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Online LibraryBenjamin WhitmanNelson's biographical dictionary and historical reference book of Erie County, Pennsylvania : containing a condensed history of Pennsylvania, of Erie County, and of the several cities, boroughs and townships in the county also portraits and biographies of the governor's since 1790, and of numerous r → online text (page 39 of 192)
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dation principle of which was opposition to
foreigners in office, and particularly to mem-
bers of the Catholic church), had risen into
sudden importance, and swallowed up a large
portion of the Whig organization, together
with some Democrats. The Whigs and Know-
Xothings nominated James Pollock, of North-
umberland, for Governor. The Democrats
re-nominated William Bigler for Governor,
and Henry S. Mott. of Pike, for Canal Com-
missioner. The Whig candidate for the latter
office was George Darsie, of Allegheny, the
Know-Nothings making no nomination. The
Democratic candidate for Supreme Judge was

Jeremiah S. Black; the Whig, Daniel M.
Smyser, of Montgomery ; the Know-Nothing,
Thomas H. Baird, of Washington. Erie
county gave Pollock 3,637 votes ; Bigler,
2,526; Darsie, 1,885; Mott, 3,364; Black,
2,389; Smyser, 1,494; Baird, 1,694.

The vote of the State was as follows : Pol-
lock, 204,008; Bigler, 167,001 ; Darsie, 83,331;
Mott, 274,074; Black, 167,010; Smyser, 83,-
571; Baird, 120,516.

Mr. Darsie, the Whig candidate for Canal
Commissioner, was of foreign birth, and the
Know-Xothings threw their votes for Mr.
Mott. The original Native Americans had
separate candidates in the field for Governor
and Canal Commissioner, but they received
only a trifling support.

A ballot was taken at this election to de-
cide whether or not the Maine Liquor Law
should be adopted in this State, and resulted
in 158,842 votes for to 163,510 against. Erie
county cast 2,767 for the law, and 1,501
against it.

Gen. John Dick was re-elected to Con-
gress w-ithout opposition.

The memorable " railroad war " in our
county was in full vigor this year and weak-
ened party obligations to a considerable ex-
tent. The following were the tickets with their
votes :

Whig— Assembly, G. J. Ball, Erie, 2,889:

Wareham Warner, Venango, 2,766; Prothon-

otary, Alfred King, Erie, 3,391 ; Register,

[ Dav'id McAllister, Erie, 2,525 ; Treasurer, M.

I Phelps, Edinboro, 3,043; Commissioner, Flavel

! Boyd, Waterford, 1,619; Coroner, David Bur-

I ton, Erie, 1,583; Auditor, George W. Brecht,

Mill Creek, 1 ,648 ; Director of Poor, Thomas

! McKee, Mill Creek, 1,482.

Democratic — Assembly, James Thompson,
[ Erie, 2,881 (elected) ; Prothonotary, Robert
j S. Hunter, Erie, 2,169 ; Commissioner, John

S. Barnes, Girard, 1,829.
j Know-Nothing — Register. Thomas Moor-

! head, Erie, 2,386; Commissioner, Samuel L.
Foster, Erie, 1,301.

Free-Soil — Assembly, N. Wilson, Union,
1,612; Audley Magill, Harbor Creek,
I 353; Prothonotary, S. Mervin Smith. Erie,
j 151 ; Register, Azro Goff, Erie, 551 ; Treas-
urer, Ira Sherwin, Harbor Creek, 1,246; Com-
missioner, John Pickney, Erie, 1.024.




