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Nelson's biographical dictionary and historical reference book of Erie County, Pennsylvania : containing a condensed history of Pennsylvania, of Erie County, and of the several cities, boroughs and townships in the county also portraits and biographies of the governor's since 1790, and of numerous r online

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Online LibraryBenjamin WhitmanNelson's biographical dictionary and historical reference book of Erie County, Pennsylvania : containing a condensed history of Pennsylvania, of Erie County, and of the several cities, boroughs and townships in the county also portraits and biographies of the governor's since 1790, and of numerous r → online text (page 38 of 192)
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Shunk, 160,403; Markle, 15(5,120; Le-
Moyne, 2,675.

The candidates for Canal Commissioner
were Simeon Gulliford, Whig; Joshua Harts-
horn, Democrat; William Larimer, Jr., Abo-
lition. The vote was about the same as that
for Governor.

Gen. Reed was renominated by the Whigs
for Congress. James Thompson, Erie, was
the Democratic, and John Mann, Potter, the
Abolition candidate.

The vote of the district was as follows :


Erie 3,554 2,180

Warren 856 1.061

McKean 311 415

Potter 206 531

Jefferson 638 777

Clarion 799 1,868

Total 6,364 6,832

Mr. Mann received but ninety votes in all,
of which forty-five were cast in Erie county.
Hamlin Russell, Abolition, also received four-
teen votes in this county.

The county tickets, with the vote for each
candidate, were as follows:

Whig — Assemblv, Mark Baldwin, North
East, 3,442; James" D. Dunlap, Erie, 3,445 ;
Commissioner, Isaac Webster, Fairview,
3,343; Auditor, Thomas Pierce, LeBa?uf,

3,380; Director of Poor, David Kennedy,

i Erie, 3,332 — all being elected.

j Democratic — Assembly, George H. Cut-

ler, Girard, 2,147 ; David Allison, North East,
2,185; Commissioner, James Wilson, Green-

I field, 2,210; Auditor, Michael Jackson, Con-

I neaut, 2,148 ; Director of Poor, James M.
Reed, Mill Creek, 2,156.

Abolition — Assembly, David H. Chap-
man, Fairview; Aaron Kellogg, Erie; Com-
missioner, Nathaniel Wilson, Union ; Audi-
tor, Alexander McCIellan, Mil! Creek; Direc-
tor of Poor, Silas Walker. Harbor Creek.
This ticket received an average of about
seventy votes.

[ A vote was taken to decide whether the

main line of the State public works should be
sold or not. The proposition received a ma-

j jority of 447 in Erie county, but was defeated
in the general vote of the State bv a majoritv
of 21,433.

The Whig party nominated Henry Clay,
of Kentucky, for President, and Theodore
Frelinghuj'sen, of New Jersey, for Vice Pres-
ident. William A. Irvine was the electoral

I candidate for this district. The Democratic
nominees were James K. Polk, of Tennessee,
for President, and George M. Dallas, of Penn-
.sylvania, for Vice President. Christian Mj^ers,
of Clarion county, was the candidate for elec-
tor. The Abolitionists ran James G. Birney,
of Michigan, for President, who received
seventy-four votes in the county and 3,138 in
the btate. James M. Moorhead, of Harbor
Creek, was the candidate for elector.

The following was the Whig and Demo-
cratic vote in the county :


Erie, West ward 151 118

Erie, East ward 170-321 112-230

Amity 37 77

Concord 45 89

Conneaut 201 110

Edinboro 30 11

Elk Creek 108 121

Fairview 244 52

Franklin -. 62 10

Girard 344 166

Greene 104 99

Greenfield 73 32

Harbor Creek 203 127

Le Boeuf 88 114

Mill Creek 350 209

McKean 223 79

North East township 168 192

North East borough 48 34

Spring-field 269 103

Union 73 S3


Venango 102 55

Wattsburg 20 13

Washington 215 79

Waterf ord borough 54 25

Waterford township 178 78

Wayne 55 68

Total 3,630 2,226

The vote of the State was as follows :
Clay, 161,863; Polk, 167,245. Polk's major-
ity, 6,882.

