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Nelson's biographical dictionary and historical reference book of Erie County, Pennsylvania : containing a condensed history of Pennsylvania, of Erie County, and of the several cities, boroughs and townships in the county also portraits and biographies of the governor's since 1790, and of numerous r online

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Online LibraryBenjamin WhitmanNelson's biographical dictionary and historical reference book of Erie County, Pennsylvania : containing a condensed history of Pennsylvania, of Erie County, and of the several cities, boroughs and townships in the county also portraits and biographies of the governor's since 1790, and of numerous r → online text (page 41 of 192)
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for about a year, when the Legislature repealed
the act. The complete vote of the State, apart
from the cities, was 165,427 for license and
164,505 against ; of the cities alone, 79,908 for
license and 50,929 against.

The following was the vote for State offi-
cers at the October election : Supreme Judge,



Isaac G. Gordon, Jefferson county, Republi-
can, 240,335; James R. Ludlow, Philadel-
phia, Democrat, 225,941.

State Treasurer. — (First election by the
people) Robert W. Mackey, Allegheny coun-
ty. Republican, 243,823; Frank M.Hutchi-
son, Allegheny county, Democratic, 219,471.

The vote of the county was 3,887 for Gor-
don, 2.709 for Ludlow, 8,652 for Mackey, and
2,899 for Hutchison.

Coutitv Candidates. — Republican — As-
sembly, Henry Butterfield, Erie, 4,568 ; Em-
mett H. Wilcox, Edinboro, 4,077; Sheriff,
John L. Hyner, Wateiford borough, 3,457 ;
Clerk of Courts, Capl. C. L. Pierce, 7,249 (on
the Democratic ticket also) ; Commissioner,
M. H. Silverthorn, Fairview, 5,484 (Demo-
crats made no nomination); Director of the
Poor, James Dunn, McKean, 4,423; Auditor.
W. W. Thomas, Erie, 4,874; Jury Commis-
sioner, William Grant, McKean, 4,474.

Democratic and Liberal — Assembly, Wil-
son Laird, Erie, 3,096; Isaac R. Taylor, Edin-
boro, 2,756; Sheriff, Wilson Moore, Water-
ford township, 3,450 ; Director of the Poor,
Mortimer Phelps, Edinboro, Liberal, 2,687;
Auditor, Thomas McClure, Girard, Liberal,
2,682; Jury Commissioner, Robert Leslie,
Wattsburg, 2,797 (elected).

Prohibition — Assembly, David Wilson,
Union township, 138; Sheriff, A. L. Haskell,
Amity, 134; Clerk of the Courts, John Mil-
ler, jr., Erie, 144; Commissioner, Clark Rice,
Union, 179 ; Director of the Poor, Hugh Gush-
ing, 181; Auditor, Lyman G. Hall, North
East, 168 ; Jury Commissioner, James Lytle,
Erie, 155.

Independent Democrat — Sheriff, Robert
S. Hunter, Erie, 203; Levi Jackson, Girard, 80.

Independent Republican — County Com-
missioner, M. Hartleb, Erie, 1,767.

The first returns for Sheriff gave Wilson
Moore four majority, and he was declared
elected. Just as the convention of Return
Judges was about to adjourn, an error was re-
ported in Middleboro which gave J. L. Hyner
a majority of seven. He was given the com-
mission, and served out the term.

Sfeeial Election . — A special election was
held on the 16th of December, to decide upon
the adoption or rejection of the new constitu-
tion which had been prepared by a convention
held during the year. The vote of Erie county
was 6,624 for the constitution, and 742

against ; the vote of the State, 252,744 for,
and 108.594 against.


Wl^^Supreme Judge. — Edward M. Pax-
son, Philadelphia, Republican, 270,230; W. J.
Woodward, Berks county, Democrat, 277,454;
James Black, Lancaster, Prohibition, 5,069.

Liejitenant Governor. — A. H. Olmstead,
Potter county, Republican, 272,516; John
Latta, Westmoreland county, Democrat, 277,-
195; B. R. Bradford, Beaver, Prohibition.

Auditor General. — Gen. Harrison Allen,
Warren county, Republican, 272,571; J. F
Temple, Greene county, Democrat, 276,605;
Calvin Parsons, Luzerne county. Prohibition,

Secretary of Internal Affairs.— Co\. R. B.
Beath, Schuylkill county. Republican, 272,-
310; Gen, W'illiam McCandless, Philadelphia,
Democrat, 276,985; W. P. Culbertson, Mont-
gomery county, Prohibition, 4,604.

