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Nelson's biographical dictionary and historical reference book of Erie County, Pennsylvania : containing a condensed history of Pennsylvania, of Erie County, and of the several cities, boroughs and townships in the county also portraits and biographies of the governor's since 1790, and of numerous r online

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Online LibraryBenjamin WhitmanNelson's biographical dictionary and historical reference book of Erie County, Pennsylvania : containing a condensed history of Pennsylvania, of Erie County, and of the several cities, boroughs and townships in the county also portraits and biographies of the governor's since 1790, and of numerous r → online text (page 26 of 192)
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November 8, 1863 ; William T. Lindsey, Al-
legheny county. May 11, 1891.

Deputy Clerks (all from Erie). — George
W. Gunnison, 1867; George A. Allen, 1869;
F. W. Grant, 1873.

Clerks U. S. Circuit Court.— Uenry

Sproul, Allegheny county, ; H. D.

Gamble, Allegheny county, January 5, 1870.

Deputy Clerks (all from Erie). — George
W. Gunnison, 1868; George A. Allen, 1869;
A. B. Force. 1871 ; Frank W. Grant, Novem-
ber 26, 1875.

The regular terms of both Cqurts at Erie
were originally fixed to commence on the
second Monday of January and the third
Monday of July. The January term was held
at Erie every year until 1875. since when it
has been omitted.

Under the old system, the selection of
jurors for the United States Courts was wholly
in the hands of the Marshal, who summoned
any person he pleased. In 1879, Congress
passed an act making the Clerk of each Court
a Jury Commissioner for his own Court, and
requiring him to appoint another Jury Com-
missioner of opposite politics, thus securing
representation on the juries from both of the
leading parties.

The first lawyer to locate in Erie was
William Wallace, who came on from Eastern
Pennsylvania in 1800, as attorney for the
Pennsylvania Population Compan}'. He re-
mained until 1811, when he returned to
Harrisburg. The second was William N.
Irvine, who settled here in 1804, but also re-
turned to Harrisburg in a few years, even-
tually becoming President Judge of the Adams
district. Among the lawyers who located in
Erie at an earlj' day, and who became per-
manent residents were Anselen Potter, George
A. Eliot, Thomas H. Sill. Philo E. Judd and
William Kelly.

The early lawyers were obliged to practice
in a dozen counties in order to make a liveli-


hood, and some of them were away from their
homes and offices more than half of the time.
They traveled from one county seat to the
other on horseback, with their legal papers
and a few books in a sack across the saddle.

Among the first lawyers who practiced at
the Erie bar was Henry Baldwin, of Pittsburg,
who was appointed a Judge of the U. S. Su-
preme Court in 1830. John Banks, of Mer-
cer, another practitioner, was appointed Judge
of the Berks county Court, and became the
Whig candidate for Governor in 1841.

Dudley Marvin, the eminent New York
lawyer, was admitted to the Erie bar at an
early day. Other early lawyers who practiced
at the Erie bar were John B. Wallace, the
Fosters, Ralph Martin, Patrick Farrelly, John
J. Pearson and Gaylord Church. Gen. C. M.
Reed was admitted, but never became a regu-
lar practitioner.


The following is a list of those who have
been admitted to the bar since the destruction
of the court house in 1823, with the dates of
their admission :

A— Allen, George A., June 1(), 1868;
James W. Allison, June 1, 1875; F. H. Abell,
June 16, 1877 ; John Arthur, November 10,
1881; O. C. Allen, May 20, 1892; Frank L.
Armstrong, May 18, 1895.

