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Nelson's biographical dictionary and historical reference book of Erie County, Pennsylvania : containing a condensed history of Pennsylvania, of Erie County, and of the several cities, boroughs and townships in the county also portraits and biographies of the governor's since 1790, and of numerous r online

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Online LibraryBenjamin WhitmanNelson's biographical dictionary and historical reference book of Erie County, Pennsylvania : containing a condensed history of Pennsylvania, of Erie County, and of the several cities, boroughs and townships in the county also portraits and biographies of the governor's since 1790, and of numerous r → online text (page 44 of 192)
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L. Brown, March 22, 1878 ; Matthew R. Barr,
December 11, 1880 (resigned); H. C. Staf-
ford, July 17, 1883; Richard H. Arbnckle,
Mill Creek, November 21,1885 ; Henry Mayer,
deputy, December 1, 1885; John M. Glazier,
November 21, 1889; Giles D. Price, deputy,
January 1, 1890; Nelson Bahhvin, November
29, 1898 ; R. St. P. Lozcry, deputy, February

8, 1894. [See Chapter "X VI., General His-


John W. Douglas, commissioned Septem-
ber "16, 1862; Deputy, H. C. Rogers; Henry
C. Rogers, April 1, 1869; Deputy, G. P.
Davis; Wm. S. Brown, April, 1871 ; Deputy',
G. P. Davis ; Greenleaf P. Davis, March 14,
I 1872; Deputy, O. P. Gunnison ; O. P. Gunni-
son (acting Collector, Davis having died), Oc-
tober 8, 1875; Charles M. Lynch, November

9, 1875; Deputies, J. P. Covert, B. F. Butter-
field, John Gilson ; J. F. Walther, June 25.

! 1883; Deputies, B. F. Butterfield, John F.
Gilson, E. Cowan, I. D. Beecher, Robert
Colbert, J. H. Culbertson, W. C.Alexander;

I E. Schlaudecker, 1885.

The office of Collector of Internal Revenue

i for this district was abolished in 1887, and



the business for Western Pennsylvania con-
solidated in the Pittsburg office. The Deputy
Collector, who is located in Erie, has jurisdic-
tion over Erie, Crawford, Mercer, Venango,
Forest, Warren, McKean, Cameron, Elk and
Jefferson counties. Below is a list of the in-
cumbents of this position, with the dates of
their appointment :

Frank Schlaiidcckcr, July 1, 1887; Frank
J. Steinmetz, January 4, 1800; James D.
Hay, October 0, 1891 ; Jo/,,i J. Room,; July
81, 1898.


John H. Wilson, of Erie county, commis-
sioned July 11, 1887; James D. Hay, of Erie
county, January 1, 1890; W. S. Rose, Craw-
ford county, October 1, 1891 ; Elmer E.
Humes, Crawford county, August 10, 1893.


William C. Kelso, Erie ; O. P. Gunnison,
Erie; T. C. Wheeler, Girard ; Joseph Sill,
Union; Thomas Sill, Erie; W. W. Lyon,
Erie; Joseph A. Pain, Corry.


Benjamin Grant, appointed November 17,
1853; F. F. i\rarshall, April 9, 1861 ; A. B.
Force, July 20, 1871 ; Frank W. Grant, No-
vember 23, 1875.


Circuit Court — George W. Gunnison, ap-
pointed July 6, 1868; George A. Allen, July
5, 1869; A. "B. Force, July 31, 1870; Frank

W. Grant, November 26, 1875. District
Court — George IV. G/////?/Vo//, appointed July
1, 1867; Georo-e A. Allen, January 3, 1870;
A. B. Force, July 81, 1870 -/Frank IV. Grant,

January 15, 1873.



Register in Bankruptcy. — Samuel E.
Woodruff, 1867 to 1879.

District Attorney for Western District of
Pennsylvania. — Gcorn-e A. Allen, appointed
December 4, 1886.