Polk and Dallas were elected by a large
majority of the electoral votes of the Union.


1845 — The Democratic candidate for Canal
Commissioner was James Burns, MifHin
county; the Whig candidate, Samuel D.
Karns, Dauphin; the Abolition, William
Larimer, Allegheny. In Erie county. Burns
received 1,103 votes, Karns, 1,831, Larimer,
eighty-two. In the State, Burns had 119,510 ;
Karns, 89,118 and Larimer, 2,857. TheNative
American party placed a ticket in the field for
the first time this year, and George Morton,
their candidate, received 22,93-4 votes, most of
them being cast in Philadelphia and the
neighboring counties.

Elijah Babbitt, elected State Senator in
1843, resigned his seat at the close of his sec-
ond session, and candidates were nominated to
supply the vacancy. The Whigs supported
James D. Dunlap, the Democrats Carson
Graham, and the Abolitionists David H. Chap-
man. The vote was 1,794 for Dunlap, l,l92
for Graham and eighty-nine for Chapman.

The Democrats made no county nomin-
ations. The following were the candidates
voted for :

Whig— Assembly, J. B. .lohnson. Erie,
1,755; Lyman Robinson, Wattsburg, 1,785;
Prothonotary, Wilson King, Erie, 1,888 ; Reg-
ister, Thomas Moorhead, jr., Erie, 1,810;
Commissioner, Wm. E. Marvin, Greenfield,
1,768; Auditor, three years, James H.
Campbell, Edinboro, 1,699; Auditor, to sup-
ply vacancy, vSimeon Hunt, Waterford, 1,694,
Coroner, Thomas Dillon, Erie, 1,703; Direc-
tor of Poor, Curtis Heidler, Fairview, 1,693.

Abolition — Assembl)-, Samuel Kingsbury,
North East, 191; Nathan Gould, Springfield,
190; Prothonotary, N. Wilson, Union, 160;
Register, John B. Fluke, Erie, 163; Commis-
sioner, Wm. Robinson, North East, 154;
Auditor, A. N. Wood, Venango, 156; David

Nellis, Harbor Creek. 153 ; Coroner, Alex.
McClellan, Mill Creek, 168; Director of
Poor, Richard Barnett, Fairview, 169.


1846 — The Democratic candidate for Canal
Commissioner was Wm. B. Foster ; the
Whig, James M. Power; the Abolitionist,
Wm. Elder, and the Native American,
George Morton. In Erie county. Power had
1,801 votes, Foster, 895, and Elder, seventy-
four. The State gave Power 97,913, Foster
89,084, Morton 15,438, Elder 2,097.

James Thompson was re-nominated by the
Democrats for Congress, and elected. The
Whig candidate was James Campbell, of
Clarion, and the Abolition, John Mann, of
Potter. The vote of the district was as fol-
lows :


Erie 1,792 942 77

Clarion 617 1,199 —

Warren 486 684 19

Jefferson 278 333 —

McKean 168 256 —

Potter 99 237 54

Elk 113 128 —

Total 3,553 3,779 150

The Democratic candidate for State Sen-
ate was Smith Jackson, Erie ; the Whig, J. B.
Johnson, Erie, and the Abolition, Nathan
Gould, of Springfield. Johnson received 1,708
votes, Jackson 873, and Gould eighty-six.

The county tickets and their votes were as
follows :

Whig — Assemblv. William Sanborn,
Amity, 1,719; David" A. Gould, Springfield,
1,668; Sheriff, Miles W. Caughey, Fairview,
1,723; Commissioner, William Campbell,
Washington, 1,710; Treasurer, John S.
Brown, Erie, 1,709; Auditor, James Cham-
bers, Harbor Creek, 1,703; Director of Poor,
William Bracken, LeBoeuf, 1,680.

Democratic — Assembly, E. Duncombe,
Amity, 876 ; Newton Lounsbury, North East,
857; Commissioner, James Wilson, Green-
field, 781 ; Treasurer, John S. Carter, Erie,
846; Auditor, Martin Strong, jr., Waterford,
796; Director of Poor, Isaac R. Taylor,
Washington, 806.