B— Babbitt, ' Elijah, February!, 1826;
Don Carlos Barrett, July 1, 1826 ; Peter A.
R. Brace, May 3, 1843; William Benson,
August 7, 1846; J. W. Brigden, October 23,
1849; Rush S. Battles, December 11, 1855;
Charles Burnham, November 30, 1865; Gur-
don S. Berry, December 21, 1865; Charles O.
Bowman, November 30, 1865; W. M. Biddle,
April 30, 1866; R. B. Brawley, August 9,
1866; Henry Butterfield, April 2, 1867; S. J.
Butterfield, April 2, 1867; Hiram A. Baker,
October 1, 1867; Julius Byles, August 15,
1868; Samuel B. Brooks, September 29, 1868;
Charles P. Biddle, October 15, 1868; Geo. D.
Buckley, November 27, 1868; W. W. Brown,
August 81, 1869; Samuel M. Brainerd, De-
cember 22, 1869 ; Cassius L.Baker, May 8,
1872 ; H. W. Blakeslee, November 22, 1872 ;
Ulric Blickensderfer, December 12, 1873; A.
F. Bole, February 27, 1874; Isaac B. Brown,
May 6, 1875; Judge William Benson, De-
cember 4, 1876; M. H. Byles, February 12,
1879; John C. Brady, .September 30, 1879;

Charles H. Burton, May 31, 1881; J. R.
Brotherton, September 14, 1883 ; Eben Brew-
er, June 80, 1885 ; James R. Burns, May 10,
188(3 ; Arthur L. Bates, June 8, 1886 ; Chas.
S. Burchfield, September 6, 1886 ; Frank A.
Bliley, May 20, 1891 ; Saml. S. Bayle, Sep-
tember 9, 1891 ; C. M. Bousch, September 15,
1891; D. I. Ball, November 80, 1891; C. W.
Benedict, January 16, 1893; Paul A. Benson,
April 3, 1893 ; John A^ Bolard, June 26, 1893 ;
Wm. J. Breene, December 8, 1893; Geo. W.
Barker, September 3, 1894.

C— Curtis, C. B., 1834; George H. Cutler,
November 7, 1840; Justin B. Chapin, May 4,
1848; Andrew H. Caughey, November 26,
1851; Marcus N. Cutler, January 31, 1857;
Junius B. Clark, May 10, 1860; Edward
Camphausen, March 15, 1865; Edward Clark,
March 14, 1867 ; Manly Crosby, September
30, 1868 ; A. W. Covell, May 25, 1870; C. L.
Covell, May 27, 1873; W. B. Chapman,
March 28, 1873; George A. Cutler, October 7,
1873; C. C. Converse, March 11, 1874; D. R.
Cushman, June 23, 1874; Herman J. Curtze,
January 4, 1875; Allen A. Craig, December
18, 1875; A. G. Covell, September 7, 1880;
Jno. B. Compton, July 18, 1881 ; F. H. Coch-
ran, November 14, 1881; Frank M. Catlin,
February 19, 1884; Henry A. Clark, May 10,
1884; M. D. Christy, June 1, 1885; Wm. G.
Crosby, December, 1889; J. R. Craig, Decem-
ber 28, 1893.

D— Dunlap, James D., October, 1837;
John W. Douglass, May 8, 1850; Samuel A.
Davenport, May 7, 1854; John F. Duncombe,
August 8, 1854"; GeorgeW. DeCamp, August
7, 1857; J. F. Downing, 1859; Myron E.
Dunlap, December 12, 1878; James Doughty,
June 6, 1881 ; Geo. F. Davenport, January 22,
1885; J. Fold Dorrence, July 15, 1887: C.
C. Dickey, December 12, 1891.

E— Edwards, T. D., June 29, 1853; Clark
Ewing, December 24, 1863 ; Joseph D. Eber-
sole, May 7, 1851 ; John B. Eichenlaub, Sep-
tember 6, 1886; Henry M. Eaton, May 10,
1892; Monroe J. Echols, June 19, 1893.

F— Fisk, James B., June 10, 1845; A. J.
Foster, March 15, 1865; A. B. Force, August
22, 1871; J. M. Force, November 28, 1879;
A B. Friedley, April 18, 1883 ; K. F. Friend,
May 18, 1885; A. A. Freeman, May 10, 1886;
George M. Fletcher, October 18, 1887 ; Henry
E. Fish, February 9, 1889: Edward M. Foye,
June 18, 1894.


