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Online LibraryBenjamin WhitmanNelson's biographical dictionary and historical reference book of Erie County, Pennsylvania : containing a condensed history of Pennsylvania, of Erie County, and of the several cities, boroughs and townships in the county also portraits and biographies of the governor's since 1790, and of numerous r → online text (page 188 of 192)
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worthy of the confidence and esteem of the commu-
nity. Politically he is a staunch Republican, and cast
his first vote for General Harrison, in 1840.

Eugene P. Beusoti, bank cashier, Waterford,
Erie county, Pa., was born November 5, 1842, in
Waterford township. He was educated in the Water-
ford Academy, and has been a life-long resident of the
township. Mr. Benson has been identified in the work
of extending numerous surveys of the township and
borough since 1860. He became associated with the
Waterford Bank as cashier in 1890, and became a resi-
dent of the borough in 1870. He is a son of William
Benson, who was born in 1818, and came to the locality
at an early date. Eugene P. Benson was united in mar-
riage to Adelia C, daughter of John Brown, of Summit
township, in 1866. He is a member of the Waterford
Lodge, F. & A. M. and theA.O. U. W.

E. W. Patten, druggist, born January 26, 1861, in
LeBceuf township, where he spent several years of his
early life. Educated at Waterford Academy, he soon
after accepted a clerkship in his present store with
Bowman & Smith, and in the fall of 1883 purchased
Dr. Bowman's interest, and the firm continued under
the name of Clemens & Patten until 1886, when Mr.
Patten assumed entire control of the business, which
has greatly increased under his successful manage-
ment. He is a son of Thomas Patten, of LeBoeuf
township, and is a member of the Waterford Lodge,
F. & A. M. He was married in 1886 to Nettie N.
Briggs, of Waterford borough.

L. M. Ross, boot and shoe dealer, Waterford, Erie
county, Pa., was born in McKean township, Erie
county, in 1841. He was a son of James S. Ross, who
died in 1885. He moved to Waterford township in
1851, and was engaged in lumbering for some time.
His wife was Sarah Ann Wilson, a native of \'ermont.
Mr. L. M. Ross was married in 1862 to Nancy Jane



Lunger. Their children are: Hattie Elizabeth, wife
of George Wells, born in 1863; Fred Ernest Ross,
born in 1872. Mr. Ross was for many years engaged
in the lumber business, and embarked in the boot and
shoe trade in 1893, and is also an active member of the
A. O. U. W. and I. O. O. F.

James X. HayBCS, farmer, Waterford, Erie
County, Pa., was born in England in 1833, and came to
this country with his parents at the age of 11 years.
He was the son of Thomas Haynes, an early resident
of the township, who died in 1891. James X. Haynes
was married in 1852 to Ellen Beaumont, daughter of
Mark Hill and Sarah (Thornton) Beaumont. Their
children are Mary Ellen, wife of Abram Burger, of
Erie; Mark Hill Haynes, Erie; John F. Haynes, Bag-
dad, Erie county; Anna, wife of William Craig, of
Bagdad, Erie county; James F. Haynes, Bagdad, Erie
county; Harry Haynes, Waterford township; Minnie,
wife of Dana Briggs, Waterford. Mr. Haynes has re-
sided on the farm he now occupies during the past
forty-two years.

John M. Moore (deceased) was born in 1836 in
Waterford township and spent most of his days on the
farm on which he died, October 27, 1883. He was
married September 15, 1869, to Carrie \'. Wheeler,
daughter of Stephen D. and Nancy (Pritchard)
Wheeler, natives of New Hampshire, who came to
Waterford township when the locality was a dense
wilderness. Many of the early scenes are recalled by
Mrs. Susan Moore, who still survives, being in her
83d year. J. M. Moore was a son of Alexander
Moore, who came to this country from Ireland at
the age of 12 years. He married Susie Lytle. The
children of Mr. Moore are Dwight Kirk and For-
rest Free Moore, who, with their mother, conduct the
farm which was surveyed and purchased by their an-
cestors three generations ago.