The average vote in the county was 5,000
for the Republican, 4.600 for the Democratic,
and thirty for the Prohibition State ticket.

For Congress, the Republican candidate
was Carlton B. Curtis, of Erie, and the Demo-
cratic, Albert G. Egbert, of Venango. The
latter was elected by a majority of eleven as
follows :


Erie 4,999 4,873

Venang-o 3,097 3,480

Warren 2,278 2.032

Total 10,374 10,385

City Candidates. — Assembly, Henry But-
terfield", Republican, 1,125; William Henry,
Democrat, 1,585; John H. Welsh, Independent
Republican, 153.

County Candidates. — Republican — As-
sembly, W. W. Brown, Corry, 3,637; Orlando
Logan, Albion, 3,775, Dr. S. F. Chapin,
Wattsburg, 3,851 ; Treasurer, Carl H. Wal-
bridge, Erie, 4,692 ; Commissioner, Clark
Bliss, North East township, 5,221 ; Director
of the Poor, Michael Henry, Erie, 5,254;
Auditor, William E. Hayes, Greene, 5,324.

Democratic — Assembly, F. Stanford, Cor-
ry, 3,371 ; Treasurer, N. T. Hume, Wattsburg,
5,161 ; Commissioner, John M. Kuhn, Erie,
4,693; Director of the Poor, Charles Sher-



man, Elk Creek, 4,648; Auditor, D. W.
Howard, Wayne, 4,666.

Independent candidate for Assembly, Asa
Battles, Girard, 1,943.

Prohibition — Assembly, A. L. Haskell,
Amity, twenty-nine ; Treasurer, P. E. Nor-
cross, Venango, thirty six ; Director of the
Poor, W. R. Wade, Union, twenty-one ; Audi-
tor, James Chambers, Harbor Creek, nineteen.

This is known as the first " Tidal Wave "
year, the Democrats sweeping almost every
State and gaining the House of Representa-
tives at Washington by a large majority, the
first time they had control of that body in
many years. Besides electing the State officers,
they carried a majority of the lower House at
Harrisburg, which enabled them to send Will-
iam A. Wallace to the United States Senate
for six years from the 4th of March, 1875.



1875 — The Democratic State Convention
met in Erie this year, being the only State
assemblage of either party ever held in the
city. The vote on State candidates was as
follows :

Governor. — Gen. John F. Hartranft, Mont-
gomery county. Republican, 804,175; Cyrus
L. Pershing, Cambria county. Democrat, 292,-
145; Rev. R. A. Brown, Lawrence county.
Prohibition. 13,249.

State Treasurer. — Henry Rawle, Erie
county, Republican, 302,875; Victor E. Piol-
let. Bradford county, Democrat, 293,150;
E. L. Penny packer, Chester county. Prohibi-
tion, 12,468.

The county gave 6,699 votes for Hartranft,
4,744 for Pershing, 120 for Brown, 6,809 for
Rawle, 4,641 for Piollet. and ninety-four for

Coui/tv Candidates. — Republican — State
Senate, Henry Butterfield, Erie, 6.360 ; Pro-
thonotary, Giles D. Price, Venango, 6,937;
Register and Recorder, Capt. D. Long, Fair-
view, 6,820; District Attorney, A. B. Force,
Erie, 6,315; Coroner, Dr. J. E.'Silliman, Erie,
6,581 ; Director of the Poor, John G. Kin-
caide, Wayne, 6,694.

Democratic — State Senate, David Olin,
Girard. 5,083 ; Prothonotary, S. B. Gail,Corry,
4,559; Register and Recorder, A. L. Tilden,
LeBcpuf, 4,682: District Attorney, A. F.

Bole, Union City, 5,119; Coroner, Dr. J. T.
Clarke. Erie, 4,588; Director of the Poor,
Josiah Shreve, Union township, 4,794.

Independent candidate for Coroner. A. M.
Tarbell, Erie, 289.

This year, entire Boards of County
Commissioners and County Auditors were
elected for the first time, under the opera-
tion of the new constitution. Three of
both classes of officers were chosen for three
years in each case, no voter having a right to
cast a ballot for more than two, thus securing
minority representation. The nominees of
the Republican and Democratic parties were
as follows, all being elected :

County Commissioners — A. B. Gunnison,
Erie, D. W. Titus, Venango, Republicans,
and R. H. Arbuckle, East Mill Creek. Demo-

County Auditors — E. K. Range, LeBtpuf,
William B. Hayes, Greene, Republicans, and
W. J. Brockway, Conneaut, Democrat.




