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Online LibraryBenjamin WhitmanNelson's biographical dictionary and historical reference book of Erie County, Pennsylvania : containing a condensed history of Pennsylvania, of Erie County, and of the several cities, boroughs and townships in the county also portraits and biographies of the governor's since 1790, and of numerous r → online text (page 170 of 192)
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was born in Germany August 15, 1829, and is a son of
Peter and Julia (Stritzinger) Baron. Peter Baron
came to America in 1833 and settled in McKean town-
ship when it was all a wilderness. He bought forty
acres of land and cleared it; afterwards he purchased
eighty-five acres. He was married to Julia Strit-
zinger. To this union were born seven children, viz.:
Valentine; Elizabeth, wife of Peter Kellar; Frank;
Anthony, J. J.; Frances, wife of Hiram Buman, and
Mary, wife of Jacob Sanner. J. J. Baron started in
life at the age of 22 at farming on the old homestead,
working the place on shares four years. He then
bought a farm of forty-seven acres, and, in 1861,
bought the old Hauck place of 100 acres. Mr. Baron
made his way in the world, having no money to start
with, and now owns 150 acres of land in McKean
township, with the best of buildings. He was united
in marriage April 22, 1862, to Justine, daughter of
Anthony Kellar, who was one of the early settlers of
Greene township. Mr. Kellar also served in the
Napoleon war. To this union were born eight chil-
dren, viz.: Kate, born September 11, 1854, wife of
Sabastian Gossman, postmaster of McKean township;
Anthony M., born May 10, 1857, living in McKean
township; Edward, born May 9, 1861, living on the old
homestead; Jennie, born September 29, 1863, wife of
James Chisholm, of Erie; Valentine, born November
22, 1866, living in Nebraska; Jerome, born July 31,
1868, of McKean; Nellie, born October 31, 1871, and

Anna, borii June 12, 1873, and died March 19, 1887.
Mr. Baron is a member of the Roman Catholic Church
of Middleboro. His wife died November 11, 1889,
aged 59 years.

Frederick Leube, farmer, postoffice McKean,
Erie county. Pa., was born in Prussia, Germany, No-
vember 6, 1825, and is a son of Henry and Alary
(Neiiilicnist-i, l.enlie, natives of Germany. The former
was lis o( ru]i,itiMn a farmer in Germany. He was
marni il tn \l.ii\ Neighouse. They were the parents
of se\ 111 1 liililiiii;\ iz.'; Philip (deceased), Hammet (de-
ceaseiii, Christina (deceased), William, living in Ger-
many, and Elizabeth, wife of P. Woodman. F"rederick
Leube came to America October 3, 1857, and settled in
Franklin township, Erie county. Pa., where he remained
fortwo years, and in 1860removed to McKean township
and bought a farm of fifty acres, which he cleared and
now has under a high state of cultivation, with good
Iniildinsfs. He was united in marriage May 23, 1851,
t(i liittii-, daughter of Hammet Bax (deceased), for-
iiM rl\ III McKean township. This union has been
Mcssiil with twelve children, viz.: William F., born
ill I'ru.ssia, Germany, June 18, 1852, and was united
in marriage, September 10, 1875, to Julia Wereniely;
reside in Fairview township. Lena E., born in Prussia,
Germany, November 7, 1854, is the wife of Hiram
Dewault, of McKean. Hammet, born in Germany
January 7, 1857, united in marriage February 7, 1881,
to Lizzie Serr; reside in Vernon, Mich. Fred J., born
in Franklin township December 1, 1858, was united in
marriage March 3, 1881, to Helen Pratt; reside in Mc-
Kean township. Henry, born in McKean November
30, 1860, and was united in marriage February 20, 1890,
to Ella M. Hershey; reside in Summit township. Han-
nah, born in McKean, December 11, 1862; wife of
Joseph Bowman, of Swanville, Erie county. Pa. Frank
A., born in McKean December 12, 1864; resides in Mc-
Kean. Emma, born in McKean December 26, 1866,
wife of William Schurmer, of Mill Creek township.
John H., born in McKean February 26, 1869; was
united in marriage February 15, 1893, to Jennie Krei-
der; reside in McKean. Augustia, born in McKean
July 16, 1872. Nettie L., born in NIcKean January 31,
1874, and Josie, born in McKean, August 27, 1875. Mr.
Frederick Leube held the office of road commissioner
six years. The family are members of the Lutheran
Church of McKean township. Politically he is a Re-

