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Nelson's biographical dictionary and historical reference book of Erie County, Pennsylvania : containing a condensed history of Pennsylvania, of Erie County, and of the several cities, boroughs and townships in the county also portraits and biographies of the governor's since 1790, and of numerous r online

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Online LibraryBenjamin WhitmanNelson's biographical dictionary and historical reference book of Erie County, Pennsylvania : containing a condensed history of Pennsylvania, of Erie County, and of the several cities, boroughs and townships in the county also portraits and biographies of the governor's since 1790, and of numerous r → online text (page 173 of 192)
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is a member of the Masonic order, of the I. O. O. F.,
G. A. R. and Protected Home Circle.

Earl M. Ketchatn, manager of the Earl Hotel,
North East, Pa., was born at Mina, Chautauqua county,
N. Y., October 4, 1854. He is a son of Charles S. and
Martha (Beeman) Ketcham, natives of New York, the
former of Scotch descent. Charles S. Ketcham was
born October 26, 1810, was for many years a farmer
and for some years a hotel keeper in Chautauqua
county. New York, is now retired from business and
resides at Findley's Lake, Chautauqua county. His
wife, who also survives, was born June 2, 1827. Earl
M. Ketcham was educated at Mina, was for twenty
years engaged in the oil business, and in May, 1892,
went to North East, Pa., to assume management of
the Opera House Restaurant, a business which was
owned by Messrs. Frank McLaughlin and Isaac Ack-
erman, who' carried on business in the block at the
southwest corner of Clinton avenue and South Lake
streets, which was in 1894 remodeled and fitted for
hotel purposes by Mr. Isaac Ackerman, and opened as
a hotel, which takes its name, " The Earl," after Mr.
Earl Ketcham, its present manager. Mr. Ketcham
was married in 1879 to Harriet A., daughter of the late
Charles Horton, an old resident and merchant of North
East. Mr. and Mrs. Ketcham have two children,
Lorena Elvira and .Stewart Charles, reside at 62 South
Lake street and attend the Presbyterian Church.

George W. Cole was born in North East township,
Erie county. Pa., October 27, 1863. He is a son of
James M. and Alice Helen (Eddy) Cole, the former
also a native of North East township and the latter of
Silver Creek, Chautau(|u.i nmnt\-, X. Y. James M.
Cole is a son of the late D.inus S. e'nk-, whose father,
James Cole, settled in Ninth I'.jst tc)\vn,ship early in
the crntury, Jainis M. I i.ii- has retired from active
l>ii>tiii ^> .111(1 rr.^idrs (111 his farm near North East.
('.(oi-i \\ . I oil- w;i,M ilii. ,iti il in the public schools of
Nnrtli fast, .111(1 111 Ins Muitli entered the employ of
the banking linn nf Short, Blaine & Co., continuing
with that firm and its successor, the People's Savings
Institution, until 1886, when he was made private sec-
retary of Messrs. Samson and Alfred Short. In 1891
he was one of the incorporators of the Samson Fertil-
izing & Chemical Company, the general management
of which subsequently devolved upon him, and of
which he is treasurer and general manager. He
was married June 10, 1886, to Anna, daughter of the
late John McNeill, of North East township. Mr. and
Mrs. Cole have one child, Charles Dana, reside on
West Main street, and attend the Presbyterian Church.
Mr. Cole is a member of the Masonic Lodge and of
the Royal Arcanum.

Roice S. Pierce was born in North East town-
.ship, Erie county. Pa., May 2, 1846. He is a son of
Earl Pierce, whose personal history is contained in

this volume. R. S. Pierce completed his education at
the North East Academy in 1864, and for fourteen
years thereafter was engaged in mercantile pursuits
at North East, during that period carrying on a gro-
cery and hardward establishment, and being identified
with the New Era Organ Company, as secretary. In
1878 he removed to the oil country, and was for four
years engaged in mercantile pursuits in Bradford.
Relocating in North East, he was, from 1883 to 1891,
acting in the interests of certain lumber companies.
During this period, also (in 1887) he formed a partner-
ship with his brother, George E. Pierce, for the cul-
ture of the grape, in which business they have ever
since been engaged, with constantly increasing acre-
age, and are now (1895) the most extensive cultivators
in Erie county, Pennsylvania. Mr. Pierce has served
successively in the offices of assessor, mercantile ap-
praiser, and member of the North East council, re-
signing the latter office during his third term to ac-
cept the postmastership of North East by appoint-
ment of President Harrison. In the spring of 1895 he
was elected to his present office, justice of the peace
for Erie county at North East. He was married
November 17, 1869, to Josephine A., daughter of the
late S. D. Brown, a manufacturer of Girard, Pa. Mr.
and Mrs. Piece have two children, Bertrand R. Pierce,
engaged in grape culture with his father, under the
firm name of R. S. Pierce & Son, and Julia L. Pierce,
a graduate of the North East high school. The fam-
ily reside at No. 40 Vine street and attend the Pres-
byterian Church. Mr. Pierce is past master of Lodge
399, North East F. & A. M.