1855 — A portion of the Whigs and Know-
Nothings nominated Thomas Nicholson, of
Beaver, for Canal Commissioner. The Dem-
ocratic candidate for the same office was Ar-
nold Plumer, of Franklin. The Republicans,
by which name the old Abolitionists and Free-
Soilers had christened themselves, nominated
Passmore Williamson, of Philadelphia, whose
resistance to the Fugitive Slave Law had got
him into prison, and caused him to be looked
upon as a martyr. The original Native
Americans supported Kimber Cleaver. The
dissatisfied Know-Nothings nominated Peter [
Martin, of Lancaster, and the old-fashioned 1
Whigs supported Joseph Henderson, of Wash- j
ington. Erie county gave Plumer 1,698 votes;
Nicholson, 2,118; Williamson, 471; and
Cleaver, fifteen. The vote of the State was as
follows: Plumer, 161,280; Nicholson, 150,-
359 ; Williamson, 7,063 ; Cleaver, 4,041 ; Mar-
tin, 571 ; Henderson, 2,270.

The '-railroad war" continued to excite
the people of this county and district, and
party lines were not drawn in the choice of
local officers. The candidates were voted for I
with reference to that issue entirely. For j
State Senate, Darwin A. Finney and Charles
B. Power, both of Crawford county, were the j
candidates. The vote was as follows :


Erie count v.. . 1.886 3,034

Crawford county 4,112 871

Total 5,998


The candidates for other offices were as
follows: Assembly, G. J. Ball, Erie, 2,716;
Murray Whallon, Erie, 2,575; Theodore Ry-
man, Girard, 2,114; Robert Dunn, Summit,
2,136; Sheriff, John Evans, Girard, 1,151;
Allen A. Craig, Erie, 1,834; John Killpatrick,
Harbor Creek, 2,083; Commissioner, W. W.
Eaton, Fairview, 1,571 ; Myron Hutchinson,
Girard, 1,051 ; T J- Compton, Washington,
2,005; Director' of the Poor, S. W. Keefer,
Erie, 2,319; Samuel Kingsburv, North East,
458; Isaac R. Tavlor, Washington, 1,259;
Auditor, N. W. Russell, Mill Creek, 1,250;
Jehiel Towner, Erie, 383; S. B. Benson,
"Waterford, 1,219; Z. E. Peck, Harbor Creek,
1,160. The successful parties were Messrs.
Ball (Whig), Whallon (Democrat), Killpat-
rick (Democrat), Compton (Free-Soil), Keef-
er (Whig), and Russell (Whig). .


1856^A National Convention of delegates
met in Pittsburg on February 22d of this year
and organized the Republican party.

The opposition to the Democracy nomina-
ted a Fusion State ticket, which was defeated,
as shown below :

Canal Commissioner, George Scott, Co-
lumbia county (Democrat), 212,921 ; Thomas
E. Cochran, Lancaster county (Fusion) , 210,-
172 ; Auditor General, Jacob Fry, Montgom-
ery county (Democrat), 212,468; Darwin
Phelps, Armstrong county (Fusion), 209,261 ;
Surveyor General, John Rowe, Franklin
county (Democrat), 212,623; Bartholomew
Laporte, Bradford county (Fusion), 208,888.
The vote of Erie county was ; Scott, 1,980;
Cochran, 4,083; Fry, 1,985; Phelps, 4,021,
Rowe, 1,967; Laporte, 4,008.

For Congress, in the district composed of
Erie and Crawford, the Democratic candidate
was James A. McFadden, of Crawford, and
the Fusion candidate, John Dick, of the same
county. The latter was elected by the fol-
lowing vote :


Erie county 4,235 1,582

Crawford county 4,709 2,633

Total 8,944 4,215

The Fusion candidate for Additional Law
Judge (being the first election held for thut
office) was David Derrickson, of Crawford;
the Democratic, Rasselas Brown, of Warren.
Below is the vote :


Erie county 3,970 2,114

Crawford county 4,354 2,974

Warren county 1,472 1,440

Total 9,796 6,528

The county tickets, with the vote for each
candidate, were as follows : Fusion — As-
sembly, G. J. Ball, 4,003; Wareham Warner,
Venango, 3,922. Associate Judges — Samuel
Hutchins, Waterford, 3,538; John Greer,
North East, 3,790. Commissioner — William
W. Eaton, Fairview, 4,273. Treasurer, Jere-
miah Davis, Lockport, 3,833. District A'ttor-
ney — G. Nelson Johnson, Erie, 3,923. Sur-
veyor — William Benson, Waterford, 3,377.
Auditor — John W. Campbell, Washington,
3,589. Director of the Poor— John Spauld-



Johnson died
, and Charles

ing, Springfield, 3,786. Mr.
immediately after his electio
W. Kelso was appointed by the Governor. Mr.
Spauldincr refused to serve, and John Hay, of
Girard, was appointed by the Court.