Leverette Cushmau, farmer, postoffice Sterret-
tania, was born February 14, 1817, at Stafford Springs,
Conn., and is a son of Luck and Hannah (Rockwell)
Cushman, natives of Connecticut. By occupation
he was a carpenter. They were the parents of
eight children, two of whom are now living, viz.:
Murdock, of Plymouth, N. Y., and Leverette. The lat-
ter came to Erie county from Sherman, N. Y., in 1855,
and settled in North East, where he lived until 1860,
when he bought a farm of 163 acres in McKean near
Sterrettania, where he now resides, with good build-
ings, and in an excellent state of cultivation. He was
united in marriage to Anna Wilson. To this union
have been born six children: Eliza (deceased), Emma,
wife of Fred Brockway, of Ripley, N. Y.; Georgie,
wife of Harry Gardner; Bertha, wife of Dr. M. Sadlier,
of Ohio; D. R., attorney at law, of North East; L. B.,
editor of the North East Si^/i; Carlton, of Washington,



and Herbert of Ripley, N. Y. He never held any
office, is a highly respected citizen ot McKean town-
ship, and politically is a Republican.

Rev. Father F. P. Aaron, postoffice McKean,
Erie county. Pa., was born in Clarion county, Penn-
sylvania, February 5, 1870, and is a son of Frank and
Margaret (Cyphert) Aaron, the former born Decem-
ber 11, 1840, in Clarion county, Pennsylvania, where
he was engaged in farming until his 28th year. He
then went to Manhattan, 111., and engaged in farming
until his death, October 7, 1869. He was united in
marriage, November 10, 18(53, to Margaret, daughter
of Henry Cyphert, who was the fourth of a family of
eleven children, seven of whom are living, viz.: Mar-
garet, Thomas, of Corsica, Clarion county. Pa.; Greg-
ory, of Crates, Clarion county, Pa.; James, M. D.;
Rosa, wife of F. X. Markley; and Arthur, of \'irginia.
By this marriage were born three children, viz.: Harry
C, of Kingsvllle, Pa.; Charles J., and Rev. F. P.
Aaron, who received his education at St. Bonaven-
ture's College, Allegany, N. Y., and February 24, 1893,
he started to preach the gospel in Punxsutawney, Pa.,
and was there for about five months. He was then
transferred to Middleboro, Erie county. Pa. George
Aaron, grandfather of Rev. F. P. Aaron, was of one of
the earliest families of Westmoreland county, Penn-
sylvania, where he was born and reared. He was mar-
ried to Margaret Ruffner, a native of Westmoreland.
To this union were born twelve children, seven of
whom are now living: James, of Kansas; Thomas, of
Chattsworth, 111.; John, of Leavenworth, Kan.; Mar-
garet, the wife of James Crow; Sylvester, of Crates;
Joseph, of Butler county, Pennsylvania, and Sabylla,
wife of Dr. J. A. Burgoyne, of Pittsburg.

Betijamiii Rohrer, retired farmer, McKean, Mc-
Kean township, Erie county, Pa., was born in Lancas-
ter county, Pennsylvania, December 6, 1820, and is a
son of David and Barbara (Kauffman) Rohrer, natives
of Lancaster county, Pennsylvania. They were the
parents of eight children, three of whom are married:
Fanny, wife of Frederick Schute; Eliza, wife of Fred-
erick Metzger; Simon, united in marriage to Fanny
Ruhl (born in 1816), of Lancaster county, Pennsylva-
nia. Simon was born in 1809 in Lancaster county,
and later became a resident of McKean township,
Erie county. Pa., where he was engaged in the
tannery business for a good many years. Michael,
born January, 1810, in Lancaster county, is a resident
of McKean, and was a farmer. David, born July 4,
1811, was a native of Lancaster, Pa., and was engaged
m buying and selling cattle. Nancy (deceased), Abra-
ham (deceased). Benjamin Rohrer came to Erie
from Lancaster county in 1860, settling in McKean
township, where he engaged with his brother in the
tannery business until 1862; he then bought a farm of
fifty acres in McKean township that he still owns. In
1891 he moved to Middleboro, and is living a retired
life. He is a highly respected citizen, and politically
he is a Republican.