1876 — The October election was dispensed

with, and district and county officers were.

chosen in November, on the same daj- as the

1 Presidential Electors, under the operation of

the new Constitution.

This j'ear was the first in which the Green-
back partjr appeared in National politics. It
proposed to abolish the National Banks, and
substitute United States Treasury Notes, usu-
ally known as Greenbacks, for their notes of

The nominees for President and Vice
President were as follows :

President — Rutherford B. Hayes, of Ohio,
Republican ; Samuel J. Tilden, New York,
Democrat; Peter Cooper, New York, Green-
back ; Green Clay Smith, Kentucky, Prohibi-
tion ; James B. Walker, Illinois, Anti-Secret

Vice President — William A. Wheeler,
New York, Republican ; Thomas A. Hen-
dricks, Indiana, Democrat; Samuel F. Gary,
Ohio, Greenback ; Gideon T. Stewart, Pro-
hibition; Donald Kilpatrick, New York,
Anti-Secret Society.

The nominees for Elector in this Congres-



sioiial District were W. W. Wilbur, Warren,
Republican ; B. F. Morris, Warren, Democrat ;
David Wilson, Erie county. Greenback; John
T. Taylor, Venango, Prohibition; D. W. El-
derkin, Venango, Anti-Secret Society.
The vote of the .State was as follows :
Hayes, 884,184; Tilden, 366,204 ; Cooper,
7,204; Smith, 1,318; Walker eighty-five.
Following is the vote of the county :

Erie, First ward, First District.
Erie, First ward. Second dist..
Erie, First ward, Third dist. . .

Erie, Second ward. First dist..
Erie, Second ward, Second dist
Erie, Second ward. Third dist.

Erie, Third ward. First dist...
Erie, Third ward. Second dist.
Erie, Third ward, Third dist..

Erie, Fou

rd. Fir:

81-3-31 271-175

n9-ja4 131-S84

119-495 135-37-


Erie, Fourth ward. Second dist. 144 61

Erie, Fourth ward, Third dist. 169-518 157-410

Erie, Fifth ward 141 219

Erie, Sixth ward 226-2,125 190-2,242

Corry, First ward 263 212

Corry, Second ward 270-533 258-470

East Mill Creek 108 137

West Mill Creek 211 168

Harbor Creek 272 165

North East township 286 189

North East borough 232 86

Greenfield 168 56

Venango 212 131

Wattsburg 57 32

Amity 124 104

.Wayne 198 82

Concord 136 114

Elgin 30 9

Union township 199 111

Union City 235 257

LeBoeuf 196 147

Mill Village 61 36

Watertord township 315 112

Watertord borough 172 62

Greene 142 196

Summit 89 130

McKean 2.52 61

Middleboro 31 4

Washington 342 12:2

Edinboro 88 60

Franklin 188 55

ElkCreek 211 146

Conneaut 274 109

Albion 72 44

Springfield 419 67

Girard township 351 166

Girard borough 79 82

Lockport 4Q 45

Fairview township 202 1*5

Fairview borough 67 37


A long and exciting dispute occurred over
the electoral votes of Louisiana, Florida and
South Carolina, which were claimed by both
of the leading parties. In Oregon, the Gov-
ernor gave a certificate to one Democratic
Elector, on the ground that one of the Repub-

lican Electors was ineligible. After a pro-
longed agitation, the matter was submitted to
an Electoral Commission, consisting of five of
the United States .Supreme Judges and ten
members of Congress, who decided by eight to
seven in each case that the entire Electoral vote
of the State named should go to the Repub-
licans. This decision gave Hayes and
Wheeler the offices of President and Vice
President by a majority of one Elector. Polit-
ically, the Commission stood eight Republicans
to seven Democrats.

The Republican nominee for Congress was
Lewis F. Watson, of Warren ; the Demo-
cratic, William L. Scott, of Erie: the Green-
back, C. C. Camp, of Venango; and the Pro-
hibition, Samuel Axtell, of Venango. Below
is the vote of the district :


Erie 8,557 6,369 26 15

Warren 3,321 2,202 11 80

Venang-o 3,762 3,522 212 247

Total 15,640 12,093 249 342

The vote for President Judge was as fol-
lows :

William A. Galbraith, Erie, Independent
Democrat, 7,331; William Benson, Erie,
Republican, 7,187; Judge Galbraith had
1,200 majority in the city of Erie.