G — Graham, Carson, December 19, 1837;
John Galbraith, 1887 ; C. S. Gzowski, August

5, 1889; St. John Goodrich, August 2, 1841 ;
Michael Gallagher, May 1, 1843: William A.
Galbraith, May 9, 1844; Benjamin Grant,
October 27, 1845; John L. Gallatew, Decem-
ber 3, 1846; Jonas Gunnison, November 9,
1849; George 'p. Griffith, August 4, 1864;
George W. Gunnison, March 15, 1865; Frank
Gunnison, February 5, 1870; Frank W.
Grant, March 12, 1874; Paul H. Gaither, No-
vember 19, 1874; William Griffith, January
27, 1875; Edward P. Gould, May S'l, 1875,
Edward Graser, May 6, 1876; Samuel L. Gil-
son, September 4, 1878 ; John W. Galbraith,
September 28, 1885; S. C. Grumbine, Febru-
ary 14,1888; Davenport Galbraith, October
80, 1888; Joseph A. Guignon, January 7,

H — Hawes, Horace M., November 7, 1840;
William M. Heister, May 8, 1841 ; D. W.
Hutcliinson, May 11, 1855; Calvin J. Hinds.
May U, 1860; Charles Horton, January 29,
1866; John K. Hallock, March 24, 1868:
John L. Hyner, April 4, 1870; David S. Her-
ron, September 8, 1875 ; Thomas C. Hinie-
baugh, May 20, 1880; James D. Hancock,
January 27, 1881 ; George D. Higgins, De-
cember 10, 1888; E. E. Hickernell, May 9,
1887 ; Charles Heydrick, June 28, 1887 ; F.
W. Hastings, December 20, 1887 ; L. E. Hay-
berger, January 20, 1888; C. A. Hitchcock,
June 25, 1888 ; M. J. Hevwang, September

6, 1888; Theodore A. Hunter, May 17, 1890;
George W. Haskins, December 11, 1890; A.
F. Henlein, November 6, 1891 ; A. P. Heney,
March 11, 1892; C. D. Higby, November 17,
1892; W. D. Hmkley, November 28, 1893.

J — Johnson, Q_uilicy A., August 6, 1839;
John B. Johnson, April 5, 1842; George N.
Johnson, May 9, 1855; M. W. Jacobs", Oc-
tober 29, 1872 ; A. M. Judson, M'ay 9, 1851 ;
George A. Jenks, September 8, 1892.

K— Kelso, Charles W., 1835; William C.
Kelso, May 10, 1839 ; Louis F. Keller, No-
vember 8, 1869; D. H. Kline, November 14,
1874; Joseph K. Kelso, June 27, 1876; Otto
Kohler, May 12, 1887.

L— Law, Samuel A, April 5, 1841 ; Will-
iam S. Lane, July 22, 1844; Wilson Laird,
February 8, 1849 ; A. McDonald Lyon, March
20, 1857; George A. Lyon, Jr.." March 12,
1861; Charles M. Lynch, February 6, 1866;
H. B. Loomis, August 6, 1866, Samuel P.

Longstreet, January 25, 1869; James H.
Lewis, January 28, 1869; William E. Lathy,
March 7, 1871 ; Theodore A. Lamb, August
22, 1871; Francis P. Longstreet, August 22,

1871 ; George W. Lathy, December 18, 1871;
Charles E. Lovett, October 10, 1874; J. W.
Lee, January 20, 1880; Hugh C. Lord, De-
cember 15, 18S(K

M — Marvin, Dudley, — ; Moses McLean,
November 2, 1825 ; Oilman Merrill, November
9, 1826; George Morton, June 7, 1827; James
C. Marshall, August 4, 1829; George H.
Myers, May 10, 1849; David B. McCreary,
August 8, 1851 ; Francis F. Marshall, October
28, 1857; Selden Marvin, December 14, Lsr>9 ;
William E. Marsh, May 7,1879; Frank M.
McClintock, May 11, 1878 ; Samuel Miner,— ;
William O. Morrow, January 25, 1884; Paul
W. McKay, June 26, 1889; E. W. McArthur,
May 12, 1892; C. H. McAuley, September
12, 1892.