Judsou Walker, farmer, Waterford township-
born December 26, 1836, on the farm now occupied by
him, was educated in the Waterford Academy, and
afterwards taught township schools several terms,
later becoming interested m farming, and since 1860
has devoted his time chiefly to that. December 30,
1883, he became equally interested with his brother,
Joseph, in the farm upon which he now resides.
Joseph Walker died on the 4th of April, 1894. Judson
Walker was elected treasurer of Erie county on the
Republican ticket in 1889, and served three years. He
is identified as a prominent farmer with the township
interests, and is a member of the following organiza-
tions; F. & A. M., I. O. O. F. and A. O. U. W. The
remaining members of the family, not heretofore men-
tioned, are; Francis R., Waterford; Cecelia A.,
Nancy M., at home, and Sarah A., Mrs. A. M. Wood,
Lincoln, Neb. James Walker, Judson's father, was
born in 1795, was a native of Connecticut, and of
Revolutionary stock. His father, Joseph Walker, was
a member on the staff of General LaFayette. He
was himself a soldier in the war of 1812, for which he
received a pension. At the time of his death he was
the eldest man in Waterford township. He settled, in
1816, on the place where Judson now resides, coming
from New York State. In 1850, assisted by his sons,
he built over a mile of the plank road, then being con-
structed from Waterford to Erie, and during the con-

struction of the Philadelphia and Erie R. R. he and
his sons constructed some three miles of said road. In
1826 he married Sarah Ross, of Meadville, Pa., who
died March 30, 1866. They were among the pioneers
of the county. Judson Walker has held all the town-
ship offices, and during the year 1887 was transcribing
clerk in the State Senate at Harrisburg. He was
married April 11, 1895, to Miss Kate M. Crawford, of
Erie, Pa. He is a Republican in politics, and has
several times been elected a delegate to the party con-
ventions. Mr. Walker has a farm of 325 acres, located
three miles from Waterford and twelve miles from
Erie, on the Waterford and Harbor Creek road, and is
engaged in general farming and stock raising.

I. C. Hayes, tanner, Waterford, Erie county, .Pa.,
born February 18, 1837, in Waterford, a son of James
and Polly (Boyd) Hayes, who were early identified
with the town. James Hayes was born in 1799. His
father was a native of Ireland. At an early day he
went to Milton, Pa., to learn the trade of chair-mak-
ing and wheelwright. After learning his trade he lo-
cated in Waterford. He married in 1823, and spent
the remainder of his life in Waterford, excepting a
short time spent in Mill Creek, and on farms near
Waterford. Fourteen children blessed this union, of
which I. C. was the ninth child. The father died
March 1, 1874, and his wife, November 18, 1866.
Much interesting history surrounds the ancestors of
this large family, many of whom served in the Revo-
lutionary war. I. C. Hayes married Ena Barnett.
One son was born to them, William Boyd Hayes. Mrs.
Hayes died, and Mr. Hayes afterwards married Rose
Johnson; they had five children, as follows; Clarence,
born April 3, 1876; Alice, born October 7, 1878; Jessie,
born September 27, 1880. Two children are dead;
Ella, born December 25, 1882; Irwin, born November
21, 1884. Mr. Hayes was a member of the 83d Reg.,
P. V. I., and was wounded at the battle of Bull Run.
He has always made Waterford his home, and has for
some time been proprietor of the Waterford tannery.

H. L. White, retired, Waterford, Erie county. Pa.,
born April 3, 1831, in Waterford borough, was a son
of I. M. White, born 1802, a native of Vermont, and
whose wife was Rose Anna Lenox, of Erie county,
born 1803. Their children were W. C. White, born
May 15, 1833, and H. L. White, who married Naomi
Rich, born May 15, 1837, daughter of Richard and
Mary Rich, of Erie, natives of England. Their chil-
dren are E. L. White, of Nashville, Tenn., and Delia
R., wife of G. G. McLean. Mr. White began life as a
clerk for Cooper & Stanford, and was afterward in the
employ of H. H. Whitney & Whiteand Lucius Phelps.
In 1860 he took the census of the east half of the city
of Erie, all of North East township and borough. Har-
bor Creek, Greene and Waterford borough and town-
ship. In the fall of the same year he became traveling
salesman for J. C. Burgess, and afterward forClemens,
Caughey & Burgess, of Erie, retiring in 1874, when he
became a resident of Waterford borough where he has
since lived.