Abolitionist — Assembly, William Gray,
Wayne, eighty-four; R. Barnett, Fairview,
eighty-four; .Sheriff, Aaron Kellogg, North
East, 182; Commissioner, Thomas McClellan,


Mill Creek, eighty; Treasurer, Alexander Me-
haffey, Erie, eighty-three; Auditor. Abner
H. Gould, Springtield, seventv-nine ; Direc-
tor of Poor, Alvah Francis, Franklin, eighty-



184:7 — A vote was taken at the spring
election whether or not license to sell liquor
should be granted in the county. The vote
was 2,416 in favor of license", and 2,188

The Whigs nominated for Governor James
Irvin, of Center county ; the Democrats sup-
ported Francis R. Shunk ; the Abolitionists,
F. J. LeMoyne ;, and the Native Americans,
E. C. Reigart, Lancaster. Erie county gave
Irvin 2,58(5 votes; Shunk, 1,728; LeMoyne,

The vote of the State was as follows :
Shunk, 146,084; Irvin, 128,148; Reigart,
11,247; LeMoyne, 1,861.

For Canal Commissioner, Joseph W. Pat-
ton, Cumberland, was the Whig candidate ;
Morris Longstreth, Montgomery, the Demo-
cratic ; William B. Thomas, Philadelphia, the
Abolition, and George Morton, Dauphin, the
Native American, Longstreth being elected by
about the same vote as Shunk.

The Pennsylvania soldiers in the Mexican
war voted for State officers, and gave a large
majority for the Democratic candidates.

The Democrats made no nominations for
county officers. The following were the
county candidates, with the vote for each :

Whig— Assembly. Gideon T- Ball, Erie,
2,545 ; William Sanborn, Amity, 2.478 ; Com-
missioner, H. A. Hills, Conneaut, 2,359; Audi-
tor, John Wood, LeBceuf, 2,421 ; Director of
Poor, David Sterrett, McKean, no opposition.

Abolition — Assembly, Nathaniel Wilson,
Union, 158; Orange Selkrigg, North East,
158; Commissioner, B. Beebe, Wayne, 152 ;
Auditor, E. N. Wood, Venango, 148."


1848 — The Democratic State candidates
were : For Governor, Morris Longstreth,
Montgomery ; for Canal Commissioner, Israel
Painter, Westmoreland. The W^hig candidates
were William F. Johnson, Armstrong, for
Governor, and Ner Middleswarth, Union, for

Canal Commissioner. Gov. Shunk had died
before the expiration of his term, and Mr.
Johnson, who was Speaker of the Senate, be-
came Governor. The gubernatorial vote was
the closest that ever occurred in Pennsylvania,
Johnson having succeeded by only 802 ma-
jority. The Democratic nominee for Canal
Commissioner was elected by 2,958 majority.
Erie county gave Johnson 8,500 votes ; Long-
streth, 2,087; Middleswarth, 8,805; and
Painter, 2,096. The Abolitionists and Native
Americans had no State ticket in the field.

The candidates for Congress were the same
as in 1846, and James Thompson was again
elected by 4Sr! majority over Mr. Campbell.

The county tickets were as follows :

Whig— Assembly, G. |. Ball, I'.rir, 8,169;
Theodore Ryman, Girard. :;,ir)."); l'ri>tliono-
tary, James Skinner, Erie, 8,1()2: Register,
R. !■' Sibley, Waterford, 8,077; Commis-
sioner, George W. Brecht, Mill Creek, 3,067:
Auditor, John Eagley, Springfield, 3,059;
Treasurer, John Hughes, Erie, 8,101 ; Director
of Poor, David Kennedy, Erie, 3,025 ; Coro-
ner. Samuel L. Foster, Erie, 3,080.