N— Norton, L. S., October 12, 1868;
Miles R. Nason, March 12, 1892; Samuel T.
Neill, November 19, 1892

O — Olmstead, C. G., September 7, 1875;
Clark Olds, April 26, 1876; Edward J.
O'Conner, December 5, 1878 ; Joseph P.
O'Brien, March 17, 1888; A. B. Osborne, May
31, 1887; John Ormerod, November 14, 1889;
N. J. Osmer, July 17, 1898; M. E. Olmstead,
April 18, 1895.

P — t^helps, Mortimer, September 12, 1850;
James G. Payne, February 1, 1861; T. S.
Parker, December 19, 1865 ; James O, Parme-
lee, October 7, 1871 ; John Proudfit, April 26,
1876 ; C, L. Pierce, October 23, 1877 ; William
R. Perkins, June 25, 1878; Rodman F. Pugh,
September 4, 1878 ; Frank L. Perlev, Septem-
ber 30, 1879; E. C. Page, July" 22, 1889;
James M. Proudfit, February 24, 1890; B. B.
Pickett, Jr., September 23, 1891 ; George W.
Perkins, June 5, 1893.

R— Riddle, John S., August 9, 1826; Al-
bert C. Ramsey, May 7, 1838; John J. Ran
dall. May 8. 1839; S. W. Randall, May 10,
1889 ; James C. Reid, August 10, 1848 ; John
! W. Riddell, December 26, 1854; David W.
Rambo, November 2, 1864; Henry M. Riblet,
I October 3, 1867; B. J. Reid, January 22,

1872 ; Louis Rosenzweig, April 6, 1872 ; Craig
J. Reid, September 11,1876; John S. Rill-
ing, February 19. 1885 ; Thomas Roddy, May
9, 1885; U.' P. Rossiter, January 28", 1887";
George A. Rathburn, September 10, 1888 ;



C. p. Rogers, Jr., September 5, 1890; John
E. Reynolds, October 7, 1891 ; ]. E. Reed,
June 28, 1895.

S — Smith, Silas T., June 4, 1827; George
\Y. Smith, November' 7, 1831 ; Stephen
Strong (District Court), April 8, 1841; Reid
T. Stewart, August 5, 1845; S.Merwin Smith,
May 5, 1846; James Sill, October 29, 1852;
Samuel S. Spencer, February 12, 1853; Will-
iam R. Scott, February 2, 1858; B. J. Ster-
rett. May 7, 1861 ; C. B. Sleeper, August 9,
1865; J. C. Sturgeon, February 28, 1867; C.
R. Saunders, May 24, 1869; Henry Souther,
October 30, 1872; James W. Sproul, April
13, 1874; Earl N." Sackett. December 28,
1875; Henry A. Strong, September 17, 1881 ;
A. E. Sisson, November 19, 1881 ; David A.
Sawdey, December 1, 1881 ; James A. Strana-
han, Apiil 24, 1884; George Sturgeon, Sep-
tember 28, 1884 ; Isador Sobel, May 14, 1888 ;
Frank S. Shaw, June 26, 1889; James M.

Sherwin, November 18, 1890; Schmer,

March 2, 1891 ; Rufus B. Stone, January 26,
1893; H. M. Sturgeon, February 24, 1894;
Ralph B. Sterrett, May 14, 1894; Patrick C.
Sheehan, February 15, 1895; Justin P. Slo-
cum, May 28, 1895.

T— Tyler, Nathan, October 22, 1828;
James Thompson, May 5, 1845 ; Matthew
Taylor, April 26, 1847; William Taylor, Feb-
ruary 2, 1849; Henry R. Terry, January 25,
1852; J. Ross Thompson, May 3, 1856;

Samuel Thomas, Jr., May 8, 1857 ; Titus,

October 31, 1860; O. O. Trantum, May 25,
1868; O. E.Taylor, January 30, 1877; C. W.
Tyler, January 24, 1884 ; F. N. Thorpe, June
25, 1885: Albert Truesdell, December 14,
1886 ; L. E. Torry, October 18, 1887 ; E. T.
Templeton, February 29, 1892; James C.
Thomas, October 2, 1893.

