graham, of Erie, and
Katie A., wife of Fred A. \\ hitr. Mr. and Mrs. White
have one child, Ha/.l, l,nni 0,1,, her 19, 1893. Mr.
White is a member ol tin 1'. 11. i . Thomas P. White,
father of Fred White was a veteran of the late Re-
bellion, member of Co. A, lUOth N. Y. Regt.

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