Democratic — Assembly, Smith Jackson,
Erie, 1,628; John S. Barnes, Girard, 1,(328 :
Commissioner, JamesWilson, Greenfield, 1,681 ;
Auditor, D. W. Howard, Amity, 1,585; Di-
rector of Poor, Henry Colt, Waterford, 1,555.
There were no candidates for Prothonotary.
Register, Treasurer or Coroner.

Abolition — Assembly, William Beatty,
Erie, 371 ; Job Stafford, McKean, 8(37; Pro-
thonotary, Aaron Kellogg, North East, 1,803 ;
Register, Ira Sherwin, Harbor Creek, 487;
Commissioner, James M. Moorhead, Harbor
Creek, 882 ; Auditor, B. Beebe, Concord, 325 ;
Treasurer, Henry Cadwell, Erie, 877 ; Direc-
tor of Poor, Eli" Perkins, Wayne. 857; Coro-
ner, John B. Fluke, Erie, 470.

The National tickets were as follows :
Whig — For President, Zachary Taylor, Louis-
iana ; Vice President, Millard Fillmore, New
York. Democratic — For President, Lewis
Cass, Michigan ; for Vice President, William
O. Butler, Kentucky. Free Soil — For Presi-
dent, Martin Van Buren.New York; for Vice
President, Charles Francis Adams, Massachu-
setts. The Whig candidate for Elector in this
district was Thomas H. Sill, Erie; the Demo-
cratic, Timothy Ives, Potter; the Free Soil,
William F. Clark, Crawford. Below is the
vote of the countv :




Erie, East Ward 209 ISl 12

Erie, West Ward 260-469 152-303 4-16

Mill Creek 317 159 3

Fairview 249 40 6

Girard borough 46 29 2

Girard township 263 154 16

Spring-field 234 87 31

Conneaut 202 87 5

Elk Creek 122 125 4

Franklin 45 4 20

Washington 196 63 —

Edinboro 40 14 —

McKean 182 58 30

Greene 109 116 —

Waterf ord borough 62 42 1

Waterford township 161 49 —

LeBoeuf 63 72 —

Union 73 48 23

Concord 32 35 43

Wayne 7 37 39

Wattsburg 24 15 3

Venango 62 48 34

Greenfield 60 28 20

North East borough 44 37 7

North East township 133 178 27

Harbor Creek 184 113 26

Total 3,418 2,022 356

The vote of the State was as follows : Tay-
lor, 185,514; Cass, 171,998; Van Buren,

Taylor and Fillmore were elected. The
former died after being in office about a year
and a half, and Mr. Fillmore served out the
balance of the term.

1849— The Whig candidate for Canal Com-
sioner was Henry M. Fuller, of Luzerne ; the
Democratic, John A. Gamble, of Lycoming.
The vote of the county was 2,503 for Fuller
and l,3f59 for Gamble. Mr. Gamble was elect-
ed, receiving 185,840 votes to 133,111 for Ful-
ler. Kimber Cleaver, of Schuylkill, the Native
American candidate, received 8,259 votes in
the State, but none in Erie county.

The candidates for State Senate were John
H. Walker, Whig, and Murray Whallon,
Democrat. Mr. Walker was elected by a vote
of 2,417 to 1,399 for Whallon.

The county tickets were as follows :

Whig — Assembly, James C. Reid, Erie,
2,487 ; Leffert Hart, Girard, 2,302 ; Sheriff, P.
E. Burton, Erie, 2.474 ; Commissioner, vSimeon
Stewart, Concord, 2,467 ; Auditor, John L.
Way, Greene, 2,474 ; Director of Poor. George
Fritts, Waterford, 2,457.

Democratic — Assembly, Da^■id Olin, Gi-
rard, 1,349; William Griffith, North East,

1,850; Sheriff, E. W. Gerrish, Edinboro,
1,370; Commissioner, Truman Stewart, Con-
cord, 1,355; Auditor, Henry Teller, Girard,
1,857; Director of Poor, Henry Gingrich,
Mill Creek, 1,363.