Marshal for the Western District of
Pcnnsvlvania. — folin W. Walker, appointed
January 15, 1894".

Light-House Keepers. — [See chapterXVI,
General History].


Commissioner of Customs. — S. V. Holli-
day, 1889 to 1893.'

Commissioner of Internal Revenue. — John
W. Douglas, 187rto 1875.

First Deputy Commissioners of Internal
Revenue— ]o\\n W. Douglas, 1869 to 1871;
Henry C. Rogers, 1874 to 1898.

Second Deputy Commissioner of Internal
Revenue—Henry C. Rogers, 1871^ 1874.

Chief Clerk to the Si.xth Auditor of the
Treasury.— Q,\A&oxv J. Ball, 1851 to 1853.

United States Consul to Naples — Edward
Camphausen, Erie, 1885 to 1889.


Members Constitutional Convention, 1SS7—
38. — Senatorial — David Saeger, Crawford
county. Representatives — Thomas H. Sill,
Erie City; James Pollock, Le Boeuf township.

President Constitutional Convention, 1873.
—John H. Walker, Erie.

Members Constitutional Convention, 1873.
— Delegate at Large — John H. Walker, Erie.
District Delegates — C. O. Bowman, Corry;
Rasselas Broivn, Warren ; Thomas Struthers,

of the Land Office. — John
I Creek, April 4, "l809, to May


Cochran, Mi
11, 1818.

Surveyor General. — Henry Souther, ap-
pointed from Elk county by Gov. Curtin to
fill a vacancy. Served from December 27,
1861, to the first Tuesday in May, 1863. Re-
moved to Erie in the fall of 1872.

Secretary of Internal Afairs.—l. B.
Brown, Corry, January, 1895, to May, 1895.

Deputy Secretary of Internal A fairs. — I.
B. Brown, Corry, 1887 to 1895 ; May 7, 1895,
to date.

Quartermaster General. — Wilson Smith,
Waterford, 1812 to 1814.

Canal Commissioners. — fohn Phillips,
Venango town.ship, 1826 to 1829; P. S. ]'.
Hamot, Erie, 1829 to 1882.

State Freasurers. — Gideon J. Ball, Erie,
1849; Henry Rawle, Erie, 1876 to 1878.

Adjutant Generals. — Edwin C. Wilson,
Erie, 1858 to 1861 ; appointed from Venango
county and removed to Erie during his term




of office; David B. McCreary, Erie, 1867 to

yiiJge of the Supreme Court. — ya/iies
Thompson, Erie, 1857 to 1872; Chief justice
from November 25, 1867, for five years; Sam-
uel G. Thompson, 1893 to 1894.

Presidents of the State Senate.— ^ohn H.
Walker, Erie, 1852; George H. ' Cutler,
Girard, 1874-75.

Speaker of the House of Representatives.—
James Thompson, Erie, 1835; lived in Ve-
nango county at the time.

Dcputv Secretary of the Commomvealth. —
Isaac B. Gara, Erie, 1867 to 1870; A. L. Til-
den, Le Boeuf township, 1891 to 1895.

President State Agricultural Society. —
John W. Hammond, Erie, 1877-78; James
Miles, Girard, 1882-83-84.

Executive Commissioner of the Board of
World's Fair Manaocrs of Pennsylvania.—
Benjamin Jf7//7w'(/, Erie county.
1828 — fames Dun can, Mercer county.
1832 — Wilson Smith, Erie county.
183(5 — John P. Davis, Crawford county.
1840 — John Dick, Crawford county.
1844 — Christian Mevers, Clarion countv.
1848— Thomas H. Sill, Erie county.

1852 — fohn S. McCalmont, Venango

1856 — Vincent Phelps, Crawford county.

1860 — John Greer, Erie county.

1864— John Patton, Clearfield county.

1868 — James Sill, Erie county.

1872 — Charles C. Boyd, Erie county.

187(3_William P. Wilbur, Warren county.