Democratic — Assembly, Murray Whallon,
Erie, 1,97] ; Wilson Laird, Erie. 1,246; Asso-
ciate Judges, Anthonv Saltsman, Mill Creek,
1,885; Henry Gingrich, Mill Creek, 1,809;
Commissioner, Joseph Neeley, Harbor Creek,
1,818; District Attorney, John W. Douglas,
Erie, 2,141; Director of the Poor, Eli Dun-
combe, Amity, 1,869; Auditor, C. C. Boyd,
Waterford, 1,471.

Independent — Associate Judge, Jas. Miles,
Girard, 1,178: Treasurer, Joseph S. M. Young,
Erie, 1,366; vSurveyor, Samuel Low, Harbor
Creek, 1 , 142 ; Auditor, Samuel Drown, Greene,

The Democratic National candidates were
James Buchanan, Pennsylvania, for President,
and John C. Breckenridge, of Kentucky, for
Vice-President. Vincent Phelps, Crawford,
was the Elector for this district. The Repub-
lican party ran John C. Fremont, of Califor-
nia, for President, and William L. Dayton, of
New Jersey, for Vice President. The Amer-
ican party supported Millard Fillmore of New
York, for President, and A. J. Donelson, of
Tennessee, for Vice President. A fusion of
the two latter elements was formed, and an
electoral ticket nominated, with the under-
standing that the votes for each candidate for
President and Vice-President should be count-
ed separately. James Skinner, of Erie, was
the district nominee for Elector. A portion
of Mr. Fillmore's friends would not unite, and
ran a separate electoral ticket, with James
Webster, of Fairview, as the candidate for
this district.

The vote of the btate was as follows :
Buchanan, 230,500; Fusion (Fremont), 147,-
447; Fusion (Fillmore), 55,891 ; Straight Fill-
more, 26,388.

Below is the vote of the countv :


Erie, East ward 245

Erie, West ward 333-S7S

Mill Creek 321

Lockport 180

Conneaut 282

Elk Creek 170

Girard borough 36

Girard township 176





















Waterford borough .... 79 42 13

Waterford township. . 243 95 2

Greene 126 83 3

Greenfield 128 41 1

Harbor Creek 242 111 10

Concord 160 74 2

Wayne 185 62 —

Washington 315 89 —

McKean 241 46 3

Summit 78 80 1

Franklin 127 32 2

Fairview 197 93 52

Union 202 85 7

Le Bceuf 136 133 4

Amity 94 65 1

North East borough... 75 40 1

North East township.. 195 141 2

Edinboro 62 23 4

Springfield 342' 38 12

Venango 190 55 2

Wattsburg 30 19 —

Total 5,156 2,584 252

Of the Fusion votes, only thirty-seven
were for Fillmore, all the rest being in favor
of Fremont. Buchanan and Breckenridge
were elected.


1857 — The vote of the State was as fol-
lows :

Governor — William F. Packer, Lycoming
(Dem.), 188,890; David Wilmot, Bradford
(Fusion). 146,147; Isaac Hazlehurst, Phila-
delphia (American), 28,160.

Supreme Judge — James Thompson, Erie
(Democrat), 187,023;" William Strong, Berks
(Democrat), 186,823; Joseph J. Lewis, Ches-
ter (Fusion), 141,377; James V^eech, Fayette
(Fusion), 141,467; JacoljBroom, Philadelphia
(American), 27,244; Jasper E. Brady, Cum-
berland (American), 26,954; Canal Commis-
sioner, Nimrod Strickland, Chester (Demo-
crat), 186,578; William Millward, Philadel-
phia (Fusion), 142,479; John F. Linderman,
Berks (American), 25,730.