1850 — The first election for Auditor and
Surveyor General was held this year. The
Democratic State ticket consisted of William
T. Morrison, of Montgomery, for Canal Com-
missioner; Ephraim Banks, of Mifflin, for
Auditor General ; and James Porter Brawley,
of Crawford, for Surveyor General. The
Whig ticket consisted of Joshua Duncan, of
Bucks, for Canal Commissioner; Henry W.
Snyder, of Union, for Auditor General; and
Joseph Henderson, of Washington, for Sur-
veyor General. The Whigs carried the county
by an average nrajority of 1,460, but were de-
feated in the State.

An amendment to the Constitution making
Judges elective was submitted to the people,
and 144,578 votes were cast in its favor to
71,092 votes in opposition. Erie county gave
3,908 votes for the amendment, and only 369
against it.

The Whig candidate for Congress was
John H. Walker, of Erie county; the Demo-
cratic, Carlton B. Curtis, of Warren. The
following was the vote in the district :


Erie 3,226 1,636

Clarion 1,193 1,697

Jefferson 519 780

Warren 717 1,117

Potter 360 541

Elk 109 277

McKean 297 454

Total 6,416 6,522

The county tickets, with the vote for each
candidate, were as follows :

Whig — Assembly, James C. Reid, of Erie,
8,159; Alexander W. Blaine, North East,
3,103; Commissioner, Thomas Dunn, Mc-
Kean, 8,149; Treasurer. Alfred King, Erie,
3,175; Auditor, Flavel Boyd, Waterford,
8,158; Director of Poor, Melvin M. Kelso,
Fairview, 8,097.

Democratic — Assembly, George H. Cutler,
Girard, 1,699; C. M. tibbals, Erie, 1,681 ;
Commissioner, Henry Allison, North East,
1,615; Treasurer, Henry Cadwell, Erie, 1,694;


Auditor, Henry Gingrich, Mill Creek, 1,704;
Director of Poor, A. Mallory, Springfield,

At this election, the District Attorney and
County Surveyor were chosen by popular
vote for the first time. The following were
the candidates, with their vote :

Whig — District Attorney, Matthew Tay-
lor, Erie, 3,164; Surveyor, David Wilson,
Union, 8,152. '

Democratic — District Attorney, Benjamin
Grant, Erie, 1,641 ; Surveyor, Irvin Camp,
Erie, 1,698.



1851 — The Democratic State ticket con-
sisted of William Bigler, Clearfield, for Gov-
ernor, and Seth Clover, Clarion, Canal Com-
missioner. The Whigs re-nominated Governor
Johnston, and John Strohm, Lancaster, was
their candidate for Canal Commissioner. Erie
county gave 3,()10 votes for Johnston, and
2,106 for Bigler.

The vote of the State was as follows :
Bigler, 186,507; Johnston, 178,070.

The Democratic candidate for Canal Com-
missioner was elected by about the same vote.
The Native American candidate for Governor
was Kimber Cleaver, Schuylkill, who received
1,713 votes; for Canal Commissioner, David :
McDonald, Philadelphia, who received 1,875 — t
no votes for either being cast in Erie county.

The first election of Judges bv popular vote '
took place this year under the constitutional
provision adopted in 1850. The Democratic
candidates for the Supreme Court were Jere-
miah S. Black, Somerset ; James Campbell,
Philadelphia; Ellis Lewis, Lancaster ; John B. '
Gibson, Cumberland; and Walter H. Lowrie, \
Allegheny. The Whig candidates were Rich-
ard Coulter, Westmoreland; William M.
Meredith, Philadelphia; George Chambers, I
Franklin; Joshua W. Comly, Montour; and
William Jessup, Susquehanna. All of the
Democratic candidates were elected by con- j
siderable majorities except Mr. Campbell, who
was defeated because he was a member of the
Catholic Church. The Native Americans
united their force upon Richard Coulter, who
had a majority of 3,199.