Earl Pierce was born December 19, 1820, in
North East township, Erie county. Pa. His parents
were Palmer and Anna (Brewster) Pierce, the former
a native of New York and both of English descent,
the Pierces being lineally descended from one of the
pilgrim fathers. Palmer Pierce purchased a farm in
North East tdwnslii]) in 1819, and the following year
located ii|iiiii It with his family, and there continued
to residr, with tlic exception of a year or two spent in
Chautauqua county. New York, throughout his life.
He died in 1859, his wife in 1868. Earl Pierce was
educated in the public schools of his native township,
learned the carpenter's trade and followed that busi-
ness for twenty-four years at North East, Pa., building
a large number of the residences erected in that
borough during that period. He purchased a farm in
the township, where he resided for twelve years, dur-
ing which period he was a dealer in agricultural im-
plements. In 1876 he returned to the borough of
North East, where he has ever since resided in retire-
ment from business. He was married May 15, 1844,
to Louisa L., daughter of the late Stephen Histed, a
pioneer settler of North East township. Mr. and Mrs.
Pierce have two children, Roice S. and George E.
Pierce, who reside on West Gibson street, and are
members of the Methodist Church, with which they
have been identified for more than fifty years.

William H. Saudboru, editer and proprietor of
the North East Breeze, was born at Angelica, Alle-
gany county, New York, March 10, 1854. He is a son
of Squire and Eliza (Woods) Sandborn, also natives of
Allegany county, N. Y., the former of Scotch, and the
latter of Scotch-German descent, and who now reside
at North East, Pa. William H. Sandborn completed


his education at Pleasantville ( Pa. ) Academy, and
then entered upon the study of pharmacy. He was
engaged in the drug business for some years, purchas-
ing the Park Drug Store at North East in 1888, and
conducting that establishment until 1893, when he
founded the weekly newspaper. The Breeze, of
which he is editor, publisher and proprietor. He was
married July 3, 1872, to Mary E., daughter of James
Kingsley, of Venango county, Pcnnsyhnnia. Mr. ;ind
Mrs. Sandborn have one child. f'rn\- .\hoiil S.iml-
born, associated with his father in Ihimiu xs. H'^nh nu
West Main street and attend tin- I'n ^.l)\ ici i.m ( hun h.
Mr. William H. Sandborn is a nu-nilu-r oi the B. 1'.
O. E.

Johti S. Hammond, late general freight agent of
the New York, Lake Erie and Western R. R., was
born in North East, Erie county. Pa., February 22,
1840. He is the eldest child of Samuel Smith Ham-
mond, of North East, whose personal history is con-
tained in this volume. John S. Hammond was edu-
cated in the public and high schools of North East.
When 15 vears old he was called to the superintend-
ent's office, Buffalo and Erie R. K.. at Buffalo, to learn
telegraphy. After six months praiticc In- had .[('(]uiri-il
sufficient expertness to be given ( liaiyc of tlu- trlc-
graph office of the B. & E. li. R. at Norih, xvhn,-
he remained until the winter of 185ti-7, during the lat-
ter period tilling the position at Buffalo of operator in
the general freight office of the Buffalo and Erie R. R.
April 1, 1857, he assumed the duties of operator in the
freight office at Dunkirk, N. Y., of the New York and
Erie R. R. Company, in which capacity he was
engaged until October, 1861, when he went to Wash-
ington, where he entered the service of the United
States government as telegraph operator at General
McClellan's headquarters, serving conjointly at the
war department until February, 1862, when ill-health
compelled his resignation from the service. Prior to
this he had been proffered an increased official posi-
tion in the railroad service at Dunkirk, and this
position he subsequently accepted, remaining at Dun-
kirk until 1868. The latter year he was made chief
clerk and cashier of the freight department, at Buffalo,
of the New York, Lake Erie and Western R. R. Four
years later he was appointed agent of the same road
at the same city, occupying that position until 1885,
when he was made general freight agent of the same
road, with headquarters at New York. This position
he was compelled to resign on account of ill-health,
in 1889, smce which time he has resided in the vicinity
of North East, where he has extensive farming