The vote of Krie county was, for Packer,
2.105; Wilmot. 3,306; Hazlehurst, 143,
Thompson, 2,598; Strong, 2,027; Lewis,
2,767; Veech, 2,678; Broom, 101; Brady,

The Democrats made no nominations for
county officers, and supported Independent
candidates. Below is a list of those who ran,
with their votes :

Fusion — Assembly, W^areham Warner,
V'enango, 8,299; John R. Cochran, Erie.
2,235; Prothonotary, James Skinner. Erie,



3,778 ; Register, William P. Trimbell, Harbor
Creek, 3,075; Commissioner, Amos Gould,
North East, 2,995; District Attorney, James
Sill, Erie, 3,163; Auditor, Elias Brecht, Mc-
Kean, 2,869; Coroner, Thomas Dillon, Erie,
2,948; Director of the Poor (three years),
Alex. Nicholson, Fairview, 2,938; William
Bracken (two years), Le Boeuf, 2,919.

Independent — Assembly, David Himrod,
Waterford, 2,724; Register, John Rice, Har-
bor Creek, 1,321 ; District Attorney, William
J. Herring, Erie, 102; Coroner, Samuel L.
Foster, Erie, 435.

American — Assembly, James McClelland,
Girard, 245; Prothonotary, Isaac Webster,
Fairview, 654; Register, Silas E. Teel, Erie,
eighty -eight ; Commissioner, Andrew Oliver,
Waterford, 115; Auditor; Charles Sterrett,
McKean, 100; Director of the Poor (three
years), James P. Paul, Conneaut, 134.

Mr. Himrod, Independent, was elected to
the Assembly over John R. Cochran, Fusion.

A series of amendments to the State con-
stitution were submitted to the people, and
carried by a large majority — in the county as
well as in the State.


1858 — All elements of opposition to the
Democrats rallied under the Republican ban-
ner, and won a sweeping victory. The State
candidates with their votes were as follows :

Supreme Judge, John M. Reed, Philadel-
phia (Rep.),' 198,116; William A. Porter,
Philadelphia (Dem.), 171,130. Canal Com-
missioner, William E. Frazier, Fayette
(Rep.), 196,626; Weslev Frost, Fayette
(Dem.), 170,336.

The vote of Erie county was, for Reed,
3,233; Porter, 1,921; Frazier, 3,187; Frost,

For Congress, Elijah Babbitt, of Erie, ran
as the Republican candidate, and James C.
Marshall, of Erie, as the Democratic. The
vote of the district was as follows :


Erie county 3,220 2,080

Crawford countv 3,140 2,033

Total 6,360 4,113

The Republican candidate for State Sen-
ate was Darwin A. Finney, of Crawford ; the
Democratic, Benjamin Grant, of Erie. The
vote of the district was as follows :


Erie county 2,419 2,443

Crawford county 3,230 1,932

Total 5,649 4,375

The vote for county officers hinged wholly
upon the railroad issue, the Democrats ma-
king no regular nominations, and supporting
Independent candidates of both parties. Be-
low is the vote : Assembly (Reg. Rep.), John
W. Campbell, Washington, 2,937; Henrv
Teller, Girard, 2,401; (Ind. Rep.) David
Himrod, 1,966; (Ind. Dem.) Wilson Laird,
Erie, 2,656; Sheriff (Reg. Rep.), John W.
McLane, Harbor Creek, 3,029; (Ind. Rep.)
Elias Brecht, McKean, 156; (Ind. Dem.)
D. D. Walker, Erie, 2,279; (Ind. Dem.)
James Lytle, Erie, 117; Treasurer (Reg.
Rep.), Thomas J. Devore, Springfield, 2,794;
(Ind. Rep.) Mortimer Phelps, Edinboro, 2,220;
Commissioner (Reg. Rep.), William Putnam,
Union, 3,043; Director of the Poor (Reg.
Rep.), Thomas Stewart, Erie, 2,523 ; Auditors
(three years), David Nash, Concord, 2,473 ;
(two years) H. H. Bassler, Fairview, 2,431.
Wilson Laird (Dem.) was elected to the As-
sembly over Henry Teller.