George Schuetz, blacksmith, postoffice McKean,
Erie county, Pa., was born in Baden, Germany, March
1, 1838, and is a son of Fred and Salmay (Lehnhart)
Schuetz, natives of Germany. Mr. Schuetz was by
occupation a blacksmith in Germany. He married

for his first wife Salmay Lehnhart, in 1826. Their
children are as follows: Salmay, who came to Amer-
ica in 1844; Frederick, of Baden, Germany, and
George. He married for his second wife Mary Hetz.
To this union were born three children, one of whom
is living: Mary, wife of Jacob Muell, of Erie. George
Schuetz came to America in 1865, settled in Fairview
and engaged in blacksmithing for about one year, when
he went to Franklin Center and was there one year.
He then went to Branchville, Pa., and had a shop there
for two years. In 1870 he moved to Middleboro and
engaged in blacksmithing. Mr. Schuetz was united
in marriage, January 1, 1866, to Barbara Gerber,
daughter of John Gerber (deceased), a native of Baden,
Germany. The Gerber family consisted of five chil-
dren, three of whom are living, viz.: Mary, Jacob and
Barbara. Their union has been blessed with two
children, viz.: Emma, born October, 1866, and died
August, 1888; and Albert,born January, 1871. He was
married to Fannie Tome, a resident of Erie; they have
one child. Mr. Schuetz has served in the offices of the
Middleboro council three years, and town treasurer
three years, and school director three years. He is a
member of the I. O. O. F., A. O. U. W. and P. H. C.
of McKean. The family are members of theSweden-
borg Church, of Erie. Politically he is a Democrat.

S. J. Gossmati, postmaster and carriage manu-
facturer, Middleboro, Erie county. Pa., was born in
Bavaria, Germany, February 11, 1853, and is a son of
Michael and Anna (Wiendorf) Gossman (deceased);
he was by occupation a farmer and blacksmith of
Bavaria, Germany. He was married to Anna, daugh-
ter of Nicholas Weingard, natives of Germany. To
this union were born seven children, viz.: Barbara,
wife of Michael Ludwick, a blacksmith of Bavaria,
Germany, and Killian, a farmer of Germany; Anna,
wife of Nicholas Grennel, of Germany; Anthony, a
farmer and blacksmith, of Germany; J. S. and John,
of Germany. S. J. came to America in 1873, and located
in New York city, and was engaged in the carpenter
and shoe trade for two years. He was also in Phila-
delphia one year, and Pittsburg one year. In 1877 he
came to Middleboro, and went to work in the Mankel
Carriage Factory, and worked there twelve years. He
then bought a half interest, and is now engaged in
the manufacture of carriages and wagons. He was
united in marriage in September, 1879, to Katie,
daughter of J. J. Barron, one of the early settlers of
McKean township. This union has been blessed
with six children, viz.: Edward, born March 15, 1889;
Victor, born May 1, 1891; Rachania, born October 15,
1893, and George Chester, Margaret and John (de-
ceased). Mr. Gossman was appointed postmaster,
June 1, 1893, and he also carries a complete stock of
tobacco and cigars. He held the office of council of
Middleboro three years. The family are members of
the Catholic Church of Middleboro. Politically he is
a Democrat.