Chester West (deceased), was born in Greenwich,
Mass., in 1816, son of Justice and Ruth I Marvin) West,
of Scotch descent. Chester came to Erie county at
the age of 13 years, and went to live with his uncle.
Dr. Loren West, of Edinboro, who died at an early



day, leaving Chester to gain a livelihood, which he did
by engaging in mercantile pursuits. Later he came to
Waterford, and soon after associated himself in busi-
ness with John Marvin, and engaged in general mer-
chandising and the lumber trade. In 1860, he became
associated with Judge Benson, and organized the first
bank in Waterford, under the firm name of Benson &
West. He continued in the banking business until
1874, when he retired. His death occurred May 3,
1891. Mr. West was married in 1855, at Nashville,
Tenn., to Sophie, daughter of Michael Dominique and
Victoire Hersant, natives of Paris, France. The chil-
dren are: Alice West (deceased), Otis C. West, mer-
chant, New York, and W. H. West, M. D., of Water-
ford,_ a graduate of Columbia University, class 1890.

Montello W. Davis, merchant, Waterford, Pa.,
born 1849, in Waterford township, son of William and
Louise (Thomas) Davis, natives of Vermont. Will-
iam Davis died in 1894, and was the son of Zophar
Davis, a native of Long Island, and who came to Erie
county with his family in 1816. He died in 1856.
Montello W. Davis spent a portion of his early life in
Andover, N. Y., and in Waterford township. In 1886
he engaged in the grocery business with his brother,
M. M. Davis, in Waterford borough, under the firm
name of Davis Bros. M. M. Davis sold his interest to
M. A. Patten in 1889, which firm now exists as Davis
& Patten. Mr. Davis was married in 1873 to Flor-
ence E., daughter of John A. Benson, of Waterford
township. He is a member of the I. O. O. F. and A.
O. U. W.

J. L. CooK, Waterford, Erie county, Pa., born Jan-
uary 28, 1811, in Buffalo, N. Y., son of Robert and Lo-
demia Cook, natives of New England. Robert Cook
was accidentally shot m 1811, while sitting in a hotel
in Buffalo. His widow moved to Chautauqua county.
New York, and bought a farm; she was subsequently
married to Samuel Truesdale; she died in 1827. Mr.
J. L. Cook remained with his mother until 12 years of
age. He then lived with Capt. John Tracy one year,
and was afterwards hostler at H. G. Davis' hotel. He
learned the cabinet-maker's trade of Johnson Boyd,
with whom he served five years. Besides learning his
trade, he assisted in caring for his five younger
brothers and sisters, a liberal trait in his character
which has followed him through his life-long career.
His life since early childhood has been one of per-
sistent activity, pushing one enterprise after another,
and now, at the close of four score years, he is found
full of life and animation. He married Belinda, daugh-
ter of John Boyd, Esq. Six children were born to
them, as follows: Laura M., wife of John Brion; Ella,
wife of D. D. Miner; Julia, wife of the late Dr. Spencer,
of Erie; Lee (deceased). Cook and Edwin (deceased).
Mrs. Cook departed this life September 1, 1877. Mr.
Cook was proprietor of Cook's Hotel for fifteen years;
at the same time was engaged in the carpenter and
joiner business, employing from three to five men
most of the time. He was one of the company who
constructed the Lake Shore R. R. from the New York
State line to North East, including the building of a
bridge over Twenty-Mile creek, 580 feet long and 100
feet high, and the railroad buildings at North East.
He then engaged in building three miles of plank road
from Waterford to Marvin's Mills; piers and abutments
across the Wabash at Vincennes, Ind; graded about

twelve miles of the O. & M. R. R., and about twenty
on the U. M. in Missouri, and erected twenty buildings.
He then returned to Waterford and purchased the
Eagle Hotel, which he conducted three years, then sold
out and went to Cameron, Pa., and opened the Riddle
House, which he ran in connection with his trade for
four years. He then erected a large hotel, a block of
buildings and a residence, which, he presented to his
daughter, Laura. At that time he built the greater
part of Emporium, Pa., and was worth §120,000. Re-
verses came, and his buildings were consumed by fire.
He then engaged in the hotel business in the oil re-
gions, and was again burned out. He then returned
to \*.'aterford, and with his old time vigor, erected the
Park Hotel and other buildings. Waterford, like the
places herein before mentioned in this sketch, has not
only in this instance, but in numerous other ways,
received a lasting benefit from this public-spirited