1859 — The State candidates were as fol-
lows :

Auditor General, Thomas E. Cochran,
York (Rep.), 181,835; Richardson L. Wright,
Philadelphia (Dem.) , 164,544; Survevor Gen-
eral, William H. Keim, Berks (Rep.)," 182,282;
John Rowe, Franklin (Dem.), 163,970.

The public works of the State having been
sold, the office of Canal Commissioner was

Erie county's vote was, for Cochran, 2,325 ;
Wright, 1,119"; Keim, 2,299; Rowe, 1,144.

The Democrats made no county nomina-
tions, and the only Democratic candidate in
the field was Wilson Laird, for Assembly,
who received 1,632 votes, and was defeated.
The following were the Republican candi-
dates, all of whom but Mr. Brockway were
elected : Assembly, Jonas Gunnison, Erie,
and Henry Teller, Girard ; Commissioner,
Hiram Brockway, Springfield; Director of the
Poor, William Bracken, Le Bcpuf ; vSurveyor,
William Benson, Waterford; Auditor (three
years), John L. Way, Summit; (two years),
H. H. Bassler, Fairview. Joseph Henderson,
Mill Creek, Independent candidate for Com-
missioner, was elected by 265 majorit}'.




1860 — The Republican candidate for Gov-
ernor was Andrew G. Curtin, of Centre
county; the Democratic, Henry D. Foster, of
Westmoreland. The vote of the State was
262,349 for Curtin, and 280,257 for Foster—
Curtin's majority, 82,092. Erie county gave
Curtin 5,613 votes, and Foster 2,469.

Elijah Babbitt was the Republican candi-
date for re-election to Congress. The Demo-
cratic candidate was Edwin C. Wilson, of Erie
county. Below is the vote :


Erie county 5,440 2,432

Crawford county 5,265 3,119

Total 10,705 5,551

John Galbraith, President Judge, died
June 15 of this year, and Rasselas Brown, of
Warren was appointed to serve until the elec-
tion. The Democrats nominated the latter
gentleman ; the Republican candidate was
Samuel P. Johnson, of the same county. The
vote of the district was as follows :


Erie county 5,545 2,602

Crawford county 5,172 3,200

Warren county 1,594 1,590

Total 12.111 7,392

The county tickets, with their vote, were
as follows :

Republican — Assembly, Henry Teller,
5,546; G. J. Ball, 5,509; P'rothonotary, James
Skinner, 5,652; Register, Samuel Rea, Jr.,
Springfield, 5,294; Treasurer, William O.
Black, Union, 5,384; Commissioner, Jacob
Fritts, Venango, 5,446; Coroner, Richard
Gaggin, Erie, 5,886; District Attorney, S.
A. Davenport, Erie, 5,596; Auditor, Will-
iam H. Belknap, Concord, 5,298 ; Philip Os-
born, Girard, 5,280; Director of the Poor,
Thomas Willis, Mill Creek, 5,486.

Democratic — Assembly, James Stranahan,
Le Boeuf, 2,307; E. Camphausen, Erie, 2,260 ;
Prothonotary, Henry Ball, Girard, 1,810;
Register, S. E. Teel, Erie, 2,370; Treasurer,
G, D. Wagner, Mill Creek, 2,811; Commis-
sioner, I. M. White, Waterford, 2,679; Coro-
ner, Daniel Wood, Elk Creek, 1,895; Audi-
tor, D. M. Merrill, North East, 1,673; T- T-
Lintz, Erie, 223.