Samson Short, manufacturer and capitalist,
North East, Pa., was born in Chattham township,
Tioga county. Pa., March 24, 1823, and is a son of
John and Sally (Ferguson) Short. John Short, his
father, was born in Connecticut in 1793. He came to
Pennsylvania in 1815, and settled first on the Cowneska
river, in Tioga county, living there but a short time.
Then he moved to Chattham township, which was a



wilderness, ten miles being the nearest point where a
neighbor Hved, and began to clear up a farm, upon
which he lived the balance of his days, departing this
life at the age of 98 years. The other children of John
Short (the three eldest being John, David and Lovell)
all lived to a good old age. Of the children living,
a daughter is the wife of Philip Close, now living in
Chattham at the age of 80 years, and the two remain-
ing sons, Samson and Benona, are still living, the
former bemg 73 and the latter 71 years of age. At the
age of 16 -Samson Short left home and went to the
lumber woods of Potter county, working eight years
for the man who first employed him befiire he started
in business for himself. He then liuilt a large saw-
mill in Potter county, where he cuntinuc d in the lum-
bering business successfully until 1857, when, lumber
having become scarce in that section, he went to Elk
county and resumed his lumbering operations, manu-
facturing on an average five million feet of pine lum-
ber per year, which was run by way of the Clarion,
the Allegheny and the Ohio rivers to be marketed in
Pittsburg, Cincinnati and Louisville. In 1867 he sold
this lumbering property to his son, Alfred Short, and
C. A. Wilcox, and moved to North East, expecting to
retire from active business. He has, however, instead
of this engaged with an active spirit in nearly every
enterprise or industry that has contributed to the
growth or progress of North East bornuu^li ami town-
ship, besides being largely interested in Mu liii;.m ,iihI
Missouri pine lands. He owns, at this writiiiu'. i>\ir
30,000 acres of timber lands in the State ot Missouri.
He is a stockholder in the Eureka Tempered Copper
Company, the Short Manufacturing Company, the
Columbian Novelty Company, and owns nearly all
the stock of the Samson Fertilizer and Chemical Com-
pany; is the owner of the principal hotel in North
East, the opera house and a large proportion of the
business blocks, is proprietor of the Short Banking
ing Company, and has been or is identified with a
great majority of the larger business transactions of
that section of Erie county. He was married in 1846
to Olive, daughter of George W. Sherman, of Sharon
township. Potter county. Pa. The children of this
union were Frank (deceased) and Alfred, now living
in North East. His first wife having died, he was
married again, in 1851, to Lucinda Wilcox, of Wells-
ville, N. Y., and the result of this union was Frank J.,
who died at an early age. His second wife died in
North East in 1869, and he was married the third time,
in 1873, to Kate Nissel, of St. Mary's, Pa. The result
of this union was three children, Anna and George,
both deceased, and Mary, aged 11, now living. In
politics he has been a staunch Democrat during his
whole lifetime. He is enjoying good health, atteriding
to his business every day, and does not appear to
realize that he is getting old. It is the lot of but few
men to became so largely and conspicuously identified
with the progress, enterprise and industry of the
locality in which they may make their homes through
a long series of years, and from one end of the couiity
to the other Samson Short's name is associated with
public-spirited and progressive citizenship.

Alfred Short was born in Potter county, Penn-
sylvania, January 1, 1847. He is the son of Samson
Short, whose personal memoirs are contained in this
volume. Alfred Short took one years's course in
academics at the Richburg Academy, Allegany county,