In this district, the Democratic candidate
for President Judge was John Galbraith, Erie ;

the Whig, Elijah Babbitt, Erie. The vote

was as follows :


Erie 2,573 2,942

Crawford 3,337 2,661

Warren 1,316 1,022

Total 7.226 6,62S

The Democrats made no nominations for
county officers, but supported independent
candidates. The following were the candi-
dates, with their vote :

Associate Judge, Joseph M. Sterrett, Erie,
(Reg. Whig), 3,062; John Wood, Waterford
(Reg. Whig), 2,426; James Miles, Girard
(Ind. Whig), 3,090; Assembly, Alex. W.
Blaine, North East (Reg. Whig), 3,531;
Charles W. Kelso (Reg. Whig), 3,460; Pro-
thonotary, James Skinner, Erie (Reg. Whig),
2,540; Samuel Perley (Ind. Whig). 2,752;
Register, David McAllister, Erie ( Reg. Whig),
3,472; Commissioner, Rodney Cole, Greene
(Reg. Whig), 3,414; Coroner, Simeon Dunn,
Erie (Reg. Whig), 3,426; Director of Poor,
William E. McNair, Mill Creek (Reg.
Whig), 3,432; Auditor, Samuel Reeder,
Washington (Reg. Whig), 3,319. Messrs.
Sterrett and Miles were elected Associate
Judges, and Mr. Perley, Prothonotary. All
of the balance of the regular Whig ticket was



1852 — The Democratic candidates were :
For Canal Commissioner, William Hopkins,
Washington ; for Supreme Judge, in place of
R. Coulter, who died, George W. Woodward,
Luzerne. The Whig candidates were : For
Canal Commissioner, Jacob Hofl'man, Berks;
for Supreme Judge, Joseph Buflington, Arm-
strong. The Abolitionists and Native Amer-
icans also had candidates in the field. Erie
county gave 2,180 votes for Hopkins, 3,257
for Hoffman, 2,165 for Woodward, 8,247 for
Buffington, and 212 for the Abolition ticket.
The vote of the State was as follows : Hopkins.
171,548; Hofl'man, 151,600; Woodward, 172,-
610; Bufl^ngton, 153,681— Hopkins and Wood-
ward being elected. The Abolition ticket re-
ceived 3,061 votes, and the Native American
8,099 in the State.

For Congress, the Whigs nominated Gen.
John Dick, of Crawford; the Democrats,



George H. Cutler, of Erie ; and the Abolition-
ists, David A. Gould, of Erie. The district
had been changed since the last election, and
comprised only Erie and Crawtord counties.
The following was the vote :


Erie county 3,253 2,152 321

Crawford county 2,741 1,905 619

Total 5,994 4,057 940

The Senatorial district was also changed,
and consisted of the same counties as the
Congressional. The Whigs nominated James
Skinner, of Erie, and the Abolitionists, Charles
A. Hammond, of Crawford. The Democrats
made no nomination, and supported David
Derrickson, of Crawford, who ran as an Inde-
pendent Whig candidate. Below is the vote :



Erie couutv 3,271 2,072 271

Crawford 2,056 2,687 523

Total .=;.327 4.759 794

The Democrats had no nominees for coun-
ty officers, and supported Independent Whig
candidates. Below is a list of the candidates
with their vote:

Regular Whig— Assemblv, Charles W.
Kelso, Erie, 3,140; Humphrey A. Hills, Con-
neaut, 2,932; Sheriff, Thomas B. Vincent,
Waterford, 8,054; Commissioner, Richard R.
Robinson, Springfield, 3,137; Treasurer,
James Chambers, Harbor Creek, 3,164; Au-
ditor, Orin Reed, McKean, 3,079; Director of
Poor, Joseph B. Moorhead, Harbor Creek,

Independent Whig — Assembly, James
Hoskinson, Erie, 2,254 ; John McKee, Spring-
field, 2,393; Sheriff, James H. Campbell,
Edinboro, 2,489 ; Joseph R. Ferguson, Erie,
sixty-three; Commissioner, Gilbert Kurd,
Springfield, 1.806; Treasurer, James M. Reed,
Mill Creek, 1,931; -Vuditor, "D. W. Vorce,
McKean, 2,002; Director of Poor. John Par-
meter, McKean, 1,952.