The Democratic party was divided upon
national candidates, one branch supporting
Stephen A. Douglas, of Illinois, for President,
and Herschell V. Johnson, of Georgia, for
Vice President; the other branch, John C.
Breckenridge, of Kentucky, for President,
and Joseph Lane, of Oregon, for Vice Presi-
dent. A Fusion of the two elements was
formed in Pennsylvania, which nominated an
electoral ticket, comprising seventeen Douglas
men and ten Breckenridge men, which was
supported by the mass of the party. A small
portion of Mr. Douglas' friends, under Col.
Forney's lead, refused to harmonize, and ran
an electoral ticket embracing the Douglas men
on the Fusion ticket, with others substituted
for the Breckenridge electors. The Republi-
can candidates were Abraham Lincoln, of Illi-
nois, for President, and Hannibal Hamlin, of
Maine, for Vice President. The American
party supported John Bell of Tennessee, for
President, and Edward Everett, of Massachu-
setts, for Vice President. The candidates for
elector were : Republican, John Greer, North
East; Democratic (on all the tickets). Gay-
lord Church, Crawford county; American,
Isaac Webster, Fairview.

The vote of the State was as follows :

Lincoln 268,030

Democratic Fusion 178,871

Straigfhtout Doug-las 16,677

Bell 12,809

The vote of the county was as follows :


Erie, First Ward... 177 103 6 7

Erie, Second " ... 203 144 1 —

Erie, Third "... 216 92 — 9

Erie, Fourth " ... 222-818 122-461 10-17 9-25

Mill Creek 419 288 — 1

Harbor Creek 261 96—4

Fairview 265 88 — 20

Girard township . . . 258 62 — 9

Girard boroug-h 48 55 — 11

North East towns'p 235 134 — —

North East boroug-h 117 21 — —

Greenfield 128 20 — —

Venango 196 61 — —

Wattsburg 51 21 — —

Amitv 107 74 — —

Wayne 191 77 — —

Concord 189 78 — —

Union 254 128 — —

Le Boeuf 166 100 — —

Waterford borough. 166 41 — —

Waterford towns'p. 292 76 — —

Greene 122 100 — —

Summit 66 78 — —

McKean 280 26 — —



Washington 336 75 — 4

Edinboro 75 38 — 7

Franklin 145 31 — 1

Elk Creek 183 96 — —

Conneaut 231 55 — —

Albion 69 32 — —

Springfield 265 31 — 7

Lockport . 177 87 — 1

Total 6,160 2,531 17 90

Lincoln and Hamlin were elected by a
large majority of the electoral votes, carrying
every Northern State, except New Jersey,
three-sevenths of whose Electors voted for
Douglas and the balance for Lincoln.


1861 — The outbreak of the rebellion weak-
ened party ties, and there was a strong dispo-
sition in Erie county to cast aside old political
prejudices. The Republican party nominated
a ticket headed by Morrow B. Lowrj', of
Erie, for State Senate. Soon after, a call was
issued for a LTnion Convention, irrespective
of party, which met on the 19th of September,
every district being represented. The dele-
gates were about evenly divided between
Democrats and Republicans. William A.
Galbraith and Judge Miles were named as
candidates for the Senate. The nomination
fell upon the former. In Crawford county,
the two parties voted for Galbraith and
Lowry, respectively, with little deviation.
Below is the vote of the district :


Erie county 3,621 3,521

Crawford county 3,753 2,238

Total 7,374 5,759

The Eighty-third Regiment, under com-
mand of Col. John W. McLane, held an elec-
tion at Hall's Hill, Va., the result of which
is included in the above and following re-
turns. The Erie county soldiers gave Gal-
braith thirt}' majority; the Crawford county
soldiers gave a majority of eighty-five for

The following were the county tickets,
with their vote :

Republican — Assembly, fohn P. Vincent,
Erie, 8,995; E. W. TwichelC Edinboro, 3,450;
Sheriff, Allen A. Craig, Erie, 4,079; Associ-
ate Judges, John Greer, North East, 3,794;
William Cross, Springfield (on both tickets),
4,897 ; Commissioner, Seymour Washburne,

McKean, 3,648 ; Director of the Poor, Thomas
Stewart, Erie, 3,241 ; Auditor, Joseph W.
Swalley, Fairview, 3,426.