V— Virgil, Almon, May 8, 1839; John P.
Vincent, February 2, 1841; E. B. Van Tassel,
December 16, 1858 ; Strong Vincent, Decem-
ber 12, 1860; Cornelius Van Horn, May 28,

W— Walker, John H., July 27, 1824; John
H. Waugh, May 25, 1825; David Walker,
February 7, 1827; William M. Watts, July 17,
1839; Murray Whallon, October 19, 1839;
Irwin M. Wallace, May 28, 1843; Edwin C.
Wilson, August 3, 1846; S. E. Woodruff,
October 28, 1846; Jeron-e W. Wetmore, No-
vember 9, 1849; George Williamson, January
24, 1850; John W. Walker, November 15,

1854; Hy. T- Walters, April 27, 1857; A.
D. Woods, September 8, 1863; George W.
Walker. August 1. 1864; Thomas J. Wells,
August 4, 1864; D. M. R. Wilson. December
19, 1865; Calvin D. Whitney, May 10, 1866;
C. S. Wilson, October 6, 1870; Thomas S.
Woodruff, May 25, 1871 ; David J. Winton,
March 6, 1873 ; E. L.Whittelsey, May 15, 1877 ;
Emory A. Walling, September 4, 1878;
Charles L. White, October 2, 1882.

Y— Yard, H. C, November 28, 1879.


The most notable suit against a railroad
company to recover damages for injuries sus-
1 tained through the negligence or alleged
negligence of the company's employes, and
one that involved the largest sum of money
ever paid in the United States for personal
injuries received, was that of Louis Rosen-
zweig, attorney at law, of Erie, against the
Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway
Company. The plaintiff had purchased a
ticket " good for thirty days from November
25, 1883," for passage from Erie to Cleveland
and return. Upon presenting his ticket on
the following day, shortly after midnight, on
his return trip, he was ejected from the train,
on the ground that his ticket was not good on
that train, the " Limited Express." The
ticket presented was unconditioned, and the
plaintiff had no knowledge that a recent order
of the company limited its use ; yet he tendered
cash in payment for his passage, which was
refused, and the plaintiff" was compelled to
alight from the train a short distance out from
Cleveland, on a most dangerous part of the
railway company's yard, where there were
many tracks, and where freight trains were
being made up and numerous locomotives,
trains and sections of trains were passing in
each direction. The plaintiff" was an utter
stranger to the locality, the night was dark,
and the lights of passing engines served to
accentuate the d.-.rkness when they had passed.
While endeavoring to escape the dangers and
perils of his position, he was struck in the
back and seriously injured. Suit to recover
damages was instituted by his law partner,
George A. Allen, Esq., and subsequently
Samuel A. Davenport and J. Ross Thompson,
Esqs., were retained as associate counsel.
The defendant company was represented by
C. R. Roys, Esq,, of Chicago, Hon. John P.


Vincent and Hon. S. M. Brainerd, of Erie,
and, when tlie case reached the Supreme
Court, Hon. Rasselas Brown, of Warren, was
added to counsel for defense. The case was
heard twice, in 1884, before Judge
Galbraith, of the Court of Common Pleas, of
Erie county, the trials occupying eleven days
and two weeks respectively, resulting in a
verdict for the plaintiff in the sum of $48,-
750. It was carried to the Supreme Court of
Pennsylvania on error by defendant. The
judgment of the lower Court was affirmed
October 4th, 1886. the sum finally paid the
plaintiff, being the amount of verdict, with
interest, aggregating the sum of $53,150.