New York, followed this by a three years' course
at Friendship Academy, and completed his education
in 1865 at Alfred University, Prof. W. C. Kenyon,
principal. Mr. Short was first engaged in business at
Brockport, Elk county, Pa., with C. A. Wilcox, with
whom he was associated in lumbering and merchan-
dising under the firm name of Short & Wilcox. In
1870 Mr. Short let his contract to his partner and came
to North East, where he embarked in the dry-goods
business with E. K. Nason, with whom he was asso-
ciated, under the firm name of Nason & Short, until
September, 1871, when he became the cashier of the
banking firm of Blaine, Gould & Short, in which
capacity he was engaged until 1878. He has had an
active identification with all of the leading manu-
facturing interests of North Fast, namely: Short
Manufacturing Com]ian\. tin- Norlh East Canning
Company, The New Era ( ii-an i ompany, the Alfred
Short Company (now LoIuuiIh.ui Noxelty Company)
and the Eureka Tempered Cupper Company, of
which latter company he is the president and general
manager. He is president of the North East Heat
and Light Company. From 1884 to 1893 he was
president of the People's Savings Bank, and at the
time of its discontinuance, January, 1895, was treasurer
of that institution. He has been for a, number of
years a member of the board of managers of the
North East Cemetery, and was presiding officer of
that body in 1894. ^ir. Short is a Democrat, has been
actively identified with his party's work, and has held
numerous official trusts. He was a member of the
Assembly in 1878, candidate for Congress in 1880,
burgess of North East in 1884-5-6, and president of
the North East school board in 1892-3. Was a dele-
gate to the Democratic national conventions of 1884
and 1892. He is a 32d degree Mason, a member of
the blue lodge of North East, Temple Chapter of
Erie, Mt. Olivet Commandery, Erie, and the Caldwell
Consistory, of Bloomsburg, Pa.; he is also a member
of the B. P. O. E., I. O. O^F., and other secret orders.
Mr. Short was married January 1, 1872, to Helen A.,
daughter of the late Isaac Horton, formerly a promi-
nent citizen of North East. Mr. and Mrs. Short have
four children; Ida O., a graduate of La Salle Semi-
nary; Alfred Lee, a student of Ann Arbor; Alice L.
and Gladys E. Short. The family reside on South
Lake street and attend the Episcopal Church, of
which Mr. Short is a vestryman.

Ezra Scouller, president of the Scouller Milling
Company, was born in North East township, Erie
county, Pa., July 7, 1839. He is a son of the late John
and Sarah Ann (Andrews) Scouller, the former a native
of Scotland, and the latter of New York. John Scoul-
ler was born in Killbride, Lanark county, Scotland,
October 15, 1804, and came to the United States in the
early 30's, locating at MoorheadviUe, Erie county, Pa.,
where he for some years managed a flouring mill and
distillery for the late Joseph Neely, subsequently
renting the property and conducting both industries
on his own account until 1839, when he removed to a
farm which he had purchased in North East township.
A year later he became associated with the late
Chauncey Eastman in the rebuilding of the Franklin
paper mill (destroyed by fire in 1838), which they
operated in partneVship for one year, when Mr. East-
man's interests were purchased by Mr. Scouller, who
continued to conduct it until 1849, when he leased that



property to Messers. Blaine & De Long. In 1844 Mr.
Scouller had built the flouring mill known as the
Franklin Hollow Mill, and upon his removal to North
East, his business was confined exclusively to the
management of this mill until 1861, when he was suc-
ceeded therein by his son, Ezra. Mr. Scouller was a
valued and respected citizen, and was often sought as
a candidate for political preferments, honors which he
declined to receive, with the exception of serving the
borough of North East as burgess for one term. He
was one of the early directors of the Erie and North
East R. R. He died June 3, 1867, surviving his wife
fifteen years. Ezra Scouller was e(l\icated in the
public schools ot North East. His first Inisimss , ,,n-
nection was as a member of the firm of jwnr^ \ Si cul-
ler, grocers, North East. This firm was suc( icilcd liy
thai of Scouller & Spier, of which Mr. Scouller was
the senior member. In IMil hr succeeded his father
as proprietor of the l-r.mklin flouring Mill, and is
now president of the Scnulirr Milling Company, which,
in addition to the flouring mill business, now handles
lime, cement and building materials generally. Mr.
Scouller was married April 25, 1861, to Joanna E.,
daughter of the late John Webb, an old resident of
North East. Mr. and Mrs. Scouller have four chil-
dren: вАҐ John W., secretary, and William, treasurer, of
the Scouller Milling Company; Anna B., wife of J. S.
Corry, of New York, agent of the York Board and Card
Company, of York, Pa., and a resident of Forest Hill,
N. J., and Esther A. John W. Scouller married Miss
Elizabeth Belknap, of North East. William Scouller
married Miss Bessie Pratt, of New York city. Mr.
and Mrs. Ezra Scouller and family reside at the corner
of Gibson and North Lake streets, and attend the Pres-
byterian Church. Mr. Ezra Scouller is a member of
the Masonic fraternity.