Lewis Sedgwick, retired farmer, Waterford town-
ship, Erie county, Pa., was born August 28, 1813, in
Renssalaer county, New York; he has lived on the
farm where he now resides since 1825. He is a son
of Aaron Sedgwick, who was born in Massachusetts,
coming to Waferford township at an early day, when
the country was a dense wilderness, raised a family of
ten children, and died in 1847. Lewis Sedgwick was
married August 15, 1839, to Emily H., daughter of
Captain Reuben Sharpe, a native of England, a soldier
of the war of 1812, and an early settler of Erie county.
Four children were born to them, as follows: Elmina
M., wife of Wilson Marsh; Eugene V., who lost his
life at the battle of Cedar Mountain, while acting as
second sergeant in the 111th, P. V. I.; Jeremaine B.,
of the United States navv, resident of Omaha, Neb.,
and Claude D., of Waterford township. Mr. Sedg-
wick is a grandson of Gordon Sedgwick, a soldier of
the Revolutionary war, and besides being prominent
in the various interests of the township, has served as
constable and collector.

T. W. Barton, M. D., physician and surgeon,
Waterford, Erie county. Pa., was born in Weston,
Windsor county, Vt., in 1836, and is a son of Ira and
Mary Barton, the latter a native of Vermont. Ira Bar-
ton was born in Hoosac, N. Y., March 24, 1796, and
was a son of Timothy S. Barton, a native of Massa-
chusetts and a soldier of the Revolutionary war. Ira
was a graduate of the Medical College at Castleton,
\'t., and began his practice" in Western \'ermont, con-
tinuing it in Massachusetts. In 1836 he came to Erie
city, where he practiced four years, and then came to
Waterford, where he followed his profession for forty
years. He was a soldier in the war of 1812, enlisting
when he was but 16 years old. Dr. T. W. Barton
graduated from the Buffalo Medical College in
1862, and began the practice of his profession in
Hartstown, Crawford county. Pa., where he remained
until 1865, when he removed to Waterford, Erie
county. Pa., and formed a partnership with his
father, who finally retired from active duties of the
profession in 1872. His death occurred in 1884. Dr.
T. W. Barton was married October 4, 1864, to Emeline,
daughter of Dr. James White, of Hartstown, Crawford
county. Pa. Their children are: Shirley McLean,
May E. and Loyd Barton. Dr. Barton became asso-
ciated in the drug business with \V. L. Kelly in 1882,



and has since continued a prosperous business. He is
a member of the F. & A. M. and I. O. O. F. societies.

Harvey Boyd, farmer and dealer in lumber,
Waterford. Erie county, Pa., born February 21, 1815,
on his present farm in Waterford township, Erie
county, Pa., which consists of 200 acres of excellent
farmina; land an i a saw-mill, with a capacity of 3,090
feet per day. He is the son of the late James and
Elizabeth (Lattimore) Boyd, who came to Waterford
township and settled on the farm now owned by Harvey
Boyd in 1802. Mr. Boyd was educated at the Water-
ford Academy, and was married to Sarah Ann Himrod,
daughter of Moses and Nancy (Lattimore) Himrod,
early settlers of Erie county. Their children are:
J. Flavel, Elizabeth L. and Sarah A.

A. S. Pearcs, Wayne township, farmer, Wheelock
post office, was born in Columbus, Warren county, Pa.,
in 1838. He was the son of Ira Pearce, who m 1826,
removed to Columbus from New York State. He was
accompanied by two brothers, Erastus, now dead, and
Loren, who died in 1889. A. S. was married in 1858,
to Miss Sophia Mertz, daughter of Jacob H. Mertz, who
came from New England in 1830 and settled on the
State line. The children of A. S. are: Dessa M., wife
of W. P. Hall, of Corry; Ira M., Lee C, Guy B., Ida,
wife of Grant Barton, of Corry; Lora L., and Lo L.
Mr. Pearce was a member of the Erie three months'
men, under the command of Captain Austin. He af-
terwards enlisted in Co. K, 199th Reg. P. V. I., under
Captain Echols. He is a member of G. A. R. post
No. 70, of Corry. His grandfather, Loren Pearce, was
a veteran in the war of 1812, and his brother Edgar N.,
was in the late Rebellion. A. S. Pearce, besides being
engaged in farming pursuits, also represents the
granite works of M. D. Judd, as traveling salesman.