The public careers of some of the above-
named gentlemen include almost the whole
political history of the county. The limits of
this work leave room for only a few brief ref-
erences. John H. Walker reached Erie when
quite a young man, walking from Pittsburg
to Meadville, where he was obliged to borrow
money to enable him to reach his destination.
Elijah Babbitt built his office and house in
1828, and stuck to the same spot the balance
of his life. Messrs. Walker, Babbitt and
Thomas H. Sill filled numeious public posi-
tions, among them some of the most conspic-
uous in the gift of the people. Dudley Mar-
vin, after remaining in Erie a brief period, re-
moved to Canandaigua, N. Y., and becanje
one of the most eminent lawyers of that State.
James C. Marshall moved to Girard in 1830,
engaged in business, and did not return to the
practice of law in Erie until 1844. Don Car-
los Barrett's name was stricken from the roll
of the bar in 1834, and he .soon after left the
county, never to return. He located in Texas
and accumulated a large property. John
Galbraith came to Erie from Franklin in 1837,
and was elected President Judge. Carson Gra-
ham and John F. Duncomlse went West and
speedily grew prominent in public life, the
one as a Judge and the other as a Legislator
and popular orator. James D. Dunlap was
the author of Dunlap's Book of Forms, and
Benjamin Grant of several volumes of the
State Reports. Horace M. Hawes emigrated
to California and became worth several mill-
ions. William M. Heister returned to Read-
ing, served a term or two in the .State Sen-
ate, and was Secretary of State during Gov-

ernor Packer's administration. George H.
Cutler came to Erie county in 1835 from
Cortland county. N.Y. , where he had read law.
After a time spent in other pursuits he took a
second course of reading with Hon. John
Galbraith, to comply with the rule. Selden
Marvin came here from Chautauqua county,
N. Y., where he served a term as County
Judge, with credit and general acceptability.
Henry Souther, before coming to Erie, had
held several prominent State positions, and
was Judge of Schuylkill county by appoint-
ment of the Governor. John J. Pearson
served for thirty-two years as Presiding Judge
of the Dauphin-Lebanon district. Gaylord
Church was appointed to the .Supreme Bench
and served a brief term.

General Curtis went to Warren immedi-
ately after his admission, and lived there until
186(), when he came back to Erie. He was a
i Colonel in the war for the LTnion, and was
! elected to the Legislature and Congress. C.
,S. Gzowski moved to Canada and became
prominent there. A monument to his memory
stands in the Victoria Park at Niagara Falls.
S. E. Woodruff" lived in Girard until 1872,
when he moved to Erie. Strong Vincent
served gallantly in the war for the Union,
rose to be a brigadier general, won an envia-
ble reputation as a brave soldier and was
killed at Gettysburg. Murray Whallon moved
to California, where he was elected several
times to the Legislature. Samuel A. Law
went to New York, and was chosen to the
Legislature of that State. John W. Douglass
is now a resident of Washington City, after
long service as Deputy Commissioner and
Commissioner of Internal Revenue, and Com-
missioner of the District of Columbia. Judge
Thompson removed to Philadelphia after his
election to the .Supreme Bench, of which he
became Chief Justice. On his retirement from
that position he entered upon the practice of
law, and died in February, 1877, while ad-
dressing the Court of which he had been a

Moses McLean removed to Getty.sburg
and represented the Adams district in the
Twenty-ninth Congress. Albert C. Ramsey
moved to York, Pa., and was chosen colonel
of a regiment in the Mexican war of 1847-48.
George W. Smith changed to Butler and
afterward to Kansas, where he was promi-
nent in the Territorial troubles. Richard Sill


went to Pittsburg and entered active busi-


Of the attorneys resident in Erie county
and admitted since 1823, the following have
held the otficial positions named. [See Political
Record— List of Public Officers.]

George A. Allen, deputy clerk U. S.
court, city solicitor, U. S. district attorney.

James W. Allison, U. S. position in Col-

Elijah Babbitt, city solicitor, Assembly,
State Senator, Congress ; died in his ninety-
second year.

Charles O. Bowman, Assembly, delegate
to Constitutional Convention of 1873.

Henry Butterfield, clerk of the courts. As-
sembly, State Senator.

S.J. Butterfield, U. S. clerkships at Erie
and Washington.

W. W. Brown, Assembly, Congress.

Isaac B. Brown, Assembl)^ deputy secre-
tary of Internal Affairs, secretary.

S. M. Brainerd, justice of the peace, dis-
trict attorney. Congress.

C. T^. Baker, district attornev.

John C. Brady, mayor of Erie.