Abolition — Assembly, Job Stafford and
Nathaniel Wilson ; Commissioner, Samuel
Kingsbury; Treasurer, Alex. Mehaffey ;
Sheriff, J. A. French ; Auditor, Aaron Kel-
logg ; Director of Poor, Benjamin Grant, Mc-
Kean. These candidates received an average
of about 150 votes.

The Whig candidate for President was

Gen. VVinfield Scott, of New Jersey; for Vice
President, William A. Graham, of North
Carolina. The elector for this district was
Christian Myers, of Clarion. The Democratic
candidate for President was Franklin Pierce,
of New Hampshire ; for Vice President, Wm.
R. King, of Alabama. J. S. McCalmont, of
Venango, was the candidate for Elector. The
Free Soil party ran John P. Hale, of New
Hampshire, for President, and G. W. Julian,
of Indiana, for Vice President. Below is the
vote of the county:


Erie East ward 208 240 S

Erie, West ward 262-470 206-446 9-14

Amity 67 69 5

Concord 42 65 61

Conneaut 190 109 56

Edinboro 33 18 6

Elk Creek 131 145 55

Fairview 276 70 14

Franklin 50 26 34

Greenfield 84 35 32

Greene 135 141 —

Harbor Creek 236 122 45

Girard boroug-h 66 41 1

Girard township 306 166 41

McKean 223 91 28

Mill Creek 307 234 13

LeBoeuf 108 111 —

North East boroug-h 57 43 4

North East township 191 171 21

Spring-field 267 79 41

Union 114 82 27

Venango 131 71 10

Wattsburg 25 27 3

Washington 181 95 S3

Waterford borough 71 62 4

Waterford township 204 102 —

Wayne 55 96 53

Total 4,015 2,748 611

The State gave Scott 179,748 votes, Pierce
198,584. and Hale 8,860. Pierce and King
were elected by a large majority of the elec-
toral votes of the Union. Jacob Broom, the
Native American candidate for President, re-
ceived 11,048 votes in the State, but none in
Erie count^ .



-The Democratic ticket for State
officers was as follows : Supreme Judge,
John C. Knox, Tioga ; Canal Commissioner,
Thomas H. Forsyth, Philadelphia; Auditor
General, Ephraim Banks, MifHin ; Surveyor
General, J. Porter Brawley, of Crawford.
The Whig candidates were : Supreme Judge,
Thomas A. Budd, Philadelphia; Canal Com-




missioner, Moses Pownal, Lancaster ; Auditor
General, Alexander K. McClure, Franklin ;
Surveyor General, Christian Myers, Clarion.
The Democrats were successful by average
majorities of 35,000, except in the case of Mr.
Brawley, who ran some 10,000 votes beliind
his ticket. In Erie county the vote for Su-
preme Judge was 1,434 for the Democrats,
and 2,017 for the Whigs, this being about the
average for all the candidates except Brawley.

The county tickets and their votes were as
follows :

Whig — Assembly, Gideon J. Ball, Erie,
2,073; H. A. Hills," Conneaut, 2,341; Com-
missioner, William Parker, Greenfield, 1,978;
Surveyor, William Benson, Waterford, 1,899;
District Attorney, S. E. Woodruff, Girard,
1,831; Auditor, Robert Gray, Union, 1,931 ;
Director of Poor, John Hay", Girard, 1,901—
all being elected.

Democratic — Assembly, Wilson Laird,
Erie, 1,164; E. W. Gerrish, Edinboro, 1,353;
Commissioner, Myron Hutchinson, Girard,
1,281; District Attorney, Carson Graham,
Erie, 1,560; Director of "Poor. T- P- Grant,
Wayne, 1,257.

Free Soil — Assembly, X. Wilson and N.
Gould; Commissioner, J. J. Compton ; Sur-
veyor, P. C. Compton; District Attorney,
Andrew H. Caughey ; Auditor, William Gray;
Director of Poor, John B. Fluke. This ticket
received an average vote of about 250.



1854 — The Know-Xothing party (the foun-

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