Andrew Lyons, lumberman, Wayne township,
Erie county, Pa., was born in Erie county, April 2,
1838. He is a son of Jesse and Jane (Kincaid) Lyons,
who were married in 1837. The latter was born June
7, 1818, and died November 23, 1866; the former was
born July 1, 1814, and died November 2, 1866. He

came to Wayne township in 1834, where Mr. Lyons
carried on a milling business, besides conducting a
farm, and was a most thorough-going citizen. To this
union were born eleven children, as follows: Andrew,
Joshua (deceased), William (deceased I, Rebecca E.
(deceased), Julia A., Amanda A., Jesse K. (deceased),
Samuel A., Rosetta J. (deceased), Celia N., and So-
phronia A. The grandfather of Andrew Lyons, John
Kincaid, was a veteran of the war of 1812. Andrew
Lyons was married January 20, 1864, to Julia A. Bloss,
who was born October 13, 1836. Their issue has been
as follows: Carrie P., born March 17, 187L and died
September 6, 1888; and Eugene A., born November
21, 1873. Mr. Lyons has been engaged in the milling
business sixteen years, and has run an extensive mill
in Wayne' township since 1885. He has been town-
ship commissioner, tax collector and assessor, and is a
most highly respected citizen, of temperate habits.

William Buller, superintendent. State Fish Com-
missioner, Corry, Erie county. Pa., came to Corry in
1885, from Allentown, Pa., and accepted the position
of superintendent of the State Hatcheries, one mile
west of the City of Corry. This was at the time the
State Commissioners purchased the present property
of private owners, and fitted and enlarged the same,
making it the most extensive of any in the State.
William Buller was born in Maytown, Lancaster coun-
ty. Pa., in 1853 and is a son of William B. and Annie
(Gish) Buller, of Lancaster. Their children were: Will-
iam, Emlen, Nathan, Howard, Bertha, Fannie and
Abram, all living. Mr. Buller has been in the employ of
the Commission for twenty-four years, and is a most
enthusiastic and energetic man in this line, and has
made numerous valued additions to the Commission.
Since the start ten years ago there has been added,
under the personal supervision of Mr. Buller, thirty-
seven ponds, new spring-houses, food grinding ma-
chines, office, bridges, hatchery enlarged, and the
ponds boarded and graveled, so that now Corry's
hatchery has twice the amount of fish that any hatch-
ery in the State of Pennsylvania contains. Mr. Buller
makes this his first interest, and thus has attained
great success in his chosen vocation.


Page Be — The first National Convention of tlie Republican party was held in Philadelphia
in June, 1856. It nominated Fremont and Dayton.

Page 75 — The postoffice name of Mill Town is Arbuckle. Lake Pleasant postoffice is at the
head of the lake. Little Elk postoffice is in Girard township. (.See map.)

Page 70 — " Mill Town (Lake Pleasant postoffice)" should read "Mill Town (Arbuckle post-

Page 81 — Front Run should read Trout Run.

Page 85 — Six-Mile creek was accidentally omitted from the list of Lake Shore streams. See
page 316 for a description of the same.

Page 126 — Gen. Reed's first steamboat was the Peacock, John Fleeharty, captain. The Penn-
sylvania was his second steamboat.

Page 183 — The distance referred to in the account of the fast train on the Lake Shore R. R.
is from the L^nion Depot at Erie to the outer limits of Buffalo.

Page 238 — The Maine Liquor Law was defeated in 1854.

Page 264 — The name of E. Camphausen, Consul at Naples, should appear under the heading
of " Other U. S. Officers."

Pages 292-302 — Little Elk postoffice is in Girard township. (See map.)

Page 349 — The Conneaut branch of the Shenango R. R. extends through the southern part of
Springfield township. Its stations in the township are West Springfield and Five

Page 397 — ^There are thirty-four election districts in Erie City.