1880— C. W. GilfiUan, Venango county.

1884 — L. B. Wood, Warren county.

1888— John C. Sturdevant, Crawford

1892 — Matthew H. Taylor, Erie county.


1800 — John Hamilton, Washington coun-
ty. District — Allegheny, Washington and
Greene ; Erie then formed a part of Allegheny.

imi- William Mc Arthur, Crawford
county. District — Erie, Crawford, Venango.

1809 — Wilson Smith, Erie county. War-
ren substituted for Venango.

1813— ;7o.?c/// Shannon. Dist«ct— Erie,
Crawford and Warren. Resigned March 9,

1816 — Henry Hurst, Crawford county
(formerly of North East), elected to fill va-
cancy, and served till 1821. Same district.

1,S21 — Jacob Herri ngton, Mercer county.
District — Erie, Crawford and Mercer.

1825 — John Leech, Mercer county.

1829 — 'Thomas S. Cunningham', Mercer

1837 — Joseph M. Sterrett, Erie county.
District — Erie and Crawford.

1841 — John W. Farrelly, Crawford coun-
ty. Elected as an Independent Whig.

1843 — Elijah Babbitt, Erie county. Dis-
trict — Erie county ; resigned.

1845 — Tames D. Dunlap, Erie county.
Elected to'fill the place of Mr. Babbitt.

1846 — John B. Johnson, Erie county.

1849— John H. Walker, Erie county.

1852— James Skinner, Erie county. Dis-
trict — Erie and Crawford.

1855 — Darwin A. Finney, Crawford

1861 — Morrow B. Lowry, Erie county.

1870 — George B. Deleniater, Crawford

1872 — George H. Cutler, Erie county;
district originally Erie and Warren counties,
balance of the time Erie county alone. Served
three vears.



1875— Henry Butterfielcl, Erie city; dis-
trict — Erie county; elected for one year. Re-
elected for four years in 1876.

1880— James" Sill, Erie city; district-
Erie count}'.

1884— Emory A. Walling, Erie city.

1888— David B. McCreary, Erie city.



1%QQ—Saiiiiic! Ewalt, Pittsburg ; district—
The entire Northwest.

1801 — Alexander Buchanan, Meadville ;
district — Erie, Crawford, Mercer, Warren
and Venango counties.

im2—yohn Lytle, Jr., Waterford ; same
district ; re-elected in 1803.

1804— rr/Aw Smith, Waterford; same
district ; re-elected in 1805-6-7.

1808— 7o//« Phillips, Venango township,
Erie county ; same district. James Harring-
ton, Mercer county ; same district.

\Wd-^Phillips and Harrington, re-elect-
ed ; same district.

1810 — John Phillips, Venango township,
Erie county; same district. Roger Alden,
Crawford county ; same district.

1811 — John Phillips, county; same
district. Patrick Farrelly, Crawford county ;
same district.

1812 — John Phillips, Erie county ; same
district. Patrick Farrelly, Crawford county ;
same district.

1818 — James Burchfield, Crawford coun-
ty ; same district. James Weston, LeBceuf,
Erie county ; same district.

1814 — Burchfield and Weston, re-elected ;
same district.

1815 — Jacob Herrington, Mercer county ;
James Weston, LeBoeuf, Erie county ; Ralph
Marlin, Crawford county ; same district.

1816 — Samuel Hays, Venango county ;
Ralph Marlin, Crawford county; James
Harrington , Mercer county, same district.

1817 — Thomas Wilson, Erie, Erie county;
Ralph Marlin, Crawford county; Samuel
Hays, Venango county ; same district.

1818 — Jacob Hcrritigton, Mercer county;
James Cochran, Crawford county ; Joseph
Hackney, Venango county; same district.

\%Yd— Wilson Smith, Waterford, Erie
county; James Cochran, Crawford county;
William Connelly, Venango county; same

1820 — Jacob Herrington, Mercer county ;
Wilson Smith, Waterford, Erie county; Will-
iam Connelly, Venango county; same district.