Andrew Boyer, farmer, was born June 16, 1834,
in Chester county, Pennsylvania, son of Samuel and
Margaret (Supplee) Boyer, natives of Chester county,
Pennyslvania, where the Boyers settled in 1801. They
were the parents often children, viz.: Harriet mar-
ried Michael Graham, and resides at Chester, Pa.;
Lewis (deceased), Sabina married Richard Piatt, both
deceased; Levi (deceased), Rachael (deceased), mar-
ried Mr. Dunlap; Elizabeth (deceased), Andrew, Mary,
married Benjamin Grube; Peter resides in Berks
county, and Margaret Anne, who married Alexander
Storry. The mother died in 1866, and the father two
years later. Andrew Boyer was reared and educated
in Chester county and commenced life farming in that

county. In 1862 he came to Erie county and engaged
in farming at Harbor Creek, where he remained until
1871, when he came to North East township, where he
now resides. Mr. Boyer was married November 6,
1854, to Louisa, ilauirhter of Jacob Grube, a native of
Lancaster count\ . I'd tins nninn ucia- burn trn chil-
dren, viz.: Khnrr I. i. S.nnn.'i I., larnn-r,
North Easttnun^lnp. .\nnu'.,d John Srrlc\ .aid
resides in North l'..i;>l tovMiblnp; Louisa ut hoine);
John, Harbor Creek; Emma (at home); Maggie and
Clara (at home), and Edward (deceased). Mr. Boyer
politically is a Democrat and the family are members
of the M. E. Church.

John Kane, manufacturer of brick anil tile. North
East. Pennsylvania, one of the leaders i n his chosen
industry, is a native of Counts Llan-, In-laiid. and
was born in 1854. He was one i.l a l.innlv nl t. ii chil-
dren, four of whom lived to maturity. 1 In- f.ithcr died
when John was twelve years old. 1 Ic (aim- t^ .Xinci u a
and settled near Toronto, Canada, uImh, \\l,,ii a li.iv,
he worked at brickmaking; he I'll nan II 1 1 tlaia- until iMl-'i,
when he came to Erie and en^a-id in makinj liiiik.
He nitule th.- lirst stnrk brick tlial uas in.iniil.h Iiirrd
in fa-ir, and cniiiinncd brick inakniL; in the m, init\ nf
Vrw in, III Is^r;. uIhm, he beimhl a hirni el ..bent
se\entv-n\e a, res in the ue-tein |iart ul Neith
township, on theBiilf.iki in.i.k I b re he engaged in
farming and the manufacture el brick and tile. He
also has another farm nl >e\ eiit\ \ ens in the township.
Mr. Kane was married M.i\ 1. l^-Mt, to Miss Margaret
Rannells, of Canada. They were the parents of ten
children, three of whem are living, viz.: Mary AL,
married Michael McMahon, Moorheadville, Pa.; John,
at home; and Thomas, Bradford, Pa. Mr. Kane is a
very progressive citizen and a staunch Democrat.

Thomas Pettit, North East, Pa.', is one of the
progressive citizens of Erie county, now resides on
the farm in North East township which was settled by
his father, Seth Pettit, in 1831, when it was a heavy for-
est, and the only way that he could see out, was to look
up. He took his axe and went to work in the manner
of a true pioneer. He converted 110 acres of wilder-
ness into fair fields which now constitute one of the
productive farms of the garden township of Erie
county. Seth Pettit was born in Galway, N. Y., June
22, 1806, and was a son of Elisha and Hannah (Rowe)
Pettit. The former was a native of France and the
latter of New York State. They reared a family of
fourteen children. The father and mother died at
Galway, N. Y. Seth Pettit was married September 19,
1833, to Miss Nancy M. Mellon, of North East. To
this union were born eleven children, viz.: Charles E.,
born July 7, 1834, resides at Calispell, Montana; Sally
A., born February 12, 1836, died June 2, 1836; S. Al-
sina, born July 20, 1837, married Capt. C. H. Culver, of
St. Paul, Minn.; Henry R., born May 5, 1839, died in
Memphis, Tenn., October 7, 1867; Marvin D., born
January 18, 1841, was killed at the battle of Wauhat-
chie, Tenn., was a member of Company F, 111th P. Y.
I.; Dewitt Clinton,born January 11, 1842, Seward, Neb.;
Dudley M., bornjuly 2, 1845, died July 6, 1871; Thomas,
born January 21, 1847; Lillie, born November 27, 1848,
resides at North East; Martin, born March 5, 1850,
Erie, Pa., and Cassius M., born September 14, 18.53,
and died November 20, 1881. The four elder brothers
all served their country during the late Rebellion.



Seth Pettit died at his home in North East, June 13,
1886, at the age of 80 years lacking seven days, and his
wife died March 15, 1894. She was born June 2, 1812.
Thomas Pettit was reared on the place where he now
resides and educated in the public schools, and has
made farming the chief occupation of his life. He was
married December 2'.i, ls7!l,to Miss Kathryn, daughter
of Clark and Antjilina (Cust.irdi Bliss, the former a
native of Genesee, N. V.,an i..,r,.l m North
East township, and educate

Online LibraryBenjamin WhitmanNelson's biographical dictionary and historical reference book of Erie County, Pennsylvania : containing a condensed history of Pennsylvania, of Erie County, and of the several cities, boroughs and townships in the county also portraits and biographies of the governor's since 1790, and of numerous r → online text (page 173 of 192)