Page 420— The sum of $10,000, appropriated to Erie harbor in August, 1894, through the
efforts of Hon. Joseph C. Sibley, was unintentionally omitted.

Page 501 — The Burdett Piano Company is located at Peach and Eighteenth streets.

Page 550 — Levi Vincent came to America about 1700, during the reign of William III.





Aaron, Christopher B 764)^-676

" Rev. F. P 830

" Jacob 676

" Rev. Stephen E 682

Abattoirs and Meat Packing

Houses, Erie 496

Abandonment of the Canal 180

Abbey, W.E 793

AboHshmentof the Street Mar-
ket, Erie 523

AboHtion Party Started 225

Aboriginal Inhabitants 91

Aborigines 19

Academy of Music, Erie 520

Pupils, Erie, in 1844. 492

Academy Lands 109

Academies and Seminaries.. . . 189

Ackerman, Philip 855

Acreage of Townships, Erie

County 79

Act for laying out the town of

Presque Isle 387

Adams, Davis B 797

" John Ouincy, Chosen

President bvThe House 219

Additional Law Judges. . . .150-268
Adjutant Generals, List of . . . 264
Adoption of Common School

System, Erie County 189

Advent Churches 143

Advertiser, Erie 176

African M. E. Church 143

After the Battle of Lake Erie. 136

Agricultural Societies 193

Aitkin, A. B 667

Akam, G. 765

Alarmed by a Camp Fire 543

Alberstadt, Tobias S 744

Albion Borough, Descriptive. . 285

" " Churches 285

" " Incorporated. 285
Mills, News-
papers, Hotel, etc 268

Albion Borough Schools and

Secret Societies 286

Albion Station 284

Aldermen, List of, in Erie 406

A Live King in Erie 191

Allen, Benjamin 787

" Geo. A 330>^-595

" Henry 787

" Henry C 888

" Henry, Sr 889

James D , 747

Allison, James W 640

•' William 640


Allison, William, Sr 640

David 833

Wm. F 833

Almshouse, County 146

Stewards, List of.. 274
Alps Insurance Company, Erie 181

Altice, Rev. M. D. M 863

Amateur Fishermen 424

American Force at Erie 107

Fort Le Boeuf 106

Garrison at Le Boeuf 105

" Independence 102

" Occupation 94

Amity, County Officers from.. 288

" Township... 287

" " Description of 288

Amity Township, History of..


Amity, Mills and Roads 287

Pioneers of 288

Population of 287

" Schools and Churches. 288
" Streams and Bridges.. 287
" Value of Farm Lands.. 288

An Ancient Structure 530

Ancient Graveyard, An 80

Anchor Line Docks, Erie 421

Anderson, A.J 820

C. W. S 891

Leslie M 794

Andrews, Dr. Wm. K 805

Angola Disa.ster 182

Animal Training (A. G. Mar-

tins sketch) 792

Annual Salaries of Erie City

Officials 407

Anthracite Coal 19

Anti-Cameron Outbreak in the

Republican Party 251

Anti-Masonic Era 220

Anti-Slavery Movement 199

Anti-Slavery Riot 38

An Unsolved Mystery (C. T.

Hall sketch), 786

A. O. U. W., Erie 472

Appalling Lake Disasters 128

Applebee, Patrick 757

Aqueducts in Erie County 85

Arbiter-Zeitung 591

Arbuckle, Adam 591

Family 591

Frank P 591

Geo, W 591

lames 592

1. P 592

JohnB 591


Arbuckle, Pressly 591

Richard H 806

Wm. G 591

Wm. M 591

Wm. 1 591

Wm., Sr 691

Atkinson, W. P 740

Archer, C. B 852

F. B 855

Arthur, John V 823

Aubrey, H. C 673

Austin, Capt. J. F 773

Avonia 299

Babbitt, Elijah 600

Baker, John 866

Baldwin, Frank E 858

Nelson 651

Ball, Gideon J 579

Ball & Colt Bankers, Erie. ... 480

Banks and Bank Failures 537

Bank of Commerce, Erie 478

Baptist Church, Early


Barnes, Chas.G 761

Barnhurst, H. R 600

Barron, J. J 829

Peter 829

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