Eben Brewer, secretary to Director General
World's Fair.

James R. Burns, Assembly.

A. F. Bole, mayor of Corry.

C. B. Curtis, Legislature, Congress.

George H. Cutler, State Senator, President
of the State vSenate.

M. N. Cutler, clerkship at Harrisburg.

E. Camphausen, select council, alderman,
city solicitor, consul to Naples.

M. Crosby, mayor of Corry.

A. A. Craig, alderman, sheriff, U. S. pay-
master, associate judge.

James D. Dunlap, city council, Assembly,
State Senate.

J. F. Downing, clerk of select council,
select council, justice of the peace, district

John VV. Douglass, collector of Internal
Revenue, deputy commissioner and com-
missioner of Internal Revenue, commissioner
of the District of Columbia.

S. A. Davenport, district attorney.

M. E. Dunlap, common council.

George A. Eliot, burgess of Erie,

A. B. Force, district attorney.

A. A. Freeman, alderman, school director.

A.J. Foster, clerk select council.

John Galbraith, Congress, president

William A. Galbraith, president judge.

Jonas Gunnison, clerk of select council,
city council, Assembl}'.

Frank Gunnison, select council, counsel
to the count}' commissioners, president

George P. Griffith, clerk of common coun-
cil, alderman, attorney to the Erie School

Frank W. Grant, select council, deputy
clerk \]. S. Courts.

E. P. Gould, attorney to the board of
directors of the poor, Assembly.

S. L. Gilson, Indian agent in Dakota.

George W. Gunnison, justice of the p^ace,
deputy clerk U. S. Courts.

D. W. Hutchinson, U. S. receiver of pub-
lic money, Bismarck, N. Dak.

John L. Hyncr, sheriff.

E. E. Hickernell, deputy U. S. marshal.
Western Pennsylvania, deputy sheriff in

C. A. Hitchcock, Assembly.
Charles Horton, postmaster, North East.
J. B. Johnson, Assembly, State Senator.
George N. Johnson, deputy attorney gen-

C. W. Kelso, burgess of Erie, city solici-
tor. Assembly.

William S. Lane, city council.

Wilson Laird, Assembly, mayor of Erie.

A. McD. Lyon, paymaster U. S. army.

Geo. A. Lyon, paymaster U. S. navy.

Chas. M. Lynch, district attorney, collect-
or of Internal Revenue.

Theo. A. Lamb, city solicitor.

Chas. E. Lovett, district attorney.

Geo. W. and W^m. E. Lathy, city solicitors.

James C. Marshall, prothonotary, clerk of
the courts, revenue commissioner.

D. B. McCreary, Assembly, State Senate,
adjutant general.

Selden Marvin, county Judge of Chautau-
qua county, N. Y., city recorder.

F. F. Marshall, U. S. commissioner.
Jos. P. O'Brien, city solicitor.

A. B. Osborne, mayor of Corry.
James G. Payne, clerk common council
of Erie, judge in the District of Columbia.


M. Phelps, county treasurer.
John Proudfit, justice of the peace.

C. L. Pierce, clerk of the courts.
John S. Riddle, Assembly.
Gen. Chas. M. Reed, Congress.
James C. Reid, Assembly.

John S. Rilling, attorney to the Erie
School Board.

L. Rosenzweig, alderman.

U. P. Rossiter, district attorney'.

Thos. H. Sill, burgess of Erie, deputy U.
S. marshal, deputy attorney general. Assem-
bly, Congress, Presidential elector, postmaster
of Erie.

James Sill, city solicitor, city council, dis-
trict attorney. State Senate.

J. C. Sturgeon, district attorney.

Henry Souther, State Senate, surveyor
general, president judge of Schuylkill county.

D. B. J. Sterrett, city solicitor.
A. E. Sisson, district attorney.

D. A. Sawdey, counsel for county com-

James A. Stianahan, Legislature, deputy
attorney general of Penna.

Isador Sobel, common council.

J. Ross Thompson, common council.

James Thompson, Assembly, district judge.
Congress, supreme judge, chief justice.

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