City Candidates. — Assembly, Gustav Jar-
ecki. Republican, 2,l(i7; William Henry,
Democrat, 2,177.

County Candidates. — Republican — State
Senate, Henry Butterfield, Erie, 8,692; As-
sembly (county only). Dr. S. F. Chapin,
Watt.sburg, 6,613; Charles A. Hitchcock,
North East borough, 6,596 ; S. E. Kincaide,
Wayne, 6,571 ; Sheriff, E. E. Stuerznickel,
Erie, 8,667 ; Clerk of the Courts, Frank
H. Couse, Erie, 8,909; Director of the Poor,
Seymour Washburn, McKean, 8,676; Jury
Commissioner, George A. Evans, West Mill
Creek, 8,797.

Democratic — State Senate, John W.
Walker, Erie, 6,193; Assembly, W. T. Ever-
son. Amity, 3,916 ; L. W. Savage, Springfield,
3,911; D. C. Thomas, Fairview borough,
3,920; Sheriff, F. .Stanford, Corry, 6,168:
Clerk of the Courts, James Bell, Concord,
5,990; Director of the Poor, Archibald Dun-
can, North East, 6,345; Jurv Commissioner,
Joseph I. Tanner, Erie, 6,112 (elected).




1877 — Supreme Judge. — James P. Sterrett,
Allegheny county, Republican, 244,480 ; John
Trunkey, Venango county, Democrat, 251,000;
B. S. Bentley, Lycoming county. Greenback,
51,582; A. H. Winton, Luzerne county. Pro-
hibition, 2,899.

Staic Treasurer. — Wm. B. Plart, Mont-
gomery county. Republican, 241,116; A. C.
Noyes, Clinton county, Democrat, 251,717;
James L. Wright, Philadelphia, Greenback,
52,854; Samuel Cornett, Chester county. Pro-
hibition, 2,827.

Auditor Gciicml. — J. A. M. Passmore,
Schuylkill county, Republican, 242,288 ; Will-
iam P. Schell, Bedford county. Democrat,
251,250; James E. Emerson, Beaver county.
Greenback, 52,688; A. A. Barker, Cambria
county. Prohibition, 2,097.

The average vote of Erie county was
4,870 for the Republican, 3,670 for the"Demo-
cratic, 190 for the Greenback and fourty-four
for the Prohibition State candidates.

County Candidates. — Republican — Treas-
urer, William C. Hay, Fairview, 4,970 ;
Director of the Poor, George W. Riblet,
Erie, 4,869; County Surveyor, George M.
Robinson, Springfield, 5,044.

Democratic — Treasurer, Wm. A. Bean,
Summit, 3,87(i; County .Surveyor, Irwin
Camp, Erie, 8,772.

Independent Republican — Director of the
Poor, Michael Henry. Summit, 8,7G2.


1878— Gofcvvw;-.— Gen. Henry H. Hoyt,
Luzerne county. Republican, 319,567 ; An-
drew H. Dill, Union county. Democrat,
279,060; Samuel R. Mason, Mercer county.
Greenback, 81,758; Franklin H. Lane, Hunt-
ingdon county. Prohibition, 3,759.

Lieutenant Governor. — Charles W. Stone,
Warren county. Republican, 319,008; John
Fertig, Crawford county. Democrat, 295,753 ;
Michael Steck, Lycoming county. Greenback,
74,082; John Shallcross, Philadelphia, Pro-

Supreme 'Judge. — James P. Sterrett, Alle-
gheny county. Republican, 311,042; Henry
P. Ross, Montgomery county. Democrat,
287,221 ; Daniel Agnew, Beaver county.
Greenback and Prohibition, 99,816.

Secretary 0/ Internal Affairs. — Aaron K.

Dunkel, Philadelphia, Republican, 313,193;
J. Simpson Africa, Huntingdon county.
Democrat, 801,084 ; James L. Wright, Phila-
delphia, Greenback, 81,738; Calvin Parsons,
Luzerne county. Prohibition, 3,657.

The average vote of Erie county was 6,000
for the Republican, 4,200 for the Democratic,
1,650 for the Greenback, and two for the Pro-
hibition candidates.