James Harrison Phillips was born in North
East township, Erie county. Pa., November 11, 1837.
He is a son of the late Anaziah and .Sarah (Duncan)
Phillips, the latter a native of North East, whose
father came to the LJnited States from Ireland and lo-
cated at North East. James H. Phillips lost both
parents during his early childhood. He was reared by
an uncle, Archibald Duncan, a farmer of North East
township. He completed his education at Poland
Seminary, Mahoning county, Ohio, in 1857, and there-
after engaged in farming with his uncle, whose heir
he became. He has since added materially to the
acreage inherited, and is now one of the leading
horticulturists of the township. In conjunction with
farming he was engaged, from 1868 to 1870, in the
manufacture of wagon and carriage spokes; and, from
1857 to 1880, engaged in the sale of all kinds of agri-
cultural implements. He was one of the early stock-
holders of the People's Savings Institution, and after-
ward a member of its board of directors. He was a
mernber for a number of years of the Erie County
Agricultural Society, of which he was president for two
years; was a member of the board of school directors
tor the township three years. He was married January
7, 1869, to Louisa, daughter of the late Ira Loomis, a
farmer of Ripley township. New York. Mr. and Mrs.
Phillips have three children: Archie Duncan Phillips,
horticulturist; Edward L. Phillips, a student at Grove
City College, and Harold Dean Phillips, a student at
North East. The family reside at the corner of Gib-
son and Pearl streets, and are members of the Presby-

terian Church, the board of trustees of which Mr.
Phillips has been a member for some years.

Dr. Amos Button Heard was born in Cusse-
wago, Crawford county. Pa., September 10, 1837. He
is a son of the late James and Orpha M. (Button)
Heard. James Heard was a native of Crawford county
and of Welsh descent. He engaged in farming for
many years in his native county, and spent the latter
years ot his life in Genesee county, Michigan, where
he died March 20, 1895. He was twice married, his
first wife, Orpha M. Button, being a descendant of
early Puritan settlers of New England. She died in
Crawford county, Pennsylvania, in 1841. Amos But-
ton Heard received his initial schooling in the public
schools of his native township, attended the State Nor-
mal school in Edinboro two terms, and completed his
general education at the Kingsville (Ohio) Academy.
He had just entered upon the study of medicine under
the preceptorship of Dr. William Gamble, of Mosier-
town. Pa., when the war broke out, and he enlisted in
Col. McLean's regiment, subsequently becoming mas-
ter of transportation in the quartermaster's depart-
ment, under Major Phelps, and continued in that serv-
ice until the close of the war. He then resumed the
study ot medicine with Ur. William Bullock, of Flint,
Mich., and in 1867 entered the medical department of
Michigan L'niversity, Ann Arbor. After two terms
spent in this institution he entered the Detroit Medi-
cal College, and graduated therefrom in 1872. He
then entered upon the practice of his profession in
Flushing, Mich., where he remained for four years,
thence removing to Ripley, N. Y., where he spent the
following seven years. In 1880 he located in North
East, Pa., where he has ever since resided and is still
engaged in the practice of his profession. Dr. Heard's
public service at North East has been chiefly devoted to
its educational interests, and he has served twelve years
a s amember of the school board of that borough. He was
married September 15, 1867, to Amanda J., daughter
of the late Edward Stuntz, a native of Erie county.
Edward Stuntz was a prominent and public spirited
citizen and held numerous offices of trust, among them
those of county surveyor and sheriff. His father,
George Stuntz, a native of Leipzic, Saxony, came to
Pennsylvania early in the century, and was a pioneer
Methodist preacher, with a circuit that extended from
Northwestern Pennsylvania through Eastern Ohio to
Northern Kentucky. Dr. and Mrs. A. B. Heard have
five children: Mary K. Heard, a graduate of the
pharmaceutical department of the Michigan Univers-

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