1821 — David Brown, Warren county;
James Cochran, Crawford county ; George
Moore, Erie county; same district.

Xm^l*— James Weston, LeBceuf, Erie

1823— Thomas H. Sill, Erie.

\%1A^John Phillips, Venango.

Vmi— Stephen Woolverton, Mill Creek ;
re-elected in 1826-27.

1828 — Geonrc Moore, Erie; re-elected in

1830— John S. Riddle, Erie ; re-elected in

1832— John H. Walker, Erie; reelected
in 1883-34-35.

1886— Thomas R. Miller, Springfield.
Elijah Babbitt, Erie.

1837— Charles M. Reed, Erie. David
Sawdey, Conneaut.

1888— Samuel Hutchins, Waterford. Will-
iam M. Watts, Erie.

1839 — Hutchins and Watts, re-elected.

1840 — Stephen Skinner, McKean. James
D. Dunlap, Erie.

1841 — Stephen C. Lee, Greene. James
D. Dunlap, Erie.

1842 — Stephen Skinner, McKean. Ly-
man Robinson, Wattsburg.

1843— James D. Dunlap, Erie. David A.
Gould, Springfield.

1844— Mark Baldwin, North East. James
D. Dunlap, Erie.

1845 — John B. Johnson, Erie. Lyman
Robinson, Wattsburg.

1846 — William Sanborn, Amity. David
A. Gould, Springfield.

1847— Gideon J. Ball, Erie. William
Sanborn, Amit}-.

1848— Theodore Ryman, Girard. Gideon
J. Ball, Erie.

1849— Tames C. Reid, Erie. LefFert Hart,

1850— James C. Reid, Erie. Alexander
W. Blaine, North East.

1851— Charles W. Kelso, Erie ; Alexander
W. Blaine, North East.

1852 — Charles W. Kelso, Erie ; Humphrey
A. Hills, Conneaut.



1853— Gideon J. Ball, Erie; Humphrey

A. Hills, Conneaut.

1854^Gideon J. Ball, Erie ; Jaii/cs Thomp-
son, Erie.

1855— Gideon J. Ball, Erie; Murray
Wkallon, Erie.

1856— Gideon J. Ball, Erie; Wareham
Warner, Venango.

1857— David Himrod, Waterford ; Ware-
ham Warner, Venango.

1858— John W. Campbell, Wa.shington ;
Wilson Laird, Erie

1859 — Jonas Gunnison, Erie ; Henry
Teller, Girard.

I860— Gideon J. Ball, Erie ; Henry Teller,

1861— John P. Vincent, Erie; Edwin W.
Twichell, Edinboro.

1862 — Vincent and Twichell, re-elected.

1863— John R. Cochran, Erie; Byron S.
Hill, Wattsburg.

1864— Cochran and Hill, re-elected.

1865 — Orson S. Woodward, Waterford ;
David B. McCreary, Erie.

1866 — McCreary and Woodward, re-

1867 — George P. Rea, Girard borough;
John D. Stranahan, LeBoeuf.

1868 — Stranahan and Rea, re-elected.

1869— Charles O. Bowman, Corrv ; David

B. McCreary, Erie.

1870 — George W. Starr, Erie; I. Newton
Miller, Springfield.

1871 — Geo. W. Starr, Erie ; Chauncey P.
Rogers, Erie.

1872— William W. Brown, Corry ; Em-
mettH. Wilcox, Edinboro.

1873— Henry Butterfield, Erie; Emmett
H. Wilcox, Edinboro.

*j.l874— fr////

Online LibraryBenjamin WhitmanNelson's biographical dictionary and historical reference book of Erie County, Pennsylvania : containing a condensed history of Pennsylvania, of Erie County, and of the several cities, boroughs and townships in the county also portraits and biographies of the governor's since 1790, and of numerous r → online text (page 44 of 192)