The Republican candidate for Congress
was John H. Osmer, Venango; the Demo-
cratic, George A. Allen, Erie; the Greenback,
Cyrus C. Camp, Venango, and the Prohibi-
tion, Samuel B. Axtell, Venango. Following
is the vote of the district :


Erie 5,576 4,796 1,631

Warren 2,200 1,821 2,047

Venang-o 3,409 2,934 1,446 301

Total 11,205 8,551 5,127 301

City Candidates. — Assembly, Gustav Ja-
recki. Republican, 1,894; John M. Kuhn,
Democrat, 1,402; James Hoskinson, Green-
back, 171 ; Asa H. Faulkner, Independent,

County Candidates. — Republican — As-
sembly, Samuel E. Kincaide, Wayne, 4,270 ;
Myron H. Silverthorn, Fairview township,
4,304 ; Isaac B. Brown, Corry, 3,984 ; Prothon-
otary, Giles D. Price, Venango, 6,269; Reg-
ister and Recorder, Capt. John C. Hilton,
Erie, 6,487; District Attorney, Charles E.
Lovett, Erie, 6,026; Commissioner, Albert B.
Gunnison, Erie, 6,159; D. W. Titus, Venan-
go, 6,187 ; Director of the Poor, Jefferson
Triscuit, L^nion, 6,148; Coroner, Dr. J. E.
Silliman, Erie, 6,207; Auditors, William E.
Hayes, Greene, 6,168; W. W. Love, West
Mill Creek, 6,182.


The Democrats and Greenbackers formed
a fusion upon Assemblymen and Register and
Recorder, which led to the election of Alfred
Short to the Assembly, over Isaac B. Brown.
The following were the candidates on the sev-
eral tickets :

On both tickets — Assemblv, Alfred Short,
North East, 4,402; Uras Schluraff, West Mill
Creek, 3,986; David Wilson, Union, 4,056;
Register and Recorder, Robert S. Hunter,
Erie, 5,483.

On Democratic ticket alone — Prothono-



tary, C. E. Duncombe, Amity, 4,021 ; District
Attorney, Frank W. Grant, Erie, 4,373 ; Com-
missioner, A. L. Tilden, Le Bduf, 4,171
(elected) ; Director of the Poor, Hartley
Lampson, Middleboro, 4,156; Coroner, John
Walsh, Erie, 4,096; Auditor, C. R. Gray,
Venango, 4,122 (elected.)

On Greenback ticket alone — Prothonotary,
A. T. Marsh, Erie, 1,722; District Attorney,
M. Phelps, Edinboro, 1,609; Commissioners,
Ephraim Boyer, Fairview township, 1860;
H. L. Wyman, Corry, 1,624; Director of the
Poor, George W. IBarr, West Mill Creek,
1,684; Coroner, Daniel Landon, Erie, 1,687;
Auditors. Theo. H. Marsh, Waterford, 1,751;
Elijah Crow, Washington, 1,686.

l^H^—Slatc Treasurer.— S?im\m\ Butler,
Chester count). Republican, 280,153; Daniel
O. Barr, Allegheny county, Democrat, 221,-
715; Peter Sutton, Indiana county, Greenback,
27,207; J. L. Richardson, Philadelphia, Pro-
hibition, 3,219.

Erie county gave Butler 5,281, Barr 3,244,
Sutton 738, and Richardson one vote.

Comity Candidates. — Republican — Sheriff,
Henry C. Stafford, jr., Waterford township,
5,707; Clerk of the Courts, Frank H. Couse,
Erie, 5,295; Director of the Poor, Jno.
C. Zuck, West Mill Creek, 5,297; Jury Com-
missioner, D. L. Bracken, Corry, 5,493.

Democratic — Sheriff, R. H. Arbuckle,
West Mill Creek, 2,882 ; Clerk of the Courts,
David A. Sawdey, Conneaut, 3,223 ; Director,
of the Poor, Ephraim Boyer, Fairview town-
ship, 3,990 (on Greenback ticket also) ; Jury
Commissioner, William Biggers, Girard town-
ship, 8,125 (elected).

Greenback — Sheriff, Frank S. Heath, Con-
cord, 733; Clerk of the Courts, Mortimer
Phelps, Edinboro, 749; Jury Commissioner,
A. M. Howard, Corry, 773.


1880 — The nominees for President and
Vice President were as follows :

President — James A. Garfield, of Ohio,
Republican ; Winfield S. Hancock, of Penn-
sylvania, Democrat ; James B. W'eaver, Iowa,
Greenback ; Neal Dow, Maine, Prohibition;
John D. Phelps, Vermont, Anti-Masonic.