Union — Assembly, George H. Cutler
(Dem,), Girard, 2,928; Matthew R. Barr
(Rep.), Erie, 2,548; Sheriff, Joseph L. Cook
(Rep.), Waterford, 1,962; Associate Judge,
James Chambers (Rep.), Harbor Creek,
2,708; Commissioner, Isaac Webster (Dem.),
Fairview, 2,-597 ; Director of the Poor, Henry
Gingrich (Dem.), Mill Creek, 2,266 ; Auditor,
Stutely Stafford (Rep.), McKean, 2,201.

Robert S. Hunter, of Erie, Independent
Democratic candidate for Sheriff, received 668
votes. David Kennedy, Independent Repub-
lican candidate for Director of the Poor, re-
ceived 220 votes.

SCOFIELD's first election DEMOCRATIC


1862 — The Republican State ticket con-
sisted of Thomas E. Cochran, of York, for
Auditor General, and William S. Ross, of
Luzerne, for Surveyor General. The Dem-
ocratic candidates were Isaac Slenker, of Co-
lumbia, for Auditor General, and James P.
Barr, of Allegheny, for Surveyor General.
The State gave a Democratic majority of about
3,450. Erie county cast 4,255 votes for Coch-
ran and 2,718 for Slenker.

The Republican Confex'ence at Ridgway
nominated Glenni W. Scofield, of Warren,
for Congress. A portion of the party in this
county were dissatisfied with the nomination,
and united with a number of Democrats in a
letter to Milton Courtright, of Erie, asking
him to be a Union candidate. He accepted
the honor, and was indorsed by the Dem
ocratic Conference at Ridgway. Below is
the vote of the district :


Erie 4,112 3,143

Warren 1,890 1,245

McKean 671 564

Cameron 195 143

Forest ; 82 59

Jefferson 1,424 1,503

Elk 276 607

Clearfield 1,304 2,198

Total 9,954 9,462

The following were the county tickets,

with the vote for each candidate :

Republican — Assembly, John P. Vincent,

4,218; E. VV, Twichell, 4,289; Commissioner,



Garner Palmer, Albion, 4,238; Treasurer,
Lieut. Egbert D. Hulbert, Erie, (3,975; Direc-
tor of the Poor, Archibald Duncan, North
East, 6,819; Auditor, Henrv Gingrich, Mill
Creek, 6,714.

Democratic — Assembly, Selden Marvin,
Erie, 2,812 ; Isaac M. White, Waterford, 2,801;
Commissioner, Ralph Bowman, Conneaut,

Messrs. Hulbert, Duncan and Gingrich
were upon both tickets.


1863 — Andrew G. Curtin was re-nomi-
nated by the Republicans for Governor.
George W. Woodward, Luzerne, was the Dem-
ocratic candidate. For Supreme Judge, the
Democratic candidate was Walter H. Lowrie,
Allegheny ; the Republican, Daniel Agnew,
Beaver. Curtin and Agnew were elected by
majorities respectively of 15,325 and 12,308.
Erie county cast 6,259 votes for Curtin, and
3,260 for Woodward.

The county tickets, with the vote for each
candidate, were as follows :

Republican — Assembly, John R. Cochran,
Erie, 6,167 ; Byron S. Hill", Wattsburg, 6,161 ;
Prothonotary, George W. Colton, Erie, 6,107 ;
District Attorney, J. F- Downing, Erie, 6,088 ;
Register, Samuel Rea, Erie, 6,129; Clerk of
Courts, Capt. John C. Hilton, Erie, 6,156 ;
Commissioner, C. C. Boyd, Waterford, 6,129 ;
Director of the Poor, Thomas Willis, Mill
Creek, 6,025; Surveyor, R. P. Holliday,
Springfield, 6,002; Coroner, Thomas Dillon,
Erie, 6,505; Auditor, Orin Reed, McKean,

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