Vice President — Chester A. Arthur, of
New York, Republican ; William H. English,
Indiana, Democrat ; Benjamin I. Chambers,
Texas, Greenback ; Henry A. Thompson,

Ohio, Prohibition ; S. C. Pomeroy, Kansas,

The nominees for Electors in this Con-
gressional District were C. W. Gilfillan, of
Venango, Republican ; J. Ross Thompson, of
Erie, Democrat ; S. P. McCalmont, Venango,
Prohibition ; James B. White, of Venango,
Greenback; John .S. Aunden, of Venango,

Garfield and Arthur were elected.

The vote of the State was as follows :
Garfield, 444,704 ; Hancock, 407,428; Weaver,
20,668; Dow, 1,939; Phelps, forty-four.

Below was the vote of the county :



Erie, 1st ward, 1st dis. 93 141 - 2

" 1st ward, 2d dis.. 172 99 1

" 1st ward, 3d dis.. 97-362 329-569 ..-3

" 2d ward, 1st dis.. 133 349 2

" 2d ward, 2d dis., 182 180 1

" 2d ward, 3d dis.. 142-457 173-702 1-4

" 3d ward, 1st dis.. 209 178 4

" 3d ward, 2d dis.. 215 89 1

" 3d ward, 3d dis.. 179-603 165-432 4-9

" 4th ward, 1st dis. 261 258

4th ward, 2d dis. 146 72 2

" 4th ward. 3d dis. 185-692 165-495 6-8

" 5th ward 235 285 2

" 6th ward 222-2571 119-2592 3-24

Corry, 1st ward 242 199 70

Corry, 2d ward 235-477 194-393 60-130

Albion 49 43 7

Amity 118 108 8

Concord 112 84 59

Conneaut 215 88 78

East Mill Creek 120 124

West Mill Creek 323 144 12

Edinboro 96 57 14

Elg-in 29 4 7

Elk Creek 219 155 12

Fairview boroug:h,... 67 32 1

Fairview township.... 222 119

Franklin 172 61 17

Girard township 364 192 1

Girard borough 86 57

Greene 125 206 4

Greenfield 166 57 6

Harbor Creek 268 157

LeBoeuf 180 162 12

Lockport 51 44 1

McKeau 228 57 22

Middleboro 28 18 1

MillVillag-e 60 42 2

North East township. 305 216 4

North East borough.. 233 103 2

Spring-field 390 65 2



Summit 97 127 11

Union township 168 121 19

Union City 235 241 8

Venango 226 126 11

Washington 309 129 26

Waterford township... 292 103 24

Waterford borough... 133 57 4

Wattsburg- 64 34 2

Wayne 149 48 100

Total 8,752 6,741 641

Dow received twelve votes and Phelps
one vote in Erie coimty.

The State candidates received the follow-
ing vote :

S/iprciiic y/idgc. — Henr}' Green, North-
ampton county, Republican, 444,934; George
A. Jenks, Jefferson county. Democrat, 406,-
904; Samuel Calvin, Blair county, Greenback,

Auditor General. — John A. Lemon, Blair
county, Republican, 442,335 ; Robert P. Dech-
ert, Philadelphia, Democrat, 405,736; A. L.
Roberts, Crawford county, Greenback, 19,-
226; George F. Turner, Prohibition, 1,898.

Congress. — The Republican candidate for
Congress was Lewis F. Watson, Warren
county, and the Democratic and Greenback,
Alfred Short, Erie. Below was the vote :


Erie 8,469 7,463

Warren 3.173 2,852

Venango 4,158 4,183

Total 15.740 14,438

City Candidates. — Assembly, Gustav Ja-
recki. Republican, 2,547; Orange Noble,
Democrat, 2,657.

County Candidates. — Republican — State
Senate, James Sill, Erie, 8,771 ; Assembly,
Myron H. Silverthorn, Fairview township,
6,578; Isaac B. Brown, Corry, 6,363; A. W.
Hayes, Wattsburg, 6,302 ; Treasurer, James
P. Crawford, Erie, 8,800; Director of the
Poor, Joseph Henderson, Erie, 8,840.

Democratic — State Senate, John W. Walk-
er, Erie, 6,408; Assembly, Isaac R. Taylor,
Edinboro, 3,823; Thomas H. Mohr, West
Mill Creek, 3,608; Frank S. Heath (also
Greenback), Corry, 4,088; Treasurer, A. J.
Proudfit, Edinboro (also Greenback), 7,020;
Director of the Poor, A. Duncan, North East,

Greenback — State Senate, Jeduthan Wells,


1881— ^/^r/c 7:'T

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